Cadence Singles/EP Discography
By Mike Callahan and Peter Aarts
Last update: November 3, 2011

Cadence started releasing singles in early 1953, with Julius LaRosa's "Anywhere I Wander." Archie Bleyer, the owner of the record label, used LaRosa's birth date (January 2, 1930) as the record number (1230) for his first issue. For almost the first year, all the Cadence singles were by LaRosa, and Bleyer even used the same series to put out a couple of Julius LaRosa's EPs. When it finally came time to release a non-Julius LaRosa single in October, 1953, Bleyer started a new series with 1420, and issued "Foolish Waltz"/"Inca Dance" by harmonica virtuoso John Sebastian, whose son would found the Lovin' Spoonful a dozen years later.

The 1320 series became the main series for singles, and the 1420 series was only used sporadically for three singles over the next three years. In fact, by the time the 1320 series had reached 1420, the earlier issues were forgotten or ignored, and new singles with those numbers were issued.

Bleyer later started a separate series for EP issues, the CEP-100 series, which lasted from 1957 to 1961. The extended play 45 rpm (EP) was popular only from about 1955 to about 1961, and in some ways was a passing fad, replaced by Jukebox 33 "little LPs" in the early 1960s. Cadence issued at least three of these jukebox 33s, but apparently passed up another of the late '50s-early '60s fads, the 45 rpm stereo single. They did issue a few stereo 33 singles, however.

As far as stereo recordings were concerned, there was no single date that Cadence switched to stereo recordings, primarily because Bleyer recorded in a variety of studios in several cities, each with its own equipment capabilities. We have tried to indicate with an asterisk (*) those single sides that have been issued elsewhere -- mostly on LPs -- in true stereo. For a listing of where these songs have appeared in stereo, please see the Cadence Album Discography.

Cadence 1231 The first Cadence singles label was a red-orange with black print, with "Cadence..." at the top. This label started with the first single, 1230, but by 1232, Bleyer had designed a new maroon label (see below). Not one to waste money, the label blank for the first label was used occasionally even after the maroon label was designed, and is known to have been used at least as late as the early pressings of "Hernando's Hideaway" on Cadence 1241. Early promotional versions of this first label (at right, above) were on white labels with black print.

By the third single, 1232, Bleyer switched to a new label design. The early 78s were red with silver print, but the 45s were a maroon with silver print, both with "Cadence" on the bottom around the edge of the label.

After 1232, the Cadence labels no longer had the drawing of Julius LaRosa at the top, even for LaRosa's singles. Instead, the artists' name was in large letters at the top of the label, and "Cadence" in very small letters at the bottom. This design, maroon with silver print, was used for both 78s and 45s, and promotional copies were issued with black print on a white label stock. This label continued to be used until some time between 1241 and 1247, when Cadence switched to the well-known "metronome label" described below.

The third label was the "metronome label," featuring a silver top of the label with a metronome with the word "cadence" in maroon print. The bottom of the label was maroon with silver print. From the start in 1953, Cadence issued both 78 rpm and 45 rpm singles. They issued 78s at least until early 1959, as the Everly Brothers' "Take A Message To Mary"/"Poor Jenny" (Cadence 1364) is known to exist on 78.

Cadence used a variety of labels for disc jockey release. There was a black-and-white version of the metronome label, but that was only used some of the time. Even more plentiful are "Advance Disc- Jockey Pressings" of various sorts, even some using typed labels such as shown at left. Surprisingly, the disc with the typed label is not an acetate, as is usually the case with typed labels, but an actual vinyl pressing of the record.

Two other variations are shown at left. There were several others. Actually, there are so many variations of the "advance pressing" labels that Cadence may have had them designed and printed up individually, using a plain white label blank.

Different pressing plants also resulted in slightly different fonts and label copy positioning for labels. Both the copies at left are originals. Note the different placing of the record number, for instance.

Cadence was not known for colored vinyl pressings (except for the Andy Williams LP noted on the Cadence Albums Discography page). At left, the first 45 is a regular issue, while the blue vinyl 45 at right is a counterfeit. A close examination of the blue vinyl 45 shows a fuzzy label with too much red color, poor silver coloring, the logo cut off by the center hole (something we have not seen to this extent with legitimate issues), and shoddy vinyl with bumps and pits. If anything, Archie's issues were on quality vinyl. Even the (legitimate) red vinyl Andy Williams album To You Sweetheart Aloha was pressed on top quality vinyl.

Cadence issued a two-EP set called 8 Top Hits in 1955 using a blue and silver label. The label included the notation that this was the "Blue Label Series." There was also a 12" LP and a 10" LP with the blue label, but none of the regular 45s are known to us to have used the blue label. In mid-1961, somewhere between issues 1402 (maroon label) and 1404 (red label), the regular Cadence label switched from the maroon metronome label to a red label with black print and a black band around the edge with "CADENCE RECORDS" written three times.

Cadence also issued several stereo 33s in a promotional package for the stereo juke boxes in 1961. The package at left was a kraft-colored bag with five stereo-33 singles, a card showing the cover of the new LP Never on Sunday, and a sheet of juke box strips. This package was issued in 1961 just before the changeover to the red label.

Cadence also issued several "Little LP" 33s, each with six or seven tracks, again for juke box use, but these were mono. Like the juke box package shown above, the first "Little LP" 33s were also issued in 1961, but after the regular labels had changed from the metronome label to the red label. The first six Little LPs used a gold color variation of the red Cadence label. By late 1962, the label used on the Little LP issue of The First Family was the regular Cadence red label.

Cadence had a special paper sleeve for their 45s, as did many other labels. They also issued picture sleeves from time to time, such as the black-and-white sleeve used with Cadence 1337.

Chordettes black-and-white picture sleeve featured group member Janet Ertel's daughter Jackie and Jeff Kron. This is from Cadence 1366.

Cadence started using color sleeves at about 1349. Shown are the sleeves for 1349 and 1374.

Cadence was not above issuing the same photo on both sides of two different picture sleeves. Here are the sleeves for 1369 and 1376.

Johnny Tillotson picture sleeves for 1377 and 1391.

Small hole on Cadence CEP-1003 may indicate a non-US series. Late in the life of the label, Cadence began a reissue 45 series, using a gold counterpart to the red label, and using the 1600 catalog series. There were twelve singles issued in the Cadence Gold series, all released in November, 1961.

One commonly-asked question is, "Who was that singing with Andy Williams on I Like Your Kind of Love? [Cadence 1323]. The label says that Andy's girlfriend is played by Peggy Powers, but I've never heard of her before or since. What's up with that?"

A recent posting on the web notes that Peggy Powers was a stage name for a private voice teacher in New York whose real name was Carmen Montoya. Archie Bleyer was famous for having all kinds of extra people in the studio, experimenting with people doing sound effects, male, female, or mixed backing vocal groups, and in this case, a female duet partner for Andy. From the absence of further recordings on the label (or any other, as far as we can tell), Ms. Powers was apparently hired as a studio singer for this one session.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Cadence Records, which is currently owned by Barnaby Records. Should you be interested in acquiring records listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1999, 2011 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Artist - Side A (chart)/Side B (chart) Note: * = available elsewhere in true stereo


1230 - Julius La Rosa - Anywhere I Wander (2-53, #4)/This Is Heaven (1-53, #21)
1231 - Julius La Rosa - My Lady Loves To Dance (5-53, #21)/Let's Make Up Before We Say Goodnight
1232 - Julius La Rosa - Eh Cumpari (9-53, #2)/Till They've All Gone Home
EP-1233 - Julius La Rosa - My Funny Valentine/I Believe/No Other Love/Roseanne
EP-1234 - Julius La Rosa Sings - Ave Maria/Adeste Fideles/Silent Night/O Holy Night


1235 - Julius La Rosa - I Couldn't Believe My Eyes/The Big Bell And The Little Bell
1236 - Julius La Rosa - My Funny Valentine/Roseanne
1237 - Julius La Rosa - Have A Heart/When You're In Love
1238 - Alfred Drake - The Happy Wanderer/Destiny's Darling
1239 - Chordettes - True Love Goes On And On/It's You, It's You I Love
1240 - Julius La Rosa - Three Coins In A Fountain (5-54, #21)/Me Gotta Have You
1241 - Archie Bleyer - Hernando's Hideaway (5-54, #2)/S'il Vous Plait
1242 - Jack Gold & Four Esquires - Ev'rything/A Kiss Should Mean We're Sweethearts
1243 - Four Tophatters - Dim, Dim The Lights/It Should Have Been Me
1244 - Julius La Rosa - My Heart's On Fast Express/In My Own Quiet Way
1245 - Bill Hayes - I Know an Old Lady/Das Ist Musik [with Misty Maughan]
1246 - Maddy Russell - Someone At Last/No One Came To My Party
1247 - Chordettes - Mr. Sandman (10-54, #1)/I Don't Want To See You Crying
1248 - Barry Sisters - Reckless And Romantic/Why Did You Steal My Sweetheart
1249 - Chris Dane - Love You Didn't Do Right By Me/Stella By Starlight
1250 - Mary Del - (Yum Yum Yum) I'll Take You/It Hurts Me To My Heart
1251 - Julius La Rosa - Mobile (11-54, #21)/I Hate To Say Hello
1252 - Julius La Rosa - I Hope You'll Be Very Happy/Campanelle
1253 - Julius La Rosa - Jingle Dingle/Campanelle
1254 - Archie Bleyer - The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane (12-54, #17)/While The Vesper Bells Were Ringing


1255 - Four Tophatters - Leave'a My Gal Alone/Go Baby Go
1256 - Bill Hayes - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (2-55, #1)/Farewell
1257 - Mary Del - Leave My Heart/Nobody Asked me To Go
1258 - Julius La Rosa - Pass It On/Let's Stay Home Tonight
1259 - Chordettes - Lonely Lips/The Dudelsack Song
1260 - Four Esquires - Three Things (A Man Must Do)/The Sphinx Won't Tell
1261 - Bill Hayes - The Berry Tree/Blue Black Hair
1262 - Barry Sisters - I Hate To Lose You/Let Me Be Your Honey Tonight
1263 - Chris Dane - My Ideal/Cynthia's In Love
1264 - Bob Jaxon & The Hi-Tones - Ali Baba/Why Does A Woman Cry
1265 - Julius La Rosa - Domani (Tomorrow) (7-55, #13)/Mama Rosa
1266 - Marion Marlowe - The Man In The Raincoat (7-55, #14)/Heartbeat
1267 - Chordettes - Hummingbird/I Told A Lie
1268 - Four Tophatters - 45 Men In A Telephone Booth/Wild Rosie
1269 - Ernie Englund - Night Train/'Cuz It's So Good To Eat
1270 - Julius La Rosa - Suddenly There's A Valley (10-55, #20)/Every Time That I Kiss Carrie
1271 - Chris Dane - I Had A Love Who Loved Me/In The Wee Small Hours
1272 - Mariners - At The Steamboat River Ball/I Love You "Fair Deenkum"
1273 - Chordettes - The Wedding (1-56, #91)/I Don't Know, I Don't Care
1274 - Bill Hayes - Kwela Kwela/That Do Make It Nice
1275 - Bill Hayes - The Legend Of Wyatt Earp/White Buffalo
1276 - Cindy Lord - Tall Men/Put Your Lips To Mine
1277 - Four Esquires - Adorable/Thunderbolt
1278 - Mariners - Zindy Lou/Everybody's Doin' It Now
1279 - Janet & Archie Bleyer - Nothing To Do [Archie]/Cause You're My Lover [Janet]
1280 - Barry Sisters - Baby Come A Little Closer/Cha Cha Joe
1281 - Sam Butera - Goin' In/Comin' Out
1282 - Andy Williams - The Wind, Sand And Stars/Christmas Is A Feeling In Your Heart


1283 - Archie Bleyer - The Bridge Of Happiness/You Tell Me Your Dreams (I'll Tell You Mine)
1284 - Chordettes - Eddie My Love (3-56, #14)/Whispering Willie
1285 - Don McNeal - Make America Proud Of You/Make America Proud Of You
1286 - Kay Thompson - Eloise (3-56, #59)/Just One Of Those Things
1287 - Mariners - The Large Large House/His Gold Will Melt
1288 - Andy Williams - Walk Hand In Hand (4-56, #54)/Not Anymore
1289 - Four Tophatters - One Arabian Night/I'll Never Stand In Your Way
1290 - Chris Dane - My Isle Of Golden Dreams/Serenade Of The Mandolins [with Jorgen Ingman]
1291 - Chordettes - Born To Be With You (6-56, #5)/Love Never Changes
1292 - Marion Marlowe - Ring Phone Ring/The Hands Of Time
1293 - Archie Bleyer - The Rockin' Ghost (6-56, #61)/Sleep Sleep Daughter
1294 - Bill Hayes - Das Ist Musik/I Know An Old Lady
1295 - Barry Sisters - Intrigue/Till You Come Back To Me
1296 - Ray Heatherton - The Pirate Parrot/Alfred The Airsick Eagle
1297 - Andy Williams - Canadian Sunset (8-56, #7)/High Upon A Mountain
1298 - Joyce Hahn - The Grass Was Greener/I Gotta Know
1299 - Chordettes - Lay Down Your Arms (9-56, #16)/Teenage Goodnight (10-56, #45)
1300 - Marion Marlowe - Where Flamingos Fly/Whatever Happened To You
1301 - Bill Hayes - Message From James Dean/Trail's End
1302 - Ernie Englund - Siboney/I Just Goofed
1303 - Andy Williams - Baby Doll (12-56, #33)/Since I Found My Baby
1304 - Ocie Smith - Slow Walk/Forbidden Fruit


1305 - Tommy Furtado - Isabella/Sun Tan Sam
1306 - Harvey Boys - Nothing Is Too Good For You (3-57, #84)/Marina Girl
1307 - Chordettes - Come Home To My Arms/(Fifi's) Walking The Poodle
1308 - Andy Williams - Butterfly (2-57, #1 pop, #14 r&b)/It Doesn't Take Very Long
1309 - Fraternity Brothers - Oh Tell Me Why/In The Evening (By The Moonlight)
1310 - Metronomes - I Love My Girl/I'm Gonna Get Me A Girl Somehow
1311 - Four Tophatters - The House/Swingin' Hammer
1312 - Ocie Smith - If You Don't Love Me/Bad Man Of Missouri
1313 - Archie Bleyer - The Strange One/Jocko's Theme
1314 - Capri Sisters - Call Me Mutton Chops/Tippy-Toe
1315 - Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love (5-57, #2 pop, #1 country, #5 r&b)/I Wonder If I Care As Much (5-57, flip)
1316 - Gordon Terry - Johnson's Old Grey Mule/Service With A Smile
1317 - Gordon Terry - Black Mountain Rag/Orange Blossom Special
1318 - Joyce Hahn - Gonna Find Me A Bluebird (6-57, #84)/I Saw You, I Saw You
1319 - Chordettes - Echo Of Love/Like A Baby
1320 - Archie Bleyer - Amber/Julie's Jump
1321 - Morty Franklin - Jamaica Farewell/Mama Looka Booboo
1322 - Kenyon Hopkins - Rose Bud/Boy's Theme
1323 - Andy Williams - I Like Your Kind Of Love [with Peggy Powers] (5-57, #8)/Stop Teasin' Me
1324 - Bobbsey Twins - A Change Of Heart/Part Time Gal
1325 - Bill Maxted - Strange Cargo/Two Finger Blues
1326 - Barry Sisters - The Door Is Open/Big Dilemma
1327 - Two Morrows - Who, Why, When, What/Hands Off
1328 - Kirby Stone Four - S S S S' Wonderful/Raven
1329 - OC Smith - Lighthouse/Too Many
1330 - Chordettes - Just Between You And Me (9-57, #8)/Soft Sands (9-57, #73)
1331 - Rita Raynes - I Told A Stranger/Sleepy Sunday
1332 - Joyce Hahn - Did You Close Your Eyes/Trying To Forget About You
1333 - Anita Carter - Blue Doll/Go Away Johnny
1334 - Gordon Terry - Wild Honey/Run Little Joey
1335 - Harvey Boys - If You'll Be My Love/Sweet Honolulu
1336 - Andy Williams - Lips Of Wine (9-57, #17)/Straight From The Heart
1337 - Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie (9-57, #1 pop, #1 country, #1 r&b)/Maybe Tomorrow
1338 - Archie Bleyer - Hernando's Hideaway/Steam Heat
1339 - Metronomes - How Much I Love You/Dear Don
1340 - Andy Williams - Are You Sincere (2-58, #3)/Be Mine Tonight
1341 - Chordettes - Photographs/Baby Of Mine


1342 - Everly Brothers - This Little Girl Of Mine (2-58, #26 pop, #4 country)/Should We Tell Him (2-58, #10 country)
1343 - Gordon Terry - If You Don't Know It/I Lost Her To Somebody New
1344 - Two Morrows - School Bells (Ring A Ding A Ding)/Well, That's How It Is
1345 - Chordettes - Lollipop (3-58, #2 pop, #3 r&b)/Baby Come-A Back-A
1346 - Harvey Boys - Honey Strollin'/Tug A Boat
1347 - Link Wray - Rumble (4-58, #16)/The Swag
1348 - Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream (4-58, #1 pop, #1 country, #1 r&b; reissue 7- 61, #96 pop)/Claudette (5-58, #30 pop, #15 country)
1349 - Chordettes - Zorro (5-58, #17)/Love Is A Two Way Street
1350 - Everly Brothers - Bird Dog (8-58, #1 pop, #1 country, #2 r&b)/Devoted To You (8-58, #10 pop, #7 country, #2 r&b)
1351 - Andy Williams - Promise Me Love (9-58, #17)/Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Love
1352 - Shelby Flint - I Will Love You/Oh I Miss Him So
1353 - Johnny Tillotson - Dreamy Eyes (11-58, #63)/Well, I'm Your Man (10-58, #87)
1354 - Genevieve - I'm Never Gonna Kiss You [with Johnny Tillotson]/Cherie, Cherie
1355 - Everly Brothers - Problems (11-58, #2 pop, #17 country)/Love Of My Life (11-58, #40) [issued with picture sleeve]
1356 - Martha Carson - Light Of Love/That Ain't Right
1357 - The Two Morrows - When I Don't See You/The Bottom Of The Sea
1358 - Andy Williams - *The Hawaiian Wedding Song (12-58, #11 pop, #27 r&b)/House Of Bamboo
1359 - John Buck And The Blazers - Forbidden City/Chi Chi


1360 - Don Wright - Mary Mary/The Switch
1361 - Chordettes - No Other Arms No Other Lips (3-59, #27)/We Should Be Together
1362 - Oak Ridge Quartet - The Mockin' Bird/The House Of The Lord
1363 - Nicola Paone - La Caffeterra/Pretty Lady
1364 - Everly Brothers - *Take A Message To Mary (3-59, #16)/*Poor Jenny (3-59, #22)
1365 - Johnny Tillotson - True True Happiness (8-59, #54)/Love Is Blind
1366 - Chordettes - A Girl's Work Is Never Done (8-59, #89)/No Wheels [Picture sleeve with Jeff Kron and Jackie Ertel]
1367 - Chordettes - Forever/Ho Hum [unreleased?]
1368 - Billy Maxted - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
1369 - Everly Brothers - *('Til) I Kissed You (8-59, #4 pop, #8 country, #22 r&b)/*Oh What A Feeling
1370 - Andy Williams - *Lonely Street (9-59, #5 pop, #20 r&b)/*Summer Love
1371 - Rockbusters - Tough Chick/Chico
1372 - Johnny Tillotson - *Why Do I Love You So (1-60, #42)/Never Let Me Go
1373 - Lenny Welch - *You Don't Know Me (2-60, #45 pop, #28 r&b)/*I Need Someone
1374 - Andy Williams - *The Village Of St Bernadette (12-59, #7)/*I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
1375 - Commander Shea School Boys Choir - Cree-See-Mus/White Christmas


1376 - Everly Brothers - *Let It Be Me (1-60, #7)/Since You Broke My Heart
1377 - Johnny Tillotson - *Earth Angel (4-60, #57)/*Pledging My Love (4-60, #63)
1378 - Andy Williams - Wake Me When It's Over (3-60, #50)/We Have A Date
1379 - Archie Bleyer - Forever/A Summer Place
1380 - Everly Brothers - *When Will I Be Loved (5-60, #8)/Be Bop A-Lula (7-60, #74)
1381 - Andy Williams - *Do You Mind? (7-60, #70)/*Dreamsville (from "Peter Gunn")
1382 - Chordettes - *A Broken Vow (8-60, #102)/All My Sorrows
1383 - Archie Bleyer - Mustafa/Jimmie's Blues
1384 - Johnny Tillotson - *Poetry In Motion (10-60, #2 pop, #27 r&b)/*Princess, Princess
1385 - Merry Men - A Gay Caballero/San Gado
1386 - Lenny Welch - *Darlin'/Three Handed Woman
1387 - Johnny Ray - Let's Forget It Now/In The Heart Of A Fool
1388 - Everly Brothers - *Like Strangers (10-60, #22)/Brand New Heartache (11-60, #109)
1389 - Andy Williams - *(In The Summertime) You Don't Want My Love (12-60, #64)/*Don't Go To Strangers
1390 - Charlie McCoy - Cherry Berry Wine (2-61, #99)/My Little Woman


1391 - Johnny Tillotson - *Jimmy's Girl (1-61, #25)/*His True Love Said Goodbye
1392 - Don Shirley Trio - *Waterboy (7-61, #40 pop, #10 AC)/*Freedom (I'm On My Way)
1393 - not issued?
1394 - Lenny Welch - I'd Like To Know/*Darlin'
1395 - Lefty Jones - Why Not/Tennessee Mollie
1396 - not issued?
1397 - Eddie Hodges - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door (6-61, #12)/Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week
1398 - Andy Williams - *The Bilbao Song (4-61, #37)/*How Wonderful To Know
1399 - Lenny Welch - Changa Rock/Boogie Cha Cha
1400 - not issued?
1401 - not issued?
1402 - Chordettes - *Never On Sunday (6-61, #13 pop, #4 AC)/*Faraway Star (9-61, #90)
1403 - George Feyer - Milord/My Claire De Lune

At approximately this point, label changes from maroon to red.

1404 - Johnny Tillotson - Without You (8-61, #7)/*Cutie Pie
1405 - Don Carroll - Seven Up & Ice Cream Soda/Handful Of Friends
1406 - Florian Zabach - Oceans Of Love/Theme From 'Carnival'
1407 - Mort Downey Jr - Ballad Of Billy Brown/Flattery
1408 - Don Shirley - *Drown In My Own Tears (1-62, #100)/*The Lonesome Road (12-61, #116)
1409 - Johnny Tillotson - Dreamy Eyes (12-61, #35)/Well, I'm Your Man
1410 - Eddie Hodges - *Bandit Of My Dreams (1-62, #65)/Mugmates [with Sue Wright]
1411 - Wright Sisters - That's Okay/Crazy Over You
1412 - Chordettes - *The Exodus Song/*Theme From Goodbye Again (Say No More - It's Goodbye)


1413 - Friedel Wende - Leibchen/All My Pretty Ones
1414 - Zack Matalon - Marie Marie/Something Missing
1415 - Charlie McCoy - I Just Want To Make Love To You/Rooster Blues
1416 - Lenny Welch - *It's Not Just That Easy/*Mama Don't You Hit That Boy
1417 - Chordettes - *White Rose Of Athens/Adios
1418 - Johnny Tillotson - *It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' (5-62, #3 pop, #4 country, #6 r&b)/*She Gave Sweet Love To Me
1419 - Jean Thomas - Moon River/My Ideal
1420 - Don Shirley - *Stand By Me/*Amen
1421 - Eddie Hodges - (Girls Girls Girls) Made To Love (6-62, #14)/I Make Believe It's You
1422 - Lenny Welch - *Ebb Tide (3-64, #25, #6 AC)/Congratulations Baby
1423 - unissued?
1424 - Johnny Tillotson - *Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (8-62, #17 pop, #11 country, #5 AC)/What'll I Do (9-62, #106)
1425 - Chordettes - *In The Deep Blue Sea/All My Sorrows
1426 - Archie Bleyer - *Moonlight Serenade/*Sunrise Serenade
1427 - Sandra Perkins - Blue Roller Rink/Time Will Take Care Of Fools Like Me
1428 - Lenny Welch - *A Taste Of Honey/The Old Cathedral
1429 - Everly Brothers - I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (10-62, #76)/Lightning Express
1430 - Vicki Delmonte - I'm Gonna Get Him/The Secret Service
1431 - Barry Gordon - You Can't Lie To A Liar/You Can't See The Trees
1432 - Johnny Tillotson - *I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) (10-62, #24 pop, #8 AC)/*I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (12-62, #89)
1433 - Andy Williams - *Twilight Time (12-62, #86)/*So Rare


1434 - Johnny Tillotson - Out Of My Mind (3-63, #24 pop, #11 AC)/Empty Feeling
1435 - Jean Thomas - Seven Roses/He's So Near (Yet So Far Away)
1436 - Liza Minelli - You Are For Living/What Do You Think I Am
1437 - Johnny Tillotson - *You Can Never Stop Me Loving You (8-63, #18 pop, #4 AC)/*Judy, Judy, Judy
1438 - Jean Thomas - He's So Near (Yet So Far Away)/The Boy That I Want Doesn't Want Me
1439 - Lenny Welch - *Since I Fell For You (10-63, #4 pop, #3 AC)/*Are You Sincere
1440 - Julius La Rosa - David And Lisa's Love Song/Suddenly There's A Valley
1441 - Johnny Tillotson - *Funny How Time Slips Away (10-63, #50 pop, #16 AC)/*A Very Good Year For Girls
1442 - Chordettes - True Love Goes On And On/All My Sorrows


1443 - Barry's Boys - Plaza Waltz/Waltz Plaza 9
1444 - Julius La Rosa - Gonna Build A Mountain/''Je''
1445 - Don Shirley - Ol' Man River/If I Had A Hammer
1446 - Lenny Welch - If You See My Love (7-64, #92)/Father Sebastian
1447 - Andy Williams - *Under Paris Skies (8-64, #121)/Let It Be Me

Cadence Children's Series (78s)

CCS-1 - Bill Hayes - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (2-55, #1)/Farewell [same as 1256, with Davy Crockett picture sleeve]
CCS-2 - Bill Hayes - The Legend Of Wyatt Earp/White Buffalo [same as 1275, with picture sleeve of Rusty and Rin Tin Tin]
CCS-3 - Kay Thompson - Eloise/Just One Of Those Things [same as 1286, with picture sleeve]

Early 1420 series (only 3 records issued in this series):

1420 - John Sebastian - Foolish Waltz/Inca Dance (rel 10/53)
1421 - John Sebastian - Stranger In Paradise/Autumn Leaves (rel 1/54)
1422 - Bill Hayes - Die Ballade Von Davy Crockett/Leb Wol, Meine Heimat [German](rel 1/56)

Cadence Gold Record Series (Reissues, all released 11/61):

1601 - Julius LaRosa - Eh Cumpari/Bill Hayes - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett
1602 - Chordettes - Mr. Sandman/Born To Be With You
1603 - Archie Bleyer - Hernando's Hideaway/The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane
1604 - Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream/Bird Dog
1605 - Link Wray & His Ray Men - Rumble/Ernie Englund - Night Train
1606 - Andy Williams - Butterfly/I Like Your Kind Of Love [with Peggy Powers]
1607 - Andy Williams - Are You Sincere/Canadian Sunset
1608 - Chordettes - Eddie My Love/Lollipop
1609 - Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love/Wake Up Little Susie
1610 - Andy Williams - Hawaiian Wedding Song/Lonely Street
1611 - Everly Brothers - ('Til) I Kissed You/Let It Be Me
1612 - Johnny Tillotson - Poetry In Motion/Without You


The first two EPs were part of the regular 45 series; after that, Cadence started the CEP-100 series for EPs. The EPs in the CEP-100 series came with cardboard covers. Chart positions noted are from the EP charts.


Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

1233 - Julius LaRosa - Julius LaRosa [1953] My Funny Valentine/I Believe/No Other Love/Roseanne

1234 - Julius LaRosa Sings - Julius La Rosa [1953] Ave Maria/Adeste Fideles/Silent Night/O Holy Night

EP-4058/EP-4059 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [1955] Two-EP set, issued on the Blue Label Series. Mr. Sandman - Chordettes/Hearts of Stone - Chordettes/Sincerely - Chordettes/The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane - Archie Bleyer/Melody Of Love - Archie Bleyer/Dim Dim The Lights - 4 Top Hatters/Let Me Go Lover - Mary Del/Make Yourself Comfortable - Maddy Russell

CEP-1000 EP Series (Possibly non-US):



CEP-1003X - Popular Favorites on the Player Piano - J. Lawrence Cook [1955] Melody Of Love/Crazy Otto Medley/Sincerely/Tweedlee Dee/Hearts Of Stone/Open Up Your Heart//The Ballad Of Davy Crockett/How Important Can It Be

CEP-500 EP Series:

CEP-501 - Tonal Expressions - Don Shirley [1955] (2-EP set with fold-open cover) Medley From "New Faces"/Secret Love/Answer Me My Love/I Cover The Waterfront/My Funny Valentine/No Two People/Dancing On The Ceiling

CEP-502 - Tonal Expressions, Volume 2 - Don Shirley [1955] (2-EP set with fold-open cover) The Man I Love/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Love Is Here To Stay

CEP-503 - Piano Perspectives, Volume 1 - Don Shirley [1955] (2-EP set with fold-open cover) Love For Sale/Blue Moon/I Can't Get Started With You/Someone To Watch Over Me

CEP-504 - Piano Perspectives, Volume 2 - Don Shirley [1955]

CEP-505 - Songs from Can-Can - Genevieve [1958] Never Give Anything Away/C'Est Magnifique/Live And Let Live//Allez-Vous En/I Love Paris/Can-Can

CEP-100 EP Series:

CEP-101 - The Chordettes - Chordettes [1958] Mr. Sandman/Humming Bird//Born To Be With You/Soft Sands

CEP-102 - The Chordettes - Chordettes [1958] Just Between You And Me/Eddie My Love//Lay Down Your Arms/Teenage Goodnight

CEP-103 - Andy Williams - Andy Williams [1958] Canadian Sunset/Baby Doll//Butterfly/I Like Your Kind Of Love

CEP-104 - The Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1958] (1-58, #3) Wake Up Little Susie/Maybe Tomorrow//Bye Bye Love/I Wonder If I Care As Much

CEP-105 - The Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1958] This Little Girl Of Mine/Leave My Woman Alone//Should We Tell Him/Be-Bop-A-Lula

CEP-106 - Songs from "South Pacific" - Andy Williams [1958] Younger Than Springtime/This Nearly Was Mine//Some Enchanted Evening/Bali H'ai

CEP-107 - The Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1958] (11-58, #4) Brand New Heartache/Keep A Knockin'//Rip It Up/Hey Doll Baby

K80H-1720 - Songs Our Daddy Taught Us - Everly Brothers [1958] Primarily a promotional EP ("Cadence Disk Jockey Pressing") with a different content from any of the three commercial issues listed below. White label with typed letters, no cover. There is also a report of a copy of this with the regular commercial Cadence label. I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail/Down In The Willow Garden//Roving Gambler/Lightning Express

CEP-108 - Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, Volume 1 - Everly Brothers [1958] Roving Gambler/Oh So Many Years//Put My Little Shoes Away/That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

CEP-109 - Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, Volume 2 - Everly Brothers [1958] (6-59, #8) Barbara Allen/Long Time Gone//Lightning Express/Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet

CEP-110 - Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, Volume 3 - Everly Brothers [1958] (6-59, #4) Down In The Willow Garden/Kentucky//I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail/Rockin' Alone In An Old Rocking Chair

CEP-111 - The Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1959] (4-59, #8) Bird Dog/Devoted To You//All I Have To Do Is Dream/Claudette

CEP-112 - Andy Williams [1959] The Hawaiian Wedding Song/Sail Along Silvery Moon//Blue Hawaii/Sweet Leilani

CEP-113 - Nicola Paone [1959]

CEP-114 - Johnny Tillotson - Johnny Tillotson [1959] True True Happiness/Love Is Blind//Dreamy Eyes/Well I'm Your Man

CEP-115/CEP-25115 (stereo) - The Chordettes - Chordettes [1959] Taul Paul/Pink Shoe Laces//Charlie Brown/I Cried A Tear

CEP-116 - Two Time Winners, Volume One - Andy Williams [1959] Twilight Time/Love Letters In The Sand//It's All In The Game/My Happiness

CEP-117 - Two Time Winners, Volume Two - Andy Williams [1959] Near You/Blueberry Hill/So Rare/Be Mine Tonight

CEP-118 - The Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1959] *Take A Message To Mary/*Poor Jenny//Problems/Love Of My Life

CEP-119 - To You Sweetheart Aloha - Andy Williams [1959]

CEP-120 -Song of the Islands (To You Sweetheart Aloha, Vol 2) - Andy Williams [1959] Song Of The Islands/others

CEP-121 - The Very Best of the Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1960] Let It Be Me/Since You Broke My Heart//('Til) I Kissed You/Oh, What A Feeling


These stereo single 33s were packaged for stereo juke boxes (see below). Many of the early stereo juke boxes had a place for a featured "Artist of the week," with a place for a picture of the album being featured. The featured artist's album would be broken out onto four or five stereo singles for juke box purposes. Many labels would put together special packages to try to get in the "Artist of the Week" rotation. The Cadence packages included not only the singles, but title strips for the juke box, as well as a 7" square reproduction of the album being featured. This was a relatively short-lived phase of juke box history, as the stereo singles were soon replaced by "Little LPs" (see below), which had three songs per side and a cardboard cover miniature of the album. Cadence issued a package (CSP-2) in the "Artist of the Week" competition, but we have no information on others they may have issued. It would not be surprising for CSP-1 to have been an Everly Brothers package.


2601 -
2602 -
2603 -
2604 -
2605 -
2606 - Chordettes - Theme From Goodbye Again (Say No More - It's Goodbye)/Exodus Song
2607 - Chordettes - Tammy/True Love
2608 - Chordettes - Fascination/Around The World
2609 - Chordettes - Theme From "A Summer Place"/Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)
2610 - Chordettes - Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)

2511 - Chordettes - Never On Sunday/Wooden Heart

CSP-1 - Artist of the Week Record Package - ? [1961]

CSP-2 - Artist of the Week Record Package - Chordettes [1961] Kraft paper bag with five stereo 33 juke box singles, juke box strips, and a juke box card showing the Never on Sunday album from which the singles came. Singles (see above for details) include 2606, 2607, 2608, 2610, and 2511. Single 2609 was not included in CSP-2 package, although the name strip was included in some packages even though the record wasn't. On others, it was torn out of the middle of the row of strips. It is possible that 2509 was originally designed to be in the package, but was replaced by 2511, which had a different set of name strips.


CLLP-33-1 - This Is Johnny Tillotson - Johnny Tillotson [1961] Poetry In Motion/Jimmy's Girl/True True Happiness//Earth Angel/Why Do I Love You So/Pledging My Love

CLLP-33-2 - Words and Music By Johnny Tillotson - Johnny Tillotson [1961] Dreamy Eyes/Princess Princess/Much Beyond Compare//Well I'm Your Man/Cutie Pie/Without You

CLLP-33-3 - Rockin' with the Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1961] Bye Bye Love/('Til) I Kissed You/Bird Dog//Wake Up Little Susie/When Will I Be Loved/Problems

CLLP-33-4 - Dream with the Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1961] Let It Be Me/Devoted To You/Maybe Tomorrow//All I Have To Do Is Dream/I Wonder If I Care As Much/Take A Message To Mary

CLLP-33-5 - Never on Sunday - Chordettes [1961] Never On Sunday/Faraway Star/Lollipop//Charlie Brown/To Know Him Is To Love Him/I Cried A Tear

CLLP-33-6 - Eddie Hodges - Eddie Hodges [1961] I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door/Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week/Bandit Of My Dreams//Mugmates/Made To Love/I Make Believe It's You

CLLP-3125 - Moonlight Serenade - Archie Bleyer & Hos Orchestra [1961] Moonlight Serenade/Twilight Time/Ruby//April In Portugal/Sunrise Serenade/The Third Man Theme

CSBLL-1 - The First Family - Vaughn Meader [1962] But Vote!!/Economy Lunch/Press Conference//The Experiment/After Dinner Conversations/Relatively Speaking/Motorcade

Thanks to Wayne Baldwin, Robert Pellicano, Fred Rice, Paul & Linda Tolley, and Dale Leichsenring.

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