Elektra/Asylum Album Discography, Part 6
Elektra/Asylum Consolidated 6E-100 Series (1977-1981)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 27, 2005

The consolidated 6E-100 Elektra/Asylum series started in 1977 and ran to 1981. Early labels, up to about mid-1979, were the "butterfly" design. About mid-1979, the label reverted to a red label with the "E" logo in white, but smaller than the logo used in the 1969-70 design.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Elektra/Asylum Consolidated 6E 100 Series:

Elektra 6E 101 - A Day At The Races - Queen [1977] (1-77, #5) Tie Your Mother Down/You Take My Breath Away/Long Away/The Millionaire Waltz/You And I//Somebody To Love/White Man/Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy/Drowse/Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

Elektra 6E 102 - A Song - Neil Sedaka [1977] (5-77, #59) A Song/You Never Done It Like That/The Leaving Game/Amarillo/Alone At Last/Hollywood Lady//I've Never Really Been In Love Before/One Night Stands/Hot And Sultry Nights/Sleazy Love/Tin Pan Alley/A Song (Reprise)

Asylum 6E 103 - Hotel California - Eagles [1977] Reissue of Asylum 7E 1084. Hotel California/New Kid In Town/Life In The Fast Lane/Wasted Time//Wasted Time (Reprise)/Victim Of Love/Pretty Maids All In A Row/Try And Love Again/The Last Resort

Asylum 6E 104 - Simple Dreams - Linda Ronstadt [1977] (9-77, #1) It's So Easy/Carmelita/Simple Man, Simple Dream/Sorrow Lives Here/I Never Will Marry//Blue Bayou/Poor Poor Pitiful Me/Maybe I'm Right/Tumbling Dice/Old Paint

Asylum 6E 105 - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 - Eagles [1977] Reissue of Asylum 7E 1052. Take It Easy/Witchy Woman/Lyin' Eyes/Already Gone/Desperado//One Of These Nights/Tequila Sunrise/Take It To The Limit/Peaceful, Easy Feeling/Best Of My Love

Asylum 6E 106 - Greatest Hits - Linda Ronstadt [1977] Reissue of Asylum 7E 1092. You're No Good/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/Desperado/Love Is A Rose/That'll Be The Day/Long, Long Time//Different Drum/When Will I Be Loved/Love Has No Pride/Heat Wave/It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Tracks Of My Tears

Asylum 6E 107 - The Pretender - Jackson Browne [1977] Reissue of Elektra 7E/EQ 1079. The Fuse/Your Bright Baby Blues/Linda Paloma/Here Come Those Tears Again//The Only Child/Daddy's tune/Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate/The Pretender

Elektra 6E 108 - The Best Of Bread - Bread [1977] Reissue of Elektra EQ 5056/EKS 75056. Make it With You/Everything I Own/Dairy/Baby I'm - A Want You/It Don't Matter To Me/If//Mother Freedom/Down On My Knees/Too Much Love/Let Your Love Go/Look What You've Done/Truckin'

Elektra 6E 109 - The Best Of Carly Simon Volume One - Carly Simon [1977] Reissue of Elektra 7E/EQ 1048. That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be/The Right Thing To Do/Mockingbird/Legend In Your Own Time/Haven't Got Time For The Pain//You're So Vain/(We Have) No Secrets/Night Owl/Anticipation/Attitude Dancing

Elektra 6E 110 - The Best Of Bread Volume Two - Bread [1977] Reissue of Elektra 7E 1005. Sweet Surrender/Fancy Dancer/The Guitar Man/Been Too Long On The Road/Friends And Lovers/Aubrey//Daughter/Dream Lady/Yours For Life/Just Like Yesterday/He's A Good Lad/London Bridge

Elektra 6E 111 - Judith - Judy Collins [1977] Reissue of Elektra 7E 1032. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress/Angel, Spread Your Wings/Houses/The Loving Of The Game/Song For Duke/Send In The Clowns//Salt Of The Earth/Brother, Can You Spare A Dime/City Of New Orleans/I'll Be Seeing You/Pirate Ships/Born To The Breed

Elektra 6E 112 - News Of The World - Queen [1977] (11-77, #3) We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/Sheer Heart Attack/All Dead, All Dead/Spread Your Wings/Fight From The Inside//Get Down, Make Love/Sleeping On The Sidewalk/Who Needs You/It's Late/My Melancholy Blues

Asylum 6E 113 - Running On Empty - Jackson Browne [1977] (1-78, #3) Running On Empty/The Road/Rosie/You Love The Thunder/Cocaine//Shaky Town/Love Needs A Heart/Nothing But Time/The Load-Out-Stay

Asylum 6E 114 - Lost And Found - Keith Carradine [1977]

Asylum 6E 115 - Dance A Little Light - Richie Furay [1978] It's Your Love/Your Friends/Ooh Dreamer/Yesterday's Gone/Someone Who Cares//Dance A Little Light/This Magic Moment/Bittersweet Love/You Better Believe It/Stand Your Guard

Asylum 6E 116 - All This And Heaven Too - Andrew Gold [1978] (2-78, #81) How Can This Be Love/Oh Urania (Take Me Away)/Still You Linger You/Never Let Her Slip Away/Always For You//Thank You For Being A Friend/Looking For My Love/Genevieve/I'm On My Way/You're Free

Asylum 6E 117 - John Hall - John Hall [1978] Lead singer for Orleans. Night/Break Of Day/Messin' Around With The Wrong Woman/Trust Yourself//Give Me The Right/The Fault/Good Enough/Voyagers

Asylum 6E 118 - Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon [1978] (2-78, #8) Johnny Strikes Up The Band/Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner/Excitable Boy/Werewolves Of London/Accidentally Like A Martyr//Nighttime In The Switching Yard/Veracruz/Tenderness On The Block/Lawyers, Guns And Money

Elektra 6E 119 - Just Family - Dee Dee Bridgewater [1978] (5-78, #170) Maybe Today/Thank the Day/Just Family/Children are the Spirit/Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word/Sweet Rain/Open Up Your Eyes/Night Moves/Melody Maker

*Elektra 6E 120 - Starbooty - Roy Ayers, Ubiquity [1978] Can You Be Yourself/Five Flies/If You Wanna See The Sunshine/Love Is Love/Midnight After Dark/Simple And Sweet/Spread It/Starbooty

Elektra 6E 121 - Adventures Of Astral Pirates - Lenny White [1978] Prelude/Pursuit/Mandarin Warlords/Greet Pyramid/Universal Love/Remembering/Revelation/Stew Cabbage and Galactic Beans/Heavy Metal Monster/Assault/Climax

Elektra 6E 122 - All I Want To Do In Life - Jack Clement [1978] Gone Girl/Roving Gambler/We Must Believe in Magic/Good Hearted Woman/When I Dream//All I Want to Do In Life/It'll Be Her/There She Goes/Queen Bee/You Ask Me To

Elektra 6E 123 - Twin House - Larry Coryell [1978] Ms. Julie/Home Comings/Ait Power/Twin House/Twice A Week/Mortage on My Soul/Nuages/Gloryell

Elektra 6E 124 - Never My Love - Vern Gosdin [5/78] (5-78, #24 country)

Elektra 6E 125 - Meet Me At The Crux - Dirk Hamilton [1978] Mouth Full Of Suck/Billboard On The Moon/All In All/Welcome To Toyland/Tell A Vision Time//Heroes Of The Night/Meet Me At The Crux/How Do You Fight Fire ?/Every Inch A Moon

Elektra 6E 126 - Stella Parton - Stella Parton [1978]

Elektra 6E 127 - Variations - Eddie Rabbitt [1978] (4-78, #9 Country; 6-78, #143 pop) Hearts On Fire/The Room At The Top Of The Stairs/Crossin' The Mississippi/Plain As The Pain On My Face/Hurtin' For You//You Don't Love Me Anymore/Kentucky Rain/I Just Want To Love You/Caroline/Song Of Ireland

Elektra 6E 128 - Boys In The Trees - Carly Simon [1978] (4-78, #10) You Belong To Me/Boys In The Trees/Back Down To Earth/Devoted To You/De Bat (Fly In Me Face)/Haunting//Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)/You're The One/In A Small Moment/One Man Woman/For Old Time's Sake

Elektra 6E 129 - A Pig In The Poke - Hargus Pig Robbins [1978]

Asylum 6E 130 - Voyager - Karen Alexander [1978]

Elektra 6E 131 - Laura Allan - Laura Allan [8/78]

Elektra 6E 132 - Thistles - Bim [1978] Tender Lullaby/Right After My Heart/Waitin' For You, Mama/Shell Of A Life/Night On A Hill//High And Mighty/Broke Down/Woh, Me/Ironbelly/Thistles

Elektra 6E 133 - Adventure - Television [1978] Glory/Days/Foxhole/Careful//Carried Away/The Fire/Ain't That Nothin'/The Dream's Dream

Elektra 6E 134 - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88 - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88 [1978]

Elektra 6E 135 - The Cars - Cars [1978] (7-78, #18) Let The Good Times Roll/My Best Friend's Girl/Just What I Needed/I'm In Touch With Your World/Don't Cha Stop//You're All I've Got Tonight/Bye Bye Love/Moving In Stereo/All Mixed Up

Elektra 6E 136 - The Captain's Journey - Lee Ritenour [1978] (6-78, #121) The Captain's Journey (Part I: The Calm-Part II: The Storm)/Morning Glory/Sugarloaf Express//Matchmakers/What Do You Want ?/That's Enough For Me/Etude

Elektra 6E 137 - New Winds-All Quadrants - Sammi Smith [1978] I Just Won't Feel Like Cheating (With You)/From Here To Morning/Just Like A River/Lookin' For Lovin'/When Love Wants To Leave (That's The Way That It Goes)//It's Too Late/Norma Jean/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/You Were Gone Before You Has A Chance To Leave/I Ain't Got Time To Rock No Babies

Elektra 6E 138 - The X Factor - Michael White [7/78] You Are My Heartbeat/Life As Always/Love Call/Well, Do It Then/The Red Planet//We Don't Eat No Meat/Let Love Be Your Magic Carpet/Smile In Your Eyes/X Factor

Asylum 6E 139 - Bruised Orange - John Prine [1978] (7-78, #116) Fish And Whistle/There She Goes/If You Don't Want My Love/That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round/Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow)//Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone/Aw Peck/Crooked Piece Of Time/Iron Ore Betty/The Hobo Song

Asylum 6E 140 - Randy Meisner - Randy Meisner [1978] Formerly with the Eagles. Bad Man/Daughter Of The Sky/It Hurts To Be In Love/Save The Last Dance For Me/Please Be With Me/Take It To The Limit//Lonesome Cowgirl/Too Many Lovers/If You Wanna Be Happy/I Really Want You Here Tonight/Every Other Day/Heartsong

Asylum 6E 141 - But Seriously, Folks... - Joe Walsh [1978] (6-78, #8) Founder of the James Gang; formerly with the Eagles. Over And Over/Second Hand Store/Indian Summer/At The Station//Tomorrow/Inner Tube/Theme From Boat Weirdos/Life's Been Good

Elektra 6E 142 - Living Room Suite - Harry Chapin [1978] (7-78, #133) Dancin' Boy/If You Want To Feel/Poor Damned Fool/I Wonder What Would Happen To This World/Jenny//It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains/Why Do Little Girls/Flowers Are Red/Somebody Said

Elektra 6E 143 - Fire On Ice - Terry Callier [1978] Be A Believer/Holdin' On (To Your Love)/Street Fever/Butterfly/I Been Doin' Alright (Everything's Gonna Be Alright) (Part II)//Disco In The Sky/African Violet/Love Two Love/Martin St. Martin

Elektra 6E 144 - Thank You... For F.U.M.L. (Funking Up My Life) - Donald Byrd [1978] (11-78, #191) Thank You For Funking Up My Life/Sunning in Your Loveshine/Your Love is My Ecstasy/Have You Heard the News?/In Love With Love/Close Your Eyes and Look Within/Loving You/Cristo Redentor

Asylum 6E 145 - Luxury You Can Afford - Joe Cocker [1978] (9-78, #76) Fun Time/Watching The River Flow/Boogie Baby/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/I Can't Say No/Southern Lady//I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)/What Did You Do To Me Last Night/Lady Put The Light Out/Wasted Years/I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Asylum 6E 146 - Creed - Creed [1978] Keep On Rockin'/Tied Down/Firecracker/You Never See It That Way/We're Gonna Make It//Just Can't Stop/Too Proud To Cry/Can't Find Love/Time And Time Again

Asylum 6E 147 - Bloodbrothers - Dictators [1978] Faster And Louder/Baby, Let's Twist/No Tomorrow/The Minnesota Strip/Stay With Me//I Stand Tall/Borneo Jim/What It Is/Slow Death

Elektra 6E 148 - Goodbye Girl - David Gates [1978] (8-78, #165) Goodbye Girl (Title Song From The Goodbye Girl)/Took The Last Train/Overnight Sensation/California Lady/Ann/Drifter//He Don't Know How To Love You/Clouds Suite (Clouds-Rain)/Lorilee/Part-Time Love/Sunday Rider/Never Let Her Go

Elektra 6E 149 - Tony Orlando - Tony Orlando [10/78] Don't Let Go/I Count The Tears/Save The Last Dance For Me/That Is Rock And Roll/You're So Fine//Let The Good Times Roll/A Lover's Question/Bring It On Home To Me/Since I Met You Baby/Ya Ya

Elektra 6E 150 - Before The Rain - Lee Oskar [1978] (9-78, #86 pop; 10-78, #29 r&b) Harmonica player with War. Before The Rain/Steppin'/San Francisco Bay//Feelin' Happy/More Than Words Can Say/Sing Song/Haunted House

Elektra 6E 151 - ...Too - Carole Bayer Sager [1978] To Make You Smile Again - Featuring Marvin Hamlisch & Nino Tempo/It's The Falling In Love/Peace In My Heart/Shadows/You're Interesting//There's Something About You/It Doesn't Add Up/I Don't Wanna Dance No More/One Star Shining/I'm Coming Again

Elektra 6E 152 - Fantasy - Aquarian Dream [10/78]

Elektra 6E 153 - Splendid - Larry Coryell and Phillip Catherine [10/78] One Plus Two Blues/Snowshadows/Transvested Express/Deus Xango//My Serenade/No More Booze/Father Christmas/A Quiet Day In Spring/The Train And The River

Elektra 6E 154 - Out Of The Woods - Oregon [1978] Yellow Bell/Fall 77/Reprise/Cane Fields/Dance To The Morning Star//Vision Of A Dancer/Story Telling/Water Wheel/Witchi-Tai-To

Asylum 6E 155 - Living In The U.S.A. - Linda Ronstadt [1978] (10-78, #1) Back In The U.S.A./When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Just One Look/Alison/White Rhythm And Blues//All That You Dream/Ooh Baby Baby/Mohammed's Radio/Blowing Away/Love Me Tender

Elektra 6E 156 - Angels Of The Deep - Sweetbottom [1978] Electro-Strut/Angels Of The Deep/Amazon Ritual/Her//Momentary Change/Veena Deva/Monique/Shrapnel In My Ankle

Elektra 6E 157 - American Dreams - Jesse Colin Young [1978] (12-78, #165) Founding member and leader of the Youngbloods. Rave On/Slow And Easy/Maui Sunrise/Reveal Your Dreams/Knock On Wood//American Dreams Suite (City Boy-Music In The Streets-Can We Carry On The Dream-Sanctuary-What If We Stay)

Asylum 6E 158 - Real Life Ain't This Way - Jay Ferguson [1979] (4-79, #86) Shakedown Cruise/No Secrets/Real Life Ain't This Way/Davey/Turn Yourself In//Do It Again/Paying Time/Too Late To Save Your Heart/Let's Spend The Night Together ; Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?/City Of Angels

Elektra 6E 159 - Good Time Warrior - Lucifer's Friend [1978] German hard-rock group. Old Man Roller/I'll Meet You In L.A./My Love/Good Times/Little Dancer//Sweet Little Lady/Gamblin' Man/Warriors

Elektra 6E 160 - Patrice - Patrice Rushen [1978] (2-79, #27 r&b, #98 pop) Music Of The Earth/When I Found You/Changes (In Your Life)/Wishful Thinking/Let's Sing A Song Of Love//Hang It Up/Cha-Cha/It's Just A Natural Thing/Didn't You Know ?/Play !

Elektra 6E 161 - All You Need Is The Music - Neil Sedaka [1978] All I Need Is The Music/Candy Kisses/Should've Never Let Her Go/Sad, Sad Story/Tillie The Twirler//Love Keeps Getting Stronger Every Day/Born To Be Bad/What A Surprise/You Can Hear The Love/City Boy

Asylum 6E 162 - Blue Valentine - Tom Waits [1978] (11-78, #181) Somewhere/Red Shoes By The Drugstore/Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis/Romeo Is Bleeding/$29.00//Wrong Side Of The Road/Whistlin' Past The Graveyard/Kentucky Avenue/A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun/Blue Valentines

Elektra 6E 163 - Jerry Jeff - Jerry Jeff Walker [1978] (1-79, #43 country) Eastern Avenue River Railway Blues/Lone Wolf/Bad News/Boogie Mama/I'm Not Strange//Her Good Lovin' Grace/Comfort and Crazy/Follow/Banks of the Old Bandera

Elektra 6E 164 - Streamline - Lenny White [1979] Spazmo Strikes Again/Time/Cosmic Indigo/I'll See You Soon/Struttin'/12 Bars From Mars/Earthlings/Pooh Bear/Lockie's Inspiration/Night Games

6E 165 -

Elektra 6E 166 - Jazz - Queen [1978] (12-78, #6) Mustapha/Fat Bottomed Girls/Jealousy/Bicycle Race/If You Can't Beat Them/Let Me Entertain You//Dead On Time/In Only Seven Days/Dreamers Ball/Fun It/Leaving Home Ain't Easy/Don't Stop Me Now/More Of That Jazz

Elektra 6E 167 - Nightingale - Gilberto Gil [3/79]

Elektra 6E 168 - No Escape - Marc Tanner Band [1979] (3-79, #140) Never Again/Crawlin'/She's So High/Elena/Edge Of Love//Getaway/Lady In Blue/In A Spotlight/Lost At Love/Your Tears Don't Lie

Elektra 6E 169 - The Inside Story - Robben Ford [1979]

Elektra 6E 170 - Jazz - Queen [1978] Special issue of 6E 166. Mustapha/Fat Bottomed Girls/Jealousy/Bicycle Race/If You Can't Beat Them/Let Me Entertain You//Dead On Time/In Only Seven Days/Dreamers Ball/Fun It/Leaving Home Ain't Easy/Don't Stop Me Now/More Of That Jazz

Elektra 6E 171 - Hard Times For Lovers - Judy Collins [1979] (3-79, #54) Hard Times For Lovers/Marie/Happy End/Desperado/I Remember Sky//Starmaker/Dorothy/Theme From The Promise (I'll Never Say Goodbye)/Theme From Ice Castles (Through The Eyes Of Love)/Where Or When

6E 172 -

Asylum 6E 173 - Black Sheep - Jan Hammer [1979] Jet Stream/Heavy Love/Black Sheep/Light Of Dawn/Hey Girl//Waiting No More/Between The Sheets Of Music/Manic Depression/Silent One

Asylum 6E 174 - High And Outside - Steve Goodman [1979] Just Lucky I Guess/You Can Turn To Me/The One That Got Away/Hand It To You/Luxury's Lap//That's Why (I Love You So)/One Bite Of The Apple/It Would Be (You And Me)/Men Who Love Women Who Love Men/What Have You Done For Me Lately

Elektra 6E 175 - Airwaves - Badfinger [1979] (3-79, #125) Airwaves/Look Out California/Lost Inside Your Love/Love Is Gonna Come At Last/Sympathy//The Winner/The Dreamer/Come Down Hard/Sail Away

Elektra 6E 176 - Wood Newton - Wood Newton [3/79] Lock, Stock And Barrel/I Gotta Get Back To You/So Easy For You/Julie (Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?)/California Christmas//Dreams Of Desire‚/Love The Hurt Away/Too Good To Be True/Last Exit For Love/Cotton Pickin' Time

Elektra/Curb 6E 177 - Heart to Heart - Susie Allanson [3/79] (4-79, #11 country)

Elektra 6E 178 - I Will Never Let You Down - Tommy Overstreet [3/79]

Asylum 6E 179 - High Contrast - Tim Moore [1979]

Elektra 6E 180 - You've Got Somebody - Vern Gosdin [5/79]

Elektra 6E 181 - Loveline - Eddie Rabbitt [1979] (6-79, #5 country, #91 pop) Pour Me Another Tequila/Gone Too Far/Loveline/One And Only One/Suspicions//So Fine/I Will Never Let You Go Again/Amazing Love/It's Always Like The First Time/I Don't Wanna Make Love (With Anyone Else But You)

*Elektra 6E 182 - Paradise - Grover Washington Jr. [1979] (4-79, #15 r&b, #24 pop) Answer In Your Eyes/Asia's Theme/Feel It Comin'/Icey/Paradise/Shana/Tell Me About It Now

Elektra 6E 183 - White Night - Michael White [7/79]

Elektra 6E 184 - Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Lee Lewis [1979] (4-79, #186 pop; 5-79, #23 country) Don't Let Go/Rita May/Every Day I Have to Cry/I Like It Like That/Number One Lovin' Man//Rockin' My Life Away/Who Will the Next Fool Be/(You've Got) Personality/I Wish I Was Eighteen Again/Rocking Little Angel

Elektra 6E 185 - Unbreakable Hearts - Hargus Pig Robbins [1979]

Elektra 6E 186 - No. 1 In Heaven - Sparks [1979] Produced by Giorgio Moroder. Tryouts For The Human Race/Academy Award Performance/La Dolce Vita//Beat The Clock/My Other Voice/The Number One Song In Heaven

Elektra 6E 187 - Between The Lines - Bobby Braddock [1979] Between The Lines/Kansas City Misery/I Did The Right Thing/Moon Fever/The Happy Hour//Charley's Gone/F-L-O-R-I-D-A/Where The Heart Is/My Ship's Comin' Is/Blow Us Away

*Elektra 6E 188 - Bad For Me - Dee Dee Bridgewater [1979] (5-79, #182) Back Of Your Mind/Bad For Me/Don't Say It (If You Don't Mean It)/For The Girls/Is This What Feeling Gets?/It's The Fallin In Love/Love Won't Let Me Go/Streetsinger/Tequila Mockingbird

Elektra 6E 189 - Turn On Your Love - Terry Callier [1979]

Elektra 6E 190 - Chameleon - Chameleon [1979] Get Up/Wishing A Dream/Unfair Affair/Game Of Life//We'll Be Dancin'/Come Into My Life/I Feel You Here/Mysteryoso/For You

Elektra 6E 191 - Love Ya - Stella Parton [1979]

*Elektra 6E 192 - Feel The Night - Lee Ritenour [1979] (6-79, #136) Feel The Night/French Roast/Market Place/Midnight Lady/Uh Oh/Wicked Wine/You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Elektra 6E 193 - Fly With Me - Supermax [1979]

*Elektra-Curb 6E 194 - Family Tradition - Hank Williams Jr. [1979] (7-79, #3 country) Always Loving You/Family Tradition/I Fought The Law/I Just Ain't Been Able/I've Got Rights/Old Flame, New Fire/Only Daddy That Will Walk The Line/Paying On Time/To Love Somebody/We Can Work It All Out

6E 195 -

Elektra 6E 196 - All the Mornings Bring - Paul McCandiess [7/79] Member of Oregon.

Elektra 6E 197 - Introducing Glen Moore - Glen Moore [7/79]

Asylum 6E 198 - Laminar Flow - Roy Orbison [1979] Easy Way Out/Love Is A Cold Wind/Lay It Down/I Care/We're Into Something Good/Movin'//Poor Baby/Warm Spot Hot/Tears/Friday Night/Hound Dog Man

6E 199 -

*Elektra 6E 200 - Near Perfect/Perfect - Martin Mull [1979] Bernie Don't Disco/Bun And Run No. 1 (Daddy's Back)/Bun And Run No. 3 (Happy Cows)/Don't Put It Off 'Til Tomorrow/I Found It/It's All Behind Me Now/Life Is Better Than Death/Pig In A Blanket/The Fruit Song/This Takes The Cake

Asylum 6E 201 - Suzie - Terence Boylan [1980] Suzie/Shake Your Fiorucci (Bitch - Layla)/College Life/Dump In The River/$50 An Hour/Roll Your Own//Did She Finally Get To You/Tell Me/Ice And Snow/Going Home/End Of The World/Miso Soup

Elektra 6E 202 - Knock Down The Walls - Steve Kipner [1979]

Asylum 6E 203 - Kid Blue - Louise Goffin [1979] (8-79, #87) Daughter of songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin. Kid Blue/All I've Got To Do/Hurt By Love/Red Lite Fever/Remember (Walking In The Sand)//Jimmy And The Tough Kids/Angels Ain't For Keeping/Long Distance/Trapeze/Singing Out Alone

6E 204 -

Elektra 6E 205 - Chance To Dance - Aquarian Dream [1979]

Elektra 6E 206 - Five Special - Five Special [1979] Why Leave Us Alone/It's A Wonderful Day/Do It Baby//It's Such A Groove (Part II)-Whatcha Got For Music!/Baby/Rock Dancin'/You're Something Special

Elektra 6E 207 - Ohh, La La - Suzi Lane [8/79] Ooh, La, La/Givin' It Up/No One Home In The City//Harmony/Morning, Noon And Night/Free Me

Elektra 6E 208 - Halfway Hotel - Voyager [1979]

*Elektra 6E 209 - Pink Lady - Pink Lady [1979] Dancing In The Halls Of Love/Deeply/Give Me Your Love/I Want To Give You My Everything/Kiss In The Dark/Love Countdown/Love Me Tonight/Show Me The Way To Love/Strangers When We Kiss/Walk Away Renee

Elektra 6E 210 - Turn Me Loose - Sweetbottom [1979]

6E 211 -

Elektra 6E 212 - Sound of a Pioneer - Bob Nolan [8/79]

Elektra 6E 213 - Living Alone - Phil Everly [1979] I Was Too Late For the Party/Ich Bin Dein (I Am Yours)/You Broke It/Living Alone/Buy Me a Beer//California Gold/Love Will Pull Us Through/I Just Don't Feel Like Dancing/Charleston Guitar/The Fall of '59

Elektra 6E 214 - Magic Lady - Sergio Mendes [1979]

Elektra 6E 215 - Just Bruni - Bruni Pagan [8/79]

Elektra 6E 216 - Tom Verlaine - Tom Verlaine [1979] The Grip Of Love/Souvenir From A Dream/Kingdom Come/Mr. Bingo/Yonki Time//Flash Lightning/Red Leaves/Last Night/Breakin' In My Heart

*Elektra 6E 217 - Betcha - Stanley Turrentine [1979] Betcha/Concentrate On You/Hamlet (So Peaceful)/Long Time Gone/Love Is The Answer/Take Me Home/Together Again/You

Elektra 6E 218 - James Monroe H.S. Presents Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band Goes To Washington - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band [1979] Leader August Darnell AKA Kid Creole later founded Kid Creole & the Coconuts. Didn't I Love You Girl?/Call Me/New York At dawn/R.S.V.P. (Réspondez S'Il Vous Plait)//The Seven Year Itch/Once There Was A Coloured Girl.../Italiano

Elektra 6E 219 - Gamma 1 - Gamma [1979] Band included guitarist Ronnie Montrose and keyboard player Jim Alcivar, formerly of hard rock group Montrose. Thunder And Lightning/I'm Alive/Razor King/No Tears//Solar Heat/Solar Action/Wish I Was/Fight To The Finish

Elektra 6E 220 - Simms Brothers Band - Simms Brothers Band [1979] Take Me As I Am/All We Need Is Loving/Back To School/Still I'll Be Waiting/Get Her ( Fore She Gets Away)//Must Say Now/You've Got Style/This Time It's Over/It's Just The Way She Moves/Morning Song

Elektra 6E 221 - Sons Of The Universe - Alien [1979]

Asylum 6E 222 - Pink Cadillac - John Prine [1979] (9-79, #152) Chinatown/Automobile/Killing The Blues/No Name Girl/Saigon//Cold War (This Cold War With You)/Baby Let's Play House/Down By The Side Of The Road/How Lucky/Ubangi Stomp

*Elektra 6E 223 - Best Of Friends - Twennynine Featuring Lenny White [1979] (10-79, #15 r&b; 12-79, #54 pop) Best Of Friends/Betta/Citi Dancin'/Morning Sunrise/Oh, Sylvie/Peanut Butter/Take Me Or Leave Me/Tropical Nights

Elektra 6E 224 - Roots In The Sky - Oregon [1979]

6E 225 -

Elektra 6E 226 - The Real Tommy Overstreet - Tommy Overstreet [11/79]

Elektra 6E 227 - Sonny Curtis - Sonny Curtis [1979] The Cowboy Singer/Walk Right Back/So Used To Loving You/Tennessee/Do You Remember Roll Over Beethoven//It's Not Easy Being Fifteen/I Fought The Law/I'll Stay With You/Cheatin' Clouds/Ain't Nobody Honest

Elektra 6E 228 - Best of Vern Gosdin - Vern Gosdin [11/79]

Elektra 6E 229 - Best of Stella Parton - Stella Parton [11/79]

Elektra 6E 230 - One Of Those People - Dennis William Wilson [1979] It's Just Me/Man Made Of Glass/What's A Couple More?/She's The Shadow Of Jane/Do You Think It Was Over?//A Little Bit Gone/Just Close Your Eyes (And It's Daniel)/Just Another Yesterday/The Fire Behind His Eyes/One Of Those People

Asylum 6E 231 - I Still Have Dreams - Richie Furay [1979] Oooh Child/Lonely Too Long/Island Love/Come On/I Was A Fool//I Still Have Dreams/Satisfied/Headin' South/Oh Mary/What's The Matter, Please?

Asylum 6E 232 - Hammer - Hammer [1979] Goodbye/I Got You/Oh, Pretty Woman/One Day/Vaporize Me//Nowhere To Go/Forever Tonight/Highway Made Of Glass/Rainbow Day/Sister Louisiana

Elektra 6E 233 - Love Life - Shadows [1979]

Elektra 6E 234 - In Our Room - Roy Head [1979] In Our Room/It Ain't The Size Of The Wave/Things I Could Never Leave Behind/Fire In The Morning/By Day By Day//Believin' Those Love Songs/The Fire Of Two Old Flames/One Of Those People/Silence On The Line/Under Suspicion

Elektra 6E 235 - The Best Of Eddie Rabbitt - Eddie Rabbitt [1979] (11-79, #12 country, #151 pop) Drinkin' My Baby (Off My Mind)/Rocky Mountain Music/Do You Right Tonight/Two Dollars In The Jukebox/I Can't Help Myself//We Can't Go On Living Like This/Hearts On Fire/You Don't Love Me Anymore/I Just Want To Love You/Every Which Way But Loose

Elektra 6E 236 - Me and Pepper - Mel Tillis [1979] (12-79, #46 country)

Elektra-Curb 6E 237 - Whisky Bent And Hell Bound - Hank Williams Jr. [1979] (11-79, #5 country) Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound/Tired Of Being Johnny B. Good/Outlaw Women/(I Don't Have) Anymore Love Songs/White Lightnin'//Women I've Never Had/O.D.'d In Denver/Come And Go Blues/Old Nashville Cowboys/The Conversation [with Waylon Jennings]

Elektra 6E 238 - Boulder - Boulder [1979] Join Me In L.A./A New Mister Right/Winner Takes All/Heartbeat//Turn The Radio Up/Travelin' Man/Help Yourself/For Love

Elektra 6E 239 - Too Old To Change - Jerry Jeff Walker [1980]

Elektra 6E 240 - Temptation - Marc Tanner Band [1980]

Elektra 6E 241 - Friendship - Friendship [1979] Bullet Train/Tighten Up/The Situation/Let's Not Talk About It//Here Today Hear Tomorrow/Waterwings/The Real Thing

Elektra 6E 242 - Connections - Richie Havens [1979] Mama We're Gonna Dance/Every Night/You Send Me/We've Got Tonight/Ol' 55//Going Back To My Roots/Dreams/She Touched My Heart/Fire Down Below/Here's A Song

*Elektra 6E 243 - Pizzaz - Patrice Rushen [1979] (11-79, #11 r&b, #39 pop) Call On Me/Givin' It Up Is Givin'/Haven't You Heard/Keepin' Faith In Love/Let The Music Take Me/Message In The Music/Settle For My Love

Elektra 6E 244 - Present Tense - Shoes [1979] (10-79, #50) Tomorrow Night/Too Late/Hangin' Around With You/Your Very Eyes/In My Arms Again/Somebody Has What I Had//Now And Then/Every Girl/I Don't Miss You/Cruel You/Three Times: See Me-Say It-Listen/I Don't Wanna Hear It

Elektra 6E 245 - Alchemy - Richard Lloyd [1979] Former guitarist with new wave group Television. Misty Eyes/In The Night/Alchemy/Woman's Ways/Number Nine//Should Have Know Better/Blue And Grey/Summer Rain/Pretend/Dying Words

6E 246 -

*Elektra 6E 247 - Donald Byrd & 125th Street, N.Y.C. - Donald Byrd & 125th Street, N.Y.C. [1979] (12-79, #71 r&b) Giving It Up/Gold The Moon, White The Sun/I Love You/Marilyn/Morning/People Suppose To Be Free/Pretty Baby/Veronica

Elektra 6E 248 - Chair in the Sky - Mingus Dynasty [1980]

Elektra 6E 249 - Thug Of Love - Dirk Hamilton [1980] Out To Unroll The Wheel World/Turn Off The T.V./Colder Than Mexican Snow/Moses And Me/I Will Acquiesce//The Main Attraction/Need Some Body/Wholly Bowled Over/Change In A Child's Hand/In A Miracle

Asylum 6E 250 - Innuendo - Danny Kortchmar [1980] You And What Army/Lost In The Shuffle/Killer's Kiss/The Ghost Of Errol Flynn/Endless Sleep//Betty And Her Friend/Innuendo/Ego Tripper/I Starred In That Movie/Hair Of The Dog/When The Eagle Flies

Elektra 6E 251 - Falling In Love Again - David Gates [1980]

Elektra 6E 252 - African Marketplace - Brand Dollar (Abdullah Ibrahim) [1980]

Elektra 6E 253 - Running For My Life - Judy Collins [1980] (5-80, #142) Running For My Life/Bright Morning Star/Green Finch And Linnet Bird/Marieke/Pretty Women/Almost Free//I Could Really Show You Around/I've Done Enough Dyin' Today/Anyone Would Love You/The Rainbow Connection/This Is The Day/Wedding Song

Elektra 6E 254 - When Two Worlds Collide - Jerry Lee Lewis [1980] (4-80, #32 country) Rockin' Jerry Lee/Who Will Buy the Wine/Love Game/Alabama Jubilee/Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues//When Two Worlds Collide/Good News Travels Fast/I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart/Honky Tonk Stuff/Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye

Elektra 6E 255 - Love Bomb - Bobby Braddock [1980] Love Bomb/Fallout Fallback/Burning Down/Madison Avenue Pusher Man/The Kute Klux Klan//Do It For Your Father/Nag Nag Nag - With Sparky/Rainy Florida Afternoon/Everybody's Got A Grunt-Grunt Place/I Love You Whoever You Are

Elektra 6E 256 - Deep - Richie Rome [1980]

Elektra 6E 257 - Nomad - Chico Hamilton [1980]

Elektra 6E 258 - Zero Hind Sight - Billy Earl McClelland [1981]

Elektra 6E 259 - In The Pocket - Neil Sedaka [1980] (5-80, #135) Do It Like You Done It When You Meant It/Junkie For Your Love/Letting Go/You Better Leave That Girl Alone/My Friend//It's Good To Be Alive Again/You/Should've Never Let You Go/You're So Good To Me/What A Difference A Day Makes

Elektra 6E 260 - Highway 31 - Rock Killough [1980]

*Elektra 6E 261 - After The Rain - Side Effect [1980] Black Beauty/Catch It 'Fore It Falls/Close To Me/Eleanor Rigby/Georgy Porgy/I Feel It's Real/Pretty Baby/Superwoman/Take A Chance 'N' Dance/The Thrill Is Gone

Elektra 6E 262 - Cool Fool - Bruce Roberts [1980]

Asylum 6E 263 - He Who Rides The Tiger - Bernie Taupin [1980] Monkey On My Back (The Last Run)/Born On The 4th Of July/Venezuela/Approaching Armageddon/Lover's Cross//Blitz Babies/Valley Lights/Love (The Barren Desert)/The Whores Of Paris

Asylum 6E 264 - Whirlwind - Andrew Gold [1980] Kiss This One Goodbye/Whirlwind/Sooner Or Later/Leave Her Alone/Little Company//Brand New Face/Nine To Five/Stranded On The Edge/Make Up Your Mind

*Elektra 6E 265 - Sneak Me In - Lucifer's Friend [1980] Cosmic Crusader/Don't You Know What I Like/Foxy Lady/Goodbye Girls/Indian Summer/Love Hymn/Sneak Me In/Stardancer

Asylum 6E 266 - Sumner - Sumner [1980] Radioland/Dynamite/Wishes/Hot Night//No Time To Stop/Run Cindy Run/It Ain't Up To Me/You Excite Me/More Beer

Elektra 6E 267 - Legendary Heroes - Allan Clarke [1980] Singer with the Hollies. Slipstream/The Only Ones/Walls/Brandenburg Plaza/The Survivor//Driving The Doomsday Cars/Baby Blue/Sanctuary/Imagination's Child/Legendary Heroes

Elektra 6E 268 - Magic - Sylvia St. James [1980]

*Elektra 6E 269 - Inflation - Stanley Turrentine [1980] (7-80, #65 r&b) Closer/Déjà Vu/Don't Misunderstand/Ghana/Inflation/Is It You/Song For Donny/Theme From Shaft

Elektra 6E 270 - Special Edition - Five Special [1980]

Elektra 6E 271 - Your Body Is - Mel Tillis [1980]

Elektra 6E 272 - Love Injection - Trussel [1980]

Elektra 6E 273 - Robbie Dupree - Robbie Dupree [1980] (6-80, #51) Steal Away/I'm No Stranger/Thin Line/It's A Feeling/Hot Rod Hearts//Nobody Else/We Both Tried/Love Is A Mystery/Lonely Runner

Elektra 6E 274 - The Kings Are Here - Kings [1980] (8-80, #74) This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide/It's Okay/Go Away/Partyitis//Run Shoes Running/Anti Hero Man/Love Store/Don't Let Me Know/My Habit

Elektra 6E 275 - Cats - Cats [1980]

Elektra 6E 276 - Horizon - Eddie Rabbitt [1980] (7-80, #1 country, #19 pop) I Love A Rainy Night/747/Drivin' My Life Away/Short Road To Love/Rockin' With My Baby//I Need To Fall In Love Again/So Deep In Your Love/What Will I Write/Pretty Lady/Just The Way It Is

Elektra 6E 277 - Make The World Go Away - Hank Cochran [1980]

Elektra-Curb 6E 278 - Habits Old And New - Hank Williams Jr. [1980] (6-80, #4 country, #154 pop) Old Habits/Dinosaur/Kaw-Liga/Here I Am Fallin' Again/The Blues Man//All In Alabama/The American Way/Move It On Over/Won't It Be Nice/If You Don't Like Hank Williams

Asylum 6E 279 - Men From Nowhere - Lawler & Cobb [1981]

Elektra 6E 280 - Helmet Boy - Helmet Boy [1980]

6E 281 -

Elektra 6E 282 - Nervous Eaters - Nervous Eaters [1980]

Elektra 6E 283 - Love Is All Around - Sonny Curtis [1980] Former member of Buddy Holly's Crickets. Love Is All Around/You Made My Life A Song/Eager For The Edge/The Real Buddy Holly Story/Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover//Wild Side Of Life/Cowboy Singer/I Fought The Law/Walk Right Back/The Clone Song

*Elektra 6E 284 - Magnificent Madness - John Klemmer [1980] (8-80, #146) Adventures In Paradise/Déjà Vu/Don't Take Your Love Away/Heart (Summer Song)/I Can't Help It/Lifesong/Magnificent Madness/We Couldn't Start Over

Elektra 6E 285 - Look In Your Heart - Ernie Watts [1980]

Asylum 6E 286 - Storm Windows - John Prine [1980] (8-80, #144) Shop Talk/Living In The Future/It's Happening To You/Sleepy Eyed Boy/All Night Blue//Just Wanna Be With You/Storm Windows/Baby Ruth/One Red Rose/I Had A Dream

Elektra 6E 287 - Roy Acuff Sings Hank Williams - Roy Acuff [1980]

Elektra 6E 288 - Gamma 2 - Gamma [1980] Mean Streak/Four Horsemen/Dirty City/Voyager//Something In The Air/Cat On A Leash/Skin And Bone/Mayday

Elektra 6E 289 - Attitude - Simms Brothers Band [1980]

Asylum 6E 290 - Dumb Waiters - Korgis [1980] (11-80, #113) UK duo formed by James Warren and Andrew Creswell-Davis, formelry of Stackridge. Silent Running/Love Ain't Too Far Away/Perfect Hostess/Drawn And Quartered/Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime//Intimate/It's No Good Unless You Love Me/Dumb Waiters/If It's Alright With You Baby/Rovers Return

Elektra 6E 291 - Killer Country - Jerry Lee Lewis [1980] (10-80, #35 country) Folsom Prison Blues/I'd Do It All Again/Jukebox Junky/Too Weak to Fight/Late Night Lovin' Man//Change Places With Me/Let Me On/Thirty-Nine and Holding/Mama, This One's For You/Over the Rainbow

Elektra 6E 292 - The Best of Tommy Overstreet - Tommy Overstreet [1980]

Elektra 6E 293 - Shadow - Shadow [1980]

Elektra 6E 294 - 21st Century Man - Billy Thorpe [1980] 1991/Solar Dawn/We Were Watching You//21st Century Man/She's Alive/Rise/In My Room

Asylum 6E 295 - Heartattack and Vine - Tom Waits [1980] (10-80, #96) Heartattack And Wine/In Shades (The Tom Waits Band)/Saving All My Love For You/Downtown/Jersey Girl//'Til The Money Runs Out/On The Nickel/Mr. Siegal/Ruby's Arms

Elektra 6E 296 - East - Cold Chisel [10/80]

Asylum 6E 297 - Hot Spot - Steve Goodman [1980]

Elektra 6E 298 - The Many Sides Of Roy Head - Roy Head [1980] Treat Her Right/All Night Long Is Gone/It's Time For You To Go/I've Got That Lookin' Feelin'/The Sun's Comin' Up On My Cheatin' Ways Again//Drinkin' Them Long Necks/Burn Me Again/Just Before Goodbye/I've Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman/Come To Me Memories

Elektra-Curb 6E 299 - Damn Those Kids - Hudson [1980] Low Rider/Annie/Tell Her No/Afraid To Love/I'm Tired, You're Fired//That's All Right/Sidewalk/Lonely/Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye/Anytime At All/Joni

*Elektra 6E 300 - Very Special - Debra Laws [1981] All The Things I Love/Be Yourself/How Long/Long As We're Together/Meant For You/On My Own/Very Special/Your Love

Elektra 6E 301 - Once A Drifter - Charlie Rich [1981]

*Elektra 6E 302 - Posh - Patrice Rushen [1980] (11-80, #23 r&b, #71 pop) Don't Blame Me/Funk Won't Let You Down/I Need Your Love/Look Up/Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be)/The Dream/This Is All I Really Know/Time Will Tell

Elektra 6E 303 - Tongue Twister - Shoes [1981] (2-81, #140) Your Imagination/Burned Out Love/The Things You Do/Only In My Sleep/Karen/She Satisfies//Girl Of Today/Hopin' She's The One/When It Hits/Yes Or No/Found A Girl/Hate To Run

*Elektra 6E 304 - Twennynine With Lenny White - Twennynine With Lenny White [1980] (11-80, #22 r&b, #106 pop) Back To You/11th Fanfare/Fancy Dancer/It's Music, It's Magic/Just Right For Me/Kid Stuff/Love And Be Loved/My Melody/Slip Away/We Had To Break Away

Elektra 6E 305 - Winelight - Grover Washington Jr. [1980] (11-80, #2 r&b, #5 pop) Winelight/Let It Flow (For Dr. J)/In The Name Of Love//Take Me There/Just The Two Of Us - Featuring Bill Withers/Make Me A Memory (Sad Samba)

Elektra 6E 306 - Dee Dee Bridgewater - Dee Dee Bridgewater [1980]

Elektra 6E 307 - Explorer Suite - New England [1980] Honey Money/Livin' In The Eighties/Conversation/It's Never Too Late/Explorer Suite//Seal It With A Kiss/Hey You're On The Run/No Place To Go/Searchin'/Hope/You'll Be Born Again

Asylum 6E 308 - Nothing But Time - Blue Steel [1981] Molly/Good Friends Or Lovers/Slip Away/Pretty Personality (P.P.)/All For The Price (Of One Love)//Nothing But Time/Oh, Pretty Woman/End Of The Line/The Price Is High/Havin' Some Fun Now

Asylum-Full Moon 6E 309 - Lookin' For Love - Johnny Lee [1980] (10-80, #8 country, #132 pop) Lookin' For Love/Pickin' Up Strangers/Dreams Die Hard/Down And Dirty/Fool For Love//One In A Million/Anni/Do You Love As Good As You Look/Too Damned Old/Prisoner Of Love

Elektra 6E 310 - Southern Rain - Mel Tillis [1980]

6E 311 -

6E 312 -

6E 313 -

6E 314 -

6E 315 -

6E 316 -

6E 317 -

6E 318 -

6E 319 -

6E 320 -

6E 321 -

6E 322 -

6E 323 -

6E 324 -

6E 325 -

6E 326 -

6E 327 -

6E 328 -

6E 329 -

Elektra-Curb 6E 330 - Rowdy - Hank Williams Jr. [1981] (2-81, #2 country, #82 pop) Dixie On My Mind/Texas Women/You Can't Find Many Kissers/Give A Damn/Ain't Much More//Ramblin' Man/I Got A Right To Be Wrong/Footlights/Tennessee River/Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

Elektra 6E 331 - "Rit" - Lee Ritenour [1981] (5-81, #20 r&b, #26 pop) Mr. Briefcase/(Just) Tell Me Pretty Lies/No Sympathy/Is It You/Dreamwalk//Countdown (Captain Fingers)/Good Question/(You Caught Me) Smilin'/On The Other Glide/No Sympathy (Reprise)

Elektra 6E 332 - Rockin' You Eternally - Leon Ware [1981]

Asylum 6E 333 - Louise Goffin - Louise Goffin [1981] I've Had It/Dog Town/Runaway Boy/If You Ever Did Believe/Dizzy, You're A Dreamer//Geisha Girl/Baby, Come 'Round To Me/Johnny Can't Make Her/Rockin' On The Strand/Might As Well Pass By

6E 334 -

Elektra 6E 335 - Portraits - Side Effect [1981]

Elektra 6E 336 - East - Cold Chisel [1981]

Elektra 6E 337 - No Time for Masquerading - Mighty Fire [1981]

Elektra 6E 338 - Searchin' - Wanda Walden [1981]

Elektra 6E 339 - Life - Life [1981] Any Kind of Love/Whatever It Takes/Don't Go Wanderin'/Letter In the Mail/Let Me Down Easy//Cool down/When You Gonna feel Right?/Heaven Come Quickly/Cold Heart/Next Time

6E 340 -

6E 341 -

*Elektra 6E 342 - John O'Banion - John O'Banion [1981] (5-81, #164) Come To My Love/If You Love Me/Love Is Blind/Love Is In Your Eyes/Love You Like I Never Loved Before/Our Love Can Make It/She's Not For You/Take A Chance On Love/Walk Away Renee/You're In My Life Again

6E 343 -

Elektra 6E 344 - Street Corner Heroes - Robbie Dupree [1981] (6-81, #169) Street Corner Heroes/Desperation/Brooklyn Girls/All Night Long/Free Fallin'//I'll Be The Fool Again/Are You Ready For Love?/Saturday Night/Missin' You/The Long Goodbye

Elektra 6E 345 - Shadows in the Street - Shadows [1981]

*Elektra 6E 346 - Walking Wild - New England [1981] (7-81, #176) DDT/Don't Ever Let Me Go/Elevator/Get It Up/Holdin' Out On Me/L-5/Love's Up In The Air/She's Gonna Tear You Apart/Walking Wild/You're There

Asylum 6E 347 - Storm Warning - Murray McLauchlan [1981] Wouldn't Take Another Chance On Love/If The Wind Could Blow My Troubles Away/Falling Off A Highwire/Desire/How Many Times Can A Fridge Break Down//Stranger/Born Again/You Need A New Lover Now/Tell Your Mother She Wants You

Elektra 6E 348 - Neil Sedaka Now - Neil Sedaka [1981]

Elektra 6E 349 - Rollin' - Sonny Curtis [1981]

*Elektra 6E 350 - Pieces Of A Dream - Pieces Of A Dream [1981] All About Love/Body Magic/Easy Road Home/Lovers/Pieces Of A Dream/Steady Glide/Touch Me In The Spring/Warm Weather

Elektra 6E 351 - Back Talk - Rockets [1981] (8-81, #165) Hard rock band, als known as American Rockets, included guitarist James McCarty and drummer Johnny Badanjek, former members of Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels. Back Talk/Jealous/Lift You Up/Shanghaied/Love For Hire//I Can't Get Satisfied/Tired Of Wearing Black/I'll Be Your Lover/American Dreams/Lie To Me

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