Design Album Discography, Part 2:
DLP mono and SDLP stereo series (1965-1970)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 20, 2003

Like Design Records, Pickwick International owned a slew of other budget labels, including Bravo, International Award, Hurrah, and Grand Prix. By 1965, Bravo had been discontinued, but International Award, Design, Hurrah, and Grand Prix were all going strong. Upon closer inspection, part of the reason all three had such a large catalog was that Pickwick was often issuing the exact same album on the different labels, but with different covers and attributed to different artists! Many of the albums listed in this part of the Design Records discography met that fate. Of course, if the artists were well known, the names were consistent, but for those generic bands, orchestras, and singers, they may be Norman Roye today and Merlin tomorrow.

Although some of the earlier album releases in this part of the Design discography used the black label shown in Part 1 (and the corresponding Stereo Spectrum label), most opf the albums issued after later 1965 used the red labels shown at left for mono and stereo releases.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

DLP/SDLP-200 - Champagne Time! - Lawrence Welk [1965]


DLP/SDLP-202 - Harmonicats - Harmonicats [1965]

DLP/SDLP-203 - Organ Greats - Jimmy Smith/Dave "Baby" Cortez [1965] Jimmy's Jam Jam - Jimmy Smith (M)/Swing Jim, Swing - Jimmy Smith (M)/I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Jimmy Smith (M)/Scotty, Part I - Dave "Baby" Cortez (E)/Scotty, Part II - Dave "Baby" Cortez (E)//Jamin', Part I - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Soulsville Express - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Little Parts Melody - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Skins And Sounds - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Jamin', Part II - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)


DLP/SDLP-205 - Polka! - Frankie Yankovic/Buddy Kolaski [1965] Jolly Fellows Polka/Fang Polka/Ely Polka/High Low/Copper Polka/(others)

DLP/SDLP-206 - Thunderball & Other Secret Agent Themes - Jazz All Stars [1965] Thunderball/From Russia With Love/The Spy Who Came In From The Cold/Win Lose Or Spy/Undercover Agent Theme//I Spy/Icpress File Theme/Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E./The Sabateur/Majorica Express

DLP/SDLP-207 - Folk '66 - Various Artists [1965] Town And Country - Barry McGuire & New Christy Minstrels (S)/Ride Around Little Doggies - Barry McGuire & New Christy Minstrels (S)/House In New Orleans - Judy Henske (S)/Over The Hills And Everywhere - Judy Henske (S)//Blues For A Hoot - Hoyt Axton (S)/The Fifth Day Of July - Hoyt Axton (S)/I Love A Melody - Limeliters (E)/My Baby And A Lemon 'N' Lime - Limeliters (E)

DLP/SDLP-208 - The Surfsiders Sing the Beach Boys Songbook - Surfsiders [1965]

DLP/SDLP-209 - South Pacific - Mal Hasset & His Orchestra

DLP/SDLP-210 - Where the Action Is! - Various Artists [1965] So Long, Stay Well - Barry McGuire/Wanted, One Girl - Jan & Dean/I Never Knew - Roy Orbison/Back Home Again - Floyd Cramer/You're The One - Johnny Rivers//It Hurts Me So - Jerry Lee Lewis/Ring-A-Rock - Neil Sedaka/Please Come Back Baby - Gene Pitney/Greenback Dollar - Glen Campell/Come On Honey, Let's Dance - Freddie Scott

DLP/SDLP-211 - Hullabaloo Au-Go-Go!!! - Various Artists [1965] Town And Country - Barry McGuire/Domino - Roy Orbison/Coma Si Bella - Four Seasons/I'm Going Back To My Love - Gene Pitney/Dream Age - Bobby Rydell//Pretty Girl - Tommy Roe/Jimmy's Jam - Jimmy Smith/Tender and Fair - Glen Campbell/I'll Be Around - Ronnie Dove/A Blessing to You - Freddie Scott

DLP/SDLP-212 - My Fair Lady - Dean Franconi & His Orchestra




DLP/SDLP-216 - The Great Singing Groups - Various Artists [1965] Same as Grand Prix 431. Florence - Paragons/Hey! Little School Girl - Paragons/Out Here - Clovers/T.V. Fanatic - Clovers/Let Me Hold You - Clovers//Love No One But You - Jesters/The Plea - Jesters/My Memories Of You - Harptones/I Was Just A Laugh - Harptones/I Depend On You - Harptones

DLP/SDLP-217 - Teen-Time Million Seller Hits - Various Artists [1965] Photos on the front cover are various shots from the photo shoot used for the cover of Design 190. Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison/Stay - Maurice Williams & Zodiacs/Funny - Maxine Brown/Love Potion No. 9 - Clovers/Get A Job - Silhouettes//Pony Time - Don Covay/To The Aisle - Five Satins/Walking With Mr. Lee - Lee Allen/The Joker - Billy Miles/Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey








DLP/SDLP-225 - Banjos! - New Orleans Swingers [196?] Give My Regards To Broadway/Sidewalks Of New York/Dixie/The Bowery/Rings On My Fingers//Bedelia/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Shine On Harvest Moon/Heart Of My Heart/My Gal Sal

DLP/SDLP-226 - Sweet and Gentle: Music for Dancing by the Merlin Trio - Merlin Trio [1965] Canadian Sunset/Tenderly/S'Posin'/Blue Velvet/It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane/Song Of India//There Will Never Be Another You/We Three/Drifting And Dreaming/It's Been A Long Long Time/Serenade Of The Bells/Martha

DLP/SDLP-227 - Hawaii Calling - Johnny Poi & His Surfboarders [1965]

DLP/SDLP-228 - Sweetheart Songs: Interpretations of Ken Griffin - Magic Fingers of Merlin [1965] Sweetheart Of All My Dreams/Melody Of Love/Rose Of Washington Square/Just A Little Fond Affection/Cinderella Stay In My Arms/Susie My Love//Dance With A Dolly/The One Rose/I Love My Baby My Baby Loves Me/Be Anything (But Be Mine)/You're A Heavenly Thing/Love Dreams


DLP/SDLP-230 - Poet of the Organ - Jesse Crawford






DLP/SDLP-236 - The King and I - Dean Franconi & His Orchestra




DLP/SDLP-240 - Brook Benton - Brook Benton



DLP/SDLP-243 - Waikiki Serenaders - Waikiki Serenaders


DLP/SDLP-245 - The Best of Ray Charles - Ray Charles


DLP/SDLP-247 - A Treasury of Folk Music - Various Artists [196?] Artists include Leadbelly, Josh White, and Big Bill Broonzy.


DLP/SDLP-249 - Batman Theme - Sensational Batboys [1966] Batman Theme/Mighty Mayhem/Cheatin' Charlie/Uppercut Blues/Fight Flight//The Villain Strikes/Out With The In Crowd/Behind The 8 Ball/Mars' Visitor/It's Murder!

DLP/SDLP-250 - Ballad of the Green Berets and Songs of America's Fighting Men - Roger Dewey [196?] Ballad Of The Green Berets/When This Cruel War Is Over/The U.S.A./When Johnny Comes Marching Home/LBJ And Liberty/The Truth Is Marching On/Fight No More/Over In Vietnam/Ain't Gonna Study War No More/Our Boys Will Shine

DLP/SDLP-251 - The Shadow of Your Smile and Other Film Award Winning Songs - Various Artists [196?] Artists are not identified. The Shadow Of Your Smile/Gigi/More/I Could Have Danced All Night/Moon River//Call Me Irresponsible/None But The Lonely Heart/I Will Wait For You/Fascination/Forget Domani

DLP/SDLP-252 - The In Crowd - Various Artists [1966] Why Must I Be? - Bobby Goldsboro/Romeo - Petula Clark/Saddest Song Of The Year - Ronnie Dove/Make Believe - Johnny Rivers/This Is The End - Isley Brothers//If I Give You My Love - Ray Charles/Funny Thing - Lou Christie/Midnite Ride - Paul Revere & Raiders/Ooh, Baby - Chuck Jackson/Could This Be Love? - Joe Tex

DLP/SDLP-253 - Top Pop Greats - Young Rascals/Isley Brothers [1966]

DLP/SDLP-254 - The Guitars Unlimited Play the Roger Miller Hit Songs - Guitars Unlimited [1966] Dang Me/England Swings/Kansas City Star/You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd/The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me//You Don't Want My Love (In The Summertime)/Engine Engine Number 9/King Of The Road/Invitation To The Blues/When Two Worlds Collide


DLP/SDLP-256 - Music for Longhairs - Various Artists [1966] Do You Know - Chiffons/Kiddio - Lou Rawls/La-La-La - Young Rascals/Piano Rock - Robert Parker/Shorty's Got To Go - Impressions with Jerry Butler//Finger Poppin' - Dave "Baby" Cortez/Neptune - Barry McGuire/House Cat - Bobby Freeman & Romances/Frankie's man Johnny - Johnny Sea/Sheila - Tommy Roe


DLP/SDLP-258 - Remember When? The Era of the Big Bands - Various Artists

DLP/SDLP-259 - Winchester Cathedral - Happy O'Hoolihan & His Teardrops

DLP/SDLP-260 - Guantanamera - ?

DLP/SDLP-261 - The Lush String Sound of Dean Franconi & His Orchestra - Dean Franconi & His Orchestra [1967] Love Theme From Is Paris Burning/Theme From Hawaii/Danube Waves/Santa Lucia/El Choclo//Somewhere My Love/Fascination/Estrellita/La Comparsita/Espana Waltz

DLP/SDLP-262 - Strangers in the Night/A Day in the Life of a Fool/Born Free - Dean Franconi & His Orchestra [1967]

DLP/SDLP-263 - A Happening! - Various Artists [1967] I'll Give You My Love - Bobby Goldsboro/Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison/How Can I Say I Love You - Vic Dana/Latin Soul - Surfaris/The Love I Found - Joe Tex/Come On And Love Me - Chuck Jackson/Problem Child - Roy Orbison/Oo-eah (That's What You Do To me) - Nino Tempo & April Stevens/Hole In The Ground - Johnny Rivers/Do Re Mi - Lee Dorsey




DLP/SDLP-267 - Music to Watch Girls By - Girlwatchers [1967?] Music To Watch Girls By/Transparent Dresses/Fish-Net Stockings/Pretty Petti-Pants/Nude Lipstick/Tight Tights/Funny Fun Coat/Tiny Mini-Skirt/Paper Clothing/Green Eyeliner


DLP/SDLP-269 - Out of Sight! - Various Artists Artists include The Libertymen, the Beachnuts, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Hi-Lifes, Joe Tex, Tommy Roe, Vic Dana, Lou Rawls, and the J Brothers.


DLP/SDLP-271 - Guitars Unlimited - Eddy Arnold

DLP/SDLP-272 - Groovy Greats - Various Artists [196?] I've Had My Fun - Ray Charles/Tomorrow Will Come - Lou Christie/I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle - Joe Tex/Ooh, Baby - Chuck Jackson/I Still Remember - Bobby Freeman/Your First And Last Love - Johnny Rivers/If I Give You My Love - Ray Charles/You're With It - Lou Christie/Dizzy Boy - Bobby Goldsboro/I'll Be Around - Ronnie Dove




DLP/SDLP-276 - Love Songs Now and Then - Young Lovers



DLP/SDLP-279 - Early Ray Charles - Ray Charles [1967]

At approximately this point, mono albums are discontinued in favor of stereo only releases.

SDLP-280 - Flower Power Sitar - Rajput & Sepoy Mutiny [1968]


SDLP-282 - Electronic Music to Blow Your Mind By - Love Machine [1968]

SDLP-283 - Love Songs from Hit Movies - Dean Franconi Strings [1968]

SDLP-284 - Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde - Bugsy's Gang [1968]

SDLP-285 - Love Is Blue - Young Lovers [1968]

SDLP-286 - Valley of the Dolls - Young Lovers [1968]

SDLP-287 - Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine - Richard Hyman [1968]

SDLP-288 - The Silver Apples - Silver Apples [1968]



SDLP-291 - Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites No. 1 and No. 2 - Amleto Toscali & His Orchestra




SDLP-295 - Popular Favorites: Finian's Rainbow - Young Lovers

SDLP-296 - The Young Lovers Play - Young Lovers


SDLP-298 - Magnificent Piano - Ted Auletta [196?] Clair De Lune/Valse Triste/Sixth Symphony Theme/Waltz Of The Flowers/Swan Lake Theme/Andante Cantabile/Romance

SDLP-299 - Magnificent Trumpet - John Amoroso

SDLP-300 - The Lord's Prayer - Alan Dean [196?] The Lord's Prayer/Holy Holy Holy/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Nearer My God To Thee/(others)

SDLP-301 - Hits Songs of the Wild Movie Barbarella and Other Way Out Themes - Young Lovers [196?]

SDLP-302 - Hair - Galaxy Generation [196?]




SDLP-306 - Hawaii Five-O - Tony Mottola/Jimmy Mitchell [196?]

SDLP-307 - The Glenn Miller Years - Galaxy Big Band [196?]








SDLP-315 - Honey Come Back/Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do - Various Artists [196?]




SDLP-319 - Square Song - Sesame Street [1969]

SDLP-320 - Sounds Like Woodstock - Stoned Hair [1969]



SDLP-323 - Rubber Duckie - Billie Bubbles [1969]


SDLP-325 - Snowbird - Lisa Rawlins & Street People [1970]

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