Atco Album Discography, Part 4
36-100 Series (1974-1977)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 21, 2005

The SD38-100 series followed the SD-7000 series. It used the yellow label.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

SD-36-100 - Hamburger Concerto - Focus [1974] (8-74, #66) Deliciae Musicae/Harem Scarem/La Cathedrale De Strasbourg/Birth/Hamburger Concerto: Starter/Hamburger Concerto: Rare/Hamburger Concerto: Medium I/Hamburger Concerto: Medium II/Hamburger Concerto: Well Done/Hamburger Concerto: One For The Road

SD-36-101 - Street Party - Black Oak Arkansas [1974] (7-74, #56) Dancing In The Streets/Sting Me/Good Good Woman/Jail Bait/Sure Been Workin' Hard/Son Of A Gun//Brink Of Creation/I'm A Man/Goin' Home/Dixie/Everybody Wants To See Heaven Nobody Wants To Die/Hey Ya'll/Brink Of Creation

SD-36-102 - Miami - James Gang [1974] (9-74, #97) Cruisin' Down The Highway/Do It/Wildfire/Sleepwalker/Miami-Two Step//Praylude - Red Skies/Spanish Lover/Summer Breezes/Head Above The Water

SD-36-103 - Magic of the Blue - Blue Magic [1974] (12-74, #71) Three Ring Circus/Stringin' Me Along/You Won't Have To Tell Me Goodbye/Never Get Over You/Talking To Myself//Let Me Be The One/ Maybe Just Maybe (We Can Fall In Love Again)/Love Has Found Its Way To Me/When Ya Coming Home/Looking For A Friend

SD-36-104 - Lucky Day - Jonathan Edwards [1974] Give Us A Song/Don't Cry Blue/Nova Scotia/Today I Started Loving You Again/Shanty/Have You Seen Her/Everybody Knows Her//Lucky Day/Sometimes/Hit Parade Of Love/Stop And Start It All Again/My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame/That's What Our Life Is/You Are My Sunshine - Sunshine (Go Away Today)

SD-36-105 - Circle of Love - Sister Sledge [1975] Circle Of Love (Caught In The Middle)/Cross My Heart/Protect Our Love/Give In To Love//Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me/Don't You Miss Him Now/Pain Reliever/You're Much Better Off Loving Me/Fireman

SD-36-106 - Country Life - Roxy Music [1974] (1-75, #37) This album was issued with two different covers. The original cover featured two fashion models in a jungle setting wearing only see-thru bras and panties. A modified cover maintaining the jungle setting, but not picturing the models, was later released under the same catalog number. The album's original cover was reinstated still later, around 1980. The Thrill Of It All/Three And Nine/All I Want Is You/Out Of The Blue/If It Takes All Night//Bitter-Sweet/Triptych/Casanova/A Really Good Time/Prairie Rose

*SD-36-107 - Cross-Collateral - Passport [1974] (3-75, #137) Albatros Song/Cross- Collateral/Damals/Homunculus/Jadoo/Will-O' The-Wisp

SD-36-108 - Hijack - Amon Duul II [1974] I Can't Wait (Part 1 & 2)/Mirror/Traveller/You're Not Alone//Explode Like A Star/Da Guadeloop/Lonely Woman/Liquid Whisper/Archy The Robot

SD-36-109 - Hard Road - Stevie Wright [5/75] "Little Stevie" is former lead singer with the Easybeats. Hard Road/Life Gets Better/The Other Side/I Got You Good/Dancing In The Limelight/Didn't I Take You Higher//Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down - Evie - I'm Losing You )/Movin' On Up/Commando Line

SD-36-110 - Barrabas - Barrabas [1974]

SD-36-111 - Ain't Life Grand - Black Oak Arkansas [1975] (5-75, #145) Taxman/Fancy Nancy/Keep On/Good Stuff/Rebel//Back Door Man/Love Can Be Found/Diggin' For Gold/Cryin' Shame/Let Life Be Good To You

SD-36-112 - Newborn - James Gang [1975] (5-75, #109) Merry-Go-Round/Gonna Get By/Earthshaker/All I Have/Watch It//Driftin' Dreamer/Shoulda' Seen Your Face/Come With Me/Heartbreak Hotel/Red Satin Lover/Cold Wind

SD-36-113 - Diamond Head - Phil Manzanera [5/75] Frontera/Diamond Head/Big Day/The Flex/SameTime Next Week//Miss Shapiro/East Of Echo/Lagrima/Alma

SD-36-114 - Anvil Chorus - The (Heavy Metal) Kids [6/75] Hard At The Top/You Got Me Rollin'/On The Street/Situations Outta Control/Blue EYed Boy//Old Time Boogie/The Turk (An'wot'e Smoke)/Crisis/The Cops Are Coming/The Big Fire

SD-36-115 - Warrior on the Edge of Time - Hawkwind [1975] (6-75, #150) Assault And Battery (Part I) - The Golden Void (Part II)/The Wizard Blew His Horn/Opa-Loka/The Demented Man//Magnu/Standing At The Edge/Spiral Galaxy 28948/Warriors/Dying Seas/Kings Of Speed

SD-36-116 - Funk Factory - Funk Factory [1975]

SD-36-117 - Mother Focus - Focus [1975] Mother Focus/I Need A Bathroom/Bennie Helder/Soft Vanilla/Hard Vanilla/Tropic Bird//Focus IV/Someone's Crying... What !/All Together !... Oh That !/No Hangs Up/My Sweetheart/Father Bach

SD-36-118 - Heart of the City - Barrabas [1975] (8-75, #149) Checkmate/Take A Wild Ride/Along The Shore/Make It Easy//Family Size/Mellow Blow/Thank You Love/Four Season Woman

SD-36-119 - Made In Germany - Amon Duul II [1975] Dreams/Ludwig/The King's Chocolate Waltz/Blue Grotto/5.5.55/Emigrant Song/La Krautoma//Metropolis/Loosey Girls/Gala Gnome/Top Of The Mud/Mr. Kraut's Jinx

SD-36-120 - Thirteen Blue Magic Lane - Blue Magic [1975] (10-75, #50) The Loneliest House On The Block/Chasing Rainbows/Born On Halloween/Haunted (By Your Love)/I Like You//Magic Of The Blue/We're On The Right Track/Stop And Get A Hold Of Yourself/What's Come Over Me - Magic Blue & Margie Joseph

SD-36-121 - Paradise - Sonny & Linda Sharrock [11/75] Apollo/End Of The Rainbow/Miss Doris//1953 Blue Boogie Children/Peaceful/Gary's Step

SD-36-122 - Mama's Pride - Mama's Pride [1975] In The Morning/Who Do You Think You're Foolin'/Blue Mist/Laurie Ann/Missouri Sky Line//Ole St. Lou/Kind Lovin' Woman/Where Would You Be/Young And Free

SD-36-123 - Elysian Encounter - Baker-Gurvitz Army [11/75] The "Baker" in this band is Ginger Baker, previously of Cream and Ginger Baker's Air Force. People/The Key/Time/The Gambler//The Dreamer/Remember/The Artists/The Hustler

SD-36-124 - Glory of the Inner Force - Finch [3/76] Register Magister/Paradoxical Moods//Pisces/A Bridge to Alice

SD-36-125 - The Band Plays On - Back Street Crawler [1975] (11-75, #111) Band was formed by Paul Kossoff after the group Free split. Hoo Doo Woman/New York, New York/Stealing My Way/Survivor/It's A Long Way Down To The Top//All The Girls Are Crazy/Jason Blue/Train Song/Rock And Roll Junkie/The Band Plays On

SD-36-126 - Mahoney's Last Stand - Ron Wood and Ronnie Lane [1976] Tonight's Number/From The Late To The Early/Chicken Wire/Chicken Wired/I'll Fly Away/Title One/Just For A Moment (Instrumental)//Mona The Blues/Car Radio/Hay Tumble/Woody's Thing/Rooster Funeral/Just For A Moment

SD-36-127 - Siren - Roxy Music [1975] (11-75, #50) Love Is The Drug/End Of The Line/Sentimental Fool/Whirlwind//She Sells/Could It Happen To Me?/Both Ends Burning/Nightingale/Just Another High

SD-36-128 - Live! Mutha - Black Oak Arkansas [1976] (2-76, #194) Intro-Applause/Jim Dandy/Applause/Fancy Nancy/Applause/Lord Have Mercy On My Soul/Applause/Cryin' Shame/Applause/Fever In My Mind/Applause//Intro./Hey Ya'll/Applause/Rebel/Applause/Taxman/Applause/Hot And Nasty/Applause

SD-36-129 - A Trick of the Tail - Genesis [1976] (3-76, #31) Dance On A Volcano/Entangled/Squonk/Mad Man Moon//Robbery, Assault And Battery/Ripples.../A Trick Of The Tail/Los Endos

SD-36-130 - Lady Bump - Penny McLean [1976] Lady Bump/Devil Eyes/The Wizard Bump/The A-B-C Of Love/1-2-3-4...Fire!//Big Bad Boy/Baby Doll/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/I'm Knocking (At Your Door)

SD-36-131 -

*SD-36-132 - Infinity Machine - Passport [1976] Blue Aura/Contemplation/Infinity Machine/Ju-Ju Man/Morning Sun/Ostinato

SD-36-133 - Roxy Music - Roxy Music [6/76] Reissue of Reprise MS-2114. "Virginia Plain" was not on the original UK version [Island 9200]. Re-Make - Re-Model It/Ladytron/If There Is Something/Virginia Plain/2 H.B.//The Bob (Medley)/Chance Meeting/Would You Believe?/Sea Breezes/Bitters End

SD-36-134 - For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music [6/76] Reissue of Warner Brothers BS- 2696. Do The Strand/Beauty Queen/Strictly Confidential/Editions Of You/In Every Dream Home A Heartache//The Bogus Man/Grey Lagoons/For Your Pleasure

SD-36-135 - Impact - Impact [6/76] Happy Man/Taboo/Friends/Give A Broken Heart A Break//One Last Memory/Love Attack/Winning Combination/Man And Woman/It Only Happens In The Movies

SD-36-136 - Watch Out - Barrabas [1976] Broadway Star/It/Fire Girl/Desperately//High Light/Sexy Lady/Better Days/Lay It Down On Me

SD-36-137 - Hearts on Fire - Baker-Gurvitz Army [6/76] Hearts On Fire/Neon Lights/Smiling/Tracks Of My Life/Flying In And Out Of Stardom//Dancing The Night Away/My Mind Is Healing/Thirsty For The Blues/Night People/Mystery

SD-36-138 - 2nd Street - Back Street Crawler [1976] (8-76, #140) Selfish Lover/Blue Soul/Stop Doing What You're Doing/Raging River/Some Kind Of Happy//Sweet Beauty/Just For You/On Your Life/Leaves In The Wind

SD-36-139 - Viva! Roxy Music (The Live Roxy Music Album) - Roxy Music [1976] (8-76, #81) Out Of The Blue/Pyjamarama/The Bogus Man/Chance Meeting/Both Ends Burning//If There Is Something/In Every Dream Home A Heartache/Do The Strand

*SD-36-140 - Mystic Dragons - Blue Magic [1976] (9-76, #170) Freak-N-Stein/It's Something About Love/Making Love To A Memory/Mother Funk/Rock N Roll Revival/See The Bedroom/Spark Of Love/Summer Snow/To Get Love (You Must Give Love)

SD-36-141 - Jesse Come Home - James Gang [1976] I Need Love/Another Year/Feelin' Alright/Peasant Song/Hollywood Dream//Love Hurts/Pick Up The Pizzas/Stealin' The Show/When I Was A Sailor

SD-36-142 - High Voltage - AC/DC [1976] (7-81, #146) This album combines tracks from 2 australian-only albums from 1975 both on Albert Productions (High Voltage-APLP 009 & TNT-APLPA 016) and both produced by Harry Vanda & George Young, formerly members of the Easybeats and composers of the whole of their songs (including "Friday On My Mind"). It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)/The Rock 'N' Roll Singer/She's Got The Jack/Live Wire//T.N.T./Can I Sit Next To You/Little Girl/She's Got Balls/High Voltage

SD-36-143 - Take the Heat Off Me . - Boney M [1977] Daddy Cool/Take The Heat Off Me/Sunny/Baby Do You Wanna Bump//No Woman No Cry/Fever/Got A Man On My Mind/Lovin' Or Leavin'

SD-36-144 - Wind and Wuthering - Genesis [1976] (1-77, #26) Eleventh Earl Of Mar/One For The Vine/Your Own Special Way/Wot Gorilla?//All In A Mouse's Night/Blood On The Rooftops/Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers.../...In That Quiet Earth/Afterglow

SD-36-145 - Winters Brothers Band - Winters Brothers Band [1/77] This album was issued on the Rabbit label. I Can't Help It/Shotgun Rider/Sang Her Love Songs/Devil After My Soul//Misty Mountain Morning/Old Stories/Smokey Mountain Log Cabin Jones/Sweet Dream Lady/Dream Ride/Laredo

SD-36-146 - Uptown.. Lowdown - Mama's Pride [1977] Can I Call You A Cab/She's A Stranger To Me Now/Lucky Lady/You Can't Fool Yourself//The End Of Our Road/Merry-Go-Round/Now I Found You/Long Time

SD-36-147 - Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel [1977] (3-77, #38) Moribund The Burgermeister/Solsbury Hill/Modern Love/Excuse Me/Humdrum/Slowburn/Waiting For The Big One/Down The Dolce Vita/Here Comes The Flood

SD-36-148 - Swept Away - Steve Hunter [5/77] Steve Hunter played guitar with Mitch Ryder's Detroit, Lou Reed & Alice Cooper. Eight Miles High/Eldorado Street/Goin' Down/Rubber Man/Of All Times To Leave//Jasper St. Viaduc Gitar Rag/Sail On Sailor/Swept Away/Sea Sonata/Deep Blue

*SD-36-149 - Iguacu - Passport [1977] (4-77, #191) Aguamarinha/Bahia Do Sol/Bird Of Paradise/Guna Guna/Heavy Weight/Iguacu/Praia Leme/Sambukada

SD-36-150 - Best of Black Oak Arkansas - Black Oak Arkansas [1977] Jim Dandy/Hot And Nasty/Happy Hooker/Lord Have Mercy On My Soul//Taxman/So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star/Dixie/Uncle Lijiah/Son Of A Gun

SD-36-151 - Let There Be Rock - AC/DC [1977] (8-77, #154) Go Down/Dog Eat Dog/Let There Be Rock/Bad Boy Boogie//Overdose/Crasbody In Blue/Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be/Whola Lotta Rosie

SD-36-152 - Redwing - Grinder Switch [1977] (11-77, #144) This album was issued on the Rabbit label. Redwing/You And Me/That Special Woman/Taste Of Love//This Road/Wings Of An Angel/Watermelon Time In Georgia/I Bought All The Lies/Faster And Faster

Thanks to DeSoto Joe, Bill Puig, Leif Sandsjö, Brian Spencer, Clark Ray, Eamonn Keane, and Jackson Griffith.

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