Elektra Album Discography, Part 1
Early 10-inch Series

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 27, 2005

Unlike many of the other labels of the early 1950s, the 10-inch LP album was not Elektra's first issue; that distinction belonged to a 12-inch disc issued starting in 1951. The 10-inch series started with the second disc. The early labels featured the logo Elektra used until the mid-1960s, with a script "Elektra" with it's sideways-"M" for an "E". Early labels were white with green, blue, red, brown, or gold print.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

EKLP-1 Series (10-inch LPs with the exception of EKLP-1; all mono only):

EKLP 1 - New Songs - Georgianna Bannister (Soprano) and John Gruen (Piano) [1951] This is a 12-inch LP, the only 12 inch in the series. First Elektra LP. The songs are grouped on the sleeve and label. Group 1 is "Vier Stundenbuch Lieder" by Rilke; group 2 is four songs by e e cummings and group 3 are "Chansons De Geishas" by anonymous Japanese poets. Da Neight Sich Die Stunde (1)/Wenn Es Nur Einmal So Ganz Stille Wäre (1)/Lösch Mir Die Augen Aus (1)/Was Wirst Du Ton Gott-Wenn Ich Sterbe? (1)/Die Sirenen/Hälfte Des Lebens/It Is At Moments After I Have Dreamed (2)/Spring Is Like A Perhaps Hand (2)/The Moon Is Hiding (2)/O By The By (2)/Intimité (3)/Fleurs Qui Tombez (3)/O Reves (3)/A Peine M'as-Tu Dit (3)/Pour Une Parole Timide (3)

EKLP 2 - Jean Ritchie Singing the Traditional Songs of Her Kentucky Mountain Family - Jean Ritchie [1952] O Love Is Teasin'/Jubilee/Black Is The Color/A Short Life Of Trouble/One Morning In May/One Morning In May (another version)/Old Virginny/Skin And Bones/The Little Devils/My Boy Willie/Hush Little Baby/Gypsum Davy/The Cuckoo/The Cuckoo (another version)/Little Cory/Keep Your Garden Clean

EKLP 3 - American Folk Songs and Ballads - Frank Warner [1952] Keep Your Hand On The Plow/Hold My Hand, Lord Jesus/Lord Lovel/Battle Of Bull Run/The Unreconstructed Rebel/He's Got The Whole World In His Hand/The Days Of Forty-Nine/Gilgary Mountain/Blue Mountain Lake/Tom Dooley

EKL 4 - British Traditional Ballads in America - Shep Ginandes [1952?]

EKL 5 - Voices of Haiti - Various Artists [1953] The recordings were made during ceremonials near Croix-Des-Missions and Pationville in Haiti by Maya Deren.

EKL 6 - Turkish and Spanish Folksongs - Cynthia Gooding [1953]

EKL 7 - American Folksongs for Children - Shep Ginandes [1953]

EKL 8 - Mexican Folk Songs - Cynthia Gooding [1953]

EKL 9 - French Traditional Songs - Shep Ginandes [1953]

EKL 10 - O Lovely Appearance of Death - Hally Wood [1953]

EKL 11 - The Queen of Hearts-English Folksongs - Cynthia Gooding [1953]

EKL 12 - Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians - Tom Paley [1953]

EKL 13 - Songs and Ballads of America's Wars - Frank Warner [1954]

EKL 14 - Folk Blues - Sonny Terry [1954]

EKL 15 - City Blues - Sonny Terry [1954]

EKL 16 - Badmen and Heroes - Ed McCurdy, Jack Elliott & Oscar Brand [1955] Captain Kidd/Charles Guiteau/Jesse James/Billy The Kid/Quantrell/Robin Hood And The Bold Pedlar/Bold Turpin/Pretty Boy Floyd/Jim Fisk

EKL 17 - Italian Folk Songs - Cynthia Gooding [1954]

EKL 18 - Pirate Songs and Ballads - Dick Wilder [1954]

EKL 19 - Gordon Heath - Gordon Heath [1954]

EKL 20 - Russian Folksongs - Raven [1954]

EKL 21 - Folk Songs-Once Over Lightly - Alan Arkin [1954] An alternative title for this album was Folksongs (And 2 1/2 That Aren't) Once over Lightly.

EKL 22 - Courting Songs - Jean Ritchie & Oscar Brand [1954]

EKL 23 - Nova Scotia Folk Music - Recorded by Diane Hamilton [1954]

EKL 24 - Sin Songs-Pro and Con - Ed McCurdy [1954]

EKL 25 - Kentucky Mountain Songs - Jean Ritchie [1954] Cedar Swamp/Nottamun Town/The Hangman Song/Sister Phoebe/False Sir John/Dulcimer Pieces: Shady Grove/Old King Cole/Skip To My Lou/Batchelor's Hall/The Girl I Left Behind/Jemmy Taylor-O/Killy Krankie/The Lonesome Dove/Old Woman and Pig/The Little Sparrow/Goin' To Boston

EKL 26 - Old Airs from Ireland, Scotland and England - Susan Reed [1954] At The Foot Of Yonder's Mountain/The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow/The Leprechaun/He Moved Through The Fair/Bendemeer's Stream/Irish Famine Song/Wraggle Taggle Gypsies/Seventeen Come Sunday/The Foggy Dew/I Know My Love/Must I Go Bound/The Boreens of Derry/Wailie/Wailie

EKL 27 - Goin' Down the Road - Clarence Cooper [1954]

EKL 28 - Flamenco Guitar Solos - Jim Fawcett [1955] Alegrias Rosas/Soleares/Granadinas//Recuerdos De Las Alhambra/Danzo Mora/Alegrias Para Baile/Farruca

EKL 29 - French Canadian Folksongs - Gordon Heath & Lee Payant [1954]

EKL 30 - Festival in Haiti - Jean Léon Destiné and Ensemble [1955]

EKL 31 - French Troubadour Songs, 12 & 13th Century - Various Artists [1955]

EKL 32 - Folksongs of Israel - Theodore Bikel [1955] Dodi Li/Mi Barechev/Hechalil/Ptsach Bazemer/Karev Yom/Shech Abrek/Sissoo Vessimchoo/El Ginat Egoz/Shomer Mah Milel/Hana'ava Babanot/Ana Pana' Dodech/Shim'oo Shim'oo/Lyla Lyla

EKL 33

EKL 34

EKL 35 - Blues - Sonny Terry [1955]

10-inch 2 record set (mono only):

EKL 701 - The Story of John Henry & Ballads, Blues and Other Songs - Josh White [1955] Double 10-inch album. John Henry takes up one of the two discs. Later issued as a single 12-inch disc on EKL 123.The Story Of John Henry/Black Girl/Free And Equal Blues/Live The Life/Sam Hall/Where Were You Baby/Delia's Gone/Run/Mona/Run/You Don't Know My Mind

Thanks to Jackson Griffith, and Jeff Davison.

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