Charly Album Discography, Part 8
R& B Series CRB 1001-1099 (1980-1985)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 6, 2005

The Rhythm & Blues Series started in 1980, with a label name given as "Charly R&B."

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Charly R&B Series:

CRB 1001 - Gonh Be Funky - Lee Dorsey [1980] Working In The Coal Mine/Holy Cow/Do-Re-Mi/A Lover Was Born/Give It Up/Can You Hear Me/Freedom For The Stallion/Ride Your Pony/Get Out Of My Life Woman/Ya Ya/Love Lots Of Lovin' (with Betty Harris)/Candy Yam/Go-Go Gill/You're Breaking Me Up/On Your Way Down/Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky

CRB 1002 - In the Saddle - Betty Harris [1980] Ride Your Pony/Show It/What A Sad Feeling/Take Care Of Our Love/I'm Gonna Git Ya/Nearer To You/What'd I Do Wrong/Trouble With My Lover/Twelve Red Roses/I'm Evil Tonight/Cry To Me/I'll Be A Liar/There's A Break In The Road/All I Want Is You/I Can't Last Much Longer/Mean Man

CRB 1003 - Upside Your Head - Jimmy Reed [1980] Shame Shame Shame/I'm Gonna Get My Baby/I Ain't Got You/Ain't That Loving You Baby/Down The Road/Bright Lights Big City/Too Much/Big Boss Man/I'm Goin' Upside Your Head/Good Lover/Honest I Do/Down In Virginia/Aw Shucks Hush You Mouth/Found Love/Baby What You Want Me To Do/Going To New York

CRB 1004 - This Is Hip - John Lee Hooker [1980] Dimples/I Love You Honey/I'm In The Mood/Time Is Marching/Big Legs/Tight Skirt/Onions/Take Me As I Am/Boom Boom/This Is Hip/Boogie Chillun/Crawlin' King Snake/Blues Before Sunrise/Will The Circles Be Unbroken/House Rent Boogie/It Serves Me Right To Suffer/Bottle Up And Go

CRB 1005 - Up On Love - Jerry Butler [1980] He Will Break Your Heart (with Curtis Mayfield)/I'm The One Who Loves You/Nobody Needs Your Love/I Can't Stand To See You Cry/Message To Martha/I Stand Accused/I've Been Trying/For Your Precious Love (with The Impression)/Need To Belong/Find Another Girl (with Curtis Mayfield)/Make It Easy On Yourself/You Can Run But You Can't Hide/Where's The Girl/I'm A-Telling You/Giving Up On Love

CRB 1006 - Hot to Hold - Betty Everett [1980] Getting Mighty Crowded/You're No Good/Chained To Your Love/Hound Dog/Until You Were Gone/Too Hot To Hold/Let It Be Me (with Jerry Butler)/It's In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)/I Can't Hear You/The Real Thing/Chained To A Memory/Hands Off/No Place To Hide/The Shoe Won't Fit/It Hurts To Be In Love/I'm Gonna Be Ready

CRB 1007 - Just Be True - Gene Chandler [1980] Nothing Can Stop Me/A Song Called Soul/You Can't Hurt Me No More/Just Be True/Nite Owl (with The Dukays)/Festival Of Love (with The Dukays)/Rainbow/You Threw A Lucky Punch/(Gonna Be) Good Times/Kissin' In The Kitchen (with The Dukays)/Man's Temptation/Think Nothing About It/The Girl's A Devil (with The Dukays)/The Big Lie (with The Dukays)/What Now/Duke Of Earl (with The Dukays)

CRB 1008 - One Way Out - Elmore James [1980] Talk To Me Baby/Shake Your Moneymaker/Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby/It Hurts Me Too/The Sky Is Crying/Cry For Me Baby/Something Inside Of Me/Standing At The Crossroads/Coming Home/Rollin' And Tumblin'/Take Me Where You Go/I Need You/Person To Person/One Way Out/The Twelve Year Old Boy/Dust My Broom

CRB 1009 - Second Line Strut - Meters [1980] Look-Ka Py Py/9 Till 5/Cissy Strut/I Need More Time/Pungee/Ease Back/Cardova/Yeah/You're Right/Tippi-Toes/Chicken Strut/Sassy Lady/Little Money Maker/Rigor Mortis/Live Wire/A Message From The Meters/Hey Last Minute

CRB 1010 - Keep It Up - Dee Clark [1980] Your Friends (with the Dells)/Nobody But Me/You're Telling Our Secrets/Don't Walk Away From Me/Bong Back My Heart/I'm A Soldier Boy/Shook Up Over You/Raindrops/Hey Little Girl/The Convention (with The Delegates)/Emma Jean/Oh Little Girl (with The Upsetters)/Wondering (with The Upsetters)/Nobody But You/When I Call Upon You

CRB 1011 - Keep Walking On - Ted Taylor [3/81] Everywhere I Go/Days Are Dark/Strange Things Happening/(Hold On) I Got The Chills/If I Don't See You Again/Keep Walking On/Miss You So/It's Too Late/She's Got A Munchy Tunchy/Bread Box Of Love/How's Your Love Life Baby/Only The Lonely Knows/Don't Be Slapping My Hand Buddy/Houston Town/I Need Your Love So Bad/Keep What You Get (And Like It)

CRB 1012 - Part Time Love - Little Johnny Taylor [3/81] Everybody Knows About My Good Thing/You're Not The Only One/I Can't See Myself As A One Woman Man/Strange Bed With A Bad Head/It's My Fault Darling/1,000 Miles Away/When Are You Coming Home/Part Time Love/Open House At My House/As Long As I Don't See You/I'll Make It Worth Your While/My Special Rose/Junkie For Your Love/Saving Your Best Love For Me/How Can A Broke Man Survive/Hard Head (Makes A Sore Behind)

CRB 1013 - High and Lonesome - Jimmy Reed [3/81] She Don't Want Me No More/High And Lonesome/I'm Gonna Ruin You/Pretty Thing/You Upset My Mind/Jimmie's Boogie/Baby Don't Say That No More/I Don't Go For That/I Love You Baby/Honey Don't Let Me Go/It's You Baby/Honey Where You Going/You Know I Love You/Please Don't/You Gonna Need My Help/Sugar Sugar

CRB 1014 - Everybody Rockin' - John Lee Hooker [3/81] Every Night/Trouble Blues/The Road Is So Rough/I'm So Excited/Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine/Unfriendly Woman/I'm Goin' Upstairs/Everybody Rockin'/I'm Mad Again/Hard Headed Woman/Crawlin' Black Spider/Little Wheel/You've Taken My Woman/Maudie/I'm So Worried Baby/Want-Ad Blues

CRB 1015 - Big Town Playboy - Eddie Taylor [3/81] Bad Boy/E.T. Blues/Ride 'Em On Down/Big Town Playboy/You'll Always Have A Home/Don't Knock At My Door/Bongo Beat/I'm Gonna Love You/Lookin' For Trouble/Find My Baby/Stroll Out West/Trainfare/Leave This Neighborhood/I'm Sittin' Here/Do You Want Me To Cry

CRB 1016 - Crying and Pleading - Billy Boy Arnold [3/81] I Wish You Would/I Was Fooled/Don't Stay Out All Night/I Ain't Got You/Here's My Picture/You Got Me Wrong/My Heart Is Crying/Kissing At Midnight/Prisoner's Plea/No No No No No/Every Day Every Night/Rockinitis

CRB 1017 - Got to Move - Elmore James [3/81] Dust My Broom ('60s Version)/Done Somebody Wrong/Knocking At Your Door/Fine Little Mama/Pickin' The Blues/Strange Angels/My Bleeding Heart/I've Got A Right To Love My Baby/Early One Morning/Look On Yonder Wall/Got To Move/Make My Dreams Come True/It Hurts Me Too ('60s Version)/Elmore's Contribution To Jazz/Held My Baby Last Night/Everyday I Have The Blues

CRB 1018 - Man of Motion - Lowell Fulson [3/81] This Feeling/Lady In The Rain/Look At You Baby/Fed Up/Stop And Think/Too Soon/Stoned To The Bone/Letter Home/Man Of Motion/Change Of Heart/Thug/Trouble Everywhere/Henpecked My Baby/Don't Leave Me/Why Don't We Do It In The Road

CRB 1019 - T-Bone Jumps Again - T-Bone Walker [3/81] Hypin' Woman Blues/Too Much Trouble Blues/I Got A Break Baby/Mean Old Woman/Bobby Sox Blues/I Know Your Wig Is Gone/T-Bone Jumps Again/Call It Stormy Monday/You're My Best Poker Hand/First Love Blues/She's My Old Time Used To Be/On Your Way Blues/I Wish You Were Mine/Wise Man Blues/Born To Be No Good/T-Bone Shuffle

CRB 1020 - In Between Tears - Irma Thomas [3/81] In Between Tears/She'll Never Be Your Wife/These Four Walls/What's So Wrong With You Loving Me/You're The Dog (I Do The Barking Myself)/Coming From Behind/Wish Someone Would Care/Turn Mv World Around

CRB 1021 - Great Googley Moo - Spaniels [7/81] I Like It Like That/Hey Sister Lizzie/You're Gonna Cry/Play It Cool/False Love/Crazee Baby/You Gave Me) Peace Of Mind/Automobiles/Tina/House Cleaning/Baby It's You/Why Don't You Dance/(Get Away Child) You Don't Move Me/I Need Your Kisses/Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

CRB 1022 - Bim Bam Boom - El Dorados [7/81] At My Front Door/Boom Diddie Boom/Little Miss Love/My Loving Baby/Chop Ling Soon/Lights Are Low/Baby I Need You/Bim Bam Boom/Rock 'N' Roll's For Me/Trouble Trouble/"Annie's Answer"/Fallen Tear/Oh What A Girl/I Began To Realise/I'll Be Forever Loving You/She Don't Run Around

CRB 1023 - Blues in Session - Carter Brothers [7/81] Southern Country Boy/Booze In The Bottle/Stop Talking In Your Sleep/Consider Yourself/What You Say Big Mama/Five Long Years/Roast Possum/Don't Pity Me/Booby Trap Baby/I Woke Up Smilin'/So Glad She's Mine (She's So Fine)/Why Baby Why/Hey It's Alright/(You're My) Queen Bee/I Don't Care/Cheatin' Woman

CRB 1024 - Solomon Burke - Solomon Burke [3/81] Boo Hoo Hoo/Hold On I'm Coming/Sweeter Than Sweetness/Sidewalks/Fences And Walks/Let The Love Flow/The More/Lucky/Please Come Back Home To Me

CRB 1025 - 2 X 9 - Eddie Clearwater [7/81] A Little Bit Of Blues/A Little Bit Of Rock N' Roll/Blast Off/Came Up The Hard Way/2X9/Chicago Daily Blues/Nashville Road/The World Is In A Bad Situation/Payments On My Woman

CRB 1026 - Uncut and Classified 1A - Swamp Dogg [9/81] Buzzard Luck/Don't You Try To Be My Man/Forever Hold Your Peace/Creeping Away/Remember I Said Tomorrow/Mama's Baby Daddy's Maybe/Ebony And Jet/Swamprapp One/God Bless America For What/Lucille And Her Man/Swamprapp Two/Synthetic World

CRB 1027 - I'm a Loser - Doris Duke [9/81] He's Gone/I Can't Do Without You/Feet Start Walking/Ghost Of Myself/Your Best Friend/The Feeling Is Right/I Don't Care Anymore/Congratulations Baby/We've More Than Strangers/Divorce Decree/How Was I To Know You Cared/To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman)

CRB 1028 - Got Me Dizzy - Jimmy Reed [9/81] I'm A Love You/Hush Hush/Take Out Some Insurance/I Wanna Be Loved/Caress Me Baby/Boogie In The Dark/I'll Change My Style/(Don't Say Nothin') When You're Doing Alright/You Got Me Dizzy/Come Love/Meet Me/Odds And Ends/Can't Stand To See You Go/Going By The River/You Don't Have To Go/Crazy Love

CRB 1029 - Moanin' the Blues - John Lee Hooker [9/81] Drive Me Away/Wrong Doin' Woman/She Left Me One Wednesday/Nightmare/Sally Mae/Love Me All The Time/Moanin' Blues/You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone/Mama You Got A Daughter/Wheel And Deal/Tennessee Blues/Baby Lee/Stop Talking/I See You When You're Weak/Little Fine Woman/Mambo Chillun

CRB 1030 - Rockin' the Blues - Memphis Slim [11/81] Gotta Find My Baby/The Comeback/Messin' Around/Sassy Mae/Lend Me Your Love/Guitar Cha Cha/Stroll On Little Girl/Rockin' The House/Wish Me Well/Blue And Lonesome/My Gal Keeps Me Crying/Slim's Blues/Steppin' Out/Mother Earth/What's The Matter/This Time I'm Through

CRB 1031 - Lightnin' Strikes Back - Lightnin' Hopkins [11/81] Introduction: Big Car Blues/Coffee House Blues/Stool Pigeon Blues/Ball Of Twine/Mary Lou/Want To Come Home/Rolling And Rolling/Devil Is Watching You/Please Don't Quit Me/Coon Is Hard To Catch/Heavy Snow/Walking Round In Circles/War Is Starting Again/Got Me A Louisiana Woman

CRB 1032 - Sehorn's Soul Farm - Various Artists [2/82] Warren Smith - Star Revue/Willie Harper - Why You Wanna Do It/John Williams - Blues Tears And Sorrow/Benny Spellman - Sinner Girl/Eldridge Holmes - Love Affair/Joe Haywood - Let's Make It/Curley Moore - Get Low Down/Aaron Neville - Hercules/Aaron Neville - Struttin' On Sunday/Warren Lee - Climb The Ladder/Curley Moore - Don't Pity Me/Sonny Fisher - Oh Love This Is Sonny/Earl King - All My Love/Willie Harper - That's What You Need/Diamond Joe - Gossip Gossip/Ernie K-Doe - Hotcha Mama

CRB 1033 - Stan's Soul Shop - Various Artists [2/82] Stanley Winston - No More Ghettos In America/George Perkins - A Man In Love/Eddie Giles - Losing Boy/Clarence Carter - What Was I Supposed To Do/Reuben Bell - You're Gonna Miss Me/Clay Hammond - You Got Me Tamed/Roscoe Robinson - The Lord Will Make A Way/Roscoe Robinson - That's Enough/Montclairs - Prelude To A Heartbreak/Bob Camille - I Wake Up Crying/Bobby Powell - Cry To Me/Bobby Patterson - I Get My Groove From You/Soul Stirrers - Stand By Me/Eddie Steele - I Still Love You/Casey Jones - Good Thing/Johnny Gilliam - Going Home To Georgia

CRB 1034 - SSS Soul Survey - Various Artists [2/82] George Perkins - Cryin' In The Streets/Mickey Murray - Lonely Room/Willie Hobbs - The Game Of Love/Big John Hamilton - I Have No One/Rueben Bell - Action Speaks Louder Than Words/Eddie Giles - That's How Strong My Love Is/Big John Hamilton - How Much Can A Man Take/Big John Hamilton & Doris Allen - Them Changes/Clarence Murray - Baby You Got It/Danny White - One Way Love Affair/Big John Hamilton - Lift Me Up/Johnny Adams - If I Could See You One More Time/Johnny Soul - Lonely Man/Rueben Bell -Too Late/Tommy Bush - Some Leaving Alone/Big John Hamilton - Take This Hurt Off Me

CRB 1035 - Southern Belle Blues - Various Artists [2/82] Barbara West - The Love Of My Man/Betty Lavette - I'm In Love/Tommie Young -That's All A Part Of Lovin' Him/Peggy Scott - Every Little Bit Hurts/Shay Holiday - Fight With Fire/Betty Lavette - Easier To Say (Than Do)/Tommie Young -Do You Still Feel The Same/Doris Allen - A Shell Of A Woman/Betty Lavette - Nearer To You/Barbara West -Anyone But You/Ad-Libs - Giving Up/Carolyn Montgomery - Gonna Make A Change/Doris Allen - Hanging Heavy In My Mind/Tommie Young - You Brought It All On Yourself/Betty Lavette - Let Me Down Easy/Barbara West - Give Me Back The Man I Love

CRB 1036 - All Ways Funky - Lee Dorsey [2/82] Hello Mama/Hoodlum Joe/Confusion/People Sure Act Funny/Messed Around (And Fell In Love)/Lonely Avenue/What Am I Living For?/When Can I Come Home?/Here Comes The Hurt Again/Ay-La-Ay/Li'l Liza Jane/People Gonna Talk/My Old Car/Hello Good Looking/My Babe/Drainin'

CRB 1037 - Plain Ole Blues - T-Bone Walker [3/82] I'm Gonna Find My Baby/Don't Leave Me Baby/No Worry Blues/It's A Lowdown Dirty Deal/I'm In An Awful Mood/Long Skirt Baby Blues/Goodbye Blues/Plain Old Down Home Blues/That Old Feeling Is Gone/Midnight Blues/West Side Baby/Prison Blues/Dream Girl Blues/Long Lost Lover Blues/Triflin' Woman Blues/Go Back To The One You Love

CRB 1038 - Joe Joe Jump - Joe Lutcher [4/82] No Name Boogie/Strato Cruiser/Be-Bop Blues/Mo Jo Jump/How Fine Can You Be/Shuffle Boogie/Sunday Blues/Joe Joe Jump/Lucy Lindy Boogie/Hit The Block/Sauterne Special/I Know You When/Bagdad Bebop/Watch It gate/Walk Into My heart/Toodle-Oo

CRB 1039 - Tonight's the Night - Julia Lee [3/82] Snatch And Grab It/I Didn't Like It The First Time/Come On Over To My House/That's What I Like/Knock Me A Kiss/King Size Papa/Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff/Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got/My Man Stands Out/Tonight's The Night/Don't Come Too Soon/All This Beef And Big Ripe Tomatoes/Mama Don't Allow/Trouble In Mind/Take It Or Leave It/Last Call For Alcohol

CRB 1040 - It's a Groove - Five Keys [3/82] Hucklebuck With Jimmy/How Do You Expect Me To Get It/Old MacDonald/Why Oh Why/Serve Another Round/I'm So High/The Glory Of Love/Rockin' & Cryin' Blues/She's The Most/It's A Groove/From The Bottom Of My Heart/Close Your Eyes/Now Don't That Prove I Love You/That's Right/Out Of Sight Out Of Mind/My Pigeon's Gone

CRB 1041 - Rock N' Roll Revue - Johnny Otis Show [3/82] Shake It Lucy Baby - Johnny Otis/Willie And The Hand Jive - Johnny Otis/Ring-A-Ling - Johnny Otis/Bye Bye Baby - Marie Adams & Johnny Otis/The Light Still Shines In My Window - Marie Adams/Tell Me So - Mel Williams/Telephone Baby - Marci Lee & Johnny Otis/Mumblin' Mosie - Johnny Otis/Good Golly - Johnny Otis/Crazy Country Hop - Johnny Otis/Hum Ding A Ling - Johnny Otis/You Just Kissed Me Goodbye - Mel Williams/In The Dark - Marie Adams/Can't You Hear Me Callin' - Johnny Otis/Castin' My Spell - Marci Lee & Johnny Otis/Ma He's Makin' Eyes At Me - Marie Adams

CRB 1042 - Combination Boogie: Chicago Bluesmasters, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [3/83] Combination Boogie - J.B. Hutto And His Hawks/Now She's Gone - J.B. Hutto And His Hawks/Pet Cream Man - J.B. Hutto And His Hawks/Lovin' You - J.B. Hutto And His Hawks/Price Of Love - J.B. Hutto And His Hawks/Things Are So Slow - J.B. Hutto And His Hawks/Dim Lights - J.B. Hutto And His Hawks/Judgement Day - Snooky Pryor/Someone To Love Me - Snooky Pryor/You Tried To Ruin Me - Snooky Pryor/Someone To Love Me - Snooky Pryor/Judgement Day - Snooky Pryor/Nervous Wreck - Willie Nix And His Combo/No More Love - Willie Nix And His Combo/Just Can't Stay - Willie Nix And His Combo/All By Myself - Willie Nix And His Combo

CRB 1043 - Rootin' and Tootin' - Various Artists [1985] Right Now - Grant Jones/What Have You Done To Me - Grant Jones/Give It Up - Paul Williams/South Shore Drive - Paul Williams/Pass The Buck - Paul Williams/Big Two Four - Paul Williams/Foolin' Around Slowly - Red Holloway/Buttermilk - Red Holloway/Last Call - Al Smith Orchestra/Fussing 'n' Loving - Floyd Valentine/Those Crazy Rhythm 'n' Blues - King Kolax/Goodnite Blues - King Kolax/Big Jay's Hop - Big Jay McNeely/Zero - Julian Dash/Off Time - Floyd Valentine/Kansas City - Jimmy Witherspoon

CRB 1044 - No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon [3/83] Just A Little Bit/What You Do To Me/No More Doggin'/Goin' Home (Tomorrow)/A Fool In Love/Dapper Dan/You Keep Me Locked Up/Surely I Love You/Every Night Of The Week/What I Wouldn't Do/Let 'Em Try/Sit Right Here/My Chick/Jelly Jelly Jelly/New Orleans La

CRB 1045 - Unmuzzled - Swamp Dogg [8/83] Gazelle - Pt. 1/What My Woman Can't Do For Me/I Lay Awake/Wonder How I Got Here (Took His Name In Vain)/The Baby Is Mine/I've Never Been To Africa/Barney's Beanery/Paradoxical (No Bugles)/I Should Never Have Written This Song/Eat The Goose (Before The Goose Eats You)/Call Me Nigger/Gazelle - Pt 2

CRB 1046 - Back in Town - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson [3/83] Cleanhead's Back In Town/That's The Way To Treat Your Woman/Trouble In Mind/Kidney Stew/Sweet Lovin' Baby/Caldonia/It Ain't Necessarily So/Cherry Red/Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby/I Just Can't Keep The Tears From Tumblin' Down/Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine/Hold It Right There

CRB 1047 - Ain't Times Hard: Chicago Bluesmasters, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [3/83] Schooldays On My Mind - Floyd Jones/Ain't Times Hard - Floyd Jones/Floyd's Blues - Floyd Jones/Any Old Lonesome Day - Floyd Jones/4 O'Clock Blues - Delta Joe (Sunnyland Slim)/I Cried - Delta Joe (Sunnyland Slim)/Johnnie Mae - James Williamson/Lonesome Ole Train - James Williamson/Farmer's Blues - James Williamson/Whiskey Headed Woman - James Williamson/Williamson Boogie - James Williamson/She Got Me Walking - Lazy Bill Lucas/I Had A Dream - Lazy Bill Lucas/My Baby's Gone - Lazy Bill Lucas/I Can't Eat I Can't Sleep - Lazy Bill Lucas

CRB 1048 - Look Out! It's Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five - Louis Jordan & Tympany Five [8/83] Keep A Knockin'/Sam Jones Done Snagged His Britches/You Run Your Mouth And I'll Run My Business/Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Boogie Woogie Came To Town/Saxa-Woogie/I Like 'Em Fat Like That/They Raided The House/Ain't That Just Like A Woman/Jack You're Dead/Boogie Woogie Blue Plate/Look Out/Pettin' And Pokin'/Junco Partner/House Party/I Want You To See My Baby

CRB 1049 - Foolin' With the Blues - Bobby "Blue" Bland [1983] You Got Me (Where You Want Me)/ Loan Me A Helping Hand/I Pity The Fool/Who Will The Next Fool Be/Two Steps From The Blues/Reconsider Baby/Bobby's Blues/Cry Cry Cry/A Touch Of The Blues/You're Worth It All/Don't Cry No More/I'm Not Ashamed/I'll Care Of You/36-22-36/Ain't No Telling/Yield Not To Temptation

CRB 1050 - Gone for Good - O.V. Wright [6/83] You're Gonna Make Me Cry/Can't Find True Love/Poor Boy/Bachelor's Blues/I Could Write A Book/Eight Men/Four Women/Gone For Good/Ace Of Spades/What About You/This Hurt Is Real/A Nickel And A Nail/I'll Take Care Of You/I'd Rather Be Blind Crippled And Crazy/Drowning On Dry Land

CRB 1051 - [unissued]

CRB 1052 - Mr. Personality Revisited - Lloyd Price [6/83] Stagger Lee/Mailman Blues/Have You Ever Had The Blues/Question/You Need Love/What Do You Do To My Heart/Come Into My Heart/I'm Gonna Get Married/Where Were You (On Your Wedding Day)/Oh Oh Oh/Why/I Wish Your Picture Was You/Lady Luck/Just Because/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Personality

CRB 1053 - Live in Concert - Fats Domino [1985] The Fat Man/Blueberry Hill/Domino Twist/What A Price/Let The Four Winds Blow/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Medley: I'm In Love Again- Honey Chile/Red Sails In The Sunset/Ain't That A Shame/Medley: So Long-Natural Born Lover-C.C. Rider/I'm In The Mood For Love/I Want To Walk You Home

CRB 1054 - Reelin' and Rockin' - Fats Domino [6/83] When I'm Walking (Let Me Walk)/Kansas City/I'm Living Right/The Land Of Make Believe/Who Cares (For Me)/I'm A Fool To Care/Love Me/The Fat Man/Land Of 1,000 Dances/Heartbreak Hill/Wigs/The Girl I'm Gonna Marry/Something You Got/Packin' Up/Reelin' And Rockin'/Red Sails In The Sunset

CRB 1055 - From Streetcorner to Soul - Dells [1985] She's Just An Angel/Now I Pray/Why Do You Have To Go?/You're Still In My Heart/Q-Bop She-Bop/My Best Girl/I'm Calling/Rain/Don't Tell Nobody/Hold On To What You Got/Wait Till Tomorrow/Stay In My Corner/Let's Do It Over/Hey Sugar (Don't Get Serious)/Poor Little Bov/It Looks Like It's Over

CRB 1056 - Rockin' on Bandstand - Dells [8/83] Jo-Jo/Zing Zing/I Can't Help Myself/Dance Dance Dance/Baby Do/Time Makes You Change/Wedding Day/Oh What A Nite/Come On Baby/At The Bandstand/Cherry Bea/Swinging Teens/Baby Open Up Your Heart/Restless Days Sleepless Nights/I Can't Dream/I Wanna Go Home

CRB 1057 - The Natural Blues - T-Bone Walker [8/83] Lonesome Woman Blues/Vacation Blues/She Had To Let Me Down/Don't Give Me The Runaround/Hard Pain Blues/So Blue Blues/I'm Waiting For Your Call/The Natural Blues/That's Better For Me/Inspiration Blues/Description Blues/I Want A Little Girl/The Time Seems So Long/Home Town Blues/Misfortune Blues/I'm Still In Love With You/She's The No Sleepin' Est Woman/I'm Gonna Move You Out And Get Somebody Else

CRB 1058 - The Tan Nightingale - Johnny Adams [1985] Release Me/You Made A New Man Out Of Me/How Can I Prove I Love You/You Can Depend On Me/Real Live Living Hurtin' Man/I Won't Cry/A Losing Battle/I Have No One/Love Me Now/Proud Woman/Reconsider Me/Something Worth Leaving For/Let Me Be Myself/It's Got To Be Something/Hell Yes I Cheated

CRB 1059 - I'm in Love - Betty Lavette [1985] He Made A Woman Out Of Me/Do Your Duty/We Got To Slip Around/Piece Of My Heart/Easier To Say (Than Do)/My Train's Comin' In/At The Mercy Of A Man/Let Me Down Easy/Games People Play/Nearer To You/Love's Made A Fool Of Me/I'm In Love

CRB 1060 - Jump Children - Various Artists [9/83] Jump Children (Vooit Vooit) - Flamingos/Real Gone Mama - Moonglows/Live It Up - Orioles/Cross Over The Bridge - Flamingos/Baby Please - Moonglows/Fools Will Be Fools - Orioles/Golden Teardrops - Flamingos/Ooh Rockin' Daddy - Moonglows/I Just Got Lucky - Orioles/My Gal - Moonglows/Someday Someway - Flamingos/Happy Till The Letter - Orioles/219 Train - Moonglows/Carried Away - Flamingos/Never Leave Me Baby - Orioles/Whistle My Love - Moonglows

CRB 1061 - Red Hot and Blue - Various Artists [9/83] Jackie Brenston And The Delta Cats - Rocket 88/Dewey Phillips - Red Hot And Blue/Billy The Kid Emerson - Red Hot/Billy Love - Gee I Wish/Guitar Red - Baby Please Don't Go/Little Junior's Blue Flames - Love Me Baby/Rosco Gordon - Bop With Me Baby/Earl Hooker - The Hucklebuck/Tiny Kennedy - Strange Kinda Feeling/Rufus Thomas - Bear Cat/Eddie Snow - Ain't That Right/Pat Here - It Ain't Gonna Be That Way/Howlin' Wolf - Oh Red/Little Junior's Blue Flames - Mystery Train/Doctor Ross - Doctor Ross' Boogie/Pinetop Perkins - Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Tiny Kennedy - Blues Disease

CRB 1062 - Nobody Knows Chicago Like I Do - Otis Spann [11/83] Popcorn Man/Brand New House/Nobody Knows Chicago Like I Do (Party Blues)/Steel Mill Blues/Down On Sarah Street/T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do/Chicago Blues/My Home Is On The Delta/Spann Blues

CRB 1063 - Right on Time - Impressions [11/83] It's Alright/Gypsy Woman/Right On Time/Talking About My Baby/Never Let Me Go/I've Been Trying/Emotions (Won't You Let Me Cry)/People Get Ready/Ridin' High/Can't Work No Longer/You've Come Home/You Must Believe Me/Man's Temptation/Nothing Can Stop Me/Don't Cry My Love/It's All Over

CRB 1064 - Atlanta Soul Connection - Tams [11/83] Hey Girl Don't Bother Me/It's Alright (You're Just In Love)/You Lied To Your Daddy/What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)/Untie Me/What Do You Do (When Your Lover Leaves You)/Laugh It Off/Don't You Just Know It/Concrete Jungle/Shelter/There's A Great Big Change In Me/Trouble Maker/Standing In/Anna (Go To Him)/It's Better To Have Loved A Little/Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy

CRB 1065 - Itty Bitty Pieces - James Ray [1984] One By One/Marie/Come Rain Come Shine/The Old Man And The Mule/Lazybones/(I'm Not) Guilty/On That Day/If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/Itty Bitty Pieces/It's Been A Drag/St. James Infirmary/Put Me I Your Diary/You Remember The Face/Things Are Gonna Be Different/We Got A Thing Going On/I'm Gonna Keep On Trying

CRB 1066 - New Orleans Heat - Albert King [1984] Get Out Of My Life Woman/Born Under A Bad Sign/The Feeling/We All Wanna Boogie/The Very Thought Of You/I Got The Blues/I Get Evil/Angel Of Mercy/Flat Tire

CRB 1067 - Going Back Home: Chicago Bluesmasters, Vol. 3 - Various Artists [2/84] Goin' Back Home - Big Joe Williams/My Baby Left Me - Big Joe Williams/King's Highway - Big Joe Williams/ Eula Mae - Big Joe Williams/About To Lose My Mind - Big Boy Spires/Which One Do I Love - Big Boy Spires/Silver Haired Woman - Johnny Williams/Fat Mouth - Johnny Williams/That's Alright - Little Walter/Just Keep Loving Her - Little Walter/Talkin Boogie - John Lee Hooker/ Miss Lorraine - John Lee Hooker/I Love To Boogie - John Lee Hooker/Graveyard Blues - John Lee Hooker/609 Boogie - John Lee Hooker/Road Trouble - John Lee Hooker

CRB 1068 - The Crawl - Guitar Junior (Lonnie Brooks) [3/84] The Crawl/Family Rules/I Got It Made/Tell Me Baby/Love Me Love Me Mary Ann/Now You Know/Roll Roll Roll (1)/Roll Roll Roll (2)/Broken Hearted Rollin' Tears/Oo Wee Baby/Please/Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/Love Me Love Me/Knocks Me Out Fine Fine Fine

CRB 1069 - Rockin' with Ruth - Ruth Brown [3/84] Teardrops From My Eyes/5-10-15 Hours/Daddy Daddy/Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean/Wild Wild Young Men/Love Contest/Hello Little Boy/Oh What A Dream/Somebody Touched Me/Bye Bye Young Men/I Can See Everybody's Baby/As Long As I'm Moving/This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'/I Can't Hear A Word You Say/Papa Daddy/Don't Deceive Me

CRB 1070 - Jumpin' with Joe - Joe Turner [4/84] Bump Miss Susie/Honey Hush/Oke- She-Moke-She-Pop/TV Mama/Shake Rattle And Roll/In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)/Well All Right/Ti-Ri-Lee/Morning Noon And Night/Hide And Seek/Flip Flop And Fly/The Chicken And The Hawk/Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Lipstick Powder And Paint/Teen Age Letter/Jump For Joy

CRB 1071 - Tell the Truth - Ray Charles [3/84] Mess Around/It Should've Been Me/Losing Hand/Greenbacks/I've Got A Woman/This Little Girl Of Mine/Hallelujah I Love Her So/Drown in My Own Tears/Leave My Woman Alone/Lonely Avenue/That's Enough/Talking 'Bout You/You Be My Baby/The Right Time/Tell The Truth/What'd I Say

CRB 1072 - Real Gone Gal - Lavern Baker [4/84] How Can You Leave A Man Like This/Jim Dandy/My Happiness Forever/Fee Fee Fi Fo Fum/Jim Dandy Got Married/Substitute/Whipper Snapper/Voodoo Voodoo/I Cried A Tear/He's A Real Gone Guy/I Waited Too Long/Tiny Tim/Shake A Hand/Bumble Bee/Hey Memphis/See See Rider

CRB 1073 - Rock and Cry - Clyde McPhatter [4/84] Seven Days/Go Yes Go/Treasure Of Love/Thirty Days/Without Love (There Is Nothing)/Rock And Cry/You'll Be There/Just To Hold My Hand/Long Lonely Nights/Come What May/Deep Sea Ball/A Lovers Question/I Can't Stand Up Alone/Lovey Dovey/Since You've Been Gone/You Went Back On Your Word

CRB 1074 - Keep a Drivin' - Chuck Willis [3/84] There's Got To Be A Way/It's Too Late/My Life/Kansas City Woman/Juanita/Ease The Pain/C.C. Rider/Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You/My Baby/Betty And Dupree/Thunder And Lightning/From The Bottom Of My Heart/Sugar Sugar/\Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes/What Am I Living For/Keep A Drivin'

CRB 1075 - Cry to Me - Solomon Burke [3/84] Be Bop Grandma/Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms)/Cry To Me/Down In The Valley/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You/Stupidity/Can't Nobody Love You/If You Need Me/Won't You Give Me (One More Chance)/You're Good For Me/Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Yes I Do/The Price/Got To Get You Off My Mind/Maggie's Farm

CRB 1076 - Do Right Man - William Bell [4/84] You Don't Miss Your Water/Any Other Way/I'm Waiting On You/Somebody Mentioned Your Name/I'll Show You/Don't Stop Now/Crying All By Myself/Share What You Got/Never Like This Before/Everybody Loves A Winner/Do Right Woman - Do Right Man/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/Eloise (Hang On In There)/It's Happening AII Over/Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday/A Tribute To A King

CRB 1077 - Come to Me - Otis Redding [4/84] These Arms Of Mine/Hey Hey Baby/That's What My Heart Needs/Mary's Little Lamb/Pain In My Heart/Something Is Worrying Me/Pain In My Heart/These Arms Of Mine/Security/Lucille/Come To Me/Don't Leave Me This Way/I Want To Thank You/Chained And Bound/Your One And Only Man/I'm Depending On You

CRB 1078 - Any Day Now - Percy Sledge [3/84] When A Man Loves A Woman/Warm And Tender Love/It Tears Me Up/Baby Help Me/Out Of Left Field/I Had A Talk With My Woman/The Dark End Of The Street/Cover Me/Take Time To Know Her/Sudden Stop/Any Day Now/The Angels Listened In/ True Love Travels On A Gravel Road/Stop The World Tonight/Help Me Make It Through The Night/Sunshine

CRB 1079 - Rock and Roll Mamas - Various Artists [1984] Rock'N'Roll Mama - Camille Howard/Business Woman - Camille Howard/In The Bag Boogie - Camille Howard/Skillet's Gonna Fry - Edith Mackey/Rainy Morning Blues - Edith Mackey/Hands Off - Priscilla Bowman/Spare Man - Priscilla Bowman/Everything's Alright - Priscilla Bowman/A Rocking Good Way - Priscilla Bowman/Like A Baby - Priscilla Bowman/I Ain't Givin' Up Nothing - Priscilla Bowman/Sittin' And Drinkin' Mr. Big Wheel - Christine Kittrell/Next Door To The Blues - Christine Kittrell/Nobody's Fault - Christine Kittrell/I'm A Woman - Christine Kittrell

CRB 1080 - Chills and Fever: Chicago Bluesmasters, Vol. 4 - Various Artists [1985] Blue Evening - L.C. McKinley/I'm So Satisfied - L.C. McKinley/Down With It - L.C. McKinley/Lonely - L.C. McKinley/Baby Please Don't - Jimmy Eager/Please Mr Doctor - Jimmy Eager/I Should Have Loved Her More - Jimmy Eager/Beat That Bop - Jimmy Eager/Drinkin' Again - Birmingham Jones/I'm Glad - Birmingham Jones/Chills And Fever - Birmingham Jones/Birmingham Bounce - Birmingham Jones/Tators And Matos - Hubert Sumlin/You're So Hard To Please - Willie Cobbs/You Can't Love Me - Willie Cobbs

CRB 1081 - Solid Sender - John Lee Hooker [7/84] You Can Lead Me Baby/Hobo Blues/No Shoes/I Wanna Walk/Canal Street Blues/Run On/I'm A Stranger/Whiskey And Wimmen/Solid Sender/Sunny Land/Goin' To California/I Can't Believe/I'll Know Tonight/Dusty Road/I Left My Baby/Sadie Mae

CRB 1082 - I'm the Man (Down There) - Jimmy Reed [11/85] I Found My Baby/Roll And Rhumba/Shoot My Baby/Come On Baby/Rockin' With Reed/When You Left Me/State Street Boogie/Signals Of Love/I'm The Man Down There/Tell Me You Love Me/Let's Get Together/Lookin' For You Baby/Don't Think I'm Through/When Girls Do It/Left-Handed Woman/A New Leaf

CRB 1083 - Jesus Is the Answer - Various Artists [1984] Walk With Me - Highway QC's/It's Me - Highway QC's/How I Got Over - Swan Silvertones/That Day On Calvary - Swan Silvertones/My Religjon - Caravans/It's Jesus In Me - Caravans/I'm Going Through - Caravans/I Can See Everybody's Mother - Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/What He's Done For Me - Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/He Has A Way - Greater Harvest Choir/Jesus Is The Answer - Argo Singers/See How He Kept Me - Argo Singers/When Tears Are Falling - Harmonizing Four/Wade In The Water - Harmonizing Four/Uncloudy Day - Staple Singers/Two Wings - Staple Singers

CRB 1084 - The New Orleans Connection - Various Artists [1984] Hatti Matti - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/The Strip - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/A Girl In Every City - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/Wake Up - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/Baldheaded Baby - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/Upsetter - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/Mam Loochie - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/Upsetter Rock - Lee Diamond & Upsetters/Pigtails And Blue Jeans - Leonard Carbo/So Tired - Leonard Carbo/I'm Pleading Just For You - Larry Birdsong/If You Don't Want Me No More - Larry Birdsong/Time - Larry Birdsong/My Darling - Larry Birdsong/Baby Baby - Leonard Carbo/I Don't Want To Lose Her - Leonard Carbo

CRB 1085 - Rare Soul Uncovered - Various Artists [1984] Montclairs - Hung Up On Your Love/Ballads - I Can't See Your Love/Toussaint McCall - Nothing Takes The Place Of You/Roscoe Robinson - That's Enough/Sid Barnes - I Hurt On The Other Side/Clarence Murray - Don't Talk Like That/Gloria Taylor - You Cotta Pay The Price/Big Al Downing - Medley Of Soul/Valentines - Breakaway/Don Thomas - Come On Train/Montclairs - I Need You More Than Ever/Jackie Lee - Would You Believe/Betty Everett - Gettin' Mighty Crowded/Fred Hughes - Don't Let Me Down/Little Richie - Just Another Heartache/Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone Too Long/Robert Parker - Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)/Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - Soulshake

CRB 1086 - Soul Neighbors - Jimmy Hughes/Joes Simon [1984] A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues - Jimmy Hughes/Neighbour Neighbour - Jimmy Hughes/There Is Something On Your Mind - Jimmy Hughes/I Tried To Tell You - Jimmy Hughes/Stormy Monday Blues - Jimmy Hughes/I'm Getting Better - Jimmy Hughes/Try Me - Jimmy Hughes/Steal Away - Jimmy Hughes/Say (That Your Love Is True) - Joe Simon/My Adorable One - Joe Simon/When You're Near - Joe Simon/The Whoo Pee - Joe Simon/When I'm Gone - Joe Simon/I Keep Remembering - Joe Simon/Bring It On Home To Me - Joe Simon/Let's Do It Over - Joe Simon

CRB 1087 - Pounds of Blues - Katie Webster [1984] Going Crazy About You/The Things That I Used To Do/Pounds Of Blues/Half Of Everthing/Katie's Blues/Little One/Worry My Life No More/Never Too Old/What In The World Have I Done/Dilly Wally Dilly Woe/Trouble Blues/My Baby's Got Bad Feet

CRB 1088 - Charly R&B Party - Various Artists [1985] Robert Parker - Barefootin'/Betty Harris - Ride Your Pony/Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson - Picking Wild Mountain Berries/Jimmy Hughes - Neighbour Neighbour/Jerry Butler - I Stand Accused/Jimmy Reed - Shame Shame Shame/James Ray - If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/Wilbert Harrison - Let's Stick Together/The Impressions - It's Alright/Gene Chandler - Nothing Can Stop Me/Betty Everett - It's In His Kiss/The Tams - Hey Girl Don't Bother Me/Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is/Lee Dorsey - Get Out Of My Life Woman/John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom/Elmore James - Dust My Broom

CRB 1089 - Vee Jay Blues - Various Artists [1985] Dimples - John Lee Hooker/Onions - John Lee Hooker/Frisco Blues - John Lee Hooker/Big Soul - John Lee Hooker/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon/Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed/Odds And Ends - Jimmy Reed/Bright Lights Big City - Jimmy Reed/Baby What You Want Me To Do - Jimmy Reed/Rolling And Rolling - Lightnin' Hopkins/Mary Lou - Lightnin' Hopkins/Going Home Tomorrow - Little Richard/Hands Off - Priscilla Bowman/Messin' Around - Memphis Slim/I Ain't Got You - Billy Boy Arnold/Blues Get Off My Shoulder - Bobby Parker

CRB 1090 - What You Get When the Gettin' Gets Good - Hank Ballard & Midnighters [1985] Work With Me Annie/Sexy Ways/Don't Change Your Pretty Ways/Rock and Roll Wedding/Open Up The Back Door/Rock Granny Roll/Tore Up Over You/Is Your Love For Real?/The Twist/Teardrops On Your Letter/Kansas City/Sugaree/Finger Poppin' Time/Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go/What Is This I See?/I'm Gonna Miss You

CRB 1091 - Earl Bostic Blows a Fuse - Earl Bostic [1985] Night Train/8:45 Stomp/That's A Groovy Thing, Parts 1 & 2/Special Delivery Stomp/Moonglow/Mambostic/Earl Blows A Fuse/Harlem Nocturne/Who Snuck The Wine In The Gravy?/Don't You Do It/Disc Jockey's Nightmare/Flamingo/Steam Whistle Jump/What! No Pearls/Tuxedo Junction/Seven Steps

CRB 1092 - Breaking Up the House - Tiny Bradshaw [1985] Breaking Up The House/Walk That Mess/The Train Kept A-Rollin'/T-99/Bradshaw Boogie/Walkin' The Chalk Line/Mailman's Sack/Snaggle Tooth Ruth/Rippin' And Runnin'/The Blues Came Pouring Down/Two Dry Bones On The Pantry Shelf/Brad's Blues/Bootie Green/Well Oh Well/Newspaper Boy Blues/One Two Three Kick Blues

CRB 1093 - Boogie at Midnight - Roy Brown [1985] Mighty Mighty Man/Boogie At Midnight/Cadillac Baby/Hard Luck Blues/Love Don't Love Nobody/Too Much Lovin' Ain't No Good/Big Town/Rock-A-Bye Baby/Answer To Big Town/Ain't No Rockin' No More/My Gal From Kokomo/Fannie Dawn Got Married/Black Diamond/Shake 'Ern Up Baby/Adorable One/Good Looking And Foxy Too

CRB 1094 - Gon' Doggett - Bill Doggett [1985] All tracks mono. Honky Tonk, Part 1/Honky Tonk, Part 2/Big Boy/Slidin'/Buttered Popcorn/Backwoods/Slow Walk/Quaker City/Night Train/Ram-Bunk-Shush/Peacock Alley/Hold It/Rainbow Riot

CRB 1095 - Have Mercy Baby - Dominoes [1985] Chicken Blues/Do Something For Me/Weeping Willow Blues/Sixty Minute Man/That's What You're Doing To Me/I Am With You/Don't Leave Me This Way/Have Mercy Baby/Pedal Pushin' Papa/I'd Be Satisfied/The Bells/I Ain't Gonna Cry For You/You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/My Baby's 3-D/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/If I Never Get To Heaven

CRB 1096 - Roots of Soul - Five Royales [1985] I'm Gonna Run It Down/Devil With The Rest/You Didn't Learn It At Home/How I Wonder/Mohawk Squaw/When I Get Like This/I Ain't Getting Caught/Right Around The Corner/I Could Love You If You Let Me/Come On And Save Me/Get Something Out Of It/Think/Tell The Truth/Don't Let It Be In Vain/The Slummer The Slum/I'm With You

CRB 1097 - Rock Mr. Blues - Wynonie Harris [1985] Just Like Two Drops Of Water/Good Rocking Tonight/Blow Your Brains Out/Sittin' On It All The Time/Luscious Woman/Keep On Churnin' (Till The Butter Comes)/Quiet Whiskey/I Feel That Old Age Coming On/Good Morning Judge/Down Boy Down/Bloodshot Eyes/Lovin' Machine/Mr. Blues Is Coming To Town/I Like My Baby's Pudding/Rock Mr. Blues/Baby/Shame On You

CRB 1098 - Grits and Soul - Little Willie John [1985] All Around The World/Need Love So Bad/Fever/Do Something For Me/Suffering With The Blues/I've Been Around/Person To Person/Talk To Me Talk To Me/Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good/Let Them Talk/Leave My Kitten Alone/Walk Slow/You Hurt Me/My Baby's In Love With Another Guy/Big Blue Diamonds/Come Back To Me

CRB 1099 - Takin' Care of Business - Freddy King [1985] Have You Ever Loved A Woman/You Know That You Love Me (But You Never Tell Me So)/Hide Away/I Love The Woman/San-Ho-Zay/Takin' Care Of Business/High Rise/You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling/I'm Tore Down/She Put The Whammy On Me/Sen-Sa-Shun/Teardrops On Your Letter/Side Tracked/The Welfare (Turns Its Back On You)/The Stumble/Someday After A While (You'll Be Sorry)

Thanks to Adam Komorowski and Rob Ford.

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