20th Century Fox Album Discography, Part 3
Miscellaneous 20th Century Fox Series

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: October 12, 2015

Over the years, 20th Century Fox has had several special series other than the FOX 3000/SFX 3000 series, which was the main series used for albums. About the same time as the 3000 series started, they started a TCF-100-2/2S series of 2-LP sets and an SFX 2000 series for special stereo releases. They shortly thereafter started a new FOX 4000/SFX 4000 series used mainly for original cast recordings. When they wanted to issue a various artists compilation, they started a FOX 5000/SFX 5000 series, which lasted one album. So, at least as of 1960, the plan was to have a 3000 series for main issues (including soundtracks), a 100 series for two-album sets, a 2000 series for special stereo records, a 4000 "MasterArts" series for performance arts recordings, and a 5000 series for special issues that didn't fit well in the others. They also started a FOX 1000 series called the "Million Seller Hits" series about 1961. As with most catalog schemes, the existence of the various series probably had less to do with content and more to do with list price: original cast albums usually commanded a premium price, while samplers were discounted, two-album sets had higher prices, and so on. Almost all of the issues in these series had the "blue sky" 20th Fox label before 1963, and the black 20th Century Fox label starting in 1963.

The TCF 100 (the prefix standing for "Twentieth Century Fox," naturally) series used the same catalog numbers for mono and stereo versions, but added an "S" to the end of the catalog numbers for stereo (thus, TCF 101-2 mono corresponded to TCF 101-2S stereo). For the most part these were "bundles" of albums out individually in the FOX/SFX 3000 series. In the case of TCF-110-2, they were bundles of two albums by different artists! Perhaps they dropped the series at that point because they were running out of ideas.

The FOX 1000 series was the "Million Seller Hits" series, starting in 1960 or 1961. Initially, they were reissues of albums in the 3000 series, but later the series included some original albums such as the last three albums in the series [1009-1011]. Each album had a border of stars around the edges of the front of the jacket, and the "Million Seller Hits" logo on the cover. The label on these albums was the regular "blue sky" 20th Fox label, with a black bar above the title which said in white lettering, "MILLION SELLER HITS." None of the albums in this series seem to have been issued in stereo (indeed, many of the first issues were recorded in mono anyway). As a nod to issuing mono records in the early years of stereo (when customers were a bit leery of buying a record that would soon be obsolete), there was a blurb on the back of the jacket that said: "This recording is designed for the phonograph of today or tomorrow. It guarantees you the finest reproduction on your present machine or on any stereophonic instrument or equipment you may own in the future." Although it is possible some of the later albums in the series may have been issued in stereo, we have neither seen listings for the stereo versions in reliable sources, nor have we seen the stereo albums themselves. Stereo issues in this series would probably have the SFX prefix.

The SFX 2000 series was used for stereo-only releases. There is one known album in this series, the 1959 release 20th Century Fox Presents a Stereoscope Spectacular.

By 1962, Fox started another 5000 series, this time using the prefixes FXG/SXG (for "Fox Gems"). Many of these albums, at least at the start, carried a special logo like the "Million Seller Hits" logo described above, noting that the issue was one of the "GEMS from the Archives of 20th Century Fox." Stereo issues had an exaggerated "STEREOSCOPE" banner on the front cover. "Stereoscope," of course, was the 20th Century Fox name for stereo derived from the movie end of the business (a stereoscope is a device used to see three dimensional images by looking at a pair of photos taken from slightly different angles. This is the basis for how 3-D movies were made in the early 1950s.) By the end of 1963, the Gems logo was apparently discontinued, and the FXG/SXG 5000 series became just another series.

In 1963, Fox also started a TFM 5100/TFS 6100 series, which lasted just one album, a blues album by the Panama Francis Blues Band. By 1967, they had apparently forgotten that this album was issued, since they used the same catalog number, 5101, in the series described below.

In 1967, Fox started a series of "deluxe" packages with posters or other premium items for a premium retail price. The series prefixes were DTCM/DTCS for mono and stereo ("Deluxe Twentieth Century mono," etc.). It is not certain that the Doctor Dolittle soundtrack, the first album in this series, was in fact issued in mono, so it unclear if the mono prefix was ever officially used. The other items in the series were stereo only.

20th Century Fox was also known for issuing interesting promotional items to radio stations and such. These often were not numbered and had no counterparts in commercial release. We have listed two of these below. Also included at the bottom of this page are a couple of CDs that feature the artists from the singles side of the house in the early days of 20th Fox records. Actually, the 45 output and the LP output of the late 1950s, as was true with many companies, bore little resemblance to each other. The singles market was dominated by kids, and the releases tended in that direction. Album buyers were predominately adults, with the album catalog overwhelmingly aimed for that market.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with 20th Century Fox Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (all of which are out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2006 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

TCF 100 Series (2-LP sets):

TCF 100-2/TCF 100-2 - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra [1959] 2-LP set, also issued as single albums on TF/TFS-3020 and 3021. Stereo issue is rechanneled stereo. Contains soundtrack music from Orchestra Wives and Sun Valley Serenade. In The Mood/Boom Shot/Serenade In Blue/Bugle Call Rag/Chattanooga Choo-Choo/You Say The Sweetest Things, Baby/It Happened In Sun Valley/Measure For Measure/Moonlight Sonata/I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo/At Last/Sun Valley Jump/That's Sabotage/American Patrol/The Spirit Is Willing/I Know Why And So Do You/Moonlight Serenade

TCF 101-2/TCF 101-2S - Tommy Dorsey's Greatest Band - Tommy Dorsey [1959] 2-LP set, also issued on single albums as TFM/TFS-3022 and 3023. Stereo issue (pictured at right) is rechanneled stereo. Boogie Woogie/Song Of India/Marie/Sunny Side Of The Street/Opus No. 1/Swanee River/Wagon Wheels/Amor/The Minor Goes Muggin'/But She's My Buddy's Chick/We'll Git It/Swing High/Clarinet Cascades/I Never Knew/That's My Home/Rest Stop/Loser's Weepers/I'm In Love With Someone/Like A Leaf In The Wind/There Is No Breeze To Cool The Flame Of Love/Land Of Dreams/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

TCF 102-2/TCF 102-2S - Complete Piano Discoveries - Art Tatum [1961] 2-LP set, also issued as single abums as FOX 3029 and 3033. Begin the Beguine/Someone to Watch Over Me/Body & Soul/Willow Weep For Me/Too Marvelous For Words/Danny Boy/Tenderly/You Took Advantage of Me/Yesterdays/I'll Never Be the Same/Without a Song/Little Man You've Had a Busy Day//My Heart Stood Still/Jitterbug Waltz/Mr. Freddie Blues/Over the Rainbow/In a Sentimental Mood/There Will Never Be Another You/September Song/Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams/I Cover the waterfront/Moon Song/Memories of You/Don't' Blame Me

TCF 103-2 - The Complete Shirley Temple Songbook: Original Film Soundtracks - Shirley Temple [1961] 2-LP set. On The Good Ship Lollipop/Polly Wolly Doodle/When I'm With You/Oh My Goodness/Early Bird/At The Codfish Ball/This Is A Happy Little Ditty/Baby Take A Bow/How Can I Thank You/Animal Crackers In My Soup/On Account-A I Love You/You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach Baby/I Love To Walk In The Rain/An Old Straw Hat/When I Grow Up/Lay De O/But Definitely/That's What I Want For Christmas/Goodnight My Love/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/Hey What Did The Bluejay Say/Come And Get Your Happiness/Picture Me Without You/We Should Be Together/The Right Somebody To Love/If All The World Were Paper/Sextet From Lucia/Swing Me An Old Fashioned Song/Love's Young Dream/Happy Ending/He Was A Dandy/Thank You For The Use Of The Hall/Fifth Avenue/Young People/Tra La La La/Where There's Life There's Soap/In Our Little Wooden Shoes/Be Optimistic/Our Little Girl/All Aboard The Dreamland Choo Choo/I'll Always Be Lucky With You/Finale

TCF 104-2

TCP 105-2/TCF 105-2S - Greenwich Village U.S.A. (Original Cast) - Bill Costa [1960] 2-LP set. Complete score from the Off-Broadway revue. Also issued in abridged single disc format on FOX- 4005/SFX-4005.

TCF 106-2/TCF 106-2S - Sixty Sing Along Favorites - Harry Simeone Chorale [1961] 2-LP set. Charmaine/Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes/Sleepy Time Gal/Once In a While/Ramona/(plus a medley of 55 standards)

TCF 107-2/TCF 107-2S - The Best of the 20th Century Strings - 20th Century Strings [1961] 2-LP set. Vaya Con Dios/Tennessee Waltz/Over the Rainbow/Last Time I Saw Paris/Heartaches/Dardanella/Greenleaves of Summer/Love Is a Many Splendored Thing/Lullaby of Broadway/Theme From "Summer Place"/Sea Cliffs/Traumerei/Mona Lisa/Cumparsita/Greenfields/Song of the Rain/Never on Sunday/Continental/Never Leave Me/I'll Know My Love/Secret Love/Canadian Sunset

TCF 108-2/TCF 108-2S - The Magic of Their Singing - Harry Simeone Chorale [1961] 2- LP set. Beat of My Heart/Green Leaves of Summer/In the Valley of Love/Ballad of the Alamo/I Believe/Climb Every Mountain/Peace In the Valley/(others)

TCF 109

TCF 110-2/TCF 110-2S - Sing We Now of Christmas/Merry Christmas with Organ and Chimes - Harry Simeone Chorale/Ashley Miller [1961] 2-LP set. Reissue of FOX 3002 and FOX 3050.

FOX 1000 "Million Seller Hits" Series (20th Fox "blue sky" label):

FOX 1001 - The Golden Hits from His Original Soundtracks, Volume 1 - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra [1961] In The Mood/Chattanooga Choo Choo/I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo/Bugle Call Rag/Serenade In Blue/It Happened In Sun Valley/American Patrol/I Know Why And So Do You/Moonlight Serenade

FOX 1002 - The Golden Hits from His Original Soundtracks, Volume 2 - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra [1961] Boom Shot/You Say The Sweetest Things, Baby/Measure For Measure/Moonlight Sonata/At Last/Sun Valley Jump/That's Sabotage/The Spirit Is Willing

FOX 1003 - Original Film Soundtracks - Shirley Temple [1961] On The Good Ship Lollipop/Polly-Wolly-Doodle/When I'm With You/Oh! My Goodness/At The Codfish Ball/I'll Always Be Lucky With You/Baby, Take A Bow//Animal Crackers In My Soup/On Accounta I Love You/You Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby/The Right Somebody To Love/When I Grow Up/Lay-De-O/But Definitely/Goodnight, My Love

FOX 1004 - George Gershwin Play the Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin [1961]

FOX 1005 - His Greatest Arrangements, His Greatest Band - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra [1961] Boogie Woogie/Opus 1/Marie/Wagon Wheels/I Never Knew/Song of India/Sunny Side Of The Street/Swanee River/The Minor Goes Muggin'/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

FOX1006 - Great Themes from Motion Pictures - 20th Century Strings [1961]

FOX 1007 - Sing We Now of Christmas - Harry Simeone Chorale with Brass Choir and Orchestra [1961] Reissue of FOX 3002, with the highlighted "Little Drummer Boy" blurb at the bottom of the front cover. Sing We Now of Christmas-Angels We Have Heard on High-Away in a Manger-What Child is This?-Joy to the World/Go Tell it On a Mountain/It Came Upon a Midnight Clear-Good King Wenceslas-We Three Kings-Villancico- Hark, The Herald Angels Sing/Bring A Torch, Isabella-Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming/Deck the Halls- Christian Men Rejoice-Master's In the Hall-O Tannenbaum//Sing We Now Of Christmas (Reprise)-O Holy Night/The Little Drummer Boy/Coventry Carol-Rise Up Shepherds-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-O Little Town Of Bethlehem-O Come Little Children/Ding Dong-While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night- The First Noel-The Friendly Beasts/Silent Night-Adeste Fideles-A Christmas Greeting

FOX 1008 - Merry Christmas Carols - Grand Wurlitzer Pipe Organ of the Radio City Music Hall [1961]

FOX 1009 - 4 A.M. - Scatman Crothers [1961] King Porter Stomp/Savoy Blues/Woodchoppers Ball/Monday Date/Cornet Chop Suey/Undecided//New Orleans Post Parade/Nocturne For The Blues (Harlem Nocturne)/Wrappin' It Up/Yancey Special/Sweet Lips/Copenhagen

FOX 1010 - Irving Fields at the Latin Quarter - Irving Fields & His Orchestra [1961]

FOX 1011 - Montenegro Plays Dixie - Hugo Montenegro [1961]

SFX 2000 Stereo Series (20th Fox "blue sky" label):

SFX 2000 - 20th Century Fox Presents a Stereoscope Spectacular - Various Artists [1959] Issued in stereo only. The Old Spinning Wheel-Little Old Lady - Harry Simeone Chorale/Tennessee Waltz - 20th Century Strings/I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart - Al Martino/Fraquita Serenade - Anton Firenz & His Violin/The Roots Of Heaven - Malcolm Arnold//Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean - Dixie Double-Cats/June Night- At Sundown - Neighborhood Kids/Pavane - 20th Century Strings/Jubilee Tonight - Eubie Blake/The Diary Of Anne Frank - Alfred Newman

FOX/SFX 4000 "MasterArts" Series (20th Fox "blue sky" label):

FOX 4000/SFX 4000 - The Andersonville Trial (Original Cast) - Hugo Montenegro [1960] Advance copies exist with a white promo label and a bar across the front of the cover that indicates it's a promo album (see photo at right).

FOX 4001/SFX 4001 - Masters of the Congo Jungle (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [Unissued] According to movie producer Nick Redman, although this album was planned, and it was listed in Schwann Catalog for three years (1960-63), it never existed. 20th Century Fox was supposed to have received the master tape from sources in the Congo, but possibly because of the political upheaval there in 1960, it was never sent. So there was no recording, and no artwork was prepared.

FOX 4002 - Symphonic Favorites - Royale Philharmonic Orchestra of Rome [1960] Issued in mono only.

FOX 4003/SFX 4003 - Oh, Kay! (Original Revival Cast) - Dorothea Freitag [1960] Woman's Touch/20's are Here to Stay/Home/Stiff Upper Lip/Maybe/Pophams/Do, Do, Do/Clap Yo' Hands/Someone to Watch Over Me/Fidgety feet/You'll Still Be There/Little Jazz Bird/Oh, Kay Finale

FOX 4004

FOX 4005/SFX 4005 - Greenwich Village U.S.A. (Original Cast) - Bill Costa [1960] Single disc abridgment of the original score; compare TCF-105-2/TCF-105-2S.

FOX 4006/SFX 4006 - Intrada - Kees Kooper (violin) [1960]

FOX 4007/SFX 4007 - Chopin/Debussy/Bartok - Mary-Louise Boehm (piano) [1960]

FOX 4008/SFX 4008 - Brahms String Sextet, Op. 18 - New York String Sextet [1960]

FOX 5000 Series (20th Fox "blue sky" label):

FOX 5000 - Star Showcase - Various Artists [1960] Artists include: Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Shirley Temple, Al Martino, the Harry Simeone Chorale, the Twentieth Century Strings, George Gershwin, Alfred Newman, Hugo Montenegro, Malcolm Arnold, and Dominic Frontieri.

FXG/SXG 5000 "Gems" Series:
Note: Early issues, up to 5007, have the 20th Fox "blue sky" label. Album 5008 has a custom gold label, and later issues, starting with 5009, have the black 20th Century Fox label.

FXG 5000/SXG 5000 - Marilyn - Marilyn Monroe [1962] (10-62, #111) Initially issued with a "Gems" cover as shown at left; later reissued with a different cover (shown at right). First label was the 20th Fox "blue sky" label, followed by a special black 20th Century Fox label with colored search lights (similar to the logo at the top of this page), probably followed by the regular black 20th Century Fox label. Issues with both covers contain an 8x10 photo of Marilyn Monroe. Contains songs from Marilyn Monroe's films There's No Business Like Show Business, The River of No Return, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Stereo issue is rechanneled stereo. Heat Wave/Lazy/After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It/One Silver Dollar/I'm Going to File My Claim/River of No Return/Little Girl from Little Rock/When Love Goes Wrong/Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend/Bye Bye Baby

FXG 5001/SXG 5001 - 20th Century Strings, Volume 1 - Hugo Montenegro [1962] Reissue of FOX/SFX 3018. Vaya Con Dios/Canadian Sunset/Temptation/Slow Poke/Dardanella/El Choclo//St. Louis Blues/Peg O My Heart/Flamingo/Chanson D'amour/Tiger Rag/Three O'Clock In The Morning

FXG 5002/SXG 5002 - 20th Century Strings, Volume 2 - Nicholas Flagello [1962] Reissue of FOX/SFX 3019. Hora Staccato/Golondrina/Drigo's Serenade/Pavane/Jalousie/Sea Cliffs/Pizzicato Polka/To A Wild Rose/Zapateado

FXG 5003/SXG 5003 - 20th Century Strings, Volume 3 - Hugo Montenegro [1962] Reissue of FOX/SFX 3030. Tennessee Waltz/You Made Me Love You/And the Angels Sing/I'll Know My Love/Song of India/That's My Desire/Blueberry Hill/I Can't Get Started/Heartaches/My Happiness/String of Pearls/Star Dust/Harbor Lights

FXG 5004

FXG 5005

FXG 5006/SXG 5006 - Sing We Now the Songs of Faith - Harry Simeone Chorale [1963] Possibly a reissue of FOX 3031.

FXG 5007/SXG 5007 - The Longest Day (Soundtrack) - Lowell Thomas [1963] An interesting idea for a movie soundtrack: "This album contains a condensed version of the original film story with the actual stars." Narration by Lowell Thomas. Includes the "The Longest Day (Theme)" by Paul Anka, but as an integral part of the story: the record is not banded. The Longest Day, Part 1//The Longest Day, Part 2

FXG 5008/SXG 5008 - Cleopatra (Soundtrack) - Alex North [1963] (6-63, #2) This issue has a gold custom label. Caesar And Cleopatra/A Gift For Caesar/The Fire Burns, The Fire Burns/Taste Of Death/Cleopatra Enters Rome/Caesar's Assassination/Epilogue (Act 1)/Antony And Cleopatra/Cleopatra's Barge/Love And Hate/My Love Is My Master/Grant Me An Honorable Way To Die/Dying Is Less Than Love/Antony Wait...

FXG 5009/SXG 5009 - When Your Lover Has Gone - Al Martino [1963]

FXG 5010/SXG 5010 - Little Richard Sings Gospel - Little Richard [1963]

FXG 5011/SXG 5011 - The Teardrops at Trinchi's - Teardrops [1963] Reissue of Trinchi TR-1001.

FXG 5012

FXG 5013

FXG 5014/SXG 5014 - Of Love and Desire (Soundtrack) - Ronald Stein [1963] Katharine's Love Theme/Of Love & Desire Theme/Garden/Acapulco/Pool/Terrace/Market Chase/Acapulco Hilton Mariachi Samba Twist/Romantic Idyl/Mexico City/First Trio/Vocal Llorona & Walk Home/Rape Scene/Second Run/Brothers Kiss/Katherine's Theme Denouement

FXG 5015/SXG 5015 - The Leopard (Soundtrack) - Franco Ferrara [1963] Main Title/We Are the Leopards/Ring For Angelica/Tancredi's Departure/Concetta/Angelica & Tancredi/Prince Salina Visits Palermo/Welcome Don Calogero Sedara/Victory At Palermo/Palace Waltz/Changing World/Angelica/Promise of Love/Too Late For Sicily/End Title

FXG 5016/SXG 5016 - The Light Fantastic (Soundtrack) - Judd Woldin [1963]

FXG 5017/SXG 5017 - The Light Fantastic (Soundtrack) - Judd Woldin [1963] This is either a special package or the listing with this number is a catalog error.

FXG 5018 - Tomorrow's Golden Oldies - Various Artists [1963] Issued in monaural only. Donkey Walk - Big Dee Irwin/Someday You'll Understand Why - Big Dee Irwin/Don't Take Your Love From Me - Byrdie Green/Get A Hold Of Yourself - Byrdie Green/Because Of You - Rome & Paris/Why Oh Why - Rome & Paris/Lavender Blue - Micki Lee/So Tired Of Talkin' - Micki Lee/The Trolley Song - "Little Joe" Cook/I'll Never Go To A Party Again - "Little Joe" Cook/The Earth Stood Still - Eileen Barton/Patty Cake, Patty Cake - Eileen Barton

FXG 5019

FXG 5020/SXG 5020 - Like Time on My Hands: A Tribute to Vincent Youmans - Til Dieterle [1963] Flying Down To Rio/Time On My Hands/I Know/Orchids In The Moonlight/Tea For Two/Hallelujah/Great Day/Who Am I/Keepin' Myself For You/Carioca/I Want A Man/More Than You Know

TFM 5100/TFS 6100 Blues Series (Black 20th Century Fox label):

TFM 5101/TFS 6101 - Tough Talk - Panama Francis Blues Band [1963] With Thad Jones, Billy Butler, and Horace Ott.

DTCS 5100 "Deluxe" Series (Black 20th Century Fox label):

DTCS 5101 - Doctor Dolittle (Soundtrack) - Lionel Newman Orchestra [1967] (10-67, #55) Overture/My Friend The Doctor/The Vegetarian/Talk To The Animals/At The Crossroads/I've Never Seen Anything Like It/Beautiful Things/When I Look In Your Eyes//Like Animals/After Today/Fabulous Places/Where Are The Words/I Think I Like You/Doctor Dolittle/Something In Your Smile/My Friend The Doctor (Reprise)

DTCS 5102 - Star! (Soundtrack) - Julie Andrews [1968] (10-68, #98) Overture/Star!/Piccadily/In My Garden Of Joy/Oh, It's A Lovely War/'N' Everything/Burlington Bertie From Bow/Parisian Pierrot/Limehouse Blues//Someone To Watch Over Me/Do, Do, Do/Dear Little Boy (Dear Little Girl)/Has Anybody Seen Our Ship?/Someday I'll Find You/The Physician/My Ship/Jenny

DTCS 5103 - Hello Dolly (Soundtrack) - Lionel Newman/Lennie Hayton, with Barbra Streisand [1969] (11-69, #49) Just Leave Everything To Me - Barbra Streisand/It Takes A Woman/It Takes A Woman (Reprise) - Barbra Streisand/Put On Your Sunday Clothes - Barbra Streisand/Ribbons Down My Back/Dancing - Barbra Streisand/Before The Parade Passes By - Barbra Streisand//Elegance/Love Is Only Love - Barbra Streisand/Hello, Dolly - Barbra Streisand & Louis Armstrong/It Only Takes A Moment/So Long Dearie - Barbra Streisand/Finale - Barbra Streisand

Miscellaneous Promotional Issues:

(no number) - A Johnny Mercer Sampler - Johnny Mercer [19??] And The Angels Sing/Baby, Don't You Quit Now/Bernadine/Blue Rain/Bob White (What Cha Going To Swing Tonight)/Day In, Day Out/Dixieland Band/Dream/Early Autumn/The Facts Of Life/Fools Rush In/Goody Goody/Harlem Butterfly/Here's To My Lady/I Fought Every Step Of The Way/I Wanna Be Around/I Thought About You/I'm An Old Cowhand/I'm Shadowing You/I'm Way Ahead Of The Game/I've Waited For A Waltz/If I Had My Druthers/Jamboree Jones/Love In A Home//Love In The Afternoon/Love's Got Me In A Lazy Mood/Mister Meadowlark/Morning Star/My Love For You/My New Celebrity Is You/Namely You/Old Summertime/On Behalf Of The Visiting Firemen/(I Wish It Could Be) Otherwise/P.S. I Love You/Pardon My Southern Accent/Peter Piper/Satin Doll/Shake It But Don't Break It/Singin' In The Moonlight/Skylark/Somethings Gotta Give/Speak To The Heart/Star Sounds/Strip Polka/Talk To Me Baby/Top Banana/Trav'lin Light/Two Of A Kind/Whatcha Ma-Call It/You Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By

(no Number) - The Sounds of Making a Motion Picture: The Sand Pebbles - Documentary [1966] This is a one-sided mono disc promoting the soon-to-be-released picture. The disc was recorded on location in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Narrated by Richard Attenborough, with comments by the director and cast, including Steve McQueen, Candice Bergen, and Richard Crenna.

Miscellaneous CD Issues:
Note: The two CDs below are of unknown release authenticity. They include many of the 20th Fox artists who never made it to LP.

TCF 410 - The Doo Wops of 20th Fox Records, Volume 1 - Various Artists [199?] Everyday's A Holiday - Hollywood Saxons/A Story Untold - Emotions/I Don't Know Why - Desires/There Is Nothing Like A Dame - Impalas/Beach Party - Tex & Chex/I Never Knew - Deltones/Time Keeper of My Heart - Voyagers/Lonely Birthday - Jim Mitchum/I Know - Shane Fenton/I Love You Madly - Emotions/Last Night I Saw A Girl - Impalas/Unchained Melody - Catalinas/I'll Know - Shane Fenton/I Feel Like Singing - Voyagers/Longing - Desires/Everytime - Emotions/Don't Do That - Shane Fenton/Love Me Now - Tex & Chex/Framed - Deltones/Keep Her By My Side - Carribeans/Oh What A Wonderful Feeling - Jim Mitchum/Sweethearts - Catalinas/L.A. Lover - Hollywood Saxons/Boomerang - Emotions/Respectable - Chants

TCF 411 - The Doo Wops of 20th Fox Records, Volume 2 - Various Artists [199?] Professor Loco - Locos/Sweet One - Majestics/Bull Frog - Silhouettes/Lovely One - Richard Barrett/I'm In Love Again - Royal Jacks/One Life One Love One You - Emotions/House of Cards - Jason Grant/Breaking In A Brand New Heart - Linda Bowe/If There Were - Snappers/Only Last Night - Corvets/Just Give Her My Love - Freddie Mead & Calenders/The Big Ring - Royal Jacks/Heartstrings - Emotions/I Wish I Could Dance - Jimmy Soul & Chants/Big Bill - Snappers/Lone Stranger - Majestics/My Last Affair - Linda Bow/Never - Silhouettes/Little Miss Blue - Emotions/It Doesn't Matter - Jason Grant/The Snake and the Bookworm - Richard Barrett/Shark in the Park - Corvets/Mepri Stomp - Freddie Mead & Calenders/Oh Yes Indeed I Do - Locos/Rainbow - Emotions

Thanks to Bruce Garthe.

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