Elektra Album Discography, Part 2
EKL-100/EKS-7100 Series (1956-1967)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 27, 2005

Albums with the "EKL-" prefix were mono. Originally, the stereo counterparts of the EKL-100 series were started in a new stereo numbering sequence, the Stereo Disc 200-X series, with no corresponding numbers between the 100 and 200 series (e.g., 204-X corresponded to EKL-162). Starting a new series was a common thing to do at many record labels (see Imperial, Dot, etc.). Elektra, however, came to their senses relatively quickly. Many of the early stereo issues were quickly switched to the corresponding 200 series number, for example, EKL-159 was issued as 259-X, and so forth. This didn't end the problem, however, since Elektra was already in the 160s in the mono series, and would crash into the 200 series quite soon. Finally, as an answer to the problem, Elektra went to the system of EKL- and EKS- pefixes, with a "7" added in front of the mono number to make the stereo number (EKL-160 became EKS-7160, etc.). EKS-7099 to EKS-7101 were special stereo-only issues put out about the time Elektra went to the EKL-xxx/EKS-7xxx system.

During the mid-1960s, Elektra sometimes listed release dates on the bottom of the record labels. Even when this was not done, determining dates for early Elektra albums is aided by the fact that many of the albums had a mastering date written in the wax in the trailoff grooves area. This practice continued on some albums at least as late as the 1970s. This is a good way to date the mastering if it is an initial mastering of the side (or a "dash-one" matrix number), but the collector should be aware that if the album was remastered when it was repressed, the remastered matrix number and date would appear. For example, on Elektra 7E-1005, The Best of Bread, Volume II, side A was remastered at least three times after the original pressings, while side B was not. Therefore, on the pressing we have, side B reads "7E-1005 B-1" in the trailoff groove area, with the "B-1" part meaning side B of the LP, first mastering. Elsewhere in the trailoff area, it says "ESR-TD 4-2-74", with the date referring to the date of mastering. On the A side, however, it reads "7E 1005 A-4 SP" and "ESR-TD 5-11-76", meaning this was the fourth mastering of side A ("A-4"), which was done on May 11, 1976, two years after the album was initially released.

The earliest Elektra labels in this series were white with either blue or green print. The Elektra logo was an oval with "Hi-Fidelity" to the left, and "Long Playing" to the right of the logo, all designed to look like the 1950s vision of an atom with electrons and energy radiating from the core.

The second label design, used in 1960, was grey with black print. The logo had changed to a seated guitar player in a red dot in the upper right of the label, with yellow rays eminating from the dot off to the upper and lower right. "The Sound of Quality" was written in white script to the left of the dot. with a dark grey vertical bar under "The Sound of Quality", to the right of which were written the song titles. At the bottom of the label, in white, was a copyright statement.

The third Elektra label, used from 1961 to early 1966, was gold with a "teeth" design around the perimeter of the label. The guitar player logo was large and centered above the spindle hole. Above the logo figure was written "Outstanding High Fidelity Recordings."

The fourth Elektra label design, used from spring, 1966 to the end of this series, featured a completely redesigned logo, a large stylized block "E" with "elektra" below it. centered above the spindle hole. Label color varied from tan or gold to silver-grey.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

EKS-7099 - In the Gloryland - Ken Davern [1958] Issued in stereo only.

EKS-7100 - Gypsy Magic - Edi Csoka & His Gypsy Orchestra [1958] Issued in stereo only.

EKS-7101 - Neue Deutschmeister Band - Neue Deutschmeister Band [1958] Issued in stereo only.

EKL 102 - Josh at Midnight - Josh White [1956] This album was originally issued in the UK on Bounty Label. St. James Infirmary/Raise A Rukus/Scandalize My Name/Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed/Timber (Jerry The Mule)/Jelly, Jelly!//One Meat Ball/Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho/Don't Lie Buddy/Number Twelve Train/Peter/Takin' Names

EKL 103 - Los Gitanillos de Cadiz - Los Gitanillos de Cadiz [1956]

EKL 104 - Songs of Montmartre - Suzanne Robert [1956] Le Chat Noir: Moi, Je Pense a Paris/Les Goss' A Poulbout/Rose Blanche/Chanter Et Boire/A St. Lazare/Les Moines De St. Bernardin/Absence/Les Moulin De La Galette/Place Du Tertre/Au Son Des Joyeux Glou-Glous/A Montmartre/Sur La Butte/Le Monsieur D'la Rue Pigalle/Nini Peau D'Chien

EKL 105 - An Actor's Holiday - Theodore Bikel [1956]

EKL 106 - Unabashed Virtuoso - Stephen Kovacs [1956]

EKL 107 - Faithful Lovers and Other Phenomena - Cynthia Gooding [1956] The Bailiff's Daughter/Lass Of The Low Countrie/The Derby Ram/My Young Love Said To Me/The Dear Companion/Lady's Policy/All My Trials//Lilliburlero/Down By The Seashore/George Collins/Naomi Wise/Waly, Waly/The Cherry Tree Carol/Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry

EKL 108 - Blood Booze 'n Bones - Ed McCurdy [1956] Darlin' Cory/Josie/The Dublin Murder Ballad/Four Nights Drunk/Cowboy's Lament/Kentucky Moonshiner/No More Booze/Farewell To Grog/Portland County Jail/Banks Of The Ohio/John Hardy/The Pig And The Inebriate/Stackerlee/Lamkins/Yo Ho Ho/Lulu/The Drunkard's Doom

EKL 109/EKS 7109 - A Young Man and a Maid (Love Songs of Many Lands) - Theodore Bikel & Cynthia Gooding [1956] Where Does It Lead - Cynthia & Theodore/A Meidl In Di Yoren - Theodore/Sur la Route - Cynthia & Theodore/Laredo - Cynthia & Theodore/Greensleeves - Cynthia/Ro'e Vero'a - Cynthia & Theodore/Auprès De Ma Blonde - Cynthia/As I Roved Out - Cynthia & Theodore/Mi Jacalito - Cynthia & Theodore/Coplas - Cynthia & Theodore/Katherine Jaffrey - Cynthia/Hej Pada Pada - Theodore/Well Met, Pretty Maid - Cynthia & Theodore/La Ballade Du Chercheur D'Or - Theodore/Western Wind - Cynthia/Proschay - Cynthia & Theodore

EKL 110 - When Dalliance Was in Flower, Volume 1 - Ed McCurdy [1956] Go Bring Me A Lass/The Trooper/A Young Man And A Maid/A Wanton Trick/There Was A Knight/Two Maidens Went Milking One Day/A Lusty Young Smith/Tom And Doll/A Riddle/A Maiden Did A-Bathing Go/The Jolly Tinker/Old Fumbler/The Three Travelers/Kitt Hath Lost Her Key/To A Lady/The Four Able Physicians/Sylvia The Fair

EKL 111 - Tiger on the Keys - Stephen Kovacs [1956]

EKL 112 - Songs of the Old West - Ed McCurdy [1956] Sacramento/Hoosen Johnny/Great-Granddad/Trail To Mexico/Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang Down/Buffalo Skinners/State Of Arkansas/Jesse James/Cowboy's Dream/Little Old Sod Shanty/Brown-Eyed Lee/Chuck A Little Hell/Dying Cowboy

EKL 7113 - Tenderly - Norene Tate [1957] Issued in stereo only.

EKL 114 - Josh/Ballads and Blues - Josh White [1957] Midnight Special/Miss Otis Regrets/Halleleu/Woman Sure Is A Curious Critter/Prison Bound Blues/Gloomy Sunday//Ball And Chain Blues/One For My Baby/Jim Crow Train/Told My Captain/So Soon In The Mornin'/Bury My Body

EKL 115 - The New York Jazz Quartet - New York Jazz Quartet [1957] Features Herbie Mann on flute.

EKL 116 - Susan Reed - Susan Reed [1957] Black Is The Color/The Old Woman/I'm Sad And I'm Lonely/Drill, Ye Tarriers/Greensleeves/Go Away From My Window/A Mighty Ship/Mother I Would Marry/Barbara Allen/Michie Banjo/Zelime/Gué Gué/The Soldier And The Lady/Molly Malone/Three White Gulls/Venezuela/If I Had A Ribbon Bow/Miss Bailey/Danny Boy

EKL 117/EKS 7117 - Sabicas, Volume 1 - Sabicas [1957] Bulerias/Farruca/Fandango/Solea Por Bulerias/Granadina/Soleares/Seguiriva/Malaguena/Alegrias/Taranta

EKL 118/EKS 118X - The New York Jazz Quartet Goes Native - New York Jazz Quartet [1957] Released in stereo in August 1958. March of the Sugar-Cured Hams/Jungle Noon/Man at Bat/I'm Alone on Sunday/Ol Vay/Calypso//Let Me Remember/Coo Coo Calypso/Joe Blow/Trade Winds/Sambalu/Mann Act

EKL 119 - An Evening at L'Abbaye - Gordon Heath & Lee Payant [1957] Issued in mono only. Another Man Done Gone/Chanson De La Mariée/The Youth Of The Heart/Black Girl/Big Rock Candy Mountain/Jacob's Ladder/J'ai Un Long Voyage A Faire/We Will Break Bread Together/Hill An' Gully/Au Claire De La Lune/The Foggy, Foggy Dew/Little David/The Spinning Wheel/Le Roy A Fait Battre Tambour/Scarborough Fair/Linstead Market/L'Occasion Manquée

EKL 120 - The Jazz Messengers - Jazz Messengers [1957] Issued in mono only. Features Art Blakey on drums.

EKL 121 - Sabicas, Volume 2 - Sabicas [1957] Issued in mono only. La Boda De Luis Alonso/Fantasia Inca/Malaguena (Lecuona)/Guajira/Farruca/Czardas/Gran Jota/Milonga Flamenca/Danza Mora/Aires Del Norte/Capricho Espanol

EKL 122 - Courtin's a Pleasure (Courting And Other Folk Songs Of The South Appalacians) - Jean Ritchie/Oscar Brand & Tom Paley [1957] Issued in mono only. The Ritchie and Brand tracks come from EKL 22 and the Paley tracks come from EKL 12.

EKL 123 - 25th Anniversary Album - Josh White [1957] Issued in mono only. This is a single 12-inch edition of the double 10-inch EKL 701.The Story Of John Henry//Black Girl/Free And Equal Blues/Live The Life/Sam Hall/Where Are You Baby?/Delia's Gone/Run, Mona, Run/You Don't Know My Mind

EKL 124 - Sin Songs: Pro and Con - Ed McCurdy [1957] Issued in mono only. Reissue of EKL 24 with extra tracks.

EKL 125 - Songs of Her Kentucky Mountain Family - Jean Ritchie [1957] Issued in mono only. This disc combines tracks from the 10-inch albums EKL 2 and EKL 25. Cedar Swamp/Nottamun Town/Hangman Song/O Sister Phoebe/False Sir John/O Love Is Teasin'/Old Virginny/Skin And Bones/Little Devils/Bachelor's Hall/Killy Kranky/Old Woman And Pig/Jemmy Taylor-O/Cuckoo (Versions 1 & 2)/Black Is The Color/Little Sparrow/Goin' To Boston/Shady Grove/Old King Cole/Skip To My Lou

EKL 126 - Susan Reed Sings Old Airs - Susan Reed [1957] Issued in mono only. This album includes tracks from EKL 26. The Golden Vanity/Go Tell Aunt Rhody/The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow/Must I Go Bound/The Leprechaun/He Moved Through The Fair/Bendermeer's Stream/Irish Famine Song/Wraggle Taggle Gypsies/Seventeen Come Sunday/I Know My Love/The Foggy Dew/At The Foot Of Yonder Mountain/Wailie, Wailie/The Boreens Of Derry/Jennie Jenkins/Peter Gray/Come Follow

EKL 127 - Mr. Calypso! - Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band [1957] Issued in mono only. Mathilda/Day-O/plus 12 other titles.

EKL 128 - Turkish, Spanish and Mexican Folk Songs - Cynthia Gooding [1957] Issued in mono only. This album takes tracks from EKL 6 Turkish and Spanish Folk Songs and EKL 8 Mexican Folk Songs.

EKL 129 - Badmen, Heroes and Pirate Songs - Various Artists (Ed McCurdy, Oscar Brand, Jack Elliott & Dick Wilder) [1957] Issued in mono only. This album combines tracks from EKL 16 Badmen and Heroes and EKL 18 Pirate Songs and Ballads. .Bold Turpin/Pretty Boy Floyd/Jim Fisk/Jesse James/Robin Hood And The Bold Pedlar/Charles Guiteau/Billy The Kid/Quantrell/The Bold Princess Royal/The Romantic Pirate/Henry Martyn/The Female Warrior/Captain Kidd/The Female Smuggler/High Barbaree/Bold Manning

EKL 130 - Festival in Haiti - Jean Léon Destiné [1957] Issued in mono only. Declaration Paysanne/Petro-Quita/plus 8 others.

EKL 131 - Queen of Hearts - Cynthia Gooding [1958] Issued in mono only. Most of these tracks are also on EKL 11. Collection of 15 early English folk songs.

EKL 132 - Folk Songs of Israel - Theodore Bikel [1958] Issued in mono only. This album uses tracks from EKL 32 plus additional titles. Dodili/Hehali L/Ana Pana/Orcha Bamidbar/Shech Abram Yom/Shomer Ma Milel/Uziyah/Shir Habokrim/El Ginat/Barechev/Shim'u Shim'u/Hana'ava Babanot/S Kerem/Ptsach Bazemer/Aclayla

EKL 133 - Shep Ginandes Sings Folksongs - Shep Ginandes [1958] Issued in mono only. Bolakins/Two Brothers/Miss Bailey/Wife of Usher's Well/Anarchistic/Garret/Mattie Groves/Cantonnier/En El Salon/V'la Le Bon Vent/Brizhki/Trois Bateliers/Le Joli Matelot/Der Rebbe Elimelech/Mananitas/Claire Fontaine/J'Fais Pipi

EKL 134 - Four French Horns Plus Rhythm - Four French Horns Plus Rhythm [1958] Issued in mono only.

EKL 135 - Glenn Yarbrough - Glenn Yarbrough [1958] Issued in mono only. Rich Gal, Poor Gal/Spanish Is A Loving Tongue/Hey, Jim Along/Johnny I Hardly Knew You/All My Sorrows/Hard Ain't It Hard/All Through The Night/Here We Go, Baby/Turtle Dove/Goodbye My Lover/One More River/Sailor's Grave/Wasn't That A Mighty Day/House Of The Rising Sun/This Land Is Your Land

EKL 136 - Vibe-Rant - Teddy Charles [1957] Issued in mono only. Old Devil Moon/Skylark/No More Nights/How Deep Is The Ocean/Arlene/Blues Become Elektra

EKL 137 - Of Maids and Mistresses - Tom Kines [1958] Issued in mono only.

EKL 138 - Delta Rhythm Boys Sing - Delta Rhythm Boys [1/58] Issued in mono only. 'S Wonderful/Poor Boy/Saturday Night Fish Fry/Riddle Song/There'll Be Some Changes Made/Young Man With a Horn/Side By Side/It Ain't Necessarily So/Blue Skies/Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered/Cha Cha Joe/Something I Dreamed Last Night/It's All Right With Me

EKL 139/EKS 7139 - Original Trinidad Steel Band - Original Trinidad Steel Band [1959] Original stereo issue was as Elektra Stereo Disc 239-X. Steel Meringue/Begin the Beguine/Doris/Amarillo/Autumn Leaves/Calypso Meringue/Mama Loves Mambo//Cheek to Cheek/Princess Charming/Anna/Kuky/Amor/Puerto Rican Mambo/Sweet and Gentle/Jamaica Farewell

EKL 140 - When Dalliance Was in Flower, Volume 2 - Ed McCurdy [1958] Issued in mono only. Uptails All/Tottingham Frolic/A Young Man/A Tradesman/A Tenement To Let/The Playhouse Saint/The Merchant And The Fiddler's Wife/A Virgin's Meditation/Would You Have A Young Virgin?/The Jolly Miller/Of Chloe And Celia/A Lady So Frolic And Gay/My Thing Is My Own/The Jolly Pedlar's Pretty Thing/Phillis/To Bed To Me

EKL 141/EKS 7141 - Jewish Folk Songs - Theodore Bikel [1958] Originally issued in mono only. Der Rebe Elimetech/Di Yontevdike Teyg/Sha Shtil/Di Ban/Kum Aher Du Filozof/Di Mezinke/A Sudenyu/Achtsik Er Un Zibetsik Zi/Di Mame Lz Gegangen/Margaritkelech/Mu Asapru/Lomir Zich Iberbeten/Homeentashin/A Chazn Oyf Shabes/Reyzl/Tumbalalayka

EKL 142 - Off-Beat Folk Songs - Shanty Boys (Sprung, Cohen, Kilberg) [1958] Issued in mono only. Shuckin' Of Corn/Sweet Potato/Johnson Boys/Rubin Ranzo/Oh Mona/Midnight Special/Out After Beer/Crying Holy/Dance Boatman/Puttin' On The Style/Esekiel/None In That Rock/Oxtail Rag- Out/Walking Cane/Away Rio

EKL 143 - Marilyn Child and Glenn Yarbrough Sing Folk Songs - Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough [1958] Issued in mono only. We Come For To Sing/Wee Cooper O' Fife/Lilli-L-O/Bound For The Promised Land/Weel May The Keel Row/Wayfaring Stranger/Nickety Nack/Three Jolly Sailor Boys/Mary Has A Baby/Gently Johnny, My Jingalo/New York Girls/Red River Valley/An Irish Fragment/Buffalo Boy/Who Killed Cock Robin/Now, Let Me Fly/Everywhere I Look This Morning

EKL 144 - Gene and Francesca Sing Folksongs of Many Lands - Gene & Francesca [1958] Issued in mono only. Il Est Petit/Turtle Dove/Bella Alla Vai/Times Are Getting Hard/Mi Yivneh/Mattie Groves/Rockin' The Cradle/Cantando/A Casinha Pequenina/Yao Noi Hay M Ka/Way In The Middle Of The Night/Noel/Leig Ich Mir In Bet/Kretchma

EKL 145 - Sabicas, Volume 3 - Sabicas [1958] Issued in mono only. Salinas Gaditansa/El Limonar/Garrotin Flamenco/Solera Gitana/Rondena Gitana/Fiesta De Sabicas/Ecos Flamencos/El Fandango/Temas De Farruca/Fumores Flamencos/Aires Cartagenero

EKL 146/EKS 7146 - Shalom - Oranim Zabar [1958] Chemdati/Orcha Bamidbar/Shiru Shir/Zamri Tama/Chag Laro'e/Shir Eres/Chaili Bagaili/Ma Dodech/Mul Har Sinai/Shir Hashirim/Shnei Orot Balali/Eten Bamidbar/Ma Yafim/Hafie Vafele

EKL 147 - Unholy Matrimony - Paul Clayton [1958] Issued in mono only. Stay Away From The Girls/Wooden Legged Parson/Will The Weaver/Mother-In-Law Song/I Wish I Was Single Again/Old Wife Who Wanted Sprucin'/Charleston Merchant/Life On The Installment Plan/Dumb Wife/Jack The Sailor/Farmer's Nagging Wife/Dirty Wife/Farmer's Servant/Quick Way To Be Rid Of A Wife/Bucher And The Tailor's Wife/Husband With No Courage In Him/I Can't Change It/Home, Sad Home

EKL 148 - The Many Sides of Sandy Paton - Sandy Paton [1958] Issued in mono only. Captain Wedderburn's Courtship/Wee Magic Stane/Katy Cruel/Auld Man/Overgate/Twa Heids/Auld Maid In A Garret/Wee Croodlin' Doo/Daily Growing/Byker Hill/Foggy Dew/Coming Home From The Wake/Wild Mountain Thyme/Begging Tongue/I Never Go To Work/Children's Songs

EKL 149/EKS 7149 - Festival Gitana - Sabicas/Los Trianeros [1958] Bulerias/Taranto/Verdiales/Tientos/Sevillanas/Fandangos/Solea Pour Buleria/Martinete Y Seguiriya/Fandangos De Huelva

EKL 150/EKS 7150 - Songs of a Russian Gypsy - Theodore Bikel [1958] Originally issued in mono only. Beryuzoviye Kalyechka/Yekhali Tsigane/Dve Gitari/Kagda Ya Pyann/Svyetit Myesats/Kak Stranno/Nichevo/Chto Mnye Gorye/Dyen I Noch/Metyelitsa/Snilsya Mnye Sad/Karobushka/Karabli/Sudarinya

EKL 151 - Our Singing Heritage, Volume 1 - Various Artists (Peggy Seeger, Paul Clayton, Pat Foster & George Pegram) [1958] Issued in mono only. Mack Went A-Sailing/Strawberrry Roan/Rich Old Lady/Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane/Gypsy Lover/When I Was Single/Roll On Buddy/House Carpenter/Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet/Lakes Of Ponchartrain/Froggie Went A-Courting/Goodbye Little Bonnie Goodbye/John Riley/Johnny Runkins/Mary What You Call That Pretty Little Baby/Yellow Rose Of Texas/Love Henry

EKL 152 - Our Singing Heritage, Volume 2 - Various Artists (Peggy Seeger, Paul Clayton, Pat Foster & George Pegram) [1958] Issued in mono only.

EKL 153 - Our Singing Heritage, Volume 3 - Frank Warner [1959] Issued in mono only. Medley: Jolly Tinker, Blackjack Davy/plus 17 other titles.

EKL 154 - Erik Darling - Erik Darling [1958] Issued in mono only. Salty Dog/In The Evening/J.C. Holmes/Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase/Oh, What A Beautiful City/Pretty Polly//Paul And Silas/Hard Luck Blues/Banjo Medley/Aboline/Swannanda Tunnel/Boil Weevil/Let Me Fly/Candy Man

EKL 155 - Bobby Burns' Merry Muses - Paul Clayton [1958] Issued in mono only. Nine Inch Will Please A Lady/Our Jock's Broke Yesterday/How Can I Keep My Maidenhead?/Who Will Mow Me Now?/Johnnie Scott/John Anderson My Jo/Tommie Makes My Tail Toddle/Tweedmouth Town/Would You Do That?/Ellibanks/Beware Of The Ripples/Duncan MacLeerie//Muirland Meg/No Hair On It/Copper Of Dundee/Who The Devil Can Hinder The Wind To Blow/Lassie Gathering Nuts/The Thrusting Of It/My Bonnie Highland Lad/The Patriarch/Duncan Davison/Know Ye Not Our Bess/Auntie Jean/A Hole To Hide It In/Can You Labour Lea

EKL 156/EKS 7156 - On the Road to Elath - Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe [1958] Originally issued in mono only. Songs of the new Israel. Lamidbar/Findjan/Hora Heachzut/Shedmati/Shir Haborkrim/Ho Nave/Oz Va'a L'oz/Hey Daroma/El Hanegev/Yesusum/At Adama/Harderech Le Eylat/Arava At Arava/Hora Mamtera

EKL 157 - Run Come Hear - Erik Darling Folk Singers [1958] Issued in mono only. Poor Howard/Peter Gray/Run Come See/Silvy/Hullabaloo/Peat Bog Soldiers/Pay Me My Money Down/Deep Blue Sea/By'm By/Michael Row The Boat Ashore/Little Maggie/Brown Eyes/Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea/Banuwa/Room Enough/Keep Your Hand On The Plow

EKL 158/EKS 7158 - Chain Gang Songs - Josh White [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Trouble/'Twas On A Monday/Going Home, Boys/Nine Foot Shovel/Crying Who? Crying You//Dip Your Fingers In The Water/Old Ship Of Zion/Mary Had A Baby/Did You Ever Love A Woman/Every Time I Feel The Spirit

EKL 159/EKS 7159 - Cuadro Flamenco - Cuadro Flamenco [1958] Original stereo issue was as Elektra Stereo Disc 259-X. Reissued as Nonesuch 2002 in 1965. Isla/Aires De La Caleta/Tacon Flamenco/Tu Pelo Negro/Punta Humbria/Aljibes/En La Cueva/Llanto Andaluz/Macarena/A La Feria

EKL 160/EKS 7160 - When Dalliance Was in Flower, Volume 3 - Ed McCurdy [1959] Yeoman Of Kent/Shepherd/Old Brass To Mend/Celia/As I Walked In The Woods/Merry Wedding/Whilst Alexis Lay Prest/How Happy's The Miller/Hive Of Bees/Sound Of Country Lass/She Rose To Let Me In/Country Wake/Pollycock/When Flora Had On Her New Gown/Spinning Wheel/End

EKL 161/EKS 7161 - Folk Songs from Just About Everywhere - Theodore Bikel & Geula Gill [1958] The Russian song "Darogoy Dalnoyu" (side 1, band 6) later had English lyrics added by Gene Raskin who titled it "Those Were The Days," which would be a smash hit for Mary Hopkin in late 1968. Mr. Raskin also penned the tune "Kretchma" which was featured in Mr. Bikel's Bravo Bikel LP (EKL-175/EKS-7175). Pollerita/Ah Si Mon Moine/Shir Hanoar/Din Plaiurile Romaniei/Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen/Darogoy Dalnoyu//Yerakina/Oleana/Erets Zavat Khalav/Viva Jujuy/Ayil Ayil/Azizam/Peixe Vivo/Shney Khaverim

EKL 162/EKS 7162 - Catches and Glees - Randolph Singers [1958] Original stereo issue was on Elektra Stereo Disc 204-X. Which Is The Properest Day To Drink/others

EKL 163 - Songs for the Wee Folk - Susan Reed [1958] Issued in mono only.

EKL 164 - Love and War Between the Sexes - Gene & Francesca [1958] Issued in mono only. La Cicoria/Jeune Fillette/Sponger Money/Vidalita/Mary Oh Mary/Meu Limao/Tamo Daleko/Rosemarie/Tormentos/Come Under My Plaidie/Poy Tziganya/Katya/Lord Randall/Ho Ho

EKL 165/EKS 7165 - More Jewish Folk Songs - Theodore Bikel [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Hulyet Hulyet Kinderlech/Lomir Alle Zingen/A Zemer/A Fidler/Drei Techterlech/Der Becher/Kinder Yorn/Dona Dona/Unter A Kleyn Beymele/Der Fisher/Drei Yingelech/Papir Iz Doch Veis/Az Der Rebbe Zingt/Di Zun Vet Arunter Geyn

EKL 166/EKS 7166 - Around the Campfire - Oranim Zabar Troupe [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Al Tira/Erev Shel Shoshanim/Hora Oz/Gozi Li/Shim'oo Shim'oo Esh All/Dayagim/Va Yven/Chi Dot/David Melech/Leylot Bich'na'an/Eretz Zavat

EKL 167/EKS 7167 - Gold Coast Saturday Night - Saka Acquaye & His African Ensemble [1959] Sugar Soup/Down The Congo/Saturday Night/Drum Festival/Concomba/Beyond Africa/Congo Beat/Echoes Of The African Forest/Bus Conductor/Ebony/Kenya Sunset/Awuben/Akudonno

EKL 168/EKS 7168 - The Wild Blue Yonder - Oscar Brand featuring the Roger Wilco Four [1959] Save A Fighter Pilot's Ass/Come And Join The Air Force/Give Me Operations/Itazuke Tower/Sidi Slimane/Army Air Force Heaven/Bless 'Em All/Glory Flying Regulations/God Damned Reserves/Barnacle Bill The Pilot/Fighter Pilot's Lament/I Wanted Wings/Poor Co-Pilot/Cigarettes And Sake/Wreck Of The Old Ninety-Seven/Let's Have A Party

EKL 169/EKS 7169 - Every Inch a Sailor - Oscar Brand [1960]

EKL 170 - Son of Dalliance - Ed McCurdy [1959] Issued in mono only. A Petition/Character Of A Mistress/Rapture/The Miller's Daughter/I Dreamed My Love/The Presbyterian Wedding/A Lamentable Case/The Way To Win Her/She Lay All Naked/A Pleasant Ballad/A Maiden's Delight/The Vine/Three Birds/The Fornicator

EKL 171 - A Concert with Hillel and Aviva - Hillel & Aviva [1959] Issued in mono only.

EKL 172 - Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles - Jean Shepherd [1959] Issued in mono only. A comedy album.

EKL 173/EKS 7173 - Donkey Debka! Young Israel Sings - Ron & Nama [1959]

EKL 174/EKS 7174 - Tell It to the Marines - Oscar Brand [1960] Honey Baby/Call Out The Corps/Man In The Moon/Reserves Lament/Wake Island/Dinky Die/Gee But I Wanna Go Home/United States Marines/Moving On/Pua Pua/Cuts And Guts/Old Number Nine/Bless 'Em All/Marines Hymn

EKL 175/EKS 7175 - Bravo Bikel! - Theodore Bikel [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Proschay/Buffalo Boy/Doce Cascabeles/Mul Har Sinai/Two Brothers/Harmonicas/Mot'l/Le Caissier/Barnyards O'Delgatty/Digging The Weans/Coplas/Sano Duso/Chemdat I/Kretchma/Nitchevo Nitchevo Nitchevo

EKL 176/EKS 7176 - Hairy Jazz - Shel Silverstein [1959] I'm Satisfied With My Girl/Go Back Where You Got It Last Night/Broken Down Mama/Somebody Else Not Me/Good Whiskey/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/Who Walks In/Kitchen Man/Sister Kate/A Good Man Is Hard To Find/Pass Me By Just Like You Never Knowed Me/Ragged But Right

EKL 177/EKS 7177 - Ski Songs - Bob Gibson [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Celebrated Skier/In This White World/Super Skier/My Highlands Lassie/Bend In His Knees/Talking Skier//Ski Patrol/Skiin' In The Mornin'/Super Skier's Last Race/What'll We Do/Skl To The Skier

EKL 178/EKS 7178 - Out of the Blue: Songs of a Fighting Airforce - Oscar Brand & Roger Wilco 5 [1960] Flying Fortress/Will You Go Boom Today/I Learned About Flying From That/Lee's Hoochie/Air Force Ground Crew/It's A Shyme/Pilot's Heaven/Pilot Of Renown/Yankee Dollar/Prettiest Ship/In Flight Refueling/New Guinea Strafers/Stand To Your Glasses/Our Bomber Files 10,000 Miles/Airman's Toast

EKL 179/EKS 7179 - The World in My Arms - Anita Ellis [1960] World In My Arms/Lady Must Live/Woman Is A Sometime Thing/Someone to Watch Over Me/Who Can I Turn To/Everywher I Look/Yellow Flower/Fun to Be Fooled/He Loves And She Loves/Put the Blame On Mame/It Never Was You/Man In My Life

EKL 180/EKS 7180 - The Limeliters - Limeliters [1961] The Hammer Song/Battle At Gandessa/Charlie, The Midnight Marauder/Zhankoye/When I First Came To This Land/Malagueña Salerosa//The Bear Chase/The Burro/Gari Gari/John Henry, The Steel Driving Man/Take My True Love By The Hand/Lonesome Traveler

EKL 181/EKS 7181 - The Exciting Artistry of Will Holt - Will Holt [1960] Bilbao Song/Moritat/Alabama Song/Blues In The Night/Sailor's Tango/Nobody Knows You/When The World Was Young/Broadway Is A Tame Street/I Love Paris/Eagle And Me

EKL 182/EKS 7182 - We Sing of the Sea - Seafarers Chorus (Milt Okum, Conductor) [1960] Haul On The Bowline/Blood Red Roses/Hangin' Johnny/Clear The track/Eternal Father/Lowlands/Whiskey-O, Johnny-O, Bottle-O/Whup Jamboree/Reuben Ranzo/Amelia, Where Ya Bound To/Girl With The Blue Dress On/Paddy West/Sally Brown/Boney/New Bedford Whalers/Rolling Home

EKL 183/EKS 7183 - Boating Songs and All That Bilge - Oscar Brand & Sea Wolves [1960] Great Big Little Boat Show/U.S. Power Squadron/Get A Horse/Captain's Daughter/Talking Houseboat/Ten Little Fishermen/Head On The Yacht Club Bar/Yachting Pennant/Sea Wolf/Yacht Club Blues/Wet Pants Club/Small Boat Calypso/Skin Diver's Lament/Blow Me Home

EKL 184 - Presenting Joyce Grenfell - Joyce Grenfell [1960] Issued in mono only. Hello Song/Life And Literature/Thought For Today/Two Songs My Mother Taught Me/Nursery School/Life Story/I Like Life/Time To Waste/Three Brothers/Artist's Room/Mediocre Waltz/Committee

EKL 185/EKS 7185 - Songs of Russia Old and New - Theodore Bikel [1960] Pomnya Ya/Yamshchik Gani-Ka K Yaru/Noch Tikha/Polso Bylo Lyublyatse/Gari Gari Maya Zvyezda/Chupchik/Vyecherny Zvon/At Volgi Da Dona/Talyanochka/Padmaskovniye Milaya/Katiusha/Pravazhanya/Tyomnaya Noch/Padmaskovniye Vyechera

EKL 186/EKS 7186 - Hora! Songs and Dances of Israel - Oranim Zabar Troupe [1960] Nayeem/Hineh Ma Tov/In Hashachar/Harmonica/Itee Milvanon/Krakowiak/Hora Mechona/Dodi Li/Bat Hareem/Mechol Ovadia/El Ginat Egoz/Vedaveed

EKL 187/EKS 7187 - Sabra, The Young Heart of Israel - Ron & Nama [1960] Shir Hakatar/Shir Ro'Im/Hasela Ha'Adom/Ta;Am Haman/Migdalor/Debka Rafiach/Belev Haleil/Ki Tin'Am/'Ni Shikora/Eten Bamidbar/Gemalim/Shayeret Harochvim/Pizmon Hagez

EKL 188/EKS 7188 - Sports Car Songs for Big Wheels - Oscar Brand [1960] Sports Car Casanova/That's What I Should Have Said/Grand Prix Of Monaco/Viva La Mille Miglia/What'll We Do With The Baby-O/Accessories After The Fact/Atomic Hot Rod/Old Crocks To Brighton/The Liar's Club/Rally Song/Classified Ads/Sports Car Heaven/How To Be A Hero Driver/Beep Beep

EKL 189/EKS 7189 - Newport Folk Festival 1960 - Various Artists (Oscar Brand, Will Holt, Oranim-Zabar, Theo Bikel) [1960] Talking Atomic Blues/Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry/Horse With A Union Label/Three Jovial Huntsmen/Edward Ballad/MTA/Bukhara/Russian Spoof/Ayil Ayil/Al Harim/Mi Caballo/Three Jolly Rogues/Eres Alta/Galveston Flood

EKL 190/EKS 7190 - Spook Along with Zacherley - Zacherley [1960] Also issued on Crestview records in 1963 under the title "Zacherley's Monster Gallery"CRV 803.

EKL 191/EKS 7191 - Caledonia - MacPherson Singers & Dancers of Scotland [1960] Road To The Isles/Ubhi-Abhi/Scots Wha Hae/Eriskay Love Lilt/Dashing White Sergeant/Lewis Bridal Song/A Man's A Man For A' That/Border Ballad/Green Hills Of Tyroll/Uist Tramping Song/Bonnie Dundee/Ho-Ree, Ho-Ro/Iona Boat Song/Laird O'Cockpen/Flow Gently Sweet Afton/Scotland The Brave

EKL 192/EKS 7192 - Goin' Places - Casey Anderson [1960] Nine-Hundred Miles/Steel's Gotta Be Drove/Yankee And A Rebel/Trooper And The Maid/Frank Slide/John Henry/Waiting For Jo Johnny/Strawberrries/Black Girl/Grizzly Bear/Pastures Of Plenty/Gonna Leave This Town

EKL 193/EKS 7193 - Spirituals and Blues - Josh White [1960] Southern Exposure/Red Sun/Silicosis Blues/Black Snake/Things About Coming My Way/My Way/I've Got That Pure Religion/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/I Know King Jesus/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/I Don't Intend To Die In Egypt

EKL 194/EKS 7194 - Balalaika - Sasha Polinoff & His Russian Gypsy Orchestra [1961] Polianka/Polushko Polie/Uydu Ya Na Rechenku/Troika/Vniz Po Matushke Po Volge/Hussari/Bessarabia/Padmaskovniye Vyechera/Buran/Starinny Valz/Ukrainskoye Podpuri/Ochi Chornya

EKL 195 - Will Failure Spoil Jean Shepherd? - Jean Shepherd [1961] Issued in mono only. Comedy album.

EKL 196/EKS 7196 - The Dudaim - Dudaim [1961] Originally issued in mono only. Bamsila Le Be'Ersheva/Rad Halayla/Kfar Radum/Shir Malachim/Erev Ba Habachurim Ayefim/Debka Ha'Abir/Afuego/L'Automne/Selo Napao/My Rovin' Eye/Ron Tslil/Ets Harimon/Derech Hatabak

EKL 197/EKS 7197 - Yes I See - Bob Gibson [1961] Yes I See/Springhill Mine Disaster/Well, Well, Well/You Can Tell The World/Copper Kettle/John Henry/Gilgarry Mountain/Motherless Children/Daddy Roll 'Em/Trouble In Mind/By And By/Blues Around My Head

EKL 198/EKS 7198 - Up in the Air: Songs for the Madcap Airman - Oscar Brand [1961] Teterboro Tower/Loaded Down/Gooney Bird/When I First Set Out To Fly/A and E Mechanics/Light Planes On Parade/Checklist Song/Line Boy/Plane Talk/Roving Flyer/From The Cab Docket/Passenger's Lament/Masters Of The Air

EKL 199/EKS 7199 - Go to Blazes - Peter Myers and Ronnie Cass [1961]

EKL 200/EKS 7200 - From Bondage to Freedom - Theodore Bikel [1961] Di Shvu'e/Les Guitares De L'Exil/Follow The Drinking Gourd/Oriol/Un Du Akerst/Mac Pherson's Lament/Eten Bamidbar/Mrs. McGrath/Scots Wha Hae/Die Moorsoldaten/One Sunday Morning/Rising Of The Moon/Vision Of The Bones

EKL 201/EKS 7201 - A Town Hall Concert - Oranim Zabar & Geula Gil [1961] Sheer Yayin/Ta'Am Haman/Bim Bam/Shabat Shalom/Shaduma/Hava Nagila/Ki Mitzion/Yemanja/Tumbalalayka/Tani Tani/Hallelujah/Roumanian Medley

EKL 202/EKS 7202 - Pulsating Rhythms of Paraguay - Los Chiriguanos [1961] Mercedita/Sabo/Llegada/Ay Para Navidad/El Chupino/Viva Jujuy/Viajera/Naranjitay/Pajaro Campana/Virginia/El Arriero/Mi Despedida/Paisaje De Catamarca

EKL 203/EKS 7203 - The House I Live In - Josh White [1961] Good Morning Blues/Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier/Waltzing Matilda/When I Lay Down And Die/Mean Mistreater/Blind Man Stood On The Road/Freedom Road/Man Who Couldn't Walk Around/T B Blues/House I Live In

EKL 204/EKS 7204 - For Doctors Only - Oscar Brand [1961] Originally issued in mono only. How To Be A Doctor/Appendectomy Country-Style/Ort Gyn/Charming White Caps/Television Doctors/Miracle Drugs/My First Day At Med School/Old G P/Here Comes The AMA/Conventional Behaviour/Surgery/Doctor's Wife/Medical Life Calypso/Conquest Of Disease

EKL 205 - A Treasure Chest of American Folk Song - Ed McCurdy [1961] (2 LPs) Issued in mono only. Who Is The Man/The Two Sisters/Yorkshire Bite/Frog's Courtship/Gypsy Laddie/Andrew Bardine/Lord Randal/The Paw Paw Patch/In Old Virginny/Boll Weevil/Hunters Of Kentucky/Derby Ram/The Squirrel/Black Is The Color/Rock About, My Saro Jane/Down In The Valley/Across The Western Ocean/Paddy Works On The Railway/My Pretty Little Pink/Lane County Bachelor/Careless Love/Bury Me Beneath The Willow/Gently, Fair Jenny/Simple Gifts/Wondrous Love/John Brown's Body/There Was An Old Soldier/Jesse James/The Cowboy's Dream/Roving Gambler/James Whaland/Clinch Mountain/Willy The Weeper/Hard Travelin'

EKL 206/EKS 7206 - The Whole World Dances - Geula Gill & Oranim Zabar Orchestra [1961] Folk Dances of Israel, Rumania, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Scotland and the United States.

EKL 207/EKS 7207 - Gibson and Camp at the Gate of Horn - Bob Gibson & Bob Camp [1961] Bob Camp later changed his name to Hamilton Camp and is well known as an actor. Skillet Good And Greasy/Old Blue/St. Claire's Defeat/I'm Gonna Tell God/Two In The Middle/Civil War Trilogy (1st Battalion, Yes I See, Two Brothers)/Daddy Roll 'Em/The Thinking Man/Wayfaring Stranger/Chicago Cops/Betty And Dupree

EKL 208/EKS 7208 - The Virtuoso Guitars of Presti and Lagoya - Presti & Lagoya [1961]

EKL 209/EKS 7209 - A Maid of Constant Sorrow - Judy Collins [1961] Maid Of Constant Sorrow/Prickilie Bush/Wild Mountain Thyme/Tim Evans/Sailor's Life/Bold Fenian Men//Wars Of Germany/O Daddy Be Gay/I Know Where I'm Going/John Riley/Pretty Saro/The Rising Of The Moon

EKL 210/EKS 7210 - A Harvest of Israeli Folksongs - Theodore Bikel [1961] Ken Yovdu/Ha'avoda/Havu Lanu Yayin/Tsei'i Lach/Shuva Elay/Erev Ba/Migdalor/Emek/Plyus/Arava Ho Arava/Layla Al Hakfar/Simchu Na/Shabat Shalom/Avigayil/Har Vakar

EKL 211/EKS 7211 - Empty Bed Blues - Josh White [1962] Empty Bed Blues/Mother On That Train/Bottle Up And Go/Backwater Blues/Baby Baby Blues/Lord Have Mercy/Home In That Rock/Paul And Silas/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/That Suits Me

EKL 212/EKS 7212 - Fastest Balalaika in the West - Sasha Polinoff & His Russian Gypsy Orchestra [1962] Kamarinskaya/Ukrainskoye Potpourri/To Nie Vietier Vietku Clonit/Kalinka/Toska Po Rodine/Mazurka/Pesnia Rebakah/Gypsy Song/Yamschik/Ticho Vait Vetirok/Gaida Troika Proschay/Svetit Mesiatz

EKL 213 - The Best of Dalliance - Ed McCurdy [1961] (2 LPs) Issued in mono only. Go Bring Me A Lass/Lusty Young Smith/The Trooper/When Flora Had On Her New Gown/Uptails All/The Shepherd/Four Able Physicians/Hive Of Bees/Yeoman Of Kent/Lady So Frolic And Gay/A Riddle/Three Birds/Sylvia The Fair/Playhouse Saint/Sound Country Lass/Young Man And A Maid/Jolly Tinker/A Wanton Trick/Jolly Miller/She Lay All Naked/A Trades Man/A Petition/Tottingham Frolic/Character Of A Mistress/The Vine/Country Wake/Pleasant Ballad/The End

EKL 214 - Jean Redpath's Scottish Ballad Book - Jean Redpath [1962] Issued in mono only. Gypsy Laddie/Barbarry Allan/Twa Corbies/Wee Cooper O'Fife/Clerk Saunders/Bonny Boy/Inverey/Rantin' Laddie/Wee Toon clerk/Licht Bob's Lassie/Sir Patrick Spens

EKL 215 - Bob Grossman - Bob Grossman [1962] Issued in mono only. Viva La Quince Brigada/First Time/Vayiven Uziahu/Whoa Back Buck/'Buked And Scorned/John Henry/Hoah/Bonnie Highland Laddie/Whiskey In The Jar/Clear The Track/Abdul Albulbul Amir/Fox

EKL 216 - The Travelers 3 - Travelers 3 [1962] Issued in mono only. Roll Along/All The Pretty Little Horses/Tamure/Bowling Green/Well Well Well/Sinner Man/Julianne/Marcella Wahine/Hi Jolly/Land Of Oden/Gotta Travel On/Good Morning Captain

EKL 217/EKS 7217 - Folk Banjo Styles - Various Artists (Eric Weissberg, Marshall Brickman, Tom Paley & Art Rosenbaum) [1962] Collection of 22 Folksongs.

EKL 218 - Treasury of Spanish and Mexican Folk Songs - Cynthia Gooding [1962] (2 LPs) Issued in mono only.

EKL 219 - Sing Along in Hebrew - Maccabee Singers [1962] Issued in mono only. Finjan/Dodi Li/Simona Midimona/Erev Shel Shoshanim/Erets Zavat/Ana Pana Dodech/Erev Ba/Hine Ma Tov/Hey Daroma/Eten Bamidbar/Hava 'Ava Babanot/Ne'Aches - Zamar Noded/Have Nagila

EKL 220/EKS 7220 - The Poetry and Prophecy of the Old Testament - Theodore Bikel [1962]

EKL 221 - French and Italian Folksongs - Cynthia Gooding & Yves Tessier [1962] Issued in mono only. Combines 10 inch albums ELK-17 and ELK 31.

EKL 222/EKS 7222 - Golden Apples of the Sun - Judy Collins [1962] Golden Apples Of The Sun/Bonnie Ship The Diamond/Little Brown Dog/Twelve Gates To The City/Christ Child Lullaby/Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry//Tell Me Who I'll Marry/Fannerio/Crow On The Cradle/Lark In The Morning/Sing Hallelujah/Shule Aroon

EKL 223 - A Treasury of Folk Songs for Children - Various Artists [1962] (2 LP set) Issued in mono only.

EKL 224 - Songs of Love, Lilt and Laughter - Jean Redpath [1962] Issued in mono only. Day We Went To Rothesay/Caller O'u/Mouth Music/Wae's Me For Prince Charlie/Mcfarlane O' The Sprots O'bur/Nicky Tams/Song Of The Seals/Peat Fire Flame/Love Is Teasin'/Lewis Bridal Song/Paddy McGinty's Goat/Tae The Weavers/Kirk Swaree/She Moved Through The Fair

EKL 225/EKS 7225 - The Best of Bikel - Theodore Bikel [1962] Dodi Li/Ma Guitare Et Moi/Beryuzoviye Kalyechke/Unter A Kleyn Beymele/Rue/Pollerita/Hel Pada Pada/Plylis/Hulyet, Hulyet, Kinderlech/One Sunday Morning/Yamschchik Gani-Ka K Yaru/Managwani Mpulele/Kum Aher Du Filozof/Ken Yovdu/Padrushka Milaya

EKL 226 - Open House - Travelers 3 [1962] Issued in mono only.

EKL 227/EKS 7227 - Ole la Mano - Juan Serrano [1962] Bulerias/Tarantas/Seoul Rlyas/Granadinas/Aires De Huelva/Zambra/Alegrias/Zapateado/Soleares

EKL 228/EKS 7228 - A Snow Job for Skiers - Oscar Brand [1962] Why the Hell Do We Ski/Skier's Proposition/Ski Racks and Boot Sacks/Old Ski Tow/Back to Town/Ballad of the Snow Bunny/Come Along Boys/Ski Instructor/Roll Your Leg Over/Summit Ski Meet/Hills of West Virginia/Stretch Pants Lament/Skier's Daydream

EKL 229 - Treasury of Music of the Renaissance - La Société De Musique D'Autrefois [1962] (2 LP set) Issued in mono only.

EKL 230/EKS 7230 - Theodore Bikel on Tour - Theodore Bikel [1963] Polyushka/She Was Poor But She Was Honest/J'ai Perdu Le Do/Ti N'avto/Que Bonita/Hassade Netse/Az A Sze P/Tshiribim/El Burro/Doina (Peulita)/Pakom Pakom/Zvyozdochka/Yankele/Three Translation Professors/Chapt Un Nemt

EKL 231/EKS 7231 - Judy Henske - Judy Henske [1963] Low Down Alligator/Empty Bed Blues/Ballad Of Little Romy/Wade In The Water/Hooka Tooka/I Know You Rider/Lily Langtree/Lilac Wine/Love Henry/Every Night When The Sun Goes In/Salvation Army Song

EKL 232/EKS 7232 - Back Porch Bluegrass - Dillards [1963] Old Joseph/Somebody Touched Me/Polly Vaughn/Banjo In The Hollow/Dooley/Lonesome Indian/Ground Hog/Old Home Place//Hickory Hollow/Old Man At The Mill/Doug's Tune/Rainin' Here This Mornin'/Cold Trailin'/Reuben's Train/Duelin' Banjo

EKL 233/EKS 7233 - Dián and the Greenbriar Boys - Dián & Greenbriar Boys [1963]

EKL 234/EKS 7234 - Art of the Koto: The Music of Japan - Kimio Eto [1963] Sakura/Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)/Yuki No Genso (Snow Fantasy)/Hachidan No Shirabe (Variations In Eight Steps)/Three Children's Songs/Yaciyo Jishi (Lion Of Eight Thousand Generations)/Izumi (A Spring)

EKL 235/EKS 7235 - Flamenco Fenomenon - Juan Serrano [1963]

EKL 236 - Live! Live! Live! - Travelers 3 [1963] Issued in mono only.

EKL 237/EKS 7237 - Songs for Golfers - Oscar Brand [1963]

EKL 238/EKS 7238 - New Dimensions in Banjo and Bluegrass - Eric Weissberg & Marshall Brickman [1963] This album was later reissued on Warner Bros (BS 2683) with the addition of "Dueling Banjos" as the "Soundtrack" of the movie of the same name.

EKL 239/EKS 7239 - Where I'm Bound - Bob Gibson [1963] Where I'm Bound/The Waves Roll Out/12-String Guitar Rag/Wastin' Your Time/The New Frankie And Johnnie Song/Foghorn/Baby I'm Gone Again/Farewell My Honey, Cindy Jane/Some Old Woman/Stella's Got A New Dress/The Town Crier's Song/What You Gonna Do/Betsy From Pike/Fare Thee Well

EKL 240 - Blues Rags and Hollers - Koerner, Ray & Glover [1963] Issued in mono only. Elektra licensed these recordings from Audiophile Records (the original catalog number was Audiophile AP-78, released June, 1963). Elektra cut four songs from the original album ("Ted Mack Rag," "Dust My Broom," "Too Bad," and "Mumblin' Word") and released the album in monaural only. Re-released on CD by Red House Records (RHR CD 76) in Feb 1995. The CD includes the whole of the album as recorded in stereo. Linin' Track/Ramblin' Blues/It's All Right/Hangman/Down To Louisiana/Bugger Burns/Creepy John/Sun's Wail/One Kind Favor/Go Down Ol' Hannah/Good Time Charlie/Banjo Thing/Stop That Thing/Snaker's Here/Low Down Rounder/Jimmy Bell

EKL 241/EKS 7241 - High Flying Bird - Judy Henske [1963] High Flying Bird/Buckeye Jim/Till The Real Thing Comes Along/Oh, You Engineer/Baltimore Oriole/Columbus Stockade/Blues Chase Up A Rabbit/Lonely Train/Duncan And Brady/God Bless The Child/Good Old Wagon/You Are Not My First Love/Charlotte Town

EKL 242/EKS 7242 - Cough: Army Songs Out of the Barracks Bag - Oscar Brand & The Short Arms [1963] Enemy Generals On Parade/Hinky Die/Hearse Song/Man Behind The Armor- Plate/Ballad Of Anzio/Paratrooper Song/Benny Havens/Quartermaster Corps/We're Moving On/Caisson Song/Infiltration Course/Messkit Song/Goddamn Reserves/Shannadore

EKL 243/EKS 7243 - Judy Collins #3 - Judy Collins [12/63] (3-64, #126) Includes guitar and banjo work by Jim McGuinn, later of the Byrds. Anathea/Bullgine Run/Farewell/Hey Nelly Nelly/Ten O'Clock All Is Well/The Dove/Masters Of War//In The Hills Of Shiloh/The Bells Of Rhymney/Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)/Settle Down/Come Away Melinda/Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)

EKL 244 - 20th Century Music for Guitar - Rey De La Torre [1964] Issued in mono only.

EKL 245/EKS 7245 - Adventures for 12 String, 6 String and Banjo - Dick Rosmini [1964] Little Brown Dog/900 Miles To Go/Casey/Joshua/Shady Grove/Improvisation For 12- String/St. James Drag/Macedonian Rag//John Hardy/Two Shady Ladies In Time/Jelly Roll/Picker's Medley/Goin' Baroque/Sweet Substitute/Freight Train/Sadie/Minstrel Boy

EKL 246/EKS 7246 - The Even Dozen Jug Band - Even Dozen Jug Band [1964] UK release on Bounty BY6023. This band included John Sebastian, Maria Muldaur (as Maria D'Amato), Steve Katz, Stefan Grossman and Joshua Rifkin. Take Your Fingers Off It/Come On In/Mandolin King Rag/Overseas Stomp/Evolution Mama/The Even Dozens/I Don't Love Nobody/Rag Mama/France Blues/On The Road Again/Original Colossal Drag Rag/All Worn Out/Lonely One In This Town/Sadie Green

EKL 247 - The Songs of Fred Engelberg - Fred Engelberg [1964] Issued in mono only.

EKL 248/EKS 7248 - Tear Down the Walls - Vince Martin and Fred Neil [1964] I Know You Rider/Red Flowers/Tear Down The Walls/Weary Blues/Toy Balloon/Baby/Morning Dew/I'm A Drifter/Linin' Track/Wild Child In A World Of Trouble/Dade County Jail/I Got 'Em/Lonesome Valley

EKL 249/EKS 7249 - The Patriot Game - Irish Ramblers [1964] Sleeve credits say "The Irish Ramblers would like to express their appreciation to Jim McGuinn for his help in preparing these songs for recording."

EKL 250/EKS 7250 - A Folksinger's Choice - Theodore Bikel [1964] Haul Away Joe/Damsel Of 19 Years Old/Dance To Your Daddy/Vicar Of Bray/Charladies Ball/Trooper And The Maid/Tail Toddle/Away With Rum//Highland Muster Roll/Wallaby Stew/Co-Operative Cookies/Springhill Mine Disaster/Limerick Rake/The 42nd/Calton Weaver/Come Away Melinda

EKL 251/EKS 7251 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 1 [1964]

EKL 252/EKS 7252 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 2 [1964]

EKL 253/EKS 7253 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 3 [1964]

EKL 254/EKS 7254 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 4 [1964]

EKL 255/EKS 7255 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 5 [1964]

EKL 256/EKS 7256 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 6 [1964]

EKL 257/EKS 7257 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 7 [1964]

EKL 258/EKS 7258 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 8 [1964]

EKL 259/EKS 7259 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 9 [1964]

EKL 260/EKS 7260 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 10 [1964]

EKL 261/EKS 7261 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 11 [1964]

EKL 262/EKS 7262 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 12 [1964]

EKL 263/EKS 7263 - Authentic Sound Effects, Volume 13 [1964]

EKL 264/EKS 7264 - The Blues Project - Various Artists [1964] Bob Landy, who appears on this album playing "Treble Piano" on the track "Downtown Blues," is really Bob Dylan, with the letters of his last name scrambled. Obviously, this album is not to be confused with the Al Kooper/Steve Katz group of the same name that recorded for Verve/Forecast; the only thing this album and the later band had in common was Danny Kalb. It is possible, however, that the Kooper/Katz group was named after this LP. Fixin' To Die - Dave Ray/Blow Whistle Blow - Eric Von Schmidt/My Little Woman - John Koerner/Ginger Man - Geoff Muldaur/Bad Dream Blues - Dave Van Ronk/Winding Boy - Ian Buchanan/I'm Troubled - Danny Kalb/France Blues - Mark Spoelstra//Don't You Leave Me Here - Dave Van Ronk/Devil Got My Woman - Geoff Muldaur/Southbound Train - John Koerner/Downtown Blues - Geoff Muldaur/Leavin' Here Blues - Dave Ray/Hello Baby Blues - Danny Kalb/She's Gone - Mark Spoelstra/Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone - Dave Ray

EKL 265/EKS 7265 - Live!!! Almost!!! - Dillards [1964] Black-Eyed Susie/Never See My Home Again/There Is a Time/Old Blue/Sinkin' Creek/The Whole World Round/Liberty!//Dixie Breakdown/Walkin' Down the Line/Jody's Tune/Pretty Polly/Taters in Sandy Land-Gimme Chaw T'Baccer/Buckin' Mule

EKL 266 - Jean Carignan - Jean Carignan [1964] Issued in mono only.

EKL 267/EKS 7267 - Lots More Blues Rags and Hollers - Koerner, Ray & Glover [1964] Black Dog/Whomp Bom/Black Betty/Honey Bee/Crazy Fool/Keep Your Hands Off Her/Duncan And Brady/Fine Soft Land/Red Cross Store/Lady Day/Freeze To Me, Mama/Ted Mack Rag/Fannin Street/Love Bug/Can't Get My Rest At Night/What's The Matter With The Mill

EKL 268/EKS 7268 - Ian Campbell Folk Group - Ian Campbell Folk Group [1964]

EKL 269/EKS 7269 - All the News That's Fit to Sing - Phil Ochs [1964] One More Parade/The Thresher/Talking Vietnam/Lou Marsh/Power And The Glory/Celia/The Bells//Automation Song/Ballad Of William Worthy/Knock On The Door/Talking Cuban Crisis/Bound For Glory/Too Many Martyrs/What's That I Hear

EKL 270/EKS 7270 - Swing Hallelujah - Christian Tabernacle Church [1964]

EKL 271/272 - Library of Congress Recordings - Woody Guthrie [1964] Issued in mono only. Boxed set of three records with a booklet. Lost Train Blues/Railroad Blues/Rye Whiskey/Old Joe Clark/Beaumont Rag/Greenback Dollar/Boll Weevil Song/So Long It's Been Good To Know You/Talking Dust Bowl Blues/Do-Re-Mi/Hard Times/Pretty Boy Floyd/They Laid Jesus Christ In His Grave/Jolly Banker/I Ain't Got No Home/Dirty Overalls/Chain Around My Leg/Worried Man Blues/Lonesome Valley/Walkin' Down That Railroad Line/Goin' Down That Road Feelin' Bad/Dust Storm Disaster/Foggy Mountain Top/Dust Pneumonia Blues/California Blues/Dust Bowl Refugees/Will Rogers Highway/Los Angeles New Year's Flood

EKL 273 - Happy All the Time - Joseph Spence [1964] Issued in mono only. Out On The Rollin' Sea/Bimini Gal/We Shall Be Happy/Crow/Diamond On Earth/Uncle Lou/No Lazy Man/How I Love Jesus/Conch Ain't Got No Bone/I Am Living On The Hallelujah

EKL 274/EKS 7274 - Laddie Lie Near Me - Jean Redpath [1964]

EKL 275/EKS 7275 - Bravo Serrano! - Juan Serrano [1964]

EKL 276/EKS 7276 - Old Time Banjo Project - Various Artists [1964]

EKL 277/EKS 7277 - Ramblin' Boy - Tom Paxton [1964] A Job Of Work/A Rumblin' In The Land/When Morning Breaks/Daily News/What Did You Learn In School Today/The Last Thing On My Mind/Harper/Fare Thee Well, Cisco/I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound/High Sheriff Of Hazard/My Lady's A Wild Flying Dove/Standing On The Edge Of Town/I'm Bound For The Mountains and The Sea/Goin' To The Zoo/Ramblin' Boy

EKL 278/EKS 7278 - Paths of Victory - Hamilton Camp [1964] Guess I'm Doin' Fine/Girl Of The North Country/The Rubaiyat/Walkin' Down The Line/A Satisfied Mind/Pride of Man//Get Together/Innisfree/Long Time Gone/Only A Hobo/Irish Poems/Tomorrow Is A Long Time/Paths Of Victory

EKL 279 - The Iron Muse - Various Artists [1964] Issued in mono only. Licensed from Topic Records in the UK with a booklet giving notes on the songs written by A. L. (Bert) Lloyd.

EKL 280/EKS 7280 - The Judy Collins Concert - Judy Collins [1964] Recorded at Town Hall, March 21, 1964. Winter Sky/The Last Thing On My Mind/Tear Down The Walls/Bonnie Boy Is Young/Me And My Uncle/Wild Rippling Water/The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll//My Ramblin' Boy/Red-Winged Blackbird/Coal Tattoo/Cruel Mother/Bottle Of Wine/Medger Evers Lullaby/Hey, Nelly, Nelly

EKL 281/EKS 7281 - Yiddish Theatre And Folk Songs - Theodore Bikel [1964]

EKL 282 - Music of Bulgaria - Ensemble of Bulgarian Republic [1964] Issued in mono only. Chope Dance/Theodora Is Dozing/Mother Has Decided To Marry Me/The Moon Shines/Trio Of Bagpipes/A Young Girl At Parting/Niagol Talks To Milka/The Bird Has Come/Fida Is Sleepy/Bre Pretrounko/Come To Supper Tonight, Rada/Bulgarian Suite/Rank Weeds/Stoyan Comes Back To Constanti/The Drums Roll/They Are Going Across The Fore/Theodora Have You Had Supper

EKL 283/EKS 7283 - Five and Twenty Questions - Mark Spoelstra [1965] Five And Twenty Questions/On The Road Again/My Love Is (Like) A Dewdrop/White Winged Dove/Jesse's Jump/Ballad Of 12th Avenue//Won't Allow Manking To Rest/Somebody's Gonna Miss Me/The Leaves/Fife And Drum/Untitled Instrumental/Just A Hand To Hold

EKL 284/EKS 7284 - Snaker's Here - Dave "Snaker" Ray [1965] Julie Ann Johnson/Go My Bail/Rock Me/Bull Frog Blues/Old Country Rock/Rambling On My Mind/Broke Down Engine/Blind Lemon/Last Fair Deal Gone Down (with Tony Glover)//Saddle Up My Pony/Brownsville Blues/Becky Dean/Yellow Woman's Door Bells/Killing Me By Degrees/'Fore Day Worry Blues/Rising Sun Blues/Need My Help Someday (with Tony Glover)

EKL 285/EKS 7285 - Pickin' and Fiddlin' - Dillards with Byron Berline [1965] Hamilton County/Fisher's Hornpipe/Daddy On The Turnpike/Jazz Bow Rag/Apple Blossom/Tom And Jerry/Cotton Patch/Dwrang's Hornpipe//Wagoner/Sally Johnson/Crazy Creek/Drunken Billy Goat/Black Mountain Rag/Twinkle Twinkle/Wild John/Soppin' The Gravy

EKL 286/EKS 7286 - Classical Music of Japan - Various Artists [1965]

EKL 287/EKS 7287 - I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs [1965] I Ain't Marching Anymore/In The Heat Of The Summer/Draft Dodger Rag/That's What I Want To Hear/That Was The President/Iron Lady/The Highwayman//Links On The Chain/Hills Of West Virginia/The Men Behind The Guns/Talking Birmingham Jam/Ballad Of The Carpenter/Days Of Decision/Here's To The State Of Mississippi

EKL 288/EKS 7288 - Tom Rush - Tom Rush [1965] Long John/If Your Man Gets Busted/Do-Re-Mi/Milk Cow Blues/The Cuckoo/Black Mountain Blues/Poor Man/Solid Gone/When She Wants Good Lovin'/I'd Like To Know/Jelly Roll Baker/Windy Bill/Panama Limited

EKL 289/EKS 7289 - Kathy and Carol - Kathy Larisch & Carol McComb [1965] Sprig Of Thyme/George Collins/The Blacksmith/Fair Beauty Bright/Green Rocky Road/The Grey Cock/Wondrous Love/Carter's Blues/Lady Maisry/Brightest And Best/Gold Watch And Chain/Just A Hand To Hold

EKL 290/EKS 7290 - Spider Blues - John Koerner [1965] Good Luck Child/I Want To Be Your Partner/Nice Legs/Spider Blues/Corrina/Shortnin' Bread/Ramblin' And Tumblin'/Delia Holmes/Need A Woman/I Want To Do Something/Baby Don't Come Back/Hal C Blake/Things Ain't Right/Rent Party Rag

EKL 291/EKS 7291 - Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell - Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell [1965] Lock The Door Lariston/O'er The Water/Bungle Rye/Doodle Let Me Go/The Singing Games/Singin' Bird/Queen Mary, Queen Mary/The Jug O' Punch/Coorie Doon/Blow, Ye Winds In The Morning/Bothwell Castle/The Itinerant Cobbler/Fine Flowers In The Valley/The Lass O'Fyvie

EKL 292/EKS 7292 - The String Band Project - Various Artists [1965] Hallelujah To The Lamb/Burial Of Wild Bill/All Around The Mountain/Shoot The Turkey Buzzard/Been All Around This World/Cocaine/Baldheaded End Of The Broom/Jealous/What Will I Do For My Money's/I Got A Gal In Baltimore/Sugar Hill/Chilly Winds/Bagtime Annie/Red Rocking Chair/Billy In The Low Ground/Train On The Island/Ever See A Devil/Oncle Joe/Goodbye Miss Liza Jane/Single Girl/Stoney Point

EKL 293/EKS 7293 - Bleecker and MacDougal - Fred Neil [1965] Reissued as EKS 74073 with the title "Little Bit of Rain" and with a different sleeve. Bleecker And MacDougal/Blues On The Ceiling/Sweet Mama/Little Bit Of Rain/Country Boy/Other Side To This Life/Mississippi Train/Travellin' Shoes/The Water Is Wide/Yonder Comes The Blues/Candy Man/Handful Of Gimme/Gone Again

EKL 294/EKS 7294 - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Paul Butterfield Blues Band [1965] (12-65, #123) Band included guitarists Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop. Born in Chicago/Shake Your Moneymaker/Blues with a Feeling/Thank You Mr. Poobah/I Got My Mojo Working/Mellow Down Easy//Screamin'/Our Love Is Drifting/Mystery Train/Last Night/Look Over Yonders Wall

EKL 295/EKS 7295 - Tom Paley and Peggy Seeger - Tom Paley & Peggy Seeger [1965]

EKL 296 - Negro Folklore: Texas State Prison - Various Artists [1965] Issued in mono only.

EKL 297/EKS 7297 - Sounds of Japan - Actuality Sounds [1965]

EKL 298/EKS 7298 - Ain't That News - Tom Paxton [1965] Ain't That News/Willing Conscript/Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation/Hold On To Me Babe/The Name Of The Game Is Stud/Bottle Of Wine/The Natural Girl For Me/Goodman Schwerner And Chaney/We Didn't Know/Buy A Gun For Your Son/Every Time/Georgie On The Freeways/Sully's Pail/I'm The Man That Built The Bridges

EKL 299/EKS 7299 - Singer-Songwriter Project - Various Artists [1965] Some copies of this album are missing two tracks. House Un-American Blues Activity Dream - Richard Fariña/Birmingham Sunday - Richard Fariña/Bold Marauder - Richard Fariña/Too Many Times - Patrick Sky/Talking Socialized Anti-Undertaker Blues - Patrick Sky/Many A Mile - Patrick Sky/Rompin' Rovin' Days - Bruce Murdoch/Down In Mississippi - Bruce Murdoch/Farewell My Friend - Bruce Murdoch/Try 'n' Ask - Bruce Murdoch/I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning - Dave Cohen/It's Alright With Me - Dave Cohen/Don't Get Caught In A Storm - Dave Cohen

EKL 300/EKS 7300 - Judy Collins' Fifth Album - Judy Collins [8/65] (10-65, #69) Pack Up Your Sorrows/The Coming Of The Roads/So Early, Early In The Spring/Tomorrow Is A Long Time/Daddy You've Been On My Mind/Thirsty Boots//Mr Tambourine Man/Lord Gregory/In The Heat Of The Summer/Early Morning Rain/Carry It On/It Isn't Nice

EKL 301/302 - Library of Congress Recordings - Leadbelly [1966] Issued in mono only. Boxed set of three discs with booklet. Also used number 302. Mr. Tom Hughes Town/De Kalb Blues/Take A Whiff On Me/The Medicine Man/I'm Sorry Mama/Square Dances Sooky Jump/Dance Calls, Dance Steps/Gwine Dig A Hole/Tight Like That/Green Corn/Becky Dean/Prison Singing/Midnight Special/Medley/I Ain't Gonna Ring Dem Yellow/Rock Island Line/Governor Pat Neff/Irene (Part I, Part II)/Governor OK Allen/Git On Board/Medley: Hallelujah/Joining The Church/Backslider/Fare You Well/Amazing Grace/Must I Be Carried To The Sky/Flowered Beds Of Ease/Down In The Valley To Pray/Let It Shine On Me/Run Sinners/Ride On/Monologue: The Blues/Thirty Days In The Workhouse/Fo' Day Worry Blues/Matchbox Blues/You Don't Know My Mind/Got A Gal In Town With/Alberta/Take Me Back/Henry Ford Blues/Ella Speed/Billy The Weaver/Frankie and Albert/If It Wasn't For Dicky/Mama Did You Bring Me An/The Bourgeois Blues/Howard Hughes/Scottsboro Blues/The Hindenburg Disaster/Turn Yo' Radio On/The Roosevelt Song

EKL 303 - Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis - Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis [1965] Issued in mono only.

EKL 304/EKS 7304 - The Promise of the Day - Corrie Folk Trio with Paddle Bell [1966]

EKL 305/EKS 7305 - The Return of Koerner, Ray & Glover - Koerner, Ray & Glover [1965] I Want To See My Baby/Titanic/You've Got To Be Careful/Looky, Looky Yonder/Statesboro Blues/Eugene C/Goin' To The Country/The Boys Was Shootin' It Out Last Night//Poor Howard/I Don't Want To Be Terrified/Don't Let Your Right Hand Know What Your Left Hand Do/Lonesome Road/England Blues/Packin' Trunk/John Hardy

EKL 306/EKS 7306 - The Baroque Beatles Book - Joshua Rifkin [1965] I Want To Hold Your Hand/You're Going to Lose that Girl/I'll Cry Instead/Things We Said Today/You've Got To Hide Your Love Away/Ticket To Ride/Hold Me Tight/Please Please Me/In They Came Jorking/Help/I'll Be Back/Eight Days A Week/She Loves You/Thank You Girl/Hard Day's Night

EKL 307/EKS 7307 - State of Mind - Mark Spoelstra [1966] Too Late/State Of Mind/Guns Of Our Cities/Bubble Gum Song/Dizzy Spell Blues/This Man//Gimme Gimme/Souless Blues/Full Time Man/Sacred Life/Play Run Run/Farewell To North Avenue

EKL 308/EKS 7308 - Take a Little Walk with Me - Tom Rush [1966] (6-66, #122) You Can't Tell A Book By The Cover/Who Do You Love/Love's Made A Fool Of You/Too Much Monkey Business/Money Honey/On The Road Again/Joshua Gone Barbados/Statesboro Blues/Turn Your Money Green/Sugar Babe/Galveston Flood

EKL 309/EKS 7309 - The Rights of Man - Ian Campbell Folk Group [1966] Candy Miner Lad/Come Kiss Me/Death Come Easy/Liverpool Lullaby/4 Pounds/Net Hauling Song/Marilyn Monroe/Dirty Old Town/30 Foot Trailer/My Donal/Battle of the Somme/Hard Life/Across the Hills

EKL 310/EKS 7310 - Phil Ochs in Concert - Phil Ochs [1966] (9-66, #149) I'm Going To Say It Now/Bracero/Ringing Of Revolution/Is There Anybody Here?/Canons Of Christianity//There But For Fortune/Cops Of The World/Santo Domingo/Changes/Love Me, I'm A Liberal/When I'm Gone

EKL 311/EKS 7311 - Light of Day - Pat Kilroy [1966] Magic Carpet/Roberta's Blues/Cancereal/Day At The Beach/Pipes Of Pan/Mississippi Blues/Vibrations/Fortune Teller/Canned Heat/River/Star Dance

EKL 312/EKS 7312 - How to Play Electric Bass - Harvey Brooks [1967] After tuning your instrument, you could play along with Harvey on six tunes. The tracks were on the disc three times: with a simple bass line, an advanced bass line and finally no bass line. Instruction booklet included.

EKL 313-314/EKS 7313-7314 - Elektra Library of Authentic Sound Effects - Sound Effects [1966] Boxed set of three discs. Catalog number was 313/4.

EKL 315/EKS 7315 - East-West - Butterfield Blues Band [1966] (10-66, #65) Last album with Mike Bloomfield. Walkin' Blues/Get Out of My Life, Woman/I Got A Mind To Give Up Living/All These Blues/Work Song//Mary, Mary/Two Trains Running/Never Say No/East-West

EKL 316/EKS 7316 - Oliver Smith - Oliver Smith [1966]

EKL 317/EKS 7317 - Outward Bound - Tom Paxton [1966] Leaving London/Don't You Let Nobody Turn You/My Son John/The King Of My Backyard/One Time And One Time Only/Is This Any Way To Run An Airline/All The Way Home/I Followed Her Into The West/This World Goes 'Round And 'Round/Talking Pop Art/When You Get Your Ticket/I Believe I Do/Outward Bound

EKL 318/EKS 7318 - Goodbye and Hello - Tim Buckley [1967] (11-67, #171) Reissued as EKS 74028. No Man Can Find The War/Carnival Song/Pleasant Street/Hallucinations/I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain//Once I Was/Phantasmagoria In Two/Knight- Errant/Goodbye And Hello/Morning Glory

EKL 319/EKS 7319 - Fine Soft Land - Dave "Snaker" Ray [1967] Alabama Women/Young Man/Crying Shame/Got To Live/West Egg Rag/How You Want Your Rolling Done/Highway 51/Tribute/Baby Please Don't Go/Kid Man Blues/Death Valley Blues/If I Get Lucky/Married Woman Blues/Look Over Yonder's Wll/You Can't Go/Born To Surrender

EKL 320/EKS 7320 - In My Life - Judy Collins [11/66] (Mastering date 10-66.) (1-67, #46) This record was reissued as EKS 74027 in 1967. Tom Thumb's Blues/Hard Lovin' Loser/Pirate Jenny/Suzanne/La Colombe (The Dove)//Marat-Sade/I Think It's Going to Rain Today/Sunny Goodge Street/Liverpool Lullaby/Dress Rehearsal Rag/In My Life

EKL 321/EKS 7321 - Frost and Fire - Watersons [1967] Licensed from Topic Records/UK (12T136). Here We Come A-Wassailing/The Derby Ram/Jolly Old Hawk/Pace-Egging Song/Seven Virgins, or The Leaves of Life/The Holly Bears a Berry/Hal-an-Toe//Earsdon Sword Dance Song/John Barleycorn/Harvest Song: We Gets Up in the Morn/Souling Song/Christmas is Now Drawing Near at Hand/Herod and the Cock/Wassail Song

EKL 322/EKS 7322 - The Incredible String Band - Incredible String Band [1967] The original UK issue (EUK 254) has a different sleeve than the US version. Maybe Someday/October Song/When The Music Starts To Play/Schaeffer's Jig/Womankind/The Tree/Whistle Tune/Dandelion Blues//How Happy I Am/Empty Pocket Blues/Smoke Shovelling Song/Can't Keep Me Here/Good As Gone/Footsteps Of The Heron/Niggertown/Everything's Fine Right Now

EKL 323

EKL 324/EKS 7324 - How to Play Blues Guitar - Stefan Grossman [1967] Old Country Rock/Future Blues/Turn You Money Green/God Moves On The Water/Monday Morning Blues/M & O Blues/Whistling Blues/Candy Man/Banty Rooster/Save Up Your Money/Canned Heat/Vestapol/Brownsville Blues/Police Dog Blues/You Got The Pocketbook/Mississippi Blues

EKL 325/EKS 7325 - The Bauls of Bengal - Bauls Of Bengal [1967]

EKL 326/EKS 7326 - Songs of the Earth - Theodore Bikel & Pennywhistlers [1967] Niska Banja/Oi, Tumani Mayl/Dobryvechir Diwchyno/Sjaj Mesce/Get Up/Sweetest Dreams//Segaba La Nina/Kaloda Duda/Tino Mori, Sva Nok Le Nado/Thalassa/Purim Suite/Kudryafchik Maladoi

Thanks to Karl Platten, Scott Smith, and William Brown.

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