Vee-Jay Album Discography, Part 4:
Gospel Series

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: January 13, 2007

Some of the earliest 45s that Vee-Jay issued were religious music, variously termed "gospel" or "inspirational" music. In fact, it was this music that Vivian Carter initally was playing on her radio show in Gary, Indiana, that got Vee-Jay started as a label. Their gospel roster of stars is impressive, including the Staple Singers, Swan Silvertones, Five Blind Boys, and many others.

The Gospel Series used the Vee-Jay "script" label until LP-5005, and the "oval label" starting with LP- 5006 and running through LP-5036. The "brackets" label starts with LP-5037. Most of the gospel albums were issued in mono only (stereo issues were listed in the catalogs starting 5022, then jumping to 5046 in 1963). We have listed the albums we know were released in stereo with the stereo prefix, "SR-" or "VJS-". Others we believe to have been issued in mono only.

Prefixes on the record jackets tended toward "LP-" and "SR-", while on the record label itself "VJLP-" and "VJSR-" were used. At about number 5035, the covers began listing record prefixes as "VJLP-" also. We have listed the cover prefixes for simplicity.

From a 1978 Vee-Jay

The above is a page from the 1978 Vee-Jay catalog. Actually, the upper right photo is of the Original Blind Boys of Mississippi.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Vee-Jay LP/SR-5000 Gospel Series:

LP-5000 - Uncloudy Day - Staple Singers [8/59] Uncloudy Day/Let Me Ride/God's Wonderful Love/Help Me Jesus/I'm Coming Home/If I Could Hear My Mother//Low Is The Way/I Had A Dream/On My Way To Heaven/Going Away/I'm Leaning/I Know I Got Religion

LP-5001 - Amazing Grace - Maceo Woods at the Organ [1959] Amazing Grace/Near The Cross/Old Rugged Cross/I Know/A Closer Walk with Thee/Canaan Land//The Lord Will Make A Way/Sunday Morning/Old Ship Of Zion/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Steal Away/Precious Love

LP-5002 - The Harmonizing Four - Harmonizing Four [1959] All Things Are Possible/Farther Along/Motherless Child/Where Could I Go But To The Lord/Happy Home In Jerusalem/I Shall Not Be Moved/Lived And He Loved Me/His Eyes Is On The Sparrow/When I've Done My Best/Go Down Moses/Will He Welcome Me

LP-5003 - The Swan Silvertones - Swan Silvertones [10/59] Mary Don't You Weep/Jesus Remembers/How I Got Over/That Day On Calvary/Sinner Man/Lady Called Mother/My Rock/Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine/The Lord's Prayer/Great Day In December/Come Out Of The Wilderness/When Jesus Comes

LP-5004 - The Original Five Blind Boys - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi [1959] I Never Heard A Man/Jesus Loves Me/I'm A Soldier/I'm A Rolling/My Robe Will Fit Me/Oh Why/Let's Have Church/I'm Willing To Run/You Don't Know/Where There's A Will/Waiting At The River/Don't Forget The Bridge

LP-5005 - Highway QC's - Highway QC's [1959] Somewhere To Lay My Head/Working On The Building/Behold Thy Mother/I Dreamed That Heaven Was Like This/I'll Trust His Word/Pray//Child Of God/The Way Up The Hill/Something On My Mind/He Lifted My Burdens/Count Your Blessings/Every Man, Woman And Child

Note: At about this point, the label switches from the Vee-Jay "script label" to the Vee-Jay "oval label". Certain later albums may have the "script label" as old label blanks were used up. Earlier albums with the rainbow band labels are later pressings.

LP-5006 - Singing in My Soul - Swan Silvertones [1960] Swing Low/Move Somewhere/Lord Today/Sinking Sand/Where Shall I Go/Trouble In My Way/So Glad I'm Here/Rock My Soul/Soul Of Mine/Near The Cross Part 2/Stand Up And Testify/Singin' In My Soul

LP-5007 - Jesus Is Waiting - Highway QC's [1960] We're Working Hard/Jesus I'm Waiting/I Heard/Great Trumpet/I'll Be Satisfied/Amazing Grace/He Said/I Wonder Have You/Teach Me/I Used To Wonder/Milky White Way/I'll See Jesus Too

LP-5008 - Will the Circle Be Unbroken - Staple Singers [1960] Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Too Close/Come On Up In Glory/Don't Drive Me Away//Don't Knock/So Soon/Somebody Saved Me/Pray On/Downward Road/Let's Go Home

LP-5009 - God Will Take Care of You - Harmonizing Four [1960] I Love To Call His Name/Glory To His Name/Pass Me Not/Close To Thee/God Will Take Care Of You/Mary Don't You Weep/Faith Of Our Fathers/Oh Sinner/My Lord What A Morning/Live Like Jesus/The Lord's Prayer

LP-5010 - The Lord Will Make a Way - Maceo Woods [1960] Lord Will Make A Way Somehow/Peace In The Valley/Teach Me How To Pray/Nobody Know The Trouble I've Seen/Climbing Jacob's Ladder/Sweeping Thru The Pearly Gates/Last Move/Like A Ship That's Tossed/Beams Of Heaven/Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee

LP-5011 - Wonderful - Back Home Choir of the Greater Harvest Baptist Church [1961] Bye And Bye/It Took A Miracle/God Is So Wonderful/I'm Going Through/What A Friend/Trouble Don't Last Always/He Has A Way/Said He Wouldn't Leave Me/He Delivered Me/Sow Righteous Seeds

LP-5012 - Near the Cross - Argo Singers [1962] Near The Cross/He Never Said A Word/Swing Down The Chariot/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Earth Has No Sorrow/Looking This Way/I've Been Saved/That's How I Know Jesus/Stand Up For Jesus/Going Home/Where Shall I Be/God Is The Ruler

LP-5013 - Saviour Pass Me Not - Swan Silvertones [1962] Saviour Pass Me Not/Brighter Day Ahead/Get Right With God/What About You/Take The Lord With You/Bye And Bye/Feed Me Jesus/Blessed Quietness/Peace In The Valley/Amazing Grace/Carry Me Home

LP-5014 - Swing Low - Staple Singers [1961] Born In Bethlehem/Stand By Me/I've Been Scorned/Two Wings/Calling Me/Swing Low/Sit Down Servant/Day Is Passed And Gone/Good News/Let's Go Home/This May Be The Last Time

LP-5015 - [Unissued]

LP-5016 - Sunday Morning - Various Artists [1961] All Things Are Possible - Harmonizing Four/Farther Along - Harmonizing Four/It Will Show In Your Face - Sid McCoy/Woman's Love - Sid McCoy/At My Mother's Knee - Sid McCoy/Speak Out Like A Man - Sid McCoy/Jesus Remembers That Day On Calvary - Swan Silvertones/Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Staple Singers/Uncloudy Day - Staple Singers/Amazing Grace - Maceo Woods/Somewhere To Lay My Head - Highway QC's

LP-5017 - My Prayer - Patterson Singers [1962] God Is Everywhere You Go/Brightly Beams/King Jesus Is My All In All/Day By Day/My Prayer/Will Jesus Be Waiting//When The Saints Go Marching In/I Want To Go To Heaven When I Die/Alright/Great Day Coming/My Lord What A Morning/Deep River

LP-5018 - That's God - Princess Stewart [1962] Help Me Lord Jesus/I Want Jesus To Walk Around Me/Nobody Like Jesus/Down By The River/His Will Must Be Done/That's God/I'm Leaning On Him/Beams Of Heaven/You Can't Hurry God/It's In My Mind/Savior More Than Life To Me

LP-5019 - Best of the Staple Singers - Staple Singers [1962] Uncloudy Day/I Know I've Got Religion/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/God's Wonderful Love/Low Is The Way/Don't Knock/Let's Go Home/I've Been Scorned/Swing Low/Stand By Me/Pray

LP-5020 - Oh Lord I Pray - Highway QC's [1962] This Is My Night//In Time Of Trouble/Man Called Jesus/Heavenly Father's Children/Oh, Lord I Pray/I Can't Feel At Home/Do You Love Him/Golden Bells/Blind Barnabus/Where He Leads Me/I Don't Want To Be Lost/I'm Waiting

LP-5021 - Precious Lord - Sally Martin Singers [1962] Although cover gives her name as "Sally," it is usually spelled "Sallie." Precious Lord/That's What He's Done For Me/I Need Him/Old Ship Of Zion/Own Me As A Child/Search My Heart/God Is Moving/Come Thou Fount/Let Me Cross Over/No One Ever Cared/There's Not A Friend

LP/SR-5022 - Black Nativity - Original Cast [1962] Original Cast includes Marion Williams & the Stars of Faith, Princess Stewart, Professor Alex Bradford, and the Bradford Singers. My Way's Cloudy/Most Done Traveling/Baby Born Today/Poor Little Jesus Boy/Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby?/Wasn't That A Mighty Day?/Joy To The World//Christ Is Born/Rise Up Shepherd And Follow/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Oh Come All Ye Faithful/If Anybody Ask You Who/Go Where I Send Thee

LP-5023 - One Step - Alex Bradford [1962] One Step/Walk Through The Streets/Just In Time/Left My Sins Behind Me/Let The Lord Be Seen In You/Climbing Up The Mountain//What About You/I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody/This Wonderful Savior/The Lord Looks Out For Me/Oh My Good Lord/Too Close

LP-5024 - God and Me - Marion Williams & Stars Of Faith [1962] Just Can't Help It/His hand/Hallelujah/A Pity And A Shame/Touch Not My Annointed/God And Me//Lord I've Had My Day/Lord I Love Your Name/It Is Well/Let Jesus Lead You/Going On Just The Same/A Charge To Keep I Have

LP-5025 - Golden Bells - Harmonizing Four [1963] Hallelujah/In My Heart/Christian's Testimony/Precious Lord/Jesus Is Coming Soon/Golden Bells/Rock Of Ages/I'm Coming Home/Back To The Dust/Send Me/Bright Side/God Is So Good To Me

LP-5026 - Seek Ye the Lord - Caravans [1962] Amazing Grace/Just Like Him/Nobody Knows Like The Lord/Sacred Head/Lord Stay With Me/To Whom Shall I Turn/Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone/I'm Ready To Serve The Lord/No Coward Soldiers/Seek Ye The Lord/Till I Meet The Lord/Jesus Will Save

LP-5027 - Glory Train - Watson Singers [1963] He Lives/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/I Don't Have To Run/In Times Like These/One Talk With Jesus/Mount Olive//Listen To The Lambs/Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit/Glory Train/The Good Lord Provideth/Jesus I'll Never Forget/No Other Man Like The Lord

LP-5028 - Message of Hope - Maceo Williams [1963] I Promised Him/He Knows It All/On The Battlefield/When He Calls Me/I Just Rose To Tell You/He Is All I Need//Christ Is All/I Need Jesus/I Heard A Voice/Come Up To Bright Glory/Yes I Want To See Jesus/Do You Know Him

LP-5029 - You'll Never Walk Alone - Original Blind Boys Of Alabama [1963] You'll Never Walk Alone/Walk With Me/I Got A Home In That Rock/Somebody Bigger Than You And I/Looking Back/In The Garden//Deep River/I've Been ‘Buked/My Lord What A Morning/Rock Sword And Shield/Have Faith/Danny Boy

LP-5030 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Staple Singers [1963] I'm So Glad/Swing Down Chariot (Let Me Ride)/The Old Landmark/Good News/Each Day/Uncloudy Day//Let's Go Home/Pray On/Help Me Jesus/Going Away/Don't Knock/Swing Low Sweet Chariot

LP-5031 - Let the Words of My Mouth... - Marion Williams & Stars of Faith [1963] Jesus Will Help Us/The Road I Travel/Surely God Is Able/Look To The Hills/I Have Another Building/Faith Makes The Difference//Let The Words Of My Mouth/I'll Have A New Body/The Holy Ghost Is Alright/If I Could Help Somebody/I Know I Got A Home/It's Real

LP-5032 - The Lord's Prayer - Patterson Singers [1963] The Sign Of The Judgment/The Lord's Prayer/I've Got To Make It To The Promised Land/Were You There/He Comforts Me/He'll Carry You Through//I'm Saved/I'm Depending/So Glad I Got The Old Time Religion/You Better Run/I Thank The Lord/I'm Moving Up

LP-5033 - As You Sow, So Shall You Reap - Charles Taylor & Taylor Singers [1963] As You Sow So Shall You Reap/Jesus Paid It All/Heavenly Father's Children/I'll Fly Away/Jesus I'll Never Forget/I Have A Friend//The Bells/I'll Tell The World/I Will Trust In The Lord/I'm Going Through/Rock Sword And Shield/In My Day

LP-5034 - Blessed Assurance - Swan Silvertones [1963] I'll Search Heaven/Is God Satisfied With Me/Blessed Assurance/He Saved My Soul/At The Cross/Revive Us Again//Keep My Heart/Seek Seek/Sing Of The Judgment/What Did Jesus Say/He's The One/Going Home

VJLP-5035 - I'll Serve the Lord - Argo Singers [1963] What Did He Say/Yes Jesus Loves Me/How I Love To Call His Name/It's Real/Jesus Lifted Me/Come To See About Me//I'll Be Waiting For You/I'll Serve The Lord/Ten Thousand Blessings/I'll Weather The Storm/How Great Thou Art/There's Not A Friend

VJLP-5036 - Reach the Heart - Northeastern Michigan Church of God in Christ State Choir [1963] We're On Our Way Now/Reach The Heart/Jesus Is That Name/Motherless Child/Weeping Shall Endure/Shout Hallelujah!//Shelter In Time Of A Storm/Though You Slay Me/Because You've Been So Good To Me/Heaven Is Mine/Jesus Is My Friend/Don't Take This Away From Me

Note: At this point, the logo on the album covers changes from the oval to the brackets logo. Label blanks with the oval logo were used, however, by pressing plants until they were used up.

VJLP-5037 - Angel on Vacation - Bradford Singers [1963] Angel On Vacation/When You Pray/He Always Keeps His Promises/They Came Out Shouting/Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide/Nothing But The Holy Ghost//Daniel Is A Prayin' Man/Just To Know I Made It In/It Makes Me Tremble/I Want To Be At Rest With The Lord/Can't Trust Nobody/I Made God A Promise

VJLP-5038 - The Soul of the Caravans - Caravans [1963] Til You Come/Lord Don't Leave Us Now/Jesus And Me/One Of These Old Days/Everything You Need/What Will Tomorrow Bring//I Don't Mind/It Must Not Suffer Loss/I'm Going Thru/A Place Like That/My Religion/Unto Thee Oh Lord

VJLP-5039 - Nearer My God to Thee - Harmonizing Four [1963] Amazing Grace/Blessed Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee/Jesus Loves Me/Don't Worry About Me/God Is Real/Steal Away/I Must Tell Jesus/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/I Know The Lord Laid his Hands On Me/Waiting On Jesus/Come To Jesus

VJLP-5040 - All Men are Made By God - Highway QC'S [1963] Oh Why/Good News/My Cry/Don't Worry About Me/Nearer To Thee/It's Me//One Of These Days/Nobody Knows/This Is My Song/All Men Are Made By God/Walk With Me/I Was So Happy

VJLP-5041 - God Is Here - Sallie Martin Singers [1963] God Is Here/Nothing But The Grace Of God/He's In My Heart/Seeking For Me/Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart/Is Your All On The Altar//When He Comes/How Tedious And Tasteless/Help Me Jesus/Closer To Jesus/I Was Glad When They Said To Me/Jesus I Love You

VJLP-5042 - Camp Meeting - Gospel Harmonettes Specials [1963] Is Your All On The Altar/I Won't Let Go/After Awhile/Now I'm Ready/Camp Meeting/Carry Me Home/Count Your Blessings/Without You/The Healer/Thy Will/The Power Of The Holy Ghost/He's Real To Me

VJLP-5043 - Greatest Gospel Songs of Our Times - Various Artists [1963] All Things Are Possible/Uncloudy Day/Mary Don't You Weep/Near The Cross/Milky White Way/Amazing Grace/Too Close To Heaven/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Wade In The Water/Garden Of Prayer/Just A Closer Walk/others

VJLP-5044 - Let's Sing About Freedom - Various Artists [1963] When Jesus Comes - Swan Silvertones/Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Staple Singers/Farther Along - Harmonizing Four/Never Heard A Man - Blind Boys/I'll Let Nothing Separate Me - Raspberry Singers/Great Day Part 1 - Rev. Lofton//Own Me As A Child - Lockhart Singers/Somewhere To Lay My Head - Highway QC's/Uncloudy Day - Staple Singers/All Nite All Day - Brother Isiah Choir/Will I Find Peace - Sammy Lewis/Jesus Remembers - Swan Silvertones

VJLP-5045 - A Treasury of Golden Christmas Songs - Various Artists [1963] God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Caravans/Joy To The World - Charles Taylor/Go Tell It On The Mountain - Swan Silvertones/Behold That Star - Patterson Singers/White Christmas - Blind Boys of Alabama//Silent Night - Swan Silvertones/The Birthday Of A King - Patterson Singers/Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Blind Boys Of Alabama/Mary's Boy Child - Gospel Clefs/A Christmas Message - Charles Taylor

VJLP/SR-5046 - Songs of Faith - Patterson Singers [1963] Heavenly Father/Down By The Riverside/When The Saints Go Marching In/He's Got The Whole World/He's Real/Oh, How I Love Jesus//God Is Always The Same/I've Been Redeemed/Oh, My Lord When I Get Home/When He Calls Me/You Oughta Run To Jesus/I Am So Glad

VJLP/SR-5047 - Yes, Jesus Loves Me - Thompson Community Singers [1963] Hallowed Be Thy Name/Yes Jesus Loves Me/Down By The Riverside/Beyond The Dark Clouds/Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow//It Is Well/That's What He's Done For Me/Deep Down In My Heart/Old Ship Of Zion/Oh What A Time

VJLP/SR-5048 - True Convictions - Original Blind Boys Of Alabama [1963] I Can See Everybody's Mother/What He's Done For Me/After A While Old Time Religion/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Tell God All About It//I'm Journeying On/Christian In My Heart/Precious Lord/God Is Real/I Just Rose To Tell You/How Far Am I From Canaan

VJLP/SR-5049 - Altar Stairs of Song - Wooten Ensemble [1963] Ride The Chariot/Over My Head/Walk Together Children/Soonah Will Done/I've Been Buked//Sit Down Servant/Praise Ye The Lord/I Heard The Voice/The Hand Of God/Down By The Riverside

VJLP/SR-5050 - Best of the Harmonizing Four - Harmonizing Four [1963] All Things Are Possible/In My Heart/Farther Along/Wade In The Water/I Shall Not Be Moved/Go Down Moses/The Lord's Prayer/Back To The Dust/Lived And He Loved Me/Live Like Jesus/My Lord What A Morning/Rock Of Ages

VJLP/SR-5051 - Best of the Highway QC's - Highway QC's [1963] Somewhere To Lay My Head/He Said/Pray/Search Me/Behold Thy Mother/Jesus I'm Waiting/I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This/Golden Bells/Oh Lord I Pray/In Time Of Trouble/I'll Be Satisfied/Something On My Mind

VJLP/SR-5052 - Best of the Swan Silvertones - Swan Silvertones [1963] My Rock/The Lord's Prayer/When Jesus Comes/A Lady Called Mother/Blessed Quietness/Jesus Remembers/Mary Don't You Weep/What About You/Great Day In December/He Saved My Soul/Take The Lord With You/Seek Seek

VJLP/SR-5053 - Garden of Prayer - Maceo Woods [1963] Garden Of Prayer/Keep Trusting/Sweeter as The Day Goes By/Run To Jesus/I've Got A New Born Soul/There Is No Time To Lose//I'll Be Somewhere Listening/Signs Of Judgment/No Time To Lose/if You Miss Me Here/Have You Heard About Joshua/Leaning On The Lord

VJLP/SR-5054 - That Old Time Religion - Harmonizing Four [1964] Old Time Religion/Without Him/Amazing Grace/Tell The Angels/Oh Happy Day//Calvary/Well Done/One Look/Standing There Wondering/Old Rugged Cross

VJLP/SR-5055 - Songs Our Mother Taught Us - Highway QC's [1964] Something On My Mind/Rainbow In The Sky/Wonderful To Be A Child Of God/Somebody Is Praying For Me/All My Trials/Speak To Me/Oh-What A Beautiful Day/Lord I'll Go/I Am Satisfied/What A Friend/Please Please Jesus/I Don't Know Why

VJLP/SR-5056 - The Soul of Alex Bradford - Alex Bradford [1964] Living Between Two Worlds/What Goes Around/Someone Is Lost In The Storm/Doors Can Be Opened To You/Won't Have To March No More/Burden's Down/Look Into My Heart/Obey His Will/All That I Own/The Last Goodbye/A Stranger In Town/He Made It Plain

VJLP/SR-5057 - He'll Bless Your Soul - Richbourg Singers [1964] He'll Bless Your Soul/Peace With Thee/Bread Of Heaven/I Must Tell Jesus/Not To The Swift/Jericho//I Will Follow/Rock Of Ages/Blessed Is The Man/Walk On by Faith/None But The Righteous/Without A Song

VJLP/SR-5058 - Walk Around Heaven All Day - Caravans [1964] Walk Around Heaven All Day/Revive Us Again/Nothing Can Stop Me/The Lord Tried Me/Right Now God/Be Sure/That's The Way The Lord Works/Solid Rock/Without God/I've Gone Too Far (I Can't Give Up Now)/Since I've Been Born Again/Going Home

VJLP/SR-5059 - Let's Go to Church Together - Swan Silvertones [1964] Love Lifted Me/Call Him Jesus/Leave Your Burden Here/Cross For Me/I'll Be Satisfied/Send My Child//Look Down The Line/I Thank You Lord/Come To Jesus/Without A Mother/Search Me Lord/Bible Days

VJLP-5060 - The Soul of the Patterson Singers - Patterson Singers [1964] I Know There's A God Somewhere/Try God Now/There's Power In The Blood/When I See The Blood/The Haven Of Rest//Father Please Forgive Them/I Feel Him Moving/Lead Me/Climbing/Wasn't That A Pity And A Shame

VJLP-5061 - Come Closer to God - Various Artists [1964] Amazing Grace/Leaning On The Everlasting Arm/Precious Lord/Steal Away/Jesus Remembers/My Soul Is A Witness/Traveling On/When Jesus Comes/No Tears In Heaven/Jesus Is All To Me/Where Jesus Is The Light/Let's Spread The News

VJLP-5062 - The Soul of Charles Taylor - Charles Taylor Singers [1964] What A Friend/May Be My Last Time/Gonna Be Alright/Tell The Angels/I've Got My Ticket/Nothing Between/Break Bread/When The Lord Gets Ready/Last Mile/Down On Poor Me/I Heard The Voice

VJLP-5063 - The Soul of the Argo Singers - Argo Singers [1964] He Will Provide/My Faith Looks Up To Thee/I'll Live For Him/Divies/Jesus Steps In/Destination//Jesus Is The Answer/In My Heart/Fill Me Now/Lamb Under The Altar/See How He Helps Me/What Have I Given Today

VJLP-5064 - The Soul of the Gospel Harmonettes - Gospel Harmonettes [1964] In My Heart/Love Lifted Me/He Died/Heaven Is A Beautiful Place/The Righteous On The March/You've Been Good To Me/I Must Tell Jesus/Step By Step/Don't Forget About Me/Royal Telephone/The Hymn

VJLP-5065 - The Soul of the Thompson Community Singers - Thompson Community Singers [1964] Soldier In God's Army/Long Way To Go/I'm Takin' Him Home/I Love Jesus/I'll Go/Motherless Child//Here Is One/I've Come A Long Way/If I Could Just Make It In/I Am Satisfied/He'll Take Control/Solid Rock

VJLP-5066 - Wonderful Memories from the Family Prayer Book - Various Artists [1964] Yes Jesus Loves Me/He Never Said A Word/Do You Love Him/God Will Take Care Of You/Is Your All On The Altar/Rock Of Ages//Amazing Grace/Heavenly Father's Children/How Great Thou Art/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Oh Mary Don't You Weep/The Lord's Prayer

VJLP-5067 - Sometimes I'm Happy, Sometimes I'm Sad: The Many Moods of Reverend Maceo Woods - Rev. Maceo Woods [1964] It's Real/Keep In Touch With Jesus/A Long Way To Go/I Want A Crown//After A While/The Lord Bless And Keep You/When The Saints Get Together/Now The Day Is Over/Remember Me/Somebody Knows

VJLP-5068 - [Unissued]

VJLP-5069 - Spirituals That Will Live Forever! - Harmonizing Four [1964] Think Of God/Now The Day Is Over/Tone The Bell/Closer Walk With Thee/The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow/City Called Heaven//That's All Right/When The Morning Comes/I'm Going Through/He's Got The World In His Hands/It's In My Heart/I Found The Answer

VJLP-5070 - Let's Break Bread Together - Caravans [1964] Break Bread Together/One Baptism/The Storm Is Passing Over/He's Alive Today/Where Is Your Faith In God/He's All These Things//The Greatest Story Ever Told/I'll Fly Away/Holy Boldness/Railway To Heaven/Great Joy/Bread Of Heaven

VJLP-5071 - Sing from the Top of the Hill - Highway QC's [1964] The Way Up The Hill/How I Love Jesus/I'll Trust His Word/He Lifted My Burdens/I Don't Want To Be Lost/All Men Are Made By God//Do You Love Him/Sad How They Done My Lord/Behold Thy Mother/Child Of God/Teach Me/Lord I'll Go

VJLP-5072 - Can I Get a Witness - Blind Boys Of Alabama [1965] People Don't Sing/I Trust In God/Love Is Like A Prayer/Tell Jesus All/God Specializes/Thank You Jesus//Mother Loves Her Children/Come This Far By Faith/If You Miss Me From Singing/Lord Have Mercy/Old Christian/He's Alright

VJLP-5073 - In Memoriam: Waiting at the River - Archie Brownlee with the Original Five Blind Boys [1965] Reissue of VJLP-5004. Let's Have Church/I'm Willing To Run/You Don't Know/Where There's A Will/Waiting At The River/Don't Forget The Bridge//I Never Heard A Man/Jesus Loves Me/I'm A Soldier/I'm A Rolling/My Robe Will Fit Me/Oh Why

VJLP-5074 - The Heart of Gospel - Helen Robinson Youth Choir [1965] One Less Mile To Go/Joy To Praise His Name/Tramping/Calvary (The Shadow Of The Cross)/Everything I Do Is In Jesus' Name/Have A Good News For You//I've Got Jesus In My Soul/Meditation/I Walk Not Alone/Touch The Hem/Hidden Valleys/Jesus Lives In Me

VJLP-5075 - My Movin' Soul - James Lowe [1965] I Believe/Land Beyond The River/If You Pray/Blessed Assurance/Never Walk Alone/Long Way To Go//Saints Go Marching In/The Lord Will Make A Way/He/On The Hill Far Away/Love Lifted Me/He's My Light

VJLP-5076 - Religion with Rhythm - Lunenberg Travellers [1965] Bedside Of A Neighbor/Love My Jesus/What Could I Do/Story Of Jesus/Die Easy/Prayer Changes Things//More And More Like Jesus/Jesus Is A Waymaker/Sweet Hour Of Prayer/Go Down Moses/Come Out Of The Wilderness/If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

VJLP-5077 - The Caravans in Concert - Caravans [1965] Looking For You And Me/That's Why I Call Him Mine/Soul Salvation/I'll Wait On The Lord/Blessed Assurance/Old Man River//Hold Your Head Up High/Stand By Me/I Want To See Jesus/My Shelter My Rock/Hold Your Peace/My Soul Said Yes

VJLP-5078 - Singing Is Our Life - Harmonizing Four [1965] Eyes Have Not Seen/What A Friend/Standing In The Need Of Prayer/Just Tell Jesus/In The Garden//Never Grow Old/Nobody Knows/Precious Memories/Michael Row The Boat Ashore/In That Land

VJLP-5079 - [Unissued]

VJLP-5080 - [Unissued]

VJLP-5081 - [Unissued]

VJLP-5082 - [Unissued]

VJLP-5083 - Hymns Speak from the Organ - William Everett Preston [Billy Preston] [1965] Lay My Burdens Down/Do Lord/Gospel Groove/Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Pass Me Not/How Great Thou Art/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Gospel In My Soul/You'll Never Walk Alone/The Only Hope We Have/May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You/I Believe/Trees

Special Sampler:

GS-1 - We Invite You to Meet the Greatest Gospel and Spiritual Talent on Record: 14 of America's Most Beloved Artists - 14 Wonderful Songs - Various Artists [1964] "Special Limited Offer" album selling for 98 cents. Rainbow brackets label with rice paper inner sleeve. Title on the label itself is Gospel Sampler. Although cover says "STEREO," the album plays all mono. Issued about the time of VJLP-5058, which is the latest album pictured on the back slick. It Must Not Suffer Loss - Caravans/What He's Done For Me - Blind Boys Of Alabama/Beyond The Dark Clouds - Thompson Community Singers/Camp Meeting - Gospel Harmonettes/I've Been Redeemed - Patterson Singers/I Will Trust The Lord - Charles Taylor/I've Been Scorned - Staple Singers//What Did Jesus Say - Swan Silvertones/How Great Thou Art - Argo Singers/Daniel Is A Prayin' Man - Alex Bradford/Run To Jesus - Maceo Woods/Jericho - Richburg Singers/Nearer My God To Thee - Harmonizing Four/Do You Love Him - Highway QC's

Vee-Jay International VJS-18000 Gospel Series:

The Vee-Jay International label for the 18000 Gospel series was purple with the Vee-Jay International "globe" logo at the top.

VJS-18000 - God Bless the Child - Princess Stewart [1975] God Bless The Child/Lord I Want To Humble You/I Believe Every Word/Go Away Satan/I Believe He's The Son Of God/All Power Is In His Hands/If You Let Him Be Your Friend/My Soul Cries Thank You/A Friend Like Him/I Tried Him/My Freedom After Awhile/In Everything I Do

VJS-18001 - Gospel in My Soul - Harmonizing Four [1975] He Watches Me/He's All I Need/Joy In Beulah Land/Lead Me Jesus/How Great Thou Art/What A Fellowship/When Tears Are Falling/Everybody's Got To Go/Meeting Tonight/Is There Anybody Here/Come Over Here

VJS-18002 - Seeking Salvation - Maceo Woods [1975] Come Out The Wilderness/Stretch Out/Danny Boy/Just A Little Talk/Gospel Interlude/God Be With You/Something Within Me/Joy To The Lord/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Seeking Salvation

VJS-18003 - Mighty God - Voices Of Jordan [1975] Blessed Assurance/Down By The Riverside/Mighty God/Ask What You Will/Don't Stop Praying/Lift Me Up/I Must Tell Jesus/Don't Need To Worry/Rock Me

VJS-18004 - Come to the Savior - Triumphs [1975] Walkin' With The King/Up Above My Head/Go Down Moses/My Redeemer Lives/Running/I'll Go/Glory Glory/The Hope/I'm Glad/I Want To Be A Christian/Come To The Saviour/I'm A Rollin'

VJS-18005 - Peace in the Valley - Gospel Harmonettes [1975] Jesus Is All You Need/Peace In The Valley/In His Care/I'm On My Way/I'll Tell It/Let The Holy Ghost Come/Jesus Is All The World To Me/The Chariot's Coming/Everyday's Gonna Be Sunday/Stop Now/Trouble/I Won't Let Go

VJS-18006 - I Woke Up This Morning - Patterson Singers [1975] God Is Love/All Day All Night/Come Ye Disconsolate/Stay With Me/Lord I'm Seeking/Mary Don't You Weep/All That I Need/Little David/I Woke Up This Morning/Lord Hear My Cry/He Won't Fail You

VJS-18007 - Think of God - Harmonizing Four [1975] Trust In God/Keep Me From Sinking Down/Balm In Gilead/I've Been In The Storm/Jubilee/Think Of God/Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee/Right Road/Another Day's Journey/The Hands Of The Lord/We're Crossing Over

VJS-18008 - Pray for Me - Swan Silvertones [1975] Sinners Crossroad/Why I Love Him So/Jesus Is Alright With Me/The Lord Is Coming/Somebody Loves Me/Press Thy Hand/Come What May/Nobody But You/The Blood Of Jesus/Livin' On Mother's Prayers/Breathe On Me

VJS-18009 - Wade in the Water - The Disciples [1975] Hold On/He's Everywhere/Coming Home/Wade In The Water/He Never Sleeps/Don't Ever Leave Me/Heartaches/Get Right Church/I Got Jesus/It's Gonna Rain/He Took My Sins Away

VJS-18010 - Every Time I Feel the Spirit - Pilgrim Travelers [1975] Did You Stop To Pray This Morning/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/I'm Going Through/Close To Thee/Stand By Me//Nobody Knows/In The Sky/Walk With Me/This Little Light Of Mine/Sinner Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass/Everytime I Feel The Spirit

VJS-18011 - It's a Blessing - Cogics [1975] This group recorded in the 1960s, and included Andrae Crouch (shown on cover) and keyboardist Billy Preston. Don't Let It Be Said Too Late/It Will Never Lose Its Power/My Soul Loves Jesus/Since I Found Him/Nothing Is Greater/Won't It Be Sad/There Is A Fountain/Say Yes/He Included Me/Don't Stop Using Me/He Lives/It's A Blessing

VJS-18012 - [Unissued]

VJS-18013 - Gospel in My Soul - Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers [1978] Not all of these tunes feature Sam Cooke. The ones that do are indicated. That's Heaven To Me (with Sam Cooke)/Deep River (with Sam Cooke)/I Thank God (with Sam Cooke)/Heaven Is My Home/God Is Standing By/Pass Me Not//Steal Away (with Sam Cooke)/Must Jesus Bear His Cross Alone/Lead Me Jesus/Troublein' Mind/Sometimes/Someday

Vee-Jay International VJS-2-19000 Gospel Series (Two-LP sets):

VJS-2-19000 - Forty Gospel Greats - Various Artists [1975] (2-LP set) Artists include: Patterson Singers, Luneberg Travellers, Caravans, Clara ward, Boyer Bros.,Princess Stewart, Argo Singers, Billy Preston, James Conley, Highway Q.C.'s, Swan Silvertones, Richbourg Singers, Five Blind Boys, Maceo Woods, Charles Taylor, Staple Singers, Pilgrim Travelers, Alex Bradford, Thompson Community Singers, Harmonizing Four, Marion Williams, and the Northeast Michigan State Choir. Disc 1: Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Golden Bells/Garden Of Prayer/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/I Want Jesus To Walk With Me/May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You/Come Out The Wilderness/I Will Trust In The Lord/God And Me/Let's Have Church/When The Saints Go Marching In/Step By Step/Walk Around Heaven All Day/Going Back To God/Rock Of Ages/Jesus Loves Me/Shout Hallelujah/Oh Why/Old Rugged Cross/Let Go And Get God; Disc 2: Sweeter As The Day Goes By/Uncloudy Day/Milky Way/Blessed Assurance/I Believe/Bedside Of A Neighbor/Near The Cross/One Step/I'll Fly Away/Down By The River/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Oh Mary Don't You Weep/That's God/Let The Lower Lights Keep Burning/Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Motherless Child/Trust Him Today/Amazing Grace/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Don't Touch My Children

VJS-2-19001 - The Legendary Staple Singers - Staple Singers [1978] (2-LP set) If I Could Hear My Mother Pray/God's Wonderful Love/Calling Me/Uncloudy Day/I Know I've Got Religion/Swing Down Chariot/Swing Low/On My Way To Heaven/I'm Coming Home, Parts 1 & 2/I Had A Dream/Help Me Jesus/Low Is The way/Let's Go Home/This May Be The Last Time/I'm Leaning/Going Away/Downward Road/Pray On/Good News/The Day Is Passed And Gone/Don't Knock/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Born In Bethlehem/Stand By Me/I've Been Scorned/Sit Down Servant/Two Wings

Thanks to Joseph Wilson, Jr. and Frank Daniels.

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