Dunwich Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: October 27, 2005

Bill Traut The Chicago-based Dunwich Label was owned by Bill Traut, Eddie Higgins, and George Badonsky and, after trying to distribute their first hit, "Gloria" by themselves, they quickly struck a deal to be distributed by Atco.

Eddie Higgins on Atlantic, 1967 Traut started as a jazz musician, playing saxophone and other instruments in sessions around Chicago in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He teamed up with Eddie Higgins, a jazz pianist, and eventually (early 1960s) both went to work for Seeburg Corporation. Seeburg was a juke box maker, and Traut and Higgins were busy producing background music. Seeburg rented a small space at Universal Studios, the top recording studios in Chicago, and Traut had a small office there. The two decided to produce jazz records, and approached Nesuhi Ertegun of Atlantic, who let them work on some Atlantic jazz recordings, in addition to having them record a couple of albums by Eddie Higgins himself.

In 1963, Bernie Clapper, who ran Universal at the time, offered Traut the use of Universal during "down time" to make recordings, and if anything was successful, Universal would be paid back for the studio time. Traut and Higgins decided that they wanted to leave Seeburg and start producing their own records, and met George Badonsky, a sales representative for Atlantic, who was interested in joining them in a new venture. They produced a few songs, and put one out called "Silverthumb" on their own Amboy records (named for Badonsky's home town). Second thoughts about a Chicago company named for a city in New Jersey led them to change the name to Dunwich, after an H.P. Lovecraft novel, "The Dunwich Horror." The three started as Dunwich Productions in 1965.

They hit the pavement around town looking for acts to sign. They latched onto the Shadows of Knight when they were playing teen nightclubs in their suburban hometown, Arlington Heights. Chicago disc jockey Clark Weber mentioned to Traut in 1966 that if he could find a "clean" version of Van Morrison's "Gloria" (which had been out by Morrison's group, Them, but censored off the airwaves), he could sell a million. Traut took him up on it and had the Shadows of Knight record it in a "teen-clean" vein, and it indeed sold a million, putting both the group and the first single for Dunwich Records on the map.

The Shadows of Knight had the world in their palm from the time "Gloria" hit in early spring, 1966, until the end of the year. It was their year. The original recording lineup for the Shadows of Knight was Jim Sohns (lead vocal), Warren Rogers (lead guitar), Jerry McGeorge (rhythm guitar), Joe Kelley (bass), and Tom Schiffour (drums). Their followup to "Gloria" was "Oh, Yeah," a Bo Diddley oldie that appeared on the first album as a completely different take from the snappy 45 version released in early summer, 1966. The Shadows continued to put hard-driving records onto the mid-reaches of the national charts, but high on the local Chicago charts. "Bad Little Woman," released in late summer, was followed by a psychedelic version of "Willie Jean," the old folk tune, and then in December by "I'm Gonna Make You Mine," two-plus minutes of fuzz guitar and growling lyrics like "I'm gonna take, girl, and you're gonna give."

Shadows of Knight (Courtesy Sundazed
Music) By the fall of 1966, the second album was issued. Kelley and Rogers had switched instrumental roles, Kelley taking over lead guitar. Although their second album, Bad Little Woman, didn't chart nationally, it was a blockbuster of rock-blues, arguably even better than their excellent debut album. Both have since become collectors' items. Soon after the album was cut, Rogers left the band due to personal problems, and for various reasons the band took a nose-dive off the charts, both national and local, and by early 1967 most of the original members (except Sohns) had left the group.

Jim Sohns found other musicians to back him in a new group, keeping the name Shadows of Knight with Kasenetz-Katz in 1968, and scoring with "Shake" on the Super-K label. In fact, Sohns became one of the generic, nameless lead singers used by Kasenetz and Katz on their formula bubblegum records on the Buddah label. By 1970, he was back at Atco for a one-shot single, but the curtain had come down on the group's chart career. During the 1990s, the Shadows of Knight have made appearances in Chicago, where they are always warmly welcomed.

The Mauds By mid-1967, Badonsky and Traut had bought out Higgins' part of the company and stopped putting records out on the Dunwich label per se. Rather, they did production and farmed the masters out to other labels, who put their logo on the records. They did a lot of production for Mercury/Philips, and placed a couple of new groups, the Mauds (a white soul group) and H.P. Lovecraft, on those labels. They also had a deal with Acta Records (distributed by Dot) for their group American Breed, who had originally been a popular South Side band called Gary and the Knight Lites.

Traut also recorded other Chicago bands, such as the Byzantine Empire, whom he signed to Amy/Mala/Bell. Byzantine Empire bassist/vocalist/writer (now attorney) Bruce Kerr recently wrote to us with the following insights. "Bill Traut was our band's producer for two years, 1968-69. We first were called the Five Bucks, then changed to Byzantine Empire when we went with Bill. We'd played Chicago summers and Ann Arbor, MI, winters where we were in college (U of Mich.), in '68. Bill signed us as his follow on to success with the American Breed ("Bend Me, Shape Me"). He signed us to Amy/Mala/Bell Records, released three 45s (four original songs, two covers). Bill had his downtown Chicago hotel piano playing buddy, Eddie Higgins, and another guy, Bobbie Schiff do the studio production with us. Bill always played it by the book, very fair and open. (His being a lawyer from the University of Wisconsin Law School landed me following in his footsteps there in '69 when the band graduated.) By the way, he also signed REO Speedwagon and Styx. I don't have all the details of that, but by then he had moved to L.A."

In the spring of 1968, Traut and Badonsky had a falling out, and Badonsky left Dunwich to form George badonsky Productions, taking the Mauds and H.P. Lovecraft with him. Meanwhile, Traut brought in Chicago producers Jim Golden and Bob Monaco (who as MG Productions had been responsible for production of the Cryan' Shames records on their Destination label) and reformed Dunwich as Dunwich Productions, Ltd.

Traut, Golden, and Monaco continued producing Chicago-based groups into the early 1970s. These included the Troll, Aorta, the Cryan' Shames, the Siegel-Schwall Band, and Mason Proffit. Many of the albums in the early 1970s ended up on the Los Angeles based Happy Tiger label, including a 1970 compilation of Dunwich and Destination material on a various artists compilation. They also resurrected the Dunwich label for one more album in 1970, a collection of live recordings from a Chicago night club.

By 1971, Traut and Golden were ready to start another record label. They teamed with Jerry Weintraub to start Wooden Nickel. Their early signings included the Siegel-Schwall Band and TW4, who renamed themselves Styx. Surprisingly, Traut put another album out on the Dunwich label about this time. It was a live recording done at the Earl of Old Town, a popular Chicago coffee house. It was obviously pressed by RCA, Wooden Nickel's distributor.

Traut remained in Chicago, but spent a lot of time in L.A., until Wooden Nickel was finished, in about 1977, after which he moved to the Los Angeles area. He managed the Impressions, until the mid-1990s, and continues to manage groups today, through his company Open Door Management in Pacific Palisades, California. His current website is opendoormanagement.com.

Bob Irwin's Sundazed label has reissued both the Shadows of Knight albums, all three Cryan' Shames albums, two Dunwich compilations, an unreleased Luv'd Ones album, as well as live performances by the Shadows of Knight and H.P. Lovecraft, on CD in the 1990s.

The label on the first Dunwich album [Dunwich 666/S666] is a purplish pink with black printing. On the Gloria album, the figure of a woman playing a musical instrument is a black ink drawing, with "IT'S DUNWICH MAN" in a yellow cartoon speech balloon above the center hole. The drawing of the woman is cut off on the bottom by a horizontal line running about an inch below the center of the record label. On the Bad Little Woman album [Dunwich 667/S667], the figure of the woman has changed to a black and white photo, and is not cut off by the horizontal line, which is no longer on the label. The label color on the second album is red. At the bottom of the label for both is "DISTRIBUTED BY ATCO RECORD SALES 1841 BROADWAY, NY., N.Y." Promotional copies of the label were white with black print, with the same graphics.

The final Dunwich label, used for the Earl of Old Town album, was brown with a large Dunwich logo.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

666/S 666 - Gloria - Shadows Of Knight [4/66] (5-66, #46) A Dunwich Production. Gloria (S)/Light Bulb Blues (S)/I Got My Mojo Working (S)/Dark Side (S)/Boom Boom (S)/Let It Rock (S)//Oh Yea (S, alternate take)/It Always Happens That Way (S)/You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover) (S)/(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (S)/I Just Want To Make Love To You (S)

667/S 667 - Back Door Men - Shadows Of Knight [10/66] A Dunwich Production. Bad Little Woman (S)/Gospel Zone (S)/The Behemoth (Instrumental) (S)/Three For Love (S)/Willie Jean (S, unlisted track, first 30 seconds or so of the 45, backwards)/Hey Joe (S)//I'll Make You Sorry (S)/Peepin' And Hidin' [Baby What You Want Me To Do] (S)/Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day (S)/New York Bullseye (Instrumental Jam) (S)/High Blood Pressure (S)/Spoonful (S)

668/S 668 - Amanda - Amanda Ambrose [1967] Feelin' Good/The Joker/Who Can I Turn To/I Feel Pretty/Meantime/Yes I Can//While I Am Still Young/Why Did I Choose You/More/Day Tripper/Yesterday/This Door Swings Both Ways

At this point, the Dunwich label per se is abandoned, but Dunwich albums continue as "Dunwich Productions" (with the Dunwich lute player logo) on other labels.

Dunwich Productions 670 - Gathering at the Earl of Old Town - Various Artists [1971] Produced by Jim Post; Bill Traut is listed as "Executive Observer." Prepare For Invasion - Jim Post/Eight-Ball - Steve Goodman/Wild Women Don't Have The Blues - Ginni Clemens/Jimmy Newman - Fred Holstein/Chicago Bust Rag - Steve Goodman/Jazzman - Ed Holstein/The Man Who Sings - Fred Holstein//For Eddie - Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah/Colorado Exile - Jim Post/Fat Stuff - Ed Holstein/Goin' Home - Fred Holstein/I Met A Young Boy - Ginni Clemmens/City Of New Orleans - Steve Goodman

Other albums produced by Dunwich Productions or related:

Eddie Higgins
Atlantic 8136 (mono)/SD 8136 (stereo) - The Piano of Eddie Higgins - Eddie Higgins with the Richard Evans Orchestra [1967] A Dunwich Production. Alfie/I Live To Love/Michelle/What Is A Woman/The Shadow Of Your Smile/What Now My Love//Lara's Theme (Somewhere My Love)/A Time For Love/Miko-San/Sunny/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/A Taste Of Honey

Mauds - Hold On
Mercury MG 21135 (mono)/SR 61135 (stereo) - Hold On - Mauds [1967] Produced by George Badonsky and Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions. Brass arranged by Eddie Higgins. Harlem Shuffle (S)/Knock On Wood (S)/When Something Is Wrong (With My Baby) (S)/Look At Granny Run Run (S)/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (S)//Hold On (S)/You Must Believe Me (S)/You Don't Know Like I Know (S)/C'Mon And Move (S)/Ha Ha Ha (S)/You Made Me Feel So Bad (S)

Philips PHM 200-252 (mono)/PHS 600-252 (stereo) - H.P. Lovecraft - H.P. Lovecraft [1967] Produced by George Badonsky for Dunwich Productions. Wayfaring Stranger/Let's Get Together/I've Been Wrong Before/Drifter/That's The Bag I'm In/White Ship/Country Boy And Bleecker Street/Time Machine/That's How Much I Love You, Baby/Gloria Patria

Acta 38002
Acta A-8002 (mono)/A-38002 (stereo) - The American Breed - American Breed [1967] Produced by Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions. Brass arrangements by Eddie Higgins. Step Out Of Your Mind (S)/Knock On Wood (S)/We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (S)/Same Old Thing (S)/Lipstick Traces (S)//Don't Forget About Me (S)/High Heel Sneakers (S)/My Girl (S)/Short Skirts (S)/I Don't Think You Know Me (S)/Up Tight (Everything's Alright) (S)

Acta 38003
Acta A-38003 - Bend Me Shape Me - American Breed [1968] (2-68, #99) Produced by Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions. Green Light (S)/Don't It Make You Cry (S)/Mindrocker (S)/Bird (S)/Something You've Got (S)/Don't Make Me Leave You (S)//Bend Me, Shape Me (S)/Before And After (S)/Sometime In The Morning (S)/I've Been Tryin' (S)/No Easy Way Down (S)

With the dissolution of the partnership between Bill Traut and George Badonsky in March, 1968, credit is usually given to a new entity, Dunwich Productions, Ltd., which includes Jim Golden and Bob Monaco as partners. Golden and Monaco, who had been doing business as MG Productions, brought to the partnership the masters and groups from the by-then-defunct Destination Records, including those of the pre-Columbia Cryan' Shames and Flock. Some of these will be included in the Early Chicago album in 1971.

Acta 38006
Acta A-38006 - Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet and Green - American Breed [1968] Produced by Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions. Horns arranged by Eddie Higgins. Pumpkin (S)/Cool It (We're Not Alone) (S)/Welcome, You're In Love (S)/The Right To Cry (S)/Ready, Willing And Able (S)/Take Me If You Want Me (S)/Powder (S)//Scarlet (S)/Anyway That You Want Me (S)/Master Of My Fate (S)/Music To Think By (S)/Train On A One-Track Mind (S)/I'm Gonna Make You Mine (S)/Green (S)

Acta 38008
Acta A-38008 - Lonely Side of the City - American Breed [1968] A Dunwich Production, co-produced by Bill Traut, Skeet Bushor, and the American Breed, with the assistance of Eddie Higgins, Bob Schiff, and Jim Vincent. Always You (S)/Love Is Just A State Of Mind (S)/New Games To Play (S)/Walls (S)/I've Got To Get You Off My Mind (S)/To Put Up With You (S)//Another Bad Morning (S)/What Can You Do When You're Lonely (S)/River Of No Regrets (S)/Partners In Life (S)/Out In The Cold Again (S)

Smash SRS-67114 - Animated Music - The Troll [1968] Produced by the Troll for Dunwich Productions, Ltd. Satin City News/Mr. Abernathy/Fritz And Sweeney/Everybody's Child/Solitude/I've Only Myself To Blame//Professor Pott's Pornographic Projector/Have You Seen The Queen/Mourning Of The Day/A Winter's Song/Werewolf And Witchbreath

Columbia CS 9719 - Synthesis - Cryan Shames [1969] Produced by Jim Golden (for Dunwich Productions Ltd.). Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones/Baltimore Oriole /It's All Right/Your Love/A Master's Fool//First Train To California/The Painter/Sweet Girl Of Mine/20th Song/Let's Get Together/Symphony Of The Wind

Columbia CS 9785 - Aorta - Aorta [1969] Produced by Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions, Ltd. Main Vein/What's in My Mind's Eye/Magic Bed/Sleep Tight/Main Vein II/Sleep Tight/Cathatyptic/Main Vein III/Sprinkle Road to Cork Street/Ode to Missy Mxyzosptlk/Strange/Thoughts and Feelings/Thoughts and Feelings/Main Vein 4

RCA LSP-4217 - Here Come The Hardy Boys - Hardy Boys [1969] Produced by Bill Traut & Jim Golden for Dunwich Productions, Ltd. Here Come The Hardys/Those Country Girls/One Time In A Million/That's That/(I Want You To) Be My Baby/Sink Or Swim/Namby-Pamby/My Little Sweetpea/Sha-La- La/Feels So Good/Love And Let Love

RCA LSP-4315 - Wheels/The Hardy Boys - Hardy Boys [1970] Produced by Bill Traut & Jim Golden for Dunwich Productions Ltd. Associate Producer: Bob Schiff . Wheels/Old Man Moses' Front Porch Rhythm Band/Carnival Time/Good, Good Lovin'/Let The Sun Shine Down/Long, Long Way To Nashville/Love Train/Archie Brown/Where Would I Be/I Hear The Grass Singin'/Baby, This Is The Last Time

Happy Tiger HT-1009 - Wanted - Mason Proffit [1970] Produced by Mason Proffit and Bill Traut. Voice of Change/A Rectangle Picture/You Finally Found Your Love/Sweet Lady Love/Stewball/Two Hangmen/Buffalo/Walk on Down the Road/It's All Right/Till the Sun's Gone/Johnny's Tune

Happy Tiger HT-1010 - Aorta 2 - Aorta [1970]

Happy Tiger HT-1017 - Early Chicago, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1971] I Got My Mojo Working - Shadows Of Knight/Drown In My Broken Dreams - Mauds/Quit Your Lowsown Ways - George Edwards & Friends/What Now My Love - American Breed/Last Time Around - Del-Vetts/You're Gonna Lose That Girl - Cryan' Shames//Magical Wings - Flock/Man With Money - Saturday's Children/I've Got To Have You - Trolls/Any Way That You Want Me - H.P. Lovecraft/Ain't Too Proud To Beg - Little Boy Blues/I Didn't Want To Have To Do It - Rovin' Kind

Happy Tiger HT-1019 - Movin' Toward Happiness - Mason Proffit [1971] Produced by Mason Proffit and Bill Traut. Michael Dodge/Hard Luck Woman/Children/Hokey Joe Pony/Flying Arrow/Old Joe Clark/Let Me Know Where You're Goin'/Melinda/Good Friend of Mary's/He Loves Them/Everybody Was Wrong

Ampex A-10138 - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream - Mason Proffit [1971] Produced by James Lee Golden under the supervision of Bill Traut. In The Country-Sparrow/24 Hour Sweetheart/Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream/Hope//Freedom/500 Men/Jewel/Eugene Pratt/Mother/My Country

At this point, Traut and Golden form Wooden Nickel Records with Jerry Weintraub, the successor label to Dunwich. Further releases are on Wooden Nickel, distributed by RCA.


Philips PHS 600-279 - Lovecraft II - H.P. Lovecraft [1968] Produced by George Badonsky for George Badonsky Productions. This was after Badonsky and Traut split. Spin, Spin, Spin/It's About Time/Blue Jack Of Diamonds/Electrallentando/At The Mountains Of Madness/Mobius Trip/High Flying Bird/Nothing's Boy/Keeper Of The Keys

Columbia CS 9792 - Illinois Speed Press - Illinois Speed Press [1969] This group was the Rovin' Kind, ex- of Dunwich Records, with a new drummer. Produced by James William Guercio, who produced the Chicago albums and many others. Overture/Get In The Wind/Hard Luck Story/Here Today/Pay The Price//P.H.S. (When You Come Around)/Be A Woman/Sky Song/Beauty/Free Ride

Columbia CS 9976 - Duet - Illinois Speed Press [1970] Produced by James William Guercio. Band members were down to just Paul Cotton and Kal David, backed by studio musicians. Country Dumplin'/Sadly Out Of Place/The One Who Knows/Dearly: Dearly-Bittersweet-Random Roads (And His Big Band)-Dearly Theme Reprise/Morning Blues/Bad Weather/The Life/The Visit/Seventeen Days

Reprise RS 6419 - Valley of the Moon - Lovecraft [1970] Formerly H.P. Lovecraft, renamed after the family of the writer threatened legal action over the name. We Can All Have It Together/Brother I Wonder/Love Has Come To Me/Will I Know When My Time Comes/Two Step Tussle/Take Me By The Hand//Lady Come Softly/The Dawn/Never Gonna Go Back/Dear/Hopefully We'll All Remain Together

Mercury SRM-1-1041 - We Love You All Very Much - Lovecraft [1975] Final album from the group once produced by Dunwich. By this time, apparently even Badonsky as producer was long gone. We Love You (Whoever You Are)/Nora/I Feel Better/Your Smile/Ain't Gettin' None/Monumental Movement/Hook/Flight

The Sundazed CDs are all still available from Sundazed Music.

Sundazed/Tutman SC 11010 - Oh Yeah!: The Best of Dunwich Records - Various Artists [1991] Oh Yeah - Shadows Of Knight (S, sl. hiss)/Lonely I - Warner Bros. (M)/The Girl I Threw Away - Knaves (S, with countoff)/Last Time Around - Del-Vetts (S)/Everytime - Del-Vetts (M)/My Generation - Rovin' Kind (M)/Gotta Get Away - Sounds Unlimited (M)/Western Electric Co. Radio Spot - Saturday's Children (M)/Searchin' - Mauds (M)/That's The Way It Is - Del-Vetts (M)/I Won't Be The Same Without Her - Warner Bros. (M)/Man With Money - Saturday's Children (S)/I Call My Baby STP - Del-Vetts (M)/Partridge Wieners Radio Spot - American Breed (M)/Project Blue - Banshees (M)/Light Bulb Blues - Shadows Of Knight (S)/Tease Me - Knaves (S, with countoff)/The Great Train Robbery - Little Boy Blues (M)/A Girl As Sweet As You - Sounds Unlimited (M)/Leave That Baby Alone - Saturday's Children (M)/Girl - Pride & Joy (M)/Temperature's Rising Radio Spot - American Breed (M)/Leave Me Alone - Knaves (S, with countoff)/You Dove Deep In My Soul - Little Boy Blues (S)/Ban Roll-On Radio Spot - H.P. Lovecraft (M)/You Don't Know Like I Know [alternate version] - Mauds (M)/Inside Outside - Knaves (M)/Your Stuff - Knaves (M)/She - Rovin' Kind (M)/Uncle Wiggly's Airship - Shadows of Knight (M)/Interview-Potato Chip - Shadows Of Knight (M)

Tutman/Sundazed SC 11008 - Live: May 11, 1968 - H.P. Lovecraft [1991] All tracks live and in stereo. Wayfaring Stranger/The Drifter/It's About Time/The White Ship/At The Mountains Of Madness/The Bag I'm In/I've Been Wrong Before/Country Boy & Bleeker Street

Sundazed/Here 'Tis SC 11013 - Raw 'N Alive at the Cellar, Chicago 1966! - Shadows of Knight [1992] All tracks mono and recorded live at The Cellar in December, 1966. Very clear sound directly from the board at the club (audience can't be heard very well). I Got My Mojo Working/Oh Yeah/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/It Takes A Long Time Comin'/Let It Rock/Hey Joe/Gospel Zone (short, fades in)/Got To Get You Off My Mind/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Don't Fight It/Spoonful/Dark Side-Gloria (segues)

Sundazed SC 11019 - If You're Ready! The Best of Dunwich Records...Volume 2 - Various Artists [1994] "Deck Five" is wonderful, a version of "Deck The Halls/We Three Kings" to the beat and sound of "Take Five." If You're Ready - Pride And Joy (M)/I'm Gonna Make You Mine - Shadows Of Knight (M)/I'm Not Talkin' - Things To Come (M)/'Til The End - Things To Come (M)/I'm Leaving You - Luv'd Ones (M)/Walkin' The Dog - Luv'd Ones (M)/Bad Little Woman - Shadows Of Knight (M)/Same Old Thing - Light Nites (M)/Born On Saturday - Saturday's Children (M)/You Don't Know Better - Saturday's Children (M)/Something I Can't Buy - Wanderin' Kind (M)/Away - Knaves (M)/Girl - Rovin' Kind (M)/Didn't Want To Have To Do It - Rovin' Kind (S)/Dance Kid Dance - Luv'd Ones (M)/Stand Tall - Luv'd Ones (M)/Tomorrow Is Her Name - Saturday's Children (M)/Deck Five - Saturday's Children (M)/Radio Spot: The Alone Phone - American Breed (M)/It's Getting Harder - American Breed (M)/Take Care - Troys (M)/Dirty Ernie - Warner Brotheres (M)/Oleo Margarine - Warner Brothers (M)/You're Gonna Lose That Girl - Sounds Unlimited (M)/Radio Spot: Ban Deodorant - H.P. Lovecraft (M)/Black Cat Blues - Beau Gentry (M)/Quit Your Lowdown Ways - George Edwards & Friends (S)/I Got My Mojo Working (alternate version) - Shadows Of Knight (S)

Rhino R2 71723 - Dark Sides: The Best of the Shadows of Knight - Shadows of Knight [1994] Gloria (S)/Dark Side (S)/Oh Yeah (S)/Light Bulb Blues (S)/It Always Happens That Way (S)/I Got My Mojo Working (S)/You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover) (S)/Bad Little Woman (M)/ Gospel Zone (M)/I'll Make You Sorry (S)/I'm Gonna Make You Mine (M)/Peepin' And Hidin' (S)/Willie Jean (M)/ The Behemoth (M)/Someone Like Me (M)/ Three For Love (M)/Shake (M)/My Fire Department Needs A Fireman (M)/Alone (M)/I Am The Hunter (M)

Sundazed SC 6155 - Gloria - Shadows of Knight [1998] Reissue of the 1966 album Gloria [Dunwich S 666] with bonus tracks (noted by "+"). The original album version of "Oh Yeah" (spelled "Oh Yea" on the LP) is not here, but the mono and stereo mixes of the 45 are both included. In the original alternate take LP version (the 45 version was probably a later recording), which appeared on both the mono and stereo albums, you can actually hear the opening lines, "I got a little woman, she i'n' ve' tall" (she isn't very tall) rather than what sounds like, "I got a little woman, she is a towel" on the 45. The guitar that comes in right after "everything's gonna be all right this morning" at the start of the song on the 45 is also missing on the original alternate album version. Gloria (S)/Light Bulb Blues (S)/I Got My Mojo Working (S)/Dark Side (S)/Boom Boom (S)/Let It Rock (S)/Oh Yeah (S, 45 version)/It Always Happens That Way (S)/You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover) (S)/(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (S)/I Just Want To Make Love To You (S)/+Oh Yeah (M, 45 mix)/+I Got My Mojo Working (M, alternate version)/+Someone Like Me (M)

Sundazed SC 6156 - Back Door Men - Shadows of Knight [1998] Reissue of the 1966 album Back Door Men [Dunwich S-667] along with three bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). The short piece of backwards music that appeared between tracks 4 and 5 on side one of the original vinyl version - - the first few seconds of "Willie Jean" backwards, in true stereo - - appear here as a hidden track after "Three For Love" finishes playing on track 4. Bad Little Woman (S)/Gospel Zone (S)/The Behemoth (S)/Three For Love (S)/Hey Joe (S)/I'll Make You Sorry (S)/Peepin' And Hidin' (S)/Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day (S)/New York Bullseye (S)/High Blood Pressure (S)/Spoonful (S)/+Gospel Zone (M, 45 version)/+Willie Jean (M)/+I'm Gonna Make You Mine (M)

Collectors' Choice CCM-0139 - H.P. Lovecraft I/H.P. Lovecraft II - H.P. Lovecraft [2000] Reissue of the group's first two albums for Mercury. Wayfaring Stranger/Let's Get Together/I've Been Wrong Before/Drifter/That's The Bag I'm In/White Ship/Country Boy And Bleeker Street/Time Machine/That's How Much I Love You, Baby (More Or Less)/Gloria Patria/Spin, Spin, Spin/It's About Time/Blue Jack Of Diamonds/Electrallentando/At The Mountains Of Madness/Mobius Trip/High Flying Bird/Nothing's Boy/Keeper Of The Keys/Any Way That You Want Me/It's All Over For You

Sundazed SC 6188 - Synthesis - Cryan Shames [2002] Reissue of Columbia CS 9719 with seven bonus tracks. Produced by Jim Golden. Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones/Baltimore Oriole /It's All Right/Your Love/A Master's Fool/First Train To California/The Painter/Sweet Girl Of Mine/20th Song/Let's Get Together/Symphony Of The Wind/A Master's Fool (45 version)/First Train To California (45 version)/Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones (45 version)/Your Love (45 version)/20th Song (45 version)/Let's Get Together (mono version)/Rainmaker

Thanks to Bob Irwin, Michael Traut, Joan Gand, and Bruce Kerr.

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