Dunwich Singles Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: October 27, 2005

Although we don't usually list singles discographies, this label was an important part of Chicago rock music in the 1960s and had so few albums that much of the story is lost without looking at the singles.

The Shadows of Knight outside the Cellar The Shadows of Knight was the first and most successful group for the label. They started in Arlington Heights, Illinois, as the Shadows (named after the English band), but soon added their school mascot to their name and became the Shadows of Knight. They signed in 1965 with Dunwich, and included lead singer Jim Sohns, lead guitarist Warren Rogers, bassist Joe Kelley, rhythm guitarist Norm Gotsch, and drummer Tom Schiffour. By the time they first stepped into a studio a month or so later, Jerry McGeorge had replaced Gotsch.

The Shadows of Knight had a nasty personal reputation as a group, which of course added to their drawing power. By the time their second album was recorded, in the Fall of 1966, Rogers had nearly worked his way out of the group, yielding his lead guitar role to the more accomplished Kelley and taking over on bass. By the end of the year, he had been replaced by Hawk Wolinski, who had done some session work on keyboards for the Back Door Men album. Jim Sohns finally gave up and disbanded the group in July, 1967, only to resurrect it the next year with a new cast as part of the Kasanetz-Katz bubble gum empire.

George Edwards George Edwards was a Chicago-based folk singer, who in 1966 was doing solo work as well as background vocals on such Shadows of Knight Dunwich hits as "Gloria" and "Oh Yeah." George Edwards, keyboardist David Michaels, lead guitarist Tony Cavallari, drummer Michael Tegza, and bassist Tom Skidmore formally formed H.P. Lovecraft in the Spring of 1967. George Badonsky and Bill Traut placed their recordings with Mercury from the start, and Mercury released them on the more rock-oriented Philips label. Over the life of the band, ex-Shadows of Knight musicians Jerry McGeorge and Joe Kelley both made appearances with the group.

Dunwich's only all-girl group was the Luv'd Ones. Unlike other "girl groups" of the time, the Luv'd Ones played their own instruments and rocked out every bit as much as their counterpart bands of the time, fuzz guitars and all. They never hit the charts, even locally in Chicago, but Sundazed has released a 20-track CD including all of their Dunwich recordings (see CD discography below).

The Rovin' Kind Of all the Dunwich artists, the Rovin' Kind sounded the most polished. This was no accident, since the members had been in other bands for years. Guitarist Kal David and drummer Fred Pappalardo, for example, were verterans of the Exceptions, a group which also included musicians who would later form the group Chicago. Paul Cotton would later become a member of Poco. Other members Mike Anthony and Frank Bortoli rounded out the quintet. The Rovin' Kind not only kept up a hectic club schedule, but found time to do studio work for other groups, including being the studio band for H.P. Lovecraft's first single and backing WCFL deejay Barney Pip's zany single of "You Turn Me On." They released several singles for almost as many labels (the two for Dunwich was a high number!), then moved to Los Angeles in 1968, where they were "discovered" by James William Guercio who signed them to Columbia as the Illinois Speed Press. They made two albums for Columbia before disbanding.

The Del-Vetts/Pride and Joy The Del-Vettes were one of the few Dunwich groups to place records on the charts, albeit the charts were in hometown Chicago. Surprisingly, they did this under two different names. They hit with "Last Time Around" as the Del-Vetts, then changed their name to Pride and Joy for a movie deal, and hit again with the Dennis Dahlquist-penned "Girl," which was supposed to have been featured in the movie, which never came out. They also were involved with an STP oil treatment promotion with a single called "I Call My Baby STP."

The Nite Lites/American Breed Dunwich also signed a Cicero band calling themselves Gary and the Knight Lites. The Knight Lites were immensely popular in clubs playing a kind of pop version of the soul hits of the day. Traut recorded them for one single on Dunwich as the Nite Lites, after which he got them a contract with Acta Records as the American Breed. It was as the American Breed that they racked up several hits, making them the most commercially successful act produced by Dunwich.

Other artists on the label included Chicago-based Ken Nordine (a spoken word star), Amanda Ambrose (who had the only other LP on Dunwich besides the Shadows of Knight), and the Mauds. The Mauds were basically a white suburban band who did soul material very well. They commanded top dollar at their appearances. Their first single was a rock-steeped version of Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'", which started a controversy at the radio stations. WCFL, who was in a competition-to-the-death with longtime radio powerhouse WLS, jumped right on the record. WLS, however, had reservations about the lyrics. They asked for, and got, a "cleaned up" version where the Mauds sang, "Hold on, don't you worry, hold on, please" instead of the original "Hold on, I'm comin', hold on, I'm comin'." Today this "cleaned up" version only exists on a Mercury deejay single.

When the Shadows of Knight disbanded in July, 1967, it was about over for Dunwich as a record company, anyway. Dunwich 162, the Windy City Group's "Music to Think By," was heard often on the radio, but only because it was part of a commercial. It didn't sell well at all. Traut, et al. made one last half-hearted attempt with an early-August offering of old Shadows tracks, but nothing was happening. They quietly folded the record label and continued as a production company (see Dunwich LP discography).

Courtesy of Sundazed Music

Above are some of the pressings and label variations of the label's first single, "Gloria" by the Shadows of Knight The first label (above, left) was very plain, with no graphics. The doubled lettering was on the very first pressings. Later pressings (above, right) were yellow, then gold, had block letters and stated Atco was the distributor. The more familiar pink and yellow label, was used still later, as was the all pink label. The first label is rarest, as only a few thousand copies were pressed with this label. The yellow label was used for probabably over 50,000 copies, and the gold label somewhat less, after which the rest of the 1,000,000+ copies had the regular pink and yellow Dunwich label (see below), with the exception of a few printed on the all-pink label.

The majority of the Dunwich issues used variations of the labels above. The label was pink with the Dunwich logo on the left (a woman in a flowing dress with a lute on her lap, and a yellow cartoon speech balloon above her head with "IT'S DUNWICH MAN" inside). Several of the 45s were issued with picture sleeves, including the Del-Vetts single "I Call My Baby STP," which was released in conjunction with STP motor treatment ("Scientifically Treated Petroleum"), who helped with the picture sleeve costs and included a free decal inside the sleeve. Now, if I called my baby "Scientifically Treated Petroleum," I don't think I'd make too many points, but the '60s were a strange time...

Most labels were pink with a yellow bottom, but for a few issues around 142-146, and reissues of 116 done around that time, the label was all pink (146 is known to exist using both labels)..

Deejay copies were white with black print, with the same graphics as the yellow-bottom commercial issues. Deejay copies usually said "PLUG SIDE" on the side that Dunwich was pushing.

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Number - Artist - Content (Chart US/Chart Chicago) [Release date]


116 - Shadows of Knight - Gloria (3-66, #10/2-66, #1 Chi)/Dark Side [1/31/66]
117 - George Edwards - Norwegian Wood/Never Mind, I'm Freezing
118 -
119 -
120 -
121 - Luv'd Ones - I'm Leaving You/Walking the Dog
122 - Shadows of Knight - Oh, Yeah(6-66, #39/5-66, #13 Chi)/Light Bulb Blues [5/12/66]
123 - Ken Nordine - Bachman/Crimson and Olive
124 - Things to Come - I'm Not Talkin'/'Til the End
125 - Del-Vetts - Last Time Around(6-66, #26 Chi)/Everytime [6/66]
126 -
127 - Idle Few - Farmer John/
128 - Shadows of Knight - Bad Little Woman(9-66, #91/8-66, #19 Chi)/Gospel Zone [8/5/66]
129 - Banshees - Free/Project Blue [8/66]
130 - Luv'd Ones - Come Back/Stand Tall
131 - Warner Brothers - Lonely/It Won't Be the Same Without Her [9/66]
132 - Curley Barrix - Big Blue Monster/A World You Destroyed
133 -
134 - Half Dozen - The Angels Listened In/Another Day
135 - Wanderin' Kind - Something I Can't Buy/Winken, Blynken and Nod
136 - Luv'd Ones - Dance Kid Dance/I'm Leavin' You
137 - Curley Barrix - Blue Ribbon Clown/I Talk in My Sleep
138 - Del-Vetts - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/Now That You're Gone
139 - Saturday's Children - Born on Saturday/You Don't Know Better
140 - Amanda Ambrose - Why Did I Choose You/This Door Swings Both Ways
141 - Shadows of Knight - I'm Gonna Make You Mine (12-66, #90/11-66, #25 Chi)/I'll Make You Sorry [10/24/66]
142 - Del-Vetts - I Call My Baby STP/That's the Way It Is [11/66]
143 -
144 - Saturday's Children - Deck Five/Christmas Sounds
145 -
146 - Rovin' Kind - Girl/My Generation [12/66]


147 - Knaves - Leave Me Alone/The Girl I Threw Away [1/67] (Originally on the Glen label)
148 -
149 - Nite Lites - One, Two, Boogaloo/Same Old Thing
150 -
151 - Shadows of Knight - Willie Jean/The Behemoth [2/4/67]
152 - Pride and Joy - Girl (5-67, #27 Chi)/If You're Ready [4/67]
153 -
154 - Rovin' Kind - She/Didn't Want to Have to Do It [5/67]
155 -
156 - Saturday's Children - Leave That Baby Alone/I Hardly Know Her [5/67]
157 - Sounds Unlimited - A Girl As Sweet As You/Little Brother [5/67]
158 -
159 - Space Band - Tic Toc/Winchester Cathedral
160 - Mauds - Hold On (7-67, #114 on Mercury 72694/6-67, #15 Chi)/C'Mon and Move
161 -
162 - Windy City Group - Music to Think By/Jennifer Dee - Silver Thumb
163 -
164 - Knaves - Inside-Outside/Your Stuff
165 -
166 -
167 - Shadows of Knight - Someone Like Me/Three for Love [8/3/67]


The Sundazed CDs are all still available from Sundazed Music.

Sundazed/Tutman SC 11010 - Oh Yeah!: The Best of Dunwich Records - Various Artists [1991] Oh Yeah - Shadows Of Knight (S, sl. hiss)/Lonely I - Warner Bros. (M)/The Girl I Threw Away - Knaves (S, with countoff)/Last Time Around - Del-Vetts (S)/Everytime - Del-Vetts (M)/My Generation - Rovin' Kind (M)/Gotta Get Away - Sounds Unlimited (M)/Western Electric Co. Radio Spot - Saturday's Children (M)/Searchin' - Mauds (M)/That's The Way It Is - Del-Vetts (M)/I Won't Be The Same Without Her - Warner Bros. (M)/Man With Money - Saturday's Children (S)/I Call My Baby STP - Del-Vetts (M)/Partridge Wieners Radio Spot - American Breed (M)/Project Blue - Banshees (M)/Light Bulb Blues - Shadows Of Knight (S)/Tease Me - Knaves (S, with countoff)/The Great Train Robbery - Little Boy Blues (M)/A Girl As Sweet As You - Sounds Unlimited (M)/Leave That Baby Alone - Saturday's Children (M)/Girl - Pride & Joy (M)/Temperature's Rising Radio Spot - American Breed (M)/Leave Me Alone - Knaves (S, with countoff)/You Dove Deep In My Soul - Little Boy Blues (S)/Ban Roll-On Radio Spot - H.P. Lovecraft (M)/You Don't Know Like I Know [alternate version] - Mauds (M)/Inside Outside - Knaves (M)/Your Stuff - Knaves (M)/She - Rovin' Kind (M)/Uncle Wiggly's Airship - Shadows of Knight (M)/Interview-Potato Chip - Shadows Of Knight (M)

Sundazed/Here 'Tis SC 11013 - Raw 'N Alive at the Cellar, Chicago 1966! - Shadows of Knight [1992] All tracks mono and recorded live at The Cellar in December, 1966. Very clear sound directly from the board at the club (audience can't be heard very well). I Got My Mojo Working/Oh Yeah/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/It Takes A Long Time Comin'/Let It Rock/Hey Joe/Gospel Zone (short, fades in)/Got To Get You Off My Mind/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Don't Fight It/Spoonful/Dark Side-Gloria (segues)

Sundazed SC 11019 - If You're Ready! The Best of Dunwich Records...Volume 2 - Various Artists [1994] "Deck Five" is wonderful, a version of "Deck The Halls/We Three Kings" to the beat and sound of "Take Five." If You're Ready - Pride And Joy (M)/I'm Gonna Make You Mine - Shadows Of Knight (M)/I'm Not Talkin' - Things To Come (M)/'Til The End - Things To Come (M)/I'm Leaving You - Luv'd Ones (M)/Walkin' The Dog - Luv'd Ones (M)/Bad Little Woman - Shadows Of Knight (M)/Same Old Thing - Light Nites (M)/Born On Saturday - Saturday's Children (M)/You Don't Know Better - Saturday's Children (M)/Something I Can't Buy - Wanderin' Kind (M)/Away - Knaves (M)/Girl - Rovin' Kind (M)/Didn't Want To Have To Do It - Rovin' Kind (S)/Dance Kid Dance - Luv'd Ones (M)/Stand Tall - Luv'd Ones (M)/Tomorrow Is Her Name - Saturday's Children (M)/Deck Five - Saturday's Children (M)/Radio Spot: The Alone Phone - American Breed (M)/It's Getting Harder - American Breed (M)/Take Care - Troys (M)/Dirty Ernie - Warner Brotheres (M)/Oleo Margarine - Warner Brothers (M)/You're Gonna Lose That Girl - Sounds Unlimited (M)/Radio Spot: Ban Deodorant - H.P. Lovecraft (M)/Black Cat Blues - Beau Gentry (M)/Quit Your Lowdown Ways - George Edwards & Friends (S)/I Got My Mojo Working (alternate version) - Shadows Of Knight (S)

Rhino R2 71723 - Dark Sides: The Best of the Shadows of Knight - Shadows of Knight [1994] Gloria (S)/Dark Side (S)/Oh Yeah (S)/Light Bulb Blues (S)/It Always Happens That Way (S)/I Got My Mojo Working (S)/You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover) (S)/Bad Little Woman (M)/ Gospel Zone (M)/I'll Make You Sorry (S)/I'm Gonna Make You Mine (M)/Peepin' And Hidin' (S)/Willie Jean (M)/ The Behemoth (M)/Someone Like Me (M)/ Three For Love (M)/Shake (M)/My Fire Department Needs A Fireman (M)/Alone (M)/I Am The Hunter (M)

Sundazed SC 6155 - Gloria - Shadows of Knight [1998] Reissue of the 1966 album Gloria [Dunwich S 666] with bonus tracks (noted by "+"). The original album version of "Oh Yeah" (spelled "Oh Yea" on the LP) is not here, but the mono and stereo mixes of the 45 are both included. In the original alternate take LP version (the 45 version was probably a later recording), which appeared on both the mono and stereo albums, you can actually hear the opening lines, "I got a little woman, she i'n' ve' tall" (she isn't very tall) rather than what sounds like, "I got a little woman, she is a towel" on the 45. The guitar that comes in right after "everything's gonna be all right this morning" at the start of the song on the 45 is also missing on the original alternate album version. Gloria (S)/Light Bulb Blues (S)/I Got My Mojo Working (S)/Dark Side (S)/Boom Boom (S)/Let It Rock (S)/Oh Yeah (S, 45 version)/It Always Happens That Way (S)/You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover) (S)/(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (S)/I Just Want To Make Love To You (S)/+Oh Yeah (M, 45 mix)/+I Got My Mojo Working (M, alternate version)/+Someone Like Me (M)

Sundazed SC 6156 - Back Door Men - Shadows of Knight [1998] Reissue of the 1966 album Back Door Men [Dunwich S-667] along with three bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). The short piece of backwards music that appeared between tracks 4 and 5 on side one of the original vinyl version - - the first few seconds of "Willie Jean" backwards, in true stereo - - appear here as a hidden track after "Three For Love" finishes playing on track 4. Bad Little Woman (S)/Gospel Zone (S)/The Behemoth (S)/Three For Love (S)/Hey Joe (S)/I'll Make You Sorry (S)/Peepin' And Hidin' (S)/Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day (S)/New York Bullseye (S)/High Blood Pressure (S)/Spoonful (S)/+Gospel Zone (M, 45 version)/+Willie Jean (M)/+I'm Gonna Make You Mine (M)

Sundazed SC 11050 - Truth Gotta Stand - Luv'd Ones [1999] Many of these tracks are demo recordings, and as such are a bit noisier than normal studio recordings. All tracks mono. Dance Kid Dance/Up Down Sue/Stand Tall/Yeah I'm Feelin' Fine/Walkin' The Dog/Come Back/Scratchy/The Memory Of It All (demo)/I'm Leaving You/Truth Gotta Stand (demo)/It's Quiet (demo)/He Cried/Come On In (live)/Please Get Up (demo)/And When I'm Sad (demo)/Walk Me To The Door (demo)/You'll Never Know (demo)/One Day's Mood (demo)/Portrait (demo)/Your Mind Is (demo)

Thanks to Stan Adams, Jente-Jan de Jong, John Thelin, and to Ken Clee for filling in a few holes in this list.

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