The Candid Label Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 28, 2003

Candid was a Cadence Records subsidiary label. The first Candid label was yellow on top and orange on the bottom with black printing. A darker orange box was in the lower center of the label, with "CANDID" in yellow just above the center hole. This label was used to approximately 8023. The second Candid label was yellow on top and orange on the bottom with black printing. A yellow box was centered on the center hole with "CANDID" in yellow in a orange box above the center hole

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

CJM-8001/CJS-9001 - Otis Spann Is The Blues - Otis Spann with Robert Lockwood Jr. [1961] The Hard Way/Take A Little Walk With Me - Vocal by Robert Lockwood Jr./Otis In The Dark/Little Boy Blue - Vocal by Robert Lockwood Jr./Country Boy//Beat-Up Team/My Daily Wish - Vocal by Robert Lockwood Jr./Great Northern Stomp/I Got Rambling On My Mine #2 - Vocal by Robert Lockwood Jr./Worried Life Blues

CJM-8002/CJS-9002 - We Insist (Freedom Now Suite) - Abbey Lincoln, Max Roach, Olatunji, and Coleman Hawkins [1961] Freedom Now Suite by Max Roach

CJM-8003/CJS-9003 - Richard Williams New Horn In Town - Richard Williams [1961] Recorded September 27, 1960. Musicians: Richard Williams (Trumpet), Leo Wright (Alto and Flute), Richard Wyands (Piano), Reginald Workman (Bass), and Bobby Thomas (drums). I Can Dream Can't I/I Remember Clifford/Ferris Wheel/Raucous Notes//Blues In A Quandary/Over The Rainbow/Renita's Bounce

CJM-8004/CJS-9004 - How Time Passes - Don Ellis [1961] How Time Passes/Sallie/Simplex One/Waste/Improvisational Suite No. 1

CJM-8005/CJS-9005 - Charlie Mingus Presents Mingus - Charlie Mingus [1961] Recorded on October 20, 1960. Musicians: Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy, Ted Curson, and Dannie Richmond. Folk Forms, No. 1/Original Faubus Fables//What Love/All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother

CJM-8006/CJS-9006 - The World of Cecil Taylor - Cecil Taylor [1961] This Nearly Was Mine/Port of Call/E.B./Lazy Afternoon/Air

CJM-8007/CJS-9007 - The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy - Steve Lacy [1962] Musicians: Steve Lacy (Soprano), Charles Davis (Baritone), John Ore (Bass), Roy Haynes (Drums). Louise/Introspection/Donna Lee//Played Twice/Air/Criss Cross

CJM-8008/CJS-9008 - Wild Women Don't Have the Blues - Nancy Harrow with Buck Clayton's Jazz Stars [1961] Take Me Back Baby/All Too Soon/Can't We Be Friends/On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Wild Women Don't Have The Blues/I've Got The World On A String/Don't Know What Kind Of Blues I've Got/Blues For Yesterday

CJM-8009/CJS-9009 - Clark Terry Color Changes - Clark Terry featuring Yusef Lateef [1961] Blue Waltz/Brother Terry/Flutin' And Fluglin'/No Problem/Rive Gauche/Nahstye Blues/Chat Qui Peche

CJM-8010/CJS-9010 - Lightnin' Hopkins in New York - Lightnin' Hopkins [1961] Take It Easy/Mighty Crazy/Your Own Fault Baby To Treat Me The Way You Do/I've Had My Fun If I Don't Get Well No More//The Trouble Blues/Lightnin's Piano Boogie/Wonder Why/Mister Charlie

CJM-8011/CJS-9011 - Big Brass - Benny Bailey [1961] Hard Sock Dance/Alison/Tipsy/Please Say Yes/Kiss To Build A Dream On/Maud's Mood

CJM-8012/CJS-9012 - Toshiko-Mariano Quartet - Toshiko-Mariano Quartet [1961] When You Meet Her/Toshiko's Elegy/Little T/Deep River/Long Yellow Road

CJM-8013/CJS-9013 - Jumpin' Punkins - Cecil Taylor [1961]

CJM-8014/CJS-9014 - That's It - Booker Ervin [1961] With Horace Parlan, George Tucker and Al Harewood. Recorded in New York City, January 6, 1961. Mojo/Uranus/Poinciana/Speak Low/Booker's Blues/Boo

CJM-8015/CJS-9015 - Straight Ahead - Abbey Lincoln [1961] Musicians: Coleman Hawkins, Booker Little, Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, Art Davis. Straight Ahead/When Malindy Sings/In The Red/Blue Monk/Left Alone/African Lady/Retribution

CJM-8016/CJS-9016 - Rights of Swing - Phil Woods [1961] With Benny Bailey, Curtis Fuller or Willie Dennis, Sahib Shihab, Julius Watkins, Tommy Flanagan, Buddy Catlett and Osie Johnson or Mickey Roker. Willie Dennis and Mickey Roker replace Curtis Fuller and Osie Johnson on Part V (Presto) only. Recorded in New York City, January 26 and February 10, 1961. Prelude & Part I/Part II (Ballad)/Part III (Waltz)/Part IV (Scherzo)/Part V (Presto)

CJM-8017/CJS-9017 - New York City R&B - Buell Neidlinger and Cecil Taylor [1961] O.P./Cecil Walk/Cindy's Main Mood/Things Ain't What They Used To Be

CJM-8018/CJS-9018 - Blues for Smoke - Jaki Byard [1961]

CJM-8019/CJS-9019 - Jazz Life - Charlie Mingus, Max Roach,Booker Little, Cal Massey, Kenny Dorham and others [1961] R & R/Black Cat/Father & Son/Lord, Lord Am I Ever Gonna Know/Vassarilean/Oh Yeah Oh Yeah

CJM-8020/CJS-9020 - Jazz Reunion - Coleman Hawkins & Pee Wee Russell [1961] Recorded: February 23, 1961. Musicians: Coleman Hawkins (Tenor), Pee Wee Russell (Clarinet), Bob Brookmeyer (Trombone), Jo Jones (Drums), Emmett Berry (Trumpet), Milt Hinton (Bass), Nat Pierce (Piano). If I Could Be With You/Tin Tin Deo/Mariooch/All Too Soon/28th and 8th Street/What Am I Here For

CJM-8021/CJS-9021 - Charles Mingus - Charles Mingus [1961] Recorded October 20 and November 11, 1960. Musicians: Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy, Ted Curson, Dannie Richmond, Lonnie Hillyer, Charles McPherson, Booker Ervin, Nico Bunick, Paul Bley, Jimmy Knepper, Britt Woodman. MDM/Vassarlean//Stormy Weather/Lock 'em Up

CJM-8022/CJS-9022 - Newport Rebels - Charles Mingus, Jo Jones, Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, Roy Eldridge & Others [1961] Recorded on November 1, and November 11, 1960. Musicians: Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy, Abbey Lincoln, Roy Eldridge, Jimmy Knepper, Tommy Flanagan, Jo Jones, Max Roach, Booker Little, Julian Priester, Walter Benton, John Morrison, Benny Bailey, and Kenny Dorham. Mysterious Blues/Cliff Walk//Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do/Me And You

CJM-8023/CJS-9023 - Memphis Slim's Tribute To Big Bill Broonzy - Memphis Slim [1961] I Feel So Good/Rockin' Chair Blues/Baby Gone/Cow Cow Blues/Miss Ida B/Forty-Four Blues//Trouble In Mind/Worried Life Blues/I Don't Want My Rooster Crowin' After The Sun Goes Down/Lonesome In My Bedroom/Diggin' My Potatoes/In The Evenin'

CJM-8024/CJS-9024 - Memphis Slim, U.S.A. - Memphis Slim [1962] Born With The Blues/Just Let Me Be/Red Haired Boogie/Blue And Disgusted/New Key To The Highway/I'd Take Her To Chicago/Harlem Bound//El Capitan/I Just Landed In Your Town/John Henry/I Believe I'll Settle Down/Bad Luck And Troubles/Late Afternoon Blues/Memphis Slim, U.S.A.

CJM-8025/CJS-9025 - Treasury Of Field Recordings Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1962]

CJM-8026/CJS-9026 - Reincarnation Of A Love Bird - Charles Mingus [1963]

CJM-8027/CJS-9027 - Booker Little Out Front - Booker Little Quintet Featuring Max Roach [1962] Recorded on March 17 and April 4, 1961. Musicians: Booker Little, Eric Dolphy, Julian Priester, Max Roach, Art Davis, Ron Carter, and Don Friedman. We Speak/Strength And Sanity/Quiet, Please//Moods In Free Time/Man Of Words/Hazy Hues/A New Day

CJM-8028/CJS-9028 - Smooth Groove - Ray Crawford [1963]

CJM-8029/CJS-9029 - Blues to Coltrane - Cal Massey [1963]

CJM-8030/CJS-9030 - Chamber Jazz Sextet Plays Pal Joey - Chamber Jazz Sestet [1963] Reissue of Cadence CLP-3015 There's A Small Hotel/Betwitched/Lady Is A Tramp/I Could Write A Book/My Funny Valentine/Zip/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/That Terrific Rainbow

CJM-8031/CJS-9031 - Picasso of Big Band Jazz - Marty Paich [1963]

CJM-8032/CJS-9032 - Out of Nowhere - Don Ellis [1963]

CJM-8033/CJS-9033 - Candid Dolphy - Eric Dolphy [1963]

CJM-8034/CJS-9034 - Cell Walk For C - Cecil Taylor [1963]

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