Bethlehem Discography, Part 2
BCP-1 12-inch LP Series (1955-1960)

By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: April 20, 2014

In 1955, a year after Bethlehem Records was founded, the public's favor shifted significantly away from 10-inch LPs toward 12-inch LPs. Bethlehem, who put out only 10-inch albums (and singles) for the first year, quickly regrouped and started a 12-inch series. Since the original 10-inch series was numbered BCP-1, 2, etc., before Bethlehem changed the numbers to BCP-1001, etc., Bethlehem held off on issuing the first few numbers in the new BCP-1 series to avoid duplication, starting with BCP-10 in 1955. Later, in 1957, they went back and released new numbers BCP-1 to BCP-9 as re-issues of the 10- inch albums as "twofers" on a 12-inch disc. The BCP-1 12-inch series then became their main series for several years.

Please note that release dates listed below are approximate, but are our best estimate based on notices in the trade papers, recording dates from Bethlehem files, and other research sources.

The original Bethlehem label (the "leaf cluster" label), for all the albums from 1955 and 1956, is shown at the far left. It was red (sometimes very dark red) with silver print, with the label name curving around the top of the label. Under the label name was a treble clef surrounded by a "leaf cluster." The second Bethlehem label (near left) was introduced in January, 1957. It was also red with silver print, with "Bethlehem" in a box at the top (the "box logo" label).
An oddity in this series concerns the catalog numbers BCP-13, BCP-31 and BCP-39. Originally, those albums were released in 1955 and 1956, a record by Kai Winding and J.J. Johnson (13) and two albums by the Australian Jazz Quartet (31, 39). In the fall of 1956, Bethlehem started the new BCP-6000 series, and pulled these three albums out of the old series to start the new Series, renumbering them as BCP-6001, 6002, and 6003, respectively. They then put three new, unrelated, albums into their place in the old series, leaving us with two different albums with each of those numbers.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Bethlehem BCP-1 12-Inch "Deluxe" Series (Distribution by Bethlehem Records):

BCP-1 - Bobby Scott and Terry Pollard - Bobby Scott & Terry Pollard [unissued?] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1004 and BCP-1015. It is unclear whether this album was actually released, and if so, which of the tracks from 1004/1015 were included. We have not found a cover scan for this LP, nor did Bethlehem list it on the backs of later albums.

BCP-2 - Jazz Mainstream - Oscar Pettiford & Red Mitchell [3/57] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1019 and BCP-1033. Jack The Bear - Oscar Pettiford's Group/Tamalpais - Oscar Pettiford's Group/Swing Until The Girls Come Home - Oscar Pettiford's Group/Mood Indigo - Oscar Pettiford's Group/Chuckles - Oscar Pettiford's Group/Time On My Hands - Oscar Pettiford's Group//Happy Minor - Red Mitchell's Group/Bluesology - Red Mitchell's Group/Long Ago And Far Away - Red Mitchell's Group/Gone With The Wind - Red Mitchell's Group/Kelly Green - Red Mitchell's Group/Scrapple From The Apple - Red Mitchell's Group

BCP-3 - Jazz Practitioners: Doctors of Jazz - Bob Hardaway & Eddie Shu [3/57] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1013 and BCP-1026. It's Sand, Man - Eddie Shu's Quartet/Tom Dick And Jim - Eddie Shu's Quartet/Blues For Baby - Eddie Shu's Quartet/Peace - Eddie Shu's Quartet/East Side - Eddie Shu's Quartet/Justice - Eddie Shu's Quartet/Don't Blame Me - Eddie Shu's Quartet//Irresistible You - Bob Hardaway's Group/Jr. - Bob Hardaway's Group/Spring Is Here - Bob Hardaway's Group/Lou's Blue - Bob Hardaway's Group/Out Of Nowhere - Bob Hardaway's Group/I Cover The Waterfront - Bob Hardaway's Group/Indiana - Bob Hardaway's Group

BCP-4 - Jazz Kaleidoscope - Jonah Jones & Pete Brown [3/57] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1011 and BCP-1014. There Will Never Be Another You - Pete Brown Sextet/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me - Pete Brown Sextet/Used Blues - Pete Brown Sextet/Moonlight In Vermont - Pete Brown Sextet/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise - Pete Brown Sextet/Tea For Two - Pete Brown Sextet/Delta Blues - Pete Brown Sextet//Beale Street Blues - Jonah Jones Sextet/Down By The Riverside - Jonah Jones Sextet/European Blues - Jonah Jones Sextet/You're The Cream In My Coffee - Jonah Jones Sextet/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - Jonah Jones Sextet/J.J. Special - Jonah Jones Sextet/Stars Fell On Alabama - Jonah Jones Sextet

BCP-5 - A Ruby Braff Omnibus - Ruby Braff [3/57] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1005 and BCP-1034. Struttin' With Some Barbecue/Mean To Me/Ellie/Blue And Sentimental/Auld Lang Style/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/Rosetta/Sometimes I'm Happy/When You're Smiling/Flowers For A Lady/I'll Be Around

BCP-6 - Bass by Pettiford/Burke - Oscar Pettiford & Vinnie Burke [3/57] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1003 and BCP-1010. Sextette - Oscar Pettiford Quintet/Golden Touch - Oscar Pettiford Quintet/Cable Car - Oscar Pettiford Quintet/Trictrotism - Oscar Pettiford Quintet/Edge Of Love - Oscar Pettiford Quintet/Oscar Rides Again - Oscar Pettiford Quintet//The Continental - Vinnie Burke Quartet/For All We Know - Vinnie Burke Quartet/Yesterdays - Vinnie Burke Quartet/Imagination - Vinnie Burke Quartet/Time Out - Vinnie Burke Quartet/Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise - Vinnie Burke Quartet/On The Alamo - Vinnie Burke Quartet/Honeysuckle Rose - Vinnie Burke Quartet

BCP-7 - We Brought Our "Axes" - Aaron Sachs & Hank D'Amico [3/57] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1006 and BCP-1008. Hank's Holiday - Hank D'Amico Quartet/Billy's Bubble - Hank D'Amico Quartet/Tomorrow - Hank D'Amico Quartet/Gone - Hank D'Amico Quartet/Grasshopper - Hank D'Amico Quartet/Bernie's Tune - Hank D'Amico Quartet/Hank's Dilemma - Hank D'Amico Quartet/The Nearness Of You - Hank D'Amico Quartet/One Track - Aaron Sachs/King Fish - Aaron Sachs/Helen - Aaron Sachs/Conversation - Aaron Sachs/If You Are But A Dream - Aaron Sachs/The Bullfrog - Aaron Sachs

BCP-8 - Compositions of Bobby Scott - Bobby Scott [3/57] Combines material from 10- inch LPs BCP-1009 and BCP-1029. Dot/Kwan-Youen/Moon Tan/Betty/Aunt Sarah/Cerebellum//Wigwam/The Creed/Table Cloth Stomp/A Parable/The Wig/Count Bill

BCP-9 - West Coasting with Conte Candoli and Stan Levey - Conte Candoli & Stan Levey [3/57] Combines material from 10-inch LPs BCP-1016 and BCP-1017. Fine and Dandy - Conte Candoli/Night Flight - Conte Candoli/I Can't Get Started - Conte Candoli/On The Alamo - Conte Candoli/Tune For Tex - Conte Candoli/They Can't Take That Away From Me - Conte Candoli/Everything Happens To Me - Conte Candoli/I'll Remember April - Conte Candoli/Exaktamo - Stan Levey/Extraversion - Stan Levey/Drum Sticks - Stan Levey/Lightnin' Bug - Stan Levey/West Coasting - Stan Levey/Fast Clip - Stan Levey

BCP-10 - Milt Hinton: East Coast Jazz 5 - Milt Hinton [4/55] Recorded 1/55. Reissue of the 10-inch LP East Coast Jazz 5 [BCP-1020] with additional material. Mean To Me/Pick 'n' Pat/Over The Rainbow/Milt To The Hilt/Don't Blame Me/Katz Meow/Upstairs With Milt/Ebony Silhouette/Cantus Firmus/These Foolish Things

BCP-11 - Devil May Care - Bob Dorough Quintet [3/57] Recorded 10/56. Old Devil Moon/It Could Happen To You/I Had The Craziest Dream/You're The Dangerous Type/Ow!/Polka Dots And Moonbeams//Yardbird Suite/Baltimore Oriole/I Don't Mind/Devil May Care/Midnight Sun/Johnny One Note

BCP-12 - Mellophone - Don Elliott [5/55] Recorded 2/55. Spring Is Here/S'posin'/With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair/Summer Setting/Fascinatin' Rhythm//Almost Like Being In Love/Deep Purple/The Lamp Is Low/My Reverie/Mellophone Mambo

BCP-13 - K + J.J.: East Coast Jazz 7 - Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson [5/55] Recorded 1/55. This was the first LP issued as BCP-13; pulled in late 1956 to become BCP-6001. Out Of This World/Thou Swell/Lover/Lope City/Stolen Bass//It's All Right With Me/Mad About The Boy/Yes Sir, That's My Baby/That's How I Feel About You/Gong Rock

BCP-13 - Mr. and Mrs. Jazz - Ralph Sharon & Sue Ryan [10/57] Recorded 11/56. This was the second LP issued with the number BCP-13, after the above album was pulled to become BCP- 6001. In the sequence this second album was issued somewhere around BCP-75. It Don't Mean A Thing/A Fine Romance/I Could Have Told You/Mynah Lament/Just You, Just Me/That Goldblatt Magic/A Nightingale Can Sing The Blues/Hugette Waltz/A Trout No Doubt/With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair/Nothing At All

BCP-14 - Urbie: East Coast Jazz 6 - Urbie Green [5/55] Recorded 1/55. Mutation/On Green Dolphin Street/Just One Of Those Things/How About You/When Your Lover Has Gone//Three Little Words/Sneaky Pete/Melody In Bb/Sassafras/Love Locked Out

BCP-15 - Don Elliott Sings - Don Elliott [5/55] Recorded 1/55 and 2/55. Original back cover shows a list of 10- inch Bethlehem LPs to BCP-1026. You're Driving Me Crazy/Let's Fall In Love/Speak Low/Looking For A Boy/I Hadn't Anyone Till You//Ev'ry Time (I Fall In Love)/Polka Dots And Moonbeams/Oh, Baby It Scares Me/Ev'ry Time/Whatever Happened To You?

BCP-16 - Hal McKusick: East Coast Jazz 8 - Hal McKusick Quartet [5/55] Recorded 2/55. Taylor Made/You Don't Know What Love Is/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Lullaby For Leslie/Minor Matters//Blue-Who/By-Lan/What's New?/Interwoven/Give 'Em Hal

BCP-17 - Easy Living - Joe Roland [6/55] Recorded 3/55. Easy Living/Stairway To The Steinway/Soft Winds/Teach Me Tonight/Robin/Sweet Lorraine/Goodbye Bird/After You've Gone/Anticipation/I Cover The Waterfront/The Moon Got In My Eyes/Street Of Dreams

BCP-18 - I'm Nuts About the Most...Sam That Is!: East Coast Jazz 9 - Sam Most Sextet [7/55] Recorded 3/55 and 4/55. Cherokee/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/What A Difference A Day Made/How Deep Is The Ocean/Falling In Love With Love//Rose Room/Smiles/Broadway/Tea For Two/'Deed I Do

BCP-19 - Bobby Troup Sings Johnny Mercer - Bobby Troup [7/55] Recorded 1/55. Jamboree Jones/Midnight Sun/Come Rain Or Come Shine/Laura/That Old Black Magic/One For My Baby/Cuckoo In The Clock/Day In Day Out/Jeepers Creepers/Lazy Mood/Skylark/I'm With You

BCP-20 - This Is Chris - Chris Connor [11/55] Recorded 4/55. Blame It On My Youth/It's All Right With Me/Someone To Watch Over Me/Trouble Is A Man/All This And Heaven Too//The Thrill Is Gone/I Concentrate On You/All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart/From This Moment On/Ridin' High

BCP-21 - Jazz at the Metropole - Henry "Red" Allen [8/55] Recorded 5/55. Buddy Bolden Said/Kiss The Baby/Cotton Tail/Jazz At The Metropole/When the Saints Go Marching In/Trumpet Conversation (narrated by Al "Jazzbo" Collins)

BCP-22 - Poinciana - Smith-Glamann Quintet [1955] Recorded 1955 in New York City. "Smith-Glamann" was bassist Rufus Smith and harpist Betty Glamann. Poinciana/Liza/Laura/Harp Capers/Lotus Land/Now Get Out/The Boy Next Door/Stompin' At The Savoy/September Song/Ragtime Mambo/That's All/Pulling Strings

BCP-23 - I'm Wild Again - Frances Faye [9/55] Recorded 1955 in Los Angeles. Toreador/They Can't Take That Away From Me/He's Funny That Way/I've Got You Under My Skin/All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings/Somebody Loves Me//September In The Rain/These Foolish Things/Love For Sale/Medley: Little Girl Blue-Where Or When-Embraceable You-Exactly Like You-I Don't Know Why-My Funny Valentine-Bewitched/Out Of This World

BCP-24 - Herbie Mann Quartet - Herbie Mann Quartet [10/55] Recorded 6/55. I've Told Every Little Star/Love Is A Simple Thing/There's No You/Sorimao/Influential Mr. Cohn/One Way Love/Woodchuck/Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Flamingo/Little Orphan Annie/Jasmin/Beverly

BCP-25 - Charlie Mariano [aka Johnny One Note] - Charlie Mariano Quartet [9/55] Recorded 6/55. Johnny One Note/The Very Thought Of You/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/King For A Day//Darn That Dream/Floormat/Blues (Traditional)/I Heard You Cried Last Night

BCP-26 - I Play Trombone - Frank Rosolino [9/56] Recorded 5/56. I May Be Wrong/The Things We Did Last Summer/Frieda/Doxy/My Delux/Flamingo

BCP-27 - Gershwin, Shavers and Strings - Charlie Shavers [10/55] Recorded 6/55. I've Got A Crush On You/Someone To Watch Over Me/Somebody Loves Me/The Man I Love/It Ain't Necessarily So/Liza/Embraceable You/I've Got Rhythm/Summertime/But Not For Me

BCP-28 - The Six - The Six [10/55] Recorded 7/55. "The Six" was Johnny Glasel (trumpet), Sonny Truitt (trombone), Bob Wilber (saxes), Bob Hammer (piano), Bill Britto (bass), and Eddie Phyfe (drums). Tasty/As Far As We're Concerned/Shifty/Serenata/Pink Ice/Strange Diet/Old Folks/Itchy Fingers/Two Kinds Of Blues

BCP-29 - Newport News - Bud Freeman [11/55] Recorded 7/55. Newport-News/At Sundown/Exactly Like You/Let's Do It/But Not For Me//Stop, Look And Listen/Hanid/Dave's Blues/I Remember You/Perdido/You Took Advantage Of Me

BCP-30 - Toots Sweet - Conte Candoli [11/55] Recorded 7/55. Toots Sweet/Jazz City Blues/My Old Flame/Full Count/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Four/Groovin' Higher

BCP-31 - The Australian Jazz Quartet - Australian Jazz Quartet/*Quintet [4/56] Recorded 2/55 and 1/56. Cover shows three-line logo with number BCP-31; pulled to become BCP-6002 in late 1956. The record jacket may be found with album inside numbered either BCP-31 or BCP-6002, with the first (leaf cluster) label in both cases. Original quartet was Bryce Rohde (piano), Jack Brokensha (vibes, drums), Errol Buddle (tenor sax, bassoon), and Dick Healey (flute, alto sax, clarinet, bass). Songs with an asterisk add Jimmy Gannon (bass) for a quintet. Foggy Day/*Broadway/Little Girl Blue/*September Song/Loose Walk/Girl With The Flaxen Hair//You Are Too Beautiful/*Music For Walkin'/Lullaby Of The Leaves/*Like Someone In Love/Things We Did Last Summer/Fascinating Rhythm

BCP-31 - Stu Williamson Plays - Stu Williamson [10/57] Recorded 1/55. Second issue as BCP-31 after the album above was pulled to become BCP-6002. Reissue of Bethlehem BCP-1024 with additional tracks. Slugger/There'll Never Be Another You/Sunday/The Lady Is A Tramp/Yardbird Suite//Sapphire/The Things We Did Last Summer/Strike Up The Band/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Stu's Dues Blues

BCP-32 - Jazz Great - Jack Teagarden [12/56] Recorded 11/54. First cover. King Porter Stomp/Eccentric/Davenport Blues/Original Dixieland One Step/Bad Acting Woman/Misery And The Blues/High Society/Music To Love By/Meet Me Where They Play The Blues/Riverboat Shuffle

BCP-32 - Dixie at It's Best - Jack Teagarden [1959] Recorded 11/54. Second cover with changed title. King Porter Stomp/Eccentric/Davenport Blues/Original Dixieland One Step/Bad Acting Woman/Misery And The Blues/High Society/Music To Love By/Meet Me Where They Play The Blues/Riverboat Shuffle

BCP-33 - Oscar Pettiford, Volume 2 - Oscar Pettiford [12/55] Recorded 8/55. Another One/Minor Seventh Heaven/Stardust/Bohemia After Dark//Oscalypso/Scorpio/Titoro/Don't Squawk/Kamman's A- Comin'

BCP-34 - It's a Blue World - Mel Tormé [12/55] Recorded 8/55. I Got It Bad/Till The Clouds Roll By/All This And Heaven Too/Isn't It Romantic/I Know Why/How Long Has This Been Going On/Polka Dots And Moonbeams/You Leave Me Breathless/I Found A Million Dollar Baby/Wonderful One/It's A Blue World/Stay As Sweet As You Are

BCP-35 - The Distinctive Style of Bobby Troup - Bobby Troup [12/55] Recorded 8/55. Mountain Greenery/I Still Suits Me/Little Girl Blue/Manhattan/You Are Too Beautiful/They Can't Take That Away From Me/I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm/Gypsy In My Soul/The Boy Next Door/Love Is Here To Stay/Have You Met Miss Jones/The Lady Is A Tramp

BCP-36 - Daddy Plays the Horn - Dexter Gordon [1/56] Recorded 9/55. Daddy Plays The Horn/Confirmation/Darn That Dream//Number Four/Autumn In New York/You Can Depend On Me

BCP-37 - This Time the Drum's on Me - Stan Levey [1/56] Recorded 9/55. Diggin' For Diz/Ruby My Dear/Tune Up/La Chaloupee//Day In Day Out/Stanley The Steamer/This Time The Drum's On Me

BCP-38 - Jam for Your Bread - Red Mitchell [1156] Recorded 9/55. Duff/Ornithology/Section Blues/You Go to My Head/Where Or When/Jam For Your Bread/East Coast Outpost/I'll Never Be The Same/Will You Still Be Mine?

BCP-39 - The Australian Jazz Quartet - Australian Jazz Quartet [1/56] Recorded 10/55. First album issued as BCP-39. Cover has three-line logo with number BCP-39; pulled in late 1956 to become BCP-6003. Record inside this cover has been found to be either BCP-39 or BCP-6003, with the first (leaf cluster) label in both cases. Spring Is Here/Autumn Leaves/Thou Swell/Nostalgia/Platypus//Tune For Jaimey/April In Paris/These Foolish Things/Saxophone Pads (label gives title as "Sax Pads")/Have You Met Miss Jones

BCP-39 - Shades of Sal Salvador - Sal Salvador [6/57] Recorded 7/56. Second album issued as BCP-39, after the above album was pulled to become BCP-6003. Two Sleepy People/Joe And Me/Flamingo/They Say It's Wonderful/The Carioca/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/You're Driving Me Crazy/Delighted/I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin'/Took The Spook

BCP-40 - Herbie Mann and Sam Most Quintet - Herbie Mann & Sam Most Quintet [2/56] Recorded 10/55. Fascinating Rhythm/Why Do I Love You/Let's Get Away From It All/It's Only Sunshine/It Might As Well Be Spring/Love Letters/I'll Remember April/Flying Home/Empathy/Just One Of Those Things/Seven Come Eleven

BCP-41 - Ralph Sharon Trio - Ralph Sharon Trio [2/56] Recorded 1956 in New York City. Don't Be That Way/Give Me The Simple Life/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/I'm Glad There Is You/I'm Beginning To See The Light/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Steeplechase/Angel Eyes/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/Bluz For Suz

BCP-42 - The Return of Howard McGhee - Howard McGhee [2/56] Recorded 10/55. Get Happy/Tahitian Lullaby/Lover Man/Lullaby Of The Leaves/You're Teasing Me/Transpicious//Rifftide/Oo- Wee But I Do/Don't Blame Me/Tweedles/I'll Remember April

BCP-43 - Songs from the Heart - Johnny Hartman [3/56] Recorded 1955. What Is There To Say?/Ain't Misbehavin'/I Fall In Love Too Easily/We'll Be Together Again/Down In The Depth/They Didn't Believe Me/I'm Glad There Is You/When Your Lover Has Gone/I'll Remember April/I See Your Face Before Me/September Song/Moonlight In Vermont

BCP-44 - Jazz City Workshop - Various Artists [3/56] Recorded 11/55. Artists include Marty Paich (piano), Herbie Harper (trombone), Larry Bunker (vibraphone), Jack Costanzo (bongos), Frankie Capp (drums), Curtis Counce (bass) and Mickey Lynne (vocal on "That Old Black Magic"). Zing, Went The Strings To My Heart/Autumn Leaves/Blues In The Closet/That Old Black Magic/The Natives Are Restless Tonight//Serenade In Blue/Laura/Them There Eyes

BCP-45 - Why Do I Love You - Helen Carr [3/56] Recorded 11/55. Be Careful It's My Heart/My Kind Of Trouble Is You/Lonely Street/Symphony/You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me/Bye Bye Baby/Then You've Never Been Blue/Summer Night/Got A Date With An Angel/Why Do I Love You?/Do I Worry/I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin'

BCP-46 - Four Horns and a Lush Life - Maynard Ferguson & Frank Rossolino [3/56] Recorded 11/55. I'll Never Forget What's Her Name/But Beautiful/Dancing On The Ceiling/The Boy Next Door/Just One Of Those Things/Zigeuner//Limehouse Blues/Lush Life/Lover Come Back To Me/Ramona/Someone To Watch Over Me/What Is This Thing Called Love?

BCP-47 - Songs of a Woman in Love - Terry Morel [4/56] Recorded about 12/55. Mountain Greenery/How About You/The Night We Called It A Day/The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/You're Not The Kind//Too Late Now/The Gentleman Is A Dope/A Hundred Years From Today/Sometimes I'm Happy/More Than You Know/Who Cares?

BCP-48 - Max Bennett [aka Johnny Jaguar] - Max Bennett Septet [4/56] Recorded 12/55. Johnny Jaguar/My Heart Belongs To Daddy/Something To Remember You By/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/Ira Of The I.R.A.//Max Is The Factor/Strike Up The Band/Thirteen Toes/Polka Dots And Moonbeams/Nice Work If You Can Get It

BCP-49 - Charlie Mariano Plays Chloe - Charlie Mariano [4/56] Recorded 12/53 and 7/55. Chloe/'S Nice/Three Little Words/Green Walls/You Go To My Head/My Melancholy Baby/Manteca/It's You Or No One/Give A Little Whistle/I Should Care

BCP-50 - Max Bennett Plays - Max Bennett [4/56] Recorded 12/55. Rubberneck/Just Max/They Say/Taking A Chance On Love/Sweet Sue/Jeepers Creepers//T.K./I'll Never Smile Again/Do You Know Why?/Blues/S'posin'/Sweet Georgia Brown

BCP-51 - Joe DeRise with the Australian Jazz Quartet - Joe DeRise [4/56] Recorded about 12/55. Personality/Once I Believed/Swinging On A Star/Humpty Dumpty Heart/'S Wonderful/More And More/Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive/Once In A Dream/Soon/The Charm Of You/Spring In Old New York/Love

BCP-52 - Lulu's Back in Town - Mel Tormé with the Marty Paich Dek-tette [5/56] Recorded 1/56. Lulu's Back In Town/When The Sun Comes Out/I Love To Watch The Moonlight/Fascinating Rhythm/The Blues/The Carioca//The Lady Is A Tramp/I Like To Recognize The Tune/Keeping Myself For You/Lullaby Of Birdland/When April Comes Again/Sing For Your Supper

BCP-53 - That Old Black Magic - Peggy Connelly & Russ Garcia Orchestra [5/56] Recorded 1/56. That Old Black Magic/Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye/Trav'lin' Light/Ev'rytime/It Never Entered My Mind/Why Shouldn't I?/Gentleman Friend/What Is There To Say?/He Was Too Good To Me/I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'/Fools Rush In/Alone Together

BCP-54 - Claude Williamson Trio - Claude Williamson Trio [5/56] Recorded 1/56. June Bug/Jersey Bounce/Moonlight In Vermont/I'll Remember April//The Last Time I Saw Paris/Blue Notoriety/Embraceable You/Have You Met Miss Jones/Hallelujah

BCP-55 - Stu Williamson [aka Pee Jay] - Stu Williamson Septet [5/56] Recorded 1/56. Pee Jay/Just Friends/Darn That Dream/Hungry Child//Big Red/Red Cross/Talk Of The Town/Oom's Tune/Rose Bud

BCP-56 - Chris - Chris Connor [6/56] Recorded 12/53, 8/54, and 4/55. All About Ronnie/Miser's Serenade/Everything I Love/Indian Summer/I Hear Music/Come Back To Sorrento//Out Of This World/Lush Life/From This Moment On/A Good Man Is A Seldom Thing/Don't Wait Up For Me/In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon)

BCP-56 - The Rich Sound of Chris Connor - Chris Connor [1961] Recorded 12/53, 8/54, and 4/55. Reissue of above with new cover. All About Ronnie/Miser's Serenade/Everything I Love/Indian Summer/I Hear Music/Come Back To Sorrento//Out Of This World/Lush Life/From This Moment On/A Good Man Is A Seldom Thing/Don't Wait Up For Me/In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon)

BCP-57 - The View from Jazzbo's Head - The Six [9/56] Recorded 1/56. Giggles/Phweedah/Over The Rainbow/The View from Jazzbo's Head//Blue Lou/Our Delight/My Old Flame/The Troglodyte

BCP-58 - Herbie Mann Plays - Herbie Mann [9/56] Recorded 12/54 and 1956. Chicken Little/Cuban Love Song/The Things We Did Last Summer/Deep Night/Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea//After Work/Moon Dreams/A Spring Morning/Scuffles/Purple Grotto/My Little Suede Shoes

BCP-59 - Frivolous Sal - Sal Salvador [5/56] Recorded 1/56. Frivolous Sal/Tangerine/I Cover The Waterfront/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/You Could Swing For That//All the Things You Are/Salaman/A Handful Of Stars/I Love You/I'll Remember April

BCP-60 - Historically Speaking: The Duke - Duke Ellington Orchestra [6/56] Recorded 2/56. East St. Louis Toodle-O/Creole Love Call/Stompy Jones/Jeep Is Jumpin'/Jack The Bear/In A Mellow Tone//Ko-Ko/Midriff/Stomp Look And Listen/Unbooted Character/Lonesome Lullaby/Upper Manhattan Medical Group

BCP-61 - Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries - Howard McGhee [6/56] Recorded 2/56. Sonny Boy/So Blue/(Here I Am) Broken Hearted/The Thrill Is Gone/Just Imagine/(I'm A Dreamer) Aren't We All//My Song/The Best Things In Life Are Free/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries/Together/Come To Me/My Sin

BCP-62 - Relaxin' with Frances Faye - Frances Faye [7/56] Recorded 3/56. Love Is Just Around The Corner/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/Don't Blame Me/Ain't Misbehavin'/All The Things You Are/The Darktown Strutters' Ball//Just You, Just Me/You're My Thrill/My Baby Just Cares For Me/Well All Right/The Thrill Is Gone/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

BCP-63 - Love and the Weather - Herbie Mann [7/56] Recorded 3/56. Love And The Weather/But Beautiful/Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most/I'm Glad There Is You/Sinner Kissed An Angel/High On A Windy Hill/Ill Wind/For Heaven's Sake/Autumn Nocturne/Moon Love/Like Someone In Love/The Morning Side Of The Mountain

Note: About August, 1956, the Bethlehem cover logo box replaces three-line "Bethlehem LP No./Deluxe Series/Hi Fidelity." Several of the albums above were released after the change.

BCP-64 - Take the "A" Train - Betty Roché [8/56] Recorded 4/56. Take The "A" Train/Something To Live For/In A Mellow Tone/Time After Time/Go Away Blues/Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man//Route 66/All My Life/I Just Got The Message, Baby/All Too Soon/You Don't Love Me No More/September In The Rain

Note: As of January, 1957, the label changes from the "leaf cluster" label to the Bethlehem "box logo" label. After this point, the original issues have the "box logo" label.

BCP-65 - Jazz Experiments - Charlie Mingus [1/57] Recorded 12/54. What Is This Thing Called Love?/Minor Intrusion/Stormy Weather//Four Hands/Thrice Upon A Theme/The Spur Of The Moment

BCP-66 - The Happy Jazz of Osie Johnson - Osie Johnson [1/57] Recorded 2/55. Osmosis/Don't Bug Me, Hug Me/Flute To Boot/Cat Walk/Johnson's Whacks//The Desert Song/Blues For The Camels/I Don't Want To Cry Anymore/Osie's Oasis/Jumpin' At The Water Hole/Midnight Mirage

BCP-67 - The Complete Charlie Shavers with Maxine Sullivan - Charlie Shavers [1/57] Side one is by the Charlie Shavers Sextet, with narration by Al "Jazzbo" Collins, recorded 10/54. Side two is a reunion of the Original John Kirby Orchestra (recorded 1956), without Kirby, who had died in 1952. Dark Eyes/Dawn On The Desert/Moten Swing/Story Of The Jazz Trumpet//Rose Room/Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm/Molly Malone/If I Had A Ribbon Bow/Windy

BCP-68 - Bijou - Ralph Burns [5/57] Recorded 1954-1955 in New York City. Bijou/Spring In Naples/Lover Come Back To Me/Gina/Perpetual Motion//Spring Sequence/Echo Of Spring/Spring Is Here/Autobahn Blues/Sprang

BCP-69 - 'Round Midnight - Claude Williamson's Trio [5/57] Recorded 12/56. Stella By Starlight/Somebody Loves Me/I'll Know/Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Polka Dots & Moonbeams/Hippy/Tea For Two/Stompin' At The Savoy/Just One Of Those Things/Love Is Here To Stay/Song Is You

BCP-70 - Sounds by Socolow - Frank Socolow Sextet [2/57] Recorded 11/56. Original cover does not have "Micro-Cosmic Sound" logo on either front or back. "Micro-Cosmic Sound" is not mentioned on the label of original pressings. Miss Finegold/But Not For Me/Swing Low, Sweet Socolow/How About You/My Heart Stood Still//Little Joe/Farfel/I'll Take Romance/I Love You/I Cried For You

BCP-71 - Grand Stan - Stan Levey's Sextet [3/57] Recorded 11/56. Original cover does not have "Micro-Cosmic Sound" logo on either front or back, but label has "Micro-Cosmic Sound" beneath the side designation to the left of the center hole. Yesterdays/Angel Cake/Why Do I Love You/Grand Stan//Hit That Thing/Blues At Sunrise/A Gal In Calico/Tiny's Tune

Note: In April, 1957, the "Micro-Cosmic Sound" logo was added to the front cover, usually under the Bethlehem logo box (68 and 69 above were issued after this change). This logo was also added to the back cover. It remained on album covers until General Manager Carl LeBow left to start his own Aamco Records in April, 1958, taking the "Micro-Cosmic Sound" logo with him to his new label.

BCP-72 - Say It Isn't So - Herb Jeffries [8/57] Recorded 1956 in Los Angeles. Cover photo is an unknown Barbara Eden in her first modeling gig. Say It Isn't So/Ghost Of A Chance/Penthouse Serenade/When Your Lover Has Gone/It's The Talk Of The Town/If You Could See Me Now/Angel Eyes/Glad To Be Unhappy/Easy To Remember/The End Of A Love Affair/I Only Have Eyes For You/Dinner For One Please James

BCP-73 - Moody - Marilyn Moore [8/57] Recorded 2/57 and 3/57. I'm Just A Lucky So And So/Ill Wind/If Love Is Trouble/Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby/Born To Blow The Blues/Lover Come Back To Me/You're Driving Me Crazy/Trav'lin' All Alone/I Cried For You/Leavin' Town/Trouble Is A Man/I Got Rhythm

BCP-74 - Tribute to the Greats - Sal Salvador [10/57] Recorded 6/57. Artistry In Rhythm/Taps Miller/Prelude To A Kiss/Walking Shoes/Solo For Guitar/4 Brothers/In Your Own Sweet Way/Ruby My Dear/Manteca/Cool Eyes/Yardbird Suite

BCP-75 - Sam Most Plays Bird, Bud, Monk and Miles - Sam Most [10/57] Recorded 3/57. Strictly Confidential/Half Nelson/'Round Midnight/In Walked Bud/Serpent's Tooth/Celia/Confirmation/Bluebird

BCP-76 - Somebody Loves Me - Jerri Winters with the Belletto Sextet [10/57] Recorded 2/57 and 3/57. Sometimes I'm Happy/It's Always You/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/Somebody Loves Me/Dark Shadows/Ridin' On The Moon//All Or Nothing At All/In Other Words/Crazy In The Heart/There Will Never Be Another You/Kind Of Moody/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me

BCP-77 - A Swinging Introduction to Jimmy Knepper - Jimmy Knepper [10/57] Recorded 9/57. Love Letters/Ogling Ogre/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/How High The Moon/Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You//Idol Of The Flies/Close As Pages In A Book/Avid Admirer/Irresistible You

BCP-78 - The Amazing Mr. Sam Most - Sam Most [5/58] Recorded 10/57. Also issued in stereo. It Might As Well Be Spring/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/Softly As In A Morning Sunrise//Lover Man/Alone Together/When Your Lover Has Gone

BCP-79 - Jazz for Young Moderns (And Old Buzzards, Too) - Tony Ortega [1959] Recorded 1958 and 1959 in New York City. Just One Of Those Things/Bat Man's Blues/These Foolish Things/Tune For Mona/No Fi/Four To Four/I Can't Get Started/Cinderella's Curfew/I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You/Patting

BCP-80 - Jazz City Presents - Various Artists [11/57] Recorded 6/57. I'm Glad There's You - Russ Garcia Orchestra/It Had To Be You - Frank Rosolino Quintet//Lady Be Good - "The Swingers" with Herbie Harper, Leader

BCP-81 - Love, Gloom, Cash, Love - Herbie Nichols Trio [2/58] Recorded 11/57. Too Close For Comfort/Every Cloud/Argumentative/Love, Gloom, Cash, Love/Portrait Of Ucha//Beyond Recall/All The Way/45 Degree Angle/Infatuation Eyes/S' Crazy Pad

Note: At this point, King Records obtains a half-ownership in Bethlehem Records. With this change, distribution and manufacture shifts to King Records. The album covers cease being "works of art" by Burt Goldblatt and other artists, and take on the usual tacky King album cover look. Bethlehem/King issues eleven various artists albums to close out this series, and shifts to the BCP-6000 series as the Main series for new material.

BCP-82 - Just for Variety: Bethlehem's Best, Volume One - Various Artists [1958] Blue Silhouette - Chris Connor/Tune For Tex - Conte Candoli/Pick And Pat - Milt Hinton/They Can't Take That Away From Me - Francis Faye/My Romance - Joe Derise/Easy Living - Ruby Braff/Slugger - Su Williamson/Kelly Green - Red Mitchell/Just Max - Max Bennett/Jamboree Jones - Bobby Troup/Stardust - Oscar Pettiford

BCP-83 - Just for Variety: Bethlehem's Best, Volume Two - Various Artists [1958] I've Got it Bad - Mel Tormé/Gong Rock - Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson/S'Nice - Charlie Mariano/Angus - Herbie Harper/Septermber Song - Johnny Hartman/Blue Who - Hal McKusick/Come Back To Sorrento - Chris Connor/Wigville - Russ Garcia/Count Bill - Bobby Scott/Jr. - Bob Hardaway/Down In The Depths - Helen Carr/West Coasting - Stan Levey

BCP-84 - Just for Variety: Bethlehem's Best, Volume Three - Various Artists [1958] Easy To Love - Herbie Mann/Emaline - Don Fagerquist/Mutation - Oscar Pettiford/Summer Setting - Howard Rich/The Girl With The Flaxen Hair - Dick Healey/Stairway To The Steinway - Joe Roland/Blame It On My Youth - Herbie Mann/Let's Get Away From It All - Herbie Mann/Ill Wind - Charlie Shavers/Pulling Strings - Betty Glamann/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child - Buddy Collette/You Stepped Out Of A Dream - Ralph Sharon

BCP-85 - Nothing Cheesy About This Jazz: Do You Dig It? - Various Artists [1959] Struttin' With Some Barbecue - Ruby Braff/There Will Never Be Another You - Joe Wilder/Exaktamo - Conte Candoli/European Blues - Jonah Jones/Jack The Bear - Clark Terry/Thrice Upon A Theme - John LaPorta/Slugger - Stu Williamson/Irresistible You - Bob Hardaway/You're Not The Kind - Herbie Mann/My Old Flame - Johnny Glasel/The Best Things In Life Are Free - Howard McGhee/You're Driving Me Crazy - Phil Woods

BCP-86 - We Cut This Album for Bread - Various Artists [1959] Giggles - The Six/Sonny Boy - Howard McGhee/How About You - Terry Morel/Say It Isn't So - Herb Jeffries/Carioca - Sal Salvador/Scrapple From The Apple - Red Mitchell/Blues For Baby - Eddie Shu/Jr. - Bob Hardaway/Used Blues - Pete Brown/Sapphire - Stu Williamson/Flowers For A Lady - Ruby Braff/On The Alamo - Conte Candoli

BCP-87 - Double-Barrel Jazz: No Blanks Here - Various Artists [1959] I Loves You Porgy - Nina Simone/There Will Never Be Another You - Stu Williamson/Extraversion - Stan Levey/West Coasting - Stan Levey/Delited - Sal Salvador/Took The Spook - Sal Salvador/Night We Called It A Day - Terry Morel/Over The Rainbow - The Six/Thrill Is Gone - Howard McGhee/Ghost Of A Chance - Herb Jeffries/Swinging Til The Girls Come Home - Oscar Pettiford/Mean To Me - Ruby Braff/East Side - Eddie Shu/Lou's Blue - Bob Hardaway

BCP-88 - Jazz Music for People Who Don't Care About Money - Various Artists [1959] Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - Jonah Jones/Auld Lang Syne - Ruby Braff/Stormy Weather - Charlie Mingus/Tune For Tex - Conte Candoli/Peace - Eddie Shu/Delta Blues - Pete Brown/The Lady Is A Tramp - Stu Williamson/Two Sleepy People - Sal Salvador/Phweedah - The Six/So Blue - Howard McGhee/Penthouse Serenade - Herb Jeffries/Chuckles - Oscar Pettiford/One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else - Terry Morel/A Hundred Years From Today - Terry Morel

BCP-89 - We've Built a Jazz Album for You - Various Artists [1959] Long Ago & Far Away - Red Mitchell/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries - Howard McGhee/Out Of Nowhere - Bob Hardaway/Moonlight In Vermont - Pete Brown/Dinner For One Please James - Herb Jeffries/It's Easy To Remember - Herb Jeffries/I'll Be Around - Ruby Braff/I Got It Bad & That Ain't Good - Sal Salvador/Joe & Me - Sal Salvador/Lightnin' Bug - Stan Levy/Everything Happens To Me - Conte Candoli/Stu's Dues Blues - Stu Williamson/You Stepped Out Of A Dream - Terry Morel/View From Jazzbo's Head - The Six

BCP-90 - Handful of Cool Jazz - Various Artists [1960] Ellie - Ruby Braff/I'll Remember April - Conte Candoli/What Is This Thing Called Love? - Thad Jones/Four Hands - Thad Jones/Stars Fell On Alabama - Jonah Jones/Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Stu Williamson/Indiana - Bob Hardaway/Kelly Green - Claude Williamson/Love Letters - Herbie Mann/More Than You Know - Herbie Mann/I'm A Dreamer Aren't We All - Howard McGhee/It's The Talk Of The Town - Herb Jeffries/Glad To Be Unhappy - Herb Jeffries/The End Of A Love Affair - Herb Jeffries

BCP-91 - A Lot of Yarn But a Well Knitted Jazz Album - Various Artists [1960] Night Flight - Conte Candoli/Tom Dick And Jim - Eddie Shu/Tamalpais - Clark Terry/You're The Cream In My Coffee - Jonah Jones/Sunday - Stu Williamson/Yardbird Suite - Leroy Vinnegar/Happy Minor - Conte Candoli/When You're Smiling - Ruby Braff/The Gentleman Is A Dope - Herbie Mann/The Troglodyte - Johnny Glasel/Broken Hearted - Howard McGhee/My Sin - Howard McGhee/Flamingo - Eddie Costa/If You Could See Me Now - Herb Jeffries

BCP-92 - No Sour Grapes... Just Pure Jazz - Various Artists [1959] Angel Eyes - Herb Jeffries/Together - Howard McGhee/ My Song - Howard McGhee/Who Cares - Terry Morel/They Say It's Wonderful - Sal Salvador/Things We Did Last Summer - Stu Williamson/Our Delight - The Six/Bluesology - Red Mitchell/Mood Indigo - Oscar Pettiford/World Is Waiting For The Sunrise - Pete Brown/Justice - Eddie Shu/J.J. Special - Jonah Jones/Blue & Sentimental - Ruby Braff/Sometimes I'm Happy - Ruby Braff

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