Jazz:West Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 29, 2007

Jazz"West was a jazz subsidiary of Aladdin Records. The label started by issuing two 10-inch LPs in 1954-55, then continued the series with 12-inch LPs starting in late 1955.

The Jazz: West label is red with black print. The logo "jazz:west" is above the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

10 Inch Album Series:

JWLP-1 - Get Out of Town - Jack Sheldon Quartet [12/54] Ahmoore/Dozo (Let's Go)/Contour/It's Only a Paper Moon/Leroy's Blues/Cheek to Cheek/Streets of Madashi/Get Out of Town/Mad About the Boy/Toot Sweet/Jack Departs

JWLP-2 - Jack Sheldon Quintet with Zoot Sims - Jack Sheldon [10/55] Groovus Mentus/Guatemala/Irresistible You/Blues (Traditional)//Beach Wise/What Is There To Say?/Palermo Walk/Getting Sentimental Over You

12 Inch Album Series:

JWLP-3 - Jazz Trio for Voice, Piano and Bass - Jane Fielding with Red Mitchell and Lou Levy [1955] How Long Has This Been Going On/Long Ago and Far Away/Summer Day/One Song/This Heart of Mine//How Deep is the Ocean/I'll Remember April/Stars Didn't Fall/I Wish I Knew/Something to Remember You By

JWLP-4 - Talkin' and Walkin' with the Kenny Drew Quartet - Kenny Drew Quartet [1955] Talkin' And Walkin'/In The Prescribed Manner/Prelude To A Kiss/Wee Dot//Hidden Channel/Deadline/I'm Old Fashioned/Minor Blues/Walkin' And Talkin'

JWLP-5 - Embers Glow - Jane Fielding with the Kenny Drew Quartet [5/56] Embers Glow/Our Waltz/Key Largo/Along With Me/In Love In Vain//'Round About Midnight/Too Marvelous For Words/Make The Man Love Me/Right Boy For Me/All Dressed Up Tonight And No Place To Go

JWLP-6 - Quartet & the Quintet - Jack Sheldon [1956] Reissue of material from Jazz: West JWLP-1 and JWLP-2. Groovus Mentus/Ahmoore/Dozo (Let's Go)/Beach-Wise/Palermo Walk/Blues (Traditional)/Contour/It's Only a Paper Moon/Leroy's Blues/Cheek to Cheek/Streets of Madashi/Get Out of Town/Mad About the Boy/Toot Sweet/Jack Departs/What Is There to Say

JWLP-7 - A Jazz Delegation from the East: Chambers' Music - Paul Chambers Quartet [1956] Dexterity/Stablemates/Easy To Love//Visitation/John Paul Jones/Eastbound

JWLP-8 - Tenor Man - Lawrence Marable Quartet featuring James Clay [1956] The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/Easy Living/Minor Meeting/Airtight//Willow Weep For Me/Three Fingers North/Lover Man/Marbles

JWLP-9 - Linear Sketches - Julius Wechter Quartet [1956] Trousseau/Autumn Leaves/Love Letters/Melancholy Baby//CSy's Blues/I Remember You/I'll Close My Eyes/Sissy

JWLP-10 - The Return of Art Pepper - Art Pepper [1/57] Pepper Returns/Broadway/You Go To My Head/Angel Wings/Funny Blues//Five More/Minority/Patricia/Mambo De La Pinta/Walkin' Out Blues

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