Vee-Jay Album Discography, Part 10:
Vee-Jay Limited Partnership (1990-1994)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 17, 2006

VEE-JAY III (1990-1994)

The Vee-Jay CDs and cassettes started rolling off the presses in late October, 1992. Initially, all but the jazz issues were available on cassette, but after the second quarter's releases (January, 1993), the cassettes were discontinued. Where they were available, we have noted it in the discography below. The highlight of the releases was a 3-CD box set covering the history of the label, released in September, 1993. The box set had extensive liner notes, photos, and a souvenir copy of "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite" by the Spaniels pressed on red vinyl.

The red vinyl 45 that was included in the Vee-Jay Box Set, and also in the press kits of the time, was interesting. First of all, it was on clear red plastic with a slight purple tinge, not the opaque red that was pictured in their advertisements. The label was a reproduction of the 1953 label, and did not say "reproduction" or anything of the sort, so at first glance, it might be mistaken for an original. But there are two ways to differentiate it from an original. First, the label is glossier than the original. The sure giveaway, though, is that the original dead wax master number "53-112" and "VJ 107-A" (and the corresponding master numbers on the flip) are scratched out, with "MJS FIW" added in the dead wax. The single came in a grey and black "picture sleeve" with the oval logo repeated many times, with one white logo on the lower right of the picture sleeve. At the bottom of the back of the sleeve, it says, "Vee-Jay Limited Partnership, P.O. Box 1500, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101-1500" and a copyright 1993 line below it.

The issues continued throughout 1993, but by January, 1994, the company was in financial trouble again. About March, 1994, the Partnership went into an extended period of inactivity. The Partnership was reactivated about 1998 under Michele Tayler Management.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Vee-Jay NVS2-400 Box Set Series:

NVS2-3-400 - Vee-Jay: Celebrating 40 Years of Classic Hits 1953-1993 - Various Artists [9/22/93] Nice packaging includes red vinyl 45 of "Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite" by the Spaniels. First-time stereo for "Duchess Of Earl," and recently found stereo for several other songs. Disc 1: Baby It's You - Spaniels (M)/High & Lonesome - Jimmy Reed (M)/Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite - Spaniels (M)/You Don't Have To Go - Jimmy Reed (M)/My Loving Baby - El Dorados (M)/Annie's Answer - Hazel McCollum & El Dorados (M)/I Really Do - 5 Echoes (M)/At My Front Door - El Dorados (M)/Hands Off - Jay McShann with vocal by Priscilla Bowman (M)/I'll Be Forever Loving You - El Dorados (M)/This Is The Night - Kool Gents (M)/Every Woman I Know - Billy Emerson (M)/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - Jimmy Reed (M)/Big Town Playboy - Eddie Taylor (M)/Up On The Mountain - Magnificents (M)/Dimples - John Lee Hooker (M)/Oh What A Nite - Dells (M)/Bim Barn Boom - El Dorados (M)/Telephone Is Ringing - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/For All We Know - Sonny Til's Orioles (M)/You Gave Me Peace Of Mind - Spaniels (M)/I Found Peace Of Mind - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/Mother's Son - Delegates (M)/The Pleasure Is All Mine - Billy Emerson (M)/Honest I Do - Jimmy Reed (M); Disc 2: 12 Year Old Boy - Elmore James (M)/You Can Make It If You Try - Gene Allison (M)/It Hurts Me Too - Elmore James (M)/Rockin'itis - Billy Boy Arnold (M)/Have Faith - Gene Allison (M)/Stormy Weather - Spaniels (M)/For Your Precious Love - Jerry Butler & Impressions (S)/Nobody But You - Dee Clark (M)/The Twist - Hank Ballard & Midnighters (M)/Here I Stand - Wade Flemons (M)/A Rockin' Good Way - Priscilla Bowman with Spaniels (M)/K.C. Loving - Jimmy Witherspoon (M)/Boogie Chillun - John Lee Hooker (M)/Take Out Some Insurance - Jimmy Reed (M)/Just Keep It Up - Dee Clark (S)/Hey Little Girl - Dee Clark (S)/No More Doggin' - Rosco Gordon (M)/Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed (M)/The Comeback - Memphis Slim (M)/Just A Little Bit - Rosco Gordon (M)/Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed (S)/Oh Babe - J.B. Lenoir (M)/He Will Break Your Heart - Jerry Butler (S)/Tupelo - John Lee Hooker (M, live)/Your Friends - Dee Clark (S); Disc 3: Exodus - Eddie Harris (S)/Shombalor - Sheriff & the Ravels (M)/Raindrops - Dee Clark (S)/Every Beat Of My Heart - Pips (M)/Bright Lights Big City - Jimmy Reed (S)/Moon River - Jerry Butler (S)/Duke Of Earl - Gene Chandler (S)/Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker (M)/Duchess Of Earl - Pearlettes (S)/Tragic - Sheppards (M)/Make It Easy On Yourself - Jerry Butler (S)/Oh John - Jimmy Reed (M)/Rainbow - Gene Chandler (S)/You're No Good - Betty Everett (S)/The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) - Betty Everett (S)/A Spanish Boy - Rubies (M)/I Can't Hear You - Betty Everett (S)/My Adorable One - Joe Simon (M)/Let It Be Me - Jerry Butler & Betty Everett (S)/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Little Richard (M)/It Ain't What You Do - Little Richard (S)/Stay In My Corner - Dells (S)/Oo Wee Baby I Love You - Fred Hughes (M)/I Don't Know What You've Got - Little Richard (S)/It's Not Unusual - Dells (M)

Vee-Jay NVD2-700 Main Series:

NVD2-700 - The Ice Man - Jerry Butler [10/92] Also issued on cassette as NVD4- 700. For Your Precious Love [with the Impressions] (S)/Sweet Was The Wine [with the Impressions] (M)/Come Back My Love [with the Impressions] (E)/I Was Wrong (S)/He Will Break Your Heart (S)/Find Another Girl (S)/I'm A Telling You (S)/Aware Of Love (S)/Moon River (S)/You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) (S)/Make It Easy On Yourself (S)/Message To Martha (S, with countoff)/Where's The Girl (S)/A Woman With Soul (S)/Need To Belong (S)/I've Been Trying (S)/I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore (S)/I Stand Accused (S)/Since I Don't Have You [with Betty Everett] (M)/Let It Be Me [with Betty Everett] (S)/I Can't Stand It [with Betty Everett] (S)/Good Times (M)/I Can't Stand To See You Cry (M)/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (E)/Nobody Needs Your Love (More Than I Do) (M)

NVD2-701 - Dreams of Contentment - Dells [10/92] Also issued on cassette as NVD4-701. Zing Zing Zing (M)/Dreams Of Contentment (M)/She's Just An Angel (M)/Oh What A Nite (M)/How I Pray (M)/Jo Jo (M)/Baby Do (M)/I Wanna Go Home (M)/Why Do You Have To Go (M)/Pains In My Heart (M)/Cu Bop Che Bop (M)/Baby Open Up Your Heart (M)/Someone To Call Me Darling (M)/Dry Your Eyes (M)/My Best Girl (M)/Jeepers Creepers (M)/Restless Days (M)/Rain (M)/Wedding Day (M)/Oh What A Good Nite (S)/Li'l Darlin' (S)/It's Not For Me To Say (S)/Stay In My Corner [1965 version] (S)/It's Not Unusual (M)

NVD2-702 - Bim Bam Boom - El Dorados [10/92] Also issued on cassette as NVD4-702. My Loving Baby (M)/Baby I Need You (M)/One More Chance (M)/Little Miss Love (M)/Annie's Answer [Hazel McCollum & El Dorados] (M)/I Began To Realize (M)/At My Front Door (M, fadeout begins 1 min. before cold ending)/Now That You've Gone (M)/I'll Be Forever Loving You (M)/She Don't Run Around (M, alternate version)/Rock 'N' Roll's For Me (M)/She Don't Run Around (M)/There In The Night (M)/A Fallen Tear (M)/Chop Ling Soon (M)/Bim Bam Boom (M)/Trouble Trouble (M)/Tears On My Pillow (M)/Oh What A Girl (M)/Lights Are Low (M)/Always My Love (M)/Why Must I (M)/Boom Diddle Boom (M)/3 Reasons Why (M)/Lord Knows I Tried (M)

NVD2-703 - Rain Drops - Dee Clark [1/93] Also issued on cassette as NVD4-703. I Just Can't Help Myself (M)/Mother's Son (M)/Gloria (M)/Kangaroo Hop (M)/Seven Nights (M)/24 Boyfriends (M)/Emma Jean (M)/If It Wasn't For Love (M)/Nobody But You (M, no high-pitched tone at beginning as on stereo version)/Just Keep It Up (S)/Hey Little Girl (S)/How About That (S)/I Love You Darling (M)/At My Front Door (S)/Cling A Ling (S)/You're Looking Good (S)/Your Friends (S)/What Kind of Fool (S)/Raindrops (S, centered-vocal mix)/Cupid (S)/Don't Walk Away From Me (S, with countoff)/Bring Back My Heart (S)/Fever (S)/I'm Going Back To School (S)/Shook Up Over You (S)

NVD2-704 - Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight - Spaniels [1/93] Also issued on cassette as NVD4-703. Baby It's You (M)/Since I Fell For You (M)/Bounce (M)/The Bells Ring Out (M)/House Cleaning (M)/Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight (M)/Let's Make Up (M)/Play It Cool (M)/Painted Picture (M)/Dear Heart (M)/False Love (M)/Please Don't Tease (M)/I Need Your Kisses (M)/You Gave Me Peace of Mind (M)/I Lost You (M)/I.O.U. (M)/A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (M)/You're Gonna Cry (M)/Stormy Weather (M)/Little Joe (M)/A Rockin' Good Way (M)/These Three Words (M)/Red Sails In The Sunset (M)/People Will Say We're In Love (M)/So Deep Within (S)

NVD2-705 - Speak the Lyrics to Me, Mama Reed - Jimmy Reed [1/93] Also issued on cassette as NVD4-705. High And Lonesome (M)/You Don't Have To Go (M)/Shoot My Baby (M)/You Upset My Mind (M)/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (M)/Can't Stand To See You Go (M)/You've Got Me Dizzy (M)/Honey, Where You Going (M, alternate take)/Little Rain (M)/The Sun Is Shining (M)/Honest I Do (M)/My Bitter Seed (M)/I'm Gonna Get My Baby (M)/Going To New York (M)/I Told You Baby (M)/Take Out Some Insurance (M)/Baby What You Want Me To Do (M)/Hush Hush (M)/Found Love (M)/Big Boss Man (S)/Close Together (S)/Bright Lights, Big City (S)/Oh John (M)/Shame, Shame, Shame (S)/I'm The Man Down There (M)

NVD2-706 - The Flamingos Meet the Moonglows on the Dusty Road of Hits: The Complete 25 Chance Recordings - Moonglows/Flamingos [1/93] Also issued on cassette as NVD4-706. If I Can't Have You - Flamingos (M)/Hurry Home Baby - Flamingos (M)/That's My Desire - Flamingos (M)/Someday Someway - Flamingos (M)/Carried Away - Flamingos (E)/Plan For Love - Flamingos (M)/You Ain't Ready - Flamingos (M)/Golden Teardrops - Flamingos (M)/Blues In A Letter - Flamingos (M)/September Song - Flamingos (E)/Jump Children [aka Vooit-Vooit] - Flamingos (E)/Cross Over The Bridge - Flamingos (M)/Listen To My Plea - Flamingos (M)/Fine Fine Girl - Moonglows (M)/My Love - Moonglows (M)/Just A Lonely Christmas - Moonglows (M)/Whistle My Love - Moonglows (M)/Baby Please - Moonglows (M)/Hey Santa Claus - Moonglows (M)/Secret Love - Moonglows (E)/I Was Wrong - Moonglows (M)/219 Train - Moonglows (M)/My Gal - Moonglows (M)/Ooh Rocking Daddy - Moonglows (E)/Real Gone Mama - Moonglows (M)

NVD2-707 - The Shoop Shoop Song - Betty Everett [4/93] By My Side (S)/Prince Of Players (S)/Down In The Country (S)/Hands Off (S)/You're No Good (S)/Chained To Your Love (S)/Until You Were Gone (S)/It Hurts To Be In Love (S)/I Need You So (S)/June Night (S)/Hound Dog [Big Mama Thornton arrangement] (S)/With You I Stand (S)/Shoop Shoop Song (It's In Hiss Kiss) (S)/Someday Soon (S)/I Can't Hear You (S)/Gettin' Mighty Crowded (S)/Gotta Be Ready (S)/The Real Thing (S)/No Place To Hide (S)/Too Hot To Hold (S)/Where Are You (S)/I Don't Hurt Anymore (S)/Trouble Over The Weekend (S)/The Shoe Won't Fit (S)

NVD2-708 - The Unavailable 16/The Original Nitty Gritty - Various Artists [4/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP 1051 and LP-1084. The Unavailable 16: Down The Aisle Of Love - Quin-Tones (M)/Mountain Of Love - Harold Dorman (M)/Robbin' The Cradle - Tony Bellus (M)/A Lonely Mood - 5 Echoes (M)/Rockin' Little Angel - Ray Smith (M)/A Long Time Ago - Impressions (M)/Newly Wed - Orchids (M)/Secret Love - Moonglows (M)/Dreams Of Contentment - Dells (M)/I'll Be Forever Loving You - El Dorados (M)/Angel Baby - Rosie & Originals [3:42 unedited version] (M)/Up On The Mountain - Magnificents (M)/Red Sails In The Sunset - Spaniels (M)/You Said You Loved Me - Orchids (M)/Golden Teardrops - Flamingos (M)/Mother's Son - Delegates (M); Here's Where It's At: The Original Nitty Gritty: Hatti Malatti - Lee Diamond (M)/The Pleasure's All Mine - Billy Emerson (M)/Oop De Oop - Earl Phillips (M)/Rockin' Good Way - Priscilla Bowman & Spaniels (M)/Crying For My Baby - Harold Burrage (M)/Goin' Home - Rosco Gordon (M)/Blues Get Off My Shoulder - Dee Clark (M)/Just A Little Bit - Jerry Butler (M)/It's You I Love - Crume Bros. (M)/I Found Peace Of Mind - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/Bad Boy - Eddie Taylor (M)/Evenin' Time - Joe Buckner (M)

NVD2-709 - A Taste of Doo Wop, Volume One - Various Artists [4/93] I Really Do - 5 Echoes (M)/Evil Woman - 5 Echoes (M)/Crazy Over You - Kool Gents (M)/This Is The Night - Kool Gents (M)/Newly Wed - Orchids (M)/You're Everything To Me - Orchids (M)/Please Don't Leave Me - Orchids (M)/Fine Sweet Woman - Orchids (M)/I Can't Refuse - Orchids (M)/Met A Girl On The Corner - Orchids (M)/You Said You Loved Me - Orchids (M)/Happiness - Orchids (M)/Up On The Mountain - Magnificents (M)/Caddy Bo - Magnificents (M)/Love Of My Own - El Dorados (M)/For All We Know - Sonny Til's Orioles (M)/Now That It's Over - Falcons (M)/Great Googly Moo - Spaniels (M)/Marsha - Prodigals (M)/Kiss Me - El Cincos (M)/Shombalor - Sheriff & The Ravels (M)/The Twist - Midnighters (M)/That You Love Me - Impressons (M)/Joni - Preston Jackson & Rhythm Aces (M)/Every Beat Of My Heart - Pips (M)

NVD2-710 - A Taste of Soul, Volume One - Various Artists [4/93] You Can Make It If You Try - Gene Allison (M)/My Heart Remembers - Gene Allison (M)/Have Faith - Gene Allison (M)/Nobody But You - Dee Clark (M)/Here I Stand - Wade Flemmons (M)/Raindrops - Dee Clark (S, alternate version with countoff)/They Don't Know - "5" Royales (M)/Help Me Somebody - "5" Royales (M)/You Only Want Me When You Need Me - Ivory Joe Hunter (S)/Someone Is Stealing My Love - Ivory Joe Hunter (S)/Rainbow - Gene Chandler (S)/A Spanish Boy - Rubies (M)/Giving Up - Gladys Knight & Pips (M)/Take A Journey - Barrett Strong (S)/Lovers Always Forgive - Gladys Knight & Pips (M)/My Adorable One - Joe Simon (M)/Either Way I Lose - Gladys Knight & Pips (M)/Good Times - Jerry Butler (M)/Stop And Get A Hold Of Myself - Gladys Knight & Pips (M)/Who Knows - Gladys Knight & Pips (M)/I Can't Get Away From Your Love - Wade Flemmons (S)/Stay In My Corner [1965 version] - Dells (S)/Oo Wee Baby I Love You - Fred Hughes (M)/I Don't Know What You've Got - Little Richard (S, 4:44)/I Can't See Your Love - Ballads (S)

NVD2-711 - A Taste of the Blues, Volume One - Various Artists [4/93] Boogie In The Dark - Jimmy Reed (M)/Bad Boy - Eddie Taylor (M)/She's Five Feet Three (aka Brown Skin Baby) - L.C. McKinley (M)/Oop De Oop - Earl Phillips (M)/Hurt My Feelings - Morris Pejoe (M)/Hands Off - Jay McShann & Priscilla Bowman (M)/Don't Stay Out All Night - Billy Boy Arnold (M)/Every Woman I Know - Billy Emerson (M)/Big Town Playboy - Eddie Taylor (M)/Business Woman - Camille Howard (M)/Judgement Day - Snooky Pryor (M)/The Telephone Is Ringing - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/I Found Peace Of Mind - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/It Hurts Me Too - Elmore James (M)/The 12 year Old Boy - Elmore James (M)/Rockinitis - Billy Boy Arnold (M)/Down In Virginia - Jimmy Reed (M)/K.C. Loving - Jimmy Witherspoon (M)/I Know I Know - Jimmy Witherspoon (M)/Boogie Children - John Lee Hooker (M)/Crying For My Baby - Harold Burrage (M)/No More Doggin' - Rosco Gordon (M)/Just A Little Bit - Rosco Gordon (M)/Do What I Say - J.B. Lenoir (M)/Tupelo - John Lee Hooker (M)

NVD2-712 - The Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler [7/93] Tracks marked with an asterisk (*) are ADD; others AAD. Duke of Earl (S)/Stand By Me (S)/Festival Of Love [Dukays] (S)/Daddy's Home [Duke of Earl] (S)/I Wake Up Crying (S)/Turn On Your Love Light (S)/Nite Owl [Dukays] (S)/I'll Flollow You [Duke of Earl] (S)/The Big Lie [Dukays/Duke of Earl] (S)/Kissin' In The Kitchen (S)/So Many Ways (S)/Lonely Island (S)/Walk On With The Duke [Duke of Earl] (M)/London Town [Duke of Earl] (M)/You Left Me [Duke of Earl](S*)/Forgive Me (S*)/Rainbow (S*)/Miracle After Miracle (M)/You Threw A Lucky Punch (S*)/Day To Day (S*)/Check Yourself (S*)/Baby That's Love (M)/Man's Temptation (S*)

NVD2-713 - John Lee Hooker on Vee-Jay 1955-1958 - John Lee Hooker [7/93] Unfriendly Woman (aka Stop Now) (M)/Wheel And Deal (M)/Mambo Chillun (M)/Time Is Marching (M)/I'm So Worried Baby (M)/Baby Lee (M)/Dimples (M)/Every Night (M)/The Road Is So Rough (aka When I Started Hoboing) (M)/Troubled Blues (M)/Stop Talking (M)/Everybody's Rockin' (M)/I'm So Excited (M)/I See You When You're Weak (M)/Crawlin' Black Spider (aka Mean Old Snake) (M)/Little Wheel (M)/Little Fine Woman (M)/Rosie Mae (aka Nothing But Trouble) (M)/You Can Lead Me Baby (aka Lead Me On) (M)/I Love You Honey (M)/You've Taken My Woman (M)/Mama You Got A Daughter (M)

NVD2-714 - The Spaniels, Volume Two: Heart & Soul - Spaniels [7/93] Includes first-time stereo for "I Know" and "Bus Fare Home." Mono tracks are AAD, stereo are ADD. Do-Wah (M)/You Don't Move Me (M)/Danny Boy (M)/Hey Sister Lizzie (M)/Do You Really (M)/Jesse Mae (M)/Everyone's Laughing (M)/I Like It Like That (M)/Lucinda (M)/Crazee Baby (M)/Great Googley Moo (M)/Tina (M)/Lovey Dovey Baby Be Mine (M)/Here Is Why I Love You (M)/I'm Gonna Thank Him (M)/Heart & Soul (M)/Trees (M)/A Stranger In Love (M)/100 Years From Today (M)/The Posse (M)/I'll Be Waiting (M)/Baby Sweets (M)/Automobiles (M)/I Know (S)/Bus Fare Home (S)

NVD2-715 - A Taste of Doo Wop, Volume Two - Various Artists [7/93] Baby It's You - Spaniels (M)/Tell Me Baby - Five Echoes (M)/Fool's Prayer - Five Echoes (M)/Tastee Freeze - Five Echoes (M)/At My Front Door - El Dorados (M)/Do Ya Do - Kool Gents (M)/You Know - Kool Gents (M)/Yes She's My Baby - Magnificents (M)/Lost Lover - Magnificents (M)/Why Did She Go - Magnificents (M)/Feeling Alright This Morning - Hi-Liters (M)/Hello Dear - Hi-Liters (M)/Bobby Sox Baby - Hi-Liters (M)/When I Call On You - Kool Gents (M)/Just Like A Fool - Kool Gents (M)/Off The Mountain - Magnificents (M)/Hiccup - Magnificents (M)/This Ole Love Of Mine - Magnificents (M)/Language Of Love - El Dorados (M)/Vangie - Prodigals (M)/Judy - Prodigals (M)/Won't You Believe - Prodigals (M)/Don't Leave Me - Magnificents (M)/Lover's Lane - Impressions (M)/Don't Drive Me Away - Jerry Butler & Impressions (M)

NVD2-716 - Sax Appeal - Various Artists [7/93] Zig-Zag - Julian Dash (M)/Jump #1 - Julian Dash (M)/So Let It Be - Julian Dash (M)/Untitled - Julian Dash (M)/Romping - David Shipp Combo (M)/Swinging Easy - David Shipp Combo (M)/Nick's Dance - David Shipp Combo (M)/Deanie Boy [aka The Horse] - Tommy Dean Orchestra (M)/Just Before Day - Tommy Dean Orchestra (M)/221 Rock - Tommy Dean Orchestra (M)/Sweet Mouth - Wardell Gray (M)/Oscar's Blues - Wardell Gray (M)/Dot's It - Wardell Gray (M)/Hey There - Wardell Gray (M)/The Gold Coast - Tommy Dean Orchestra (M)/Big Jay's Hop - Big Jay McNeely (M)/Zero - Julian Dash (M)/Straight And Ready - Tommy Dean Orchestra (M)/Fool Around Slowly - Al Smith Orchestra (M)/No Dues - Arnett Cobb (M)/Give It Up - Noble "Thin Man" Watts with Paul Williams (M)/Pass The Buck - Noble "Thin Man" Watts with Paul Williams (M)/South Side Drive - Noble "Thin Man" Watts with Paul Williams (M)

NVD2-717 - A Taste of Doo Wop, Volume Three - Various Artists [10/93] I Wonder Why - Rhythm Aces (M, alternate take)/That's My Sugar - Rhythm Aces (M)/I Can't Help Myself - Dells (M)/I Pray For Your Love - Danny Cobb [with Magnificents] (M)/I Just Got Lucky - Sonny Til's Orioles (M)/Sugar Girl - Sonny Til's Orioles (M)/I'm Gonna Be Glad - Delegates (M)/The Convention - Delegates (M)/Time Makes You Change - Dells (M, alternate take)/Dance Dance Dance - Dells (M)/You're Still In My Heart - Dells (M)/A Rose For My Darling - El Dorados (M)/Time Makes You Change - Dells (M)/Come On Home - Lyrics [aka Falcons] (M)/My Only Love - Lyrics [aka Falcons] (M)/Stop - Lyrics [aka Falcons] (M)/The Springer [aka At The Bandstand] - Dells (M)/Let's Do The Cha Cha - Magnificents (M)/Rosebud - Magnificents (M)/Ozeta - Magnificents (M)/You Have To Go - El Cincos (M)/My Dreams - Dells (M)/I'll Pray For You - Midnighters (M)/I'm Calling - Dells (M)/Be Mine - Preston Jackson & Rhythm Aces (M)

NVD2-718 - A Taste of the Blues, Volume Two - Various Artists [10/93] Cinemascope Baby - Pro McClam (M)/Eventime -Tommy Dean Orchestra (M)/What Have You Done To Me - Grant Jones (M)/I'm Gonna Ruin You - Jimmy Reed (M)/Hootie Blues -Jay McShann Orchestra (M)/Here's My Picture - Billy Boy Arnold (M)/Down In The Country - William Benimon (M)/Soup Line - Dizzy Dixon (M, alternate take)/Don't Start Me To Lyin' - Billy Emerson (M, alternate take)/Ride 'Em On Down - Eddie Taylor (M)/The Skillet's Gonna Fry - Edith Mackey (M)/Some Day - Danny Cobb (M)/My First Plea - Jimmy Reed (M)/You Tried To Ruin Me - Snooky Pryor (M)/Tie It Down (aka Benedict Canyon Boogie) - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/A Frosty Night (aka Cool Evening) - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/Kissing At Midnight - Billy Boy Arnold (M)/Coming Home - Elmore James (M)/Cry For Me Baby - Elmore James (M)/Blues After Hours - Pee Wee Crayton (M)/You Got What It Takes - Bobby Parker (M)/Blues Get Off My Shoulder - Bobby Parker (M)/Prisoner's Plea - Billy Boy Arnold (M)/You Never Miss Your Water - Billy Emerson (M)/I'm Gonna Love You - Eddie Taylor (M)/Recession - Tommy Dean Orchestra (M)

NVD2-719 - The Impressions' Complete Vee-Jay Recordings Featuring Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield - Jerry Butler & Impressions [10/93] Tracks marked with an asterisk are ADD, others AAD. Sweet Was The Wine (M)/For Your Precious Love (S)/Lover's Lane (M)/Don't Drive Me Away (M)/The Gift Of Love (M)/At The County Fair (M)/Come Back My Love (M)/Love Me (M)/Young Lover (M)/Lovely One (M)/Lovely One (M, alternate take)/A Long Time Ago (M)/ Senorita I Love You (M)/Give Me Your Love (S*)/ That You Love Me (S*)/A New Love (S*)/ Believe In Me (S*)/Let Me Know (S*)

NVD2-720 - The Dells, Volume Two: You Gotta Have Soul - Dells [scheduled to be released in January, 1994, but cancelled] Movin' On/A Distant Love/Shy Girl/Let's Do It Over/What's The Use/Swingin' Teens/(others)

NVD2-721 - A Taste of the Blues, Volume Three - Various Artists [scheduled to be released in January, 1994, but cancelled] I Wish You Would/One More Mile/Down With It/I Don't Go For That/Hi Ho Silver/Elmore's Contribution To Jazz/(others)

Vee-Jay NVG2-500 Gospel Special Series:

NVG2-500 - A Vee-Jay Christmas - Various Artists [10/92] Silent Night - Jerry Butler (S)/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Caravans (M)/Joy To The World - Charles Taylor (M)/Go Tell It On The Mountain - Swan Silvertones (M)/Behold The Star - Patterson Singers (M)/White Christmas - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama (M)/O Holy Night - Jerry Butler (S)/Silent Night - Swan Silvertones (M)/The Birthday Of A King - Patterson Singers (M)/Hark The herald Angels Sing - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama (M)/A Christmas Message - Charles Taylor (M)/Mary's Boy Child - Gospel Clefs (M)

NVG2-501 - Black Nativity: Gospel on Broadway - Original Cast [10/92] Reissue of Vee- Jay LP-5022. Cast includes Marion Williams & the Stars of Faith, Princess Stewart, Professor Alex Bradford, and the Bradford Singers. My Way's Cloudy (M)/Most Done Traveling (M)/Baby Born Today (M)/Poor Little Jesus Boy (M)/Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby? (M)/Wasn't That A Mighty Day? (M)/Joy To The World (M)/ (M)/Christ Is Born (M)/Rise Up Shepherd And Follow (M)/Sweet Little Jesus Boy (M)/Oh Come All Ye Faithful (M)/If Anybody Ask You Who (M)/Go Where I Send Thee (M)

Vee-Jay NVG2-600 Gospel Series:

NVG2-600 - Uncloudy Day/Will the Circle Be Unbroken - Staple Singers [10/92] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5000 and LP-5008, respectively. Stereo content not known, but probably all mono. Uncloudy Day: Uncloudy Day/Let Me Ride/God's Wonderful Love/Help Me Jesus/I'm Coming Home/If I Could Hear My Mother/Low Is The Way/I Had A Dream/On My Way To Heaven/Going Away/I'm Leaning/I Know I Got Religion; Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Too Close/Come On Up In Glory/Don't Drive Me Away//Don't Knock/So Soon/Somebody Saved Me/Pray On/Downward Road/Let's Go Home

NVG2-601 - The Great Lost Blind Boys Album - Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi [10/92] Stereo information not known; presumably all mono. Let's Have Church/I'm Willing To Run/You Don't Know/Where There's A Will There's A Way/All Over Me/I'm A Soldier /Jesus Loves Me/I'm A- Rolling/My Robe Will Fit Me/My Robe Will Fit Me (alternate Take)/No Need To Cry/I Never Heard A Man/Oh, Why/Don't Forget The Bridge/Waiting At The River/Somebody's Mother/Leave You In The Hands Of The Lord

NVG2-602 - Pray for Me/Let's Go to Church Together - Swan Silvertones [1/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay VJS-18008 and SR-5059 , respectively. Stereo content not known, but probably true stereo. Pray for Me: Sinners Crossroad/Why I Love Him So/Jesus Is Alright With Me/The Lord Is Coming/Somebody Loves Me/Press Thy Hand/Come What May/Nobody But You/The Blood Of Jesus/Livin' On Mother's Prayers/Breathe On Me; Let's Go to Church Together: Love Lifted Me/Call Him Jesus/Leave Your Burden Here/Cross For Me/I'll Be Satisfied/Send My Child/Look Down The Line/I Thank You Lord/Come To Jesus/Without A Mother/Search Me Lord/Bible Days

NVG2-603 - The Highway QC's/Jesus Is Waiting - Highway QC's [1/93] Reissue of Vee- Jay LP-5005 and LP-5007, respectively. Stereo content not known, but at least the second album should be true stereo. The Highway QC's: Somewhere To Lay My Head/Working On The Building/Behold Thy Mother/I Dreamed That Heaven Was Like This/I'll Trust His Word/Pray//Child Of God/The Way Up The Hill/Something On My Mind/He Lifted My Burdens/Count Your Blessings/Every Man, Woman And Child; Jesus Is Waiting: We're Working Hard/Jesus I'm Waiting/I Heard/Great Trumpet/I'll Be Satisfied/Amazing Grace/He Said/I Wonder Have You/Teach Me/I Used To Wonder/Milky White Way/I'll See Jesus Too

NVG2-604 - The Harmonizing Four/God Will Take Care of You - Harmonizing Four [4/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5002 and LP-5009, respectively. Stereo content not known, but possibly all mono. All Things Are Possible/Farther Along/Motherless Child/Where Could I Go But To The Lord/Happy Home/In Jerusalem/I Shall Not Be Moved/Lived And He Loved Me/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/When I've Done My Best/Go Down Moses/Will He Welcome Me/I Love To Call His Name/Glory To His Name/Pass Me Not/Close To Thee/God Will Take Care Of You/Mary Don't You Weep/Faith Of Our Fathers/Oh Sinner/My Lord What A Morning/Live Like Jesus/The Lord's Prayer

NVD2-605 - One Step/Angel on Vacation - Alex Bradford & Bradford Singers [4/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5023 & VJS-5037, respectively, in true stereo with two bonus tracks (indicated by an asterisk). One Step (Alex Bradford): One Step (S)/Walk Through The Streets (S)/Just In Time (S)/Left My Sins Behind Me (S)/Let The Lord Be Seen In You (S)/Climbing Up The Mountain (S)/What About You (S)/I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody (S)/This Wonderful Savior (S)/The Lord Looks Out For Me (S)/Oh My Good Lord (S)/Too Close (S); Angel on Vacation (Bradford Singers) Angel On Vacation (S)/When You Pray (S)/He Always Keeps His Promises (S)/They Came Out Shouting (S)/Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (S)/Nothing But The Holy Ghost (S)/Daniel Is A Prayin' Man (S)/Just To Know I Made It In (S)/It Makes Me Tremble (S)/I Want To Be At Rest With The Lord (S)/Can't Trust Nobody (S)/I Made God A Promise (S)/*When You Pray (S, alternate take)/*Angel On Vacation (S, alternate take)

NVG2-606 - Precious Lord/God Is Here - Sallie Martin Singers [7/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay and VJ-5041. Stereo content not known, but probably true stereo. Precious Lord: Precious Lord/That's What He's Done For Me/I Need Him/Old Ship Of Zion/Own Me As A Child/Search My Heart/God Is Moving/Come Thou Fount/Let Me Cross Over/No One Ever Cared/There's Not A Friend; God Is Here: God Is Here/Nothing But The Grace Of God/He's In My Heart/Seeking For Me/Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart/Is Your All On The Altar/When He Comes/How Tedious And Tasteless/Help Me Jesus/Closer To Jesus/I Was Glad When They Said To Me/Jesus I Love You

NVG2-607 - Camp Meeting/The Soul of the Gospel Harmonettes - Gospel Harmonettes featuring Dorothy Love Coates [7/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay VJ-5042 and VJ-5064. Stereo content not known. Camp Meeting: Is Your All On The Altar/I Won't Let Go/After Awhile/Now I'm Ready/Camp Meeting/Carry Me Home/Count Your Blessings/Without You/The Healer/Thy Will/The Power Of The Holy Ghost/He's Real To Me; The Soul of the Gospel Harmonettes: In My Heart/Love Lifted Me/He Died/Heaven Is A Beautiful Place/The Righteous On The March/You've Been Good To Me/I Must Tell Jesus/Step By Step/Don't Forget About Me/Royal Telephone/The Hymn

NVG2-608 - Seek Ye the Lord/The Soul of the Caravans - Caravans [10/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5026 and VJ-5038. Seek Ye the Lord: Amazing Grace/Just Like Him/Nobody Knows Like The Lord/Sacred Head/Lord Stay With Me/To Whom Shall I Turn/Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone/I'm Ready To Serve The Lord/No Coward Soldiers/Seek Ye The Lord/Till I Meet The Lord/Jesus Will Save; The Soul of the Caravans: Til You Come/Lord Don't Leave Us Now/Jesus And Me/One Of These Old Days/Everything You Need/What Will Tomorrow Bring/I Don't Mind/It Must Not Suffer Loss/I'm Going Thru/A Place Like That/My Religion/Unto Thee Oh Lord

NVG2-609 - The Swan Silvertones/Singin' in My Soul - Swan Silvertones [10/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5003 and LP-5006. Stereo content not known for sure, but probably all mono. The Swan Silvertones: Mary Don't You Weep/Jesus Remembers/How I Got Over/That Day On Calvary/Sinner Man/Lady Called Mother/My Rock/Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine/The Lord's Prayer/Great Day In December/Come Out Of The Wilderness/When Jesus Comes; Singin' in My Soul: Swing Low/Move Somewhere/Lord Today/Sinking Sand/Where Shall I Go/Trouble In My Way/So Glad I'm Here/Rock My Soul/Soul Of Mine/Near The Cross Part 2/Stand Up And Testify/Singin' In My Soul

NVG2-610 - God and Me/Let the Words of My Mouth - Marion Williams & Stars of Faith [scheduled to be released in January, 1994, but cancelled] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5024 and LP-5031, respectively. God and Me: Just Can't Help It/His hand/Hallelujah/A Pity And A Shame/Touch Not My Annointed/God And Me//Lord I've Had My Day/Lord I Love Your Name/It Is Well/Let Jesus Lead You/Going On Just The Same/A Charge To Keep I Have; Let the Words of My Mouth...: Jesus Will Help Us/The Road I Travel/Surely God Is Able/Look To The Hills/I Have Another Building/Faith Makes The Difference//Let The Words Of My Mouth/I'll Have A New Body/The Holy Ghost Is Alright/If I Could Help Somebody/I Know I Got A Home/It's Real

NVG2-611 - O Lord I Pray/All Men Are Made By God - Highway QC's [scheduled to be released in January, 1994, but cancelled] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-5020 and LP-5040, respectively. O Lord I Pray: This Is My Night//In Time Of Trouble/Man Called Jesus/Heavenly Father's Children/Oh, Lord I Pray/I Can't Feel At Home/Do You Love Him/Golden Bells/Blind Barnabus/Where He Leads Me/I Don't Want To Be Lost/I'm Waiting; All Men Are Made By God: Oh Why/Good News/My Cry/Don't Worry About Me/Nearer To Thee/It's Me//One Of These Days/Nobody Knows/This Is My Song/All Men Are Made By God/Walk With Me/I Was So Happy

Vee-Jay NVB2-800 Blues Series:

NVB2-800 - Memphis Slim at the Gate of Horn - Memphis Slim [1/93] Reissue of Vee- Jay LP-1012. Possibly a studio recording, like the Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall album. The Comeback (M)/Steppin' Out (M)/Blue And Lonesome (M)/Mother Earth (M)/Slim's Blues (M)/Gotta Find My Baby (M)/Messin' Around (M)/Wish Me Well (M)/My Gal Keeps Me Crying (M)/Lend Me Your Love (M)/Sassy Mae (M)/Rockin' The Blues (M)

NVB2-801 - Just a Little Bit - Rosco Gordon [10/93] The stereo tracks were mixed from newly-found sessions tapes, and are ADD; the others are AAD. No More Doggin' (S, Vee-Jay version)/Goin' Home (S)/A Fool In Love (S)/Just A Little Bit (M)/What You Do To Me (S)/Dapper Dan (M)/You Keep Me Locked Up (M)/New Orleans LA (M)/Surely I Love You (S)/What I Wouldn't Do (M)/Every Night Of The Week (M)/Let 'Em Try (M)/Sit Right Here (S)/My Chick (S)/Jelly Jelly (S)/New Orleans LA (S)

Vee-Jay NVJ2-900 Jazz Series:

NVJ2-900 - Wayning Moments-Plus - Wayne Shorter [10/92] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3029 with seven alternate take bonus tracks. Musicians: Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Eddie Higgins (piano), Jymie Merritt (bass), and Marshall Thompson (drums). Wayning Moments: Black Orpheus (S, take 4)/Devil's Island (S, take 8)/Moon of Manakoora (S, take 2)/Dead-End (S, take 8)/Wayning Moments (S, take 2)/Powder Keg (S, take 5)/All Or Nothing At All (S, take 3)/Callaway Went That-A-Way (S, take 3); Bonus Tracks: Black Orpheus (S, take 3)/Devil's Island (S, take 7)/Moon Of Manakoora (S, take 1)/Dead-End (S, take 7)/Wayning Moments (S, take 3)/Powder Keg (S, take 1)/Callaway Went That-A-Way (S, take 1)

NVJ2-901 - Expoobident - Lee Morgan [10/92] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3015 with four bonus alternate takes, remixed from the original three-track session tapes. Musicians: Lee Morgan (trumpet), Clifford Jordan (tenor sax), Eddie Higgins (piano), Art Davis (bass), and Art Blakey (drums). Expoobident: Expoobident (S)/Easy Living (S)/Triple Track (S)/Fire (S)/Just In Time (S)/The Hearing (S)/Lost And Found (S); Bonus Tracks: Expoobident (S, take 3)/Triple Track (S, take 16)/Fire (S, take 8)/Just In Time (S, take 11)

NVJ2-902 - Someday My Prince Will Come - Wynton Kelly [10/92] Reissue of Vee-Jay VJS-3038 with five bonus songs or alternate takes. Compilation from various sessions. Personnel include: Wynton Kelly (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums), Lee Morgan (trumpet), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Sam Jones (bass) and Jimmy Cobb (drums). Someday My Prince Will Come: Someday My Prince Will Come (S)/Gone With The Wind (S)/Autumn Leaves (S)/Come Rain Or Come Shine (M)/Weird Lullaby (M)/Sassy (S)/Wrinkles (M)/On Stage (M)/Char's Blues (S)/Love I've Found You (S); Bonus Tracks: Surrey With The Fringe On Top (S, take 3)/Joe's Avenue (S, take 4)/Someday My Prince Will Come (S, take 5)/Autumn Leaves (S, take 1)/Char's Blues (S, take 2)

NVJ2-903 - Fantastic Frank Strozier-Plus - Frank Strozier [1/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR- 3005 with five bonus tracks. Musicians include Stozier on alto sax, Booker Little on trumpet, Wynton Kelly on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, and Jimmy Cobb on drums. Fantastic Frank Strozier: W.K. Blues (S)/A Starling's Theme (S)/I Don't Know (S)/Waltz Of The Demons (S)/Runnin' (S)/Off Shore (S); Bonus Tracks: Lucka Duce (S)/Run (S)/Tibbit (S)/Just In Time (S)/Off Shore (S, take 3)

NVJ2-904 - Exodus to Jazz - Eddie Harris [1/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3016 with two bonus tracks. Personnel include Eddie Harris (tenor sax), Willie Pickens (piano), Joseph Diorio (guitar), William Yancey (bass), and Harold Jones (drums). Exodus to Jazz: Exodus (S, 6:41 album version)/Alicia (S, 3:40 album version)/Gone Home (S)/A.T.C. (S)/A.M. Blues (S)/Little Girl Blue (S)/Velocity (S)/W.P. (S); Bonus Tracks: Exodus (S, 1:59 single version)/Alicia (M, 2:48 single version)

NVJ2-905 - The Swingin'est - Bennie Green & Gene Ammons [1/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-1005 with three bonus alternate takes. Recorded November 12, 1958, at Bell Sound Studios in New York City. Personnel: Bennie Green (trombone), Gene Ammons (tenor sax), Frank Foster (sax), Nat Adderly (trumpet), Frank Wess (flute/sax), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Ed Jones (bass), Albert Heath (drums). The Swingin'est: Jugging Around (S)/Going South (S)/Jim Dog (S)/Sermonette (S)/Little Ditty (S); Bonus Tracks: Juggin' Around (S, take 1)/Jim Dog (S, take 1)/Sermonette (S, take 7)

NVJ2-906 - Louis Hayes Featuring Yusef Lateef & Nat Adderley - Louis Hayes [4/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3010 with five bonus alternate takes. Personnel: Nat Adderley (coronet), Yusef Lateef (tenor sax), Barry Harris (piano), Sam Jones (bass) and Louis Hayes (drums). Louis Hayes: Hazing (S)/Rip De Boom (S)/Teef (S)/I Need You (S)/Back Yard (S)/Sassy Ann (S); Bonus Tracks: Hazing (S, take 1)/Rip De Boom (S, take 1)/Teef (S, take 1)/I Need You (S, take 1)/Sassy Ann (S, take 5)

NVJ2-907- Kelly Great - Wynton Kelly [4/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-1016/LP-3004. Personnel: Wynton Kelly (piano), Lee Morgan (trumpet), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Paul Chambers (bass), and Philly Joe Jones (drums). Wrinkles (M)/Mama "G" (M)/June Night (M)/What Now (M)/Syndey (M)

NVJ2-908 - The Young Lions - Young Lions [4/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-3013, with three bonus alternate takes. The Young Lions are: Lee Morgan (trumpet), Frank Strozier (alto sax), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Bobby Timmons (piano), Bob Cranshaw (bass), and Louis Hayes or Albert "Tuttle" Heath (drums). This package also reproduces the original liner notes by Julian "Cannonball" Adderley. The Young Lions: Seeds Of Sin (M)/Scourn' (M)/Fat Lady (M)/Peaches And Cream (M)/That's Right (M); Bonus Tracks: Seeds Of Sin (M, take 4)/Scourn' (M, take 3)/Fat Lady (M, take 3)

NVJ2-909 - His Complete Vee-Jay Recordings, Volume One - Bill Henderson [7/93] Bye Bye Blackbird (S)/Joey, Joey, Joey (S)/Free Spirits (S, with countoff)/Sweet Pumpkin (S)/Love Locked Out (S)/It Never Entered My Mind (S)/My Funny Valentine (S)/Moanin' (S)/Bad Luck (S)/The Song Is You (S)/This Little Girl Of Mine (S)/You Make Me Feel So Young (S)/Without You (S)/Sleepy (S, 2:42 version)/I Go For That (E)/Sleepy (E, 2:20 version)/Never Kiss And Run (S)/Sleeping Bee (S)

NVJ2-910 - Here's Lee Morgan - Lee Morgan [7/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-3007 with five bonus alternate takes. Personnel: Lee Morgan (trumpet/flugel horn), Clifford Jordan (tenor sax), Wynton Kelly (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Art Blakely (drums). Here's Lee Morgan: Terrible "T" (M)/Mogie (M)/I'm A Fool To Want You (M)/Running Brook (S)/Off Spring (S)/Bess (S); Bonus tracks: Terrible "T" (S, take 6)/Mogie (S, take 2)/I'm A Fool To Want You (S, take 1)/Running Brook (S, take 4, with studio talk)/Bess (S, take 3)

NVJ2-911 - The Unreleased Frank Strozier: Cool, Calm & Collected - Frank Strozier [7/93] Recorded October 13, 1960 at Universal in Chicago, this album was unreleased at the time. Tracks 1-2 and 4-8 would have been the LP, with seven bonus alternate take tracks included here. In addition to Strozier on alto sax, musicians included Billy Wallace (Wallace Williams) on piano, Bill Lee on bass, and Vernel Fournier on drums. Outstanding sound remixed from the original 4-track session tapes. Day In-Day Out (S)/Nice N' Easy (S, 5:21)/Nice N' Easy (S, 2:40 version)/Cloudy And Cool (S)/She (S)/Chris (S)/No More (S)/Stairway To The Stars (S)/Day In-Day Out (S, take 2)/Nice N' Easy (S, take 3)/Cloudy And Cool (S, take 1, 7:24)/Cloudy And Cool (S, take 1, 4:05 version)/She (S, take 3)/Chris (S, take 4)/No More (S, take 11)

NVJ2-912 - His Complete Vee-Jay Recordings, Volume Two - Bill Henderson [10/93] Never Kiss And Run (S)/Sleepin' Bee (S)/Don't Like Goodbyes (S)/Old Country (S)/Slowly (S)/Opportunity (S)/Never Will I Marry (S)/My How The Time Goes By (S)/Hooray For Love (S)/Skylark (S)/Royal Garden Blues (S)/Twelfth Of Never (S)/Love Is A Bug (S)/Bewitched (S)/The More I See You (S)/I Can't Give You Anything But Love (S)/Accentuate The Positive (S)/Yes Indeed (S)/Please Send Me Someone To Love (S)/Sweet Georgia Brown (S)/Am I Blue (S)

NVJ2-913 - The Lost Album Plus the Better Half - Eddie Harris [10/93] The first four tracks are from an unreleased album vintage 1962 or so. The last four tracks are a reissue of side 1 of Vee-Jay LP 3037. Personnel include Eddie Harris (tenor sax), with Ira Sullivan (trumpet, tracks 1-4), Bunky Green (alto sax, tracks 1-4), Willie Pickens (piano, tracks 1-2), Donald "Raphael" Garrett (bass, tracks 1-2), Marshall Thompson (drums, tracks 1-2 and 5-8), Melvin Rhyne (organ, tracks 3-4), Joe D'Orio (guitar, tracks 3-8), Gerald Donovan (drums, tracks 3-4), James Doss (trumpet, tracks 5-8), John Avant (trombone, tracks 5-8), Charles Stepney (piano, tracks 5-8), Melvin Jackson (bass, tracks 5-8), and Arthur McKinney (percussion, tracks 5-8). The Lost Album: The Dancing Bull (M)/Antidote (M)/Cuttin' Out (M)/Shakey Jake (M); Half & Half, Side 1: Half & Half (S)/K.C. Blues (S)/Lawrence Of Arabia (S)/Yea, Yea, Yea (S)

NVJ2-914 - Kelly at Midnight - Winton Kelly [10/93] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3011. Personnel: Wynton Kelly (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), and Philly Joe Jones (drums). Temperance (S)/Weird Lullaby (S)/On Stage (S)/Skatin' (S)/Pot Luck (S)

NVJ2-915 - Introducing Wayne Shorter - Wayne Shorter [scheduled to be released in January, 1994, but cancelled] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3006. Blues A La Carte/Harry's Last Stand/Down In The Depths//Pug Nose/Black Diamond/Mack The Knife/(+ bonus tracks)

NVJ2-916 - MJT+3 - Walter Perkins [scheduled to be released in January, 1994, but cancelled] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-1013. Sleepy/Brother Spike/Whiffenpoof Song/Rochelle/Big Hands/(+ bonus tracks)

NVJ2-917 - Mighty Like a Rose - Eddie Harris [scheduled to be released in January, 1994, but cancelled] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3025. My Buddy/Willow Weep For Me/Spartacus Love Theme/Mighty Lak' A Rose/God Bless The Child/Sally T/Fontessa/There Is No Time/(+ bonus tracks)

Vee-Jay NVJ2-950 Jazz Series Series (2-CDs):

NVJ2-950 - Bird Lives! - Ira Sullivan & Chicago Jazz Quintet [10/93] (2-CD set) The 1963 LP Bird Lives! [Vee-Jay SR-3033] was a single-album abridgement of the concert recording, which included only the first six tracks here, with "Shaw Nuff" and "Mohawk" edited and presented as "Highlights of...". The concert is presented here in its entirety. Recorded March 12, 1962, at Bird House in Chicago, with the Chicago Jazz Quintet. Recorded March 12, 1962, at the Birdhouse in Chicago. Personnel: Ira Sullivan (trumpet/flugelhorn), Nicky Hill (tenor sax), Jodie Christian (piano), Don Garrett (bass), and Dorel Anderson or Wilbur Campbell (drums).. Disc 1: Klacktoveedsteene (S)/Fly Me To The Moon (S)/Shaw Nuff (S)/Perhaps (S)/Love Letters (S)/Mohawk (S)/Sí, Sí (S)/Be-Bop-Humpty Dumpty (S); Disc 2: Milestones (S)/Sketches (S)/Omicron (S)/On The Alamo (S)/The Inchworm (S)/Back Home Blues (S)/For You, For Me, Forever (S)

Vee-Jay NVX2-001 Sampler Series:

NVX2-001 - CD Sampler, October 1992-January 1993 - Various Artists [10/92] At My Front Door - El Dorados (M)/Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed (M)/Oh What A Nite - Dells (M)/Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Staple Singers (M)/Golden Teardrops - Flamingos (M)/Goodnight, It's Time To Go [Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite] - Spaniels (M)/The Comeback - Memphis Slim (M)/I'm A Rolling - Original Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi (M)/Secret Love - Moonglows (M)/Love Lifted Me - Swan Silvertones (S)/Amazing Grace - Highway QC's (S)/Moon River - Jerry Butler (S)/Hey Little Girl - Dee Clark (S)/Exodus - Eddie Harris (S, 1:59 single edit)/Someday My Prince Will Come - Wynton Kelly (S)/Devil's Island - Wayne Shorter (S)/Expoobident - Lee Morgan (S)/W.K. Blues - Frank Strozier (S)/Juggin' Around - Benny Green & Gene Ammons (M)

NVX2-002 - CD Sampler, April 1993-July 1993 - Various Artists [4/93] The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) - Betty Everett (S)/Here I Stand - Wade Flemons (M)/Angel Baby - Rosie & Originals (M, unedited 3:43 length)/The Twist - Hank Ballard & Midnighters (M, unreleased pre-King version)/Rockinitis - Billy Boy Arnold (M)/Heart & Soul - Spaniels (M)/Mountain Of Love - Harold Dorman (M, 2:25 single length)/Off The Mountain - Magnificents (M)/Oscar's Blues - Wardell Gray (M)/No More Doggin' - Rosco Gordon (M)/Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker (M)/Duke Of Earl - Gene Chandler (S)/Shombalar - Sheriff & Ravels (M)/Oo Wee Baby, I Love You - Fred Hughes (M)/Old Country - Bill Henderson (S)/Too Close - Alex Bradford (S)/When He Comes Back - Sallie Martin Singers (S)/Mary Don't You Weep - Harmonizing Four (M)/Now I'm Ready - Original Gospel Harmonettes (M)

Thanks to Jeff Levine.

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