Vault Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts, and David Edwards
Last update: March 12, 2010

Jack Lewerke Vault Records was established in 1963 by Jack Lewerke and Ralph Kaffel. Lewerke had been in the record business in Los Angeles for years. He started in 1946 with Record Shack, a jazz and blues 78rpm record store on Wilshire Blvd. He started Clef magazine, a jazz publication, in 1949, and by the next year was hired by Les Koenig to do A&R for his jazz endeavors. Lewerke and Koenig started California Record Distributors in 1952, where Lewerke was President. Kaffel started working for Lewerke in the warehouse in 1953, and Lewerke and Kaffel bought out Koenig in 1957. By the 1960s Lewerke was also owner of Merit Distributors, and Lewerke and Kaffel were part owners in a four-store chain of record stores called Sam's Jazz Shops. In his spare time, Lewerke was a producer of jazz records for Atlantic and others, working at times with Phil Spector. With all that experience, distribution network, and industry know-how, why not start your own record label? Why not, indeed.

As a startup, Lewerke reached out to his friends at Atlantic and arranged for Atco to distribute his new Vault Records for the first couple of years.

Quads single showing Atco distribution. One of the first artists signed to the label was a group called the Challengers. The Challengers were one of Southern California's first surf bands, having evolved from an earlier group called the Belairs. Drummer Richard Delvy became one of Vault Records' first producers, and brought other surf afficionados like Gary Usher to the label. Of the first dozen albums issued on the label's main series, seven were by the Challengers and all but two were surf or hot-rod related.

One of the first dozen albums issued was a jazz album by Jack Wilson. After that was issued, Vault started a Jazz Series and the remaining jazz releases were issued there.

Other singles in the first few years were by Bruno & the Gladiators, the Invictas, the Beach Girls, Grand Prix, the Quads ("Surfin' Hearse," Vault 907), Andy Belvin, Caesar & Cleo, the Travelers, Lee Brackett, and Leon Gardner. Although some of these, as well as the Challengers singles, sold in California, none were national hits.

Vault's first chart hit So for the first four years of its existence, Vault was primarily a surf rock label (with a touch of jazz, Lewerke's primary love). In October, 1965, when Sonny and Cher hit it big with "I Got You Babe" for Atco, Vault dusted off a single the two had recorded earlier as Caesar & Cleo, "The Letter"/"Spring Fever" [Vault 909], and reissued it as by Sonny & Cher [Vault 916]. The trick worked, as the record made #75 nationally, the first national chart hit Vault ever had. At the time, Vault was being distributed by Autumn Records in San Francisco. Just a few months later, Autumn would run out of money, and Vault ended up with the entire Autumn catalog, possibly partly due to money owed.

By 1967, surf music was definitely passé, so something new was needed. In addition to continuing the jazz series, Lewerke's purchase in 1966 of the Autumn label masters resulted in several new albums, including a compilation of some of the obscure Autumn singles and unreleased masters collected on an album called San Francisco Roots. [Vault SLP-119]. A new group was signed: the Chambers' Brothers, and they provided three albums and a greatest hits package, in addition to a minor hit with their version of "Shout!, Part 1" [Vault 945, 12/68, #83].

But by 1969, six years into the life of the label, they still had not had a major chart hit. That year they issued an album by Elaine Brown, member and future Chair of the Black Panther Party, called Seize the Time, featuring a drawing of a man with an automatic rifle aimed at something (or someone). Despite the revolutionist controversy, this didn't chart, either, and Lewerke decided to unload the financial burden of the label.

Vault was sold to National Tape Distributors of Milwaukee (owned by James Tiedjens) in August 1969. In the same deal, Tiedjens got several other companies owned by Lewerke and Kaffel, including California Record Distributors, Hitsville (a distributorship which handled Motown), and United Tape Distributors. Lewerke was hired by Tiedjens to continue running Vault Records, Hitsville, and California Record Distributors, which he did until he resigned in June, 1971. By that time, National was having problems keeping the label afloat and was headed for bankruptcy. A few months before they would have been forced to file for bankruptcy, Jack Lewerke re-purchased the Vault label master tapes, but essentially shut down Vault Records for new releases. Tiedjens filed for Chapter XI bankruptcy for National Tape Distributors in May, 1972.

Vault Records had issued over 70 singles and 50 albums, with two minor chart hits to show for it. But their success in record collectors' eyes will always be the early surf records that helped define that genre.

Other singles on Vault (by artists not having albums) included releases by Judy Hughes, Vivian Roberts, Doug Corby, the Bandidos, the Lollipops, Deuces Wild, the Wooden Nickels, the Braceros, Mayf Nutter, Booker T. Averheart, the Flower Pot, Tommy Neal, Long Underwear, Mark Richardson, Billy Keane, Hobart, Bobby Randolph, the Mexican Xpress, Mary Lou & the New World, Johnny Fortune, Glenn "Bassman" Green, Goldie Johnson, Philip Walker & the Tracers, Bobby Montgomery, and Broken Arrow. Almost all of these were one-shot efforts.

Epilogue: Ralph Kaffel became President of Fantasy Records in 1973. In 1975, Jack Lewerke and a couple of new partners formed JAS Records and reissued some of the Vault/Autumn tapes on that imprint. Jack Lewerke died of a heart attack while watching television at home on November 13, 1977.

The first label design had the label name in the middle of the label, with the center hole inside the letter "U" in "VAULT." This design used three different colors, two of which are shown here: orange background with black print (far left), light aqua with silver print (near left), and dark blue with silver print (not shown). This label design was used in 1963 and 1964, but some leftover labels of this design were used as late as 1968, which is when the Kid Ory album (shown) came out.
Around 1965, the label design changed to put the label name at the top of the label (far left). This design had an aqua background with silver print, but was also issued in dark blue with silver print (not shown). A later variation, starting about 1968, had the label name in simple block print at the right side of the label (as shown at near left). This label also had a dark blue label variation with silver print. In fact, the particular label design and color found on any particular album before the 1969 sale to National Tape Distributors was always a surprise, as they seemed to use whatever label blanks were handy.
In 1969, with the sale of the label to National Tape Distributors, the label changed to red with black print, with the label name to the left of the center hole. Promotional versions of this design were on a white label with black print, with the label name, stereo designation, speed, and side in red.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Vault 100 (Main) Series:

LP/VS 100 - Surfbeat - Challengers [1963] Also issued on orange vinyl. Bulldog (S)/Kami-Kaze (E)/Let's Go Trippin' (S)/Ramrod (S)/Mr. Moto (S)/Red River Rock (S)//Miserlou (S)/Latin'ia (S)/Surfin' Safari (S)/Movin' & Groovin' (S)/Vampire (E)/Torquay (S)

LP/VS 101 - Lloyd Thaxton Goes Surfin' with the Challengers - Challengers [1963] Also released on various colored vinyl issues (orange, red, yellow, or blue). Tidal Wave (S)/Dance With The Guitar Man (S)/So What (S)/Satan's Theme (S)/Can't Sit Down (S)/Moon Dawg (S)//The Ventures Medley (S)/Surfer's Pony (S)/The Twomp (S)/Comin' Home Baby (S)/Foot Patter (S)/Rampage (S)

LP/VS 101a - Surfin' with the Challengers - Challengers [1963] Reissue of LP/VS 101, above, but retitled to eliminate Lloyd Thaxton. Also issued on red vinyl, and possibly other colors. Tidal Wave (S)/Dance With The Guitar Man (S)/So What (S)/Satan's Theme (S)/Can't Sit Down (S)/Moon Dawg (S)//The Ventures Medley (S)/Surfer's Pony (S)/The Twomp (S)/Comin' Home Baby (S)/Foot Patter (S)/Rampage (S)

LP/VS 102 - The Challengers on the Move - Challengers [1963] Foot Tapper (S)/On Broadway (S)/Happy Cowboy (S)/The Breeze And I (S)/Hava Nagila (S)//Dance On (S)/Apache (S)/Guitar Tango (S)/Adventures In Paradise (S)/On The Move (S)

LP/VS 103 - Oldies, Goodies and Woodies - Various Artists [1964] He's My Surfin' Guy - Beach Girls/Foot Tapper - Busy Bodies/Goofy Foot - Vibrants/Diamonds/Spanish Harlem/Chiflado - Challengers/Runaway/Bobby's The Boy - Surfer Girls/Istanbul - Bruno & Gladiators/Wildfire/Limbo Rock/Man Of Mystery - Challengers

LP/VS 104 - Hot Rod City - Various Artists [1964] Candy Apple Buggy - Grand Prix/RPM - Customs/'41 Ford - Grand Prix/Competition Coupe - Customs/Maybellene - Grand Prix/Surfin' Hearse - Quads/Little Deuce Coupe - Quads//Goin' 88 - Grand Prix/Hot Rod City - Customs/Shut Down - Quads/Nifty '50 - Customs/409 - Quads/'54 Corvette - Customs/Little Queenie - Quads

LP/VS 105 - Surfbeat, Volume 2 - Surf Riders [1964] Wipe Out/Teen Scene/Memphis/Hot Pastrami/Surfbeat/Rum Runner/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Sloop John B./Ram-Bunk-Shus/Surfer's Blues/Sunset Surfing/Love Potion #9

LP/VS 106 -

LP/VS 107 - K-39 - Challengers [1964] K-39 (S)/Out Of Limits (S)/Wipe Out (S)/Mr. Rebel (S)/Telstar (S)/Mark Of Zorro (S)//Back Beat (S)/One Mint Julep (S)/Bedlam (S)/Chiflado (S)/Just Drums (S)

LP/VS108 - The Jazz Organs - Jack Wilson [1964] My Favorite Things/One Mint Julep/Lonely Avenue/Street Scene/Cain's Abel Blues 'N Boogie/For Carl

LP/VS 109 - Surf's Up! The Challengers on TV - Challengers [1965] Surf's Up (Theme)/K-39/Mr. Moto '65/Ross At Sunset/Chiflado '65/Kami Kaze '65/Pipeline '65//Foot Tapper/Moondawg/Torquay/Theme from The Adventures of Delvy McNort/Apache '65/Channel Nine/Wipe Out '65

LP/VS 110 - Challengers A Go Go - Challengers [1966] Satisfaction/Seventh Son/She's A Woman/Wonderful World/Johnny B. Goode/Sticks And Stones/(others)

LP/VS 111 - Challengers' Greatest Hits - Challengers [1967] Pipeline (S)/Wipe Out (S)/Back Beat (S)/Mr. Moto (S)/Telstar (S)/Apache (S)//Moon Dawg (S)/K-39 (S)/Bedlam (S)/Sloop John B. (S)/Mr. Rebel (S)/Foot Tapper (S)

LP/VS 112 -

LP/SLP 113 - West Coast Love-In - Various Artists [1967] Time Is After You - Peanut Butter Conspiracy/One-Nine-Six-Seven - Peanut Butter Conspiracy/Big Bummer - Peanut Butter Conspiracy/Floating Dream - Peanut Butter Conspiracy/Every Little Prayer - Ashes/Is There Anything I Can Do? - Ashes//Dark On You Now - Ashes/Roses Gone - Ashes/(She Don't Want To) Tie Me Down - Chambers Brothers/Don't Lose Your Cool - Chambers Brothers/Girl, We Love You - Chambers Brothers/There She Goes - Chambers Brothers

LP/SLP 114 - The Best Of The Beau Brummels - Beau Brummels [1967] Laugh Laugh (S)/Still In Love With You Baby (S)/Just A Little (S)/They'll Make You Cry (S)/You Tell Me Why (S)/Don't Talk To Strangers (S)/In Good Time (S)/Sad Little Girl (S)/Ain't That Loving You Baby (S)/Good Time Music (E)

LP/SLP 115 - Now! - Chambers Brothers [1967] Introduction To/High Heel Sneakers/Baby Please Don't Go/What'd I Say/Long Tall Sally//Bony Maronie/It's Groovin' Time/You Don't Have To Go/C.C. Rider/So Fine

LP/SLP 116 - The Look of Love, The Sound of Soul - Sam Fletcher [1967] Don't Let Me Lose This Dreams/What ll I Do/Please Send Me Someone To Love/Theme From "Hotel"/Watch What Happens/God Only Knows/I Believe In You/The Look Of Love (From "Casino Royale")/Release Me/You'd Better Come Home

LP/SLP 117 - Tanyet - Ceyleib People [1968] Leyshem/Zendan/Ceyladd Beyta/Becal/Ddom/Toadda Bb/Dyl/Ralin/Tygstl/Pendyl/Jacayl/Menyatt Dyl Com

LP/SLP 118 - Anna - Anna Margarida [1968] Sonho De Um Carnaval/If We Lived On Top Of A Mountain/Cancao Do Amanhecer/Why/The Fool On The Hill//Veleiro/When I Look In Your Eyes/Tristeza De Amar/When You're Away From Me/Love Is Where You Are

At about this point, mono is discontinued and subsequent releases are in stereo only.

SLP 119 - San Francisco Roots - Various Artists [1968] Somebody To Love - Great Society (E)/Free Advice - Great Society (E)/Stick Like Glue - Beau Brummels (S)/That's If You Want Me To - Beau Brummels (S)/Dance With Me - Mojo Men (E)/She's My Baby - Mojo Men (E)/I - Knight Riders (E)//Don't Talk To Strangers - Beau Brummels (S)/Sad Little Girl - Beau Brummels (S)/Anything - Vejtables (E)/I Still Love You - Vejtables (E)/Darkest Night Of The Year - Tikis (E)/Pay Attention To Me - Tikis (E)

SLP 120 - The Chambers Brothers Shout - Chambers Brothers [1968] Johnny B. Goode/Blues, Get Off My Shoulder/I Got It-Shout/There She Goes/Seventeen/Pretty Girls Everywhere/It Rained The Day You Left/So Fine/Love Me Like The Rain

SLP 121 - Vol. 44 - Beau Brummels [1968] Gentle Wanderin' Ways (E)/Fine With Me (E)/Dream On, Dream On, Dream (E)/I Want More Lovin' (S)/I've Never Known (S)/Oh, Lonesome Me (S)//When It Comes To Your Love (S)/Doesn't Matter (S)/More Than Happy (S)/That's All Right (S)/Can It Be (S)/Louie, Louie (S)

SLP 122 - Thunder On A Clear Day - Twentieth Century Zoo [1968] Quiet Before The Storm/Rainbow/Bull Frog/Love In Your Face/You Don't Remember/It's All In My Head/Blues With A Feeling (Jam)

SLP 123 - Ragamuffin Child - Lindy Michaels [1968] Bottle Of Wine/Deep Blue Sea/Cloudy/Tell Old Bill/Communicabole Dieseases/Anti Love Song//San Francisco Blues/Nobody Loses All The Time/And We Were Strangers/You Been A Good Ol' Wagon/Here There And Everywhere/Suzanne

SLP 124 - Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge [1969] Crackshot/Hey Jude/Watch Your Step/Three Minute And Ten Second Blues//Brought Up Wrong/Medley: Eight Miles High-Paint It Black/You've Got The Power/Gonna Lay Down And Die (Slow Blues)

SLP 125 - The Ashes Featuring Pat Taylor - Ashes [1969] Gone To Sorrow/Sleeping Serenade/Homeward Bound/Sands Of Love/My Life Has Changed/Return Home/Her Invention/Look Around Rock/The Now/Rainbows/Simple Complexities

SLP 126 - Waldo De Los Rios & His Symphony-Pop Orchestra Play the International Hits - Waldo De Los Rios & His Symphony-Pop Orchestra [1969] (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay/Words/Hey Jude/What A Wonderful World/If I Were A Carpenter/La Source/Aranjuez, Mon Amour/Delilah/Honey/Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Help Yourself/Those Were The Days/Little Green Apples

SLP 127 - Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii - Hawaiian Strings Conducted by Joe Bruns [1969] South Sea Island Magic/Hawaiian Paradise/Moonlight And Shadows/To You, Sweetheart, Aloha/Paradise Isle/Song Of Old Hawaii/Blue Hawaii/Moonlight Time In Old Hawaii/Sweet Leilani/Aloha Nui Hawaii/My Tane/Ka Pua

SLP 128 - Feelin' The Blues - Chambers Brothers [1969] Blues Get Off My Shoulder/Don't Lose Your Cool/Girls We Love You/House Of The Rising Sun/I Got A Woman/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Travel On My Way/Undecided [*]

SLP 129 - California Mudslide (and Earthquake) - Lightnin' Hopkins [1969] California Mudslide/Rosie Mae/Los Angeles Blues/Easy On Your Heels/New Santa Fe/Jesus, Would You Come By Here/No Education/Antoinette's Blues/Change My Way Of Living/Los Angeles Boogie/Call On My Baby

SLP 130 - Natchez Trace - Papa George Lightfoot [1969] My Woman Is Tired Of Me Lyin'/New Mean Old Train/Love My Baby/Goin' Down That Muddy Road//Ah Come On Honey/I Heard Somebody Cryin'/Take It Witcha/Nighttime

Back Cover SLP 131 - Seize the Time - Elaine Brown/Black Panther Party [1969] Spoken word/soul/funk. Elaine Brown was Chair of the Black Panther Party 1974-1977. Seize The Time/The Panther/And All Stood By/The End Of Silence/The Meeting (The Black Panther Party National Anthem)//Very Black Man/Take It Away/One Time/Assassination/Pappa's Come Home

SLP 132 - Chuck Bridges and the L.A. Happening - Chuck Bridges & L.A. Happening [1969] L.A. Happening/Keep Your Faith, Baby/Payin' Your Dues/State Of Confusion/Things I Didn't Do/Bad Sam/Girl Wanted/Makin' The Rounds/Head Over Heels/A Boy And A Girl/Fox Tale/She Don't Love Me

SLP 133 - The Phil Spector Song Book - Monday Blues [1970] Walking In The Rain/Baby I Love You/Do I Love You?/Is This What I Get?/He's Sue The Boy I Love/Breakin' Up/I Can Hear Music/Then He Kissed Me/Chapel Of Love/Be My Baby/You Baby

SLP 134 - Trill It Like It Was - Templeton Twins (Tippy & Terry) with Teddy Turner's Bunsen Burners [1970] Light My Fire/McArthur Park/Yesterday/Spinning Wheel/Something/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Hey Jude/Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You/Our Way/Ooh Ooh Guru/Everybody's Talkin'

SLP 135/2 - The Chambers Brothers Greatest Hits - Chambers Brothers [1970] (2-LP set) You've Got Me Running/People Get Ready/Call Me/Hooka Tooka/There She Goes/It Rained The Day You Left/Baby, Please Don't Go/So Fine/High Heel Sneakers/It's Groovin' Time/Seventeen/Pretty Girls Everywhere/Girls, We Love You/Blues, Get Off My Shoulder/I Got It- Shout/Johnny B. Goode/House Of The Rising Sun/Don't Lose Your Cool/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Travel On My Way/Undecided

SLP 136 - Catch The Wind - We Five [1970] Here Comes The Sun/Early Mornin' Rain/Belong Beside You/Catch The Wind/One Last Time/Oh Lonesome Me//Never Goin' Back/For Lovin' Me/Come And Sit Down Beside Me/Tomorrow Is A Long Time/Milk Cow Blues

SLP 137 - Ja, Da A Da! - Pugh [Rogefeldt] [1970] Love, Love, Love/Here Comes The Night (Här Kommer Natten)/Surabaya Johnny/Tell The Dusty Skies (Sma Lätta Moln)/It's Good, It's Fine (Dä A Bra Dä A Fint)//I'm Sitting Here Rocking (Jag Sitter Och Gungar)/Doris (Signe)/Colinda/Have You Seen Me, Huh? (Haru Sett Mej Va)/You Switched The Light On, Andersson (Du Tände Lyset Andersson)

SLP 138 - Morning - Morning [1970] Angelina/Early Morning/Tell Me A Story/Easy Keeper/Roll Em Down/Sleepy Eyes//New Day/As It Was/Time/It'll Take Time/And I'm Gone/Dirt Roads

Vault LP/SLP 9000 Jazz series:

LP 1001/SLP 9001 - Jack Wilson Plays Brazilian Mancini - Jack Wilson Quartet [1965] With Roy Ayers, Chico Batera, Sebastiao Neto and "Tony Brazil." Blue Satin/Days Of Wine And Roses/Sally's Tomato/Softly//Illusion/Mr. Lucky/Breakfast At Tiffany's/Dear Heart/Night Flower

LP/SLP 9002 - Ramblin' - Jack Wilson Quartet [1966] With Roy Ayers, Monk Montgomery and Varner Barlow. Ramblin'/Stolen Moments/Kilo/Impressions/The Sandpiper/Pensativa

LP/SLP 9003 - People Get Ready - Chambers Brothers [1966] Yes, Yes, Yes/Tore Up Over You/Reconsider Baby/You've Got Me Running/People Get Ready/Money (That's What I Want)//You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)/Hooka Tooka/Call Me/Summertime/Your Old Lady/It's All Over Now

LP/SLP 9004 - Big Band - 1967 - Charlie Barnet Big Band [1967] Rabble Rouser/Satin Doll/Bali Bali Buck Dance/Something To Live For/Upper Manhattan Medical Group/Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie!/Snowfall/Introduction To An Ending/'Deed I Do/Boomerang

LP/SLP 9005 - Live at Shelly's Manne-Hole - Larry Bunker Quartette featuring Gary Burton [1967] I Love You/Sweet Rain/Waltz For A Lovely Wife/Panther Pause/All The Things You Are/My Foolish Heart/Israel

At about this point, mono is discontinued and subsequent releases are in stereo only.

SLP 9006 - Kid Ory - Live - Kid Ory [1968] Oh, Didn't He Ramble/Down Home Rag/South/Dipper Mouth/High Society/Muskrat Ramble//Mahogany Hall Stomp/Do What Ory Say/My Gal Sal/Maryland, My Maryland/Eh, La Bas/Tiger Rag

SLP 9007 - Hey Jude - Jimmy Caravan [1969] Of A Brass Monkey/Light My Fire/UFO/Equinox/Walk On By//Hey Jude/Cyclops/The Dock Of The Bay/Mustang

SLP 9008 - Hot Tamale Man - South Frisco Jazz Band [1969] The Hot Tamale Man/Smokehouse Blues/Oriental Man/Someday Sweetheart/When Erastis Plays His Old Kazoo//Sweet Lotus Blossom/Big Chief Axe/Go Back Where You Stayed/New Orleans Suffle/South Frisco Blues

SLP 9009 - Hampton Hawes Plays Movie Musicals - Hampton Hawes Trio & the Blue Strings [1969] Where Is Love/When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love/My Man/The Music That Makes Me Dance/Old Devil Moon/How Are Things In Glocca Morra?/As Long As She Needs Me/People

SLP 9010 - High in the Sky - Hampton Hawes Trio [1970] With Hampton Hawes (piano), Leroy Vinnegar (bass), and Donald Bailey (drums). High In The Sky/Carmel/Spanish Girl//The Look Of Love/Evening Trane/Muffin Man

SLP 9011 - The Wonder Bag - Ernie Watts Encounter [1971] Nothing's Too Good For My Baby/Never Had A Dream Come True/I'd Be A Fool Right Now/My Cherie Amour/You Met Your Match//Ain't No Lovin'/I Was Made To Love Her/Angie Girl/Ain't That Askin' For Trouble

SLP 9012 - I Stand Alone - Charles Owens' Mother Lode [1971] I Stand Alone/Mother Lode/Child Of Darkness/Cool It/Black Pride/Water Brother/Nightingale/I Want To Take You Higher

Promotional Issue:

416/417 - Special Vault Stereo LP - Various Artists [1967] Promotional record only. The Look Of Love - Sam Fletcher with Harry Betts Orchestra/The Sidewinder - Jack Wilson Quartet/Carnaval - Anna Margarida with Dave Roberts Orchestra/Snowfall - Charlie Barnet Big Band/Watch What Happens - Sam Fletcher with Harry Betts Orchestra/Dear Heart - Jack Wilson Quintet//Days Of Wine And Roses - Jack Wilson Quintet with Antonio Carlos Jobim on guitar/Fool On The Hill - Anna Margarida with Dave Roberts Orchestra/Satin Doll - Charlie Barnet Big Band/What'll I Do - Sam Fletcher with Harry Betts Orchestra/Stolen Moments - Jack Wilson Quartet

Related CDs:

Sundazed (US):
SC 6029 - Surfbeat - Challengers [1994] Bulldog (S)/Kami-Kaze (M)/Let's Go Trippin' (S)/Ramrod (S)/Mr. Moto (S)/Red River Rock (S)/Miserlou (S)/Latin'ia (S)/Surfin' Safari (S)/Movin' & Groovin' (S)/Vampire (M)/Torquay (S)/Penetration (S)/Surf Beat (Delvy's Drums) (S)

SC 6030 - Lloyd Thaxton Goes Surfing with the Challengers - Challengers [1994] Moondawg (S)/(Dance With The) Guitar Man (S)/Comin' Home Baby (S)/You Can't Sit Down (S)/Foot Patter (S)/Rampage (S)/Ventures' Medley (S)/Surfer's Pony (S)/The Twomp (S)/Tidal Wave (S)/Satan's Theme (S)/So What (S)/Out Of Limits (S)/Moondawg (S, alternate version, faster, without sound effects)

SC 6031 - The Challengers on the Move: "Surfing Around the World" - Challengers [1994] Foot Tapper (S)/On Broadway (S)/Happy Cowboy (S)/The Breeze And I (S)/Hava Nagila (S)/Dance On (S)/Apache (S)/Guitar Tango (S)/Adventures In Paradise (S)/On The Move (S)/Stick Shift (S)/Road-Runner (S)/Lead Foot (S)/Rev-Up (S)

SC 6032 - K-39 - Challengers [1994] K-39 (S)/Out Of Limits (S)/Wipe Out (S)/Mr. Rebel (S)/Telstar (S)/Mark Of Zorro (S)/Back Beat (S)/One Mint Julep (S)/Bedlam (S)/Chiflado (S)/Just Drums (S)/Hot Rod Show (S)/Hot Rod Hootenanny (S)/The Fastest Time (S)

SC 11024 - Tidal Wave! - Challengers [1995] Satan's Theme (S, alternate take)/So What (S, alternate take)/Ramrod (S, alternate take)/Sunset Surfing (S)/Bediah (S, alternate take)/Moovin' & Groovin' (S, alternate take)/Foot Patter (S, alternate take)/Man Of Mystery (S)/Mr. Rebel (S, alternate take)/Dance With The Guitar Man (S, alternate take)/Wild One (S)/Mr. Moto (S, alternate take)/Let's Go (S)/Dance On (S, alternate take)/Ross At Sunset (S)/Wonderful Land (S)/Theme From "The Adventures Of Delvy McNort" (S)/Channel Nine (S)

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