Vee-Jay Album Discography, Part 9:
Vee-Jay International Licensees (1980s-1990s)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

VEE-JAY II (1980s-1990s)

In the 1980s, Vee-Jay International licensed its masters to a number of labels who did extensive reissuing of the material. There were three major deals, with Charly (UK), Suite Beat, and Chameleon, plus a few minor deals such as with Solid Smoke Records. There were also CDs of Vee-Jay material issued on the Black Tulip label in the late 1980s.

Charly Records (1980s-1990s)

In Charly's case, the LPs and CDs were issued on the Charly or Charly R&B label. Charly was Vee-Jay's European licensee, with LPs and CDs coming out of London. The Charly albums started in 1980, with the vinyl being issued until about 1986. At that time, the Vee-Jay material started to be issued on Charly CDs. This continued at least into the early 1990s.

Solid Smoke Records (1984)

We know of one album of Vee-Jay material issued on the Solid Smoke label, out of Los Angeles, in 1984. There may have been others.

Suite Beat Records (1986)

The Suite Beat reissues were released as Vee-Jay/Suite Beat. The Suite Beat Music Group was a company located at 3355 W. El Segundo Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250. They issued other CDs besides Vee-Jay. The reissue of Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall was outstanding, but others were not as good. If for no other reason, the Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall stands out as the last time we have heard that album in stereo, including some of Jimmy's early hits. Below we have listed the releases we know of on Suite Beat.

Chameleon Records (1988-1991)

Like Suite Beat, the Chameleon albums and CDs were issued as Chameleon/Vee-Jay. The license started around 1988, with vinyl, cassettes, and CDs being issued. The CDs before 1990 were generally inferior, seemingly mastered from vinyl. Daniel Pritzker was the head of the company that ran Chameleon. Pritzker was seemingly frustrated with the poor masters offered, and ended up buying the Vee-Jay label in 1990, maybe to get access to better sources. He started the Vee-Jay Limited Partnership in 1990, and thereafter the Chameleon CDs improved dramatically. The 1991 Vee-Jay CDs (manufactured by Chameleon) could be thought of as the first CDs issued by the new Vee-Jay Limited Partnership (Vee-Jay III), prior to their starting issuing CDs on the Vee-Jay label itself in 1992.

Black Tulip Label (1988-1998)

Black Tulip was a label based in Holland in the late 1980s. They were one of the labels that always seemed to have masters taken from records. They licensed their material from Red Dog Express, another notorious vinyl-masters source. The company itself probably did not last much past the mid- 1990s, but in the late 1990s, CDs of much better quality were being offered on the market, probably bootlegs. The 1998 issue of the Jerry Butler material was better than the 1890s Black Tulip issues, but gave no indication that it was licensed from anyone. 1980s issues may or may not have been licensed from Vee-Jay, but since the CDs seem to be mastered from quite noisy vinyl, probably not.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents


Charly Vinyl LP Releases:

CRB 1003 - Upside Your Head - Jimmy Reed [1980] Shame Shame Shame/I'm Gonna Get My Baby/I Ain't Got You/Ain't That Loving You Baby/Down The Road/Bright Lights Big City/Too Much/Big Boss Man/I'm Goin' Upside Your Head/Good Lover/Honest I Do/Down In Virginia/Aw Shucks Hush You Mouth/Found Love/Baby What You Want Me To Do/Going To New York

CRB 1004 - This Is Hip - John Lee Hooker [1980] Dimples/I Love You Honey/I'm In The Mood/Time Is Marching/Big Legs/Tight Skirt/Onions/Take Me As I Am/Boom Boom/This Is Hip/Boogie Chillun/Crawlin' King Snake/Blues Before Sunrise/Will The Circles Be Unbroken/House Rent Boogie/It Serves Me Right To Suffer/Bottle Up And Go

CRB 1005 - Up On Love - Jerry Butler [1980] He Will Break Your Heart (with Curtis Mayfield)/I'm The One Who Loves You/Nobody Needs Your Love/I Can't Stand To See You Cry/Message To Martha/I Stand Accused/I've Been Trying/For Your Precious Love (with The Impression)/Need To Belong/Find Another Girl (with Curtis Mayfield)/Make It Easy On Yourself/You Can Run But You Can't Hide/Where's The Girl/I'm A-Telling You/Giving Up On Love

CRB 1006 - Hot to Hold - Betty Everett [1980] Getting Mighty Crowded/You're No Good/Chained To Your Love/Hound Dog/Until You Were Gone/Too Hot To Hold/Let It Be Me (with Jerry Butler)/It's In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)/I Can't Hear You/The Real Thing/Chained To A Memory/Hands Off/No Place To Hide/The Shoe Won't Fit/It Hurts To Be In Love/I'm Gonna Be Ready

CRB 1007 - Just Be True - Gene Chandler [1980] Nothing Can Stop Me/A Song Called Soul/You Can't Hurt Me No More/Just Be True/Nite Owl (with The Dukays)/Festival Of Love (with The Dukays)/Rainbow/You Threw A Lucky Punch/(Gonna Be) Good Times/Kissin' In The Kitchen (with The Dukays)/Man's Temptation/Think Nothing About It/The Girl's A Devil (with The Dukays)/The Big Lie (with The Dukays)/What Now/Duke Of Earl (with The Dukays)

CRB 1010 - Keep It Up - Dee Clark [1980] Your Friends [with Dells] (M)/Nobody But Me (M)/You're Telling Our Secrets (S)/Don't Walk Away From Me (M)/Bong Back My Heart (M)/I'm A Soldier Boy (M)/Shook Up Over You (M)/Raindrops (M)/Hey Little Girl (M)/The Convention [Delegates] (M)/Emma Jean (M)/Oh Little Girl [with Upsetters] (M)/Wondering [with Upsetters] (M)/Nobody But You (M)/When I Call Upon You (M)

CRB 1013 - High and Lonesome - Jimmy Reed [3/81] She Don't Want Me No More/High And Lonesome/I'm Gonna Ruin You/Pretty Thing/You Upset My Mind/Jimmie's Boogie/Baby Don't Say That No More/I Don't Go For That/I Love You Baby/Honey Don't Let Me Go/It's You Baby/Honey Where You Going/You Know I Love You/Please Don't/You Gonna Need My Help/Sugar Sugar

CRB 1014 - Everybody Rockin' - John Lee Hooker [3/81] Every Night/Trouble Blues/The Road Is So Rough/I'm So Excited/Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine/Unfriendly Woman/I'm Goin' Upstairs/Everybody Rockin'/I'm Mad Again/Hard Headed Woman/Crawlin' Black Spider/Little Wheel/You've Taken My Woman/Maudie/I'm So Worried Baby/Want-Ad Blues

CRB 1015 - Big Town Playboy - Eddie Taylor [3/81] Bad Boy/E.T. Blues/Ride 'Em On Down/Big Town Playboy/You'll Always Have A Home/Don't Knock At My Door/Bongo Beat/I'm Gonna Love You/Lookin' For Trouble/Find My Baby/Stroll Out West/Trainfare/Leave This Neighborhood/I'm Sittin' Here/Do You Want Me To Cry

CRB 1016 - Crying and Pleading - Billy Boy Arnold [3/81] I Wish You Would/I Was Fooled/Don't Stay Out All Night/I Ain't Got You/Here's My Picture/You Got Me Wrong/My Heart Is Crying/Kissing At Midnight/Prisoner's Plea/No No No No No/Every Day Every Night/Rockinitis

CRB 1021 - Great Googley Moo - Spaniels [7/81] I Like It Like That/Hey Sister Lizzie/You're Gonna Cry/Play It Cool/False Love/Crazee Baby/You Gave Me) Peace Of Mind/Automobiles/Tina/House Cleaning/Baby It's You/Why Don't You Dance/(Get Away Child) You Don't Move Me/I Need Your Kisses/Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

CRB 1022 - Bim Bam Boom - El Dorados [7/81] At My Front Door/Boom Diddie Boom/Little Miss Love/My Loving Baby/Chop Ling Soon/Lights Are Low/Baby I Need You/Bim Bam Boom/Rock 'N' Roll's For Me/Trouble Trouble/"Annie's Answer"/Fallen Tear/Oh What A Girl/I Began To Realise/I'll Be Forever Loving You/She Don't Run Around

CRB 1028 - Got Me Dizzy - Jimmy Reed [9/81] I'm A Love You/Hush Hush/Take Out Some Insurance/I Wanna Be Loved/Caress Me Baby/Boogie In The Dark/I'll Change My Style/(Don't Say Nothin') When You're Doing Alright/You Got Me Dizzy/Come Love/Meet Me/Odds And Ends/Can't Stand To See You Go/Going By The River/You Don't Have To Go/Crazy Love

CRB 1029 - Moanin' the Blues - John Lee Hooker [9/81] Drive Me Away/Wrong Doin' Woman/She Left Me One Wednesday/Nightmare/Sally Mae/Love Me All The Time/Moanin' Blues/You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone/Mama You Got A Daughter/Wheel And Deal/Tennessee Blues/Baby Lee/Stop Talking/I See You When You're Weak/Little Fine Woman/Mambo Chillun

CRM 2022 - Still Delicious Together - Jerry Butler & Betty Everett [11/81] This was apparently the only album issued on Charly's main series, as opposed to the R&B series. Let It Be Me/Love Is Strange/Just Be True/Since I Don't Have You/It's All Right/Our Day Will Come/Ain't That Loving You Baby/I Can't Stand It/The Way You Do The Things You Do/Let The Good Times Roll/Fever/Smile

CRB 1030 - Rockin' the Blues - Memphis Slim [11/81] Gotta Find My Baby/The Comeback/Messin' Around/Sassy Mae/Lend Me Your Love/Guitar Cha Cha/Stroll On Little Girl/Rockin' The House/Wish Me Well/Blue And Lonesome/My Gal Keeps Me Crying/Slim's Blues/Steppin' Out/Mother Earth/What's The Matter/This Time I'm Through

CRB 1031 - Lightnin' Strikes Back - Lightnin' Hopkins [11/81] Introduction: Big Car Blues/Coffee House Blues/Stool Pigeon Blues/Ball Of Twine/Mary Lou/Want To Come Home/Rolling And Rolling/Devil Is Watching You/Please Don't Quit Me/Coon Is Hard To Catch/Heavy Snow/Walking Round In Circles/War Is Starting Again/Got Me A Louisiana Woman

CRB 1044 - No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon [3/83] Just A Little Bit/What You Do To Me/No More Doggin'/Goin' Home (Tomorrow)/A Fool In Love/Dapper Dan/You Keep Me Locked Up/Surely I Love You/Every Night Of The Week/What I Wouldn't Do/Let 'Em Try/Sit Right Here/My Chick/Jelly Jelly Jelly/New Orleans La

CRB 1056 - Rockin' on Bandstand - Dells [8/83] Jo-Jo/Zing Zing/I Can't Help Myself/Dance Dance Dance/Baby Do/Time Makes You Change/Wedding Day/Oh What A Nite/Come On Baby/At The Bandstand/Cherry Bea/Swinging Teens/Baby Open Up Your Heart/Restless Days Sleepless Nights/I Can't Dream/I Wanna Go Home

CRB 1081 - Solid Sender - John Lee Hooker [11/85] You Can Lead Me Baby/Hobo Blues/No Shoes/I Wanna Walk/Canal Street Blues/Run On/I'm A Stranger/Whiskey and Wimmen//Solid Sender/Sunny Land/Goin' To California/I Can't Believe/I'll Know Tonight/Dusty Road/Left My Baby/Sadie Mae

CRB 1082 - I'm the Man Down There - Jimmy Reed [11/85] I Found My Baby/Roll And Rhumba/Shoot My Baby/Come On Baby/Rockin' With Reed/When You Left Me/State Street Boogie/Signals Of Love/I'm The Man Down There/Tell Me You Love Me/Let's Get Together/Lookin' For You Baby/Don't Think I'm Through/When Girls Do It/Left-Handed Woman/A New Leaf

CRB 1083 - Jesus Is the Answer - Various Artists [1984] Walk With Me - Highway QC's/It's Me - Highway QC's/How I Got Over - Swan Silvertones/That Day On Calvary - Swan Silvertones/My Religjon - Caravans/It's Jesus In Me - Caravans/I'm Going Through - Caravans/I Can See Everybody's Mother - Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/What He's Done For Me - Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/He Has A Way - Greater Harvest Choir/Jesus Is The Answer - Argo Singers/See How He Kept Me - Argo Singers/When Tears Are Falling - Harmonizing Four/Wade In The Water - Harmonizing Four/Uncloudy Day - Staple Singers/Two Wings - Staple Singers

CRB 1089 - Vee Jay Blues - Various Artists [1985] Dimples - John Lee Hooker/Onions - John Lee Hooker/Frisco Blues - John Lee Hooker/Big Soul - John Lee Hooker/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon/Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed/Odds And Ends - Jimmy Reed/Bright Lights Big City - Jimmy Reed/Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed/Rolling And Rolling - Lightnin' Hopkins/Mary Lou - Lightnin' Hopkins/Going Home Tomorrow - Little Richard/Hands Off - Priscilla Bowman/Messin' Around - Memphis Slim/I Ain't Got You - Billy Boy Arnold/Blues Get Off My Shoulder - Bobby Parker

CRB 1106 - R&B Volts from the VJ Vaults - Various Artists [11/85] Fannie's Place - Larry Birdsong/Ain't Nothing But A Fool - Larry Birdsong/Goodbye Goodbye - Larry Birdsong/I'll Run My Business - Larry Birdsong/It's You I Love - Dillard Crume Jr/Rock'n' Roll Boogie - Dillard Crume Jr/I'll Pray For You - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/The Twist - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/Don't Be Careless Miss Meilo & Heavy Drama/The Home Fires Are Brighter After All - Kip Anderson/ I Wanna Be The Only One - Kip Anderson/Much In Need - Five Royales/They Don't Know - Five Royales/Help Me Somebody - Five Royales/Talk About - Five Royales

CRB 1113 - The Delectable Sound of Dee Clark - Dee Clark [1986] Seven Nights/Just Like A Fool/24 Boyfriends/Why Don't You Come Home/Blues Get Off My Shoulder/I Just Can't Help Myself/Because I Love You/Money/Dance On Little Girl/Drums In My Heart/You Are Like The Wind/Fever/Old Man River/Little Boy Blue/How Is He Treating You/I'm Going Back To School

CRB 1114 - Stormy Weather - Spaniels [1986] Lovey Dovey Baby/Three Little Words/People Will Say We're In Love/I'll Be Waiting/Stormy Weather/Why I Love You/Baby Come Along With Me/I Owe You/ Bounce/Red Sails In The Sunset/Please Don't Tease/You Painted Pictures/Baby Sweets/One Hundred Years From Today/A Stranger In Love/Let's Make Up

CRB 1115 - Dancin' & Romancin': 18 Doowop Diamonds from the Vee-Jay Vaults - Various Artists [1986] Up On The Mountain - Magnificents/Down Off The Mountain - Magnificents/You Ain't Ready - Flamingos/Crazy Over You - Kool Gents/Feeling Alright - Hi Lighters/Stop - Lyrics/Get Lost - Rhythm Aces/Tears On My Pillow - Eldorados/Caddy Bo - Magnificents//Blues In The Letter - Flamingos/Secret Love - Moonglows/For All We Know - Orioles/Ozeta - Magnificents/Hurry Home Baby - Flamingos/The Lonely One - Sheriff & The Ravels/Now That It's Over - Falcons/I Was Wrong - Moonglows/Hello Dear - Hi Lighters

CRB 1118 - Whatever You Want - Jerry Butler [1986] Rainbow Valley/A Lonely Soldier/Thanks To You/When Trouble Calls/Aware Of Love/Isle Of Sirens/It's Too Late/Moon River/Woman With Soul/Whatever You Want/I Almost Lost My Mind/Good Times/Give It Up/Believe In Me/Just For You/For Your Precious Love

Charly CD Issues:

CD3 - Big Boss Blues - Jimmy Reed [1986] You Don't Have To Go (M)/I Ain't Got You (M)/Ain't That Loving You Baby (M)/Can't Stand To See You Go (M)/You Got Me Dizzy (M)/Honest I Do (M)/Down In Virginia (M)/I'm Gonna Get My Baby (M)/I Wanna Be Loved (M)/Going To New York (M)/Take Out Some Insurance (M)/Baby What You Want Me To Do (M)/Hush Hush (M)/Found Love (M)/Big Boss Man (M)/I'm A Love You (M)/Bright Lights Big City (M)/Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth (M)/Good Lover (M)/Too Much (M)/I'll Change My Style (M)/Shame Shame Shame (M)

CD4 - Boogie Chillun - John Lee Hooker [1986] Dimples/Every Night/Little Wheel/You Can Lead Me Baby/I Love You Honey/Maudie/I'm In The Mood/Boogie Chillun/Hobo Blues/Crawlin' Kingsnake/Drive Me Away/Solid Sender /No Shoes/Want Ad Blues/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/I'm Goin' Upstairs/Boom Boom/Bottle Up And Go/This Is Hip/Big Legs, Tight Skirt/It Serves Me Right To Suffer/Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine

CD26 - Blues Upside Your Head - Various Artists [1988] I'm Goin' Upside Your Head - Jimmy Reed/I'm Gonna Love You - Eddie Taylor/Two Steps From The Blues - Bobby Bland/House Rent Boogie - John Lee Hooker/Strange Angels - Elmore James/Those Lonely, Lonely Feelings - Johny "Guitar" Watson/Have You Ever Loved A Woman - Freddy King/Southern Country Boy - Carter Brothers/I Ain't Got You - Billy Boy Arnold/Messin' Around - Memphis Slim/Reconsider Baby - Bobby Bland/Stroll Out West - Eddie Taylor/Gangster Of Love - Johnny "Guitar" Watson/Booze In The Bottle - Carter Brothers/Jelly Roll King - Frank Frost & Night Hawks/I Wish You Would - Billy Boy Arnold/You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling - Freddy King/Steppin' Out - Memphis Slim/Mama, You Got A Daughter - John Lee Hooker/Put It All In There - George "Wild Child" Butler/Look On Yonder Wall - Elmore James/(Don't Say Nothin') When You're Doing Alright - Jimmy Reed

CD32 - Wayning Moments - Wayne Shorter [1986]

CD54 - Soul Workshop - Jerry Butler [1987] For Your Precious Love [Jerry Butler & Impressions] (M)/Sweet Was The Wine [Jerry Butler & Impressions] (M)/He Will Break Your Heart (M, 45 mix)/Find Another Girl (S]/I'm A Telling You (S)/Aware Of Love (S)/Moon River (M, 45 version)/I'm The One Who Loves You (M)/Make It Easy On Yourself (M, 45 mix)/You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) (M)/Whatever You Want (M)/Message To Martha (M)/Where's The Girl (M)/Need To Belong (M)/Giving Up On Love (M)/I've Been Trying/I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore (M)/I Stand Accused (M)/I Can't To See You Cry (M)/Nobody Needs Your Love(More Than I Do) (M)/Just For You (M)/For Your Precious Love (M, Vee-Jay 715 version)

CD55 - Stand By Me - Gene Chandler [1987] Duke Of Earl (M)/The Big Lie [Dukays] (M)/Nite Owl [Dukays] (M)/Festival Of Love [Dukays] (M)/Stand By Me (M)/Daddy's Home [Duke of Earl] (M)/I Wake Up Crying (M)/Turn On Your Lovelight (M)/Tear For Tear (M)/You Threw A Lucky Punch (M)/Rainbow (M, 45 version)/Check Yourself (M)/Baby That's Love (M)/Man's Temptation (M)/It's No Good For Me (M)/Think Nothing About It (M)/A Song Called Soul (M)/Just Be True (M)/What Now (M)/You Can't Hurt Me No More (M)/Nothing Can Stop Me (M)/(Gonna Be) Good Times (S)

CD56 - The Real Thing - Betty Everett [1987]

CD61 - Rockin' with Reed - Jimmy Reed [1987]

CD69 - Raindrops - Dee Clark [1987] I Just Can't Help Myself [Kool Gents] (M)/When I Call On You [Kool Gents] (M)/Just Like A Fool [Kool Gents] (M)/Seven Nights (M)/Why Don't You Come Home (M)/24 Boyfriends (M)/Oh Little Girl [with Upsetters] (M)/Wondering [with Upsetters] (M)/Nobody But You (M)/Blues Get Off My Shoulder (M)/Just Keep It Up (M, 2:00)/Hey Little Girl (M, 1:52)/Your Friends (M)/Raindrops (M)/You're Telling Our Secrets (S)/Don't Walk Away From Me (M)/You Are Like The Wind (M)/Drums In My Heart (M)/Bring Back My Heart (M)/Fever (M)/I'm A Soldier Boy (M)/Shook Up Over You (M)

BM35 - Bad Boy - Eddie Taylor [1993] Bad Boy/E.T. Blues/Ride 'Em On Down/Big Town Playboy/You'll Always Have A Home/Don't Knock At My Door/I'm Gonna Love You/Lookin' For Trouble/Find My Baby/Stroll Out West/I'm Sitting Here/Do You Want Me To Cry/Train Fare/Leave This Neighborhood/Somethin' For Nothin'

Note: This is a vinyl LP.

SS-8026 - His Best Recordings - Dee Clark with His Groups: Kool Gents & Delegates [1984] This Is The Night - Kool Gents (M)/I Just Can't Help Myself - Kool Gents (M)/Crazy Over You - Kool Gents (M)/When I Call On You - Kool Gents (M)/Just Like A Fool - Kool Gents (M)/I'm Gonna Be Glad - Delegates (M)/Mother's Son - Delegates (M)/ (M)/Raindrops - Dee Clark (M)/Hey Little Girl - Dee Clark (M)/Your Friends - Dee Clark (M)/What Kind Of Fool - Dee Clark (M)/Wondering - Dee Clark (M)/It's Impossible - Dee Clark (M)/I'm Going Home - Dee Clark (M)

Suite Beat logo

Vee-Jay/Suite Beat Releases:
Note: Suite Beat was an independent label that issued other material, so the Vee-Jay catalog numbers are a series within the greater catalog. The issues below are known to have been released. Most are straight reissues of the original Vee-Jay albums. The albums listed below are all on CD. Catalog numbers 2001- 2005 and 2017are not Vee-Jay issues.

SBCD-2006 - Go - Paul Chambers [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-1014. Awful Mean/Just Friends/Julie Ann/There Is No Greater Love/Ease It/I Got Rhythm

SBCD-2007 - Juggin' Around - Gene Ammons & Bennie Carter [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3024. Jim Dog/Jugging Around/Sermonette/Swingin' For Benny/Little Ditty

SBCD-2008 - Here's Lee Morgan - Lee Morgan [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3007. Terrible "T" (S)/Mogie (S)/I'm A Fool To Want You (S)//Running Brook (S)/Off Spring (S)/Bess

SBCD-2009 - Wayning Moments - Wayne Shorter [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3029. Black Orpheus/Devil's Island/Moon Of Manakoora/Dead End/Wayning Moments/Powder Keg/All Or Nothing At All/Callaway Went That-A-Way

SBCD-2010 - The Young Lions - Young Lions [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3013. The Young Lions are: Lee Morgan (trumpet), Frank Strozier (alto sax), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Bobby Timmons (piano), Bob Cranshaw (bass), and Louis Hayes or Albert "Tuttle" Heath (drums). Seeds Of Sin/Scourn'/Fat Lady/Peaches And Cream/That's Right

SBCD 2011 - Gospel in My Soul - Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay VJS-180013. Not all of these tunes feature Sam Cooke. The ones that do are indicated. That's Heaven To Me (with Sam Cooke)/Deep River (with Sam Cooke)/I Thank God (with Sam Cooke)/Heaven Is My Home/God Is Standing By/Pass Me Not//Steal Away (with Sam Cooke)/Must Jesus Bear His Cross Alone/Lead Me Jesus/Troublein' Mind/Sometimes/Someday

SBCD-2012 - The Best of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1986] Reissue of Vee- Jay SR-1049. Dimples/Boogie Chillun/Little Wheel/Crawlin' King Snake/No Shoes/Tupelo [live]/Drug Store Woman/Boom Boom/Hobo Blues [live]/I'm In The Mood/Whiskey And Wimmen/Dusty Road/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/It Serve You Right To Suffer

SBCD-2014 - Second Genesis - Wayne Shorter [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay VJS-3057. Ruby And The Pearl/Pay As You Go/Second Genesis/Mr. Chairman/Tenderfoot/The Albatross/Getting To Know You/I Didn't Know What Time It Was

SBCD-2015 - 1st Bassman - Paul Chambers [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3012. Bass Region/Melody/Retrogress/Mopp Shoe Blues/Blessed

SBCD-2016 - Bill Henderson Sings - Bill Henderson [1986] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-1015. Joey, Joey, Joey/You Make Me Feel So Young/Love Locked Out/Moanin'/Sweet Pumpkin/Free Spirits/Bye, Bye, Blackbird/It Never Entered My Mind/Bad Luck/The Song Is You/My Funny Valentine/This Little Girl Of Mine

SBCD-3001 - Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall - Jimmy Reed [1986] A reissue of the 1961 double-LP set of the same name (Vee-Jay 2SR-1035) minus three cuts ("Blue Carnegie," "I'm A Love You," and "Blue, Blue Water"). The 1961 liner notes are reproduced here for this CD, and although they say that Reed's early hits are redone for this album, this is an error; they are the originals, many in true stereo. This is not a live album; Vee-Jay A&R man Calvin Carter stated that they just rented Carnegie Hall during the day (with no audience) so they could call the album Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall. Noticeably better sound than the Charly CD, this has some minor hiss and some excellent stereo, but also has seven rechanneled tracks instead of mono. This may be the last time the stereo master of this LP was seen, however, since many of the stereo early hits always seem to show up in mono after this point in time. Baby What You Want Me To Do (S)/You Don't Have To Go (E)/Hush Hush (S)/Found Love (S)/Honest I Do (E)/You Got Me Dizzy (E)/Big Boss Man (S)/Take Out Some Insurance (S)/Boogie In The Dark (E)/Going To New York (E)/Ain't That Loving You Baby (E)/The Sun Is Shining (E)/Bright Lights Big City (S)/I'm Mr. Luck (S)/Baby What's Wrong (S)/Found Joy (S)/Kind Of Lonesome (S)/Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth (S)/Tell Me You Love Me (S)/Hold Me Close (S)

Chameleon logo

Vee-Jay/Chameleon Releases:
Note: D1- prefixes indicate vinyl LPs; most were also issued as cassettes with a D4- prefix.. Chameleon was an independent label that issued other material also, so the Vee-Jay numbers are not necessarily consecutive. These were issued on the "Vee-Jay Hall of Fame Series," with CDs having a gold color label.

D1-74762 - Bright Lights, Big City - Jimmy Reed [1988] Also issued on cassette as D4-74762 and CD as D2-74762.

D1-74779 - A Treasury of Golden Christmas Songs - Various Artists [1988] Also issued on cassette as D4-74779.

D1-74780 - Black Nativity - Original Cast [1988] Also issued on cassette as D4-74780. My Way's Cloudy/Most Done Traveling/Baby Born Today/Poor Little Jesus Boy/Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby?/Wasn't That A Mighty Day?/Joy To The World//Christ Is Born/Rise Up Shepherd And Follow/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Oh Come All Ye Faithful/If Anybody Ask You Who/Go Where I Send Thee

D1-74782 - The Best of the Staple Singers - Staple Singers [1988] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5019. Also issued on cassette as D4-74782. Uncloudy Day/I Know I've Got Religion/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/God's Wonderful Love/Low Is The Way/Don't Knock/Let's Go Home/I've Been Scorned/Swing Low/Stand By Me/Pray

D1-74783 - The Best of the Swan Silvertones - Swan Silvertones [1988] Reissue of Vee- Jay SR-5052. Also issued on cassette as D4-74783. My Rock/The Lord's Prayer/When Jesus Comes/A Lady Called Mother/Blessed Quietness/Jesus Remembers/Mary Don't You Weep/What About You/Great Day In December/He Saved My Soul/Take The Lord With You/Seek Seek

D1-74785 - The Best of the Five Blind Boys - Five Blind Boys of Alabama [1988] Also issued on cassette as D4-74785.

D1-74794 - The Hook: 20 Years of Hits & Hot Boogie - John Lee Hooker [1989] Also issued on cassette as D4-74794 and on CD as D2-74794. Whiskey And Women/I Wanna Walk/No Shoes/House Rent Boogie - (previously unreleased)/Dimples/Let's Make It/Big Legs Tight Skirts (previously unreleased)/You Ain't No Big Thing (prev. unreleased)/Boom Boom/Crawlin' Kingsnake/Good Rockin' Mama/Frisco/Boogie Chillun/Mama You Got A Daughter (prev. unreleased)/Want Ad Blues/Nightmare (previously unreleased.

D1-74796 - Every Beat of My Heart: The Greatest Hits of the Early Years - Gladys Knight & Pips [1989]

D1-74797 - Rip It Up: 16 Crown Jewels by the King of Rock and Soul - Little Richard [1989] Also issued on cassette as D4-74797 and CD as D2-74797. There's only one word for the sound on this CD: terrible. Sound is muffled, echoey, and of course, rerecordings instead of the original Specialty hits. Long Tall Sally (E)/Slippin' And Slidin' (E)/Rip It Up (E)/Tutti Frutti (E)/Cherry Red (E)/Good Golly Miss Molly (E)/Groovy Little Suzy (E)/Short Fat Fannie (E)/Lawdy Miss Clawdy (E)/I Don't Know What You've Got (S)/Talking 'Bout Soul (E)/Cross Over (E)/Something Moves In My Heart (E)/Only You (E)/Keep A Knockin' (E)/Without Love (E)

D1-74800 - The Best of the Highway QC's - Highway QC's [1989] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-5051. Also issued on cassette as D4-74800. Somewhere To Lay My Head/He Said/Pray/Search Me/Behold Thy Mother/Jesus I'm Waiting/I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This/Golden Bells/Oh Lord I Pray/In Time Of Trouble/I'll Be Satisfied/Something On My Mind

D1-74801 - Gospel in My Soul - Harmonizing Four [1989] Reissue of Vee-Jay VJS- 18001. Also issued on cassette as D4-74801. He Watches Me (M)/He's All I Need (M)/Day In Beulah Land (M)/Bless Me Jesus (M)/How Great Thou Art (M)/What A Fellowship (M)//When Tears Are Falling (M)/Everybody's Got To Go (M)/Meeting Tonight (M)/Is There Anybody Here (M)/Come Over Here (M)

D1-74802 - Everytime I Feel the Spirit - Pilgrim Travelers [1989] Reissue of Vee-Jay VJS-18010. Also issued on cassette as D4-74802. Did You Stop To Pray This Morning/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/I'm Going Through/Close To Thee/Stand By Me//Nobody Knows/In The Sky/Walk With Me/This Little Light Of Mine/Sinner Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass/Everytime I Feel The Spirit

D1-74807 - He Will Break Your Heart: 2 Decades of Smash Hits - Jerry Butler [1989] Also issued on cassette as D4-74807 and CD as D2-74807. For a CD that has the Vee-Jay logo on the cover, one would expect access to some master tapes that sound better than the hissy tracks included here, and one has the right to expect that the tracks don't come from records. Alas, even though we have expectations here, none are met. Aware Of Love (S, hissy)/Find Another Girl (S, hissy)/Moon River (S, no highs)/He Will Break Your Heart (S, poor separation, messy sound, mild distortion)/For Your Precious Love [with the Impressions] (S, hissy, some clicks and distortion, no highs)/Where Do I Turn (S, hissy)/I'm A Telling You (S, slight hiss)/I Stand Accused (M, CD bonus track)//Let It Be Me [with Betty Everett] (M, from record, terrible, distorted sound)/A Lonely Soldier (S, hissy)/Motherless Child (S, pretty good sound)/Just A Little Bit (M, from record)/Need To Belong (M, from record)/Make It Easy On Yourself (M, hissy)/Strawberries (M, from record)/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (M, from record, some distortion, CD bonus track)

D1-74808 - The Healer - John Lee Hooker [1989] (10-89, #62) Also issued on cassette as D4-74808 and on CD as D2-74808 . Technically not Vee-Jay recordings. The Healer/I'm In The Mood/Baby Lee/Cuttin' Out/Think Twice Before You Go/Sally Mae/That's Alright/Rockin' Chair/My Dream/No Substitute

Note: CDs issued after this point were issued after the Vee-Jay Limited Partnership was established, with a consequent improvement in sound quality. These were also issued under the Vee-Jay label, manufactured by Chameleon. Catalog numbers also correspond to the original Vee-Jay catalog numbers, e.g., Vee-Jay LP-1007 becomes Vee-Jay VJD-81007.

VJD-81007 - I'm John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP- 1007. Dimples/Hobo Blues/I'm So Excited/I Love You Honey/Boogie Chillun/Little Wheel/I'm In The Mood/Maudie/Crawlin' King Snake/Every Night/Time Is Marching/Baby Lee

VJD-81023 - Travelin' - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-1023. No Shoes/I Wanna Walk/Canal Street Blues/Run On/I'm A Stranger/Whiskey And Wimmen/Solid Sender/Sunny Land/Goin' To California/I Can't Believe/I'll Know Tonight/Dusty Road

VJD-81033 - The Folklore of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-1033. Tupelo/I'm Mad Again/I'm Going Upstairs/Want Ad Blues/Five Long Years/I Like To See You Walk/The Hobo/Hard-Headed Woman/Wednesday Evening Blues/Take Me As I Am/My First Wife Left Me/You're Looking Good Tonight

VJD-81043 - Burnin' - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-1043. Boom Boom (S)/Process (S)/Lost A Good Girl (S)/A New Leaf (S)/Blues Before Sunrise (S)/Let's Make It (S)/I Got A Letter (S)/Thelma (S)/Drug Store Woman (S)/Keep Your Hands To Yourself (S)/What Do You Say (S)

VJD-81049 - The Best of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-1049. Dimples/Boogie Chillun/Little Wheel/Crawlin' King Snake/No Shoes/Tupelo/Drug Store Woman/Boom Boom/Hobo Blues/I'm In The Mood/Whiskey And Wimmen/Dusty Road

VJD-81058 - The Big Soul of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-1058. San Francisco (S)/Take A Look At Yourself (S)/Send Me Your Pillow (S)/She Shot Me Down (S)/I Love Her (S)/Old Time Shimmy (S)/You Know I Love You (S)/Big Soul (S)/Good Rocking Mama (S)/Onions (S)/No One Told Me (S)

VJD-81066 - John Lee Hooker on Campus - John Lee Hooker [1991] I'm Leaving (S)/Love Is A Burning Thing (S)/Birmingham Blues (S)/I Want To Shout (S)/Don't Look Back (S)/I Want To Hug You (S)/Poor Me (S)/I Want To Ramble (S)/Half A Stranger (S)/My Grinding Mill (S)/Bottle Up And Go (S)/One Way Ticket (S)

VJD-81074 - Soul Meeting Saturday Night Hootenanny Style - Various Artists [1991] Spring - Birdlegs & Pauline (M)/Just A Little Bit - Roscoe Gordon (M)/Honest I Do - Jimmy Reed (M)/Dimples - John Lee Hooker (M)/Hands Off - Priscilla Bowman (M)/Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed (M)/Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed (M)/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon (M)/Little Wheel - John Lee Hooker (M)/You Can Make It If You Try - Gene Allison (M)/Messin' Around - Memphis Slim (M)/Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker (M)

VJD-81078 - Concert at Newport - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP- 1078. I Can't Quit You Now Blues/Stop Baby Don't Hold Me That Way/Tupelo/Bus Station Blues/Freight Train Be My Friend/Boom Boom Boom/Talk That Talk Baby/Sometime Baby You Make Me Feel So Bad/You've Got To Walk Yourself/Let's Make It/The Mighty Fire

VJD-87301 - John Lee Hooker in Person - John Lee Hooker [1991] Reissue of Dynasty DYS-7301. You're Gonna Need Another Favor/New Sally Mae/Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine/She's Long She's Tall/You're Mellow/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Flowers On The Hour/It Serves Me Right To Suffer/Ain't No Big Thing Baby/You Can Run Baby

Black Tulip logo

Black Tulip Releases:

2636492 - Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler [1989] Duke Of Earl (M)/I Fooled You This Time (M)/Nothing Can Stop Me (M)/You Threw A Lucky Punch (M)/Festival Of Love [Dukays] (M)/You Can't Hurt Me No More (M)/Nite Owl [Dukays] (M)/Think Nothing About It (M)/Rainbow (M)/Man's Temptation (M)/Just Be True (M)/What Now (M)/Bless Our Love (M)/Tear For Tear (M)/The Big Lie [Dukays/Duke of Earl] (M)/Stand By Me (M)/Daddy's Home [Duke of Earl] (M)/I Wake Up Crying (M)/Turn On Your Love Light (M)/Check Yourself (M)/Baby That's Love (M)/It's No Good For You (M)/A Song Called Soul (M)

2636502 - Oh What a Night - Dells [1989] Oh What A Nite (M, 1956 version)/Time Makes You Change (M)/Tell The World (M)/Dreams Of Contentment (M)/Movin' On (M)/Darling I Know (M)/Jo-Jo (M)/Why Do You Have To Go (M)/I Can't Help Myself (M)/Now I Pray (M)/Dance Dance Dance (M)/Distant Love (M)/Pains In My Heart (M)/Baby Open Up Your Heart (M)/Wedding Day (M)/I'm Calling (M)/My Dreams (M)/Zing Zing Zing (M)/I Wanna Go Home (M)/She's Just An Angel (M)/Springer (M)/Q-Bop-She-Bop (M)/Dry Your Eyes (M)/You're Still In My Heart (M)/Baby Doo (M)/My Best Girl (M)/Restless Days (M)/Stay In My Corner (S, 1965 version)

725 - For Your Precious Love - Impressions featuring Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler [1998] For Your Precious Love (S)/Listen (M)/A Long Time Ago (M)/Come Back My Love (M)/Lovely One (M)/Sweet Was The Wine (M)/Love Me (M)/Shorty's Got To Go (M)/Give Me Your Love (S)/At The County Fair (M)/Say That You Love Me (S)/Lover's Lane (M)/Young Lover (M)/The Gift Of Love (M)/Senorita I Love You (M) /Believe In Me (S)/Don't Drive Me Away (M)/A New Love (S)/Let Me Know (S)/Don't Leave Me (M)/I Need Your Love (M)/Lovely One (M, version 2)/ What's Her Name (M)/My Baby Loves Me (M)

Thanks to Alan End and Barry Margolis.

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