Elektra/Asylum Album Discography, Part 7
5E 500/VE 600 Series

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 27, 2005

The 5E-500 and VE-600 series ran from 1978 to 1981, concurrently with the 6E-100 series. These series used the same label designs.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Elektra Asylum 5E 500 Series

Asylum 5E 501 - High Anxiety (Soundtrack) - John Morris [3/78] Side 2 has music from five other Mel Brooks films, composed & conducted by John Morris: The Producers, Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie, Blazing Saddles, Twelve Chairs

Elektra 5E 502 - An American Prayer - Jim Morrison & The Doors [1978] (12-78, #54) Awake/Ghost Song/Dawn's Highway/New Born Awakening/To Come of Age/Black Polished Chrome/Latino Chrome/Angels and Sailors/Stoned Immaculate/Curses, Invocations//American Night/Roadhouse Blues/Lament/The Hitchhiker/An American Prayer (The End, Albinoni Adagio)

*Elektra 5E 503 - Every Which Way But Loose - Various Artists [1979] (1-79, #2 country, #78 pop) Behind Closed Doors - Charlie Rich/Biker's Theme/Coca-Cola Cowboy - Mel Tillis/Don't Say You Don't Love Me No More - Sondra Locke & Phil Everly/Eastwood's Alley Walk/Every Which Way But Loose - Eddie Rabbitt/I Can't Say No To A Truck Drivin' Man - Carol Chase/I Seek The Night - Sondra Locke/I'll Wake You Up When I Get Home - Charlie Rich/Monkey See, Monkey Do - Cliff Crofford/Overture/Red Eye Special - Larry Collins/Salty Dog Blues/Send Me Down To Tucson - Mel Tillis/Six pack To Go - Hank Thompson/Under The Double Eagle

Elektra 5E 504 - Hurricane (Soundtrack) - Rota [1977]

Asylum 5E 505 - Mingus - Joni Mitchell [1979] (7-79, #17) Happy Birthday 1975 (Rap)/God Must Be A Boogie Man/Funeral (Rap)/A Chair In The Sky/The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey//I's A Muggin' (Rap)/Sweet Sucker Dance/Coin In The Pocket (Rap)/The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines/Lucky (Rap)/Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Elektra 5E 506 - Spy - Carly Simon [1979] (6-79, #45) Vengeance/We're So Close/Just Like You Do/Coming To Get You/Never Been Gone//Pure Sin/Love You By Heart/Spy/Memorial Day

Elektra 5E 507 - Candy-O - Cars [1979] (6-79, #3) Let's Go/Since I Held You/It's All I Can Do/Double Life/Shoo Be Doo/Candy-O//Night Spots/You Can't Hold On Too Long/Lust For Kicks/Got A Lot On My Head/The Dangerous Type

Asylum 5E 508 - The Long Run - Eagles [1979] (10-79, #1) The Long Run/I Can't Tell You Why/In The City/The Disco Strangler/King Of Hollywood//Heartache Tonight/Those Shoes/Teenage Jail/The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks/The Sad Café

Asylum 5E 509 - Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School - Warren Zevon [1980] (3-80, #20) Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School/A Certain Girl/Jungle Work/Empty-Handed Work/Interlude No. 1/Play It All Night Long//Jeannie Needs A Shooter/Interlude No. 2/Bill Lee/Gorilla, You're A Desperado/Bed Of Coals/Wild Age

Asylum 5E 510 - Mad Love - Linda Ronstadt [1980] (3-80, #3) Mad Love/Party Girl/How Do I Make You/I Can't Let Go/Hurt So Bad//Look Out For My Love/Cost Of Love/Justine/Girls Talk/Talking In The Dark

Asylum 5E 511 - Hold Out - Jackson Browne [1980] (7-80, #1) Disco Apocalypse/Hold Out?/That Girl Could Sing/Boulevard//Of Missing Persons/Call It A Loan/Hold On Hold Out

*Elektra 5E 512 - Bronco Billy - Various Artists [1980] (7-80, #123) Bar Room Buddies - Merle Haggard & Clint Eastwood/Bayou Lullaby - Penny DeHaven/Bronco Billy - Ronnie Milsap/Cowboys And Clowns - Ronnie Milsap/Misery And Gin - Merle Haggard/Not So Great Train Robbery/Stardust Cowboy - Reinsmen/Stars And Stripes Forever/Thunderer's March

Elektra 5E 513 - The Game - Queen [1980] (7-80, #1) Play The Game/Dragon Attack/Another One Bites The Dust/Need Your Loving Tonight/Crazy Little Thing Called Love//Rock It (Prime Jive)/Don't Try Suicide/Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had)/Coming Soon/Save Me

Elektra 5E 514 - Panorama - Cars [1980] (9-80, #5) Panorama/Touch And Go/Gimme Some Slack/Don't Tell Me No/Setting Through//Misfit Kids/Down Boys/You Wear Those Eyes/Running To You/Up And Down

5E-515 - Greatest Hits - Doors [1980] (11-80, #17) Hello I Love You/Light My Fire/People Are Strange/Love Me Two Times/Riders On The Storm//Break On Through/Roadhouse Blues/Not To Touch The Earth/Touch Me/L.A. Woman

Asylum 5E 516 - Greatest Hits Volume Two - Linda Ronstadt [1980] (11-80, #26) It's So Easy/I Can't Let Go/Hurt So Bad/Blue Bayou/How Do I Make You/Back In The U.S.A.//Ooh Baby Baby/Poor Poor Pituful Me/Tumbling Dice/Just One Look/Someone To Lay Down Beside Me

5E 517 -

Elektra 5E 518 - Flash Gordon (Soundtrack) - Queen [1980] (12-80, #213) Flash's Theme/In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme)/Ming's Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless)/The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction Of Dale)/Football Fight/In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)/Execution Of Flash/The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)//Arboria (Planet Of The Tree Men)/Escape From The Swamp/Flash To The Rescue/Vultan's Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men)/Battle Theme/The Wedding March/Marriage Of Dale And Ming (And Flash Approaching)/Crash Dive On Mingo City/Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations)/The Hero

Asylum 5E 519 - Stand In The Fire - Warren Zevon [1980] (1-81, #80) Stand In The Fire/Jeannie Needs A Shooter/Excitable Boy/Mohammed's Radio/Werewolves Of London//Lawyers, Guns And Money/The Sin/Poor Poor Pitiful Me/I'll Sleep When I'm Dead/Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger - Bo Diddley

5E 520 - East of Eden (Soundtrack) - Lee Holdridge [1981] The Father/The Mother/The Sons/The Serpent/Home/Love/Enigma/Ill Wind In Eden/Conflict And Resolution//The Land Of Nod/The Well/Crisis/The Naming/Main Theme/Secret Of Monterey/Abra's Theme/Death Of Adam

Elektra 5E 521 - Thief - Tangerine Dream [1981] (5-81, #115) German synthesizer trio led by Edgar Froese. Beach Theme/Dr. Destructo/Diamond Diary/Burning Bar//Beach Scene/Scrap Yard/Trap Feeling/Metascore

Elektra 5E 522 - Roger Taylor's Fun In Space - Roger Taylor [1981] (5-81, #121) Drummer with Queen. No Violins/Laugh Or Cry/Future Management (We Don't Need Nobody Else)/Let's Get Crazy/My Country I And II//Good Times Are Now/Magic Is Loose/Interlude In Constantinople/Airheads/Fun In Space

Asylum 5E 523 - There Goes The Neighborhood - Joe Walsh [1981] (5-81, #20) Things/Made Your Mind Up/Down On The Farm/Rivers (Of The Hidden Funk)//A Life Of Illusion/Bones/Rockets/You Never Know

Asylum 5E 524 - El Rayo-X - David Lindley [1981] (5-81, #83) She Took Off My Romes/Bye Bye, Love/Mercury Blues/Quarter Of A Man/Ain't No Way/Twist And Shout (Shake It Up Baby)//El Rayo-X/Your Old Lady/Don't Look Back/Petit Fleur/Tu-Ber-Cu-Las And The Sinus Blues/Pay The Man

Elektra 5E 525 - Pleasure - Dave Rowen and Sugar [1981]

*Elektra 5E 526 - My Road Our Road - Lee Oskar [1981] (8-81, #47 r&b, #162 pop) Children's Song (You Can Find Your Way)/My Road/Our Road Medley/Song For My Son/Up All Night/Yes, I'm Singing

Elektra 5E 527 - Hush - John Klemmer [1981] (6-81, #99) Hush/Let's Make Love/Taboo/Like Is So Beautiful //Magic/Hot/I Love You, Madly/Hummingbird Bay/Feelin' Free/Hush (Reprise)

5E 528 -

Asylum 5E 529 - Plantation Harbor - Joe Vitale [1981] (7-81, #181) Drummer formerly with Joe Walsh's Barnstorm and Stills-Young Band. Plantation Harbor/Never Gonna Leave You Alone (Crazy 'Bout You Baby)/Laugh-Laugh/Man Gonna Love You//Theme From Cabin Weirdos/Lady On The Rock/Bamboo Jungle/Sailor Man/I'm Flyin'

Elektra 5E 530 - Alive Alone - Mickey Thomas [1981] Formerly singer with the Elvin Bishop Group, later joined Jefferson Starship (then Starship). She's Got You Running/Alive Alone/Maybe Tomorrow/Following Every Finger/This Time They Told The Truth//Survivor/You're Good With Your Love/I Don't Want To Talk About It/Too Much Drama/Badge

*Elektra 5E 531 - Love Byrd - Donald Byrd & 125th Street, N.Y.C. [1981] (9-81, #15 r&b; 10-81, #93 pop) Butterfly/Falling/I Feel Like Loving You Today/I'll Always Love You/I Love Your Love/Love For Sale/Love Has Come Around

Elektra 5E 532 - Step By Step - Eddie Rabbitt [1981] (8-81, #1 country, #23 pop) Early In The Mornin'/Bring Back The Sunshine/Skip-A-Beat/Dim Dim The Lights/Rivers//Step By Step/Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight/I Don't Know Where To Start/Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby/My Only Wish

Elektra 5E 533 - Beds - Beds [1981]

*Elektra 5E 534 - Tender Togetherness - Stanley Turrentine [1981] (10-81, #162) After The Love Is Gone/Cherubim/Havin' Fun With Mr. T./Hermanos/I'll Give You My Love/Only You And Me/Tamarac/World Chimes

Elektra-Curb 5E 535 - The Pressure Is On - Hank Williams Jr. [1981] (9-81, #5 country, #76 pop) A Country Boy Can Survive/The Coalition To Ban Coalitions/Tennessee Stud/Ramblin' In My Shoes/The Pressure Is On//All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)/I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)/Weatherman/Everytime I Hear That Song/The Ballad Of Hank Williams

Elektra 5E 536 - Yazawa - Elkichi Yazawa [1981]

Elektra 5E 537 - America's Greatest Hero - Joey Scarbury [1981] (8-81, #104) The Theme From The Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not)/Love Me Like The Last Time/Stolen Night/There Is A River/Everything But Love//Take This Heart Of Mine/When She Dances/That Little Bit Of Us/Some Of My Old Friends/Down The Backstairs (Of My Life)

Elektra-Curb 5E 538 - One Night Stands - Hank Williams Jr. [1982] (10-81, #34 country) (Reissue Of Warner BS 2988)

Elektra-Curb 5E 539 - The New South - Hank Williams Jr. [1982] (10-81, #36 country) (Reissue Of Warner BS 3127)

Asylum 5E 540 - Keeping Out Of Mischief - Linda Ronstadt (Unissued)

Asylum-Full Moon 5E 541 - Bet Your Heart On Me - Johnny Lee [1981] (10-81, #9 country) Bet Your Heart On Me/Finally Fallin'/Somebody Like You/Be There For Me Baby/I've Come A Long Way (But I Got A Long Way To Go)//Highways Run On Forever/A Little Bit Of Lovin'/Crossfire/How Deep In Love Am I/When You Fall In Love

Elektra 5E 542 - Lovin' Her Was Easier - Tompall and Glaser Brothers [1981] (10-81, #36 country)

Elektra 5E 543 - Amazon Beach - Kings [1981] (9-81, #170) All The Way/Amazon Beach/The Fools Are In Love/Surprises//Got Two Girlfriends/The Loading Zone/Why Don't Love Do/Equal Noise

5E 544 -

Elektra 5E 545 - Desperate Dreams - Eddy Raven [1981] (11-81, #26 country)

Elektra 5E 546 - Fire Down Under - Riot [1981] (9-81, #99) Swords And Tequila/Fire Down Under/Feel The Same/Outlaw/Don't Bring Me Down//Don't Hold Back/Altar Of The King/No Lies/Run For Your Life/Flashbacks

Elektra-Full Moon 5E 547 - Heavy Metal - The Score - Elmer Bernstein [1981] This is the instrumental score album composed and conducted by Elmer Bernstein for the movie Heavy Metal. There is also a double-album of rock songs from the movie which was released as Asylum/Full Moon DP-90004.

Elektra 5E 548 - Echoes and Images - Sylvia St. James [1/82]

Elektra 5E 549 - Mel And Nancy - Nancy Sinatra & Mel Tillis [1981]

5E 550 -

*Elektra 5E 551 - Just Like Dreamin' - Twennynine Featuring Lenny White [1981] (12-81, #14 r&b, #162 pop) All I Want/All Over Again/Don't Look Back/Find A Love/Just Like Dreamin'/Movin' On/Need You/Rhythm/Twennynine (The Rap)

Elektra 5E 552 - Here - Godmoma [4/82]

Elektra 5E 553 - Trackin' - Five Special [4/82]

*Elektra 5E 554 - Christmas Country - Various Artists [1981] (12-81, #41) Blue Christmas - Eddy Raven/Little Drummer Boy - Hank Williams Jr./O Holy Night - Helen Cornelius/Please Come Home For Christmas - Johnny Lee/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatra/Silent Night - Joe Sun/Silver Bells - Tompall & The Glaser Brothers/The Christmas Song - Sonny Curtis/White Christmas - Mel Tillis/Winter Wonderland - Dave Rowland & Sugar

5E 555 -

5E 556 -

Elektra 5E 557 - Exit - Tangerine Dream [1981] Kiew Mission/Pilots Of Purple Twilight/Choronzon//Exit/Network 23/Remote Viewing

5E 558 -

*Elektra 5E 559 - Mean Machine - Lucifier's Friend [1981] Action/Born To The City/Bye Bye Sadie/Cool Hand Killer/Fire And Rain/Hey Driver/Let Me Down Slow/Mean Machine/One Night Sensation/One Way Street To Heartbreak

Elektra 5E 560 - Full Circle - Rupert Holmes [1981] The End/Loved By The One You Love/Perfect/You Remind Me Of You/The One Of Us//Full Circle/How Do You Do/Love At Second Sight/My Lover's Keeper/One Born Every Minute

Asylum 5E 561 - Law And Order - Lindsey Buckingham [1981] (11-81, #32) Bwana/Trouble/Mary Lee Jones/I'll Tell You Now/It Was I//September Song/Shadow Of The West/That's How We Do It In L.A./Johnny Stew/Love From Here, Love From There/A Satisfied Mind

Elektra 5E 562 - Come Morning - Grover Washington Jr. [1981] (12-81, #28) East River Drive/Come Morning/Be Mine (Tonight)/Reaching Out//Jamming/Little Black Samba/Making Love To You/I'm All Yours

Elektra 5E 563 - Runaway - Bill Champlin [1981] (2-82, #178) Former leader/singer of west coast group the Sons Of Champlin, later joined Chicago. Runaway/One Way Ticket/Sara/Tonight Tonight (Based On My Everlasting Love)/Runaway (Reprise)/Take It Uptown//Satisfaction/Stop Knockin' On My Door/Gotta Get Back To Love/Without You/The Fool Is All Alone

*Elektra 5E 564 - Greatest Hits - Queen [1981] (11-81, #14) Another One Bites The Dust/Bicycle Race/Bohemian Rhapsody/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/Fat Bottomed Girls/Flash's Theme (Flash)/Killer Queen/Play The Game/Somebody To Love/Under Pressure/We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You/You're My Best Friend

Elektra 5E 565 - Ragtime (Soundtrack) - Randy Newman [1981] (1-82, #134) Main Title/Newsreel/I Could Love A Million Girls/Train Ride/Tateh's Picture Book/Lower East Side/Delmonico Polka/Coalhouse And Sarah/Waltz For Evelyn/One More Hour//Sarah's Responsibility/Change Your Way/Clef Club No. 1/Sarah's Funeral/Denouement-Morgan Library Takeover-Rhinelander Waldo/Coalhouse's Prayer/Ragtime

*Elektra 5E 566 - Solo Saxophone II-Life - John Klemmer [1982] All I Ever Wanted Was My Life/Finesse (The Art Of Living)/Humanesque/Life (Finale)/Life (Prologue)/Love Is Life-Life Is Love/The Celebration Of Being Alive/The Deepest Need Of The Human Heart/The Journey From Life To Death/The Mystery Of Being/The Rain Is The Tears Of My God For Me/The Struggle To Be Free/Yes To Life

Elektra 5E 567 - Shake It Up - Cars [1981] (11-81, #9) Since You're Gone/Shake It Up/I'm Not the One/Victim of Love/Cruiser//A Dream AwayThis Could Be Love/Think It Over/Maybe Baby

Elektra 5E 568 - Drop Down And Get Me - Del Shannon [1981] (12-81, #123) Album produced by Tom Petty. Sea Of Love/Life Without You/Out of Time/Sucker For Your Love/To Love Someone//Drop Down and Get Me/Maybe Tomorrow/Liar/Never Stop Tryin'/Midnight Train

Elektra VE 600 Series:

Elektra VE 601 - The Pirates Of Penzance - Original Cast [1981] (6-81, #178) (2 LPs) Record One Act One Pour, O Pour the Pirate Sherry/When Frederic Was a Little Lad/Oh, Better Far to Live and Die/Oh, False One, You Have Deceived Me!/Climbing Over Rocky Mountain/Stop, Ladies, Pray!/Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast/Poor Wondering One/What Ought We to Do?/How Beautifully Blue the Sky/Stay, We Must Not Lose Our Senses/Hold, Monsters!/I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General/Oh, Men of Dark and Dismal Fate Record Two Act Two Oh, Dry the Glistening Tear/Then Frederic/When the Foeman Bares His Steel/Now For the Pirates' Lair!/When You Had Left Our Pirate Fold/My Eyes Are Fully Open/Away, Away! My Heart's On Fire/All Is Prepared/Stay, Frederic, Stay!/Sorry Her Lot/No, I Am Brave/When a Felon's Not Engaged In His Employment/A Rollicking Band of Pirates We/Whth Cat-Like Tread, Upon Our Prey We Steal/Hush, Hush! Not a Word/Sighing softly to the River/Finale

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