DaySpring Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 27, 2009

DaySpring was a division of Word Records. It was started in 1975 and was originally located in Waco, Texas, the home of Word Records. Later, in the early 1980s, DaySpring moved to Nashville. The original logo featured a butterfly; later, this was changed to a circle with lines representing sunrays, about the same time the label moved to Nashville.

The biggest name artists on early DaySpring were the Imperials. The 1970s also featured the Sharrett Brothers, who moved over from Word and shortened their name to the Sharretts. By 1981, DaySpring signed the Gaither Vocal Band and Dion, the pop singer from the 1950s and 1960s. By 1985, Wayne Watson had joined DaySpring, along with Dallas Holm. The 1990s brought the Christian rock group Petra into the fold. By 1995, the label was being phased out by its parent company, Word, who by that time had joined DaySpring in Nashville.

We received a letter from Solveig Leithaug with some additional information:


I was just browsing the web when I came across your site. It was fun to read what info you have collected and it brought back some sweet memories. It's been many years since I was signed with Day Spring, and I have had an extra last name, Henderson, for the past nineteen years. At the time I was recording for Day Spring, I was single, very young, and living in Oslo, Norway.

Not that this matters much, just that if someone should care at all, here is some additional info to update the little I did with them. As you wrote, I recorded
In The World in 1986, which featured a duet with the legendary Larry Norman. I also participated on the CD that was released in 1986 under the name The Singles, where all the current artists contributed with a song. Mine was "Lonely Prayer". In 1988, I had the privilege to record another CD for Day Spring under the title of First Step, which was produced by Wayne Watson. We also did a duet together on this release.

That's all, I guess. Blessings on you.


The original label was multicolored, with a light orange sky changing to darker orange as it approached a sloping horizon. Below the horizon, the earth was various shades of green. At the top was the label name, DaySpring, in dark red script. To the lower left of the name was a glowing butterfly. The rest of the print was black. Around the bottom of the label in small print was "DAYSPRING RECORDS - WACO, TEXAS - A DIVISION OF WORD, INC." The second label design was grey, with a yellow circle at the top with sunshine rays. The label name appeared in caps just below the sunshine logo. Print was black. At the bottom of the label was, "DAYSPRING RECORDS NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A DIVISION OF WORD, INC. WACO, TEXAS"

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

DaySpring DST-4000 Series:


DST-4002 - Loving Him - Jimmy Miller [1975] Loving Him/Faithriders/Standing On The Inside/Skipping On The Mountains/(others)

DST-4003 - Song For the Heart - Sharretts [1977] Song For The Heart/Singing Through The Rain/You Are So Wonderful/Follow Me/Higher And Higher//Dave's Prayer/Hallulujah Maranatha/I Just Wanna Love You More/Little Flowers/You Are My Everything

DST-4004 - Expressions - Walt Mills [1977] I'm On My Way To Heaven/Unclouded Day/His Love Reaching To You/Jesus Helped Me/Shine On//I Wanna Be Ready/Diamonds In The Rain/God's Love/Home Where I Belong/Sweet Sweet Surrender

DST-4005 - Take Another Look - Andrew Culverwell [1978] Also issued with a promotional second sampler disc. Love Is What You Have/I Have Nothing/We Owe it All to You/You Taught Me How To Fly/Song About Freedom//Home Again/May This Be The Place/Take Another Little Look/You Got It All Together/Miracles Happen All The Time

DST-4006 - Sail On - Imperials [1977] Water Grave/Satisfaction Guaranteed/Gotta Watch, Gotta Pray/More Each Day/There Will Never Be Any Peace//Sail On/Keep On Walking/Sonlight/Bread On The Water/Try Again

DST-4007 - Live - Imperials [1978] Sonshiny Day/Bread Upon The Water/Bread Upon The Water (Reprise)/New Creation/Your First day In Heaven/Lead Me Gently Home Father//I Love The Way You Love/He Touched Me/Sail On/How Great Thou Art/The Old Gospel Ship/The Old Gospel Ship (Reprise)

DST-4008 - Lord, Let Me Leave a Song - Marijohn (Wilkin) [1978] Barnstormin'/Day Old Bread And Love/Pretty Is As Pretty Does/Make Ready He's Comin' Home/A Brand New Song//(side two titles unavailable)


DST-4010 - Everlasting Kind of Love - Lynn Sutter [1978]

DST-4011 - Heed the Call - Imperials [1979] First cover. Overcomer/Praise The Lord/Oh Buddha/Old Man's Rubble/Heed The Call//Let Jesus Do It For You/Growing Stronger/First Morning In Heaven/Whenever I Speak His Name/My Mind Forgets A Million Things/He Didn't Lift Us Up To Let Us Down

DST-4011 - Heed the Call - Imperials [198?] Second cover. Overcomer/Praise The Lord/Oh Buddha/Old Man's Rubble/Heed The Call//Let Jesus Do It For You/Growing Stronger/First Morning In Heaven/Whenever I Speak His Name/My Mind Forgets A Million Things/He Didn't Lift Us Up To Let Us Down


DST-4013 - You Turn Me Around - Sharretts [1978] You Turn Me Around/Suddenly You Came Into My Life/Depend On Me/Good Ol' Gospel Feelin'/Countin' The Days/(others)

DST-4014 - Everyday - Andrew Culverwell [1980] Everyday/Open Your Heart/Do You Believe In Love/Winner's Song/Final Destination/Think Upon These Things//Praise Him/Follow Me/Heaven Is Where You Are/Best Friend/Ready To Serve

DST-4015 - One More Song for You - Imperials [1979] What Can I Do For You/I'm Forgiven/All My Life/Living Without Your Love/Eagle Song//Closer Than Ever/One More Song For You/Higher Power/More Like You


DST-4017 - Priority - Imperials [1980] The Trumpet Of Jesus/Finish What You Started/I'd Rather Believe In You/Any Good Time At All/Be Still My Soul//There's No Time Till You Take It/Pieces/Into My Life/Seek Ye First

DST-4018 - Angels Watching Over Me - Micki [Fuhrman] [1980] Angels Watching Over Me/Dig A Little Deeper/There Is A Fountain/O Come Angel Band/(others)

DST-4019 - Let It Shine - Sharretts [1981] Let It Shine/Depend On Me/The Home Of The Lord/The Master's Love/(others)

DST-4020 - Christmas with the Imperials - Imperials [1980] Child Of Love/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Mary's Boy Child/Immanuel/O Come All Ye Faithful//Christmas Praise/Silent Night/What Child Is This?/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/O Holy Night

DST-4021 - Look Again - Micki Fuhrman [1981] Look Again/People Call Him Jesus/I Stick With Winners/God Is Missing A Child/I Would Never Have Made It Without You/Hold On//Biblesong (Open Me)/Trouble, You Can't Fool Me [with Mac McAnally]/You're The Reason/You Lead The Way/Now That I've Found Your Love

DST-4022 - Inside Job - Dion [1980] I Believe (Sweet Lord Jesus)/Old Souvenirs/He's The One/New Jersey Wife/Center Of My Life/Man In The Glass /The Truth Will Set You Free/Sweet Surrender/Gonna Be Ready

DST-4023 - Escape to the Light - Rusty Goodman [1981]

DST-4024 - The New Gaither Vocal Band - New Gaither Vocal Band [1981] He Came Down To My Level/Living Sacrifice/Don't Play With The Devil/Because Of Who I Am/Abide In Me/Have You made Your Reservation?//Not By Might, Not By Power/It Won't Rain Always/Where Would I Turn/I'm Yours/Your First Day In Heaven/Every Eye Shall See

DST-4025 - The Very Best of the Imperials - Imperials [1981] Living Without Your Love/I'm Forgiven/I'd Rather Believe In You/Bread On The Water/Sail On/Praise The Lord//One More Song For You/Oh Buddha/Same Old Fashioned Way/Eagle Song/The Trumpet Of Jesus

DST-4026 - Alive Again - Andrew Culverwell [1981] Alive Again/Cover Me/The Lord Found Me/Crucified And Yet I Live/Shine On Me/(others)

DST-4027 - Only Jesus - Dion [1981] Hearts Made Of Stone/Train For Glory/The Best/Thank You Lord/Sweet Love Of Jesus //Sailing Ahead Of The Wind/It's Gonna Rain/Puttin' On My Crown/Only Jesus /Greater Is He

DST 4028 - The Best of the Cruse Family - Cruse Family [1981] Let's Begin To Reign/Cornerstone/It Is Well/Free/(others)

DST 4029 - Love Will Rise - Michael Orr & the Book of Life

DST 4030

DST 4031

DST 4032

DST 4033 - Go to the Rock - Carthan Ensemble

DST 4034

DST 4035

DST 4036 - Stay with the Lord - Emmit Powell & the Gospel Elites

DST 4037

DST 4038 - So Much to Be Grateful For - Calvin Bridges

DST 4039

DST 4040

DST 4041 - Talk - Gabriel Hardeman Ensemble

DST 4042 - I Will Survive - Lem McCall

DST 4043 - Lord Remember Me - Bernard Sterling

Sequence jumps to DST-4100:

DST-4100 - Stand By the Power - Imperials [1982] Stand By The Power/Somebody New/Part Time Servant/This Heart/Lord Of The Harvest//Under His Reign/Never Get Enough Of Your Love/How Can You Live/All For The Asking/Because Of Who You Are

DST-4101 - Dreamer's Dream - Pete Carlson [1982] Let Him Hold Your Heart/Run Inside/Dreamer's Dream/The Love Of God/Warm Fire In A Cold World//Take Me Away/Lead Me In Your Love/What A Friend/Lord Of The Universe/Thanksong

DST-4102 - Passin' the Faith Along - New Gaither Vocal Band [1983] Group members are Jon Mohr, Bill Gaither, Gary McSpadden & Steve Green.


DST-4104 - Golden Moments: The Very Best of the Sharretts - Sharretts [1982] Singing Through The Rain/Meet Me Here/You Turn Me Around/Oh How He Loves You And Me-Friend, You Need A Hand/Let It Shine//Suddenly You Came Into My Life/Dave's Prayer (Got To Know You're There)/Song For The Heart/I Am Willing, Lord/Depend On Me

DST-4105 - Firm Believer: A Complete Exercise Program - Various Artists [1982] Exercise record with workout booklet featuring music from Word albums. Narration by Judy Moser and Bobbie Wolgemuth. Living Water/Jesus Is The Rock/Hallelujah/Stand By The Power/Saved/Unclouded Day/Longtime Friends/I'm Forgiven/His Name Is Jesus/Hearts Made Of Stone/El Shaddai

DST-4106 - Gordon Jensen - Gordon Jensen [1982] I Sing Jesus/The Precious Old Story Of Love/The Kingdom Belongs To A Child/Bring Back The New Again/(others)

DST-4107 - Gallery - Gordon Jensen [1982] Redemption Draweth Nigh/I Should Have Been Crucified/Bigger Than Any Mountain/He's As Close As The Mention Of His Name/(others)

DST-4108 - Believercise - Various Artists [1982] Choreographed Exercise to Contemporary Gospel Music, narrated by Cathi Stout. Contains an illustrated poster showing the exercises. Without A Doubt - B.J. Thomas/Only The Sound Of His Trumpet - Happy Goodman Family/I Have Decided - Amy Grant/Dance Children Dance - Leon Patillo//In A Little While - Amy Grant/Nobody Knows Me Like You (edit) - Benny Hester/He Walked Upon The Water - Happy Goodman Family/Don't Give In - Leon Patillo/I'm Yours - Gaither Vocal Band/Because Of Who You Are - Imperials

DST-4109 - I Put Away My Idols - Dion [1983] Here Is My Servant/Very Soon/Trust In The Lord/They Won't Tell You/Day Of The Lord/Healing/I Put Away My Idols /Give It Up And Surrender/Daddy/My Prayer For You

DST-4110 - Just in Time - Gordon Jensen [1983] Inside Out/Back In My Beulah Days/Desert Of My Days/To Break The Law Of Gravity Someday/Just In Time//One More Time Around The Walls/Warm Kinda Family Feelin'/You Know That You Know It/There's A Wind/Like Spoken Words Could Never Do

DST-4111 - Vickie Hanson's Aerobic Glow - Vickie Hanson [1982] "Fitness in Action" aerobics record. Features music by Amy Grant, the Imperials, Micki Fuhrman, David Meece, the Sharretts and Leon Patillo.

Catalog numbering system changes to SPCN numbering system (LP suffix except c=cassette, d=CD):
Note: The numbers are written below to emphasise the continuing sequence of catalog numbers. The numbers were never written like this on the albums themselves, rather 701 4112 015 was written 7-01-411201-5.

701 4112 015 - Side By Side - Imperials [1983] 2-LP set, with one side each for each of the members of the Imperials. Side 1 - Jim Murray: Sound His Praise/Even The Praise Comes From You/Behold The Man/Built To Last/I Need To Feel Your Touch; Side 2 - David Will: All I need/You're The Only Jesus/Best Of My Life/Jesus Never Fails/Through Your Eyes; Side 3 - Armond Morales: Good Shepherd/Keepin' My Eyes On You/Once And For All/They See God There/Great Is Your Faithfulness; Side 4 - Paul Smith: Wait Upon The Lord/Here On The Rock/Make My Heart Your Home/Promise To Promise/All Because You Love Me

701 4113 011 - A Call to Us All - Teri DeSario [1983] Thank You/Battleline/I Dedicate All My Love To You/Dig A Little Deeper/Clouds Without Water//All I Need/Jesus Call Your lambs/I'll Carry On/A Call To Us All

DST-4114 - Grace Upon Grace: The Songs of Gordon Jensen - Reach Out Singers [1983] Bigger Than Any Mountain/Just In Time/He's As Close As The Mention Of His Name/Grace Upon Grace/(others)

701 4115 014 - Aerobirhythms - Jaime Warren with Various Artists [1983] Aerobic exercise record with illustrated instruction poster. Friends - Michael W. Smith (Stretch)/My Gratitude - Andrew Culverwell (Sit-Ups & Stomach Muscles)/Put Your Trust (In The Hands Of Jesus) - Chris Christian (Warm-Ups)/I'll Break The Law Of Gravity - Gordon Jenson (Aerobics)/Today Is The Day - David Meece (Aerobics)/Faith Of A Little Child - B.J. Thomas (Aerobics)/Small Change - Dave Boyer (Areobics)/Blessed Is - Leon Patillo (Aerobics)/Don't Give Up On Me - Amy Grant (Aerobics)/He's Returning - White Heart (Aerobics)/Praise The Lord - Imperials (Cool Down)/My Prayer For You - Dion DiMucci (Benediction Stretch)

701 4116 601 - Firm Believer Advanced - Various Artists [1983] Aerobic dance record , with instruction booklet. Narrated by Judy Moser and Bobbie Wohlgemuth. I'm Not Ashamed (Warm Up) - Don DeGrate Delegation/Sing And Shout (Aerobics) - Mighty Clouds Of Joy/I Know It Was The Blood (Arms & Bust) - Al Green/I Put Away My Idols (Waist Standing) - Dion/Pure In Heart (Jazz Lunge & Standing Legs) - Russ Taff//Here On The Rock (Legs & Inner Thighs) - Imperials & Paul Smith/Dig A Little Deeper (Waist Sitting) - Teri DeSario/I Won't Let Go (Abdominals) - Shirley Caesar/It Don't Take Much (Hips) - Al Green/Bigger Than Any Mountain (Buttocks) - Gordon Jensen/You're The Only Jesus (Cool Down) - Imperials & David Will

701 4117 017 - Special Believercise - Various Artists [1983] Choreographed exercise, with instruction poster, for prenatal and postnatal mothers and persons wanting a slower-paced exercise regimen. Narrated by Cathi Stout. Music by Word artists.

701 4118 013 - The Imperials Sing the Classics - Imperials [1984] Rise Again/Easter Song/Home Where I Belong/El Shaddai/We Are The Reason/The King Is Coming/Because He Lives/Through It All/Praise The Lord, He Never Changes/We Shall Behold Him

701 4119

701 4120

701 4121

701 4122 010 - Child of the Heavenly - Pete Carlson [1984] One Last Goodbye/Child Of The Heavenly/Show Me/See Me Through Your Eyes/Look To The Lord//Let The Love Flow/Time To Begin Again/Can Someone Hear My Heart?/All The World Should Know/My Lord

701 4123 017 - Old Fashioned Faith - Imperials [1984] One More Song For You/Praise The Lord/How Great Thou Art/He Touched Me/All My Life/The King Is Coming/My Mind Forgets A Million Things/I Love The Way You Love/Lead Me Gently Home Father/Same Old Fashioned Way

701 4124 013 - The New Country Church Choir - Reach Out Singers [1984] We Shall Behold The King/Worthy Is The Lamb/O For A Thousand Tongues/Who Am I/(others)

701 4125 01X - Fighting the Fight - Gordon Jensen [1984] Fighting The Fight/I've Chosen The One/Joy In The Journey/Grace Upon Grace/(others)

701 4126 016 - Carrier - Billy Crockett [1984] Love Waiting/Stand And Fight/Time To Begin Again/Carrier/Say Hello/Lide A Thief/You're So Special To Him/The Way/Rhythm Of God/He Is The Wind

701 4127 012 - New Point of View - New Gaither Vocal Band [1984] Everlasting Tree/Alpha And Omega/New Point Of View/Dream On/That's When The Angels Rejoice//Build An Ark/Blessed Messiah/I Am The Lighthouse/My Faith Still Holds

At about this point, label design changes from the "butterfly" label to the "sunrays" label.

701 4128

701 4129 015 - Seasons - Dion [1984] The Best/Sweet Surrender/Golden Sun Silver Moon/Trust In The Lord/Center Of My Life//I Believe (Sweet Lord Jesus)/I Put Away My Idols/Day Of The Lord/The Truth Will Set You Free/My Prayer For You

701 4130 013 - The Best of Andrew Culverwell - Andrew Culverwell [1984] Even Now Lord/Winner's Song/When We're Praising You/Cover Me/We Owe It All To You//I've Seen Him/He Won't Let You Go/Open Your Heart/The Lord Found Me/May This Be The Place

701 4131 01X - Voices in the Wind - Teri DeSario [1985] Celebrate/Tapestry/Attitude Of Gratitude/Voices In The Wind//I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier/Truth/Ain't Givin' Up, No Way/All Day Thursday

701 4132 016 - Stuff Happens - Mike Warnke [1985] Potty Training/Stuff Happens/Fat Fight//Cleaning Up For A Bath/Concepts Of Christ

701 4133

701 4134

701 4135 015 - Giants in the Land - Wayne Watson [1985] The Narrow Way/Lookin' Out For Number One/Heart Of Hearts/Peace That Passes Understanding/Somewhere In The World//Giants In The Land/Born In Zion/Look Me In The Heart/Changed In A Moment/Holiness

701 4136 011 - Attitude - Kenny Marks [1985] Life After High School/Attitude/It Doesn't Hurt That Much/Hereos/It's A Good Thing/The Party's Over/Heart Trouble/Soul Reviver/Friends

701 4137 018 - An Evening in December - First Call & David Maddux [1985] Also issued as A&M/DaySpring WR-8308. An Evening In December [Solo by Kelly Nelon Thompson]/Medley: Joy To The World-O Come, All Ye Faithful-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing-O Little Town Of Bethlehem [Solo by Wayne Watson]/StarlightHow Great Our Joy!O Come, O Come Emmanuel [Solo By Cynthia Clawson]//The First Noel/One Small Child [Solo by David Meece]/When Jesus Was A Tiny Baby/Lo! How A Rose E're Blooming/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Solo by Dave Boyer]/Medley: The New Twelve Days of Christmas-We Wish You A Merry Christmas

701 4138 014 - Change the World - Dallas Holm & Praise [1985] Prayer Warriors/Just Don't Feel Like Dancin'/It's War/Live What You Say/While I'm Standing Here//Change The World/This Breath Of Life/Care For The Wounded/Mystified/We Have Overcome

701 4139 010 - Live & Learn - Paul Smith [1986] Everlasting Joy/Live And Learn/Never Be Another/Keep The Light On/So Good To Know/Let Love Happen To You/A Holy Nation/Praisemaker/Beautiful The Dreamer

701 4140 019 - Surprises in Disguises - Billy Crockett [1986]

701 4141 379d - Kaleidoscope - Keith Thomas [1986]

701 4142 011 - Just What You're Looking For - Various DaySpring Artists [1986] Just What You're Looking For - Dayspring Artists (includes all artists on the album as a group)/Prayer Warriors - Dallas Holm/Tapestry - Teri DeSario/Road To Paradise - Keith Thomas/Peace That Passes Understanding - Wayne Watson//Soul Reviver - Kenny Marks/Portrait Of Love - Billy Crockett/Stuff Happens - Mike Warnke/Never Get Enough - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir/So Good To Know - Paul Smith/Lord I Surrender - Morris Chapman

701 4143 018 - Against the Wind - Dallas Holm [1986] Against The Wind/That Way/Waiting/Look For A Window/Count The Cost/The First Stone/Each Song I Sing/Losers, Winners/He'll Dry The Tears

701 4144 014 - Undivided - First Call [1986] Messiah/Undivided/Camp Meetin' Tonight/Bless Ye The Lord/God Is Greater/One Step At A Time/Step Of Faith/The Future/Snap To It/Just As True For You

701 4145 010 - Immortal - Cynthia Clawson [1986] My Faith Has Found A Resting Place/Immortal Invisible/Let Me Get Lost/Heartsong/Hot Fire/I Will Survive/Spirit Shine/Softly And Tenderly/Bring It To Jesus/One More Dayspring

701 4146 017 - Velvet and Steel - Dion [1986] New Breed Of Man/You Need A Love/Treasure Of Love-You're My Child/Another Saturday Night In Heaven/Prayers//Simple Ironies/Just Talk To Him/I Love Jesus Now/Hymn To Him/There In Your Heart

701 4147 013 - The Artist - Morris Chapman [1986]

701 4148 01X - Good News Tonight - Mike Warnke [1986] Film At Eleven/Fire Marshall Rules/Oh Father/Good News Tonight/(others)

701 4149 016 - In the World - Solveig Leithaug [1986] (DaySpring International) In The World [with Larry Norman]/Lonely Prayer/Spring Song/Valuable/A Light In Your Eyes//Hallelujah/Cinderella/Hard Of Hearing/Heart To Heart/My Child

701 4150

701 4151 010 - Make It Right - Kenny Marks [1987] Holy Eyes/Never Been A Stranger/White Dress/Promise Me/Make It Right/I'd Do It All Over Again/Bon Appetit/Say A Prayer For Me Tonight/No Compromise/Stand/The Party's Over

701 4152

701 4153 625 - The Singles - Various Artists [1987] You Need A Love - Dion/Celebrate - Teri DeSario/Undivided - First Call/He'll Dry The Tears - Dallas Holm/It's Only Natural - Keith Thomas/41 Lawnmowers - Billy Crockett/Never Be Another - Paul Smith/Since God Is For Us - Morris Chapman/Lonely Prayer - Solveig Leithaug/The Party's Over - Kenny Marks/I Will Survive - Cynthia Clawson/Somewhere In The World - Wayne Watson/Just What You're Looking For - DaySpring Artists

701 4154

701 4155 016 - Water Colour Ponies - Wayne Watson [1987] I Still Believe/Material Magic/Watercolour Ponies/Friend Of A Wounded Heart/Is There No Harbor//The Hunger/Rose Coloured Glasses/2 Loves/Jesus Sings/Would I Know You

701 4156 624 - An Evening in December, Two: Acappella - First Call [1987] Guest artists include Cynthia Clawson, Wayne Watson, Tanya Goodman and Russ Taff. Caroling, Caroling/Jesu Parvule/Carol Medley: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear-Angels We Have Heard On High- Away In A Manger-We Three Kings-While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks/Tennessee Christmas/Silent Night/Carol Of The Bells/White Christmas/I'll Be Home For Christmas/It All Began In Bethlehem/I Heard The Bells

701 4157 019 - No Frills - Paul Smith [1987] Faithful/Dancing Too Close/Walls/The Right Thing/I Will Be There For You/Something Better/Cantanile/Celebration (I Wanna Be There)/When Love Comes Home

701 4158 570c - Broken Land - Garth Hewitt [1985] Broken Land/My Friends Are All Poets (And They're Living On The Dole)/Alien Brain/Mark Of Cain/A Child Is The Future//Oscar Romero/Water off A Duck's Back/Light A Candle In The Darkness/Take Me To Your Leader/Robot Clock

701 4159

701 4160 575c - Another Friday Night - Kenny Marks [1986] Reissued on CD as DaySpring/Word 80688 0639-2. Running On Love/Whisperin' A Prayer/Hope For A Broken Heart/I'll Be A Friend To You/Next Time You See Johnny/Nobody Else But Jesus/Graduation Day/Threshold Of Regret/Somebody Loves You/You Made A Difference For Me

701 4161 016 - Somethin' Takes Over - First Call [1987] The Comin' Of The Lord/Somethin' Takes Over/The Reason We Sing/Billy On The Boulevard/Forever In His Care//O Sifuni Mungu (All Creatures Of Our God And King)/The Look/Back To His Heart/Double Talk/Lord Of All

701 4162 012 - HymnSinger - Cynthia Clawson [1988] My Faith Has Found A Resting Place/Immortal Invisible/Let Me Get Lost/Heartsong/Hot Fire/I Will Survive/Spirit Shine/Softly And Tenderly/Bring It To Jesus/One More Dayspring

701 4163 620 - First Step - Solveig [1988] Salt And Light/Land Of Promise/My Starlight/Your Forgiveness/I Love You Lord//Heaven/First Step/Excellent Word/Light In The Window/The Lord Is Always Near Us

701 4164 015 - Shoulder to Shoulder - Allies [1987] Voice Of The Spirit/Shoulder To Shoulder/Easy As 1 2 3/Something In Your Eyes/Angelina/You're All I Need/Looking On The Out Side/How Much Love/It's Never Easy/Closer Than A Brother

701 4165

701 4166

701 4167 626 - Champions - Trace Balin [1988] Champions/All I Wanna Do/Only For You/We Need Each Other/We Are An Army/Walk In The Spirit/Take Me There/Rock These Rafters/Use Me Jesus/I Don't Deserve Your Love

701 4168 622 - Lonely Dancer - Phil & John [1988] (DaySpring International) Goodbye Yesterday/Beat The Situation/Hurts To Learn/Over The Moon/Wasted Years//Celebrate/Lonely Dancer/All At Sea/Maybe This Is Love

701 4169

701 4170

701 4171 011 - Beyond the Curtain - Dallas Holm [1988] The Second Mile/Heal Me/Gone Forever/Jesus Saves/Mount Up With Wings/Rise Again/Reveal Your Love/Blow Through Me/Just Believin'/Beyond The Curtain

701 4172 62X - CarolSinger - Cynthia Clawson [1988] Advent Suite: Stand Still And Wait-Thou Long-Expected Jesus-O Come, O Come Emmanuel/Carols/Joy To The World-For Unto Us A Child Is Born/I Wonder As I Wonder/Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming/How Far Is It To Bethlehem-O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Lully, Lulla (The Coventry Carol)/Nativity Suite: Good Christians All Rejoice-Angels We Have Heard On High-Away In A Manger-The First Noel/Silent Night (with Stand Still And Wait)

701 4173

701 4174 622d - A Long Way from Paradise - Allies [1988] Also issued on A&M CD-8430. A Long Way From Paradise/Trust In God/All Day, All Night/Take Me Back/Old Man Down/Christian Man/The Devil Is A Liar/I Wanna Be Like You/Walk With Me Silent/Rock Of Salvation/Crying In The Chapel

701 4175 017 - A Fine Line - Wayne Watson [1988] The Long Arm Of The Lord/That's Not Jesus/The Fine Line/Yesterday's News/Every Now And Again/Before My Very Eyes/Untouched By Human Hands/No Other Gods/We Belong To Him/I Could Live Without You/The Fine Line (Reprise)

701 4176

701 4177 621 - Back to Who I Am - Paul Smith [1989] Back To Who I Am/Beat Of A Different Heart/Bigger Than Life/Silence Isn't Golden Anymore/Homesick For Eden/The Lion Roars/It's Alright/Comforter/Hunger And Thirst/So Satisfied

701 4178 628 - The Winner - Heartbeat [1989]

701 4179

701 4180 576c - Superpower - Farrell & Farrell [1989] Superpower/It's Gonna Take Love/Eyes On You/Heart Of The Homeless/Follow You/Graphic/Takin' It Home/Eternity In Their Hearts/Find The Way To Love/Every Day Of Your Life/Crowns

701 4181 629 (?) - Portraits - Billy Crockett [1989] How Good Are You/Portrait Of Love/Rhythm Of God/Love Waiting/41 Lawnmowers/Original Love/All For You/You're So Special To Him/Every Heart Is A Hunter/Christ In You/Say Hello/Stand And Fight/He Is The Wind

701 4182 625 - Here and Now - Trace Balin [1989] Here And Now/Well Done/If I Don't Have Love/Eye Of The Hurricane/Never Let It Be Said/When The Well Runs Dry/Jesus At The Heart/Just Between You And Me/All Hail The Power/Why Me

701 4183 575c - Soldiers Again - Holm, Sheppard, Johnson [1989] The artists are Dallas Holm, Tim Sheppard, and Phil Johnson. Feel Every Heartbeat/Give Me This Water/Fighter/Standin' There/Child In His Arms//Run For The Finish Line/City/Wisdon/I Can See Your House/Soldiers Again

701 4184 628 - The Rock Cries Out - Petra [1989] I Love The Lord/King Of Kings/Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One/The Battle Belongs To The Lord/Take Me In/Salvation Belongs To Our God/The King Of Glory Shall Come In/No Weapon Formed Against Us/I Will Celebrate-When The Spirit Of The Lord/I Will Sing Praise/Hallowed Be Thy Name/Friends (All In The Family Of God) [with Greg Vail]/I Will Call Upon The Lord/We Exalt Thee

701 4185

701 4186 620 - The River - Allies [1990] Take Me To The River/Carried Away/Mule-Headed Man/Someone To Turn To/Rock 'n Roll Angel/Burden Down/Requiem For The Living/Can't Stop The River/Island Song/Come To The Family

701 4187 687 - Words Will Never Do - Cynthia Clawson [1990] Reissued on CD as DaySpring/Word 80688-0652-2. God Is Love/Words Will Never Do/Unbelieveable/Oh (How Could I Live Without You)/If All I Know Is Love/Nightwatch/Trust His Heart/Love Of A Lifetime/Send The Fire/All I Need Is You

701 4188

701 4189

701 4190

701 4191 624 - Beyond Belief - Petra [1989] Also issued as A&M 8442; reissued on Word/Epic EK 48862. Armed And Dangerous/I Am On The Rock/Creed/Beyond Belief/Love/Underground/Seen And Not Heard/Last Daze/What's In A Name/Prayer

701 4192 620 - Home Free - Wayne Watson [1990] Freedom/Almighty/When God's People Pray/Home Free/Out Of Control/Just Never Say It Enough/Sticks & Stones/If Not For Love/Teenager In The House/The Things God Loves

701 4193

701 4194

701 4195

701 4196

701 4197 622 - Warriors - Phil Driscoll [1990] Warriors/Lion Of Judah/Jesus Is The Rock/Highway To Heaven/Jesus Paid It All/Heart And Soul/Don't Dance With The Devil/Up In The Spirit/Soldier/Faithful/Inner Man

701 4198

701 4199

701 4200

701 4201

701 4202

701 4203 622 - Power of Praise - Phil Driscoll [1990, rec. 1985] All Hail The Powewr Of Jesus' Name/He's Alive Again/Jesus I Love You/Worthy Is The Lamb/Doxology/Messiah/People Of God/I Will Celebrate/Every Knee Shall Bow/Fallin' In Love With You/The Rest Of My Days

701 4204 629 - Celebrate Freedom - Phil Driscoll [1990, rec. 1984] The Star Spangled Banner/America The Beautiful/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Statue Of Liberty/God Of Our Fathers/I Love America/We Are His People/Land Of The Free/America/E Pluribus Unum

701 4205 625 - Covenant Children - Phil Driscoll [1990, rec. 1983] The Spirit/World Overcomer/Blow The Trumpet In Zion/He Will Deliver/I'll Be There/Sing A New Song/Covenant Children/Perfect Peace/In The Beginning/Awake My Captain

701 4206

701 4207 628 - Sound the Trumpet - Phil Driscoll [1990, rec. 1982] He Is Jehovah/Jesus What A Wonder You Are/We Shall Behold Him/My Jesus I Love Thee/Sing Hallelujah/O' Magnify The Lord/Thou Art Worthy/Because He Lives

701 4208

701 4209

710 4210 629 - Patty Cabrera - Patty Cabrera [1991] Until Now/Get On Back To Love/Relentless Tenderness/If You Loved Me/Way For The Wayward Child/The River/Never Say Goodbye/Everlasting Love/Do I Know You/Into My Heart

701 4211

701 4212 575c - Reunion of the Heart - Phil & John [1991] My Potential/Wait Patiently For Me/Reunion Of The Heart /Jennifer Jones/Fire Of Ambition/Quiet Storm//Every Little Step I Take/Don't "Shoot Them Down" In Flames/Sweet Rose Tuesday/Shine Like America/April Rain

701 4213 628 - Way to My Heart - Rachel Rachel [1991] Also issued on Word/Epic 47831. There Ain't Enough Love/Carry On Wayward Son/Outside Looking In/In the River/Something Of You/The Way to My Heart/Long Lost Love/I Will Stand By You/David's Dance (The Shim Sham)/Papa Can You Hear Me?/Rain On Me

701 4214 578c - Out of the Blue - Trace Balin [1991] Stranger/Changes/My Heart Is Set On You/Answer To Prayer/This Is Where/Out Of The Blue/The Love We Know/Meet You In The Garden/Walk It Out/You Were My Last Hope

701 4215

701 4216 570c - Fire of Forgiveness - Kenny Marks [1992] Fire Of Forgiveness/When Love Comes Close/I Need A Savior/Turn My World Around/Someone To Come Home To/Promise To Keep/1932/Like A Father Should Be/Tell Me You Love Me/Forever Love

701 4217

701 4218 62X - Unseen Power - Petra [1991] Also issued on Word/Epic 48859. Destiny/Who's On The Lord's Side/Ready, Willing And Able/Hand On My Heart/I Need To Hear From You/Dance/Secret Weapon/Sight Unseen/Hey World/In The Likeness Of You

701 4219

701 4220 624 - Maia Amada - Maia Amada [1992] Love Came Calling/What's A Heart To Do/Soul Deep/Love Never Fails/Love Is For Always/Hold Me/There's A Place/Minute By Minute/Only Love

701 4221

701 4222

701 4223

701 4224

701 4225

701 4226 576c - Man with a Mission - Allies [1992] In My Life/Man With A Mission/Feather In Your Cap/Grand Facade/Devoted To You/The Deepest Part Of Me/Heaven/Just Like A Father To Me/I'm Crying/Last Chance Cafe

701 4227

701 4228

701 4229 621 - Millions & Millions - Millions & Millions [1992] Remember/If You Don't Want My Love/Help Somebody/Never Satisfied/Trust Me/Never Too Late For Love/On My Way Back Home/After All/Without Your Love/The Canopy

701 4230 62X - Full Speed Ahead - Mike Warnke [1992] Faith Like Moses/I Love Traveling/No More Room/On The Offense/Ugly Or Not, I'm Somebody/To Pierce Or Not To Pierce/Winter Sports On Shady Lane/It's Not Us, It's Him/Celestial Captain

701 4231

701 4232 622 - How Time Flies - Wayne Watson [1992] It's Time/There Is A Greater Love/The Touch Of The Master's Hand/Long Arm Of The Lord/We Belong To Him/It Is Well With My Soul/Friend Of A Wounded Heart/Would I Know You/Material Magic/Watercolor Ponies/Somewhere In The World/Looking Out For Number One/Peace That Passes Understanding

701 4233

701 4234 625 - You Oughta Know By Now - Rachel Rachel [1993] Somebody To Love Me/Dust To Diamonds/You Oughta Know By Now/Only Heaven Knows/In Your Arms/You'll Never Know/Lay Down Your Head/You Are Always There/You Comfort Me/Time (I Will Still Love You)

701 4235

701 4236

701 4237

701 4238 620 - Wake Up Call - Petra [1993] Also issued as Word-Epic EK 57606 and reissued as Dayspring/Word 74645 7606-2. Midnight Oil/Good News/Strong Convictions/He's Been In My Shoes/Praying Man/Underneath The Blood/Sleeping Giant/Believer In Deed/Marks Of The Cross/Just Reach Out

701 4239 627 - A Beautiful Place - Wayne Watson [1993] Also issued as Word/Epic 57607. A Beautiful Place/Walk In The Dark/Hard Times/Say What You Say/A Season In Your Path/A Place For You/God In A Box/More Of You/The Way That I Miss You/Say It All Again

701 4240 579c - Absolutely Positively - Kenny Marks [1993] Absolutely Positively Friends/The Party's Over/Next Time You See Johnny/Make It Right/Soul Reviver/Single-Minded Love/Friends/Turn My World Around/White Dress/Right Where You Are/Running On Love/Like A Father Should Be/I'll Be A Friend To You/I'll Give It All To You

701 4241

701 4242

701 4243

701 4244 620 - Shake - John Schlitt [1995] Wake The Dead/Don't Look Back/Show Me The Way/Inside Of You/Let It Show/Carry The Burden/One By One/Try Understanding His Heart/The Hard Way/The Road To Calvary

Thanks to Solveig Leithaug Henderson, Stephen Underwood, Terry Leair and Jerry Montante.

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