Elektra/Asylum Album Discography, Part 10
Promotional Issues and Samplers

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 27, 2005

Promotional issues generally took the same label design as their commercial counterparts, except they were white with black print. The curious exception was the special promotional samplers for radio stations, which used an Elektra/Asylum label with both logos.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Elektra Sampler Series:

SMP-1 - A Folk Music Sampler - Various Artists [1954] Issued in mono only. This sampler is a 10 inch album.

SMP-2 - Folk Festival - Various Artists [1956] Issued in mono only. This and the following samplers are 12 inch albums. Josie - Ed McCurdy/Declaration Paysanne - Jean Léon Destiné and Ensemble/Erie Canal - Clarence Cooper/Coplas - Cynthia Gooding and Theodore Bikel/Robin Hood And The Bold Pedlar - Ed McCurdy/Ptsach Bazemer - Theodore Bikel/Nottamun Town - Jean Ritchie/Bella Regazza - Cynthia Gooding/John Henry - Josh White/Sevillanas - Los Gitanillos De Cadiz/Must I Go Bound - Susan Reed/Mangwani Mpulele - Theodore Bikel/Crawdad Song - Alan Arkin/Le Moulin De La Galette - Suzanne Robert/The Derby Ram - Cynthia Gooding/Au Clair De La Lune - Gordon Heath and Lee Payant/Keys Of Canterbury - Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand/My Ain House - The Funmakers

SMP-3 - Folk Pops 'n Jazz Sampler - Various Artists [1957] Issued in mono only. Midnight Special - Josh White/Lass Of The Low Countrie - Cynthia Gooding/Nine Hundred Miles - Clarence Cooper/Sacramento - Ed McCurdy/Soleares - Sabicas/Black Is The Color - Susan Reed/Hard, Ain't It Hard - Glenn Yarbrough/Coo Coo Calypso - The New York Jazz Quartet/Come Rain Or Come Shine - Four French Horns/Ugh! - The Jazz Messengers/The Wail - Norene Tate/Blue Chips - The New York Jazz Quartet/Skylark - Teddy Charles

SMP-4X - Around the World in Stereo: Folk Sampler Four - Various Artists [8/58] Issued in stereo only. Tiger Rag/Il Est Petit/Potzleindorferin/Kaletchka/Gently Johnny/Albrechts March/Sevillanas/Mald Goin' to Comber/Sina Hora/Orcha Bamidbar/Sul Capello/Jamaica Farewell

SMP-5 - Folk Sampler Five - Various Artists [1958] (Mastering date for A-2 and B-2 was 1-15-59.) Issued in mono only. A Maid Goin' To Comber - Tom Kines/Bulerias - Cuadro Flamenco/Nine Foot Shovel - Josh White/Hora Heachzut - Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe/Mary Had A Baby - Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough/Beryuzoviye Kalyechke - Theodore Bikel/Swannanoa Tunnel - Erik Darling/Steel Merengue Original Trinidad Steel Band//Kum Aher Du Filozof - Theodore Bikel/Johnson Boys - Shanty Boys/Ankaranin Tasina Bak Cynthia Gooding/Michael Row The Boat Ashore - Folk Singers/Il Est Petit - Gene & Francesca/Which Is The Properest Day To Drink - Randolph Singers/Stay Away From The Girls - Paul Clayton/Day-O - Lord Foodoos

SMP-6 - The Folk Scene - Various Artists [1962] Issued in mono only. Bowling Green - Travelers 3/Red Sun - Josh White/Gypsy Laddie - Ed McCurdy/Pretty Saro - Judy Collins/Talking Dust Bowl - Jack Elliot/Flop-Eared Mule - Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman/Grizzly Bear - Casey Anderson/Bonnie Highland Laddie - Bob Grossman/Greenland Fisheries - Limeliters/One Sunday Morning - Theodore Bikel/Lowlands Of Holland - Cynthia Gooding/Gilgary Mountain - Bob Gibson/Daily Growing - Sandy Paton/Squid Jiggin' Ground - Oscar Brand

SMP-7/SMP-7-ST - Sound Effects Sampler - Sound Effects [1964] Machine Guns/Telephone Rings Five Times/Plate Glass Smashing/Ping Pong/Fire Engine Passes With Bell/Steam Locomotive/Jet Fighter Flyby/Bacon Frying/Ethereal Space Sounds/Pile Driver/Niagara Falls/IBM Electric Typewriter/News Presses/High Speed/Hacksaw/Prize Fight/Large Arena/Car Skid and Crash/Pop Bottle Sequence/Steamship Blast/Surf/Cricket Background/Pinball Machine/Bowling Sequence/Shooting Gallery/Dentist's Drill/Tea Kettle Sequence/Grandfather Clock Strikes Twelve/Trolley Car/Gong/Seven Strokes/Carousel/Stage Coach Passes/Tire Pump/Coal Truck Unloading

SMP-8/SMP-78 - Folksong '65 - Various Artists [1965] Long John - Tom Rush/So Early, Early In The Morning - Judy Collins/Linin' Track - Koerner, Ray & Glover/Girl Of The North Country - Hamilton Camp/900 Miles - Dick Rosmini/The Last Thing On My Mind - Tom Paxton/Born In Chicago - Paul Butterfield/Fair Beauty Bright - Kathy and Carol/White Winged Dove - Mark Spoelstra/Blues On The Ceiling - Fred Neil/Rompin' Rovin' Days - Bruce Murdoch/Power And The Glory - Phil Ochs

Elektra Promotional Albums:

EB 1 - Elektra's Best, Volume 1 (1966 through 1968) - Various Artists [1969] (2 LPs) (Mastering date of first pressing 5-30-69; second pressing remastered sides 1-3 10/69 as "RE-1".) Radio station promo with gatefold cover. Morning Glory - Tim Buckley/Born In Chicago - Paul Butterfield Blues Band/In My Own Dream - Paul Butterfield Blues Band/Both Sides Now - Judy Collins/Suzanne - Judy Collins/Someday Soon - Judy Collins/Down River - David Ackles//Light My Fire - Doors/Hello, I Love You - Doors/Touch Me - Doors/Listen To The Sound - Dillards/Home To You - Earth Opera/Early Morning Blues And Greens - Diane Hildebrand//Seven And Seven Is - Love/Alone Again Or - Love/First Girl I Loved - Incredible String Band/Air - Incredible String Band/Why - Lonnie Mack/Save Your Money - Lonnie Mack/Magazine Lady - "Spider" John Koerner and Willie Murphy//No Regrets - Tom Rush/Bird Song - Hold Modal Rounders/Mister Blue - Tom Paxton/I Need Love - Rhinoceros/Apricot Brandy - Rhinoceros/Aquarius - Zodiac Cosmic Sounds/You've Got to Hide Your Love Away-Ticket To Ride - Baroque Beatles Book

S3 10 - Garden Of Delights - Various Artists [1971] This compilation may have been for radio station use; it boasts copious liner notes which were a DJ's dream. Jac and Keith Holzman put it together to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the first sampler LP. Butterfield Blues Band: Play On/Carly Simon: Alone/"Spider" John Koerner and Willie Murphy: Magazine Lady/Paul Siebel: She Made Me Lose My Blues/Don Nix: Three Angels/Carol Hall: If I Be Your Lady/Tim Buckley: Wings/Bread: London Bridge/Beefeaters: Please Let Me Love You/Love: Hey Joe/Clear Light: Mr Blue/Crabby Appleton: Peace by Peace/Show Of Hands: Moondance/The Stooges: Down on the Street/The Voices of East Harlem: Right On, Be Free/Joshua Rifkin: Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag"/Even Dozen Jug Band: Come On In/Josh White: Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed/Lonnie Mack: Lay It Down/Lord Buckley: The Nazz/The New Seekers: Blackberry Way/Farquahr: Start Living/Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy/Swamp Dogg: Creepin' Away/Roxy: Listen To The Music/The Wackers: Travellin' Time/Diane Hildebrand: Early Morning Blues And Greens/The Rainbow Band: Rama Rama/Siren: The Stride/Incredible String Band: Blackjack Davy/Lindisfarne: Lady Eleanor/Audience: It Brings A Tear/Atomic Rooster: Nobody Else/Renaissance: Island/Timber: Bring America Home/The Quinames Band: Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia/Judy Collins: Coming Of The Roads/David Ackles: Subway To The Country/Jeanie Green: Like A Road Leading Home/Earth Opera: Home To You

The Elektra Story (Project): BBC Radio London "Fresh Garbage" Series - Various Artists [1973] This was a radio program presented by Andy Finney and Bob Harris. A hundred or so copies were pressed by Elektra in the UK onto a double LP package.

JC-1 - Judy Collins - Judy Collins [1967] (Matrix numbers K3044/45). A sampler album with four songs from the album In My Life [Elektra EKL-320/EKS-7320], and two songs ("Both Sides Now" and "Since You Asked") from her next album, Wildflowers [Elektra EKL-4012/EKS- 74012]. Side one has all six songs in mono, and side two has them in stereo. Both Sides Now (M)/Suzanne (M)/Hard Lovin' Loser (M)/Since You Asked (M)/Sunny Goodge Street (M)/In My Life (M)//Both Sides Now (S)/Suzanne (S)/Hard Lovin' Loser (S)/Since You Asked (S)/Sunny Goodge Street (S)/In My Life (S)

ELS-890 - Elektrifying - Various Artists [1968] I Got A Mind To Give Up Living - Butterfield Blues Band/General Clover Ends A War - Ars Nova/Le Messe Notre Dame - Ars Nova/Close Your Eyes And Close The Door - Earth Opera/My Little Red Book - Love/Aries (The Fire Fighter) - Zodiac//Alone Again Or - Love/Wings - Tim Buckley/Mercy, I Cry, City - Incredible Stringband/Black Roses - Clear Light/Mark Time -Eclection/Bird Song - Holy Modal Rounders





EK-PROMO-5 - Elektra Records July Releases - Various Artists [6/71] Indian Summer - Audience (S)/Olena - Don Nix (S)/He's Gonna Step On You Again - John Kongos (S)/Look To Yourself - Quinaimes Band (S)/Play On - Butterfield Blues Band (S)//Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia - Quinaimes Band (S)/I Put A Spell On You - Audience (S)/Three Angels - Don Nix (S)/(And The) Pictures In The Sky - Medicine Head (S)/Trainman - Butterfield Blues Band (S)


EK-PROMO-7 - Elektra Records October Releases - Various Artists [9/71] Smokin' In The Morning - Crabby Appleton (S)/Brother Friend - Cyrus (S)/Everything's Fine Right Now - Incredible String Band (S)/The Pebble And The Man - Bridget St. John (S)/How Many Times (Must The Piper Be Paid For His Song) - Mickey Newbury (S)//Mobile Blue - Mickey Newbury (S)/The Letter - Incredible String Band (S)/Evergreen (Earth Anthem) - Cyrus (S)/Seagull-Sunday - Bridget St. John (S)/Love Can Change Everything - Crabby Appleton (S)

EK-PROMO-8 - Elektra Records January Releases - Various Artists [1/72] (2 LPs) This is a sought-after collector's item for Harry Chapin fans, as it has a pre-release early mix of "Taxi" that is quite different from the eventual 45/LP version. Aside from the noticeable difference in reverb and instruments, Chapin is heard reciting the words to the bridge over the high-voiced singer. On this album, Chapin is referred to simply as "Harry." Birth - Bernie Taupin (S)/Tokoloshe Man - John Kongos (S)/Evolution Rag - Incredible String Band (S)/Save Me - Atomic Rooster (S)/City Song - Lindisfarne (S)//Could You Put Your Light On Babe - Harry (S)/Thank You Babe - Carol Hall (S)/Jubilee Cloud - John Kongos (S)/Meet Me On The Corner - Lindisfarne (S)/Going Down - Alabama State Troupers (S)//I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) - New Seekers (S)/If Wishes Were Horses - JF Murphy & Salt (S)/The Outlaw - Timber (S)/Baby I'm-A Want You - Bread (S)/Take It As It Comes - Doors (S)//Everything I Own - Bread (S)/My Father's House - Alabama State Troupers (S)/Sunday Lady - Carol Hall (S)/Taxi - Harry (S, pre-release mix)



EK-PROMO-11 - Elektra Records March Releases - Various Artists [2/72]

EK-PROMO-12 - Elektra Records April Releases - Various Artists [3/72]

EK-PROMO-13 - Elektra Records May Releases - Various Artists [4/72] Someday Soon - Judy Collins (S)/Barracuda Dan - Audience (S)/B.B. Gunn - Sailcat (S)/Suzanne - Judy Collins (S)/Hula Girl - Audience (S)/Motorcycle Mama - Sailcat (S)//Stand By The Door - Audience (S)/Both Sides Now - Judy Collins (S)/Jubilee Cloud - John Kongos (S)/On The Brighter Side Of It All - Sailcat (S)/In My Life - Judy Collins (S)

EK-PROMO-14 - Elektra Records June Releases - Various Artists [5/72] Baking - Aztec Two-Step (S)/Friendly Goodbye - Jubal (S)/Oh California - David Ackles (S)/Holy Rollin' - New Seekers (S)/Persecution And Restoration Of Dean Moriarty (On The Road) - Aztec Two-Step (S)/Really Not A Rocker - Jubal (S)//American Gothic - David Ackles (S)/Love's Enough - David Ackles (S)/Prisoner - Aztec Two-Step (S)/Circles - New Seekers (S)/Castles In The Sand - Jubal (S)



EK-PROMO-17 - Elektra Records October Releases - Various Artists [9/72]

EK-PROMO-18 - Something Out of the Ordinary, January 1973 - Various Artists [12/72] Beautiful People - New Seekers (S)/Special Delivery - Billy Mernit (S)/Amoureuse - Veronique Sanson (S)/Jesse james - Dana Cooper (S)/Wufferton Frog - Curt Boetcher (S)//You're So Vain - Carly Simon (S)/Diary - Bread (S)/The Hostage - Judy Collins (S)/Heaven Help The Child - Mickey Newbury (S)/Two Bit Afternoon - Don Agrati (S)

EK-PROMO-19 - Elektra Records July Releases - Various Artists [6/73] Fancy Dancer - Courtland Pickett (S)/Little Bit O' Fun - Capital City Rockets (S)/Fallen Angel - Linda Hargrove (S)/It's All Over Now - Courtland Pickett (S)/Music Is Your Mistress - Linda Hargrove (S)/Keep On Sailing - Ian Matthews (S)//Breakfast In Bed - Capital City Rockets (S)/Old Man At The Mill - Ian Matthews (S)/New York City Song - Linda hargrove (S)/Softly Saying - Courtland Pickett (S)/These Days - Ian Matthews (S)/My Secret Self - Linda Hargrove (S)


EK-PROMO-21 - Elektra Asylum September Releases - Various Artists [8/73] (2 LPs) Hello, I Am Your Heart -= Dennis Linde (S)/Wrap Your Love Around Me - Melba Montgomery (S)/These Times You've Come - Jackson Browne (S)/West Coast Woman - Painter (S)/Liar - Queen (S)//Redneck Friend - Jackson Browne (S)/Handful Of Dust - Chris Jagger (S)/Short Stories - Harry Chapin (S)/Clouds - David Gates (S)/Look Away Mama - Larry Pinion (S)//Love Has No Pride - Linda Ronstadt (S)/What Went Wrong - Dennis Coulson (S)/Burning Love - Dennis Linde (S)/Keep Me Warm - Melba Montgomery (S)/Light My Fire - Doors (S, quad mix)//Yesterday's Dreams - Dennis Coulson (M)/Making A Way - Rod Taylor (S)/Sail Around The World - David Gates (S)/Paradise - Cyrus Faryar (S)/Sail Away - Linda Ronstadt (S)


EK-PROMO-23 - Elektra Asylum Summer Sampler - Various Artists [7/74] Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) - Bob Dylan & Band (S)/Seven Seas Of Rhye - Queen (S)/Border Town - Souther/Hillman/Furay band (S)/What Made America Famous? - Harry Chapin (S)/Ol' 55 - Eagles (S)//River Of Love - Chris Jagger (S)/Dietrich-Fondyke (A Brief History Of Movie Music)-Street Corner Love - Jobraith (S)/I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - Rod Taylor/Makin' The Best Of A Bad Situation - Dick Feller (S)/Your Pretty Roses Came Too Late - Melba Montgomery (S)/If I Could Be - Mickey Newbury (S)/You Get To Me - Eddie Rabbitt (S)/Feet In The Sunshine - Jimmy Webb (S)

EK-PROMO-24 - Elektra/Asylum Fall Releases - Various Artists [10/74] Turn Me On I'm A Radio - Joni Mitchell (S, live)/Charmer - Tim Moore (S)/Love My Life Away - Hagers (S)/Blue Jean Country Queen - Linda Hargrove (S)/Young Blood And Sweet Country Music - Larry Ballard/If I'm Gonna Go Crazy With Someone It Might As Well Be You - Essra Mohawk (S)/Fountain Of Sorrow - Jackson Browne (S, 6:42 LP length)/San Diego Serenade - Tom Waits (S)/Angel - David Gates (S)//Where Is The Show? - Jo Jo Gunne (S)/I Know What You Need - A Foot In Coldwater (S)/Dealer's Choice - Lindisfarne (S)/A Corny Pastiche - Jack The Lad (S)/Walking In The Wind - Traffic (S)/Rock & Roll Time - Bob Neuwirth (S)/Trapped In The Suburbs - Dennis Linde (S)/No Other - Gene Clark (S)

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