Solid Rock Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: January 10, 2009

Solid Rock was founded by Larry Norman, one of the more interesting characters coming out of the 1960s rock and roll scene. Norman was born in 1947 and raised in San Francisco. He began writing songs when he was nine, and by the time he was 18 he had penned over 500 songs. He signed with Capitol Records as part of the rock group People, and in the spring of 1968, had a top-15 hit with a remake of the Zombies' "I Love You." As the story goes, Norman quit the group in disgust the day the I Love You album hit the streets, Capitol having pulled what he considered a fast one by renaming the album without the group's knowledge or consent.

Larry Norman Originally, the album was to have been titled We Need a Whole Lot More Jesus (And a Lot Less Rock & Roll), but at the last minute, Capitol opted for the hit single's title rather than test the waters in an unprecidented market genre of "religious rock." Actually, the album was anything but overtly religious; the erstwhile title track was a tongue-in-cheek look at the then-new "storefront churches" springing up in the West, much like Johnny Standley poked gentle fun in 1952 at the churches of the early 1950s with his "It's in the Book." According to Norman, Capitol pleaded with him not to do songs about Jesus, but when he insisted, they dropped him from the label. He went off to write stage musicals. When the "gospel rock" boomlet that he played a role in starting hit the charts in 1969, Capitol asked him back hat-in-hand, and he recorded Upon This Rock, a solo album of "Jesus Rock" that is often cited as being one of the roots of the current Contemporary Christian Music.

When Upon This Rock failed to reach the sales target Capitol expected, they dropped Norman again. Always outspoken, Norman refused to be stifled, and continued playing Christian rock, mostly to audiences in California for the next couple of years. By 1971, he was playing at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa in Orange County, where the Maranatha label was not quite yet a reality. He recorded music and put it out two albums, Street Level and Bootleg, on his own label, One Way Records, which was described as "an underground experimental" label.

Norman and other fledgling-Contemporary-Christian artists such as Love Song and Randy Stonehill began to be noticed by record companies who looked at the way Christian praise and worship was changing, and in 1972 Norman was signed to MGM/Verve Records, where he recorded two significant albums, Only Visiting This Planet and So Long Ago The Garden. These records, while significant in their setting the stage for Contemporary Christian Music, were controversial. Accepted by many of the Christian youth, they were roundly condemned by keepers of the traditional worship paradigm. Norman wasn't deaf to this criticism; he showed a sense of humor in his answer to these missles with "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?"

Pamela and Larry Norman By the end of 1972, Norman had been touring endlessly, and he and his wife Pamela had been, in his words, "been living a la Holiday Inn" with no real home for years. He announced that he would stop touring, and "disappeared" from the touring scene for all intents and purposes. His critics took this as an opportunity to start rumors about his giving up on Christianity, but these were unfounded. Norman took the next two years to regroup, feeling that the Contemporary Christian Music scene was not fulfilling the promise of a few years earlier. Norman himself had achieved such a high profile that he felt he may be getting in the way of the genre growing; he noted that the press had tried to label him as some kind of "superstar-hippie-evangelist. It was just too much of a circus." Besides, he was devoting a lot of time to helping other Christian artists get their starts.

By 1975, Norman was ready to start his own label again, and used Word Records as distributor. The Solid Rock logo was a design Norman had come up with back in the 1960s, a play on the two different words agape (wide open) and agape (uh-GAH-pay; an often used Biblical word for God's selfless love). Although the logo was designed in 1968, he was often asked if it was a takeoff on the Rolling Stones logo that first appeared in the early 1970s. Solid Rock was part of the Jubilation Group of small labels under Word's Myrrh subsidiary.

Norman had some interesting points to make about Contemporary Christian Music in an interview included in the liner notes to In Another Land. The issue of who the audience is for CCM is still being debated today. Norman asked, "First of all, are Christian records made as entertainment for the Christians or as an evangelistic outreach for non-Christians? If they are to created to reach the unsaved world, you immediately run into a paradox. Christian albums are only sold in Christian bookstores... and that's not where non-Christians go when they're looking for records. And when they're used to paying $3.77 discount for Led Zeppelin or Jackson Browne, why are they going to pay $5.98 or $6.98 for somebody they've never heard on the radio? I mean I hate to be the one to bring this up, but I never hear anybody else admit it.... My music has always been for the non-Christians. I don't even know if you can find my albums in very many Christian bookstores. And what with all the rumors, I don't know if they'd even special-order them for people."

Actually, Word Records, the distributor for Solid Rock, was even in 1976 trying to get Christian albums into the mainstream record outlets, and would break ground in 1984 with a huge deal with A&M to distribute Word's product in secular stores.

Never one to be shy about controversy, in the same interview Norman tossed a much-needed challenge to his Christian music bretheren. "The Christian community needs to start producing top quality albums if they really expect to reach non-Christians through music," Norman said. "And they have to start writing better more cliches, no more superficial ideas; more lyrics that are totally honest...good musicianship...." A listen to today's CCM would certainly make one think that the industry eventually came around to Larry's way of thinking, with top-notch production the rule rather than the exception, and several Christian groups cracking the pop top-40 in the 1990s.

In 1978, Norman was involved in an airplane mishap that injured him and affected his ability to perform for about ten years. Three years later, his father retired from teaching and started Phydeaux Records (named for Norman's dog, pronounced Fido) as an anti-bootlegging effort. Larry Norman began touring again in the late 1980s, but the stress of constantly being on the road took its toll. In February, 1992, he had a heart attack and had to retire from touring. He was in and out of the hospital for the next three years or so. In 1995, ForeFront Records released a tribute CD called One Way: The Songs of Larry Norman, performed by many of the biggest stars of the day in Contemporary Christian Music. For the last few years of his life, Norman limited his activities outside his home base in Oregon. He died of heart failure on February 24, 2008, in his home in Salem, Oregon.

In the 1990s, Solid Rock began reissuing some of Larry Norman's huge back-catalog on CD. We have listed many of these reissues in the discography below.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SRA-2001 - In Another Land - Larry Norman [1976] The Rock That Doesn't Roll/I Love You/U.F.O./I've Searched All Around/Righteous Rocker #3/Deja Vu Medley (If God Is My Father-I Wish We'd All Been Ready-Why Don't You Look Into Jesus)/I Am A Servant//The Sun Began To Rain/Shot Down/Six Sixty Six/Diamonds/One Way/Song For A Small Circle Of Friends/Hymn To The Last Generation

SRA-2002 - Welcome to Paradise - Randy Stonehill [1976] King Of Hearts/Keep Me Runnin'/The Winner (High Card)/Lung Cancer/Puppet Strings//First Prayer/News For You/Song For Sarah/Christmas Song For All Year 'Round/Good News

SRA-2003 - View From the Bridge - Tom Howard [1977]

SRA-2004 -

SRA-2005 - The Sky Is Falling - Randy Stonehill [1980] One True Love/Bad Fruit/Jamey's Got the Blues [this song was originally on Get Me Out of Hollywood, released in the UK in 1973. That version was for a male Jamey, while this version is for a female Jamey]/Through the Glass Darkly/The Great American Cure/Venezuela/Emily/Trouble Coming/Counterfeit King/Teen King

SRA-2006 - Turning to Dust - Mark Heard [1978]

SRA-2007 - Something New Under the Son - Larry Norman [1981] Hard Luck Bad News/Feeling So Bad/I Feel Like Dying/Born To Be Unlucky/Watch What You're Doing//Leaving the Past Behind/Put Your Life Into His Hands/Larry Norman's 97th Nightmare/Let That Tape Keep Rolling

SRA-2008 - Hit the Switch - Pantano/Salisbury [1977]

SRA-2009 - Appalachian Melody - Mark Heard [1979]


SRA-2011 - Horrendous Disc - Daniel Amos [1980]

SRX-1117 - Friends On Tour - Larry Norman & Friends [1981] The Only One -Alwyn Wall & Barratt Band/Not The Way - Alwyn Wall & Barratt Band/I'm Alright Jack (Money) - Alwyn Wall & Barratt Band/Dreams On Sand - Alwyn Wall & Barratt Band//I Feel Like Dying - Larry Norman/Why Can't You Be Good - Larry Norman/A Note From Mr. God - Larry Norman/Put Your Life Into His Hands - Larry Norman/I Wish We'd All Been Ready - Larry Norman

Solid Rock shares numbering sequence with Street Level and Phydeaux, two other Larry Norman labels; Solid Rock issues have SRD- prefix, Street Level have SLD- prefix, and Phydeaux have PRD- or PRX- prefix)

SRD-005 - Only Visiting This Planet - Larry Norman [1999] Reissue of the 1972 LP [Verve V6-5092] with four bonus tracks (+). Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/The Outlaw/I've Got To Learn To Live Without You/Without Love You Are Nothing/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Six O'Clock News/The Great American Novel/Pardon Me/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Reader's Digest/Oh How I Love You/+PeacePollutionRevolution/+Righteous Rocker (rough mix)/+The Outlaw (rock remake)/+Reader's Digest (hard rock remake)

SRD-006 - So Long Ago the Garden - Larry Norman [1993] Reissue of the 1973 LP [MGM SE-4942] with three bonus tracks (+). Some of these are different versions or different mixes from the original MGM album. Fly Fly Fly/The Same Old Story/Lonely By Myself/Be Careful What You Sign/Baroquen Spirits/Christmastime/She's A Dancer/Soul Survivor/Nightmare '71/+If God Is My Father (rough mix)/+Up In Canada (1973 single)/+Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn (demo)

SRD-007 - In Another Land - Larry Norman [1993] Reissue of SRA-2001 with five bonus tracks (+). The Rock That Doesn't Roll/I Love You/U.F.O./I've Searched All Around/Righteous Rocker #3/Deja Vu Medley (If God Is My Father-I Wish We'd All Been Ready-Why Don't You Look Into Jesus)/I Am A Servant//The Sun Began To Rain/Shot Down/Six Sixty Six/Diamonds/One Way/Song For A Small Circle Of Friends/Hymn To The Last Generation/+Looking For The Footprints/+Tuning Up/+Strong Love Strange Peace/+Dreams On A Grey Afternoon/+Let That Tape Keep Rolling

SRD-007 - In Another Land - Larry Norman [1999] Reissue of SRD-007 with two additional bonus tracks (+). The Rock That Doesn't Roll/I Love You/U.F.O./I've Searched All Around/Righteous Rocker #3/Deja Vu Medley (If God Is My Father-I Wish We'd All Been Ready-Why Don't You Look Into Jesus)/I Am A Servant//The Sun Began To Rain/Shot Down/Six Sixty Six/Diamonds/One Way/Song For A Small Circle Of Friends/Hymn To The Last Generation/Looking For The Footprints/Tuning Up/Strong Love Strange Peace/Dreams On A Grey Afternoon/Let That Tape Keep Rolling/+Delta Day Jam/+Eternal Struggle

SRD-008 - Something New Under the Sun - Larry Norman [1993] Reissue of SRA-2007 with three bonus tracks (+). Hard Luck Bad News/Feeling So Bad/I Feel Like Dying/Born To Be Unlucky/Watch What You're Doing/Leaving The Past Behind/Put Your Life Into His Hands/Nightmare #97/Let The Tape Keep Rolling ('69 Bio Version)/+Twelve Good Men (demo)/+Deep Blue (rough mix)/+It's Only Today That Counts (rough mix)

SRD-016 - Stranded in Babylon - Larry Norman [1994] Oh Lydia/God Part III/Step Into The Madness/Come Away/Hide His Heart/Baby's Got The Blues/All The Way Home/Love Is A Commitment/I Will Survive/A Dangerous Place To Be/White Trash Stomp/Under The Eye/Let The Rain Fall Down

PRD-017 - Down Under (But Not Out) - Larry Norman [1996]

SLD-023 - Children of Sorrow - Larry Norman [1994]

SLD-024 - Totally Unplugged - Larry Norman [1994]

SLD-026 - A Moment in Time - Larry Norman [1994]

SLD-027 - Footprints in the Sand - Larry Norman [1994]

SRD-028 - Streams of White Light into Darkened Corners - Larry Norman [1998] Reissue of the 1977 AB album [AB-777] with two bonus tracks (+). Spirit In The Sky/Put Your Hand In The Hand/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Let It Be/My Sweet Lord/Presence Of The Lord/I Think He's Hiding/He Gives Us All His Love/Stranger In A Strange Land/Prince Of Peace/Song For Adam/Shine A Light/+The Road And Sky/+I Am Waiting

SRD-030 - White Blossoms from Black Roots - Larry Norman [1989] The Man From Galilee/Looking For The Footprints/Pardon Me/Soul On Fire/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/Righteous Rocker #1/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/The Outlaw/Lonely By Myself/It's Only Today That Counts/The Sun Began To Rain/Watch What You're Doing/Out Of My System/A Woman Of God/Living In The 20th Century

SRD-041 - White Blossoms from Black Roots - Larry Norman [1997] Revised reissue of SRD-030. The Man From Galilee (alternate rock mix)/Looking For The Footprints/Soul On Fire (alternate Street Rock mix)/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/The Outlaw (L.A. acoustic remix)/The Sun Began To Rain (Dudley Moore version)/Watch What You're Doing (extended rock mix)/Out Of My System (live dance mix)/A Woman Of God (extended rock & reggae remix)/Living In The 20th Century (nonprimitive dance mix)/Soul On Fire (Mark Heard's Ghetto Dub remix)

SRD-073 - Get Me Out of Hollywood - Randy Stonehill [2/2000]

SRD-101 - Omega Europa - Larry Norman with the Judaic Vikings [1994] Recorded live in Sweden in July, 1993. The first six tracks are solo. New Doctor/Song For A Small Circle Of Friends/Reader's Digest/One Foot Towards The Grave/Death Comes To Us All/Goodbye Farewell/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/12 Good Men/The Outlaw/UFO/God Part III/It's Only Today That Counts/Put Your Life Into His Hands/Hallelujah/Faith And Love/The Rock That Doesn't Roll

PRX-200 - In the Beginning - Larry Norman [2000]

PRX-204 - Blarney Stone - Larry Norman [2000] (2-CD set)

SRD-607 - Stop This Flight - Larry Norman [1997]

SRD-701 - The Cottage Tapes - Larry Norman [2/2000] I Don't Wanna Lose You/Blue Shoes White/What Goes Through Your Mind/Righteous Rocker/I've Searched All Around/Up In Canada/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/Song For A Small Circle Of Friends/He's The One/I Ain't Gonna Sing The Blues No More

SRD-798 - Shouting in the Storm - Larry Norman & Beam [1998] Recorded live at Flevo Totaal Festival, The Netherlands, 1998. Heaven Wants To Bless You/God Part III/Six Sixty Six/Shot Down/Let The Rain Fall Down/Sweet Song Of Salvation/Goodbye Farewell/Let It Go/Bombs/The Rock That Doesn't Roll/Jesus Freak

SRD-799 - Breathe In Breathe Out - Larry Norman [1998] (2-CD set) Recorded live. Disc 1: Friendship's End/Jesus Freak/That's When Jesus Knew/It's Alright/Let It Go (performance 1)/Love Is The Reason (performance 1)/Is God Dead (performance 1)/When You Sent Your Son; Disc 2: Goodbye Farewell (performance 1)/Snowball/Segue/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/Segue/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Like A Rolling Stone/Let It Go (performance 2)/Love Is The Reason (performance 2)/Goodbye Farewell (performance 2)/Is God Dead (performance 2)/Segue- Heterodynes

SRD-800 - Copper Wires - Larry Norman [1999] Recorded live at Larry Norman's 1997 and 1998 Internet birthday parties. I Love You [White]/In The Garden (How Could It Have Been)/Heaven Wants To Bless You/Oh Little Sister/Protect My Child/People Get Ready/Turn Turn Turn/Oil On My Lamp/I Am A Pilgrim/Sleepwalk/When He Returns/Woman Of God/Watch What You're Doing/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Feed The Poor

SRD-801 - Larry Norman - Larry Norman [2000] Reissue of 1977 Australian compilation album [Starstorm/Rhema S777-1]. I Don't Want To Lose You/Song For Pamela (Fly Fly Fly)/I've Got To Learn To Live Without You/The Same Old Story/The Great American Novel/Christmas Time/Pardon Me/Righteous Rocker #2/Be Careful What You Sign/If God Is My Father

SRD-802 - Come As a Child - Larry Norman [2000] Reissue of the 1983 acoustic live solo album [Phydeaux ARF-86]. UFO/I Hope I'll See You In Heaven/Why Can't You Be Good/Singing At The White House/The Great American Novel/Nightmare/Six Sixty Six/PeacePollutionRevolution/The Outlaw/Heaven And Hell/Strong Love Strange Peace

SRD-803 - The Israel Tapes - Larry Norman & People [2000] Live reunion concert by Larry Norman and his former group People, recorded in 1974 at UCLA. Reissue of the 1980 album [Phydeaux WOOF-999-1]. Fly Fly Fly/I Love You (1967) [People hit written by Chris White]/I Love You (1974) [new song written by Larry Norman & Randy Stonehill]/I Am The Six O'Clock News/Lonely By Myself/Baroquen Spirits/You Knew What You Were Doing (Baby Out Of Wedlock)/Forget Your Hexagram/I've Searched All Around The World/Sweet Song Of Salvation

Solid Rock Illegal Noise Series (Reissue of bootlegs):

SRD-863 - Live at the Mac - Larry Norman [1998] Reissue of a bootleg album recorded live in 1979 at the University of Oregon, with a band which includes Randy Stonehill and Terry Taylor. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/I've Searched All Around The World/Soul On Fire/Watch What You're Doing/Let The Tape Keep Rolling/UFO/The Outlaw/If God Is My Father/Song For A Small Circle Of Friends/Shot Down/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/The Rock That Doesn't Roll/Exit (Lonely By Myself)

SRD-864 - We Wish You a Larry Christmas - Larry Norman [1999]

SRD-865 - The Vineyard - Larry Norman [1999] (2-CD set) Extended version of single- CD bootleg Live at the Vineyard, an acoustic live set recorded March 21, 1998. Disc 1: Feed The Poor/UFO/Twelve Good Men/Six Sixty Six/Oh Little Sister/God Part III/The Great American Novel/I Am Is/Love Is The Reason/Let It Go/The Outlaw/If I Were A Singer/Problems With Rock And Roll/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Reader's Digest; Disc 2: Dance Before The Throne/Talking To Hannah/Watch What You're Doing/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Protect My Child/I Hope I See You In Heaven/A Few Loaves And Smelly Fish/Diamonds-One Way/Shot Down/Reaching The Beat Generation/When You Sent Your Son/No More LSD/A Note From Mr. God/Strong Love/Love On Haight Street/And We Sing The Tune/If The Bombs Fall/What Has God/Endless Life Of Dreams/Love And Heaven/I Am A Servant

SRD-866 - Rough Street Love Letter - Larry Norman [1999] (2-CD set) Reissue of Street Level, Rough Mix #3, Letter of the Law, and Labor of Love.

Benson/Solid Rock CD-02304 - Home at Last - Larry Norman [1989] Lonely Boy/My Feet Are On The Rock/Country Church Country People/Sitting In My Kitchen/Camel Through A Needle's Eye/Nightmare #49/Oh How I Love You/Queen Of The Rodeo/He Really Loves You/Here Comes The King/Letters To The Church/We Three Twogether/Somewhere Out There/Selah

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