Atco Album Discography, Part 5
38-100 Series (1978-1982)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 21, 2005

The 38-100 series followed the 36-100 series.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

SD-38-100 - Wind and Wuthering - Genesis [1978] Reissue of Atco SD-36-144. Eleventh Earl Of Mar/One For The Vine/Your Own Special Way/Wot Gorilla?//All In A Mouse's Night/Blood On The Rooftops/Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers.../...In That Quiet Earth/Afterglow

SD-38-101 - A Trick of the Tail - Genesis [1977] Reissue of Atco SD-36-129. Dance On A Volcano/Entangled/Squonk/Mad Man Moon//Robbery, Assault And Battery/Ripples.../A Trick Of The Tail/Los Endos

SD-38-102 - The Best of Black Oak Arkansas - Black Oak Arkansas [1977]

SD-38-103 - Greatest Hits - Roxy Music [11/77] Virginia Plain/Do The Strand/All I Want Is You/Out Of The Blue/Pyjamarama/Editions Of You//Love Is The Drug/Mother Of Pearl/A Song For Europe/The Thrill Of It All/Street Life

SD-38-104 - The Message - Blue Magic [1977] Can't Get You Off My Mind/If You Want Me To/Lady In My World Of Love/Four Leaf Clover//Purple Passion/Still In Love With You/Message/Sweet Woman/I Waited

SD-38-105 - Retrospective: The Best of Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield [1977] Reissue of Atco SD 33-283. For What It's Worth/Mr. Soul/Sit Down, I Think I Love You/Kind Woman/Bluebird/On the Way Home//Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing/Broken Arrow/Rock and Roll Woman/I Am a Child/Go and Say Goodbye/Expecting to Fly

SD-38-106 - Coast To Coast - Winters Brothers Band [1977] This album was issued on the Rabbit label.

SD-38-107 - Best of Donnie Hathaway - Donnie Hathaway [1978]

SD-38-108 - Back and Forth - Lindisfarne [12/78] Run For Home/Juke Box Gypsy/Warm Feeling/Woman/Only Alone//Make Me Want To Stay/Kings Cross Blues/Get Wise/You And Me/Marshall Riley's Army/Angels At Eleven

*SD 38-109 - Dreams Of Tomorrow - Marilyn Scott [1979] Dreams Of Tomorrow/Highways Of My Life/Let's Be Friends/Let's Not Talk About Love/Why-Oh-You (Y-O-U)/The Beach/Yes I Can (I Can Get Along Without Them)/You Are All I Need/You Made Me Believe

SD-38-110 - Weekend - Mick Jackson [1979]

SD-38-111 - Stairway to Love - Wonder Band [3/79] Intro: Stairway To Heaven/Stairway To Heaven/Stairway To Love/Whole Lotta Love/Finale: Stairway To Heaven//Wonderful Medley: Wonder Dance - Wonder Love - Wonder Man (Wonder Woman) - Finale/The Wonder

SD-38-112 - Blackfoot Strikes - Blackfoot [5/79] (5-79, #42) Road Fever/I Got A Line On You/Left Turn On A Red Light/Pay My Dues/Baby Blue//Wishing Well/Run And Hide/Train, Train (Prelude) - Train, Train/Highway Song

SD-38-113 - Liner - Liner [5/79] Keep Reaching Out For Love/Strange Fascination/You And Me/So Much In Love Again/Run To The Night//Sweet Music/(You Know That) It's Alright/Ship On The Ocean/Night Train/Window Pane

SD-38-114 - Manifesto - Roxy Music [1979] (3-79, #23) Manifesto/Trash/Angel Eyes/Still Falls The Rain/Stranger Through The Years//Ain't That So/My Little Girl/Dance Away/Cry, Cry, Cry/Spin Me Round

SD-38-115 - Disturbing the Peace - TMG [5/79] Disturbing The Peace/Heart Of Stone/Over And Over/Woman In Love/I Miss You//Lazy Eyes/Gonna Be Somebody/Devil In You/Set Me Free/Too Bad

SD-38-116 - The Wilson Bros. - Wilson Bros. [1979] Feeling Like We're Strangers Again/Another Night/Thanking Heaven/Shadows/Just Like A Lover Knows//Lost And A Long Way From Home/Can We Still Be Friends/Ticket To My Heart/Take Me To Your Heaven/Like Yesterday

SD-38-117 - Replicas - Gary Numan and Tubeway Army [1979] (9-79, #124) Me! I Disconnect From You/Are Friends Electric?/The Machman/Praying To The Aliens/Down In The Park//You Are In My Vision/Replicas/It Must Have Been Years/When The Machine Rocks/I Nearly Married A Human

SD-38-118 - Rock It - Chuck Berry [1979] Move It/Oh What a Thrill/I Need You Baby/If I Were/House Lights//I Never Thought/Havana Moon/Wuden't Me/California/Pass Away

SD-38-119 - Garrison and Van Dyke - Garrison and Van Dyke [1979]

SD-38-120 - The Pleasure Principle - Gary Numan [1979] (2-80, #16) Airlane/Metal/Complex/Films/M.E.//Tracks/Observer/Conversation/Cars/Engineers

SD-38-121 -

SD-38-122 - On To Victory - Humble Pie [1980] (4-80, #60) Fool For A Pretty Face/You Soppy Pratt/Infatuation/Take It From Here/Savin' It//Baby Don't You Do It/Get It In The End/My Lover's Prayer/Further Down The Road/Over You

SD-38-123 - Touch - Touch [1980]

SD-38-124 - Shella and B. Devotion - Shella and B. Devotion [9/80] The label on this album is Carrere. The artists are a '60s French singer with background singers, produced by Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards of Chic fame. Spacer/Mayday/Charge Plates And Credit Cards/Misery//King Of The World/Cover Girl/Your Love Is Good/Don't Go

SD-38-125 -

SD-38-126 - Wheels of Steel - Saxon [9/80] The label on this album is Carrere. Motorcycle Man/Stand Up And Be Counted/747 (Strangers In The Night)/Wheels Of Steel//Freeway Mad/See The Light Shining/Street Fighting Gang/Suzie Hold On/Machine Gun

SD-38-127 - Stingray - Stingray [9/80] The label on this album is Carrere.

SD-38-128 - Fresh Blood - Steve Swindells [1980] Turn It On, Turn It Off/Fresh Blood/I Feel Alive/Low Life Joe/Bitter And Twisted//Don't Wait On The Stairs/Is It Over Now?/Down On Love Street/Figures Of Authority/Shot Down In The Night

SD-38-129 - Thunder - Thunder [1980] Easy Street/Late Last Night/I'm Alright/Last Love Song/Last Train To Paradise//All Night Long/Service With A Smile/Santiago Midnight Moonlight/Magazine Love/Rock And Roll Wasteland

MR 38-130 - Going Up - Joey Wilson [1980] The label on this album is Modern. If You Don't Want My Love/Taking Me Back/Underground/Hold On Girl/Women With Ideas//Call Off Your Dogs/I Was A Fool/My Car - Your Car/Chances We'll Take/Out Of Your World/Underground (Reprise)/Going Up

SD-38-131 - Go For the Throat - Humble Pie [1980] (5-81, #154) All Shook Up/Teenage Anxiety/Tin Soldier/Keep It On The Island/Driver//Restless Blood/Go For The Throat/Lottie And The Charcoal Queen/Chip Away (The Stone)

SD-38-132 - Catholic Boy - Jim Carroll [1980] (11-80, #73) Wicked Gravity/Three Sisters/Day And Night/Nothing Is True/People Who Died//City Drops Into The Night/Crow/It's Too Late/I Want The Angel/Catholic Boy

SD 38-133 - McGuffey Lane - McGuffey Lane [1980] People Like You/Long Time Lovin' You/Ain't No One (To Love Me Like You Do)/Let Me Take You To The Rodeo/Green Country Mountains//Stagecoach/Music Man/Breakaway/Lady Autumn/Stay In Love With You

SD-38-134 - Sterling Harrison - Sterling Harrison [3/81] The label on this album is Real World.

MR-38-135 - Jah Malla - Jah Malla [1981] The label on this album is Modern.

EC 38-136 - From Branch To Branch - Leon Redbone [1981] (4-81, #152) The label on this album is Emerald City. (Mama's Got A Baby Named) Te Na Na/A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/Sweet Mama Papa's Getting Mad/Step It Up And Go/Your Cheatin' Heart/Seduced//Why/My Blue Heaven/Extra Blues/When You Wish Upon A Star/Prairie Lullaby

SD-38-137 - The Skill - Sherbs [1981] (2-81, #100) I Have The Skill/Back To Zero/Cindy Is Waiting/Crazy In The Night/I'll Be Faster/Never Surrender//No Turning Back/Love You To Death/Into The Heat/I'm O.K./Juliet And Me/Parallel Bars

SD 38-138 -

MR-38-139 - Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks [1981] (8-81, #1) Label on this album is Modern. Bella Donna/Kind of Woman/Stop Draggin' My Heart Around/Think About It/After the Glitter Fades//Edge of Seventeen/How Still My Love/Leather and Lace/Outside the Rain/The Highwayman

SD-38-140 -

SD 38-141 - No Refuge - Eddie Schwartz [1981] (2-82, #195) No Refuge/Spirit Of The Night/Tonight/Good With Your Love//Heart On Fire/Over The Line/Auction Block/All Our Tomorrows

SD-38-142 - Too Late to Be a Hero - John Entwistle [10/81] Try Me/Talk Dirty/Lovebird/Sleepin Man/I'm Coming Back//Dancing Master/Fallen Angel/Love Is A Heart Attack/Too Late The Hero

SD-38-143 - Dance - Gary Numan [1981] (10-81, #167) Slowcar To China/Night Talk/A Subway Called You/Cry, The Clock Said//She's Got Claws/Crash/Boys Like Me/Stories/My Brothers Time/You Are, You Are/Moral

SD-38-144 - Aqua Dream - McGuffey Lane [1981] (1-82, #193) A New Beginning/It Comes From The Heart/Dream About You/Tennessee/Don't You Think About Me (When I'm Gone)//Start It All Over/Fair Weather Friends/Fallin' Timber/Bag Of Rags (Black Mountain Rag - Tiger Rag - 12th Street Rag) (Instrumental)/Outlaw Rider

SD 38-145 - Dry Dreams - Jim Carroll Band [1982] (5-82, #156) Work Not Play/Dry Dreams/Them/Jealous Twin/Lorraine//Jody/Barricades/Evangeline/Rooms/Still Life

SD 38-146 - Defying Gravity - Sherbs [1982] We Ride Tonight/Steppin' On Ice/We Can Make It//I'm Alive/The Danger Zone/Don't Throw It All Away

SD-38-147 -

SD-38-148 - Offering - Axe [1982] (6-82, #81) Rock 'N' Roll Party In The Streets/Video Inspiration/Steal Another Fantasy/Jennifer/I Got The Fire//Burn The City Down/Now Or Never/Holdin' On/Silent Soldiers

SD-38-149 - All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes - Pete Townshend [1982] (7-82, #26) Stop Hurting People/The Sea Refuses No River/Prelude/Face Dance Part Two/Exquisitely Bored/Communication//Stardom in Action/Uniforms/North Country Girl/Somebody Saved Me/Slit Skirts

SAM-150 - Pete Listening Time: Pete Townshend Introduces the Tracks from His New Album "All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes" - Pete Townshend [1982] The above album with introductions for the tracks. Stop Hurting People/The Sea Refuses No River/Prelude/Face Dance Part Two/Exquisitely Bored/Communication//Stardom in Action/Uniforms/North Country Girl/Somebody Saved Me/Slit Skirts

SD 38-151 - Turn It Loud - Headpins [1982] Turn It Loud/Keep Walkin' Away/Don't Ya Ever Leave Me/People//Don't It Make Ya Feel/Winnin'/You Can't Have Me/Breakin' Down

Thanks to Jeff Vokracka, Herve Dixmeier, Bill Puig, and Jackson Griffith.

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