Vee-Jay Album Discography, Part 2:
Main Series VJS-1071 to VJS-1154 (1963-1965)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

The third major Vee-Jay label design (far left) is commonly called "the brackets label" because the logo appears to be enclosed in brackets. The "brackets label" came in after Ewart Abner left the company and Randy Wood took over as president. It was black with silver printing. "VJ" above the center hole in white with a white bracket on each side, under the "VJ" is "VEE-JAY RECORDS" in white on two lines. Around the perimeter of the label is the same multi-colored band that is on the second label. This label was used from VJLP-1071 to VJLP-1154, it was also used on the 2500 series, and the gospel issues in 1964 and 1965. There were two different promotional labels both with a white label with blue or black printing. On the first, to the left and right of the center hole are the "VJ" with brackets logos (the same design but smaller than logo on standard copy) in blue. Under each logo are the words "PROMOTIONAL COPY" in blue. Around the perimeter of the label is a blue band. The second promotional label (near left) had the brackets logo on top in blue, with blue print.

For those LPs where we know of a stereo issue, we have used the stereo catalog number ("VJS-"). Those albums with an "VJ-" prefix are thought to have been issued in mono only. For albums where we are not sure about a stereo issue, we have used "VJ*-" (the mono prefix with an asterisk) as the prefix. The prefixes from this point were not entirely consistent, as sometimes "VJLP-" was used for mono issues.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Starting at this point, the "brackets logo" replaces the "oval logo" on album covers. Prefix changes from "LP/SR-" to "VJ/VJS-". Later issues of the catalog items released before this point can have the brackets label, but covers were rarely, if ever, redone to change the logos.

VJS-1071 - The New Wine Singers at the Chicago Opera House - New Wine Singers [1963] Stereo information not available. The group included Elaine McFarlane, who later became "Spanky" of the rock/pop group "Spanky and Our Gang." Boiling Cabbage/Blowing Down That Dusty Road/Poor Howard/Function Junction/The Kitchen/Follow Me Up To Carlow//I'm Going Home/Journey Medley/Union Miners/This Land Is Your Land

VJS-1072 - Jimmy Reed Sings the Best of the Blues - Jimmy Reed [1963] Stereo on the original pressing reported to be true stereo. The 1970s reissues on the red Vee-Jay International label say stereo on the jacket but are mono. St. Louis Blues/Trouble In Mind/Wee Wee Baby/How Long How Long Blues/See See, Rider/Roll ‘Em Pete//Outskirts Of Town/The Comeback/Cherry Red/Worried Life Blues/Five Long Years

VJS-1073 - Jimmy Reed Plays 12 String Guitar Blues - Jimmy Reed [1963] Stereo information not available. Bright Lights Big City/St. Louis Blues/Blue Carnegie/New Chicago Blues/Big Boss Man/Hush Hush//Blues for Twelve Strings/Baby What You Want Me To Do/Boogie In The Dark/Take Out Some Insurance/Aw, Shucks/Close Together

VJS-1074 - Soul Meeting Saturday Night Hootennanny Style - Various Artists [1963] Spring - Birdlegs & Pauline/Just A Little Bit - Roscoe Gordon/Honest I Do - Jimmy Reed/Dimples John Lee Hooker/Hands Off Him Pricilla Bowman/Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed//Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon/Little Wheel - John Lee Hooker/You Can Make It If You Try - Gene Allison/Messin' Around - Memphis Slim/Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker

VJ-1075 - For Your Precious Love - Impressions with Jerry Butler [12/63] For Your Precious Love/Young Lover/Let Me Know/Don't Drive Me Away/Senorita I Love You/A New Love//That You Love Me/The Gift Of Love/Believe In Me/Lover's Lane/At The County Fair/A Long Time Ago

VJS-1076 - Need to Belong and Other Great Performances - Jerry Butler [12/63] First cover and title, issued when "Need to Belong" was on the charts. Stereo information not available. Need To Belong/Make It Easy On Yourself/Moon River/You Can Run But You Can't Hide/Isle Of Sirens/What Ever You Want//Giving Up On Love/Where's The Girl/How Beautifully You Lie/Message To Martha/Strawberries/Such A Feeling

VJS-1076 - Giving Up on Love and Other Great Performances - Jerry Butler [5/64] Second cover, reissued when "Giving Up on Love" was on the charts. Stereo information not available. Need To Belong/Make It Easy On Yourself/Moon River/You Can Run But You Can't Hide/Isle Of Sirens/What Ever You Want//Giving Up On Love/Where's The Girl/How Beautifully You Lie/Message To Martha/Strawberries/Such A Feeling

VJS-1077 - You're No Good - Betty Everett [12/63] Original cover/album name, issued when "You're No Good" was on the charts. It's In His Kiss (The Shoop-Shoop Song) (S)/Hands Off (S)/You're No Good (S)/June Night (S)/Hound Dog (S)/With You I Stand (S)//It Hurts To Be In Love (S)/Until You Were Gone (S)/The Prince Of Players (S)/I Need You So (S)/Chained To Your Love (S)/Down In The Country (S)

VJS-1077 - It's in His Kiss (Shoop Shoop) - Betty Everett [3/64] Second cover, revised when "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)" became a hit. It's In His Kiss (The Shoop-Shoop Song) (S)/Hands Off (S)/You're No Good (S)/June Night (S)/Hound Dog (S)/With You I Stand (S)//It Hurts To Be In Love (S)/Until You Were Gone (S)/The Prince Of Players (S)/I Need You So (S)/Chained To Your Love (S)/Down In The Country (S)

VJS-1078 - Concert at Newport - John Lee Hooker [1964] I Can't Quit You Now Blues/Stop Baby Don't Hold Me That Way/Tupelo/Bus Station Blues/Freight Train Be My Friend/Boom Boom Boom//Talk That Talk Baby/Sometime Baby You Make Me Feel So Bad/You've Got To Walk Yourself/Let's Make It/The Mighty Fire

VJS-1079 - 12 String Guitar-Nanny - Bradley Wayne [1963] Green Green/Walk Right In/Michael/if I Had A Hammer/Don't Think Twice It's All Right/Walk On By//Old Rusty Road/Blowin' In The Wind/John Henry/Tom Dooley/Greenback Dollar/M.T.A.

VJS-1080 - The Boss Man of the Blues with More of the Best - Jimmy Reed [1963] Stereo information not available. The 1970s reissues on the red Vee-Jay International label say stereo on the jacket but are mono. Roll And Rhumba/Baby What's Wrong/Mary, Mary/Shame, Shame, Shame/Outskirts Of Town/Oh, John//Too Much/Down In Mississippi/St. Louis Blues/My First Plea/Odds And Ends/Caress Me Baby

VJS-1081 - The Theme from Exodus and Other Film Spectaculars - Eddie Harris [1963] Stereo information not available. Exodus/Lawrence Of Arabia/El Cid/Spartacus/Tonight/Moon River/Never On Sunday/Gone With The Wind/Green Dolphin Street/Pocket Full Of Miracles/Laura

VJS-1082 - Folk-Nanny - Four Seasons [1964] (6-64, #100) Stereo information not available. Connie-O/Lost Lullaby/Hi Lillie Hi Lo/Goodnight My Love/Soon/Stay//Silver Wings/Star Maker/Teardrops/Long Lonely Nights/Melancholy

VJS-1082 - Stay and Other Great Hits - Four Seasons [1964] (6-64, #100) Reissue of Folk-Nanny with a new cover and title. Stereo information not available. Connie-O/Lost Lullaby/Hi Lillie Hi Lo/Goodnight My Love/Soon/Stay//Silver Wings/Star Maker/Teardrops/Long Lonely Nights/Melancholy

VJ/VJS-1083 - [Unissued]

VJ-1084 - This Is Where It Is: The Original Nitty Gritty - Various Artists [1963] Blues Get Off My Shoulder - Dee Clark/Just A Little Bit - Jerry Butler/It's You I Love - Crume Brothers/I Found Peace Of Mind - Pee Wee Crayton/Bad Boy - Eddie Taylor/Evenin' Time - Joe Buchner//Hatti Malatti - Lee Diamond/The Pleasure's All Mine - Billy Emerson/Oop De Oop - Earl Phillips/Rockin' Good Way - Pricilla & Spaniels/Crying For My Baby - Harold Burrage/Goin' Home - Roscoe Gordon

VJS-1085 - Jolly What! England's Greatest Recording Stars: The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage - Beatles/Frank Ifield [3/64] Original cover has a black background and features the words "Jolly What!" and has a drawing of a man with a large moustache. On all variations of the record label itself, the title is given as The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage. The stereo version has the true stereo hit version of "I Remember You." Please Please Me - Beatles (S)/Any Time - Frank Ifield (S)/Lovesick Blues - Frank Ifield (S)/I'm Smiling Now - Frank Ifield (S)/Nobody's Darling - Frank Ifield (S)/From Me To You - Beatles (M)//I Remember You - Frank Ifield (S)/Ask Me Why - Beatles (S)/Thank You Girl - Beatles (M)/The Wayward Wind - Frank Ifield (S)/Unchained Melody - Frank Ifield (S)/I Listen To My Heart - Frank Ifield (S)

VJS-1085 - England's Greatest Recording Stars: The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage - Beatles/Frank Ifield [8/64] Second cover. This has a blue background with a drawing of the Beatles, and "Jolly What!" has been dropped from the cover title. On all variations of the record label itself, the title is given as The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage. The stereo version has the true stereo hit version of "I Remember You." Please Please Me - Beatles (S)/Any Time - Frank Ifield (S)/Lovesick Blues - Frank Ifield (S)/I'm Smiling Now - Frank Ifield (S)/Nobody's Darling - Frank Ifield (S)/From Me To You - Beatles (M)//I Remember You - Frank Ifield (S)/Ask Me Why - Beatles (S)/Thank You Girl - Beatles (M)/The Wayward Wind - Frank Ifield (S)/Unchained Melody - Frank Ifield (S)/I Listen To My Heart - Frank Ifield (S)

VJS-1086 - The Best of Wynton Kelly - Wynton Kelly [1964] Stereo information not available. Come Rain or Come Shine/Make The Man Love Me/Wrinkles/Love, I Found You/Joe's Avenue//Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Sassy/On Stage/June Night/Weird Lullabye

VJS-1087 - Hello Trouble - Orville Couch [1964] Hello Doll/Help Me Get My Cotton In/Honkey Tonk Man/Dance Her By Me/Strike a Match/Hello Trouble//Gone/His and Hers/Fraulein/Come On Back/The Lonesomes/Did I Miss You

VJS-1088 - More Golden Hits By the Four Seasons - Four Seasons [1964] (9-64, #105) Stay (S)/Dum Drum (M)/Yessir That's My Baby (S)/Long Lonely Nights (S)/Honey Love (S)/Happy Happy Birthday Baby (S)//Silhouettes (S)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love (S)/New Mexican Rose (M)/Hi Lilli-Hi Lo (S)/Oh Carol (S)/Alone (S)

VJS-1089 - The Great Movie Themes of the 30's, 40's and 50's - Gordon Jenkins [1964] Stereo information not available. The Continental/It Might as Well Be Spring/High Hopes/Buttons And Bows/High Noon/White Christmas/Thanks for The Memory/All The Way/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/Gigi/Secret Love/Three Coins In The Fountain/Whatever Will Be Will Be/Mona Lisa/In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening/Zip-A- Dee-Doo-Dah/When You Wish Upon A Star/Lullaby Of Broadway/On The Atchison Topeka And Santa Fe/You'll Never Know/Sweet Leliani/Baby It's Cold Outside/The Last Time I Saw Paris/Over The Rainbow/Swinging On A Star/The Way You Look Tonight

VJS-1090 - It's Monster Surfing Time - Deadly Ones [1964] It's Monster Surfing Time/Outer Limits Surf/There's A Creature In The Surfer's Lagoon/Surfin' Dock Side/The Mad Drummer/Raunchy/Rebel Rouser/The Moonlight/Surfer/Help/Igor Goes Surfing/The Lone Surfer

VJS-1091 - The Ska - Mango Jones & Orchestra [1964] Calalue Ska/Coffee Street Ska/Turtle Fish/Charade/Jamaica Ska/The Brave Bulls//Ska La Bomba/Bite The Mango/Shatton Street Ska/Balahu Ska/Curipton Ska/Babalu Ska

VJ-1092 - Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles - Beatles [10/12/64] (10-64, #63) The fold out cover contains a copy of the second version of Vee Jay LP-1062, Introducing the Beatles. I Saw Her Standing There/Misery/Anna/Chains/Boys/Ask Me Why//Please, Please Me/Baby It's You/Do You Want To Know A Secret/A Taste Of Honey/There's A Place/Twist And Shout

VJ-1093 - Running For President - Dick Gregory [1964]

VJS-1094 - Sam Fletcher Sings I Believe in You - Sam Fletcher [1964] I Believe In You/More/Can't Buy Me Love/Hello Dolly/I'm Checking Out, Goodbye/Make Me A Present Of You/That Sunday Last Summer/Taste Of Honey/Moon River/Sophisticated Lady/I Won't Cry Anymore/People

VJS-1095 - Jimmy Reed at Soul City - Jimmy Reed [1964] I'm Going Upside Your Head/The Devil's Shoestring Part 2/Help Yourself/Going Fishing (Ain't Got No Pole)/I Wanna Be Loved/Wear Something Green//Left Handed Woman/A New Leaf/Fifteen Years/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/When You're Doing Alright/You've Got Me Weeping

VJS-1096 - Love Me with All Your Heart - Victor Feldman [1964] Love Me With All Your Heart/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Fly Me To The Moon/Valerie/Walk On The Wild Side/Hello Dolly//The Girl from Ipanema/A Taste Of Honey/Green Dolphin Street/Moon River/Anna/New Delhi

VJS-1097 - Great Mariachi Favorites - Victorio Valdez Orchestra & Chorus [1964] Guadalajara/LA Boda de Luis Alonso/Ay El Amore/Cucurru Cu Cu Paloma/Quiobole/La Bamba//Las Coronelas/Granada/Beso Chiquito/Cielo Andaluz/Claro de Luna/La Malagueña

VJS-1098 - Hoyt Axton Explodes! - Hoyt Axton [1964] This album includes Hoyt's version of "Heartbreak Hotel," a song co-written by his mother Mae for Elvis Presley. Never Gonna Work (E)/Bring Your Lovin' (E)/Tiger In The Closet (E)/Red White And Blue (E)/L.A. Town (E)/Heartbreak Hotel (E)//Big Red (E)/Lonesome Road (E)/I'll Be There (E)/Double Dare (E)/ABC (Put On) (E)/Young Man (E)

VJS-1099 - Delicious Together - Betty Everett & Jerry Butler [1964] Stereo information not available, but presumably true stereo. Let It Be Me/Love Is Strange/Just Be True/Since I Don't Have You/It's All Right/Our Day Will Come//Ain't That Loving You Baby/I Can't Stand It/The Way You Do The Things You Do/Let The Good Times Roll/Fever

VJ*-1100 - Live at the Whiskey a Go-Go - Various Artists [1964] Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed/Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker/He Will Break Your Heart - Jerry Butler/You're No Good - Betty Everett/Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison/Over & Over - Eugene Church//Every Beat Of My Heart - Gladys Knight & the Pips/Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny/I Need Your Lovin' - Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford/Funny - Maxine Brown/Gee Baby - Joe & Ann/Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed

VJ*-1101 - The 15 Greatest Songs of the Beatles - Merseyboys [1964] I Want To Hold Your Hand/She Loves You/All My Loving/I Wanna Be Your Man/Ask Me Why/Don't Bother Me/Please Please Me/All I've Got To Do/Do You Want To Know A Secret/Misery/From Me To You/I'll Get You/Hold Me Tight/Thank You Girl/It Won't Be Long

VJ*-1102 - Steal Away - Jimmy Hughes [1964] Steal Away/Everybody Let's Dance/Try Me/Stormy Monday Blues/There Is Something On Your Mind/Lovely Ladies//Shot Of Rhythm And Blues/I Want Justice/I'm Gonna Rise Again/I Tried To Tell You/Neighbor Neighbor/I'm Getting Better

VJS-1103 - Them Poems and Things - Mason Williams [1964] Them Poems/Them Sand Pickers/Them Sticker Gitters/Them Toad Suckers/Them Banjo Pickers/Them Yodel Yellers/Them Hors D'oeuvres/Them Lunch Toters/Them Stamp Lickers/Them Dog Kickers/Them Hog Liver Lickers/Them Beaver Cleavers/Them Whisker Flickers

VJS-1104 - Sweets for the Sweet Taste Of Love - Harry "Sweets" Edison [1964] Stereo information not available. Blues In My Heart/Nice And Easy/Isn't It Romantic/You're Blasé/Dream/I'm Lost//When Your Lover Has Gone/I Don't Know What Kind Of Blues I've Got/The Girl From Ipanema/Honeysuckle Rose/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/My Old Flame

VJS-1105 - Rocks in My Bed - Georgia Carr [1964] Rocks In My Bed/You Always Hurt The One You Love/Let's Close The Door/Nine Tenths Of The Tennessee River/Sweet Secret Street/Hallelujah ‘Cause I Love Him So//Love Is Somethin' Else/What More Can A Woman Do/Softly/Once To Ev'ry Girl/The Game/My Man

VJS-1106 - Most Requested Dances at Your Home Tonight - Mango Jones And Orchestra [1964] Cherry Pink (Cha Cha)/Tea for Two (Mambo)/Desafinado (Bossa Nova)/Linda Mujer (Rumba)/Adios Muchachos (Tango)/In The Mood (Lindy)//Dancing In The Dark (Foxtrot)/The Twist (Twist)/Mimi's Bunny (Bunny Hop)/Kiss Me (Charleston)/Mango Conga (Conga)/Mother's Pokey (Hokey Pokey)

VJS-1107 - Little Richard Is Back..And There's a Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On! - Little Richard [1964] Stereo information not available. A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Going Home Tomorrow/Money Honey/Only You/Hound Dog/Goodnight Irene//Lawdy Miss Claudie/Groovy Little Suzy/Short Fat Fanny/Cherry Red/Memories Are Made Of This/Blueberry Hill

VJS-1108 - Night Time Is the Right Time - Bill Marx [1964] Stereo information not available. Night Time Is The Right Time/Nobody's Heart/Nice And Easy/In My Solitude/You Don't Know What Love Is/Satin Doll//Moon Tune/One For My Baby And One For The Road/Once Upon A Sunday Evening/Gershwin Prelude/Sitting' And Rocking

VJS-1109 - Bubbles, John W. That Is - John Bubbles [1964] When You Wish Upon A Star/Without A Song/My Mother's Eyes/Indiana/Belittling Me/I Won't Dance//Bubble's Blues/I Ain't Got Nobody/Someone To Watch Over Me/Lady Be Good/There's A Boat Leaving For New York/Somebody Loves Me

VJS-1110 - My Favorite Songs from Mary Poppins - Ray Walston [1964] Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/Feed The Birds/Chim-Chim-Chree/A Spoonful Of Sugar/Stay Awake/Let's Go Fly A Kite//Do-Re-Me/Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly/This Old Man/Puff The Magic Dragon/Medley: Mairzy Doats, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, Hi Diddle Dee/Three Little Fishes/The Dingle Song

VJ/VJS-1111 - [Unissued]

VJ-1112 - The Great Hits of 1964 and Some Golden Oldies - Various Artists [1964] Have I The Right - Honeycombs/Let It Be Me - Betty Everett & Jerry Butler/Steal Away - Jimmy Hughes/Duke Of Earl - Gene Chandler/La Bomba - Ritchie Valens/Big Girls Don't Cry - Four Seasons//Stay - Four Seasons/Suspicion - Terry Stafford/Shoop Shoop Song - Betty Everett/Venus In Blue Jeans - Jimmy Clanton/Sherry - Four Seasons/Angel Baby - Rosie & Originals

VJS-1113 - The Castaway Strings Play the Elvis Presley Song Book - Castaway Strings [1965] Hound Dog/Jailhouse Rock/Blue Suede Shoes/Loving You/Love Me Tender/All Shook Up//Tutti Frutti/Heartbreak Hotel/It's Now or Never/Don't Be Cruel/Return To Sender

VJS-1114 - The Castaway Strings Play the Andy Williams Song Book - Castaway Strings [1965] On The Street Where You Live/Days Of Wine And Roses/Moon River/Stranger On The Shore/Let It Be Me/Can't Get Used To Losing You/Charade/You Don't Want My Love/A Fool Never Learns/Under Paris Skies/Wrong for Each Other

VJS-1115 - The Castaway Strings Play the Peter, Paul & Mary Song Book - Castaway Strings [1965] Oh Rock My Soul/Lemon Tree/Blowin' In The Wind/Early In The Morning/Autumn To May/Puff The Magic Dragon//If I Had A Hammer/Old Coat/Don't Think Twice It's Alright/Go Tell It On The Mountain/The Cruel War

VJS-1116 - The Castaway Strings Play the Bobby Vinton Song Book - Castaway Strings [1965] Blue On Blue/Blue Velvet/Let's Kiss And Make Up/Roses Are Red (My Love)/My Heart Belongs To Only You//There, I've Said It Again/Clinging Vine/Over The Mountain/Tell Me Why/Rain Rain Go Away/Mr. Lonely

VJ/VJS-1117 - [Unissued]

VJS-1118 - The Best of Hoyt Axton - Hoyt Axton [1964] Compilation from his Horizon material. Greenback Dollar (S)/Thunder ‘N' Lightnin' (E)/This Little Light (E)/Trombone Charlie (S)/Ox Driver's Song (S)/Gambler's Blues (S)//Sing In The Sunshine (S)/Five Hundred Miles (S)/Grizzley Bear (S)/Hoochie Koochie Man (S, different recording from that on the Thunder ‘N' Lightnin' album)/They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long (S)/Voodoo Blues (S)

VJS-1119 - More of the Best of Jerry Butler - Jerry Butler [1964] Stereo information not available. I Stand Accused/I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore/Giving Up On Love/Need To Belong/Strawberries/Let It Be Me (With Betty Everett)//Just A Little Bit/Smile (With Betty Everett)/Message To Martha/Motherless Child/Just Be True/Ain't That Loving You Baby (With Betty Everett)

VJ/VJS-1120 - [Unissued]

VJS-1121 - Girls Girls Girls - We Love Girls: A Girl for Every Season - Four Seasons [1964] Stereo information not available. Sherry/Big Girls Don't Cry/Girl Of My Dreams/Peanuts/Candy Girl/Connie-O//Marlena/My Sugar/Yessir That's My Baby/Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Hi-Lilli Hi-Lo

VJS-1122 - The Very Best of Betty Everett - Betty Everett [1964] The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (S)/Smile (with Jerry Butler) (S)/Coming From You (S)/June Night (S)/Until You Were Gone (S)/I Need You So (S)//You're No Good (S)/Let It Be Me (with Jerry Butler) (S)/It's All Right (with Jerry Butler) (S)/Chained To A Memory (S)/It Hurts To Be In Love (S)/Getting Mighty Crowded (S)

VJS-1123 - The Most Exciting Organ Ever - Billy Preston [1964] Stereo information not available. If I Had A Hammer/Low Down/Slippin' And Slidin'/Drown In My Own Tears/I Am Coming Through/The Octopus//Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'/Soul Meetin'/Let Me Know/Billy's Bag/The Masquerade Is Over/Steady Gettin' It

VJS-1124 - His Greatest Hits - Little Richard [1964] These are re- recordings of his hits for Specialty. Stereo information not available. Good Golly Miss Molly/Baby Face/Tutti Frutti/Send Me Some Loving/The Girl Can't Help It/Lucille//Slippin' And Slidin'/Keep A Knockin' Rip It Up/She's Got It/Oh My Soul/Long Tall Sally

VJS-1125 - His Greatest Hits - Russ Morgan [1964] Does Your Heart Beat For Me/Bye Bye Blackbird/You're Nobody Till somebody Loves You/Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella/Somebody Else Is Taking My Place/Johnson Rag//So Tired/Medley: Linger Awhile, Stumbling/Please Think Of Me/Forever And Ever/A Little Bit Independent/Cruising Down The River

VJS-1126 - Greenback Dollar - Hoyt Axton [1964] This is a reissue of the "second" version of Horizon WP-1601 Stereo. It features a new cover photo. Greenback Dollar (S)/Ashville Junction (S)/Brisbane Ladies (S)/Five Hundred Miles (S)/The Balladeer (S)//Ox Driver's Song (S)/Peggy-O (S)/Walkin' To Georgia (S)/Vandy (S)/John Henry (S)

VJS-1127 - Saturday's Child - Hoyt Axton [1964] Reissue of Horizon SWP-1621 with new cover graphics. Saturday's Child (S)/Trombone Charlie (S)/St. James Infirmary (S)/Hoochie Koochie Man (S)/Willie Jean (S)/Movin' Down The Line (S)//They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long (S)/Gamblers Blues (S)/Voodoo Blues (S)/Angel Cake And Wine (S)/Make Me A Pallet (S)/Rise Up (S)

VJS-1128 - Thunder 'N' Lightnin' - Hoyt Axton [1964] Reissue of Horizon SWP- 1613, with a new cover featuring the same photo as on the original, but cropped. Thunder ‘N' Lightnin' (E)/Blue Prelude (S)/Woman At The Well (S)/Grizzly Bear (S)/I Never Knew My Father (S)/Midnight Special (S)//This Little Light (E)/Gypsy Woman (E)/Water Boy (S)/Daddy Walked In Darkness (S)/Cocaine (S)/House Of The Rising Sun (S)

VJS-1129 - The Gary LeMel Album - Gary LeMel [1965] On Broadway (S)/Soon It's Gonna Rain (S)/Satin Doll (S)/Big City (S)/Lonely People (S)/Joey, Joey, Joey (S)//I'll Know (S)/Take Me Home Again (S)/Nobody's Business (S)/Heather On The Hill (S)/My Romance (S)/I'll Set My Love To Music (S)

VJLP-1130 - The Legend, The Man - Winston Churchill [1965] Spoken word album with commentary by the Honorable James Roosevelt. The Storm Gathers And Falls//Alliance, Victory, Aftermath, Death

VJS-1131 - 36 Hours (Soundtrack) - Dimitri Tiomkin [1965] Stereo information not available. A Heart Must Learn To Cry And Prelude/Capture And Nazi Subterfuge/Promenade/Misleading/Deception/Impossible Escape//Case Of Spilt Salt/Cyanide Pellet/Confession/On The Way To The Rendezvous/Death Of The Gestapo Man/Finale

VJS-1132 - We Remember Mildred Bailey - Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo [1965] Easy To Love/Georgia On My Mind/I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart/Confessing/Please Be Kind/Lover Come Back To Me//Rocking Chair/It Seems Like Old Times/My Last Affair/Someday Sweetheart/I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You/There'll Be Some Changes Made

VJS-1133 - Here's Pete Barbutti! - Pete Barbutti [1965] Ccordine/Harvey's Cleaners/Airlines/Hip Mechanic/Singers (You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You)/Singers' Styles (Don't Take Your Love >From Me, Red River Valley, Tenderly)//Disc Jockey/Semantics/ Communication/Cigarette Lighter/Good Old Songs (My Funny Valentine)/Bull Fight (Cherry Pink)/B.B.C. Broadcast

VJS-1134 - I Wish You Love - Jacques Foti with the Loe Leahy Orchestra [1965] I Wish You Love/Dear Heart/If You Want This Love Of Mine/September Song/C'est Magnifique/The Very Thought Of You//My Romance/When I Fall In Love/There Will Never Be Another You/I'm So Lonesome Tonight/Take Me In Your Arms/Intimately Yours

VJS-1135 - The Vi Velasco Album - Vi Velasco [1965] I Don't Wanna Go On/Oh No, Not My Baby/What Am I Supposed To Do?/Follow My Heart/Never Less Than Yesterday/You Are My Sunshine//Tokyo Melody/Benefit Of The Doubt/I'll Come A Little Bit Closer/If You Must Break A Heart/That's Not The Answer/Reach Out for Me

VJ-1136 - More Great Hits Of 1964 and Other Golden Goodies - Various Artists [1965] I Stand Accused - Jerry Butler/Unless You Care - Terry Black/Adorable One - Joe Simon/Smile - Betty Everett & Jerry Butler/I Can't Stop - Honeycombs/Getting Mighty Crowded - Betty Everett/Lover's Never Say Goodbye - Flamingos//Walk Like A Man - Four Seasons/Tutti Frutti - Little Richard/Rainbow - Gene Chandler/Since I Don't Have You - Skyliners/Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day/I Need Your Lovin' - Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford/You Talk Too Much - Joe Jones

VJS-1137 - Damita Jo Sings - Damita Jo [1965] It Kills Me/For All We Know/Please Don't Use My Name/Nevertheless/If I Were You/Hello Dolly!//Hurt A Fool/It's Too Late To Be Sorry/Molly "Dear" Malone/This Is Life/Waiting For Ships That Never Come In/Right Here With You

VJ*-1138 - Coffee House Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1964] Reissue of Horizon 1617. Introduction - Lightnin' Hopkins/Big Car Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins/Coffee House Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins/Stool Pigeon Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins/Ball Of Twine - Lightnin' Hopkins/Blues for Gamblers - Lightnin' Hopkins with Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry///Walk On - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry/Blues For The Lowlands - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry/Down by The Riverside - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry/Blowin' The Fuses - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry/Right On That Shore - Lightnin' Hopkins with Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry

VJS-1139 - Russ Morgan Plays and Sings Red Roses for a Blue Lady - Russ Morgan [1965] Red Roses for A Blue Lady/Where'd You Get Those Eyes/A Waltz To Remember/All or Nothing At All/Danke Schoen/No One's as Lonesome as Me//Dear Heart/My Romance/I Will Wait For You/The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine/Please Call Be Darling/Homespun

VJ-1140 - Favorite Family Poems - Louis Freeman [1965] Preparedness/Start Where You Stand/Rock Me To Sleep/The Sin of Omission/When Nature Wants a Man/Which Shall It Be?//If You Have a Friend/The Dreams Ahead/Who Ne'er Suffered/It Couldn't Be Done/The Woman Who Understands/Sermons We See/This Is My Work/Little Things/A Tribute (I Love You)

VJS-1141 - It's Not Unusual - Dells [1965] It's Not Unusual (S)/I've Got A Woman (S)/Stay In My Corner (S, original version, predates Cadet hit)/Witchcraft (S)/Li'l Darlin' (S)//My Baby Just Cares For Me (S)/Ev'ry Day I Have The Blues (S)/Let's Do It Over (S)/What Do We Prove (S)/Jeepers Creepers (S)/Alexander's Ragtime Band (S)

VJS-1142 - Early Hits of 1965: A Million Dollars Worth of Music Played By the Greatest Organist Ever - Billy Preston [1965] You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling/Eight Days A Week/Downtown/Goldfinger/My Girl/Go Now//Ferry Across The Mersey/Shotgun/Stop In The Name Of Love/King Of The Road/The Birds And The Bees/Can't You Hear My Heartbeat

VJS-1143 - Command Performance: Luis Varona Returns to World-Famous Eden Roc - Luis Varona [1965] Anabacoa (Rock Mambo)/Buscando La Melodia (Guajira Cha)/Aunque To Mami No Quiera (Cha-Cha)/Moods (Instrumental Ballad)/Muchacha Bonita (Meringue)/Whistling Cha (Cha-Cha/Frug)/Porta Diablo (Mambo)//Que Te Importa (Bolero)/Sabrosa Guajira (Guajira)/Toca Un Son /Cuando, Cuando (Bossa Nova)/Theme From Black Orpheus ("Carnivale")/Et Maintenant? (Bolero)

VJ/VJS-1144 - Shades of Django - George Cordoba [Unissued; released as Exodus 303]

VJ/VJS-1145 - [Unissued]

VJ/VJS-1146 - Tickle Toe - Benny Carter & His Orchestra [Unissued; later issued on CD] Tickle Toe/I Wanna Be Around/Watermelon Man/Girl From Ipanema/Green Dolphin Street/Great Lie/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Fairy Tales/Memories Of You

VJ/VJS-1147 - Sweetie - Swanee Stanton [Unissued]

VJ/VJS-1148 - Dance Discoteque - Four Seasons [Unissued]

VJ/VJS-1149 - [Unissued]

VJ/VJS-1150 - [Unissued]

VJ/VJS-1151 - [Unissued]

VJ/VJS-1152 - Hoyt Axton Sings Bessie Smith - Hoyt Axton [Unissued; issued as Exodus 301] You've Been A Good Ole Wagon/Poor Man's Blues/Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/J.C. Holmes Blues/Jailhouse Blues/Black Mountain//Long Old Road/Send Me To The Electric Chair/After You've Gone/Me And My Gin/Blue Spirit Blues

VJ/VJS-1153 - Fred Hughes [Unissued]

VJS-1154 - Recorded Live on Stage - Four Seasons [1965] The original stereo version of this LP has matrix numbers 65-2000S and 65-2001S, and is all true stereo. Vee-Jay later pressed "stereo" copies using the mono stampers. The songs are allegedly live, but sound like studio recordings with a crowd overdub. On the stereo version, the crowd is in mono in the middle, while the rest of the song is in stereo. Blues In The Night (S)/Just In Time (S)/Little Boy (In Grown Up Clothes) (S)/I Can Dream Can't I? (S)/How Do You Make A Hit Song? (S)//Medley: By Myself- Jada-We Three (S)/Day In Day Out (S)/My Mother's Eyes (S)/Mack The Knife (S)/Come Si Bella (S)/Brotherhood (S) Of Man

Thanks to Bruce Spizer, Frank Daniels, John Barrett, Mikel Orsborn, and Tom Maynard.

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