Vee-Jay Album Discography, Part 3:
Jazz Series (1959-1978)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: January 1, 2007

The Vee-Jay Jazz series was under the A&R of Sid McCoy. Sid told me in 1980, "The first record date [I did] was a Benny Green thing, and on it was Gene Ammons, Nat Adderley, Tommy Flanagan playing piano, and Albert Heath was on drums." [This session was Swingin'est, recorded November 12, 1958 at Bell Sound Studios in New York, released as Vee-Jay SR-1005.]

We have listed the Jazz issues by series in chronological order: first the few issues in the 1000 series prior to the 3000 series being established in 1960, then the 3000 series up to 3037 (1960-63), then the 2500 series (1964-65), then the continuation of the 3000 series starting in 1974.

The early 1000 series albums used the Vee-Jay "script" label up to and including LP/SR-1016, after which the 3000 series used the "oval label" up to and including LP/SR-3037. The 2500 series used the "brackets label." The continuation of the Jazz Series in the 1970s used the blue Vee-Jay International Jazz label.

For those LPs where we know of a stereo issue, we have used the stereo catalog number ("SR-" or "VJS-"). Those albums with an "LP-" or "VJ-" prefix are thought tho have been issued in mono only. For albums where we are not sure about a stereo issue, we have used "*LP-" or "VJ*-" (the mono prefix with an asterisk) as the prefix.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Vee-Jay Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and Follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1981, 1997, 1999, 2006 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

1000 Series Jazz issues:

LP-1003/SR-1003 - We Bring You Love - Sarah McLawler & Richard Otto [3/58] This was the first stereo record issued by Vee-Jay. Flamingo (S)/Over The Rainbow (S)/Temptation (S)/Laura (S)//Stella By Starlight (S)/Love For Sale (S)/Babe In The Woods (S)/My Funny Valentine (S)

LP/SR-1005 - The Swingin'est - Bennie Green & Gene Ammons [1959] Jugging Around/Going South//Jim Dog/Sermonette/Little Ditty

LP/SR-1006 - We Bring You Swing - Sarah McLawler & Richard Otto [1959] This was issued in stereo with the gray and black label, graphics the same as the maroon label. A Foggy Day (S)/My Reverie (S)/Lullaby Of Birdland (S)/The High And The Mighty (S)/When The Lilacs Bloom (S)/Caravan (S)//Slow Boat To China (S)/Robbin's Nest (S)/Love Walked In (S)/Canadian Sunset (S)/Rainbow On The River (S)/Midnight Sun (S)

LP/SR-1013 - Walter Perkins' MJT+III - MJT+III [1959] Sleepy (S)/Brother Spike (S)//Whiffenpoof Song (S)/Rochelle (S)/Big Hands (S)

LP/SR-1014 - Go - Paul Chambers [10/59] Awful Mean (S)/Just Friends (S)/Julie Ann (S)//There Is No Greater Love (S)/Ease It (S)/I Got Rhythm (S)

LP/SR-1015 - Bill Henderson Sings - Bill Henderson [1959] Joey (S)/You Make Me Feel So Young (S)/Love Locked Out (S)/Moanin' (S)/Sweet Pumpkin (S)/Free Spirits (S)//Bye, Bye, Blackbird (S)/It Never Entered My Mind (S)/Bad Luck (S)/The Song Is You (S)/My Funny Valentine (S)/This Little Girl Of Mine (S)

LP/SR-1016 - Kelly Great - Wynton Kelly [1960] Stereo information unavailable. Wrinkles/Mama "G"//June Night/What Know/Syndey

LP/SR-1030 - At the Break of Day - Richard Otto & Sarah McLawler [1960] Stereo information not available. What's New/Man With The Horn/The Midnight Sun Will Never Set/September Song/I Could Write A Book/Love Is Here To Stay//At The Break Of Day/Git It/Drum Boogie/Take The "A" Train/Swingin' The Bow

LP/SR-1031 - Bill Henderson - Bill Henderson [1961] Stereo information not available. Never Kiss And Run/Bewitched/Sweet Georgia Brown/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Twelfth Of Never//My How The Time Goes By/Sleepin' Bee/The More I See You/Old Country/Am I Blue

Vee-Jay LP/SR-3000 Jazz Series:

LP/SR-3001 - [Unissued, probably issued as Vee-Jay LP/SR-1013 (MJT+III)]

LP/SR-3002 - [Unissued, probably issued as Vee-Jay LP/SR-1014 (Paul Chambers)]

LP/SR-3003 - [Unissued, probably issued as Vee-Jay LP/SR-1015 (Bill Henderson)]

LP/SR-3004 - Kelly Great - Wynton Kelly [1960] Also issued as Vee Jay LP-1016. Stereo information unavailable. Wrinkles/Mama "G"//June Night/What Know/Syndey

LP/SR-3005 - Fantastic Frank Strozier - Frank Strozier [1960] W.K. Blues (S)/Starling's Theme (S)/I Don't Know (S)/Waltz Of The Demons (S)/Runnin' (S)/Off Shore (S)

LP/SR-3006 - Introducing Wayne Shorter - Wayne Shorter [1960] Stereo information not available. Blues A La Carte/Harry's Last Stand/Down In The Depths//Pug Nose/Black Diamond/Mack The Knife

LP/SR-3007 - Here's Lee Morgan - Lee Morgan [1960] Terrible "T" (S)/Mogie (S)/I'm A Fool To Want You (S)//Running Brook (S)/Off Spring (S)/Bess (S)

LP/SR-3008 - Make Everybody Happy - MJT+3 [1960] Stereo information not available. Make Everybody Happy/Trolley Song/Sweet Silver//Don't Get Around Much Anymore/My Buddy/Richie's Dilemma/Love Letters

LP/SR-3009 - Dixie on the Rocks - Dave Remington [1960] Stereo information not available. Dixie On The Rocks/Royal Garden Blues/Rockin' Chair/Take Me Out To The Ball Game/Ole Miss/Save It Pretty Mama/Oh Didn't He Ramble/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Washington And Lee Swing/China Boy/Riverside Blues/New Orleans

LP/SR-3010 - Louis Hayes - Louis Hayes featuring Yusef Lateef & Nat Addereley [1960] Hazing (S)/Rip De Boom (S)/Teef (S)//I Need You (S)/Back Yard (S)/Sassy Ann (S)

LP/SR-3011 - Kelly at Midnight - Wynton Kelly [1960] Temperance (S)/Weird Lullaby (S)/On Stage (S)/Skatin' (S)/Pot Luck (S)

LP/SR-3012 - 1st Bassman - Paul Chambers [1960] Stereo information not available. Bass Region/Melody/Retrogress/Mopp Shoe Blues/Blessed

LP/SR-3013 - The Young Lions - Young Lions [1960] The Young Lions are: Lee Morgan (trumpet), Frank Strozier (alto sax), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Bobby Timmons (piano), Bob Cranshaw (bass), and Louis Hayes or Albert "Tuttle" Heath (drums). Seeds Of Sin (S)/Scourn' (S)/Fat Lady (S)//Peaches And Cream (S)/That's Right (S)

LP/SR-3014 - MJT+3 - MJT+3 [1961] Stereo information not available. Branching Out/Lil' Abner/Don't Ever Throw My Love Away//Raggity Man/To Sheila/Love For Sale

LP/SR-3015 - Expoobident - Lee Morgan [1961] Expoobident (S)/Easy Living (S)/Triple Track (S)//Fire (S)/Just In Time (S)/The Hearing (S)/Lost And Found (S)

LP/SR-3016 - Exodus to Jazz - Eddie Harris [1961] Theme From Exodus (S, LP version)/Alicia (S)/Gone Home (S)/A.T.C. (S)//A.M. Blues (S)/Little Girl Blue/Velocity (S)/W.P. (S)

LP/SR-3017 - Eddie Higgins - Eddie Higgins Trio [1961] Stereo information not available. Zarac The Evil One/Falling In Love With Love/You Leave Me Breathless/AB's Blues//Blues for Big Scotia/Foot's Bag/Satin Doll

LP/SR-3018 - Here's Harold - Harold Harris [1961] Swing Low/Again/Bluesville/Over The Rainbow/I Could Write A Book/Little Understanding/Rapture/Perfidia/I Can't Get Started/Myra

Note: Two of the following three unissued albums were possibly scheduled to be the two jazz albums issued about this time in the main series, LP/SR-1030 (Otto & McLawlor), and LP/SR-1031 (Bill Henderson). Why they were issued in the main series instead of the jazz series is not known. The third album and LP-3023 may have been the Frank Strozier album Cool, Calm, and Collected, which was eventually issued on CD in 1993 as Vee-Jay NVJ2-911, and the unreleased Eddie Harris album which was released on CD in 1993 on The Lost Album Plus the Better Half as Vee-Jay NVJ2-913.

LP-3019 - [Unissued]

LP-3020 - [Unissued]

LP-3021 - [Unissued]

LP/SR-3022 - Wynton Kelly! - Wynton Kelly [1961] Stereo information not available. Come Rain or Come Shine/Make The Man Love Me/Autumn Leaves/Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Joe's Avenue/Sassy/Love I've Found You/Gone With The Wind

LP-3023 - [Unissued]

LP/SR-3024 - Juggin' Around - Gene Ammons with Bennie Green [1961] Stereo information not available. Jim Dog/Jugging Around/Sermonette/Swingin' For Benny/Little Ditty

LP/SR-3025 - Mighty Like a Rose - Eddie Harris [1961] My Buddy (S)/Willow Weep For Me (S)/Spartacus Love Theme (S)/Mighty Lak' A Rose (S)//God Bless The Child (S)/Sally T (S)/Fontessa (S)/There Is No Time (S)

LP/SR-3026 - Summit Meeting - Various Artists [1961] Stereo information not available. Exodus - Eddie Harris/Bye Bye Blackbird - Bill Henderson/Awful Mean - Paul Chambers/Hazing - Louis Hayes/Wrinkles - Wynton Kelly/Jim Dog - Gene Ammons/I'm A Fool To Want You - Lee Morgan/Sleepy - MJT+3

LP/SR-3027 - Jazz for "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - Eddie Harris [1961] Stereo information not available. Moon River/Something For Cat/Sally's Tomato/Mr. Yunioshi/Big Blow Out/Hub Caps And Tail Lights/Breakfast At Tiffany's/Latin Golightly/Holly/Loose Caboose/The Big Heist

LP/SR-3028 - A Study in Jazz - Eddie Harris [1962] Stereo information not available. No One/Dancing Bull/Cuttin' Out/Down/Fantastic Waltz/Just Friends/Olifant Gesang

LP/SR-3029 - Wayning Moments - Wayne Shorter [1962] Black Orpheus (S)/Devil's Island (S)/Moon Of Manakoora (S)/Dead End (S)//Wayning Moments (S)/Powder Keg (S)/All Or Nothing At All (S)/Callaway Went That-A-Way (S)

LP/SR-3030 - Dixie/Chicago Style - Dave Remington [1962] Stereo information not available. St. James Infirmary/Chinatown My Chinatown/Fidgety Feet/At The Jazz Band Ball/I'll Never Be The Same/Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me)/West End Blues/Clarinet Marmalade/I'm Coming Virginia/Lulu's Back In Town

LP/SR-3031 - Eddie Harris Goes to the Movies - Eddie Harris [1962] Stereo information not available. Laura/Be My Love/Gone With The Wind/I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry/Secret Love/These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You/tonight/More I See You/Green Dolphin Street

LP/SR-3032 - Jazz Kaleidoscope - Bill Marx & His Jazz Octet [1962] Stereo information not available. It Ain't Necessarily So/Somewhere/Brother Jack/I Believe In You/Blue Hue/Angel Eyes/No Smaltzy Waltz/More I Cannot Wish You

LP/SR-3033 - Bird Lives! - Ira Sullivan & Chicago Jazz Quintet [1963] Klacktoveedsteene (S)/In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon) (S)/Highlights Of Shaw ‘Nuff (S)//Perhaps (S)/Love Letters (S)/Highlights Of Mohawk (S)

LP/SR-3034 - Bossa Nova - Eddie Harris [1963] Stereo information not available. Lolita Marie/Cev Y Mar/Whispering Bossa Nove/Mima/Samba Para Dos/Tel Eco Teco No. 2

LP/SR-3035 - Bill Marx's Father Presents..."My Son the Folk Swinger" - Bill Marx [1963] Cover shows a photo of Bill Marx with his father, Harpo Marx. Title is a takeoff on the popular Allan Sherman record "My Son the Folk Singer". Stereo information not available. Sarah Jackman/Wimoweh/Streets Of Laredo/Tzena, Tzena/Cotton Fields/Pick A Dress Of Cotton/If I Had A Ribbon Bow/John Brown's Body/Greensleeves/Hava Nageela

LP/SR-3036 - Harold Harris at the Playboy Club - Harold Harris [1963] Stereo information not available. Hefner Just Walked In/In Other Words/Playboy Theme/Another Time/When Your Lover Has Gone/What Kind Of Fool Am I/A Lot Of Living To Do

LP/SR-3037 - Half and Half - Eddie Harris [1963] Half And Half (S)/K.C. Blues (E)/Lawrence Of Arabia (S)/Yea Yea Yea (S)//Tonight (S)/El Cid (S)/Exodus (S)/Brotherhood Of Man (S)/Pocket Full Of Miracles (S)

Note: The Vee-Jay 3000 Jazz Series continues below after the LP/SR-2500 Series.

Vee-Jay LP/SR-2500 Jazz Series:

VJLP*-2501 - Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz: Jazz of the 60s, Volume One: Giants Of The Saxophone - Various Artists [1964]

VJLPS-2502 - Jazz's Great Walker - Leroy Vinnegar [1964] So Nice To Come Home To/Double Stopping/Love Next/If I Should Lose You/Kick Laugh And Crawl/Bossa Nova/Falling In Love/Leeko

VJLPS-2503 - The Eric Dolphy Memorial Album - Eric Dolphy [1964] Jitterbug Waltz/Music Matador/Alone Together/Love Me

VJLP*-2504 - Leningrad Jazz Festival - Golstain-Nosov Quintet & Yusef Wainstain Orchestra [1964] Rosinant In Andalusia/My Old Flame/Rosinant In Madrid/Polyushko- Polye//Rosinant In Toledo/Lament/Rosinant In Castilia

VJLPS-2505 - Jazz in Japan - Toshiko Mariano & Her Big Band [1964] Kisarazu Jink/Lament/The Shout/Israel/Land Of Peace/Walkin'/Santa Barbara

VJLPS-2506 - Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz: Jazz of the ‘60s, Volume 2: Blues Bag - Buddy Defranco [1964] Reissued on CD in 1987 in Japan as Vee-Jay/Fun House 32YD-1026. Blue's Bag/Rain Dance/Straight No Chaser/Cousin Mary//Blue's Connotation/Kush/Twelve Tone Blues

VJLPS-2507 - It's a Wonderful World - Victor Feldman [1965] Hard To Find/The Most Beautiful Girl In The World/Waltz Latino/Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Out Of This World/This Is All I Ask/Swinging On A Star//Make Me A Present Of You/It's A Wonderful World/Wild Is The Wind/Dream Of Olwen/I've Thought Of You/II Want To Be Rich

VJLP-2508 - Lee Morgan Quintet - Lee Morgan Quintet [1965] Bess/Terrible "T"/I'm A Fool To Want You/Expoobident/Easy Living/Fire

VJLP-2509 - My Babe - Bunky Green [1965] My Babe/Polka Dots And Moonbeams/Counter Punch//Step High/Don't Blame Me/Cecile

VJS-3000 Jazz Series Numbers Continue...
This is a continuation of the 3000 Jazz Series from the 1960s. It begins with 3038, which was apparently originally scheduled but not issued, then jumps to 3050. These albums have the "World of Jazz/globe" logo on the front cover and have the blue "World of Jazz/globe" label.

VJS-3038 - Someday My Prince Will Come - Wynton Kelly [1977] Someday My Prince Will Come (S)/Gone With The Wind (S)/Autumn Leaves (S)/Come Rain Or Come Shine (M)/Weird Lullaby (M)/Sassy (S)/Wrinkles (M)/On Stage (M)/Char's Blues (S)/Love I've Found You (S)

VJS-3039-49 - [Unissued]

VJS-3050 - Blues By Brown - Mel Brown [Unissued]

VJS-3051 - Organ Talk - Reuben Wilson [1974] Stereo information not available. Bambu/Knock On Wood/Bus Ride/Orange Peel/Twenty-Five Miles/Blue Mode

VJS-3052 - Contemplation - Yusef Lateef [1974] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3010. Stereo information not available. Hazing/Rip De Boom/Teef/I Need You/Back Yard/Sassy Ann

VJS-3053 - And They Called It Jazz - Claude Hopkins [1974] Stereo information not available. Chasing My Blues Away/Lazy Bones/Hodge Podge/Swingin' And Jivin'/Just As Long As The World Goes Round/You Stayed Away Too Long/Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet/Truckin'/Preacher And The Bear/Minor mania/Washington Squabble/Farewell Blues

VJS-3054 - I Got Rhythm - Count Basie [1974] Stereo information not available. Cherokee/Night In Tunesia/Boone Talk/Stormy Monday Blues/The Magic Flea/All Of Me/Hittin' Twelve/All Heart/Wee Baby Blues/In A Mellotone/I Got Rhythm/Whirly Bird

VJS-3055 - Please Send Me Someone to Love - Bill Henderson [1974] Stereo information not available. Never Will I Marry/Skylark/Love Is A Bug/Goodbyes/Hooray For Love/Please Send Me Someone To Love/I Go For That/Sleepy/Accentuate The Positive/Yes Indeed/Royal Garden Blues

VJS-3056 - In Concert...Carnegie Hall - Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz & Charlie Parker [1974] Stereo information not available. Easy To Love/Body And Soul/52nd Street Theme/Dizzy Atmosphere/There Will Never Be Another You/Strike Up The Band/Just Friends

VJS-3057 - Second Genesis - Wayne Shorter [1974] Stereo information not available. Ruby And The Pearl/Pay As You Go/Second Genesis/Mr. Chairman/Tenderfoot/The Albatross/Getting To Know You/I Didn't Know What Time It Was

VJS-3058 - For Bird and Bags - Eddie Harris [1974] Stereo information not available. Salute To Bird/I'm As Happy As I Want To Be/The River Nile//Salute To Bags/Samba De Orfeu/Only The Lonely/Checkmate

VJS-3059 - Big Band Blues - Bobby Bryant [1974] Stereo information not available. Blues Excerpt/Round Midnight/Secret Love/Love For Sale/Sleepy/Cry Me A River/Indiana/Falling In Love/Harlem Rain/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

VJS-3060 - Opus de Funk - John Young Trio [1974] Stereo information not available. Blues In The Closet/If They Asked Me I Could Write A Book/Jessie May/Patsy/Pretty Legs/Hymn/My Funny Valentine/Bye Bye Blackbird/Opus De Funk/Baby Doll/Surrey With The Fringe On Top

VJS-3061 - Love You Madly - Duke Ellington [1974] Stereo information not available. The Star Spangled Banner/The Mooche/How High The Moon/Lullaby Of Birdland/The Hawk Talks/The Tattooed Bride/Medley: Don't Get Around Much Anymore-In A Sentimental Mood-Mood Indigo-I'm Beginning To See The Light-Sophisticated Lady-Caravan-It Don't Mean A Thing-Solitude-I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart/Lover Come Back To Me/In A Sentimental Mood

VJS-3062 - Gettin' Together - Mel Lewis [1974] Stereo information not available. Motif/My Buddy/Neat Foot/The Song Is Ended/Mulliganesque/Cannon Ball/Mood/There Will Never Be Another You/Westlake Bounce

VJS-3063 - Caution - John Gross Quartet [1975] Stereo information not available. A Second Look/C.T. & Fluke/Hidden Valley/Leaving/Lost And Found/Libation/The Vamp/Breakfast Club

VJS-3064 - Jazz from San Francisco - Pat Britt Quintet [1975] Stereo information not available. Jim Beam Blues/Nancy/Let's Play/Ahmads Turbad/Workin' At The Workshop/Young Bud/Bostwick's Little Bag

VJS-3065 - Home with Sweets - Harry "Sweets" Edison [1975] Stereo information not available. Dream/Isn't It Romantic/When Your Lover Has Gone/Nice ‘N' Easy/My Old Flame/I Don't Know What Kind Of Blues I've Got//I'm Lost/The Girl From Ipanema/You're Blase'/Blues In My Heart/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/Honeysuckle Rose

VJS-3066 - Bag of Blues - Art Blakey featuring Buddy De Franco [1977] Stereo information not available. Blues Bag/Rain Dance/Straight No Chaser/Cousin Mary/Blues Connotation/Kush/Twelve Tone Blues

VJS-3067 - Good for the Garden - Kent Glenn [1977] Stereo information not available. Good For The Garden/Ambivilance/Blues For AM/Petaluma Fog/In Blossom/Isa/Subtle Matter/Marlene/P.C.

VJS-3068 - Love Song - Gary Bartz [1977] Stereo information not available. You Only Live Once/Don't Stop Now/Lonely Girl/Free Form Excerpts/Love Song/Just Suppose

VJS-3069 - Lost and Found - Pat "Putter" Smith [1977] Stereo information not available. Movement #1/Free Excerpt #2/P.C./Isa/Ugly Beauty/Leaving/Mood Report/Lost And Found/Very Early/Free Excerpt #1

VJS-3070 - Jazzman - Pat Britt [1975] Stereo information not available. Jazzman/Don't Misunderstand/Wild Lill/Herman's Corner/Adventures Of Sally Sprite/Midnight At Hungry Hoe's/Clouds/The Pink Panther/Me & Mrs. Jones

VJS-3071 - Wynton Kelly in Concert - Wynton Kelly [1977] Stereo information not available. Piano Interlude/On A Clear Day/Here's That Rainy Day/Theme

VJS-3072-2 - Final Notes - Wynton Kelly [1977] (2-LP set) Stereo information not available. Introduction/Unit 7/Piano Interlude/Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Piano Interlude/On The Trail/Theme/Mr. P.C.

Special issue:

VJSP 400 - Various Artists - Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia Of Jazz [1977] (3-LP set) Artists include: Cannonball Adderley, Gene Ammons, Benny Carter, Al Cohn, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Frank Foster, Eddie Harris, Yusef Lateef, Wayne Shorter, Zoot Sims, Frank Strozier, Frank Wess, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Jimmy Witherspoon, Joe Williams, Mavis Rivers, Ann Richards, Bill Henderson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Lambert Hendricks & Ross, Nat Adderley, Art Blakey, Pat Britt, Donald Byrd, Paul Chambers, Victor Feldman, Benny Green, Louis Hayes, Freddie Hubbard, Phillie Joe Jones, Wynton Kelly, Lee Morgan, and Leroy Vinnegar

Thanks to Frank Daniels, Ron Dawson, and Christopher Anderson.

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