Elektra Album Discography, Part 9
Miscellaneous Series

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 27, 2005

This page contains the remaining, mostly short, series that were not covered in the first eight parts of the Elektra/Asylum Discography. It also covers a few UK issues.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Elektra Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2000, 2005 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Elektra Special Instructional Issues:

CC-1 - Elektra Code Course - Jac Holzman [1958] Issued in mono only. 12 progressive recorded lessons on a 12- inch LP intended as an aid to acquiring skill in sending and receiving International Morse Code. Holzman, in addition to being label exec, was a ham radio operator, K2VEH. Label has the brown logo.

AP-2 - Instrument Flight

AP-5 - Theory of Flight

AP-51 - Ship to Shore

Elektra 9000 Series:

EKL 9001 - The Folk Box - Various Artists [1964] (4-LPs) Issued in mono only. A boxed set of 4 discs with a 48 page booklet , put together by Robert Shelton with the assistance of Folkways Records. This box was issued in the UK as EUK 2512/2. Side 1: Songs Of The Old World And Migration To The New Side 2: Settling, Exploring And Growing In The New World Side 3: Work Songs Side 4: Many Worshipers, One God Side 5: Country Music - From Ballads To Bluegrass Side 6: Nothing But The Blues Side 7: Of War, Love And Hope Side 8: Broadsides, Topical Songs, Protest Songs. Songs: Greensleeves - Cynthia Gooding/Down In The Coal Mine - Ian Campbell Folk Group/Geordie - Ewan MacColl/Whiskey In The Jar - Irish Ramblers/Irish Famine Song - Susan Reed/Gypsy Laddie - Ed McCurdy/Tae The Weavers - Jean Redpath/African Traveling Song/Navajo Night Chant/Skada At America - Gene Bluestein/When First Unto This Country - New Lost City Ramblers/Springfield Mountain - Susan Reed/Good Old Colony Times - Ed McCurdy/Jefferson And Liberty - Oscar Brand/Darling Cory - Pete Seeger/Jesse James - Jack Elliott/Rock Island Line - Leadbelly/Oregon Trail - Woody Guthrie/Swannanda Tunnel - Erik Darling/Kentucky Moonshine - Ed McCurdy/Green Green Rocky Road - Alabama School Children/Pick A Bale Of Cotton - Leadbelly/Haul On The Bowline - Seafarers Chorus/Paddy Works On The Railway - Pete Seeger/I Ride An Old Paint - Harry Jackson/Zebra Dun - Cisco Houston/Field Holler - Horace Sprott/Linin' Track - Koerner, Ray & Glover/Now Your Man Done Gone - Willer Turner/Timber - Josh White/Grizzly Bear - Negro Prisoners/Mary Had A Baby - Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough/Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin Bed - Josh White/Dark Was The Night - Blind Willie Johnson/Twelve Gates To The City - Judy Collins/A Zemer - Theodore Bikel/Wayfaring Stranger - Glenn Yarbrough/Simple Gifts - Ed McCurdy/Meetin' At The Building - Leadbelly/You Can Tell the World - Bob Gibson/Down By The Riverside Christian Tabernacle Church/Sligo Reel, Mountain Road - Willy Clancy/Old Joe Clark - Eric Weissberg/Coo Coo Bird - Clarence Ashley/Shady Grove - Tom Paley/Flop-Eared Mule - Eric Weissberg & Marshall Brickman/Nottamun Town - Jean Ritchie/Amazing Grace - Doc Watson and others/Cripple Creek - Doc Watson/Pretty Polly - The Dillards/Yellow Rose Of Texas - George Pegram & Walter Parham/Green Corn - Dián And The Greenbriar Boys/Old Man At The Mill - The Dillards/Lost John - Sonny Terry/I Wonder When I'll Get To Be Called a Man - Big Bill Broonzy/Black Snake Moan - Leadbelly/See That My Grave Is Kept Clean - Blind Lemon Jefferson/House Of The Rising Sun - Hally Wood/France Blues - Mark Spoelstra/Carter Blues - New Lost City Ramblers/Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone - Dave Ray/Don't Leave Me Here - Dave Van Ronk/Southern Exposure - Josh White/John Brown's Body - Ed McCurdy/Virginia's Bloody Soil - Frank Warner/Two Brothers - Theodore Bikel/Masters of War - Judy Collins/Blow The Candles Out - Theodore Bikel/Love Is Teasin' - Jean Redpath/Sally Ann - Clarence Ashley and Doc Watson/Little Devils - Jean Ritchie/The Hammer Song - Limeliters/This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie/Which Side Are You On? - Pete Seeger, Almanac Singers With Audience/No Depression In Heaven - New Lost City Ramblers/Talking Dust Bowl - Woody Guthrie/Black Brown And White - Big Bill Broonzy/Talking Atomic Blues - Oscar Brand/Girl From The North Country - Hamilton Camp/The Dove - Judy Collins/High Sheriff Of Hazard - Tom Paxton/The Thresher - Phil Ochs/We Shall Overcome - Pete Seeger

EKS 7-9002 - Absolutely Live - Doors [1970] (8-70, #8) (2 LPs) Who Do You Love/Medley: Alabama Song-Backdoor Man-Love Hides-Five To One//Build Me A Woman/When The Music's Over//Close To You/Universal Mind/Break On Thru, #2//The Celebration Of The Lizard/Soul Kitchen

9E-300 Series (2-LP sets):

Elektra 9E-301 - Dance Band on the Titanic - Harry Chapin [9/77] (9-77, #58) (2 LPs) Disc 1: Dance Band On The Titanic/Why Should People Stay The Same/My Old Lady/We Grew Up A Little Bit//Bluesman/Country Dreams/I Do It For You, Jane/I Wonder What Happened To Him; Disc 2: Paint A Picture Of Yourself (Michael)/Mismatch/Mercenaries/Manhood//One Light In A Dark Valley (An Imitation Spiritual)/There Only Was One Choice

Elektra 9E-302 - Greatest Hits, Volume 1 - Roy Acuff [10/78] Two record set.

Elektra 9E-303 - Greatest Hits II - Roy Acuff [7/79] Two record set.

Elektra 9E-304 - In Performance - Oregon [5/80] Two record set.

Elektra/Asylum 7E 2000 Series (2-LP sets):

7E 2001 - Live - Butterfield Blues Band [1970] (1-71, #72) (2 LPs) Produced by Todd Rundgren. Everything Going To Be Alright/Love Disease/The Boxer//No Amount Of Loving/Driftin' And Driftin'//Intro To Musicians/Number Nine/I Want To Be With You/Born Under A Bad Sign//Get Together Again/So Far, So Good

7E 2002 - "U" - Incredible String Band [1970] (1-71, #183) (2 LPs) El Wool Suite/The Juggler's Song/Time/Bad Sadie Lee/Queen Of Love//Partial Belated Overture/Light In Time Of Darkness-Glad To See You/Walking Along With You/Hirem Pawnitof-Fairies' Hornpipe/Bridge Theme//Bridge Song/Astral Plane Theme/Invocation/Robot Blues/Puppet Song//Cutting The Strings/I Know You/Rainbow

*7E 2003 - The Compleat Tom Paxton - Tom Paxton [1971] (2 LPs) About The Children/All Night Long/Angie/Ballad Of Spiro Agnew/Bayonet Rap/Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound/Clarissa Jones/Ev'ry Time (When We Are Gone)/Intro To The Marvelous Toy/Jimmy Newman/Leaving London/Medley: Cindy's Crying-Hooker/Medley: Jennifer's Rabbit-I Give You The Morning/Morning Again/Mr. Blue/My Lady's A Wild Flying Dove/Now That I've Taken My Life/Outward Bound/Ramblin' Boy/Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues/The Last Thing On My Mind/The Marvelous Toy/The Things I Notice Now/Wish I Had A Troubadour

7E 2004 - Relics of the Incredible String Band - Incredible String Band [10/71] (2 LPs) Everything's Fine Right/October Song/Painting Box/First Girl I Loved/The Hedgehog's Song/Way Back In The 1960's//No Sleep Blues/Koeeoaddi There/My Name Is Death/A Very Cellular Song//The Minotaur's Song/Air/Cousin Caterpillar/Job's Tears/Log Cabin Home In The Sky//Maya/Big Ted/The Letter/This Moment

7E 2005 - Golden Butter: The Best of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Paul Butterfield Blues Band [1972] (5-72, #136) (2 LPs) Born In Chicago/Shake Your Money-Maker/Mellow Down Easy/Our Love Is Drifting/Mystery Train/Look Over Yonders Wall//East-West/Walkin' Blues/Get Out Of My Life, Woman/Mary, Mary//Spoonful/One More Mile/One More Heartache/Last Hope's Gone/In My Own Dream//Love March/Driftin' And Driftin'/Blind Leading The Blind

7E 2006 - Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 - Various Artists [1973] (2 LPs) I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night - Electric Prunes (S)/Dirty Water - Standells (E)/Night Time - Strangeloves (E)/Lies - Knickerbockers (S)/Respect - Vagrants (E)/A Public Execution - Mouse (M)/No Time Like The Right Time - Blues Project (S)//Oh Yeah - Shadows Of Knight (S, 45 version)/Pushin' Too Hard - Seeds (E)/Moulty - Barbarians (E)/Don't Look Back - Remains (E)/Invitation To Cry - Magicians (E)/Liar Liar - Castaways (S)/You're Gonna Miss Me - Thirteenth Floor Elevators (E)//Psychotic Reaction - Count Five (E)/Hey Joe - Leaves (E)/Just Like Romeo And Juliet - Michael And The Messengers (E)/Sugar And Spice - Cryan Shames (E)/Baby Please Don't Go - Amboy Dukes (S)/Tobacco Road - Blues Magoos (S)//Let's Talk About Girls - Chocolate Watch Band (S)/Sit Down I Think I Love You - Mojo Men (E)/Run Run Run - Third Rail (E)/My World Fell Down - Sagittarius (E)/Open My Eyes - Nazz (S)/Farmer John - Premiers (S)/It's-A-Happening - Magic Mushrooms

7E 2007 - Live At Montezuma Hall/Looks Like Rain - Mickey Newbury [1973] (2 LPs) (Mastering date 9/14 & 9/17-73.) A live performance on disc 1 is coupled with a "bonus" disc for disc 2, which is a reissue of Looks Like Rain [Mercury SR 61236]. The latter has rain sounds between tracks (by the Mystic Moods Orchestra), and sometimes overlapping the songs. Disc 1 (live): How I Love Them Old Songs (S)/Heaven Help The Child (S)/Earthquake (S)/Cortelia Clark (S)/I Came To Hear The Music (S)/San Francisco Mabel Joy (S)//Bugger Red Rap (S)/Bugger Red Blues (The Truck Song) (S)/How many Times (Must The Piper Be Paid For His Song) (S)/An American Trilogy (S)/Please Send Me Someone To Love (S)/She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye (S); Disc 2 (studio): Write A Song A Song (S)/Angeline (S)/She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye (S)/I Don't Think About Her No More (S)/T. Total Tommy (S)//33rd Of August (S)/When The Baby In My Lady Gets The Blues (S)/San Francisco Mabel Joy (S)/Looks Like Baby's Gone (S)

Asylum 7E 2008 - Nighthawks at the Diner - Tom Waits [1975] (11-75, #164) (2 LPs) Opening Intro/Emotional Weather Report/Intro/On A Foggy Night/Intro/Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)//Intro/Better Off Without A Wife/Nighthawks Postcards (From Easy Street)//Intro/Warm Beer And Cold Women/Intro/Putnam Country/Spare Parts-I (A Nocturnal Emission)//Nobody/Intro/Big Joe And Phantom 309/Spare Parts-II And Closing

7E 2009 - Greatest Stories Live - Harry Chapin [1976] (5-76, #48) (2 LPs) Dreams Go By/W*O*L*D/Saturday Morning/I Wanna Learn A Love Song//Mr. Tanner/A Better Place To Be/Let Time Go Lightly//Cats In The Cradle/Taxi/Circle//30,000 Pounds Of Bananas/She Is Always Seventeen/Love Is Just Another Word/The Shortest Story

Elektra/Asylum 8E 6000 Series:

Elektra 8E-6001 - Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine - Doors [1/72] (2-72, #55) (2 LPs) Break On Through/Strange Days/Shaman's Blues/Love Street/Peace Frog-Blue Sunday/The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)/End Of The Night//Love Her Madly/Spanish Caravan/Ship Of Fools/The Spy/The End//Take It As It Comes/Running Blue/L.A. Woman/Five To One/Who Scared You/(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further//Riders On The Storm/Maggie McGill/Horse Latitudes/When The Music's Over

Elektra 8E 6002 - So Early in the Spring: The First 15 Years - Judy Collins [1977] (8-77, #42) (2 LPs) Pretty Polly/So Early, Early In The Spring/Pretty Saro/Golden Apples Of The Sun/Bonnie Ship The Diamond/Farewell To Tarwathie//The Hostage/La Colombe (The Dove)/Coal Tattoo/Carry It On/Bread And Roses/Marat-Sade//Special Delivery/The Lovin' Of The Game/From Both Sides Now/Marieke/Send In The Clowns/Bird On The Wire/Since You've Asked/Born To The Breed/My Father Always Promised/Holly Ann/Houses/Secret Gardens

Elektra 8E 6003 - Greatest Stories Live - Harry Chapin [1978] Two record set (reissue of Elektra 7E 2009) Dreams Go By/W*O*L*D/Saturday Morning/I Wanna Learn A Love Song//Mr. Tanner/A Better Place To Be/Let Time Go Lightly//Cats In The Cradle/Taxi/Circle//30,000 Pounds Of Bananas/She Is Always Seventeen/Love Is Just Another Word/The Shortest Story

BB 700 Series (2-LP Sets):

Asylum BB 701 - Don Juan's Reckless Daughter - Joni Mitchell [1977] (1-78, #25) (2 LPs) Disc 1: Overture-Cotton Avenue/Talk To Me/Jericho//Paprika Plains; Disc 2: Otis And Marlena/The Tenth World (Instrumental)/Dreamland//Don Juan's Reckless Daughter/Off Night Blackstreet/The Silky Veils Of Ardor

Elektra BB 702 - Queen Live Killers - Queen [1979] (7-79, #16) (2 LPs) Disc 1: We Will Rock You/Let Me Entertain You/Death On Two Legs/Killer Queen/Bicycle Race/I'm In Love With My Car/Get Down, Make Love/You're My Best Friend//Now I'm Here/Dreamer's Ball/Love Of My Life/'39/Keep Yourself Alive; Disc 2: Don't Stop Me Now/Spread Your Wings/Brighton Rock//Bohemian Rhapsody/Tie Your Mother Down/Sheer Heart Attack/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/God Save The Queen

Elektra BB 703 - Legends Of The Lost And Found-New Greatest Stories Live - Harry Chapin [1979] (10-79, #163) (2 LPs) Disc 1: Stranger With The Melodies/Copper/The Day They Closed The Factory Down/Pretzel Man//If My Mary Were Here/Old Folkie/Get On With It/We Were Three; Disc 2: Poor Damned Fool/Flowers Are Red/Mail Order Annie/Odd Job Man//Legends Of The Lost And Found/Tangled Up Puppet/Corey's Coming/You Are The Only Song

Asylum BB 704 - Shadows And Light - Joni Mitchell [1980] (10-80, #38) (2 LPs) Disc 1: Introduction/In France They Kiss On Main Street/Edith And The Kingpin/Coyote/Goodbye Pork Pie Hat//The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines/Amelia/Pat's Solo/Hejira; Disc 2: Black Crow/Don's Solo/Dreamland/Free Man In Paris/Band Introduction/Furry Sings The Blues//Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Shadows And Light/God Must Be A Boogie Man/Woodstock

Asylum BB 705 - Eagles Live - Eagles [1980] (11-80, #6) (2 LPs) Disc 1: Hotel California/Heartache Tonight/I Can't Tell You Why//The Long Run/New Kid In Town/Life's Been Good; Disc 2: Seven Bridges Road/Wasted Time/Take It To The Limit/Doolin-Dalton (Reprise Ii)/Desperado//Saturday Night/All Night Long/Life In The Fast Lane/Take It Easy

Elektra/Asylum ML 800 Series:

Asylum ML 801 - No Nukes - Various Artists [1979] (3 LPs) Disc 1: Dependin' On You - Doobie Brothers/Runaway - Bonnie Raitt/Angel From Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt/Plutonium Is Forever - John Hall/Power - Doobie Brothers with John Hall & James Taylor//The Times They Are A-Changin' - James Taylor, Carly Simon & Graham Nash/Cathedral - Graham Nash/The Crow In The Cradle - Jackson Browne & Graham Nash/Before The Deluge - Jackson Browne; Disc 2: Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson & Doobie Brothers/Little Sister - Ry Cooder/A Woman - Sweet Honey In The Rock/We Almost Lost Detroit - Gil Scott-Heron/Get Together - Jesse Colin Young//You Can't Change That - Raydio/Once You Get Started - Chaka Khan/Captain Jim's Drunken Dream - James Taylor/Honey Don't Leave L.A. - James Taylor/Mockingbird - James Taylor & Carly Simon; Disc 3: Heart Of The Night - Poco/Cry To Me - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Stay - Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne & E Street Band/Devil With Blue Dress Medley: Devil With The Blue Dress On-Good Golly Miss Molly-Jenny Take A Ride - Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band//You Don't Have To Cry - Crosby, Stills & Nash/Long Time Gone - Crosby, Stills & Nash/Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills & Nash/Takin' It To The Streets - Doobie Brothers & James Taylor

Elektra/Asylum CM (Country Music) Series:

Asylum CM-1 - No Word On Me - Dick Feller [1974] (9-74, #30 country)

Elektra/Asylum CM-2 - Don't Let the Good Times Fool You - Melba Montgomery [5/75] (5- 75, #47 country)

Elektra/Asylum CM-3 - Eddie Rabbitt - Eddie Rabbitt [1975] (8-75, #41 country)

Elektra/Asylum CM-4

Elektra/Asylum CM-5 - Only a Stone - Tommy Cash [8/77]

Elektra/Asylum CM-6 - Greatest Gift of All - Melba Montgomery [11/75]

Elektra/Asylum Consolidated 90000 Series:

Elektra 90001 - Apocalypse Now (Soundtrack) - Carmine and Francis Ford Coppola [11/79]

Asylum-Full Moon DP-90002 - Urban Cowboy - Various Artists [1980] (5-80, #3) (2 LP set) Hello Texas - Jimmy Buffett/All Night Long - Joe Walsh/Times Like These - Dan Fogelberg/Nine Tonight - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band//Stand By Me - Mickey Gilley//Cherokee Fiddle - Johnny Lee/Could I Have This Dance - Anne Murray/Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles//Lookin' For Love - Johnny Lee/Don't It Make Ya Wanna Dance - Bonnie Raitt/The Devil Went Down To Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band/Here Comes The Hurt Again - Mickey Gilley/Orange Blossom Special - Hoedown - Gilley's Urban Cowboy Band//Love The World Away - Kenny Rogers/Falling In Love For The Night - The Charlie Daniels Band//Darlin' - Bonnie Raitt/Look What You've Done To Me - Boz Scaggs/Hearts Against The Wind - Linda Ronstadt & J.D. Souther

90003-1 -

Asylum-Full Moon DP-90004 - Heavy Metal - Various Artists [1981] (8-81, #12) (2 LP set) Soundtrack from an animated film. Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar/Heartbeat - Riggs/Working In The Coal Mine - Devo/Veteran Of The Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult//Reach Out - Cheap Trick/Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) - Don Felder/True Companion - Donald Fagen/Crazy - Nazareth//Radar Rider - Riggs/Open Arms - Journey/Queen Bee - Grand Funk Railroad/I Must Be Dreamin' - Cheap Trick//The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath/All Of You - Don Felder/Prefabricated - Trust/Blue Lamp - Stevie Nicks


EUK 253 - A Cold Wind Blows - Various Artists [1966] Issued in mono only. Cyril Tawney: Five Foot Flirt/Alasdair Clayre, Peggy Seeger and Martin Carthy: Hawthorne Berries/Matt McGinn, David Speirs: Get Up, Get Out/Johnny Handle: Dust/Alasdair Clayre, Peggy Seeger: Tiny Newman/Matt McGinn, David Speirs: The Champagne Flows/Johnny Handle: The Trepanner Song/Cyril Tawney: Monday Morning/Matt McGinn, David Speirs: Mr Rising Price/Johnny Handle: Fill Up The Pints Again/Alasdair Clayre: Old Man's Song/Matt McGinn, David Speirs: I've Packed Up My Bags/Cyril Tawney: Sammy's Bar/Johnny Handle: The Old Pubs/Alasdair Clayre, Peggy Seeger: A Cold Wind Blows/Matt McGinn: Jeannie Gallacher/Johnny Handle: Because It Wouldn't Pay/Cyril Tawney: The Oggie Man

EUK 254 - The Incredible String Band - Incredible String Band [1966] Issued in mono only. Original UK release. Maybe Someday/October Song/When The Music Starts To Play/Schaeffer's Jig/Womankind/The Tree/Whistle Tune/Dandelion Blues/How Happy I Am/Empty Pocket Blues/Smoke Shovelling Song/Can't Keep Me Here/Good As Gone/Footsteps Of The Heron/Niggertown/Everything's Fine Right Now

EUK 255 - Alasdair Clayre - Alasdair Clayre [1967] Issued in mono only. The Invisible Backwards-Facing Grocer Who Rose To Fame/Snow/Adam And The Beasts/Lighterman/Night Song/Tied To The Line/The Professor And The Girl/A Gentle Easy-Flowing River/The Formless Maid/The Wayward Way/Irish Girl/Lament For A Writer/Old Couple Walking/Lullaby And Come Afloat

EUK 256 - AMMMusic - AMM [1967] Later During A Flaming Riviera Sunset/After Rapidly Circling The Plaza

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