Gene Norman Presents/GNP-Crescendo Album Discography, Part 7
Miscellaneous Series

By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 7, 2007

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

GNP 100/GNPS 200 Dixieland Series:

GNP 101 monaural, GNPS 201 stereo - Dixie By Gaslight - Singleton Palmer Dixieland Band [1962] Tin Roof Blues/High Society/Careless Love/Sweet Georgia Brown/Maryland My Maryland/St. Louis Blues/Ballin' The Jack/Muskrat Ramble/When the Saints Go Marching In

GNP/GNPS 600 Exotica Series:

GNP/GNPS 601 - Rites of the Pagan - Elisabeth Waldo [1960] Reissued on CD in 1994 as part of Sacred Rites [GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2225]. Serpent & The Eagle/Within The Temple Of Macuilzochitl/Chant To The Sun/Papaganga Lament/Ritual Of The Human Sacrifice/Quechuan Love Song/Festival Of Texatlipoca/Mountain Spirit Dance/Wa-Sho-Sho Lullaby/Penitente Procession

GNP/GNPS 602 - Himself! - T.C. Jones [1961] Thomas Craig Jones was a female impersonator comedian. Opening-I've Got The World On A String/Kathryn Hepburn-Just One Of Those Things/Bette Davis-Bill/Deborah Kerr/Tallulah Bankhead-I'll Be Seeing You/Louella Parsons-You Ought To Be In Pictures/Importation Singer-I Cover The Waterfront/Shelly Winters-How Did He Look/Closing-All In Fun

GNP/GNPS 603 - Realm of the Incas - Elisabeth Waldo [1961] Reissued on CD in 1994 as part of Sacred Rites [GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2225]. Land Of The Sun Kings/Song Of The Chasqui/Incan Festival Dance/On The High Plateau/Making Chicha/Balsa Boat/Swinging The Quipu/Saycusca!/Dance Of The Nustas/Entrance Of Pizzaro

GNP/GNPS 604 - Lessons in Love - Helen Gurley Brown [1962] How To Have An Affair-& Live Happily Ever After/How To Behave At Home-If You're Misbehaving Away From Home/Getting The Most From Your Secretary/Little Man You'll Have A Busy Day/How To Say No To A Girl/How To Love Your Wife & Nobody Else/How To Love A Man If You Aren't Pretty/How To Say No To A Man/Who/Unfaithful Wives' Tales/How To Love A Boss/How To Talk To A Man In Bed/How To Love Your Husband & Nobody Else

GNP/GNPS 605 - Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman (At the Crescendo) - Arthur Lyman [1963] Similau/Days Of Wine And Roses/Te Manu Pakarua/Waltz Latino/China Nights/Night Train/Pu Pu Hino Hino/Crickets Of Karachi/Cindy Oh Cindy/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Song Of Delilah/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue

GNP/GNPS 606 - Paradise - Arthur Lyman [1964] Poinciana/Stranger In Paradise/Shangri-La/Now Is The Hour/Mountain High, Valley Low/Vini Vini/South Sea Island Magic/Pearly Shells/Off Shore/Baubles Bangles And Beads/Song Of India/Aloha Oe

GNP/GNPS 607 - Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Arthur Lyman [1965] Reissue of GNP- Crescendo GNP/GNPS 605 with a new cover. Similau/Days Of Wine And Roses/Te Manu Pakarua/Waltz Latino/China Nights/Night Train/Pu Pu Hino Hino/Crickets Of Karachi/Cindy Oh Cindy/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Song Of Delilah/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue

GNP/GNPS 2-608 - Helen Gurley Brown at Town Hall - Helen Gurley Brown [1966] 2-LP set.

GNP/GNPS 2-609 - 25 Greatest Instrumental Hits - Challengers [1967] 2-LP set. Born Free/The "In" Crowd/Somewhere My Love/A Taste Of Honey/A Summer Place/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Strangers In The Night/More/Stranger On The Shore/Alley Cat/Telstar/Penetration/Walk Don't Run!/Wipe Out/Out Of Limits/Tequila/The Man From U.N.C.L.E./The Lonely Bull/Memphis/Rebel Rouser/Only The Young/Pipeline/Raunchy/Work Song/Mr. Moto

GNP 1000 Harmonica Series:
Needless to say, it was a short series.

GNP 1001 - My Happiness - Mulcays [1958] Reissued as GNP 55. Near You/Saber Dance/You Can't Be True Dear/Now Is the Hour/If I Had You/Drifting & Dreaming/Beer Barrel Polka/Dream/It's Been a Long, Long Time/Alabamy Bound/Diane/Wabash Blues/bye Bye Blues/Echoing Hills/Beatin' the Bee

GNP 10000 Blues Series:

GNP 10001 - Tricks - Champion Jack Dupree [1972] Recorded in Paris on April 25, 1968, with Mickey Baker on guitar. The Tricks/Death Of Luther King/Ugly Woman/In The Evening/Take Me Back Baby/Early In The Morning//My Black & White Dog/My Next Door Neib/I Had A Dream/Goin' To Paris/I'm Tired Of Moanin'

GNPS-10002 - The Blues Is Everywhere - Memphis Slim [1972]

GNP 10003 - Sonny Boy Williamson and Memphis Slim in Paris - Sonny Boy Williamson & Memphis Slim [1972] Recorded live in the Blue Bar in Paris on December 1, 1963. The Skies Are Crying/Your Funeral And My Trial/Explain Yourself To Me/Nine Below Zero//Fattening Frogs For Snakes/My One Room Cabin/Getting Out Of Town

GNP 10004 - Feelin' Low Down - Big Bill Broonzy [1973] Big Bill Blues/Hey, Hey Baby/Low Land Blues/House Rent Stomp/Make My Getaway/John Henry/Feelin' Lowdown/Black, Brown and White/Blues in 1890/Whille Mae Blues/Guitar Shuffle/In the Evening/What I Used to Do/Lonesome Road Blues

GNP 10005 - Happy to Be Free - Champion Jack Dupree With Mickey Baker and Hal Singer [1973] I'm Happy To Be Free/One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer/Dupree's Special/She's Mad//Speakeasy Days/I Love You So/The Death of Louis/It's a Hard Pill to Swallow

GNP 2-10006 - The Best of Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed [1974] 2-LP set. High and Lonesome/Boogie in the Dark/You Don't Have to Go/Take Out Some Insurance/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/You Got Me Dizzy/Down in Virginia/Honest I Do/Found Love/Going to New York/Baby, What You Want Me to Do/I Ain't Got You/Big Boss Man/Tell the World I Do/Bright Lights, Big City/Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth/Laughin' at the Blues/Shame, Shame, Shame/Baby What's Wrong/I'm Going Upside Your Head

GNP 2-10007 - The Best of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1974] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Talk That Talk/Dimples/Hobo Blues/Boogie Chillun/Little Wheel//Process/Blues Before Sunrise/Let's Make It/No Shoes/Drug Store Woman; Disc 2: Boom Boom/I'm In The Mood/Maudie/Crawlin' Kingsnake/Tupelo//Whiskey And Wimmen'/I'm Goin' Upstairs/Want-Ad Blues/Five Long Years/My First Wife Left Me

GNP 10008 - Travelin' Light - Ernie Andrews [1975] Travelin' Light/I'm Gonna Move To the Outskirts of Town/Until the Real Thing Comes Along/Bernie's Tune/Slide, Mr. Trombone/I'm Afraid the Masquerade Is Over/Just You, Just Me/'Round Midnight/Song of the Wanderer/In the Dark/Squeeze Me/Sunset Eyes/Lover Come Back To Me

GNP 10009 - Lonesome Road Blues - Big Bill Broonzy [1974] Louise, Louise Blues/Letter to My Baby/Stand Your Test in Judgement/Do Right Blues/Low Down Blues/Coal Black Curly Hair/Lonesome Road Blues/Hey Bud Blues/Baby Please Don't Go/Down by the Riverside/Kind-Hearted Blues/When Did You Leave Heaven?/John Henry

GNP X 10010 - Legacy of the Blues - Various Artists [1976] ($2.98 Sampler) Aberdeen Mississippi Blues - Bukka White/Snooks Eaglin - Snooks Eaglin/Found My Baby Gone - Champion Jack Dupree/Wishy Washy Woman - Mighty Joe Young/I'm a Blues Man - Juke Boy Bonner/Black Gal You're Sure Looking Warm - Big Joe Williams/Long Time Gone - Memphis Slim/Starry Crown Blues - J.D. Short/I'm Going to Have Myself a Ball - Robert Pete Williams/Cannonball - Eddie Boyd/She's So Mellow - Sunnyland Slim/Please Help Poor Me - Lightnin' Hopkins

GNP 10011 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 1 - Bukka White [1978] Aberdeen Mississippi Blues/Baby Please Don't Go/New Orlenas Streamline/Parchman Farm Blues/Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home/Remembrance of Charlie Patton/Shake 'Em on Down/I Am in the Heavenly Way/Atlanta Special/Drunk Man Blues/Army Blues

GNP 10012 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 2 - Snooks Eaglin [1978] Boogie Chillun/Who's Loving You Tonight/Lucille/Drive It Home/Good News/Funky Malaquena/Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/That Same Old Train/I Get the Blues When It Rains/Young Boy Blues/Tomorrow Night/Little Girl of Mine

GNP 10013 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 3 - Champion Jack Dupree [1978] Vietnam Blues/Drunk Again/Found My Baby Gone/Anything You Want/Will It Be/You're The One/Down And Out/Roamin' Special/Life I Lead/Jit-A-Bug Jump

GNP 10014 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 4 - Mighty Joe Young [1978] Rock Me Baby/Baby Please/Just A Minute/Driving Wheel/Wishy Washy Woman/Early In The Morning/Sweet Kisses/Lookin' For You/It's Alright/I Have The Same Old Blues

GNP 10015 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 5 - Juke Boy Bonner [1978] I'm A Blues Man/Problems All Around/Trying To Get Ahead/If You Don't Want To Get Mistreated/Lonesome Ride Back Home/Funny Money/I'm Lonely Too/Real Good Woman/Come To Me/Yammin' The Blues/Better Place To Go/Tired Of The Greyhound Bus

GNP 10016 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 6 - Big Joe Williams [1978] I've Been Wrong But I'll Be Right/Black Gal You're Sure Looking Warm/When I First Left Home/Little Annie Mae/Levee Break Blues/Hang It On The Wall/Lone Wolf/This Heavy Stuff Of Mine/Tell My Mother/Big Fat Mama/Back On My Feet/Jefferson And Franklin Blues

GNP 10017 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 7 - Memphis Slim (Peter Chatman) [1978] Every Day I Have The Blues/I Am The Blues/Long Time Gone/Ballin' The Jack/Let's Get With It/Only Fools Have Fun/Broadway Boogie/Gambler's Blues/Freedom/Sassy Mae

GNP 10018 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 8 - J.D. Short [1978] Starry Crown Blues/My Rare Dog/By The Spoonful/You're Tempting Me/Sliding Delta/I'm Just Wastin' My Time/Red River Run/Help Me Some/East St. Louis/Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

GNPS-10019 - Legacy of the Blues, Vol. 9 - Robert Pete Williams [1978] Woman You Ain't No Good/Come Here, Sit Down On My Knee/Angola Penitentiary Blues/Late Night Boogie//Goin' Out Have Myself A Ball/Poor Girl Out On The Mountain/Graveyard Blues/You're My All Day Steady And My Midnight Dream/Keep Your Bad Dog Off Me

GNP 10020 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 10 - Eddie Boyd [1978] Lovesick Soul/I'm A Fool/Kindness For Weakness/Tell The Truth/Cannonball/Black, Brown And White/It's A Mellow Day/Do Yourself A Favour/Dedication To My Baby/Zip Code

GNP 10021 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 11 - Sunnyland Slim (Albert Luandrew) [1978] Couldn't Find A Mule/Gonna Be My Baby/Woman I Ain't Gonna Drink No More Whisky/Days Of Old/She Got A Thing Goin' On/She's So Mellow/Get Hip To Yourself/Bessie Mae/I Had It So Hard/She Used To Love Me

GNP 10022 - Legacy of the Blues, Volume 12 - Lightnin' Sam Hopkins [1978] Please Help Poor Me/Way Out In Abilene/Don't You Call That Boogie/Swing In The Backyard/Hearse Is Backed Up To The Door/That Meat's A Little Too High/Let Them Little Things Be True/I Been Burning Bad Gasoline/Don't You Mess With My Woman/Water Fallin' Boogie

GNP 10023 - Down Yonder - Snooks Eaglin [1980] Down Yonder/No More Doggin'/Talk To Your Daughter/Going to the River/Oh, Red!/Yours Truly/Traveling Mood/St. Pete, Florida/Teeny Bit Of Your Love/Mustang Sally/Let The Four Winds Blow/San Jose

GNP 11000 Series:

GNP2-11001 - Evening with Louis Armstrong & His All Stars in Concert - Louis Armstrong [1977] 2- LP set. Someday/Ole Miss/Perdido/My Bucket's Got a Hole In It/Sleepy Time Down South (2 takes)/Indiana/Tin Roof Blues/Dardanella/How High the Moon/The Gypsy/Undecided/Blues/That's My Desire/Kokomo/Didn't He Ramble

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