Design Album Discography, Part 3
DCF-1000 Compatible Stereo Series

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 20, 2003

When stereo was introduced, Design tried to claim that their records were compatible mono/stereo, and could be played on either mono or stereo players. The public soon found out that mono players would damage these records just as easily as other stereo records, so after reissuing or simultaneously issuing about 50 of their albums on a new series (the DCF-1000 Series), they abandoned the compatible stereo series in favor of the normal mono and stereo issues. The good part was, that for folks with stereo players, these records worked fine and were in true stereo, as far as we have heard. The bad side is that by the time the series was winding down, about 1960, the quality of the vinyl had deteriorated to the extent that right out of the wrapper the records were noisy.

When the DCF- series first hit the stores, a new logo and banner were used, as shown at left. Later, Design found that it was cheaper to just use the mono slick for the album cover and paste a "Compatible Fidelity" sticker over the mono logo and number (right).

For the first thirty or so albums in the DCF series, the labels were black with silver print, and the same legend in yellow around the bottom of the label as was found on the mono label. The usual Design logo was not present, replaced by a circular blue, black, and yellow "Design Compatible Fidelity" logo. Around the top half of the label edge was "DESIGN COMPATIBLE FIDELITY" in orange block letters, while around the bottom half in yellow block letters was "PLAYS STEREO OR MONOPHONIC". Later in the series, this label was replaced with a similar label with a white field in the middle with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

DCP-1000 Compatible Stereo Series:

DCF-1000 - The Magic Sound of Design Compatible Fidelity - Various Artists [1959] Demonstration disc.

DCF-1001 - Rogers and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music" - ? [1959] The Sound Of Music/Maria/My Favorite Things/Do-Re-Mi/Sixteen Going On Seventeen//How Can Love Survive?/So Long, Farewell/An Ordinary Couple/Climb Ev'ry Mountain/Finale

DCF-1002 - George Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" - Avon Long, Margaret Tynes, & Lavern Hutcherson [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-110. Summertime/A Woman Is A Sometimes Thing/My Man's Gone Now/I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'//Bess, You Is My Woman/It Ain't Necessarily So/There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York/Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess

DCF-1003 - The Symphony of the Air Visits Spain - D'Artega & His Orchestra [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-112. Lady Of Spain/Granada/Andalucia/Ritual Fire Dance/La Cumparsita//Espana Cani/Moods Of Spain/Castanettes And Confetti/Spanish Caprice/Toreador Song

DCF-1004 - Ray Eberle Sings and Plays "Music of Today"...The Glenn Miller Way - Ray Eberle & His Orchestra [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-105. Did I Remember/Johnson Rag/Stairway To The Stars/Elmer's Tune/My Blue Heaven//One O'Clock Jump/My Reverie/Chattanooga Choo Choo (Cha Cha)/Ebb Tide/You Stepped Out Of A Dream

DCF-1005 - Ferde Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite - Hans-Juergen Walther & Hamburg Philharmonia Orchestra [1959]

DCF-1006 - Dearly Beloved - Marion Marlowe [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP- 117. I've Told Ev'ry Little Star/Bill/All Through The Day/Yesterdays/The Song Is You//Long Ago (And Far Away)/Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/All The Things You Are/I Won't Dance/Dearly Beloved

DCF-1007 - Sing Along with the Idlers - Idlers of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-109.

DCF-1008 - Cha Cha Chas - Noro Morales [1959] Ja Da/Once In A While/Maybe/Three O'Clock In The Morning/Don't Be That Way//Pagan Love Song/Paradise/Peg O' My Heart/Candy/Darktown Strutter's Ball

DCF-1009 - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight Sing Cole Porter's "Can Can" and "Kiss Me Kate" - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight with Warren Vincent Conducting [1959] Side 1 is "Can Can" and Side 2 is "Kiss Me Kate". Issued in mono as Design DLP-111 and in stereo as Stereo Spectrum SS-54. Allez Vous En - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight (S)/C'Est Magnifique - Mimi Benzell (S)/I Love Paris - Felix Knight (S)/It's All Right With Me - Mimi Benzell (S)/If You Loved Me Truly - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight (S)//Wunderbar - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight (S)/So In Love - Mimi Benzell (S)/Why Can't You Believe - Mimi Benzell (S)/Were Thine That Special Face - Felix Knight (S)/Where Is The Life That Late I Led? - Felix Knight (S)

DCF-1010 - The Golden Era of Dixieland Jazz - 1887-1937, Volume II - Dixieland All- Stars [1959] High Society/Relaxation Blues/South Rampart Street/Ja Da//Jazz Me Blues/Yellow Dog Blues/Weary Blues/Late Date

DCF-1011 - Rogers & Hammerstein's "Flower Drum Song" - Bill Hyer & Complete Cast [1959] Reissue of Bell BLP/SBLP-13, where the cast was credited as Cely Carillo, Edna McGriff, Jean Arnold, Wayne Sherwood, Artie Malvin, and June Ericson, with orchestra conducted by Al Goodman. Here the cast is credited as Bill Hyer, Patricia Wong, Marchicko Lee, Rose Katagiri, Jonathon Hallee, Berea Lum, Gene Sands Chorus, Sound Stage Orchestra, conducted by Dean Franconi. Also issued in mono as Design DLP-98 and in stereo as Stereo Spectrum SS-41, and later issued as Hi-Life HLP/SHLP-13 with no cast credits and orchestra conducted by Jimmy Carroll. Overture/Love Look Away/A Hundred Million Miracles/I Enjoy Being A Girl/I Am Going To Like It Here/Like A God/You Are Beautiful/Chop Suey/Don't Marry Me/Grant Avenue/The Other Generation/Sunday/Finale

DCF-1012 - The Music of Leroy Anderson - Warren Edward Vincent & Royal Farnsworth Symphony Pop Orchestra [1959] Also issued in stereo as Stereo Spectrum SS-37. Syncopated Clock/Belle Of The Ball/Blue Tango/Fiddle-Faddle/The Penny-Whistle Song/Serenata//Sleigh Ride/Forgotten Dreams/The First Day Of Spring/Song Of The Bells/Sandpaper Ballet/Saraband

DCF-1013 - Golden Hits of Italy - Botti-Endor Quartet [1959] O' Mari'/O' Sole Mio/Volare/Mama/Scapricciatiello//Torero/Guaglione/Come Prima/Funiculi' Funicula'/Marenariello

DCF-1014 - Aloha Hawaii - Johnny Poi & Oahu Islanders [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-130. Aloha Oe/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Ua Like Noa Like/Makalapua, Tahiti/Kila Kila Heleakala//Song Of The Islands/Tahu Wahu Wahi/One Two Three Four/Hala Niu Tree/Wiki Wiki Mai

DCF-1015 - Ray Bohr and the Radio City Music Hall Organ - Ray Bohr [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-128. The Wedding Of The Painted Doll/Whiffenpoof Song/I'll See You In My Dreams/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/Chant Of The Jungle//At Sundown/Ramona/I Cried For You/Waltz You Saved For Me/Stumbling

DCF-1016 - Texas Jim Robertson Sings Golden Hits of Country and Western Music - Texas Jim Robertson [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-115. Slipping Around (S)/Lonesome Whistle (S)/Kentucky Waltz (S)/You Are My Sunshine (S)/I Love You So Much It Hurts (S)/It Makes No Difference Now (S)//If You've Got The Money (S)/Till The End Of The World (S)/Night Train To Memphis (S)/Mockin' Bird Hill (S)/The Almanac Song (S)/Columbus Stockade Blues (S)

DCF-1017 - A Rogers and Hammerstein Showcase: The King and I/Carousel/Oklahoma - Warren Edward Vincent & Royal Farnsworth Symphony Pops Orchestra [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-118. These are orchestral medleys from the film music. Oklahoma (S)/Carousel, Part 1 (S)//Carousel, Part 2 (S)/The King And I (S)

DCF-1018 - Dvorak: New World Symphony - Cyril Holloway & Hampshire Symphony Orchestra [1959]

DCF-1019 - Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne - D'Artega & New York Festival Symphony Orchestra [1959]

DCF-1020 - The Country Club Dance - Charlie Spivak & His Trumpet & Orchestra [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-72. Stardreams/Nature Boy/We Three/Tenderly/I'll Walk Alone/Blue Velvet/Port Au Prince/The Breeze And I/Poinciana/Flirtango/Manhattan

DCF-1021 - Eugenie Baird Sings, Duke's Boys Play Ellington - Eugenie Baird & Duke Ellington's Band [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-93. In A Sentimental Mood/Lush Life/Mood Indigo/Solitude/Something To Live For/Everything But You/I'm Beginning To See The Light/(others)

DCF-1022 - The Fury of the Matador - Don Miguel Valencia [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-65.

DCF-1023 - Miss Connee Boswell Sings the Irving Berlin Song Folio - Connee Boswell [19??] Issued in mono as Design DLP-68 and in stereo as Stereo Spectrum SS-26.




DCF-1027 - Midnight Moods - Norman Roye [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-70 and in stereo as Stereo Spectrum SS-21.

DCF-1028 - Music for the Sensational Sixties - Don Elliott [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-69. Out Of This World/Stardreams/I'm Glad There Is You/Stella By Starlight/Blues For Max//Voca Jazz/Moon Love/Echoes Of Webster Hall/What's The Use Of Wond'rin/Opus Hokus Pokus


DCF-1030 - 1812 Overture - D'Artega & New York Festival Symphony Orchestra [1959] Previously issued in stereo as Stereo Spectrum SS-20.


DCF-1032 - Jimmy and Marion McPartland Play TV Themes - Jimmy & Marion McPartland [1959] I-M-4-U/Sentimental Journey/Mystery March/Mr. Lucky//Peter Gunn/Londonderry Air/Thanks for Dropping In/Bat Masterson




DCF-1036 - Swingin' Pretty and All That Jazz - Mat Mathews [19??] Issued in mono as Design DLP-141.

DCF-1037 - Familiar Favorites from the World's Greatest Ballets - Antonio Fernando & Milan Symphony Orchestra [19??] Issued in mono as Design DLP-142. Dance Of The Hours/Ballet Music From Faust, Parts 1-4, Finale//Mazurka/Pizzicati/Ballet Music From Aida/Invitation To The Dance

DCF-1038 - Arias from the World's Greatest Operas - Antonio Fernando & Milan Symphony Orchestra with Soloists from La Scalia Opera [19??] Un Bel Di Vedremo (from Madame Butterfly) - Jeanette LaBianca (S)/Una Voce Poco Fa (from Barber of Seville) - Jeanette LaBianca (S)/Largo Al Factotum (from Barber of Seville) - Otello Borgonovo (S)/E Lucevan Le Stene (from Tosca) - Alfredo Nobile (S)/Sempre Libera (from La Traviata) - Jeannette LaBianca & Alfredo Nobile (S)//M'Appari - (from Marta) - Alfredo Nobile (S)/Caro Nome (from Rigoletto) - Jeanette LaBianca (S)/Una Furtiva Lagrima (from L'Elisir D'Amore) - Alfredo Nobile (S)/Tornami A Dir Che M'Ami (from Don Pasquale) - Jeannete LaBianca & Alfredo Nobile (S)/La Ci Darem La Mano (from Don Giovanni) - Jeanette LaBianca & Otello Borgonovo (S)

DCF-1039 - Holiday in Havana - Noro Morales & His Orchestra [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-86 and in stereo as Stereo Spectrum SS-38.


DCF-1041 - The Golden Era of Glenn Miller, Volume II - Bob Lampe Orchestra [19??] Issued in mono as Design DLP-97.




DCF-1045 - Holiday in Manhattan with Cole Porter - Addison Bailey Trio [19??] Issued in mono as Design DLP-104.



DCF-1048 - 99 Men in Brass Play Marches - 99 Men in Brass [19??] Issued in mono as Design DLP-95.

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