Gene Norman Presents/GNP-Crescendo Story
By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 7, 2007

The GNP label was formed in 1954 in Hollywood California by Gene Norman. The label was also known in some cases as Gene Norman Presents and GNP Crescendo. Gene Norman was president and Walt Heebner was General Manager. The label recorded popular and jazz. Gene Norman was also owner of the Crescendo night club in Los Angeles and many of the GNP live recordings were made at that location.

In 1963, Gene Norman sold the Crescendo night club to concentrate on the record label. At that point the label diversified from it's jazz and popular music base to record comedy, surf music, rock & roll, blues, folk and later Zydeco, psychedelic, and country music.

Today Neil Norman works with his father running the label and is one of the artists on the label. Neil Norman records Sci Fi music (music from the science fiction films). The GNP Crescendo label is still in business and has a Web Site.

The GNP label had two subsidiary labels, Dixieland Jubilee and Whippet. GNP also distributed the jazz label Zephyr.

The first "Gene Norman Presents" label was light blue with dark blue print (far left), which was used in 1954. About 1955, and until the label name changed in 1962, the second "Gene Norman Presents" label (center) was used, which was an off-white color with black print, and "GNP" in three colored ovals at the top of the label. When the label name changed in 1962, the label switched to red with black print (design #3), with "GNP CRESCENDO" in white around the top of the label.

At far left is the black-and-white promotional label used in the 1960s, corresponding to Design #3 above. In the center left is the Capitol Record Club label design used in the 1960s. In the late 1960s, the label design switched to the one at near left (Design #4), where a white box logo replaced the block lettering of Design #3.

In the 1980s, a red or orange label was used that resembled Design #3, but had the block lettering in black instead of white (Design #5). GNP-Crescendo has reissued a huge proportion of their catalog over the years, and the label designs can be a clue as to whether the record is an original pressing or a later reissue. Most of the GNP-Crescendo inner sleeves were blank white, but for a time in 1963 a sleeve was used that featured photos of many of the albums (center). Later, in the 1980s, a second sleeve (near left) was used for a short time that was blue and white, with a coupon to send in for a catalog.

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