Tops/Mayfair Album Discography, Part 4
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: November 13, 2003

The Tops label was black with silver print. The first label design, used from 1957 until the early 1960s, had "TOPS" at the top around the edge of the label, surrounded by two sets of musical notes (tied eighth notes). Around the edge of the label on the upper left was "ULTRA-PHONIC" and to the upper right "HIGH FIDELITY". Around the edge at the bottom of the label was "33 1/3 RPM LONG PLAYING MICROGROOVE". About 1963, Tops issued a series of albums in stereo only on the "Magnificent Hits" series (Tops 1743/9743 to 1766/9766), and used a second label, with a shield on top, a silver band around the edge of the label, with "STEREO" around the bottom edge.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

L 1700 - Sing Along with Santa's Helpers - Pixie Helpers [1959]

L 1701 - A Traveler's Guide to Instant Spanish [1960]

L 1702 - A Traveler's Guide to Instant French [1960]

L 1703 - A Traveler's Guide to Instant Italian [1960]

L 1704/9704 S - Dancing After Midnight - Joe Rene [1960]

L 1705 - Kate Smith Sings God Bless America - Kate Smith [1960] God Bless America/Moonlight in Vermont/Yellow Rose of Texas/Deep in the Heart of Texas/Stars Fell on Alabama/Back Home Again in Indiana//Oklahoma/Beautiful Ohio/In Old New York/The Sidewalks of New York/Carolina Moon/My Old Kentucky Home

L 1706 - Kate Smith Sings Folk Songs - Kate Smith [1960]

L 1707 - Organ Magic - Kenneth Lane at the Mighty Palace Theatre Pipe Organ [1960] Once In A While/No Can Do/That's All/Thanks For The Memory/Serenata//The Moon Was Yellow/Dancer In The Patio/La Comparsa/Miami Beach Rhumba/Merengue Mania

L 1708/9708 S - One, Two, Cha Cha Cha Time - Paquitin Lara & His Latin American Orchestra [1960]

L 1709 - Jungle Percussion - Subri Mulan & His Equatorial Rhythm Band [1960]

L 1710 -

L 1711/Mayfair 9711 S - Percussion Italiano - Vico Anthony & His Percussion Paesanos [1960] Stereo issue on Tops/Mayfair pressed on gold vinyl. Arrivederci Roma (S)/El Choclo (S)/Donnina (S)/Vita (S)/Guaglione (S)/O Solo Mio (S)//Cielo Napoli (S)/Torna A Surriento (S)/Tango De La Rosa (S)/Tico Tico (S)/Finiculi Finicula (S)/Mambo Ravioli (S)

L 1712 -

L 1713 -

L 1714 -

L 1715 -

L 1716 -

L 1717 -

L 1718 - Latin Dance Carnival - Al Stephano [19??]

L 1719/9719 S - Camelot - Russ Williams Orchestra

L 1720 -

L 1721/9721 S - Rhumba Reflexiones - Al Stephano & His Trio

L 1722 -

L 1723 -

L 1724 -

L 1725 - Square Dances with Calls - Tex Daniels

L 1726 -

L 1727 -

L 1728 - If the Bomb Falls: A Recorded Guide to Survival - Narrated by Dave Wiley [1961]

L 1729 -

L 1730 -

L 1731/9731S - A Star Is Born - Bob DiNiri

L 1732/9732 S - Singin' and Swingin' - Carole Simpson [196?]

L 1733/Tops-Mayfair 9733 S - Fair & Warner: Steve Allen Presents Sandy Warner - Sandy Warner [196?] In The Afternoon/The Girl With The Long Black Hair/But I Haven't Got Him/Sunshine Face/This Is Where I Came In/I'm Planning To Stay Right Here//Every Dog Has His Day/Siempre Manana/Forbidden Love/C'es Tres Joli/Mambo, Tango, Samba, Calypso, Cha Cha Cha/Crazy Kisses

L 1734 -

L 1735 -

L 1736 -

L 1737 - Your Dance Party - Russ Williams Orchestra [1962]

L 1738/9738 S - Twist - Barry Norman & Toppers [1962]

L 1739 - Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries - Jaye P. Morgan [1962]

L 1740 -

L 1741 -

L 1742 -

The following albums were in the "Tops Magnificent Hits" Series. The stereo issues are on the Tops label itself (not Tops-Mayfair), and are pressed on black vinyl. They do not have either the "L" prefix for mono or the "S" suffix for stereo in the album numbers.

1743/9743 - "Maria" from West Side Story and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?]

1744/9744 - "Tonight" from West Side Story and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?]

1745/9745 - "76 Trombones" from The Music Man and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?]

1746/9746 - "Till There Was You" from The Music Man and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?] Till There Was You - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Gal From Joe's - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Jungle Drums - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Mood Indigo - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Pretending - Donald Simmons Orchestra (E)//It's A Good Day - Carroll Gentry Society Band (E)/In A Sentimental Mood - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/You Made Me Love You - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Sophisticated Lady - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night - William Laswell & His Orchestra (S)

1747/9747 - "Stardust" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits< (S)/I> - Various Artists< (S)/B> [1963?] Stardust - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Mr. Five By Five - Jerry Gray & His Orchestra (S)/Sweet Eloise - Jerry Gray & His Orchestra (S)/It's Been A Long Long Time - Dave Pell Orchestra (S)/Moonglow - Big Band Of Dave Pell (S)//Ciribiribin - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Frenesi - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Little Brown Jug - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Caravan - Big Band Of Dave Pell (S)/I've Heard That Song Before - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)

1748/9748 - "Green Eyes" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Dave Pell, His Orchestra & Big Band [1963?] Green Eyes - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/O Sole Mio (My Sun) - Dave Pell Orchestra (S)/Little Brown Jug - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Ciribiribin - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Patricia - Big Band Of Dave Pell (S)//Frenesi - Dave Pell & His orchestra (S)/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Dave Pell Orchestra (S)/I Let A Song Out Of My Heart - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Listen To The Mocking Bird - Dave Pell & His Orchestra (S)/Why Don't You Do Right - Dave Pell & Orchestra (S)

1749/9749 - "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?]

1750/9750 - "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Dave Pell Orchestra [1963?] I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/The Breeze And I/Swannee River/Lonesome Road/Old Black Joe//Song Of India/Green Eyes/Lieberstraum/Priddy Blue Eyes/Dark Eyes

1751/9751 - "When the Saints Go Marching In" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?]

1752/9752 - "Now Is the Hour" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?]

1753/9753 - "I Love Paris" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?] I Love Paris - Martin Miller Orchestra (S)/In The Still Of The Night - Edward Caliguri & His Society Band (S)/I've Got You Under My Skin - Donald Olson & His Orchestra (S)/Wunderbar - Donald Olson & His Orchestra (S)/Use Your Imagination - Louis Brubaker & His Band (S)//Allez-Vous-En, Go Away - John Fisher & His Orchestra (S)/True Love - Jack Lose (S)/Could It Be You - William Davis & His Orchestra (S)/I Concentrate On You - Martin Miller & His Orchestra (S)/So In Love - Barry Seifer & His Band (S)

1754/9754 - "My Funny Valentine" and 9 Other Magnificent Hits - Various Artists [1963?]

The following albums were in the "Tops Star Series," which is a continuation of the "Magnificent Hits" series above, but with actual known stars. The label used was the same as above, with "MAGNIFICENT HITS" to the left of the center hole.

1755/9755 - Mr. Clarinet - Artie Shaw [1963?] The Hornet (E)/How Deep Is The Ocean (E)/The Glider (E)/Anniversary Song (E)//I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance (E)/My Heart Belongs To Daddy (E)/I've Got You Under My Skin (E)/Guilty (E)

1756/9756 - The Three Suns in Orbit - Three Suns [1963?] Out of This World (E)/Barcarolle (E)/Five Minutes More (E)/Chop Sticks (E)/Do You Love Me (E)//Oh Marie (E)/Chopin Dance (E)/All Through The Day (E)/I Love An Old Fashioned Song [label erroneously says "I Love An Old Fashioned Walk"] (E)/Dream (E)

1757/9757 - Kirby Stone Four - Kirby Stone Four [1963?] Alexander's Rag Time Band (S)/They All Laughed (S)/This Heart For Sale (S)/Ballin' The Jack (S)/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (S)//How Deep Is The Ocean (S)/I Told You I Loved You (S)/Happy Little Island (S)/A Foggy Day (S)/Clyde (S)

1758/9758 - The Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1963?]

1759/9759 - Italian Favorites - Louis Prima & Phil Brito [1963?] Angelina/Please No Squeeza/Oh Marie/Tango Della Rosa/Worka John/Josephine/Comme Bella Stagione/others

1760/9760 - Kay Starr Sings - Kay Starr [1963?]

1761/9761 - The Incomparable Lena Horne - Lena Horne [1963?] More Than You Know/At Long Last Love/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen//Blue Prelude/Little Girl Blue/It's A Rainy Day/Frankie and Johnny

1762/9762 - Dance Party Featuring Johnny Desmond - Johnny Desmond [1963?] Orchestra conducted by John T. Williams. Reissue of Craftsmen C 8030. All Of You/The Last Time I Saw Paris/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/This Can't Be Love/That Old Devil Moon/There's A Small Hotel//It Ain't Necessarily So/I Can't Get Started With You/My Happy Time/It's The Talk Of The Town/I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'

1763/9763 - Swingin' Down in Dixie - Jack Teagarden [1963?]

1764/9764 - Her Nibs! Miss Georgia Gibbs! - Georgia Gibbs [1963?] The One I Love/Feudin' And Fightin'/Necessity/How Are Things In Glocca Morra/So Would I/Willow Road/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/You Keep Coming Back Like A Song/The Things We Did Last Summer/Fool That I Am

1765/9765 - Lawrence Welk - Lawrence Welk [1963?] Doll Dance/Kitten On The Keys/Josephine/Down Home Rag/Canadian Capers/Everything I've Got//Champagne Time/Loch Lomond [label says "Loch Lomand"]/Listen To The Mocking Bird/Scarf Dance/Rustic Dance

1766/9766 - In a Magenta Haze - Duke Ellington [1963?] In A Magenta Haze/Happy Go Lucky Local, Parts 1 & 2/Sultry Sunset/Tulip Or Turnip/Diminuendo In Blue/The Beautiful Indian

Thanks to Neal Smith, Frank Pinnow, Jim Webb, George Mazich, Rhonda Studer, Darlene Gardner, Peggi Swan, Raina, Wayne Baldwin, and Thomas McWilliams.

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