Kama Sutra Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Peter Preuss
Last update: March 1, 2000

Kama Sutra started life being distributed by MGM. This discography covers the period of MGM distribution only. For the entire label, including the years when it was distributed by Buddah Records, please see the separate Kama Sutra discography page.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

KLP/KLPS 8050 - Do You Believe In Magic - Lovin' Spoonful [1965] (12-65, #32) Do You Believe In Magic (S)/Blues In The Bottle (S)/Sportin' Life (S)/My Gal (S)/You Baby (S)/Fishin' Blues (S)//Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind (S)/Wild About My Lovin' (S)/Other Side Of This Life (S)/Younger Girl (S)/On The Road Again (S)/Night Owl Blues (S)

KLP/KLPS 8051 - Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful [1966] (4-66, #10) Daydream (S)/There She Is (S)/It's Not Time Now (S)/Warm Baby (S)/Day Blues (S)/Let The Boy Rock And Roll (S)//Jug Band Music (S)/Didn't Want To Have To Do It (S)/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (S)/Bald Headed Lena (S)/Butchie's Tune (S)/Big Noise From Speonk (S, Instrumental)

KLP/KLPS 8052 - The Good Times - Good Times [1966]

KLP/KLPS 8053 - What's Up, Tiger Lily ? (Soundtrack) - Lovin' Spoonful [1966] (9-66, #126) Introduction To Flick - Woody Allen (M)/Pow (S)/Gray Prison Blues (S)/Pow Revisited (S)/Unconscious Minuet (S)/Fishin' Blues (S)//Respoken (S)/A Cool Million (S)/Speakin' Of Spoken (S)/Lookin' To Spy (S)/Phil's Love Theme (S)/End Title

KLP/KLPS 8054 - Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [1966] (12-66, #14) Lovin' You (S)/Best Friends (S)/Voodoo In My Basement (S)/Darlin' Companion (S)/Henry Thomas (S)/Full Measure (S)//Rain On The Roof (S)/Coconut Grove (S)/Nashville Cats (S)/4 Eyes (S)/Summer In The City (S)

KLP/KLPS 8055 - Jimmy Dean - Jimmy Dean [unissued]

KLP/KLPS 8056 - The Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [1967] (3-67, #3) Do You Believe In Magic ? (S)/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind ? (S)/Butchie's Tune (S)/Jug Band Music (S)/Night Owl Blues (S)/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (S)//Daydream (S)/Blues In The Bottle (S)/Didn't Want To Have To Do It (S)/Wild About My Lovin' (S)/Younger Girl (S)/Summer In The City (S)

KLP/KLPS 8057 - Excursions - Tradewinds [1967]

KLP/KLPS 8058 - You're A Big Boy Now (Soundtrack) - Lovin' Spoonful [1967] (4-67, #160) You're A Big Boy Now (S)/Lonely (Amy's Theme) (Instrumental) (S)/Wash Her Away (From The Discotheque) (S)/Kite Chase (Instrumental) (S)/Try And Be Happy (Instrumental) (S)/Peep Show Percussion (Instrumental) (S)/Girl, Beautiful Girl (Barbara's Theme) (S)//Darling, Be Home Soon (S)/Dixieland Big Boy (Instrumental) (S)/Letter To Barbara (Instrumental) (S)/Barbara's Theme (From The Discotheque) (S)/Miss Thing's Thang (Instrumental) (S)/March (Instrumental) (S)/The Finale (S)

KLP/KLPS 8059 - The Innocence - Innocence [1967] There's Got To Be A Word (Beyond The Meaning Of Love) (S)/Mairzy Doats (S)/Someone Got Caught In My Eye (S)/All I Ask (S)/Your Show Is Over (S)/A Lifetime Of Lovin' You (S)//Whence I Make Thee Mine (S)/It's Not Gonna Take Too Long (S)/All I Do Is Think About You (S)/I Don't Wanna Be Around You (S)/Do You Believe In Magic (S)

KLP/KLPS 8060 - The Sopwith "Camel" - Sopwith "Camel" [1967] (10-67, #191) Hello, Hello (S)/Frantic Desolation (S)/Saga Of The Low Down Let Down (S)/Little Orphan Annie (S)/You Always Tell Me Baby (S)/Maybe In A Dream (S)//Cellophane Woman (S)/The Things That I Could Do With You (S)/Walk In The Park (S)/The Great Morpheum (S)/Postcard From Jamaica (S)

KLP/KLPS 8061 - Everything Playing - Lovin' Spoonful [1967] (1-68, #118) She Is Still A Mystery (S)/Priscilla Millionaira (S)/Boredom (S)/Six O'Clock (S)/Forever (S)//Younger Generation (S)/Money (S)/Old Folks (S)/Only Pretty, What A Pity (S)/Try A Little Bit (S)/Close Your Eyes (S)

KLP/KLPS 8062 - Erik and the Smoke Ponies - Erik & Smoke Ponies [unissued]

KLP/KLPS 8063 - Bobby Bloom - Bobby Bloom [unissued]

KLP/KLPS 8064 - The Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful Volume Two - Lovin' Spoonful [1968] (3-68, #156) Six O'Clock (S)/Darling Be Home Soon (S)/Lovin' You (S)/Boredom (S)/Full Measure (S)/Nashville Cats (S)//She Is Still A Mystery (S)/Rain On The Roof (S)/Old Folks (S)/Darlin' Companion (S)/Money (S)/Younger Generation (S)

KLP/KLPS 8065 - Anders and Poncia - Anders & Poncia [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8066 - The Nickel Bag Doing Their Love Thing - Nickel Bag [1968] How Do I Love Thee/A Red, Red Rose/Lovers' Litany/The Night Is Darkening Round Me/She Walks In Beauty//Shall I Compare Thee/God's Gifts/She Was A Phantom Of Delight/Tears, Idle Tears/Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam

KLP/KLPS 8067 - (Untitled) - Sopwith "Camel" [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8068 - (Untitled) - Lovin' Spoonful [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8069 - John B. Sebastian - John B. Sebastian [unissued] Issued as MGM SE-4654.

KLP/KLPS 8070 - (Untitled) - Lovin' Spoonful [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8071 - 'Cross The Border - Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box [1968] Latin Shake/Salomila (Shine Your Light On Me)/O'Sagapo (How I Love You)/Two Sides To Every Story/Children In The Playground/Kumbaya//A Young Girl Waits For Me/Sweet Lady Fair/The La La Song/Do Your Eyes Hurt You Sunshine?/Come On

KLP/KLPS 8072 - Sweet Talkin' Teri - Teri Nelson Group [1968]

From this point, albums are issued in stereo only.

KLPS 8073 - Revelation: Revolution '69 - Lovin' Spoonful Featuring Joe Butler [1969] Amazing Air (S)/Never Going Back (S)/The Prophet (S)/Only Yesterday (S)/War Games (S)//(Till I) Run With You (S)/Jug Of Wine (S)/Revelation: Revolution '69 (S)/Me About You (S)/Words (S)

KLPS 8074 - Outrage - Outrage [1969]

KLPS-8075 - The Road - Road [1969] May not have been commercially released. This was issued just as Kama Sutra was ending the distribution deal with MGM; it was quickly reissued as Buddah-distributed KSBS-2012. She's Not There/Love Is All/Love-It-Is/A Taste Of Honey/I Can Only Give You Everything//Dance To The Music/Never Gonna Give You Up/Mr. Soul/In Love/See You There/Rock And Roll Woman/The Grass Looks Greener On The Other Side

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