Charly Album Discography, Part 1
Original Issues: 300000/30000 Series

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 6, 2005

Charly Records was founded in France in 1974. Jean-Luc Young, who had been a promoter of teen concerts, founded it in his native country, but moved operations to England in 1975, where it became better known. Although Charly's output over the years has included jazz (through its Affinity label) and other modern oddities such as the Bullocks Brothers, it is mainly known as an album-oriented "retro" label. Charly mostly specializes in reissuing old music, notably the Sun Records catalog, the Vee-Jay catalog, and some of the other small US-based r&b catalogs.

Stereo-wise, although they have had their moments (the first time stereo version of Chris Kenner's "I Like It Like That," for example), the albums tended toward mono or rechanneled stereo. Rarely was there any stereo to be mined here. When the label began issuing CDs in the mid-1980s, they were typically of poor-to-fair quality with a lot of surface noise. More recent CD issues have had improvement in sound quality, but not in stereo content.

Nevertheless, the mere volume of the Charly label's output over the years, including a lot of rare and sought-after collectors' items, is almost astonishing. If we think of Rhino as today's top reissue label, Charly was doing it years before Rhino.

We have listed the Charly vinyl through 1985, then sporadically after that. The last part of this discography is a listing of the Charly CDs released as of about 1990.More recently, Charly Records has been distributed by Snapper Records in the UK.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Charly Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print except some of the CDs), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and Follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1998, 1999, 2005 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Charly CR-300 000/30000 Series: Original 1975 issues had 6 digits in record numbers. Reissued in 1978 with 5 digits (300 004 became 30004, etc.):

CR 300 001 - Not Just Another Bunch - If [1975]

CR 300 002 - Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano - Jerry Lee Lewis [10/75] Friday Nights/Wild One (Real Wild Child)/Whole Lot Of Twistin'/Dixie/Rock And Roll Ruby/Carry On/Sail Away/Pumping Piano//Hound Dog/Hong-Kong Blues/Rocking The Boat Of Love/Near You/Cool Cool Ways/Ooby Dooby/Someday/Shanty Town

CR 300 003 - Rockin' Guitar Man - Carl Perkins [1975] Blue Suede Shoes/Roll Over Beethoven/Sweethearts A Stranger/Perkin's Wiggle/Honky Tonk Gal/You Can Do No Wrong/What Do You Do When You're Crying/Bopping The Blues//Caledonia/Lonely Street/I Care/Y.O.U./Glad All Over/Honey Don't/Dixie Fried/Her Love Rubbed Off

CR 300 004 - Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich [1975] Lonely Weekends/The Ballad of Billy Joe/Big Man/Rock And Roll Party/Unchained Melody/Right Behind You Baby/Break Up/C.C. Rider//Rebound/It's Too Late/You Are Gonna Be Waiting/Who Will The Next Fool Be/Midnight Blues/Stay/I Need Your Love/Sittin' And Thinkin'

CR 300 005 - Old Golden Throat - Johnny Cash [1975] Big River/Luther's Boogie/You Are My Baby/Folsom Prison Blues/Hey Porter/Next In Line/Oh Lonesome Me/Belshazah/Get Rhythm/Rock Island Line/Country Boy/Train Of Love/I Walk The Line/Katy Too/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Mean Eyed Cat

CR 300 006 - Rare Jerry Lee Lewis, Volume 1 - Jerry Lee Lewis [10/75] Sixty Minute Man/Release Me/Sick And Tired/Let The Good Times Roll/Slipping/Around/Little Green Valley/So Long Good-Bye/Crazy Heart//Set My Heart At Ease/I Know What It Means/High Powered Woman/Billy Boy/Wild Side Of Life/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/Instrumental/My Quadroon

CR 300 007 - Rare Jerry Lee Lewis, Volume 2 - Jerry Lee Lewis [10/75] Mexicali Rose/Lucky Old Sun/Ole Pal Of Yesterday/All Night Long/Come What May/I Don't Love Nobody/Tomorrow Night/Shame On You//Carolina Sunshine Girl/Instrumental/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/No More Than I Get/Nothing Shaking/Just Who Is To Blame/Born To Lose/Long Gone Lonesome Blues

CR 300 008 - The Big "O" - Roy Orbison [10/75] Rock House/It's Too Late/You're Gonna Cry/Ooby Dooby/You're My Baby/Mean Little Mamma/Fool's Hall Of Fame/The Cause Of It All/A True Love/Good-Bye/Love Struck/The Clown/One More Time/Problem Child/Chicken Hearted/I Like Love/Domino

CR 300 009 - Dollars Dollars and More Dollars - Little Richard [12/75] These are Vee- Jay masters. A Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' On/Goodnight Irene/Hound Dog/Only You/Money Honey/Going Home Tomorrow/Lucille/Good Golly Miss Molly/Cherry Red/Groovy Little Suzy/Short Fat Fanny/Memories Are Made Of This/Blueberry Hill/Lawdy Miss Claudie

CR 300 010 -

CR 300 011 - Jam Session - Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson & Brian Auger [12/75] Reissued in 1982 as Charly CR 30193. Don't Send Me No Flowers/I See A Man Downstairs/She Was So Dumb/The Goat Walking Little Girl/How Old Are You It's A Bloody Life/Getting Out Of Town

CR 300 012 - The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton - Yardbirds [12/75] Reissued in March, 1983 as Charly CR 30194. For Your Love/I'm A Man/I Wish You Would/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/A Certain Girl/Got To Hurry/Introduction/Too Much Monkey Business/Got Love If You Want It/Smokestack Lightning/I'm A Man/Here 'Tis

CR 300 013 - The Yardbirds Featuring Jeff Beck - Yardbirds [12/75] Reissued in March, 1983 as Charly CR 30195. Shapes Of Things/What Do You Want/New York City Blues/Someone To Love (Part 1)/For R.S.G./Mister You're A Better Man Than I/Someone To Love (Part 2)/Jeff's Blues/I Ain't Got You/I Ain't Done Wrong

CR 300 014 - At The Beginning - Soft Machine [1976?] Reissued in March, 1983 as Charly CR 30196. That's How Much I Need You Now/Save Yourself/I Should've Known/Jet-Propelled Photograph/When I Don't Want You/Memories/You Don't Remember/She's Gone/I'd Rather Be With You

CR 300 015 - London 1964-1965 - Gary Farr & T-Bones [1/77] How Many More Times/I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/Dearest Darling/You Don't Love Me/Quit Teasing Me Baby/Louisiana Red/Oh Baby Baby/C.C. Rider/Get The Money/Yes I Do/I Feel Alright

CR 300 016 - Eric Burdon & The Animals - Eric Burdon & Animals [1/77] Let It Rock/Gotta Find My Baby/Bo Diddley/I'm Almost Grown/Dimples/Boom Boom/C. Jam Blues

CR 300 017 - The Beginning of Jazz-Rock - Graham Bond Organisation [1/77] Reissued in 1983 as Charly CR 30198. Wade In The Water/Big Boss Man/Early In The Morning/Person To Person Blues/Spanish Blues/The First Time I Met The Blues Stormy Monday/Train Time/What'd I Say

CR 300 018 - Newcastle, December 1963 - Animals & Sonny Boy Williamson [1/77] Reissued in 1982 as Charly CR 30199. Sonny's Slow Walk/Pontiac Blues/My Babe/I Don't Care No More/Baby/Don't You Worry/Night Time Is The Right Time/I'm Gonna Put You Down/Fattening Frogs For Snakes/Nobody But You/Bye-Bye Sonny Bye Bye/Coda

CR 300 019 - London, 1964-1967 - Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger [1/77] Reissued in 1983 as Charly CR 30200. I Know You Love Me Not/I Don't Want To Have To Do It/If You Should Ever Leave Me/I Don't Know Where You Are/Shadows Of You/Kiko/Foolkiller/Let's Do It Tiger/Come Back To Croydon/Own Up Lady Astor

CR 300 020 - The First Supergroup - Steampacket [1977] Back At The Chicken Shack/The In-Crowd/Baby Take Me/Can I Get A Witness/Baby Baby/Holy Smoke/Cry Me A River/Oh Baby/Don't You Do It/Lord Remember Me

CR 300 021 - Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds - Chris Farlowe & Thunderbirds [11/77] They Call It Stormy Monday (Part 1)/Reelin' N' Rockin'/Just A Dream/Hey Hey Hey/Hound Dog/They Call It Stormy Monday (Part 2)/What You Gonna Do/I Remember/Itty Bitty Pieces/Girl Trouble/Puss Puss/Voodoo

Thanks to Adam Komorowski, Rob Ford, and Leif Sandsjo.

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