Atco Album Discography, Part 6
Miscellaneous Series

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: October 6, 2005

This page contains many of the short and special series issued by Atco over the years.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Atco Special Issue:

This special issue was released during the height of Bobby Darin's popularity.

SP 1001 - For Teenagers Only - Bobby Darin [1960] I Want You With Me/Keep a Walkin'/You Know How/Somebody to Love/I Ain't Sharin' Sharon/Pity Miss Kitty//That Lucky Old Sun/All the Way Home/You Never Called/A Picture No Artist Could Paint/Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name/Here I'll Stay

The Atco Group:

This short series consisted of one album.

SD-850 - Smash Sounds - Various Artists [1967] Cool Jerk - Capitols (S)/The Beat Goes On - Sonny & Cher (S)/Sweet Soul Music - Arthur Conley (E)/Respect - Otis Redding (S)/Gloria - Shadows Of Knight (S)/For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield (S)//Love Makes The World Go Round - Deon Jackson (S)/Book Of Memories - Percy Wiggins (S)/Stand By Me - Ben E. King (S)/Jump Back - King Curtis (S)/Neighbor Neighbor - Jimmy Hughes (E)/Let's Go Get Stoned - Coasters (S)

11000 Special Issues:

SD-11000 - The Beat Goes On - Sonny and Cher [1/76]

32-100 Series:

SD-32-100 - Empty Glass - Pete Townshend [1980] (5-80, #5) Rough Boys/I Am An Animal/And I Moved/Let My Love Open the Door/Jools and Jim//Keep on Working/Cat's in the Cupboard/A Little is Enough/Empty Glass/Gonna Get Ya

SD-32-101 - Tomcattin' - Blackfoot [1980] (6-80, #50) Warped/On The Run/Dream On/Street Fighter/Gimme, Gimme, Gimme//Every Man Should Know (Queenie)/In The Night/Reckless Abandoner/Spendin' Cabbage/Fox Chase

SD-32-102 - Flesh and Blood - Roxy Music [1980] (6-80, #35)The Midnight Hour/Oh Yeah/Same Old Scene/Flesh And Blood/My Only Love//Over You/Eight Miles High/Rain Rain Rain/No Strange Delight/Running Wild

SD-32-103 - Telekon - Gary Numan [1980] (10-80, #64) This Wreckage/The Aircrash Bureau/Telekon/Remind Me To Smile/Sleep By Windows//I'm An Agent/I Dream Of Wires/Remember I Was Vapour/Please Push No More/The Joy Circuit

SD-32-104 - Headphones for Cows - Thunder [1980] Can't Hold On - Can't Let Go/Midnight Heartache/Tupelo/Say Goodbye//One Chance In Hell/We Got All Night/Hard Ride To Heaven/Rock The Night/Where Do We Go From Here

SD-32-105 - Margo Michaels and Nitelite - Margo Michaels and Nitelite [8/81] The label on this album is Real World Record Label.

SD-32-106 - First Album - Tubeway Army [1981] Listen To The Sirens/My Shadow In Vain/The Life Machine/Friends/Something's In The House/Everyday I Die//Steel And You/My Love Is A Liquid/Are You Real ?/The Dream Police/Jo The Waiter/Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)

SD-32-107 - Marauder - Blackfoot [1981] (7-81, #48) Good Morning/Payin' For It/Diary Of A Workingman/Too Hard To Handle/Flyaway//Dry County/Fire Of The Dragon/Rattlesnake Rock 'N' Roller/Searchin'

SD-32-108 - Vinyl Futures - Riff Raff [1981] This group included Doug Lubahn (bass) and Werner Fritzschings (guitar), both of Pierce Arrow as well as other groups. Nina/Shades Of Blue/Treat Me Right/I Ain't Gonna Run Anymore/Mary Lou//My, My/Love In Vain/Heroes/Time Riff/Hall Of Mirrors

SD 32-109 - Apache - Apache [9/81] The label on this album is Emerald.


2-400 Series:

SD2-400 - Woodstock, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1971] (4-71, #7) (2-LP set) This album has Cotillion labels. Two record set. Jam Back At The House - Jimi Hendrix/Izabella - Jimi Hendrix/Get My Heart Back Together - Jimi Hendrix//Saturday Afternoon - Won't You Try - Jefferson Airplane/Eskimo Blue Day - Jefferson Airplane/Everything's Gonna Be Alright - The Butterfield Blues Band//Sweet Sir Galahad - Joan Baez/Guinnevere - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/4+20 - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/My Beautiful People - Melanie/Birthday Of The Sun - Melanie//Blood Of The Sun - Mountain/Theme For An Imaginary Western - Mountain/Woodstock Boogie - Canned Heat/Let The Sunshine In - Audience During Sunday Rainstorm

SD 2-401 - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Genesis [1974] (12-74, #41) (2-LP set) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Fly On A Windshield/Broadway Melody Of 1974/Cuckoo Cocoon/n The Cage/The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging//Back In N.Y.C/Hairless Heart/Counting Out Time/The Carpet Crawlers/The Chamber Of 32 Doors//Lilywhite Lilith/The Waiting Room/Anyway/Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist/The Lamia/Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats//The Colony Of Slippermen (The Arrival - A Visit To The Doktor - The Raven)/Ravine/The Light Lies Down On Broadway/Riding The Scree/In The Rapids/It

2-700 Series:

SD 2-700 - Wheels of Fire - Cream [1968] (7-68, #1) (2-LP set) White Room/Sitting on Top of the World/Passing the Time/As You Said/Pressed Rat and Warthog/Politician/Those Were the Days/Born Under a Bad Sign/Deserted/Cities of the Heart/Crossroads/Spoonful/Traintime/Toad

SD 2-701 - Streetnoise - Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll [1969] (6-69, #41) (2-LP set) Tropic Of Capricorn/Czechoslovakia/Take Me To The Water/A Word About Colour/Light My Fire/Indian Rope Man/When I Was A Young Girl/Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)//Ellis Island/In Search Of The Sun/Finally Found You Out/Looking In The Eye Of The World/Vauxhall To Lambeth Bridge/All Blues/I've Got Life/Save The Country

SD 2-702 - Odessa - Bee Gees [1969] (2-69, #20) (2-LP set) The original cover on this album had a velvet like covering, the second version had a standard cover. Odessa/You'll Never See My face Again/Black Diamond//Marley Purt Drive/Edison/Melody Fair/Suddenly/Whisper Whisper//Lamplight/Sound of Love/Give Your Best/Seven Seas Symphony/With All Nations//I Laugh in Your Face/Never Say Never Again/First of May/The British Opera

SD 2-703 - Ginger Baker's Air Force - Ginger Baker's Air Force [1970] (5-70, #33) (2-LP set) Da Da Man/Early In The Morning//Don't Care/Toad//Aiko Biaye/Man Of Constant Sorrow//Do What You Like/Doin' It

SD 2-704 - Layla - Derek and the Dominos [1970] (11-70, #16) (2-LP set) I Looked Away/Bell Bottom Blues/Keep on Growing/Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out//I Am Yours/Anyday/Key to the Highway//Tell the Truth/Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?/Have You Ever Loved a Woman//Little Wing/It's Too Late/Layla/Thorn Tree in the Garden

*SD 2-705 - Mar y Sol - Various Artists [1972] (10-72, #186) (2-LP set) Ain't Wastin' Time No More - The Allman Brothers Band/Bedroom Mazurka - Cactus/Bring My Baby Back - John Baldry/Do You Know - Osibisa/Jelly Roll - Nitzinger/Looking For A Love - The J. Geils Band/Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Noonward Race - Mahavishnu Orchestra With John McLaughlin/Respect Yourself - Herbie Mann/Sometimes In The Morning - Jonathan Edwards/Take A Pebble - Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Texas Blues - Nitzinger/Train Of Glory - Jonathan Edwards/Wang Dang Doodle - Dr. John/Why I Sing The Blues - B.B. King

2-800 Series:

SD 2-801 - The Best of Otis Redding - Otis Redding [1972] (9-72, #76) (2-LP set) Shake/Ole Man Trouble/Good To Me/I Can't Turn You Loose/I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)/Tell the Truth//(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/Cigarettes and Coffee/Down In the Valley/These Arms of Mine/Tramp [with Carla Thomas]/Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)//Try a Little Tenderness/Rock Me Baby/That's How Strong My Love Is/My Girl/Love Man/A Change Is Gonna Come//Just One More Day/Respect/Pain In My Heart/My Lover's Prayer/Chain Gang/You Don't Miss Your Water/(Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay

SD-2-802 - Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East - Allman Brothers Band [1972] The labels on this 2 record set are Capricorn Records. Statesboro Blues/Done Somebody Wrong/Stormy Monday//You Don't Love Me//Hot 'Lanta/In Memory of Elizabeth Reed//Whipping Post

SD-2-803 - History of Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton with Various Bands [4/72] (4-72, #6) I Ain't Got You - Yardbirds/Hideaway - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers/Tribute To Elmore - Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page/I Want To Know - Powerhouse (vocal by Steve Anglo)/Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream/Crossroads - Cream//Spoonful - Cream/Badge - Cream//Sea Of Joy - Blind Faith/Only You Know And I Know - Delaney & Bonnie & Friends/I Don't Want To Discuss It - Delaney & Bonnie & Friends/Teasin' - King Curtis/Blues Power - Eric Clapton//Tell The Truth - Derek & Dominos (45 version, produced by Phil Spector)/Tell The Truth - Derek & Dominos (previously unissued jam)/Layla - Derek & Dominos

SD-2-804 - The Two of Us - Sonny and Cher [9/72] (9-72, #122) Reissue of Atco SD 33- 177 and Atco SD 33-203. I Got You Babe/Unchained Melody/Then He Kissed Me/Sing C'est La Vie/It's Gonna Rain/500 Miles//Just You/The Letter/Let It Be Me/You Don't Love Me/You've Really Got a Hold on Me/Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love//The Beat Goes On/Groovy Kind of Love/You Baby/Monday/Love Don't Come/Podunk//Little Man/We'll Sing in the Sunshine/Misty Roses/Stand by Me/Living For You/Cheryl's Goin' Home

SD-2-805 - Beginnings - Allman Brothers Band [1973] (3-73, #1) Reissue of Capricorn SD 33-308 and Capricorn SD 33-342. Disc 1: Don't Want You No More/It's Not My Cross To Bear/Black Hearted Woman/Trouble No More//Every Hungry Woman/Dreams/Whipping Post; Disc 2: Revival/Don't Keep Me Wonderin'/Midnight Rider/In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed//Hoochie Coochie Man/Please Call Home/Leave My Blues At Home

*SD-2-806 - Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield [1973] (12-73, #104) A Child's Claim To Fame/Bluebird/Broken Arrow/Burned/Expecting To Fly/For What It's Worth (Stop, Hey What's That Sound)/Four Days Gone/Go And Say Goodbye/Hung Upside Down/I Am A Child/Kind Woman/Mr. Soul/Noawadys Clancy Can't Even Sing/On The Way Home/Out Of My Mind/Pay The Price/Pretty Girl Why/Questions/Rock And Roll Woman/Sit Down I Think I Love You/Special care/The Hour Of Not Quite Rain/Uno Mundo

Thanks to Gerry Ross and Charles G. Hill.

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