Vee-Jay Album Discography, Part 1:
Main Series LP-100-101 &
LP-1001-1070 (1956-1963)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

The first Vee-Jay label design has been commonly called "the script label" by collectors. The first variation of this label (at far left) was used on LP-101 and LPs 1001-1015, and possibly on LP-1016. It was maroon with silver printing, with "Vee-Jay RECORDS" above the center hole with a fine wavy line under it, and there is a thin silver line around the perimeter of the label. The second variation of the "script" label (at near left) had a much thicker silver band around the edge of the label, and the words "TRADE MARK REG." appear under the "Vee-" in the logo, just above the wavy line. This was used starting at about LP-1016, and for re-pressings of earlier albums before the switch to the "oval" label described below. It was used for a relatively short time before the label design changed to the black design with the rainbow band around the edge. We have not seen LP-1019, 1020, and 1021 with the "script" label. The maroon labels were used on the gospel series to at least LP-5005.

Photo courtesy of H. Peter Lastovka. Early stereophonic pressings used a grey label with the same graphics as the "script" label, with "STEREO" under the wavy line just above the center hole. Later stereophonic pressings, before the switch in label design to the "oval" label, used a gold "script" label with the same graphics as the first variation of the maroon "script" label.
The second major label design is commonly known as "the oval label" for the oval logo (at far left). It is black with silver printing, with "VEE JAY" above the center hole in white with a red oval around it. Around the perimeter of the label is a "rainbow" band of green fading to yellow fading to orange fading to blue and back to green. The "oval label" was used to VJLP/SR-1070, although remaining stock of oval logo labels were used for later albums, at least until VJLP- 1084.The oval logo was also used on the 3000 Jazz series, and the 5000 Gospel series from approximately LP-5006. Promotional labels were white with black printing. "VEE JAY" above the center hole in black, a black oval around the logo. Around the perimeter of the label is a band with multiple shades of gray. Promotional versions of the "oval label" are also known with red print on a white background, with a thick red band around the edge. Stereo issues using the "oval label" often had "STEREO" above the logo.
Photo courtesy of Bruce Spizer. Vee-Jay LP-100 label During the time when the Beatles records were being sold in 1964, an additional label was used on LP/SR-1062 and LP/SR-1085. This was done because pressing plants ran out of the usual labels and needed to print up labels fast. This label had a very basic graphic design with "VJ" at the top in block letters. The first Vee-Jay album, VJ-100, did not have a Vee-Jay logo at all. It was gold with "KATS KARAVAN" at the top. The matrix number in the dead wax indicated it was VJ-LP-100.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

LP-100 Early Album Series:

LP-100 - Old Favorites with Jim Lowe - Various Artists [1958] Even though our copy of this album does not have a Vee Jay label, this album is a Vee Jay release. A picture of it is shown on the back cover of LP-1022 in an ad (same cover graphics as on our copy). It is also listed in the 1962 Phonolog as Vee Jay 100. The copy we have has a gold label with black printing, above the center hole is "KATS KARAVAN". The matrix number in the runout area is VJ-LP-100. Whether this album was ever issued with a Vee Jay label is unknown. Jim Lowe was a disc jockey on WRR in Dallas, Texas; his radio show was known as the "Kats Karavan". He later reissued this collection as part of a two-LP set (see "Related Albums" in Part 6). All Nite Long - Rusty Bryant & Carolyn Club Band/Play It Cool - Spaniels/Your Tender Lips - Clovers/Honest I Do - Jimmy Reed/Over the Mountain Across the Sea - Johnnie and Joe/My Lovin' Baby - El Dorados//One Mint Julep - Clovers/It Was A Tear - Drifters/Sincerely - Moonglows/Money Honey - Clyde McPhatter & Drifters/You Can Make It If You Try - Gene Allison/Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite - Spaniels

LP-101 - Danceable Dixieland Jazz - Dave Remington and His Dixie Six [1958] Maroon "script" label with thin line around the edge of the label (i.e., variation 1 above). Riverboat Shuffle/Savoy Blues/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Sleepy Time Down South/Struttin' With Some Bar-B-Cue//When the Saints Go Marching In/Friendless Blues/Rampart Street Medley/South Rampart Street Parade

Vee-Jay LP/SR-1000 Main Series:

LP-1001 - Crazy Little Mama - Eldorados with the Magnificents [1957] Basically an album made up of singles by the El Doradoes. When they ran out of El Doradoes material, they added a single by the Magnificents. At My Front Door - El Doradoes/Now That You've Gone - El Doradoes/Rock ‘N' Rolls For Me - El Doradoes/A Fallen Tear - El Doradoes/Up On The Mountain - Magnificents/There In The Night - El Doradoes//I'll Be Forever Loving You - El Doradoes/My Loving Baby - El Doradoes/Annie's Answer - El Doradoes/I Began To Realize - El Doradoes/Caddy Bo - Magnificents/Baby I Need You - El Doradoes

LP-1002 - Goodnite, Its Time to Go - Spaniels [4/57] Goodnight, It's Time To Go [Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite]/Bounce/The Bells Ring Out/Please Don't Tease/This Is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/Do Your Really/You Gave Me Peace Of Mind/Baby It's You/I Need Your Kisses/Let's Make Up/Play It Cool/You Painted Pictures/Housecleaning/Do Wah

LP-1003/SR-1003 - We Bring You Love - Sarah McLawler & Richard Otto [3/58] This was the first stereo record issued by Vee-Jay. Flamingo (S)/Over The Rainbow (S)/Temptation (S)/Laura (S)//Stella By Starlight (S)/Love For Sale (S)/Babe In The Woods (S)/My Funny Valentine (S)

LP-1004 - I'm Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed [8/58] Reissues with "stereo" on the cover are actually mono. Honest I Do/Go On To School/My First Plea/Boogie In The Dark/You Got Me Crying/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby//You Got Me Dizzy/Little Rain/Can't Stand To See You Go/Roll And Rhumba/You're Something Else/You Don't Have To Go

LP-1005/SR-1005 - The Swingin'est - Bernie Green & Gene Ammons [1959] Jugging Around (S)/Going South (S)//Jim Dog (S)/Sermonette (S)/Little Ditty (S)

LP-1006/SR-1006 - We Bring You Swing - Sarah McLawler & Richard Otto [1959] This was issued in stereo with the gray and black label, graphics the same as the maroon label. A Foggy Day (S)/My Reverie (S)/Lullaby Of Birdland (S)/The High And The Mighty (S)/When The Lilacs Bloom (S)/Caravan (S)//Slow Boat To China (S)/Robbin's Nest (S)/Love Walked In (S)/Canadian Sunset (S)/Rainbow On The River (S)/Midnight Sun (S)

LP-1007 - I'm John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1959] Reissues with "stereo" on the cover are actually mono. Dimples/Hobo Blues/I'm So Excited/I Love You Honey/Boogie Chillun/Little Wheel//I'm In The Mood/Maudie/Crawlin' King Snake/Every Night/Time Is Marching/Baby Lee

LP-1008 - Rockin' with Reed - Jimmy Reed [9/59] Reissues with "stereo" on the cover are actually mono. Going To New York/A String To Your Heart/Ends And Odds/Caress Me Baby/Take Out Some Insurance/The Moon Is Rising//Down In Virginia/I Know It's A Sin/Wanna Be Loved/Baby, What's On Your Mind/My Bitter Seed/Rockin' With Reed

LP-1009 - Gene Allison - Gene Allison [1959] You Can Make It if You Try/I'll be Waiting For You/Hey, Hey I Love You/I Don't Know Why/Everything's Alright/I Believe In Myself//Have Faith/Let There Be Women/Everybody But Me/Reap What You Sow/Tell Me The Truth/Let's Sit And Talk

LP-1010 - Oh, What a Nite - Dells [1959] Oh What A Nite/Time Makes You Change/Dry Your Eyes/Baby Open Up Your Heart/Moving On/Zing Zing Zing//Why Do You Have To Go/Jo Jo/Pain In My Heart/I Wanna Go Home/Dreams Of Contentment/Dance, Dance, Dance

LP-1011 - Wade Flemons - Wade Flemons [1960] Here I Stand/Don't Be Careless/What's Happening/Purposely/The Angel Will Tell You/My Baby Likes To Rock//Woops Now/Easy Lovin'/Too Long Will Be Too Late/It's So Much Fun/Slow Motion/Goodnight, It's Time To Go

LP-1012 - Memphis Slim at the Gate of Horn - Memphis Slim [1959] The Come Back/Steppin' Out/Blue And Lonesome/Beer Drinkin' Woman/Slim's Blues/Gotta Find My Baby//Messin' Around/Wish Me Well/My Gal Keeps Me Crying/Lend Me Your Love/Sassy Mae/Mother Earth

LP-1013/SR-1013 - Walter Perkins' MJT+III - MJT+III [1959] [MJT=Modern Jazz Trio] Sleepy (S)/Brother Spike (S)//Whiffenpoof Song (S)/Rochelle (S)/Big Hands (S)

LP-1014/SR-1014 - Go - Paul Chambers [10/59] Awful Mean (S)/Just Friends (S)/Julie Ann (S)/There Is No Greater Love (S)/Ease It (S)/I Got Rhythm (S)

LP-1015/SR-1015 - Bill Henderson Sings - Bill Henderson [1959] Joey (S)/You Make Me Feel So Young (S)/Love Locked Out (S)/Moanin' (S)/Sweet Pumpkin (S)/Free Spirits (S)//Bye, Bye, Blackbird (S)/It Never Entered My Mind (S)/Bad Luck (S)/The Song Is You (S)/My Funny Valentine (S)/This Little Girl Of Mine (S)

LP-1016/SR-1016 - Kelly Great - Wynton Kelly [1960] Wrinkles (S)/Mama "G" (S)/June Night (S)/What Now (S)/Syndey (S)

At this point, the jazz issues were shifted to their own 3000 series. Numbers 1017 and 1018 were probably scheduled to be what turned out to be LP/SR-3005 (Frank Strozier) and LP/SR-3006 (Wayne Shorter), respectively.

LP-1017 - [Unissued]

LP-1018 - [Unissued]

LP-1019 - You're Lookin' Good - Dee Clark [1960] You're Looking Good/Wondering/Kangaroo Hop/I Just Can't Help Myself/Little Red Riding Hood/Gloria//Come To California/Baby, What You Want Me To Do/24 Boyfriends/Just Like A Fool/What'd I Say

LP-1020 - The Blues - Various Artists [1960] Later issues with a "stereo" sticker on the cover have the mono record inside. Hands Off Him - Priscilla Bowman/You Don't Have To Go - Jimmy Reed/Just A Little Bit - Roscoe Gordon/Dimples - John Lee Hooker/You Can Make It If You Try - Gene Allison/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - Jimmy Reed//I Wish You Would - Billy Boy (Arnold)/Messin' Around - Memphis Slim/Do What I Say - J.B. Lenoir/Cryin' For My Baby - Harold Burrage/Coming Home - Elmore James/Kansas City - Jimmy Witherspoon

LP-1021 - Teen Delights - Various Artists [1960] Up On The Mountain - Magnificents/Golden Teardrops - Flamingos/Nobody But You - Dee Clark/Play It Cool - Spaniels/I'll Be Forever Loving You - El Dorados/Oh, What A Night - Dells//For Your Precious Love - Jerry Butler/Just Keep It Up - Dee Clark/I Was Wrong - Moonglows/Live It Up - Orioles/Baby What Do You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed/Here I Stand - Wade Flemons

LP-1022 - Found Love - Jimmy Reed [1960] Baby What You Want Me To Do/Found Love/Meet Me/I Was So Wrong/Going By The River Part 2/Big Boss Man//Hush- Hush/Where Can You Be/I'm Nervous/Going By The River Part 1/I Ain't Got You/Come Love

LP-1023 - Travelin' - John Lee Hooker [1960] No Shoes/I Wanna Walk/Canal Street Blues/Run On/I'm A Stranger/Whiskey And Wimmen//Solid Sender/Sunny Land/Goin' To California/I Can't Believe/I'll Know Tonight/Dusty Road

LP-1024 - The Spaniels - Spaniels [1960] I Know/Bus Fare Home/One-Hundred Years From Today/Crazy Baby/Heart And Soul/Stormy Weather//Everyone's Laughing/Little Joe/The Posse/So Deep Within/Baby Sweets/I Lost You

LP-1025 - Jimmy Reed ...Now Appearing - Jimmy Reed [1960] Reissued in the 1970s with a "stereo" notation, but the reissue LP was actually mono. Close Together/Got Me Chasing You/Wanta Be With You/Jimmy's Rock/Tell The World I Do//You Know You're Looking Good/I've Got The Blues/Laughing At The Blues/Down The Road/Ain't Gonna Cry No More/You're My Baby

LP-1026/SR-1026 - Dee Clark - Dee Clark [1961] Reissue Of Abner LP-2000. Stereo information not available. Just Keep It Up/Blues Get Off My Shoulder/Hey Little Girl/Whispering Grass/Seven Nights/I Can't Dream//Nobody But You/If It Wasn't For Love/Lucky Me/When I Call On You/Nature Boy/Count On Me

LP-1027 - Jerry Butler, Esquire - Jerry Butler [1961] Reissue Of Abner LP-2001. September Song/For Your Precious Love/Don't Take Your Love From Me/Come Back My Love/If You Let Me/The Challenge//Chi Town/Rainbow Valley/I Was Wrong/Lost/No End or Time/You Go Right Through Me

LP-1028/SR-1028 - How About That - Dee Clark [1961] Reissue Of Abner LP-2002. Stereo information not available. How About That/Cling A Ling/They're Talkin'/At My Front Door/The Convention/I Love You Darling//Senior Blues/Foggy Day/You There/Silently Lovin' You/Moonlight In Vermont/The Time Has Come

LP-1029 - He Will Break Your Heart - Jerry Butler [1960] He Will Break Your Heart/The Gift Of Love/Teardrops From My Eyes/Give Me Your Love/Have A Good Time/A Lonely Soldier//Thanks To You/Sweet Was The Wine/Butterfly/After The Laughter/The Lights Went Out/I Found A Love

LP-1030/SR-1030 - At the Break of Day - Richard Otto & Sarah McLawler [1960] Stereo information not available. What's New/Man With The Horn/The Midnight Sun Will Never Set/September Song/I Could Write A Book/Love Is Here To Stay//At The Break Of Day/Git It/Drum Boogie/Take The "A" Train/Swingin' The Bow

LP-1031/SR-1031 - Bill Henderson - Bill Henderson [1961] Stereo information not available. Never Kiss And Run/Bewitched/Sweet Georgia Brown/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Twelfth Of Never//My How The Time Goes By/Sleepin' Bee/The More I See You/Old Country/Am I Blue

LP-1032 - Stepin Fetchit in Person - Stephin Fetchit [1961] Flight/Police Department/Nuts To You/Times Is Hard//Fairy Tales/Survivor/The Split

LP-1033/SR-1033 - The Folk Lore of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1961] Tupelo/I'm Mad Again/I'm Going Upstairs/Want Ad Blues/Five Long Years/I Like To See You Walk//The Hobo/Hard-Headed Woman/Wednesday Evening Blues/Take Me As I Am/My First Wife Left Me/You're Looking Good Tonight

closeup of label LP-1034 - Love Me - Jerry Butler [1959] Same as Vee Jay LP-1027. In fact, the original label inside this cover has the LP-1034 number, but the title is Jerry Butler, Esq. Originally issued in monaural only, although repressings have a "stereophonic" banner. September Song/For Your Precious Love/Don't Take Your Love From Me/Come Back My Love/If You Let Me/The Challenge//Chi Town/Rainbow Valley/I Was Wrong/Lost/No End or Time/You Go Right Through Me

2LP-1035/2SR-1035 - Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall - Jimmy Reed [1961] (10-61, #46) (2-LP set) Despite the title, this is a studio album. Disc 1 is new material, and disc 2 is a "best of" compilation from earlier singles (despite the liner notes saying they're remakes, they're the originals). Disc 1: Bright Lights Big City (S)/I'm Mr. Luck (S)/What's Wrong Baby (S)/Found Joy (S)/Kind Of Lonesome (S)//Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth (S)/Tell Me You Love Me (S)/Blue Carnegie (S)/I'm A Love You (S)/Hold Me Close (S)/Blue Blue Water (S); Disc 2:Baby What You Want Me To Do (S)/You Don't Have To Go (E)/Hush-Hush (S)/Found Love (S)/Honest I Do (E)/You Got Me Dizzy (E)//Big Boss Man (S)/Take Out Some Insurance (S)/Boogie In The Dark (E)/Going To New York (E)/Ain't That Lovin' Baby (E)/The Sun Is Shining (E)

LP-1036 - Teen Delights, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1961] Angel Baby - Rosie & Originals/Raindrops - Dee Clark/Every Beat Of My Heart - Pips/He Will Break Your Heart - Jerry Butler/Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed/Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson//Find Another Girl - Jerry Butler/Just A Little Bit -Rosco Gordon/Bongo Rock - Preston Epps/Exodus - Eddie Harris/Hattie Malattie - Lee Diamond/The Beat - Rockin' R's

LP-1037/SR-1037 - Hold on... It's Dee Clark - Dee Clark [1961] Hold On (S)/Portrait Of My Love (S)/Cupid (S)/Always Together (S)/Raindrops (S)//Cindy (S)/Nature Boy (S)/What Kind Of Fool (S)/Whisperin' Grass (S)/I Want To Love You (S)/Your Friends (S)

LP-1038/SR-1038 - Aware of Love - Jerry Butler [1961] Where Do I Turn (S)/Aware Of Love (S)/When Trouble Calls (S)/Without Your Love (E)/Couldn't Go To Sleep (S)/I'm A Telling You (S)//The Wicked Man (S)/I See A Fool (S)/Love Me (E)/One By One (E)/Is This True Love (S)/Find Another Girl (S)

LP-1039/SR-1039 - Best of Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed [1961] Reissue of one of the two discs of SR-1035 as a single disc. Baby What You Want Me To Do (S, no fade at end, as tape runs out abruptly)/You Don't Have To Go (E)/Hush-Hush (S)/Found Love (S)/Honest I Do (E)/You Got Me Dizzy (E)//Big Boss Man (S, tape runs out at end)/Take Out Some Insurance (S)/Boogie In The Dark (E)/Going To New York (E)/Ain't that Lovin' Baby (E)/The Sun Is Shining (E)

LP-1040/SR-1040 - Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler [1961] (3-62, #69)The original stereo issue of this album has a great deal of collector interest, since there weren't many pressed, it was an excellent pressing, and it has not been reissued in stereo on vinyl. Several CDs have contained the stereo version of "Duke of Earl," but these have been from records, and not very clean ones at that. There have been many reissues and bootlegs which have the stereo banner on top, but with a mono album inside. The original stereo pressing has "XCSV-82329-1C" mechanically stamped in the trailout wax of side one, and the matrix number corrected to "82339" by hand. Duke Of Earl (S)/Stand By Me (S)/Festival Of Love (S)/Daddy's Home (S)/I Wake Up Crying (S)/Turn On Your Love Light (S)//Nite Owl (S)/I'll Follow You (S)/Big Lie (S)/Kissin' In The Kitchen (S)/So Many Ways (S)/Lonely Island (S)

LP-1041/SR-1041 - Twist Along with Cal Carter: Simply Instrumental - Calvin Carter [1962] Stereo information not available. What'd I Say/The Twist/Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go/Mother-In-Law/Mashed Potatoes/Quarter To Three//The Roach/Wimeweh/Watusi/Wabash Blues/Back Home In Indiana/Mack The Knife

LP-1042 - Tomorrow's Hits - Various Artists [1962] Walk On With The Duke - Duke Of Earl/Please Help - Dukays/Come To Me - Sheppards/Colinda - Rod Bernard/Yessiree Yessiree - Ray Whitley/Bye, Bye Blues - Bill Allen & Trio/You Won't Be Sorry - Jerry Butler/Fever - Dee Clark/Welcome Stranger - Wade Flemons/That's A Good Idea - Grover Mitchell/Dance On Little Girl - Dee Clark/Climb Every Mountain - Norman Charles

LP-1043/SR-1043 - Burnin' - John Lee Hooker [1962] Some pressings in the mono cover and label are actually stereo: check the trailoff wax area for the stereo matrix number. Boom Boom (S)/Process (S)/Lost A Good Girl (S)/A New Leaf (S)/Blues Before Sunrise (S)/Let's Make It (S)//I Got A Letter (S)/Thelma (S)/Drug Store Woman (S)/Keep Your Hands To Yourself (S)/What Do You Say (S)

LP-1044/SR-1044 - Lightnin' Strikes - Lightnin' Hopkins [1962] Stereo information not available. Got Me A Louisiana Woman/Want To Come Home/Please Don't Quit Me/Devil Is Watching You/Rolling And Rolling//War Is Starting Again/Walkin' ‘Round In Circles/Mary Lou/Heavy Snow/Coon Is Hard To Catch

LP-1045 - [Unissued]

LP-1046/SR-1046 - Moon River - Jerry Butler [1962] Stereo information not available. Moon River/Someone To Watch Over Me/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Rainbow Valley/Where Do I Turn/I Found A Love//Couldn't Go To Sleep/Butterfly/The Challenge/No End or Time/Lost Without You/September Song

LP-1047/SR-1047 - The Best of Dee Clark - Dee Clark [1962] Nobody But You (S)/Hey Little Girl (S, fades early)/Just Keep It Up (S)/Portrait Of My Love (S)/How About That (S)/Blues Get Off My Shoulder (S)//Raindrops (S)/Your Friends (S)/If It Wasn't For Love (S)/You're Lookin' Good (S)/When I'll Call On You (S)/The Time Has Come (S)

LP-1048/SR-1048 - The Best of Jerry Butler - Jerry Butler [1962] He Will Break Your Heart (S)/For You Precious Love [with the Impressions](S)/Come Back My Love (E)/Rainbow Valley (S)/I'm A Telling You (S)/A Lonely Soldier (S)//Moon River (S)/Find Another Girl (S)/Aware Of Love (S)/The Gift Of Love (E)/Where Do I Turn (S)/Couldn't Go To Sleep (S)

LP-1049/SR-1049 - The Best of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1962] Stereo information not available. Dimples/Boogie Chillun/Little Wheel/Crawlin' King Snake/No Shoes/Tupelo//Drug Store Woman/Boom Boom/Hobo Blues/I'm In The Mood/Whiskey And Wimmen/Dusty Road

LP-1050/SR-1050 - Just Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed [1962] (10-62, #103) I'll Change That Too (S)/Let's Get Together (S)/Good Lover (S)/Take It Slow (S)/Too Much (S)//In The Morning (S, with studio talk and false start)/Oh John (S, with studio talk)/Back Home At Noon (S, with studio talk and false start)/Kansas City Baby (S, with studio talk)/You Can't Hide (S, with studio talk and two false starts)

LP-1051 - The Unavailable 16 Hits of Yesteryear - Various Artists [1962] Down The Aisle Of Love - Quintones/Mountain Of Love - Harold Dorman/Robbin' The Cradle - Tony Bellis/A Lonely Mood - 5 Echos/Rockin' Little Angel - Ray Smith/A Long Time Ago - Impressions/Newly Wed - Orchids/Secret Love - Moonglows//Dreams Of Contentment - Dells/I'll Be Forever Loving You - El Dorados/Angel Baby - Rosie & Originals/Up On The Mountain - Magnificents/Red Sails In The Sunset - Spaniels/You Said You Loved Me - Orchids/Golden Teardrops - Flamingos/Mother's Son - Delegates

LP-1052 - The Moonglows Meet the Flamingos on the Dusty Road of Hits - Moonglows & Flamingos [1962] Vooit-Vooit - Flamingos/Oh, Rockin' Daddy - Moonglows/September Song - Flamingos/Secret Love - Moonglows/Someday Someway - Flamingos/Real Gone Mama - Moonglows/Golden Teardrops - Flamingos/I Was Wrong - Moonglows//Carried Away - Flamingos/Whistle My Love - Moonglows/That's My Desire - Flamingos/219 Train - Moonglows/Cross Over The Bridge - Flamingos/My Gal - Moonglows/If I Can't Have You - Flamingos/Baby Please - Moonglows

LP-1053/SR-1053 - Sherry & 11 Others - Four Seasons [1962] (10-62, #6) Big Girls Don't Cry (S)/Yessir That's My Baby (S)/Peanuts (S)/La Dee Dah (S)/Teardrops (S)/Apple Of My Eye (S)//Never On Sunday (S)/I Can't Give You Anything But Love (S)/The Girl In My Dreams (S)/Oh Carol (S)/Lost Lullaby (S)/Sherry (S)

LP-1054/SR-1054 - I Remember You - Frank Ifield [1962] The stereo version of this album has the hit version of "I Remember You" in true stereo. Anytime (S)/Gone (S)/She Taught Me How To Yodel (S)/Heart And Soul (S)/The Glory Of Love (S)/Unchained Melody (S)//A Fool Such As I (S)/Lovesick Blues (S)/Oh Lonesome Me (S)/That's The Way It Goes (S)/I Listen To My Heart (S)/I Remember You (S)

LP-1055/SR-1055 - The 4 Seasons Greetings - Four Seasons [1962] The Merry Christmas Medley: We Wish You A Merry Christmas-Angels From The Realms Of Glory-Hark The Herald Angels Sing-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (S)/What Child Is This (S)/The Carol Of The Bells (S)/The Excelsis Deo Medley: Deck The Halls-Excelsis Deo-O Come All Ye Faithful (S)/The Little Drummer Boy (S)/The First Christmas Night Medley: Deck The Halls-Silent Night- O Holy Night-The First Noel (S)/Joy To The World Medley: Deck The Halls-Go Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-Away In A Manger-Joy To The World (S)//Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (S)/Christmas Tears (S)/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (S)/The Christmas Song (S)/Jungle Bells (S)/White Christmas (S)

LP-1056/SR-1056 - Big Girls Don't Cry and 12 Others - Four Seasons [1962] (3-63, #8) Walk Like A Man (M)/Silhouettes (S)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love (S)/Tonite Tonite (S)/Lucky Ladybug (S)/Alone (S)//One Song (S)/Sincerely (S)/Since I Don't Have You (S)/My Sugar (S)/Hi- Lilli Hi-Lo (S)/Big Girls Don't Cry (S)/Goodnight My Love (S)

LP-1057/SR-1057 - Folk Songs - Jerry Butler [1963] Strawberries/Frisco's Foggy Dew/When I Lost My Baby/Little Ole Lite/Alberta Let Your Hair Hang Low/Such A Feelin'//John B/Eighteen Hammers/Motherless Child/Red Dress/Who's Gonna Be Your Man

LP-1058/SR-1058 - Big Soul of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1963] Stereo information not available. San Francisco/Take A Look At Yourself/Send Me Your Pillow/She Shot Me Down/I Love Her/Old Time Shimmy//You Know I Love You/Big Soul/Good Rocking Mama/Onions/No One Told Me

LP-1059/SR-1059 - Ain't That a Shame - Four Seasons [1963] (7-63, #47) Candy Girl (S)/Happy Happy Birthday Baby (S)/Honey Love (S)/Soon (I'll Be Home Again) (M)/Stay (S)/Dumb Drum (M)//Marlena (S)/Long Lonely Nights (S)/New Mexican Rose (M)/That's The Only Way (M)/Melancholy (S)/Ain't That A Shame (S, LP version)

LP-1060/SR-1060 - Come Surf with Me - Aki Aleong & the Nobles [1963] Stereo information not available. Miserlou/Earthquake/Body Surf/Apache/Surf Beat/Panic//Mary Ann (Come Surf With Me)/Pipeline/Torture/Gun And Surf/Hiawatha/Surf Rider

LP-1061 - Africa Calling - Dungills [1963] Satani/Night Drums/Drums Of The Nile/Congo Riverboat/Nibo Ni (Aftican Chant)/Simba//Goombay/Freedom Dance/Baba Wa Ti/Oluwa DarJi/Witch Doctor

LP-1062/SR-1062 - Introducing the Beatles - Beatles [1/64] (2-64, #2) This album was scheduled to be released in August, 1963, but was cancelled due to mediocre sales of the singles and a financial crisis at the record company. When the Beatles' ad campaign started in late December, 1963, by Capitol Records ("The Beatles are coming, the Beatles are coming!!...on Capitol Records!"), the Vee-Jay album was pulled from limbo and pressed and released within a matter of days. Although Vee-Jay was using the "brackets logo" by this time, the artwork for the cover was not redone, even though it had the old "oval logo" from the previous summer. All original copies of this album have the oval on the cover, with George's shadow at the right side of the cover. (Copies with the brackets logo on the cover or without George's shadow are most likely bootlegs. This album has been extensively bootlegged.) Vee-Jay sent a supply of the brackets logo label blanks to its pressing plants, but the plants were told to use up the supply of old oval logo label blanks first. One new pressing plant had no old label blanks (only the new brackets label blank), so original copies of this album are known with either oval or brackets labels, depending on the pressing plant. This album and Beatles' singles being issued by Vee-Jay were the object of a heated legal battle between Capitol and Vee-Jay in January and February of 1964. Vee-Jay was also denied the mechanical rights to two of the songs by the publisher. First version of the album contains "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You," the two songs in question. Vee-Jay finally removed the songs and substituted "Ask Me Why" and "Please Please Me" to get around at least part of their legal tangle (see second version below). The legal problems with Capitol were resolved in March. I Saw Her Standing There (S)/Misery (S)/Anna (S)/Chains (S)/Boys (S)/Love Me Do (E)//P.S. I Love You (E)/Baby It's You (S)/Do You Want To Know A Secret (S)/A Taste Of Honey (S)/There's A Place (S)/Twist And Shout (S)

LP-1062/SR-1062 - Introducing the Beatles - Beatles [2/64] Second version of the album contains "Ask Me Why" and "Please, Please Me" replacing "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You." Front cover is the same as the first version, but the back slick is changed to indicate the correct songs. Copies are known to exist with the new slick pasted on top of the old slick. The pressing plants soon ran out of the back slicks, so albums were issued with a blank back or a generic Vee-Jay slick showing small color photos of other Vee-Jay albums. To make matters more confusing, plants soon ran out of the labels with the rainbow around the edge and started printing ad-hoc labels, leaving a bewildering variety of covers and labels. I Saw Her Standing There (S)/Misery (S)/Anna (S)/Chains (S)/Boys (S)/Ask Me Why (S)//Please Please Me (S, stereo alternate take)/Baby It's You (S)/Do You Want To Know A Secret (S)/A Taste Of Honey (S)/There's A Place (S)/Twist And Shout (S)

LP-1063 - Young People's Introduction to Hebrew Music - Cantor Samuel Vigoda & Oscar Julius Choir [Cancelled]

LP-1064/SR-1064 - Frank Ifield's Favorites - Frank Ifield [Cancelled]

LP-1065/SR-1065 - Golden Hits of the Four Seasons - Four Seasons [8/63] (9-63, #15) Sherry (S)/I've Cried Before (E)/Marlena (S)/Soon (I'll Be Home Again) (E)/Ain't That A Shame (E)/Walk Like A Man (S)//Connie-O (E)/Big Girls Don't Cry (E)/Starmaker (S)/Candy Girl (S)/Silver Wings (S)/Peanuts (S)

LP-1066/SR-1066 - John Lee Hooker on Campus - John Lee Hooker [1963] Stereo information not available. I'm Leaving/Love Is A Burning Thing/Birmingham Blues/I Want To Shout/Don't Look Back/I Want To Hug You//Poor Me/I Want To Ramble/Half A Stranger/My Grinding Mill/Bottle Up And Go/One Way Ticket

LP-1067/SR-1067 - T'ain't No Big Thing... But He Is - Jimmy Reed [1963] At least some of the stereo issues of this album were pressed using the mono master for side one. Shame Shame/Mary-Mary/Ain't No Big Deal/Baby's So Sweet/Mixed Up/There'll Be A Day//Up Tight (S)/Cold And Lonesome (S)/I'm Gonna Help You (S)/Up Side The Wall (S)/I'm Trying To Please You (S)

LP-1068 - How About Love - Alma Cogan [Cancelled]

LP-1069/SR-1069 - Pop Gospel Live from London - Alex Bradford & Chris Barber [1963] Stereo information not available. We Sure Do Need Him Now/God Leads His Dear Children Along/Can't Trust Nobody/Jesus Is The Lover Of My Soul/Walking Up King's Highway//They've Got To Wait On Me/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/They Kicked Him Out/Lord, Lord, Lord/I Never Shall Forget

LP-1070/SR-1070 - Live.. At the Losers - Ann Richards with the Bill Marx Trio [1963] Stereo information not available. I Only Have Eyes For You/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/Back Home Again In Indiana/Come Rain or Come Shine/Dearly Beloved/Bye Bye Blackbird//Lonesome Road/Little Girl Blue/Let Me Love You/Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe/Lover Come Back To Me

Thanks to Bruce Spizer, Frank Daniels, H. Peter Lastovka, John Barrett, Michael Wilkins, and Tom Maynard.

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