Kama Sutra Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, and David Edwards
Last update: October 21, 2005

Kama Sutra was formed in 1964, first as a Production Company and then the next year as a record label. It was first distributed by MGM, then switched to Buddah in 1969 with the 2000 series. The Kama Sutra story can be found as part of Bob Hyde's excellent essay on Buddah Records.

The label for the MGM distributed series (8000) is yellow with a circle of red "flames" and "Kama Sutra" written in red letters on the top half of the label. It had a green Indian statue on the right of the center hole. The following text was written in black lettering in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label : "DISTRIBUTED BY M.G.M. RECORDS - A DIVISION OF METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER INC.". Promotional albums used the same label, with "Promotional - Not For Sale" above the title.

For the 2000 series, the label was pink with eight blue, green & yellow small statues in the form of an arc in the bottom part of the label and "Kama Sutra" written in white letters (same lettering as before) on the top half. The following text was written in white lettering in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label : "Exclusively Distributed By Buddah Records, 1650 Broadway, N.Y.C. 10019" with a small Buddah label logo (i.e. the famous "Shiva" statue) in between the words "Buddah" and "Records". Promotional albums used the same label with "Promotional - Not For Sale" added. There also may be some very late pink labels with the 7th Avenue address used below for the "forest" label.

Some time in 1972 (after KSBS 2060), the label changed to a blue background and a multi-coloured forest scene at the top half of the label. "KAMA SUTRA" is written in white capital letters in the form of an arc on the top of the label. The following text was written in black lettering in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label : "Kama Sutra Records Inc., Exclusively Distributed By Buddah Records Inc., 810 Seventh Ave., N.Y.C. 10019". The label did not change for the 2600 series.

Only the 8000 series was released both in mono (KPL) and stereo (KLPS), up to and including KLP/KLPS 8072. From then on, the albums were released in stereo only.

The track listing is given below in playing sequence whenever this information was available. For the albums whose catalog numbers are marked with an asterisk (*), the songs are given in alphabetical order because the exact playing order was not known to us. We would appreciate this information from anyone who has it.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Kama Sutra or Buddah Records, which are currently owned by BMG Special Products. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2000 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

8000 series (Distributed by MGM):

KLP/KLPS 8050 - Do You Believe in Magic - Lovin' Spoonful [1965] (12-65, #32) Do You Believe In Magic (S)/Blues In The Bottle (S)/Sportin' Life (S)/My Gal (S)/You Baby (S)/Fishin' Blues (S)//Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind (S)/Wild About My Lovin' (S)/Other Side Of This Life (S)/Younger Girl (S)/On The Road Again (S)/Night Owl Blues (S)

KLP/KLPS 8051 - Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful [1966] (4-66, #10) Daydream (S)/There She Is (S)/It's Not Time Now (S)/Warm Baby (S)/Day Blues (S)/Let The Boy Rock And Roll (S)//Jug Band Music (S)/Didn't Want To Have To Do It (S)/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (S)/Bald Headed Lena (S)/Butchie's Tune (S)/Big Noise From Speonk (S, Instrumental)

KLP/KLPS 8052 - The Good Times - Good Times [1966]

KLP/KLPS 8053 - What's Up, Tiger Lily? (Soundtrack) - Lovin' Spoonful [1966] (9-66, #126) Introduction To Flick - Woody Allen (M)/Pow (S)/Gray Prison Blues (S)/Pow Revisited (S)/Unconscious Minuet (S)/Fishin' Blues (S)//Respoken (S)/A Cool Million (S)/Speakin' Of Spoken (S)/Lookin' To Spy (S)/Phil's Love Theme (S)/End Title

KLP/KLPS 8054 - Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [1966] (12-66, #14) Lovin' You (S)/Best Friends (S)/Voodoo In My Basement (S)/Darlin' Companion (S)/Henry Thomas (S)/Full Measure (S)//Rain On The Roof (S)/Coconut Grove (S)/Nashville Cats (S)/4 Eyes (S)/Summer In The City (S)

KLP/KLPS 8055 - Jimmy Dean - Jimmy Dean [unissued]

KLP/KLPS 8056 - The Best of the Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [1967] (3-67, #3) Do You Believe In Magic? (S)/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? (S)/Butchie's Tune (S)/Jug Band Music (S)/Night Owl Blues (S)/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (S)//Daydream (S)/Blues In The Bottle (S)/Didn't Want To Have To Do It (S)/Wild About My Lovin' (S)/Younger Girl (S)/Summer In The City (S)

KLP/KLPS 8057 - Excursions - Trade Winds [1967] Mind Excursion/Catch Me In The Meadow/Bad Misunderstanding/New York's A Lonely Town/I Believe In Her//Only When I'm Dreamin'/Small Town Bring Down/To Be With You/Huggin' In The Hall/Little Susan's Dreamin'

KLP/KLPS 8058 - You're A Big Boy Now (Soundtrack) - Lovin' Spoonful [1967] (4-67, #160) You're A Big Boy Now (S)/Lonely (Amy's Theme) (S)/Wash Her Away (From The Discotheque) (S)/Kite Chase (S)/Try And Be Happy (S)/Peep Show Percussion (S)/Girl, Beautiful Girl (Barbara's Theme) (S)//Darling, Be Home Soon (S)/Dixieland Big Boy (S)/Letter To Barbara (S)/Barbara's Theme (From The Discotheque) (S)/Miss Thing's Thang (S)/March (S)/The Finale (S)

KLP/KLPS 8059 - The Innocence - Innocence [1967] There's Got To Be A Word (Beyond The Meaning Of Love) (S)/Mairzy Doats (S)/Someone Got Caught In My Eye (S)/All I Ask (S)/Your Show Is Over (S)/A Lifetime Of Lovin' You (S)//Whence I Make Thee Mine (S)/It's Not Gonna Take Too Long (S)/All I Do Is Think About You (S)/I Don't Wanna Be Around You (S)/Do You Believe In Magic (S)

KLP/KLPS 8060 - The Sopwith "Camel" - Sopwith "Camel" [1967] (10-67, #191) Hello, Hello (S)/Frantic Desolation (S)/Saga Of The Low Down Let Down (S)/Little Orphan Annie (S)/You Always Tell Me Baby (S)/Maybe In A Dream (S)//Cellophane Woman (S)/The Things That I Could Do With You (S)/Walk In The Park (S)/The Great Morpheum (S)/Postcard From Jamaica (S)

KLP/KLPS 8061 - Everything Playing - Lovin' Spoonful [1967] (1-68, #118) She Is Still A Mystery (S)/Priscilla Millionaira (S)/Boredom (S)/Six O'Clock (S)/Forever (S)//Younger Generation (S)/Money (S)/Old Folks (S)/Only Pretty, What A Pity (S)/Try A Little Bit (S)/Close Your Eyes (S)

KLP/KLPS 8062 - Erik and the Smoke Ponies - Erik & Smoke Ponies [unissued]

KLP/KLPS 8063 - Bobby Bloom - Bobby Bloom [unissued]

KLP/KLPS 8064 - The Best of the Lovin' Spoonful Volume Two - Lovin' Spoonful [1968] (3-68, #156) Six O'Clock (S)/Darling Be Home Soon (S)/Lovin' You (S)/Boredom (S)/Full Measure (S)/Nashville Cats (S)//She Is Still A Mystery (S)/Rain On The Roof (S)/Old Folks (S)/Darlin' Companion (S)/Money (S)/Younger Generation (S)

KLP/KLPS 8065 - Anders and Poncia - Anders & Poncia [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8066 - The Nickel Bag Doing Their Love Thing - Nickel Bag [1968] How Do I Love Thee/A Red, Red Rose/Lovers' Litany/The Night Is Darkening Round Me/She Walks In Beauty//Shall I Compare Thee/God's Gifts/She Was A Phantom Of Delight/Tears, Idle Tears/Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam

KLP/KLPS 8067 - (Untitled) - Sopwith "Camel" [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8068 - (Untitled) - Lovin' Spoonful [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8069 - John B. Sebastian - John B. Sebastian [unissued] Issued as MGM SE-4654.

KLP/KLPS 8070 - (Untitled) - Lovin' Spoonful [canceled]

KLP/KLPS 8071 - 'Cross the Border - Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box [1968] Latin Shake/Salomila (Shine Your Light On Me)/O'Sagapo (How I Love You)/Two Sides To Every Story/Children In The Playground/Kumbaya//A Young Girl Waits For Me/Sweet Lady Fair/The La La Song/Do Your Eyes Hurt You Sunshine? /Come On

KLP/KLPS 8072 - Sweet Talkin' Teri - Teri Nelson Group [1968]

From this point, albums are issued in stereo only.

KLPS 8073 - Revelation: Revolution '69 - Lovin' Spoonful Featuring Joe Butler [1969] Amazing Air (S)/Never Going Back (S)/The Prophet (S)/Only Yesterday (S)/War Games (S)//(Till I) Run With You (S)/Jug Of Wine (S)/Revelation: Revolution '69 (S)/Me About You (S)/Words (S)

KLPS 8074 - Outrage - Outrage [1969]

KLPS-8075 - The Road - Road [1969] May not have been commercially released. This was issued just as Kama Sutra was ending the distribution deal with MGM; it was quickly reissued as Buddah-distributed KSBS-2012. She's Not There/Love Is All/Love-It-Is/A Taste Of Honey/I Can Only Give You Everything//Dance To The Music/Never Gonna Give You Up/Mr. Soul/In Love/See You There/Rock And Roll Woman/The Grass Looks Greener On The Other Side

2000 series (Distributed by Buddah)

KSBS 2010 - Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay! - Sha Na Na [1969] (12-69, #183) Remember Then/Come Go With Me/Chantilly Lace/Little Darlin'/Long Tall Sally/Book Of Love/Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay//Young Love/A Teenager In Love/Little Girl Of Mine/Heartbreak Hotel/Teen Angel/Silhouettes/Lovers Never Say Goodbye

*KSBS 2011 - John Sebastian Song Book Vol. 1 - Lovin' Spoonful [1970] Blues In The Bottle/Boredom/Coconut Grove/Do You Believe In Magic/Jug Band Music/Nashville Cats/Night Owl Blues/She Is Still A Mystery/Six O'Clock/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice/Younger Generation

KSBS 2012 - The Road - Road [1970] (1-70, #199) Reissue of KLPS-8075. She's Not There/Love Is All/Love-It-Is/A Taste Of Honey/I Can Only Give You Everything//Dance To The Music/Never Gonna Give You Up/Mr. Soul/In Love/See You There/Rock And Roll Woman/The Grass Looks Greener On The Other Side

KSBS 2013 - The Very Best of the Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [1970] Younger Girl (S)/Didn't Want To Have To Do It (S)/Daydream (S)/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (S)/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? (S)/Do You Believe In Magic? (S)//Summer In The City (S)/Rain On The Roof (S)/Six O'Clock (S)/Darling Be Home Soon (S)/Till I Run With Run (S)/Never Going Back (S)

KSBS 2014 - Bill Haley Scrapbook - Bill Haley & The Comets [1970] Rock This Joint Tonite/Rock-A-Beatin Boogie/Skinny Minnie/Razzle Dazzle/Rudy's Rock/See You Later Alligator//Saint's Rock And Roll/Framed/Shake, Rattle And Roll/Rip It Up/Crazy Man Crazy/Rock Around The Clock

KSBS 2015 - 1950s Rock 'N' Roll Revival - Various Artists [1970]

KSBS 2016 - Weeds - Brewer & Shipley [1970] Lady Like You/Rise Up (Easy Rider)/Boomerang/Indian Summer/All Along The Watchtower//People Love Each Other/Pigs Head/Oh, Sweet Lady/Too Soon Tomorrow/Witchi-Tai-To

KSBS 2017 - We Went to Different Schools Together - Jaggerz [1970] (4-70, #62) I Call My Baby Candy (S)/Memoirs Of The Traveler (S)/With A Little Help From My Friends (S)/Looking Glass (S)/The Rapper (S)//At My Window (S)/Things Gotta Get Better (S)/Carousel (S)/Don't Make My Sky Cry (S)/That's My World (S)

KSBS 2018 - Mo's Curried Life - Moe Koffman [1970]

KSBS 2019 - Gene Vincent - Gene Vincent [1970] Sunshine/I Need Woman's Love/Slow Times Comin'/Danse Colinda/Geese//500 Miles/Listen To The Music/If Only You Could See Me Today/A Million Shades Of Blue/Tush Hog

KSBS 2020 - A Moog Mass - Caldera [1970] The Mother Stood/Who Is The Man/Share With Me The Pain//Virgin Of Virgins/Make Me Carry The Death Of Christ/In Flames May I Not Be Burned/Christ, When I Leave This Life

KSBS 2021 - Flamingo - Flamin' Groovies [1970] Gonna Rock Tonite/Comin After Me/Headin For The Texas Border/Sweet Roll Me On Down/Keep A Knockin'//Second Cousin/Childhood's End/Jailbait/She's Falling Apart/Road House

KSBS 2022 -

KSBS 2023 - Little Richard - Little Richard [1970] Reissue of Buddah LP BDS-7501. The material was recorded by Vee-Jay. Good Golly Miss Molly/Baby Face/Tutti Frutti/Send Me Some Lovin'/The Girl Can't Help It/Lucille//Slippin 'N Sliddin'/Keep Knockin'/Rip It Up/She's Got It/Oh My Soul/Long Tall Sally

KSBS 2024 - Tarkio - Brewer & Shipley [1970] (3-71, #34) One Toke Over The Line/Song From Platte River/The Light/Ruby On The Morning/Oh Mommy//Don't Want To Die In Georgia/Can't Go Home/Tarkio Road/Seems Like A Long Time/Fifty States Of Freedom

KSBS 2025 - One Kiss Leads to Another - Hackamore Brick [1970] Reachin'/Oh! Those Sweet Bananas/I Watched You Rhumba/Radio/Peace Has Gone//Got A Girl Named Wilma/I Won't Be Around/And I Wonder/Someone You Know/Zip Gun Woman

KSBS 2026 - Once Upon a Time... - Skyliners Featuring Jimmy Beaumont [1970] Once Upon A Time (Yesterday)/Maybe I Could Have Loved You Better/That's My World/Put A Little Love In Your Heart/What's Your Plan//The Thoughts Of Yesterday/Dry Your Eyes/Make Mine As Good As Yours/Always Something There To Remind Me/And So It Goes/Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

KSBS 2027 - The Day the World Turned Blue - Gene Vincent [1970] How I Love Them Old Songs/High On Life/North Carolina Line/You Can Make It If You Try/Our Souls/There Is Something On Your Mind//The Day The World Turned Blue/Boppin' The Blues/Looking Back/Oh Lonesome Me/The Woman In Black

KSBS 2028 - Detroit 1984 - Albino Gorilla [1971] Jamaican Lady/Going To A Go Go/Jamaican Lady/Shake Me, Wake Me/Jamaican Lady/Cloud Nine/Jamaican Lady/Grapevine (I Heard It Through The)/Jamaican Lady//Swamp Fox/Bernadette/Swamp Fox/Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Swamp Fox/Love Child/Swamp Fox/Psychedelic Shack

*KSBS 2029 - Once Upon a Time - Lovin' Spoonful [1971] Bald Headed Lena/Bes' Friends/Big Noise From Speonk/Do You Believe In Magic/Four Eyes/Henry Thomas/Let The Boy Rock And Roll/Lonely/Lovin' You/Pow/Respoken/Warm Baby/Wash Her Away

KSBS 2030 - Alive and Well in Argentina - Zalman Yanovsky [1971] Reissue of Buddah BDS 5019. Raven In A Cage (S)/You Talk Too Much (S)/Last Date (S)/Little Bitty Pretty One (S)/Alive And Well In Argentina (S)//Brown To Blue (S)/Priscilla Millionaira (S)/I Almost Lost My Mind (S)/Hip Toad (S)/Lt. Schtinckhausen (S)

KSBS 2031 - The Flamin' Groovies - Flamin' Groovies [1971] High Flyin' Baby (S)/City Lights (S)/Have You Seen My Baby? (S)/Yesterdays Numbers (S)//Teenage Head (S)/32-02 (S)/Evil Hearted Ada (S)/Doctor Boogie (S)/Whiskey Woman (S)

KSBS 2032 - Cognition - Road [1971] (2-LP set) Tuely's Day/Tuely And Mary/Make You See//Alone/Wellsville/Power Of Love//If I Ever Needed A Woman/Better Be Sure/40 Days And Nights (Introduction)/40 Days And Nights//Make It/Anyone At All/I Want To Go Clear/Play The Game

KSBS 2033 - Put Your Hand in the Hand - Ocean [1971] (5-71, #60) Put Your Hand In The Hand (S)/Pleasure Of Your Company (S)/We Got A Dream (S)/Deep Enough For Me (S)//Will The Circle Be Unbroken (S)/The One Who's Left (S)/Stones I Throw (S)/No Other Woman (S)

KSBS 2034 - Sha Na Na - Sha Na Na [1971] (8-71, #122) Yakety Yak/Jailhouse Rock/Duke Of Earl/Tell Laura I Love Her/Blue Moon/I Wonder Why/Great Balls Of Fire/Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay//Only One Song/Depression/Canadian Money/Top Forty (Of The Lord)/Ruin Me Blues/Just A Friend

*KSBS 2035 - Songman - Jim Dawson [1971] All I've Got Right Now/City Song/Down From The Mountain/Good Mornin' Mornin'/I Will Be Seeing You On Sunday/It's Because/Man In Question/Must I Really/Once Was A Time I Thought-Now And Then/Saturday Airplane/Simple Song/Songman/There Is A Time

KSBS 2036 - Spiders in the Night - Andy Zwerling [1971] Knife-Man/Slicing/Turtles Vs. The Green Ants/It's In The Morning/Spiders In The Night//Sifting Around In A Haze/Words To This Song/Orange Skylights/Branches/Downwaters - Crosswaters

KSBS 2037 - The Time to Live Is Now - Buzzy Linhart [1971] The Time To Live Is Now/There's No Need/Comin' Home/Heaven/Crazy/Let's Get Together//Leila/I Don't Ever Want To Say Goodbye/The Love's Still Growing/Friends/Cheat-Cheat-Lied-Hit The Road Jack/Good Face

KSBS 2038 - The Second Coming - Vaughn Meader [1971] In The Beginning/Earth/Miracles/Joey Judas/The Rehearsal/Jesus And Jane//The Rock Festival/Wheeling And Dealing/Win A Week With Jesus/T.V. Appearance/The Last Supper/Salvation

KSBS 2039 - Shake Off the Demon - Brewer & Shipley [1971] (12-71, #164) Shake Off The Demon/Merciful Love/Message From The Mission (Hold On)/One By One/When Everybody Comes Home//Working On The Well/Rock Me On The Water - Open Window Music/Natural Child/Back To The Farm/Sweet Love

KSBS 2040 - Do Wah Nanny - Exuma [1971] Do Wah Nanny/Silver City/Eyebrows And Beard/She Looks So Fine//Roweena/The Bowery/22nd Century/Do Wah Nanny (Part 2)

KSBS 2041 - Dust - Dust [1971] Stone Woman/Chasin' Ladies/Goin' Easy/Love Me Hard//From A Dry Camel/Often Shadows Felt/Loose Goose

KSBS 2042 - Buzzy Linhart Is Music - Buzzy Linhart [1971] (2-LP set) (reissue of Eleuthera ELS 3601) That's The Bag I'm In/You Got A Reputation/Time To Go/Talk About A Morning//If You Love Me/Everybody's Got/Don't You Know/Mother's Red Light/Kilpatrick's Defeat/Searchin'//Yellow Cab/Willie Jean/Step Into My Wildest Dreams/Wish I Could Find//Sing Joy/End Song

KSBS 2043 -

KSBS 2044 - A Third of a Lifetime - Three Man Army [1971] Butter Queen/Daze/Another Day/One Third Of A Lifetime/Nice One//What's My Name/Three Man Army/See What I Took/Midnight/Together

KSBS 2045 - Scraps - NRBQ [1972] Howard Johnston's Got His Ho-Jo Workin'/Magnet/Don't Knock At My Door/Tragic Magic/Only You/Who Put The Garlic In The Glue?/Get A Grip//Boys In The City/New Tune/Scraps/Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive-Things Are Getting Better/It's Not So Hard/Do You Feel It?/Ain't It All Right

KSBS 2046 - Tiny Alice - Tiny Alice [1972] Doctor Jazz - The Chocolate Dandies Of 1932/Freeze To Me Mama/Stock Exchange Of Love/Got Me Going/Southbound/Rainbow Song//Times Are Getting Hard/Oranges And Blues/15¢ Hamburger Mama/A Word From Our Sponsor/Guarantees/The Whistle Poem

KSBS 2047 - Revival - Revival [1972] The Way That It Feels/Mama Tried/So Hard Lovin'/I Was, You Were/One Too Many Goodbyes/Swamp River//Tomorrow Will Be The First Day/Darrell Heywood/To No One In Particular/Words #1/Barbara

KSBS 2048 -

KSBS 2049 - You'll Never Be Lonely With Me - Jim Dawson [1972] When You Finally Come Around/In An English Garden/Heather/Wednesday/This Good Earth//The Other Side/Gentle Woman/Stephanie/All I've Got Right Now/The Ditty

KSBS 2050 - The Night Is Still Young - Sha Na Na [1972] (7-72, #156) Sunday Morning Radio/Sea Cruise/You Can Bet They Do/Bounce In Your Buggy/It Ain't Love/The Vote Song/Sleepin' On A Song//Bless My Soul/So Fine - You're So Fine/Oh! Lonesome Boy/It's What You Do With What You Got/Glasses/In The Still Of The Night

KSBS 2051 - Stories - Stories [1972] (7-72, #182) Hello People/I'm Coming Home/Winter Scenes/Step Back/You Told Me//Saint James/Kathleen/Take Cover/Nice To Have You Here/High And Low

KSBS 2052 - Snake - Exuma [1972] Obeah, Obeah, O/Snake/Don't Let Go/Attica (Part 1)//Thirteenth Sunday/Subway Bound For Hell/Happiness And Sunshine/Summertime In New York/Andros Is Atlantis Rising/Exuma's Reincarnation

KSBS 2053 - Buzzy - Buzzy Linhart [1972] Tornado/Rollin' On/You Got What It Takes/Boogaloother Or Captain Hornbone's Last Desperate Truck/Sing Joy - Tutti Frutti//Take Me To The Pilot/Eye 1-2-C-U Shuffle/Tell Me True/Don't You Pay Me No Mind

KSBS 2054 - Hot Parts - Montage [1972]

KSBS 2055 -

KSBS 2056 - Meanwhile... Back at the World - Roger Cook [1972] Meanwhile Back At The World/I Am/Greta Oscawina/We Will Get By//Warm Days, Warm Night, So/Oh Babe/I'll Bet Jesus Is A Lonely Man/Sweet America

KSBS 2057 - Time Loop - Chet Nichols [7/72]

KSBS 2058 - Rural Space - Brewer & Shipley [1972] (1-73, #174) Yankee Lady/Sleeping On The Way/When The Truth Finally Comes/Where Do We Go From Here/Blue Highway//Fly, Fly, Fly/Crested Butte/Got To Get Off The Island/Black Sky/Have A Good Life

KSBS 2059 - Hard Attack - Dust [1972] Pull Away - So Many Times/Walk In The Soft Rain/Thusly Spoken/Learning To Die//All In All/I Been Thinkin'/Ivory/How Many Horses/Suicide/Entrance

KSBS 2060 - Charlie Daniels, Te John, Grease and Wolfman - Charlie Daniels [1972] Great Big Bunches Of Love/I'll Try Again Tomorrow/Parchmont Farm/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/Black Autumn//In The City/King Size Rosewood Bed/Evil/Billy Joe Young/Drinkin' Wone Spodie Odie

KSBS 2061 - Gunhill Road - Gunhill Road [1973] Sailing/42nd Street/Mr. Keyboards/She Made A Man Out Of Me/Back When My Hair Was Short//Sag Harbor/My Antoinette/Callin' Atlanta/Madness/We're Almost Going Home/Waiting

KSBS 2062 - Reincarnation - Exuma [1973] Brown Girl/Monkberry Moon Delight/Metastophaliese/Obeah Man Come Back/Baby, Let Me In/Pay Me What You Owe Me//Empty Barrels/Walking Home/Rushing Through The Crowd/Ballad For Sammy/Exuma's Reincarnation

KSBS 2063 - Kama Sutra Presents the Sopwith Camel in Hello Hello - Sopwith Camel [1973] Reissue of Kama Sutra KLP/KLPS 8060. Hello, Hello (S)/Frantic Desolation (S)/Saga Of The Low Down Let Down (S)/Little Orphan Annie (S)/You Always Tell Me Baby (S)/Maybe In A Dream (S)//Cellophane Woman (S)/The Things That I Could Do With You (S)/Walk In The Park (S)/The Great Morpheum (S)/Postcard From Jamaica (S)

KSBS 2064 - Give Tomorrow's Children One More Chance - Ocean [1972] Things I'm Going Through/One More Chance/Whistle Stop/Wild Country/Hosanna//Make The Sun Shine/Mud Island/Helplessly Hoping/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman/Funnier Man

KSBS 2065 - Workshop - NRBQ [1973] C'mon If You're Comin'/RC Cola And A Moon Pie/Blues City Stay Away From Me/Mona/Just To Hold My Hand/Get That Gasoline Blues//Deaf, Dumb And Blind/Miss Moses/I Got A Little Secret/Hearts Of Stone/Misunderstanding/Four Million B.C.

KSBS 2066 -

KSBS 2067 -

KSBS 2068 - About Us - Stories [1973] (7-73, #29) (First pressing does not include "Brother Louie", and even after the hit was added to the end of side two, the track listings on the inside of the fold-open record jacket do not list the song until they ran out of old record jackets. Newer printings of the inside slicks eventually did list the song.) Darling (S)/Don't Ever Let Me Down (S)/Love In Motion (S)/Hey France (S)/Please, Please (S)//Changes Have Begun (S)/Circles (S)/Believe Me (S)/Words (S)/Top Of The City (S)/Dawn Time Blooze (S)/What Come After (S)/Brother Louie (S)

KSBS 2069 - Minstrel in Flight - Roger Cook [1973]

KSBS 2070 -

KSBS 2071 - Honey in the Rock - Charlie Daniels [1973] (7-73, #164) Funky Junky/Big Man/Why Can't People/Revelations//Uneasy Rider/Midnight Lady/Somebody Loves You/No Place To Go

KSBS 2072 - Are You On Something? - Ray D'Ariano [4/73]

KSBS 2073-2 - The Golden Age of Rock 'N' Roll - Sha Na Na [1973] (4-73, #38) (2-LP set) Disc 1: Lover's Question/Latest Flame/Pretty Little Angel Eyes/Chantilly Lace/Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Little Darlin'/Heartbreak Hotel/Wild Weekend//Get A Job/Rock Around The Clock/Tears On My Pillow/Tell Laura I Love Her/Yakety Yak/Jailhouse Rock/Blue Moon/Teenager In Love; Disc 2: I Wonder Why/Runaround Sue/16 Candles/Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll/Rama Lama Ding Dong/Sea Cruise/Walk Don't Run//At The Hop/Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay/Hound Dog/Great Balls Of Fire/Lovers Never Say Goodbye

KSBS 2074 - Life - Exuma [1974] If It Feels Good, Do It/Paint It Black/Love Is Strange/The Jumping Dance/Iko Iko/You Can't Always Get What You Want//Night Time People/Hayride/Oh! Lovey/Sodom And Gomorrah/Kenyatta Alisha/Viva El Matador

KSBS 2075 - From the Streets of New York - Sha Na Na [1973] (12-73, #140) High School Confidential/The Wanderer/Splish Splash/Ring Around Your Neck/Get A Job/Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)//Tossin' And Turnin'/Earth Angel (Medley: Yogi - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White - Long Tall Sally)/Summertime Summertime/Come Go With Me/Chances Are/Goodnight Sweetheart

KSBS 2076 - Way Down Yonder - Charlie Daniels Band [1974] I've Been Down/Give This Fool Another Try/Low Down Lady/Land Of Opportunity//Way Down Yonder/Whiskey/I'll Always Remember That Song/Looking For Mary Jane

KSBS 2077 - Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay! - Sha Na Na [1973] (reissue of Kama Sutra KSBS 2010). Remember Then/Come Go With Me/Chantilly Lace/Little Darlin'/Long Tall Sally/Book Of Love/Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay//Young Love/A Teenager In Love/Little Girl Of Mine/Heartbreak Hotel/Teen Angel/Silhouettes/Lovers Never Say Goodbye

KSBS 2078 - Traveling Underground - Ian Lloyd & The Stories [1973] Bridges/Soft Rain/Hard When You're So Far Away/If It Feels Good, Do It/Mammy Blue//Stories Untold/I Can't Understand It/Earth Bound - Free Fall/Traveling Underground

2600 series

KSBS 2600 - Hot Sox - Sha Na Na [1974] (6-74, #165) Maybe I'm Old-Fashioned/(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet/Hot Sox/Easier Said Than Done/Stroll All Night/Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)//You Talk Too Much/Bad Boy/Too Chubby To Boogie/Don't You Just Know It/Dreams Come True

KSBS 2601 - Gino Cunico - Gino Cunico [1974]

KSBS 2602 - James Newton-Howard - James Newton-Howard [1974] Six B's/Bovere/Newton's Ego//Margaret I'm Home/Ducks

KSBS 2603 - Fire on the Mountain - Charlie Daniels Band [1974] (12-74, #38) Caballo Diablo/Long Haired Country Boy/Trudy/Georgia/Feeling Free//The South's Gonna Do It/New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed/No Place To Go/Orange Blossom Special

KSBS 2604 - That's the Song - J. Jocko [1975] (Formerly singer with Sha Na Na)

KSBS 2605 - Sha Na Now - Sha Na Na [1975] (8-75, #162) Shot Down In Denver/You're The Only Light On My Horizon Now/Runaway/Chills In My Spine/Sha-Bumpin'/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do//Basement Party/(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet/Don't Want To Say Goodbye/Shanghied/Party Lights/Circles Of Love

KSBS 2606 - Constantly - John Gary [1975]

KSBS 2607 - Nightrider - Charlie Daniels Band [1975] Texas/Willie Jones/Franklin Limestone/Evil/Everything Is Kinda' All Right//Funky Junky/Birmingham Blues/Damn Good Cowboy/Tomorrow's Gonna' Be Another Day

*KSBS 2608-2 - The Best...Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [1976] (4-76, #183) (2-LP set) Coconut Grove/Darling Be Home Soon/Daydream/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind/Didn't Want To Have To Do It/Do You Believe In Magic/4 Eyes/Jug Band Music/Lovin' You/Money/Nashville Cats/Never Going Back/Night Owl Blues/Rain On The Roof/She Is Still A Mystery/Six O'Clock/Summer In The City/Till I Run With You/Warm Baby/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice/Younger Generation/Younger Girl

KSBS 2609-2 - The Best...Sha Na Na - Sha Na Na [1976] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Get A Job/Heartbreak Hotel/Little Darlin'/Blue Moon/Yakety Yak//Rock Around The Clock/Tell Laura I Love Her/Chantilly Lace/Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Teenager In Love; Disc 2: Great Balls Of Fire/16 Candles/Romeo And Juliet/Earth Angel/Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do//Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay/Young Love/At The Hop/Silhouettes/Come Go With Me

KSBS 2610 -

KSBS 2611 - Another Monty Python Record/Monty Python's Previous Record - Monty Python [1976] (2-LP set)

*KSBS 2612-2 - The Essential...Charlie Daniels - Charlie Daniels [1976] (2-LP set) Big Man/Evil/Funky Junky/Give This Fool Another Try/Great Big Bunches Of Love/I'll Try Again Tomorrow/In The City/King Size Rosewood Bed/Land Of Opportunity/Low Down Lady/Midnight Lady/No Place To Go/Somebody Loves You/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/Uneasy Rider/Way Down Yonder/Whiskey

*KSBS 2613-2 - The Best...Brewer and Shipley - Brewer & Shipley [1976] (2-LP set) All Along The Watchtower/Black Sky/Don't Wanna Be In Georgia/Fly Fly Fly/Lady Like You/Merciful Love/Oh Mommy/One Toke Over The Line/Rise Up (Easy Rider)/Rock Me On The Water/Ruby On The Morning/Seems Like A Long Time/Shake Off The Demon/Tarkio Road/The Light/Too Soon Tomorrow/When Everybody Comes Home/Witchi Tai To/Working On The Well/Yankee Lady

KSBS 2614 - Joie de Vivre! - Diana Markovitz [1976]

KSBS 2615-2 - The Best...Buzzy Linhart - Buzzy Linhart [1976] (2-LP set) Tornado (S)/Cheat-Cheat-Lied (S)/Heaven (S)/You Got What It Takes (S)/Time To Go (S)//The Time To Live Is Now (S)/I Don't Ever Want To Say Goodbye (S)/You Got A Reputation (S)/Friends (S, original version)/That's The Bag I'm In (S)/Tell Me True (S)//Leila (S)/Take Me To The Pilot (S)/The Love's Still Growing (S)/Sing Joy-Tutti Frutti (S)//Don't You Pay Me No Mind (S)/Rollin' On (S)/Crazy (S)/Talk About A Morning (S)/Good Face (S)/Friends (S, previously unreleased version)

KSBS 2616-2 - The Essential...Jim Dawson - Jim Dawson [1976] (2-LP set) Songman (S)/Saturday Airplane (S)/Good Mornin' Mornin' (S)/Must I Really (S)/Man In Question (S)/It's Because (S)//I Will Be Seeing You On Sunday (S)/Once Was A Time I Thought-Now And Then (S)/There Is A Time (S)/City Song (S)/Simple Song (S)//When You Finally Come Around (S)/In An English Garden (S)/Heather (S)/Wednesday (S)/This Good Earth (S)//The Other Side (S)/Gentle Woman (S)/Stephanie (S)/All I've Got Right Now (S)

KSBS 2617 - Ask Anyone - I Don't Care [1976] Fire/Talkin' To You People/Find Your Garden/Appreciate/Packard Electric Blues//Call It What/Gone Away/I Think Of You/The Answer

KSBS 2618 - Preshus Child - Alex Harvey [1976] Catfish Bates/Lonesome Cup Of Coffee/Tennessee Woman/ Till The Fiddle Comes Off Of That Wall/Play My Cards (Wherever They May Fall)//So I'm Down, But I Ain't Out/Tulsa Turnaround/Highroller/You Make It All Blue/I'll Take A Tango

KSBS 2619 - Dirty Diamond - Diamond Reo [1976]

Miscellaneous series

*KOPS 750-2 - 24 Karat Hits - Lovin' Spoonful [1968] (2-LP set) Blues In The Bottle/Daydream/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind/Didn't Want To Have To Do It/Do You Believe In Magic/Henry Thomas/Jug Of Wine/Money/Nashville Cats/Never Goin' Back/Night Owl Blues/Only Pretty What A Pity/Only Yesterday/Rain On The Roof/Revolution/Run With You/She Is Still A Mystery/Six O'Clock/Summer In The City/Try A Little/Voodoo In My Basement/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice/Younger Girl

KLPS 9002 - More Golden Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [?]

Thanks to DeSoto Joe, Dan Futlik, Margaret C. Perry Anderson, Eamonn Keane, Gerry Ross, Zdenek Rada, David Bernaldo de Quiros, Steve of SteveStuff, and Curtiis.

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