Horizon Album Discography
by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

Horizon Records was started in 1960 or 1961 in Los Angeles by Dave Hubert. This was a folk and blues label, not to be confused with the jazz label and the Christian label of the same name.

Hoyt Axton, 1962 There was a fairly active folk scene at that time in LA, and Hubert signed and recorded many of his artists not only in the studio but in concert at the Troubador, a popular folk and blues club. The early recordings on Horizon featuring an amazing array of past and future stars: Hoyt Axton, Barry McGuire, Jim McGuinn (who later changed his name to Roger McGuinn, then a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio, but later founder of the Byrds), the Chambers Brothers, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry, Mike Seeger, Eric Weissberg, Erik Darling (of the Weavers), Rod McKuen, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Tommy Tedesco (of Phil Spector's band), Billy Strange, and others. [The line "McGuinn and McGuire, just a gettin' higher, in LA you know where that's at..." in the song "Creeque Alley" by the Mamas & Papas, refers to this period...]

Before 1963, Horizon was distributed by World Pacific, a West Coast jazz label, and used their numbering prefix (WP-) as well as their matrix numbering system. In early 1963, Horizon switched to Vee-Jay for distribution, switching to the Vee-Jay matrix numbers but keeping the World Pacific-based LP numbering system. Dave Hubert remained with Horizon, so it is not clear whether he sold the label to Vee-Jay at that point or some time later. In any case, Horizon continued to issue albums until late in 1963, when it was absorbed into the operations of Vee-Jay. The masters went to Mira/Mirwood shortly thereafter, which was owned by Randy Wood, then President of Vee-Jay. After Vee-Jay went bankrupt in 1966, Wood bought the Vee-Jay masters, so the Horizon masters were reunited with the Vee-Jay label.

Vee-Jay discontinued the Horizon label near the end of 1963. They reissued three of Hoyt Axton's Horizon albums, a Best of Hoyt Axton compilation, and a new album by him all within a few months in 1964. Some of the Horizon catalog was eventually reissued on the Surrey label, which was owned by Vee-Jay President Randy Wood, who also owned Mira/Mirwood. Much of the Hoyt Axton material was issued sparingly on reissue albums over the years. Included on the later reissues were a strangely understated (for him) "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte," as well as the reissue of "We'll Sing In The Sunshine," a song which appeared on an early Horizon 45 and which was written for Hoyt by his then-girlfriend Gale Garnett. Axton's version predated Garnett's hit version by about a year.

Of the later reissues, Exodus was a quasi-legal operation that was using Vee-Jay's masters and artwork while Vee-Jay struggled with bankruptcy in late 1965 and early 1966. The court which ordered liquidation of Vee-Jay in 1966 put a stop to Exodus at the same time, essentially ruling that they were for all practical purposes the same company. Exodus EX-301, which was to have been a Vee-Jay issue, even has the Vee-Jay matrix number (scratched out) in the trailoff grooves. After the masters were bought from bankruptcy, several now-legal issues came out on Vee-Jay International in the 1970s, followed by some budget offerings in the 1980s with leased masters.

The Horizon albums were inconsistent in how they indicated stereo. The first few used the mono numbers but noted "stereo" after the numbers. The mono albums had a black label with silver or white print, while the stereo albums were blue with silver print. Promotional labels were white with black print. We have used the "stereo" notation for the first four albums, then switched to "SWP-" as a prefix to indicate we have indication that the record was issued in stereo. The "SWP-" prefix sporadically shows up on the label itself for stereo issues, but not on the outer jacket, which was the same for mono or stereo except for the usual paste-over arrangement common at the time. It is possible that all Horizon albums were issued in both mono and stereo.

Early Horizon labels were black with silver print for mono (far left), and blue with silver print for stereo (near left). Some stereo albums were pressed on colored vinyl. Both featured a large Horizon logo, a series of circles touching at the bottom and extending around and above the center hole. Around the edge of the label, starting at the 1 O'Clock position and running to the 11 O'Clock position, was, "Horizon Records Incorporated, Manufactured in United States of America, unauthorized public performance; broadcasting or copying prohibited." This edge text was used while Horizon was distributed by World Pacific.

Promotional labels (far left) were white with black print, with a much smaller logo above the center hole. Apparently all promo labels used the original World Pacific label blanks, since as late as Horizon 1635 the original World Pacific edge text was used on the promotional labels. After the switch to Vee-Jay (starting with Horizon 1613), both mono and stereo labels were black with silver print. The logo was white, as well as "HORIZON RECORDS" on two lines to the left of the center hole. Edge text changed to: "Horizon Records Incorporated, Manufactured in United States of America, Of the VEE JAY family - exclusively distributed by Vee Jay Records, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Horizon Records, which is currently inactive. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and Follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1997, 1999, 2006 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

WP-1601 mono/WP-1601 Stereo - The Balladeer - Hoyt Axton [1962] Original issue has a half-shadowed photo of Hoyt's face, with a blue box in the upper right corner of the front of the album, and a 1962 copyright on the back cover. The 1963 reissue, noted just below, had the same album number, but a different title, a different cover shot, two less tracks, and a different track order. Recorded at the Troubador in Los Angeles, at least partly, with the future-Byrds guitarist Jim McGuinn playing backup (listed erroneously as Jim McQuinn). There are between-song stories and audience applause after the songs, but these are obviously spliced in, making one wonder if at least part (if not all) the tracks here are actually studio tracks, with the "recorded at the Troubador" part being the in-between patter. This album does give one the sense of being at a live performance, however. Ox Driver's Song (S)/Peggy-O (S)/Walking To Georgia (S)/Vandy (S)/John Henry (S)//Greenback Dollar (S, LP version)/Swananoah Tunnel (S)/One Grain Of Sand (S)/Brisbane Ladies (S)/Darlin' (S)/Five Hundred Miles (S)/The Balladeer (S)

WP-1601 mono/WP-1601 Stereo - Greenback Dollar - Hoyt Axton [1963] Reissue has half-shadowed shot of Hoyt with guitar on the cover, a black back slick instead of the white one of the original, and a 1963 date with Vee-Jay Records notation on bottom back cover. This reissue deletes both "One Grain of Sand" and "Darlin'," renames a song, dumps the audience and talk between tracks, and scrambles the track order. You'd barely recognize it as The Balladeer album, since it was not set up as a show, but rather as a series of recorded tracks. There is no audience evident at all, reinforcing the theory that these are actually studio recordings. The reissue and the retitling of the album was undoubtedly to cash in on the success of the Kingston Trio's cover of "Greenback Dollar," popular in early 1963. The typo in Jim McGuinn's name has also been corrected in the credits, but not in the liner notes, which are the same as before. Greenback Dollar (S, LP version)/Ashville Junction [retitled from "Swananoah Tunnel" on the original] (S)/Brisbane Ladies (S)/Five Hundred Miles (S)/The Balladeer (S)//Ox Driver's Song (S)/Peggy-O (S)/Walkin' To Georgia (S)/Vandy (S)/John Henry (S)

WP-1602 mono/WP-1602 Stereo - When I Was A Young Girl - Barbara Dane [1962] The stereo version of this album was also issued on gold vinyl. When I Was A Young Girl (S)/Little Maggie (S)/Nine Hundred Miles (S)/Turkey Reveille (S)/Who's Gonna' Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot (S)/Ramblin' (S)/Girl Of Constant Sorrow (S)//Gypsy Davy (S)/Single Girl (S)/I Know Where I'm Going (S)/The Danville Girl (S)/Stung Right (S)/Greensleeves (S)/La Le Too Dum (S)/Don't Sing Love Songs (S)

WP-1603 mono/WP-1603 Stereo - Jim and Art Sing and Play a Folk Song - Jim Helms & Art Podell [1962] With bassist John Fine. Venezuela/Riddle Song/Down By The Riverside/He's Gone Away/I Know Where I'm Going/Streets Of Laredo/Black Is The Color/Billy Boy/Every Night/Slow Blues//Worried Man/Molly Malone/John Henry/Barbara Allen/Drunken Sailor/Johnny I Hardly Knew You/Shenandoah/Careless Love/Greensleeves/Fast Blues

WP-1604 mono/WP-1604 Stereo - The Best of Katie Lee - Katie Lee [1962] Recorded live at the Troubador. The West Bromish Lady/Stavin' Chain/No Hits No Runs No Errors/Mary Had A Little Lamb/Motet For Maidenheads/I'm Gonna Live This Life/Three Street Cries//When I Was A Little Girl/Mighty Low Noon/In Atlanta/Miss Otis Regrets/The Timothy/Tom Bollyn

WP-1605/SWP-1605 - Rockin' the Cradle - Judy Mayhan [1962] The stereo version of this album was also issued on red vinyl. Rockin' The Cradle/Come All Ye Loyal Heroes/Johnny Went Foling/One Morning In May/I Gave My Love A Cherry/At The Foot Of Yonder's Mountain/Lass From The Low Country/Turtle Dove/He's Gone Away/Rich Irish Lady/Cuckoo

WP-1606/SWP-1606 - Travis on Cue - Travis Edmonson [1962] Talkin' Blues/Malaguena Salerosa/Cotton Eyed Joe/East Virginia Blues/Joey Joey Joey/Viva La Fiesta (Part One)//Lonesome Traveler/Michaela/'Cross The Plains/We Live To Love/High Hill Country/The Breeze and I/Viva La Fiesta (Part Two)

WP-1607/SWP-1607 - Baby Did You Hear - Jean Durand [1962] Baby Did You Hear/Hey Andrew/Son/Quand Isabelle D'ort/Asturias/Waltzing Matilda //Crawfish/Fresh Strawberries/Topaz/Maria Dolores/Mandoute/Love Is A Simple Thing

WP-1608/SWP-1608 - Barry & Barry: Here and Now - Barry McGuire & Barry Kane [11/62] Another Man/Gold Wedding Ring/You Know My Name/Drunken Sailor/Far Side Of The Hill/Fireball Mail/Bull' Gine Run/Land Of Odin/Summer's Over/Neptune/First Time/If I Had A Hammer

WP-1609/SWP-1609 - Newborn - Kitty White, with Laurindo Almeida, Buddy Collette and Red Mitchell [1962] A New Love Is Like A Newborn Child/Johnny Guitar/The First Time/Red Rosy Bush/My Man's Gone Now//Mountain High/A Sleepin' Bee/He's Gone Away/Fair Thee Well/Your Eyes/Black Is The Color/Trina

WP-1610/SWP-1610 - The George Gershwin Songbook - George Chakiris [1962] Stairway to Paradise/Embraceable You/Things Are Looking Up/Do It Again/For You-For Me/I Got Rhythm//But Not For Me/It Ain't Necessarily So/Love Walked In/Someone To Watch Over Me/My One And Only/They All Laughed

STA-1 - George Chakiris - George Chakiris [1962] 7" "Little LP" with six songs taken from SWP-1610. Black Horizon label. I Got Rhythm/But Not For Me/Embraceable You/Stairway to Paradise/Love Walked In/They All Laughed

WP-1611 - I'm Not Kiddin' Ya! - Paul Sykes [1962] Recorded at the Ice House. The Map Song/Isle Of Capri/Kansas City/John Henry/Lass From The Low Country/Cottonfields/Three Jolly Coachmen//Joshua/House Of The Rising Sun/Tiptoe Through The Tulips/A Lemon Or A Peach/Bicycle Song/Make Me A Palete In This Land/Salvation Army Song

WP-1612/SWP-1612 - New Sounds in Folk Music - Rod McKuen with the Keytones [1963] Also featured are Hoyt Axton, Patty & Barry Stier, Ron Torre, Warren Hart, Phyllis Gittman and Jimmy Helms. If I Had A Hammer/Two-Ten Six-Eighteen/The Golden Rocket/I Thought She Was A Local/Empty Pocket Blues/Biography/The Courtin' Song//Jelly Coal Men/Nineteen Loves/Cottonpickers And Railroad Men/Intellectual Rag/Got To Roam/New Midnight Special/A Little Song

Distribution and matrix numbers change from World Pacific to Vee-Jay.

WP-1613/SWP-1613 - Thunder 'n' Lightnin' - Hoyt Axton [1963] Thunder 'N' Lightnin' (E)/Blue Prelude (S)/Woman At The Well (S)/Grizzly Bear (S)/I Never Knew My Father (S)/Midnight Special (S)//This Little Light (E)/Gypsy Woman (E)/Water Boy (S)/Daddy Walked In Darkness (S)/Cocaine (S)/House Of The Rising Sun (S)

WP-1614/SWP-1614 - The Troubador Singers Sing Out Big - Troubador Singers [5/63] Cover pictured is the UK version on London Records SH-F 8275. Cottonfields/Lemon Tree/Tom Dooley/When The Saints Go Marching In/Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Greenback Dollar/Hey, Mr. Banjo/Matilda/Michael/He's Got the World In His Hands/On Top Of Old Smokey/The Lion Sleeps Tonight

WP-1615/SWP-1615 - The Contemporary Folk Group - Contemporary Folk Group [1963] A group from Minnesota consisting of Dick Winther, Jerry Longie, Ed Knutson and Jerry Goodge. Recorded at the Kay Bank Studio. Blow North Wind/Shepherd/Hey Ho/Sinner Man/Breton Lullaby/Havah Nagelah//Nine Hundred Miles/One For The Money/Let Me Fly/Sylvie/Hushabye/Tingaleo

WP-1616/SWP-1616 - Hootenanny at the Troubador - Various Artists [1963] Greenback Dollar - Hoyt Axton/Blues For A Hoot - Hoyt Axton/House Of The Rising Sun - Judy Henske/Go Tell It On The Mountain - Judy Henske/Rebel Soldier - Other Singers/Wasn't That A Mighty Day - Sherwood Singers//I'm A Drifter - Travis Edmonson/E La Bas - Travis Edmonson/Captain Kidd - Phil Campos/Soft Blow The Summer Winds - Barry & Barry/Come All Ye Loyal Heroes - Judy Mayhan/Plane Crash - Paul Sykes

WP-1617/SWP-1617 - Blues Hoot - Lightnin' Hopkins, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry [1963] Introduction - Lightnin' Hopkins/Big Car Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins/Coffee House Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins/Stool Pigeon Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins/Ball Of Twine - Lightnin' Hopkins/Blues For Gamblers - Lightnin' Hopkins with Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry//Walk On - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry/Blues For The Lowlands - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry /Down By The Riverside - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry /Blowin' The Fuses - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry /Right On That Shore - Lightnin' Hopkins with Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry

WP-1618/SWP-1618 -

WP-1619/SWP-1619 - Sing Out on the Beach - Troubador Singers [1963] Blowin' In The Wind/Tomcat/Tzena, Tzena, Tzena/Green Fields/Two-Ten Six-Eighteen/Sixteen Tons//One Two Three/Walk Right In/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/Green Leaves Of Summer/The Call The Wind Maria/If I Had A Hammer

WP-1620/SWP-1620 -

WP-1621/SWP-1621 - Saturday's Child - Hoyt Axton [1963] Original Horizon cover shows a color photo of Hoyt sitting smoking a cigarette while holding his guitar in his lap. Saturday's Child (S)/Trombone Charlie (S)/St. James Infirmary (S)/Hoochie Koochie Man (S)/Willie Jean (S)/Movin' Down The Line (S)//They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long (S)/Gamblers Blues (S)/Voodoo Blues (S)/Angel Cake And Wine (S)/Make Me A Pallet (S)/Rise Up (S)

WP-1622/SWP-1622 - The Other Singers Sing Other Songs for Other People - Other Singers [1963] Daddy Roll 'Em/Freeway Song/The Rock Island Line/Abilene/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Peace Corps Marching Song//Greenland Whale Fisheries/Ballad Of Norman Rockwell/Special Midnight Special/Hey Boys Can't You Line 'Em/The Rising Of The Moon/Hard Times

WP-1623/SWP-1623 - The Banjo Story, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1964] Banjo Hello - Mason Williams/Earle's Breakdown - Eric Weissberg & Marshall Brickman/Nine Hundred Miles - Billy Cheatwood/Green Corn - Billy Faier/Ragaputa - Art Podell/Mad Mountain Medley - David Lindley //Trail Ridge Road - Dick Weissman/Flop Eared Mule - Joe Maphis/Banjo Tune - Erik Darling/Fast and Loose - Dick Rosmini/Rumblin' On - Jim McGuinn/Cripple Creek - Mike Seeger

WP-1624/SWP-1624 -

WP-1625 - Upside Don: A Very Folky Fun Singer - Don Paulin [1963] Fiesta Time/Tumbalalaika/Samba De Orpheus/Salty Dog/Sakura/Comin' Round The Mountain/Erev Shel Shoshanim//Carnavalito/Moonshiner Medley/Kalinka/The Mexican Blues/La Bamba/Blues Medley/Sangaree

WP-1626/SWP-1626 - 12 String Story, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1963] Finger Buster Blues - Dick Rosmini (S)/Meadowlands - Fred Gerlach (E)/Hoot Blues - Mason Williams (S)/Guitar Rag - Bob Gibson (S)/Guitar Ramblin' - Tommy Tedesco (S)/When the Saints Go Marching In - James McGuinn (S)/Color Him Folky - Howard Roberts (S)/Maggie - Joe Maphis (S)/Good Old Blues - Frank Hamilton (S)/Redwing - Glen Campbell (S)/Blues Wail - Billy Strange (S)/Careless Love - Jim Helms (S)

WP-1627/SWP-1627 - One Two Three - Sherwood Singers [1963] Come Along/Gold Wedding Ring/Westbound Train/Swing Down Chariot/Love Song/Midnite Train/Varginia City/Oh, Miss Mary/First Winds of May/Where There's a Will/One More Round

WP-1628/SWP-1628 -

WP-1629/SWP-1629 -

WP-1630/SWP-1630 -

WP-1631/SWP-1631 - Hollywood Hootenanny [The Best of Hootenanny] - Various Artists [1963] All tracks are live. Foolish Questions - Bob & Leveemen (S)/Pastures Of Plenty - Sherwood Singers (S)/Railroad Bill - Barbara Dane (S)/Trouble In Mind - Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee (S)/Thunder 'N' Lightnin' - Hoyt Axton (S)/The Things I've Saved - Travis Edmonson (S)//Early In The Morning - Contemporary Folk Group (S)/Scotch And Soda - Rod McKuen (S)/Puff The Magic Dragon - Art & Paul (S)/Hong Kong Blues - Katie Lee (S)/Land Of Oden - Travelers Three (S)/If I Had A Hammer - Barry McGuire (S)

WP-1632/SWP-1632 - There's A Hoot Tonight - Rod McKuen with the Horizon Singers [1963] There's A Hoot Tonight/Green Green (A Stranger In Your Town)/Hootenanny/Allentown Jail/One Two Three/Travellin'//Advice To Folksingers/Blowin' In he Wind/Abilene/If I Had A Hammer/One More Town/Two-Ten Six-Eighteen/Folk Music

WP-1633/SWP-1633 - The Funky 12 String Guitar - The Transients featuring Billy Strange [1963] Don't Think Twice It's Alright/Strange And Funky/Allentown Jail/Tom Cat/If I Were Free/Twelve Strange//Daddy Roll 'Em/Sing Hallelujah/Green Green/Stranger In Your Town/Two-Ten Six-Eighteen/Sangaree

WP-1634/SWP-1634 -

WP-1635/SWP-1635 - The 12-String Story, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1963] The "stereo" version of the promo album is mono. A Closer Walk - Dick Rosmini/Take This Hammer - Tommy Tedesco/Alabama Bound - Frank Hamilton/Six By Twelve - Joe Maphis/Honey Miss Me When I'm Gone - Mason Williams/Midnight Train - Jim Helms//Cottonfields - Howard Roberts/Ramblin' On - James McGuinn/Bull Durem - Glen Campbell/Wildwood Flower - Billy Strange/Twelfth Night - Fred Gerlack/Loco Twelve String - Jim Helms

WP-1636/SWP-1636 - The Barry McGuire Album - Barry McGuire with the Horizon Singers [1963] One By One/Doo Dah/Town And Country/The Way You Are/Greenback Dollar/Little Boy//So Long Stay Well/Banjo/Another Country/The Good Times Is All Done Now/Oh Miss Mary/Old Paint


Vee-Jay Reissues:

Vee-Jay VJS-1118 - The Best of Hoyt Axton - Hoyt Axton [1964] Compilation from his Horizon material. Greenback Dollar (S, LP version)/Thunder 'N' Lightnin' (E)/This Little Light (E)/Trombone Charlie (S)/Ox Driver's Song (S)/Gambler's Blues (S)//Sing In The Sunshine (S)/Five Hundred Miles (S)/Grizzley Bear (S)/Hoochie Koochie Man (S, different recording from that on the Saturday's Child album)/They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long (S)/Voodoo Blues (S)

Vee-Jay VJS-1126 - Greenback Dollar - Hoyt Axton [1964] This is a reissue of the "second" version of Horizon WP-1601 Stereo. It features a new cover photo. Greenback Dollar (S, LP version)/Ashville Junction (S)/Brisbane Ladies (S)/Five Hundred Miles (S)/The Balladeer (S)//Ox Driver's Song (S)/Peggy-O (S)/Walkin' To Georgia (S)/Vandy (S)/John Henry (S)

Vee-Jay VJS-1127 - Saturday's Child - Hoyt Axton [1964] Reissue of Horizon SWP-1621 with new cover graphics. Saturday's Child (S)/Trombone Charlie (S)/St. James Infirmary (S)/Hoochie Koochie Man (S)/Willie Jean (S)/Movin' Down The Line (S)//They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long (S)/Gamblers Blues (S)/Voodoo Blues (S)/Angel Cake And Wine (S)/Make Me A Pallet (S)/Rise Up (S)

Vee-Jay VJS-1128 - Thunder 'n' Lightnin' - Hoyt Axton [1964] Reissue of Horizon SWP-1613, with a new cover featuring the same photo as on the original, but cropped. Thunder 'N' Lightnin' (E)/Blue Prelude (S)/Woman At The Well (S)/Grizzly Bear (S)/I Never Knew My Father (S)/Midnight Special (S)//This Little Light (E)/Gypsy Woman (E)/Water Boy (S)/Daddy Walked In Darkness (S)/Cocaine (S)/House Of The Rising Sun (S)

Surrey Reissues:

The Surrey Label was owned by Randy Wood, who was an executive at Vee-Jay while the label owned Horizon. The Surrey label was a vehicle for reissuing the Horizon masters.

Surrey SS 1002 - The Best of Billy Strange - Billy Strange [1965] Compilation based on Horizon WP-1633. Don't Think Twice It's Alright/Boomer/Allentown Jail/Tom Cat/If I Were Free//Stranger/Sing Hallelujah/Green Green/Stranger In Your Town/Doesn't Anybody Know My Name

Surrey SS 1003 - Star Folk with Barry McGuire Featuring Members of the New Christy Minstrels - Barry McGuire [1965] Compilation from Horizon WP-1608 and WP-1636. Greenback Dollar (S)/Far Side Of The Hill (M)/Fireball Mail (S)/Ride Around Little Doggies (S)/Stay Long Stay Well (S)//Puff The Magic Dragon (S)/The First Time (S)/Gold Wedding Ring (S)/One By One (S)/Oh Miss Mary (S)

Surrey SS-1004 - Kitty White and Laurindo Almedia with the Buddy Collette Orchestra - Kitty White, Laurindo Almedia, Buddy Collette Orchestra [1965] A slightly-modified reissue of Horizon WP-1606. A New Love Is Like A Newborn Child/Johnny Guitar/The First Time/Look Away/My Man's Gone Now//Mountain High Valley Low/A Sleepin' Bee/Your Eyes/The Color Of My True Love's hair/He's Comin' Back

Surrey SS 1005 - Mr. Greenback Dollar Man - Hoyt Axton [1965] Reissue of Horizon material, many from 45 issues. Greenback Dollar (S, 45 version with the Chambers Bros.)/Shepherd (S, not much separation)/Sing In The Sunshine (S)/Crawdad (S)/Mountain High Valley Low (S)//The Fifth Day Of July (S)/Jane Jane Jane (S)/The Happy Song (S)/The Far Side Of The Hill (S)/I Feel A Warmth (S)

Surrey SS 1007 - Country Shindig - Glen Campbell [1965] Greenfields/The Man With The Golden Gun/Cherry Beat/Gospel Harp/Shindig Hoot/Greenback Dollar/If I Had A Hammer/Walk Right In/Cotton Fields/Country Shindig

Surrey SS 1009 Buddy Collette on Broadway - Buddy Collette Orchestra [1965] Joey Joey/If I Were A Bell/Why Can't You Behave/Just In Time/Cool/All Of You/Baubles Bangles And Beads/Too Close For Comfort/Guys And Dolls/A Sleepin' Bee

Surrey SS 1010 - Star Folk, Volume 2 - Barry McGuire [1965] Banjo/Town And Country/Another Country/Love Song/The Way You Are/Doo Dah/One Two Three/Good Times Are All Done Now/Gold Wedding Ring/Little Boy

Surrey SS 1014 - The Big Guitars - Billy Strange, Howard Roberts & Glen Campbell [1965] Daddy Roll 'Em - Billy Strange/Sangaree - Billy Strange/Blues Wail - Billy Strange/Nashville Blues Ramble/Cottonfields - Howard Roberts/Hooten, Part 1/Get The Bird Flyin'/Bulldurem - Glen Campbell/Color Him Folky - Howard Roberts/Shindigoin'

Surrey SS 1022 - Star Folk, Volume 3 - Barry McGuire & Barry Kane [1965] If I Had A Hammer/Gold Wedding Ring/Lose The Blues In Abilene/What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor/Sailin' For Greenland/At The Risin' O The Moon/Get Your Ticket At The Station/Bull 'Gine Run/Comin' For To Carry Me Home/Summer's Over

Surrey SS 1023 - Star Folk, Volume 4 - Various Artists [1965] Thunder 'N' Lightnin' - Hoyt Axton/Young Man - Hoyt Axton/If I Had A Hammer - Barry McGuire/Ride Ride Ride - Barbara Dane/The Things I Saved - Travis Edmonson//Jelly Jelly Blues - Josh White/In The Pines - Josh White/Land Of Odin - Travelers Three/Sailing Song - Shenandoah Trio/Someplace Green - Rod McKuen

Exodus Reissues:

The Exodus label operated for a short time, reissuing exact copies of Vee-Jay albums, including the Horizon-derived Vee-Jay compilations and reissues.

Exodus EX-321/EXS-321 - Saturday's Child - Hoyt Axton [1965] Although the jacket says stereo, the record inside is mono. Saturday's Child/Trombone Charlie/St. James Infirmary/Hoochie Koochie Man/Willie Jean/Movin' Down The Line//They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long/Gamblers Blues/Voodoo Blues/Angel Cake And Wine/Make Me A Pallet/Rise Up

Vee-Jay International Reissues:

Vee-Jay International was the restructured Vee-Jay after the bankruptcy. They reissued many of the Horizon-derived Vee-Jay albums.

Vee-Jay International VJS 2-1005 - Hoyt Axton Gold - Hoyt Axton [1974] (2-LP set) Reissue of Vee-Jay 1098 and 1118 as a two-LP set in mono. Disc 1: Never Gonna Work/Bring Your Lovin'/Tiger In The Closet/Red White And Blue/L.A. Town/Heartbreak Hotel//Big Red/Lonesome Road/I'll Be There/Double Dare/ABC (Put On)/Young Man; Disc 2: Greenback Dollar (LP version)/Thunder 'N' Lightnin'/This Little Light/Trombone Charlie/Ox Driver's Song/Gambler's Blues//Sing In The Sunshine/Five Hundred Miles/Grizzley Bear/Hoochie Koochie Man/They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long/Voodoo Blues

Other Related Albums:

The Horizon material, especially the Hoyt Axton masters, have been reissued many times, primarily through Vee-Jay International leasing masters to reissue labels.

Accord SN 7197 - Heartbreak Hotel - Hoyt Axton [1982] Abridged reissue of Hoyt Axton Explodes! Double Dare (E)/Young Man (E)/Never Gonna Work (E)/Bring Your Lovin' (E)/Tiger In The Closet (E)//Red White And Blue (E)/Heartbreak Hotel (E)/Big Red (E)/Lonesome Road (E)/I'll Be There (E)

Brylen BN 4400 - Double Dare - Hoyt Axton [1982] Compilation of Horizon/Vee-Jay material, including the long-lost "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte." Black Mountain (M)/J.C. Holmes Blues (M)/Jailhouse Blues (M)/Blue Spirit Blues (M)/Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (M)//I'll Be There (E)/Double Dare (E)/Never Gonna Work (E)/Tiger In The Closet (E)/Big Red (E)

Allegiance AV-5023 - Down & Out - Hoyt Axton [1984] Poor Man's Blues/Me And My Gin/Lonesome Road/Young Man/Big Red//Electric Chair/After You're Gone/Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/Red White And Blue/Bring Me Some Lovin'

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