Reunion Album Discography, Part 1
Regular Issues

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: January 31, 2003

Word Music or Word Entertainment distributed Reunion to Christian stores from Reunion's inception in 1982 until it was sold to Zomba in 1996. Between 1982 and 1984, there was no real secular distribution. In 1985, Word struck an agreement with A&M to distribute the product from all its distribution labels (including Reunion) into the secular market (i.e., in non-Christian record stores, record clubs, etc.). The agreement with A&M lasted until 1990. A&M issues used a different numbering sequence. These issues are found in Part 2 of this discography.

After the first few Reunion issues, Word changed its numbering system for its own and all distributed labels to a system of numbering useful for Christian stores. The 10-digit number was known as the SPCN (Standard Product Control Number?). The SPCN was used as a stock control number for Christian book and record stores. They took the form of "701 RRRR xyz. The prefix "701" indicates Word Records is distributor. The middle four digits ("RRRR") coorespond to the label's record number. Reunion's started its numbering sequence in 1982 with RRA 0001, and had issued three albums by the time Word changed to SPCNs. So for Reunion, the first SPCN used 0004 as the middle four digits and continued from there.

The three-digit suffix ("xyz") is as follows. The first two digits ("xy") indicated a label and series under Word's system. For Reunion's regular issues, the "xy" digits were 12=LP, 52=cassette, and 72=CD (Another Reunion series, the 6001 series, used "35" as the xy digits, and other labels of course used different xy digits). The last number ("z") is an internal sequencing number that can have any of 11 digits, running from 0 up to X (which is used for 10). They seem to be rather randomly assigned, but the z digits for the same LP, cassette, and CD issue are related.

For the "z" digit, the LP number is one higher than the cassette number. CD digits are 4 numbers higher than the LP digit (example: if xyz for an LP is 129, then the cassette xyz is 528, and the CD xyz is 722, counting 4 up from 9, or X, 0, 1, 2). We have listed the LP numbers until 1990, when we have switched to the CD numbers. Where known, the cassette and CD numbers for issues before 1991 are listed in parentheses after the song titles, with "c" indicating cassette and "d" indicating CD.

As a further complication, SPCN numbers were listed on the product in various ways, from running all ten digits together, to spacing them as we have spaced them (701 RRRR xyz), or with hyphens in various places between digits, such as 7-01-RRRRx-y-z.

Reunion abandoned the SPCN system when they were sold to Zomba Entertainment in 1996. In 2000, the music industry agreed to discontinue the use of the SPCN system in favor of Uniform Product Codes (UPCs).

In 1990, when Word's contract with A&M expired, Reunion agreed that Geffen Records would distribute the label in secular markets. Word continued the Christian distribution, as well as the SPCN numbering system. The secular issues during the Geffen contract, which had totally different catalog numbers for the same CDs, are listed in Part 2 of this discography.

In 1993, Reunion sold part of the label to BMG, and turned to RCA/BMG for secular distribution. The RCA issues are listed in Part 2 of this discography. As before, Word continued Christian distribution, as well as the SPCN system.

Reunion was sold by BMG to Zomba in 1996. At this point, the SPCN series was discontinued, as Zomba's subsidiary, Provident Music, took up distribution to Christan stores. Reunion released CDs in various Provident-controlled numbering sequences. Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album.

The early Reunion vinyl records had a label that was dark blue at the top, and gradually faded to a very light blue on the bottom; print was black. The title and artist were at the top of the label, under which was the logo "REUNION RECORDS" with back-to-back stylized "R"s between the two words.

An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have confirmation for the record number. There are several albums for which we do not have the SPCN. These are listed at the end of this page. We would appreciate any help in this area, or with any other additions or corrections. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Reunion Records or any of their distributors over the years. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (many of which are out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2001 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

THE EARLY YEARS 1982-1991 (Word/A&M Distribution):

RRA0001 - Stubborn Love - Kathy Troccoli [1982] Reissued as 701 0001 12X . You're All I Need To Get By/Hand In Hand/All I Must Do/Stubborn Love/Lord I Need You Now//There's Still Time/Once In A Lifetime Love/It's The Small Things/It's Your Love/Love Of My Life (529c/723d)

RRA0002 - The Michael W. Smith Project - Michael W. Smith [1983] Reissued as Reunion 701 0002 126. Sonata In D Major/You Need A Savior/Could He Be The Messiah/Too Many Times/Be Strong And Courageous/Looking Up//The Race Is On/First Light & Love In The Light/Friends/Great Is The Lord/Alpha Overture (525c/72Xd)

RRA0003 - Bless This House...Please - Ariel [1983] Good Morning America!/You're A Winner/Road To Happy Meadows/Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam - Margrut And The Sunbeams/One Life To Louse Up-Quality Time/Saturday Morning/The Byrds//Let's Play Cards/Suppertime/Sunday Morning Mania/Love Suffereth Long/Shhh! This Is Church! Featuring: If Your Hair's Too Long/Hold On To Your Dreams/Bedtime

RRA0004 - Michael W. Smith 2 - Michael W. Smith [1984] Reissued as Reunion 701 0004 129. A Way/I Am Sure/End of the Book/I'm Up/Glorious Grace//Musical Instruments/Restless Heart/All I Need to Say/Wings of the Wind/Hosanna (528c/722d)

RRA0005 - Heart and Soul - Kathy Troccoli [1984] Reissued as Reunion 701 0005 125. Long Distance Letter/Yes and Know/Bittersweetness/Mighty Lord/Open My Eyes/Holy, Holy/Hearts of Fire/I Belong To You/Island of Love (524c)


RRA0007 - Supply and Demand - Pam Mark Hall [1984] Reissued as Reunion 701 0007 128. (527c)

SPCN numbering system begins. Most previous albums were later reissued with SPCN numbers.

701 0008 124 - What a Way to Go - Billy Sprague [1984] (523c)

701 0009 120 - Rich Mullins - Rich Mullins [1986] A Few Good Men/A Place To Stand/Live Right/New Heart/Elijah/Nothing But A Miracle/Both Feet On The Ground/These Days/Prisoner/Save Me (52Xc/724d)

701 0010 129 - The Big Picture - Michael W. Smith [1986] Lamu/Wired for Sound/Old Enough to Know/Pursuit of the Dream/Rocketown//Voices/The Last Letter/Goin' Thru the Motions/Tearin' Down the Wall/You're Alright (528c/727d)

701 0011 12? - Talk to One Another - Brown Bannister [1986] Talk To One Another/Honesty/Love Song/Love Waits For You/Nature Of Love/Carry On/Lutte De Coeur/ I Loved You Once/Lay It All Down/Sometimes My Heart/Create In Me A Clean Heart (with Amy Grant)

701 0012 121 - Things Break - Elim Hall Hypothermia/Erosion/The Park In Spring/At The Falls/Things Break/Testimony/Moved/others (520c/725d)

701 0013 128 - Vision - Chris Eaton [1986] Vision/Don't Underestimate My Love/When My Heart Breaks/Golden Rule/Hold Back The Tears//Love For The Common Man/Talk To Me/This Is For Real/Don't Play Games/It Was Love (572c/721d)

701 0014 124 - Images - Kathy Troccoli [1986] Ready and Willing/Talk It Out/Dream On/Don't Wanna See You Down/Chance Of A Lifetime/Love Stays/No Time For Love/If Only/Gotta Keep Dancin' (523c/728d)

701 0015 120 - Serious Fun - Billy Sprague [1986] A Heart Like Mine/Better Days/Centered On You/Invisible Hand/Love Has No Eyes/Out Of The Blue/Phantom Living/Rock The Planet/YMISIM (52Xc)

701 0016 127 - Keeper - Pam Mark Hall [1986] (526c/720d)

710 0017 123 - Conversations - Michael Omartian [1987] Homelands/The Soldier/The Time Is Now/Festival Of The Dance//Right From The Start/The Desert/The Call/The Rest (522c/727d)

701 0018 12X - Blue - Prism [1987] Jesus Loves Me/This Little Light Of Mine/This Is The Day/Heads Or Tails/Stand Up/Wise Man/Selah/Jesus Loves The Little Children/My Prayer/Into My Heart (529c/723d)

701 0019 126 - Pictures in the Sky - Rich Mullins [1987] Verge Of A Miracle/Pictures In the Sky/When You Love/It Don't Do/Be With You/Screen Door/What Trouble Are Giants?/Steal At Any Price/Could Be A Celebration/Love That Knows No Bounds (525c/72X)

701 0020 12?

701 0021 12?

701 0022 127 - RRRock It Right - Michael Peace [1987] Reissued as REND-24357. Heart Trouble/Rock Your World/ J-E-S-U-S/Wise Up/RRRock It Right/Automatic Witness/No Solution/In The Ghetto/Rappin' It Up/J-E-S-U-S (instrumental version)

701 0023 123 - Yellow - Prism [1987] Pass It On/Have You Seen Jesus My Lord/Sweet Sweet Spirit/A Common Love/Sing And Be Happy/Anywhere With Jesus/I've Got The Joy Joy Joy (Down In My Heart)/Gizmo/Friends '88/We Shall Always Be With The Lord (522c/727d)

701 0024 12X - Sanctified - Awakening [1987] Two Worlds/Only Way/You Can't Hide/All You Need To Know/My Only Hope/ Distant Light/Turn Them Away/Fireside (529c)

701 0025 126 - Portfolio - Kathy Troccoli [1987] Holy, Holy/I Belong To You/Long Distance Letter/Once In A Lifetime Love/If Only/Mighty Lord/Talk It Out/Dream On/All I Must Do/Stubborn Love (525c)

701 0026 122 - The Live Set - Michael W. Smith [1987] Nothin' But the Blood/Lamu/You're Alright/Could He Be the Messiah/Rocketown/Emily//I Know/Friends/Old Enough to Know/Pursuit of the Dream/Be Strong & Courageous/You Need a Saviour (521c/726d)

701 0027 129 - Living in the Vertical - Renee Garcia [1987] More Than Fascination/Running From A Legacy/I See Love/Deepest Love/Living In The Vertical/I've Got My Eye On You/The Bounce/Imagination/I Want To Be Used For You (528c/722d)

701 0028 145 - Everyday Man - Gary Chapman [1987] Everyday Man/When We're Together/Love History/Breakin' Hearts/Love Like Blood/Around The World/The Hurt Is Worth The Chance/Love That Girl/Cecil(Life Goes On)/Your Love Stays With Me (524c)

701 0029 121 - Kim Hill - Kim Hill [1988] Black Shirts/Crossroads/Refuge/Faithful/Psalm 1/Change Your Heart/Rich man Poor man/Unspoken Love/Be Still And Know (520c/725d)

701 0030 12X - Can't Stand Too Tall - Rick Cua [1988] Hard Times/Can't Stand Too Tall/Tunnel Vision/For The Love Of God/Reckless Faith/Crash The Party/We Are All The Same/Shakedown/Forever Yours (529c)

701 0031 126 - La Vie - Billy Sprague [1988] (525c/72Xd)

*701 0032 12? - Take 6 - Take 6 [1988] Concurrently issued on Reprise records. Gold Mine/Spread Love/If We Never Needed The Lord Before (We Sure Do Need Him Now)/A Quiet Place/Mary/David And Goliath/Get Away, Jordan/He Never Sleeps/Milky-White Way/Let The Words

701 0033 129 - Red - Prism [1988] (528c/722d)

701 0034 125 - Rappin' Bold - Michael Peace [1988] I'm Fed Up/Old Style/That's Right/Solid Rock Crew/It's Wrong!/On The Throne/Christian Girl/Break The Chain/My Favorite Rap/I'm Fed Up (track only) (524c)

701 0035 121 - Into Thy Hands - Awakening [1988] (520c/725d)

701 0036 128 - Winds of Heaven...Stuff of Earth - Rich Mullins [1988] The Other Side Of The World/With The Wonder/Awesome God/If I Stand/Home/Such A Thing As Glory/And I Love You, .../Ready For The Storm/One True Lov/How Can I Keep Myself From Singing (527c/721d)

701 0037 124 - i2(eye) - Michael W. Smith [1988] Hand of Providence/Secret Ambition/On the Other Side/All You're Missin' is a Heartache/I Miss the Way/Live and Learn/I Hear Leesha/Help You Find Your Way/Ashton/The Throne/Pray for Me (523c/728d)

701 0038 12? - Green - Prism [1988] (728d)

701 0039 127 - A Different World - Renee Garcia [1988] A Different World,/Rockin' The House/Victim Of Circumstance/Don't Throw It All Away/Perfection //Jersulem/You Don't Need It/Live On/If I Have To/I Will Never Leave You (526c/720d)

701 0040 12? (see section on unknown SPCNs at bottom of this page)

701 0041 12? (see section on unknown SPCNs at bottom of this page)

701 0042 128 - I Wish - Billy Sprague [1989] A Heart Like Mine/Heavenly Father/How Could You Say No?/I Call It Love/I Wish/La Vie/Love Has No Eyes/Rock The Planet/What A Way To Go/What Goes Around (Comes Around) (527c/721d)

701 0043 124 - Recess - Recess [1989] Are We Wasting Time?/Back Off/Born Again And I Love It/Choices/Dead Ain't Always Six Feet Under/Don't Keep It Inside/Nothin' I Wouldn't Do/Reckless/Search Me/Time Out (523c/728d)

701 0044 120 - Intervention - Lavine Hudson [1989] Can't You See?/Celebrate Salvation/Create In Me/Does Jesus Care/Flesh Of My Flesh/Home/Intervention/Learning How To Love/Material World/Prodigal Boy (52Xc/724d)

701 0045 127 - Midnight Sun - Rick Cua [1989] Streetwise/I Can I Will/Young Boy Young Girl [with Margaret Becker]/I'll Be Satisfied/Dedicated/Somethin` You Go/No Man Will Know/Plenty Of Love/Tear Down The Walls/The Lost Can Still Be Found (526c/720d)

701 0046 123 - Like a River - Morgan Cryar [1989] Holy Hand/Stand Up And Shout/I Can Feel His Love/Name Above All Names/Reason Enough//World To Turn/The Voice Of Experience/I'm Still Dangerous/Dust Man/Yes, Yes (522c/727d)

701 0047 12X - The Hits - Prism [1989] (529c/723d)

701 0048 12?

701 0049 122 - Talk About Life - Kim Hill [1989] Inside Of You/Stop, Watch And Listen/Secret Place/Snake In The Grass/Let's Talk About Life/Closer To A Broken Heart/Turning/Testimony/Charm Is Deceitful (521c/726d)

701 0050 120 - Vigilante of Hope - Michael Peace [1989] The Intro/Solid Rock/I'll See You There/Livin' On The Edge/Perpetrators/Do You Wanna Get Paid/Reality/Vigilante Of The Rhyme/Don't Tell Me/How It All Started (52Xc/724d)

701 0051 127 - Sparks - (Greg & Rebecca) Sparks [1989] Angels Of Mercy/Day Like Today/High Tower/I Need Your Love/One Small Voice/Rest/Rock Your World/Somebody's Reaching/Through Hell And High H2O/U Tell Me (526c/720d)

701 0052 123 - Michael W. Smith Christmas - Michael W. Smith [1989] Overture-O Come All Ye Faithful/Lux Venit (The Light Comes)/Anthem for Christmas/First Snowfall/Christ the Messiah/No Eye Had Seen/All is Well/Memoirs: A Trilogy: The Voice-Good King Wencelas-Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Gloria/Silent Night (522c/727d)

701 0053 12X - Never Picture Perfect - Rich Mullins [1989] I Will Sing/Hope To Carry On/While The Nations Rage/First Family/Alrightokuhhuhamen/Higher Education And The Book Of Love/Bound To Come Some Trouble/The Love Of God/My One Thing/Somewhere/The Love Of God (reprise) (529c/723d)

701 0054 12? (see section on unknown SPCNs at bottom of this page)

701 0055 12? - Discipline of the Groove - Recess [1990] Discipline Of The Groove/In That Number/That's The Way He Planned It/Hands That Made The World/My Own Way/ Last Call/Fun Tonight/Deceive And Destroy/Don't Run Away/I Found Love

THE GEFFEN YEARS 1990-1992 (Word/Geffen Distribution): Note: CD prefixes are used from this point.

701 0056 722 - Kingdom Upside Down - Morgan Cryar [1990] Give Up The Ghost/I Ain't Got Nothin'/Father/Church Bells/See You On The Other Side/Kingdom Upside Down/We Call It Love/Think About God/Heavy On My Heart/Stay With The One You Love (528c)

701 0057 729 - Children of the Western World - Steve Grace [1990] Land Of The Rock/Big Dreams/Song For Kerrie/Life And Times/Edward Kelly/Children Of The Western World /To The Dealer/Lessons Of The Heart/Australian Country Towns/Prodigal Son/Solid Rock (524c)

701 0058 725 - Loud and Clear - Michael Peace [1990] Ad Lib/Rrrock It Right (Let`s Get Busy)/ J-E-S-U-S/Vigilante Of Rhyme/I'll See You There/Solid Rock/That's Right/He's The Baddest/Livin' On The Edge/(The New) Solid Rock Crew/On The Throne/Rock Your World (520c)

701 0059 721 - Through Flood and Fire - (Greg & Rebecca) Sparks [1991] I Can't Dance/I Will Die (For You)/Jesus Recues Me/Joshua's Song/Living A Legacy/The World/They'll Know We Are Christians/Things Will Be Different/Whisper Your Love/Work For Love/You Can Count On Me (527c)

701 0060 72X - Within Reach - Rick Cua [1991] Message Of Love/Heaven Won't Stop The Rain/Somewhere Tonight/Stand Your Ground/Fifteen/Power Of The Lord/Big Gun/Keeper Of My Soul/Do It/Diamond Girl (525c)

701 0061 726 - Ultimate Underlying No Denying Motivation - Wes King [1990] Power In The Name/Motivation/Break Away/Don't Say I Love You Too Soon/Save Me/ Holy Ghost/Rain On My Windshield/Your Voice/Getting Used To The Darkness/That's Love (521c)

701 0062 722 - The Colors of Your Love - Archers [1991] All Things/I Love You Lord/All Because You Love Me/Colors of Your Love/Run to You//Music (All Around the World)/Back on Track/Be Our Guest/Beneath Your Blood/We Need Each Other (528c)

701 0063 729 - Go West Young Man - Michael W. Smith [1990] Go West Young Man/Love Crusade/Place In This World/For You/How Long Will Be Too Long//Seed To Sow/Cross My Heart/Emily/Agnus Dei/1990- (525c)

701 0064 725 - The Hits! - McGhee & Me [1990] McGee & Me (Main Title)/Stand Up/You'll Never Be Alone/A Star In The Breaking/Hold On/Do The Bright Thing/It's Gonna Stay Right There In Your Heart/Love Never Dies/A New Attitude/Hop Top Breakdown (520c)

701 0065 721 - Brave Heart - Kim Hill [1991] Satisfied/Words/Up In The Sky/Mysterious Ways/Round And Round/Stop My Heart/She'll Come Around/Don't Face The World Alone/In My Life/I Will Wait/(untitled hidden track) (527c)

701 0066 728 - The World as Best I Remember It, Vol. 1 - Rich Mullins [1991] Step By Step/Boy Like Me-Man Like You/Where You Are/J Cob And 2 Women/The Owling/Calling Out Your Name/Who God Is Gonna Use/The River/I See You/Step By Step (reprise) (523c)

701 0067 724 - Mike E and the G-Rap Crew - Mike E [1991] (52Xc)

701 0068 720 - Hoi Polloi - Hoi Polloi [1992] Rest Tonite/Satisfy/The Other Name/Come To Me/Surrender To Love/Justify Me/Rain/Old Familiar/Love Without Mercy (526c)

701 0069 727 - Sticks and Stones - Wes King [1991] Sticks And Stones/Persuasions/Home Inside Of Me/Joseph's Troubles/By His Wounds/Life On The Vine/In Time/Silently Going Under/Since I Was A Kid/Another Man/Breath Of God (522c)

701 0070 725 - Pure Attraction - Kathy Troccoli [1991] Everything Changes/Help Myself to You/ Love Has Found Me Here/You've Got a Way/You're Still Here//Love Was Never Meant to Die/Hard Days/Can't Get You out of My Heart/Only Love Can Know/You and I (520c)

701 0071 721 - Change Your World - Michael W. Smith [1992] Also issued as Geffen 24453. Picture Perfect/Love One Another/I Will Be Here for You/Color Blind/Somewhere Somehow (duet with Amy Grant)/Cross of Gold/Out of This World/Somebody Love Me/Give It Away/I Wanna Tell the World/Friends (527c)

701 0072 728 - The World as Best I Remember It, Vol. 2 - Rich Mullins [1992] Hello Old Friends/Sometimes By Step/Everyman/The Just Shall Live/Waiting/To Tell Them/The Maker Of Noses/What Susan Said/Growing Young/All The Way My Savior Leads Me/Sometimes By Step (reprise) (523c)

701 0073 72?

*701 0074 72? - Good News for the Bad Timez - Mike-e [1992] Good News For The Bad Timez/Rap & Read/Real Deal/King Of Swing/Hell? No!//I'll Do Anything/The Future/Coolin' It/The Party/Free

701 0075 727 - The Way Love Is - Rick Cua [1992] What If/Can't Make Me Stop/Better Than I Ever/When Love Comes Home/Walk On Through The Fire/No Other Love/I Would've Waited Forever/I Believe/Make Time For Love/Loving You Has Made It Right (522c)

701 0076 72? - Shoulder to the Wind - Michael James [1992] Hand to the Plow/If I Fall/Slow Down/I Don't Condemn You/That's What a Brother Is For//Throne of Grace/In the Wilderness/I'm the Lucky One/Field of Love/Deep Is Our Hunger

THE RCA YEARS - 1993-1995 (Word/BMG Distribution):

Note: From this point, only CD numbers are given.

701 0077 72X - Whirlpool EP - Prayer Chain [1993] This is a CD-5. Mercy/Some Love/Shine/I Believe/Follow Me/Whirlpool

701 0078 726 - The Robe - Wes King [1993] I Believe/Second String/The Robe/Martin Luther/Carolyn/Optional Thing/Move To The Moon/Blame It On Me/John/Holy

701 0079 722 - So Far So Good - Kim Hill [1994] Janie's Gone Fishin'/Is There Any Love Left/So Far, So Good/Can't Remember To Forget About You/Wise Beyond Her Tears/Walk Me To The Front Door/Natural Thing/Did I Hear You Say (bonus track)/Blue Without You/When We're Home

701 0080 720 - Shawl - Prayer Chain [1993] Crawl/Dig Dug/Fifty-Eight/Like I Was/The Hollow/Never Enough/Wrounde/Grin/Big Wheel/Pure/Worm/Psycho Flange/(untitled hidden track)

710 0081 727 - A Bus Named Desire - Ashley Cleveland [1993] End Of A Long Goodbye/Skin Tight/Feel Like Falling (with Pam Tillis)/Henry Doesn't Care/I'm Not Made That Way/Better You Get Ready/Water (with Marshall Chapman)/A Bus Named Desire/Trust/The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

701 0082 723 - Spin Me - Hoi Polloi [1993] Dance/Love Shine Down/Back To Zero/Angel/Show Me/Lie In The Temple/Love For A Living/Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is A Season)/Spin Me/Take Me Home

701 0083 72X - Songs from the Loft - Various Artists [1993] What We've Come Here For - Michael W. Smith/I Got The Want To - Donna McElroy/Seek First - Susan Ashton/Joy! - Wes King/Where Do I Go - Ashley Cleveland & Gary Chapman/Salt & Light - Amy Delaine/How Do You Know - Kim Hill/We Come to Praise - Michael James/We Believe In God - Amy Grant/Hope Set High - Gary Chapman/Hey Now - Amy Grant (525c)

701 0084 726 - The Light Inside - Gary Chapman [1994] Concurrently issued on Reunion 08068-82844-2. Where Are The Broken Hearts/Sweet Glow Of Mercy/Give Me Tomorrow/Floodgates Of Love/Love Will Be Our Anchor/Finally/Heal Me/Razor's Edge (with Amy Grant)/Treasure/We Can/Make It Right Tonight/Sweet Jesus

*701 0085 72? - Crossfire: A Contemporary Christian Collection - Various Artists [1993] Concurrently issued as Reunion 07863-66271-2. Everything Changes - Kathy Troccoli/Place In This World - Michael W. Smith/Mysterious Ways - Kim Hill/I'll Do Anything - Mike-E/Shine - The Prayer Chain/Secret Ambition - Michael W. Smith/Rest Tonite - Hoi Polloi/That's What A Brother Is For - Michael James/TheRobe - Wes KingSometimes By Step - Rich Mullins

701 0086 729 - The First Decade - Michael W. Smith [1993] Do You Dream Of Me/Kentucky Rose/Picture Perfect/I Will Be Here For You/Give It Away/Place In This World/Go West Young Man/Pray For Me/Secret Ambition/Emily/Old Enough To Know/Rocketown/I Am Sure/Friends/Great Is The Lord

701 0087 725 - A Liturgy, A Legacy, and A Ragamuffin Band - Rich Mullins [1993] Here In America/52:10/The Color Green/Hold Me Jesus/Creed/Peace (A Communion Blessing From St. Joseph's Square)/78 Eatonwood Green/Hard/I'll Carry On/You Gotta Get Up (Christmas Song)/How To Grow Up Big And Strong/Land Of My Sojourn

701 0088 721 - Closer to the Fire - Michael James [1994] Love Will/It Wasn't His Child/Family Tree/Closer to the Fire/The Kite/Roll Back Again/The Light You Shine On Me/Handful Of Dust/Weather The Storm/Grant Me The Grace

701 0089 728 - My Place Is with You - Clay Crosse [1994] My Place Is With You/Give Him Roots/Your Love Is Working In My Life/I Call Your Name/I Surrender All/Where Angels Dare/One Heart (with Kathy Troccoli)/Love In The Right Hands/If That's What It Takes/Midnight Cry

701 0090 726 - Kathy Troccoli - Kathy Troccoli [1994] Concurrently issued as RCA 07863-66367-2. Just You/Tell Me Where It Hurts/If I'm Not in Love/I'll Be There (For You)/All of My Life/Takin' a Chance/Missions of Love/Never My Love/Fallin'My Life Is in Your Hands

701 0091 72?

701 0092 729 - Testimony - Kim Hill [1994] Concurrently issued as Reunion 08068- 83334-2. Psalm 1/Refuge/Faithful/Secret Place/Testimony/Snake In The Grass/Charm Is Deceitful/Satisfied/Mysterious Ways/Unspoken Love

701 0093 725 - Come Join the Living World - Brent Bourgeois [1994] One Love/A Little More Like Jesus/All Is Well/Total Surrender/Restored/Perfect Harmony/Blessed Be The Name/Let His Love Into Your Heart/God Is Not Dead/Come Home To Me (520c)

701 0094 721 - Supersonic Dream Day - Ian Eskelin [1994] Let It Take You/Come To Me/To Be Free/Supersonic Dream Day/The Way/Get Live, Get Loud/My Favorite Emotion/Under The Veil/Start Moving/Everybody (Take Control)

701 0095 72?

701 0096 72?

701 0097 720 - Get Up - Oslo Gospel Choir [1995] Real Love/Heaven/It's Just A Matter Of Time/High And Mighty/Your Word/Jesus Is Lord/Sweet Jesus/Get Up/You Don't Know Like I Know/He Will Never Stop Loving Me/He Won't Pass You By

701 0098 727 - Lesson of Love - Ashley Cleveland [1995] Lesson Of Love/He Is/Revive Us Again/There's A Light/Power In The Blood/Mighty Lord/You Are There/Enter His Courts/Holy, Holy, Holy/I Know Who I Am

Note: Rode Dog was a small label specializing in "alternative rock" Christian music. Their logo was a chihauha with a saddle. They had Reunion manufacture and distribute the following two CDs.

Rode Dog 701 0099 723 - Mercury - Prayer Chain [1995] Humb/Waterdogs/Grylliade/Creole/Sky High/Mercury/Shiver/Manta Rae/Bendy Line/Sun Stoned

Rode Dog 701 0100 721 - 12 Before 9 - Throes [1995] So Controversial/Circles of the Wheel/It Bothers Me/Mess With Me/Words/12 Before 9/Confidence Man/Reckless Feeling/We'll Breathe/Stunned/So Controversial (reprise)/Bye-Bye/(3 untitled hidden tracks)

701 0101 728 - I Can Hear You - Carolyn Arends [1995] Concurrently released as Reunion 08068-83737-2. 49248. This Is The Stuff/I Can Hear You/Seize The Day/Altar Of Ego/Love Is Always There/Reaching/The Power Of Love/You Take My Soul By Storm/What I Wouldn't Give/Home Fires Burning/All Is Well (523c)

701 0102 72? - Where Love Runs Deep - Michael James [1995] I Hear a Call/One of These Days/Love Waits/Where Love Runs Deep/Above All Else/In the Midst of Your Love/Power of Forgiveness/Promise to Keep/With Every Turn of the World/My Heart Knows It's Way Home

701 0103 720 - Common Creed - Wes King [1995] Common Creed/Life Is Precious/The Love Of Christ/Mercy/Fisher Of Men/Lazarus/Hold On/Salt Of The Earth/He's The One/Tremble (526c)

701 0104 727 - Time to Believe - Clay Crosse [1995] His Love's Comin' Over Me/Time To Believe/His Love Is Strong/I Found Myself In You/I Turn To You/Givin' My Love/The Rock (That Was Rolled Away)/Love From The Sweetest Cup/Just Like He Said He Would/God Is Love

701 0105 723 - Church of Rhythm - Church of Rhythm [1995] Concurrently released as Reunion 08068-83934-2. Take Back The Beat/Free/ I Found Love/Who's Got Your Back/Colors/I Still Believe/Purity/Set Me Free/Change Of Mind/ It Is Well With My Soul

701 0106 72X - I'll Lead You Home - Michael W. Smith [1995] Concurrently released as Reunion 08068-83953-2. 49253 Cry For Love/Breakdown (with audio clips of Dr. Martin Luther King)/As It Is In Heaven/Straight To The Heart/Someday/I'll Be Around/I'll Lead You Home/The Other Side Of Me/Breathe In Me/Angels Unaware/Calling Heaven/A Little Stronger Everyday/Crown Him With Many Crowns (with Anointed)/I'm Waiting For You

701 0107 72? - Brother's Keeper - Rich Mullins [1995] Brother's Keeper/Let Mercy Lead/Hatching Of A Heart/Promenade/Wounds Of Love/Damascus Road/Song For Eli/Cry The Name/The Breaks/Quoting Deuteronomy To The Devil

701 0108 722 - The Light of Home - Joanna Carlson [1995] The Road Of Grace/Miracle/Never Dance Alone/The Light Of Home/Heaven To Me/The Open Door/Belong To Me/Looking At You/Wholly Yours/I Will Remember

THE ARISTA RELEASES - 1996 (Word/BMG Distribution):

Note: BMG shifted Reunion from its RCA label to its Arista label for secular distribution in 1996.

701 0109 729 - Shelter - Gary Chapman [1996] Also issued as Arista 60234-16200-2 Great Is Thy Faithfulness/Written In The Scars/Anything's Possible/One Of Two/Don't Be A Stranger/If You Ever Need Me/Back Where I Started/Nothing Wrong With You/Man After Your Own Heart/Chains Of Clay/Soldiers Of The Soul/Gospel Ship

701 0110 72? - Sounds of Heaven - Kathy Troccoli [1996] I Will Choose Christ/That's How Much I Love You/Go Light Your World/Sounds of Heaven/Hallelujahs//I'm Gonna Fight for You/Each Moment/Fill My Heart/May I Be His Love/Missing You

701 0111 72? (see section on unknown SPCNs at bottom of this page)

701 0112 72X - Music You Can Believe In - Various Artists [1995] Concurrently issued as Reunion 08068-83995-2. His Love Is Strong - Clay Crosse/Fisher Of Men - Wes King/Perfect Harmony - Brent Bourgeois/I Still Believe - Church Of Rhythm/Seize The Day - Carolyn Arends/I'll Lead You Home - Michael W. Smith (LP version)/He Is - Ashley Cleveland/Love Waits - Michael James/Come To Me - Ian (Eskelin)/Brother's Keeper - Rich Mullins

701 0113 72? (see section on unknown SPCNs at bottom of this page)

701 0114 72? (see section on unknown SPCNs at bottom of this page)

701 0115 729 - Music You Can Believe In, Volume II - Various Artists [1996] Concurrently issued as Arista 60234-16021-2. I'll Be Around - Michael W. Smith/The Power Of Love - Carolyn Arends/Consuming Fire - Third Day/Life Is Precious - Wes King/Anything's Possible - Gary Chapman/Belong To Me - Joanna Carlson/Hallelujahs - Kathy Troccolli/Time To Believe - Clay Crosse/Gotta Have Love - Susan Shurtz/Free - Church Of Rhythm/Damascus Road - Rich Mullins/Revive Us Again - Ashley Cleveland

701 0116 725 - Songs - Rich Mullins [1996] Concurrently issued as Arista 60234-16205- 2. Sing Your Praise To The Lord/Awesome God/Sometimes By Step/Creed/We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are/If I Stand/Screen Door/Let Mercy Lead/Elijah/Calling Out Your Name/My One Thing/Boy Like Me Man Like You/Alrightokuhhuhamen/While The Nations Rage/Verge Of A Miracle/Hold Me Jesus

701 0117 721 - Third Day - Third Day [1996] Nothin' At All/Forever/Mama/Love Song/Blackbird/Thief/Consuming Fire/Did You Mean It/Holy Spirit/Livin' For Jesus/Take My Life/Praise Song

Reunion 6001 series:

701 6001 350 - The Friends Medley - Michael W. Smith & Kathy Troccoli [1985] Issued in vinyl only. Medley: Friends Intro/Stubborn Love-I'm Up-Long Distance Letter-You Need A Savior-Once In A Lifetime Love-Be Strong and Courageous-Holy, Holy-I Am Sure-Friends - Michael W. Smith & Kathy Troccoli//A Way - Michael W. Smith/Long Distance Letter - Kathy Troccoli

THE ZOMBA/PROVIDENT YEARS - 1996- (Zomba/Provident Distribution)

Reunion/Silvertone 01241-41600 Series:

01241-41607-2 - Third Day - Third Day [1996] Reissue of Arista 60234-16203-2

01241-41615-2 - Conspiracy No. 5 - Third Day [1997] Peace/You Make Me Mad/How's Your Head/Alien/I Deserve?/Have Mercy/My Hope Is You/More To This/This Song Was Meant For You/Who I Am/Give Me A Reason/Gomer's Theme/Your Love Endures

Reunion/Essential 83061-0000 series:

83061-0029-2 - Feel Free - Carolyn Arends [1997] (CD10000) Do What You Do/New Year's Day/Feel Free/There You Are/This I Know/Big Deal/Last Thursday (Call Me Crazy)/Do We Dare/Good Thing Going/Father, Thy Will Be Done

83061-0???-2 - All Star United - All Star United [1997] (CD10001) Angels/Beautiful Thing/Bright Red Carpet/Drive/La La Land/Lullaby/Savior Of My Universe/Smash Hit/Tenderness/Torn

83061-0173-2 - Alien - Third Day [1997] CD single.

83061-0245-2 - Love and Mercy - Kathy Troccoli [1997] (CD10003) Reissue of RCA 07863-66367-2. I Call Him Love/Water Into Wine/Love One Another/How Would I Know/A Baby's Prayer/He'll Never Leave Me/All Glory To God/Faithful To Me/Call Out To Me/Help Me God

83061-00261-2 - Stained Glass - Clay Crosse [1997] (CD10005) It Must Have Been Your Hands/Something's Missin'/He Walked A Mile/Saving The World/Stained Glass Window/Sold Out Believer/Consider The Choices/He Ain't Heavy/Love One Another Right/Wicked/When All That's Left Is To Believe

83061-0263-2 - Live the Life - Michael W. Smith [1998] (CD10007) Missing Person/Love Me Good/Live The Life/Never Been Unloved/I Believe In You Now/Don't Give Up/Let Me Show You The Way/I Know Your Name/Matter Of Time/In My Arms Again/Song For Rich/Hello, Good-Bye

83061-0274-2 - This Gift - Gary Chapman [1997] (CD10013) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/ I'll Be Home For Christmas/The Christmas Song/This Gift/Silent Night/Mary, Did You Know/Holy Night/Part Of Heaven/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

83061-0275-2 - Family Reunion - Various Artists [1997] (2-CD set) (CD10014) Disc 1: Friends - Michael W. Smith/Stubborn Love - Kathy Troccoli/Heavenly Father - Billy Sprague/Awesome God - Rich Mullins/Psalm 1 - Kim Hill/Treasure - Gary Chapman/Sparrow Watcher - Pam Mark Hall/Talk To One Another - Brown Bannister/Homelands - Michael Omartian/It Was Love - Chris Eaton/Father - Morgan Cryar/Perfection - Renee Garcia/Young Boy Young Girl - Rick Cua/Pass It On - Prism/Secret Ambition - Michael W. Smith; Disc 2: Place In This World - Michael W. Smith/Creed - Rich Mullins/Everything Changes - Kathy Troccoli/Sweet Glow Of Mercy - Gary Chapman/The Robe - Wes King/Seize The day - Carolyn Arends/Savior Of My Universe - All Star United/Consuming Fire - Third Day/Never Enough - Prayer Chain/Housin' - Mike E./I Still Believe (remix) - Church Of Rhythm/Lesson Of ove - Ashley Cleveland/Where Do I Go - Gary Chapman & Ashley Cleveland/Love Waits - Michael James/I Surrender All - Clay Crosse

83061-0428-2 - Fight of My Life - Insyderz [1999]

83061-0512-2 - A Story to Tell - Larnelle Harris [2000] A Story To Tell- I Love To Tell The Story/All Creatures Medley: Oh For A Thousand Tongues To Sing-All Creatures Of Our God And King-O Worship The King/Every Time I Feel The Spirit-Through It All/This Is My Father's World-The Wonder Of It All-How Great Thou Art/I Know Who Holds Tomorrow/Just A Little Talk With Jesus/He Gives Joy/You'll Never Walk Alone-I Believe/Invitation Medley: Softly & Tenderly-Just As I Am-I Surrender All/Gaither Medley: He Touched Me-Something Beautiful-Because He Lives/Get All Excited/Worship Medley: Were You There-Jesus Paid It All-My Tribute-Bless His Holy Name

83061-0525-2 - Carried Along - Andrew Peterson [2000] All The Way Home/The Chasing Song/Faith To Be Strong/Nothing To Say/Love Enough/The Coral Castle/Shiloh/Come, Lord Jesus/Rise And Shine/The Ninety And Nine

83061-0528-2 - Time - Third Day [1999] I Have Always Loved You/Believe/Took My Place/Never Bow Down/Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36)/Don't Say Goodbye/What Good/Can't Take The Pain/Sky Falls Down/Give

83061-0529-2 - Found a Place - FFH [2000] When I Praise/Found A Place/Why Do I/Lord Move, Or Move Me/Daniel/Your Love Is Life To Me/Because Of Who You Are/Be My Glory/I'm Not Afraid To Love You/It's Been A Long Time/Every Now And Then

83061-0555-2 - 7th Avenue - KJ-52 [2000] The Greatest M.C. (intro)/1,2,3 (featuring Yankee Man)/Keep It Moving (featuring Knowdaverbs)/The Hardway/Keep Ya Head Up (featuring Amani)/Melvin's Not Here (skit)/Do What I Do/The Greatest M.C. (continued)/We Rock The Mic/Cipha All Stars (featuring Supplanta/Imagine/Golden Child/Urban Disciple)/It's The S.O.I. (featuring Deuce & Phanatik of The Cross Movement)/Mickey Cakes (skit)/ Integrity (featuring Bonafide of GRITS)/This Is Love (featuring Amani)/They Know Not (featuring Passion/L.P.)/The Greatest M.C. (outro)

83061-0670-2 - Offerings: A Worship Album - Third Day [2000] King Of Glory/These Thousand Hills/Your Love Oh Lord (live)/Agnus Dei-Worthy (live)/Saved/My Hope Is You (live)/You're Everywhere/Thief (live)/Consuming Fire (live)/All The Heavens/Love Song (live)

Reunion 02341-0000 Series:

02341-0002-2 - Freedom - Michael W. Smith [2000] Freedom/The Offering/Carol Ann/The Giving/Hibernia/Letter To Sarah/Freedom Battle/Cry Of The Heart/Prayer For Taylor/The Call/Thy Word/Free Man

02341-0003-2 - Outside - Gary Chapman [1997] CD10003 Nothing Without You/I Will Wait/Daddy Cut My Hair/Outside/Hold On/I Love You, I Do, You Bet/Let Evening Come/As Good As Good-bye Gets/Learning To Love/Way You've Shown Me How

02341-0004-2 - As Much as I Understand - Carolyn Arends [1999] CD10004 Happy/Life Is Long/Go With God/Life And Death/The Day Will Never Come/Surprised By Joy/Even The Wallflowers/One Syllable Words/In Between/Love You Out Loud/In Good Hands/We've Been Waiting For You

02341-0005-2 - International Anthems for the Human Race - All Star United [1998] Reunion/Essential label. Big Rock Show/Popular Americans/International Anthem/Thank You, Goodnight/If We Were Lovers/Worldwide Socialites Unite/I Need You Now/Theme From Summer/Everything Will Be Alright/Superstar/Put Your Arms Around Me

02341-0006-2 - Conspiracy No. 5 - Third Day [1997] CD10006. Peace/You Make Me Mad/How's Your Head/Alien/I Deserve?/Have Mercy/My Hope Is You/More To This/This Song Was Meant For You/Who I Am/Give Me A Reason/Gomer's Theme/Your Love Endures

02341-0007-2 - Corner of Eden - Kathy Troccoli [1998] A Different Road/At Your Mercy/He Will Make A Way/Psalm Twenty-Three/Goodbye For Now/We Will Know Love/Fill Me Up/Corner Of Eden/When I Look At You/Take Me With You

02341-0008-2 - I Surrender All - Clay Crosse [1999] I Will Follow Christ (with BeBe Winans & Bob Carlisle)/When In Rome/I Surrender All/He Walked A Mile/His Love Is Strong/The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power/I Call Your Name/The Rock/Saving The World/His Love's Comin' Over Me/My Place Is With You/Time To Believe/Midnight Cry

02341-0009-2 - Awesome God: A Tribute to Rich Mullins - Various Artists [1998] Awesome God - Michael W. Smith/Jacob And 2 Women - Carolyn Arends/Verge Of A Miracle - Billy Crockett/Hold Me Jesus - Amy Grant/Calling Out Your Name - Chris Rice/Elijah - Gary Chapman/If I Stand - Jars Of Clay/Place To Stand, A - Billy Sprague/Save Me - Kevin Max/I See You - Ashley Cleveland/Step By Step - Caedmon's Call

02341-0015-2 - Christmastime - Michael W. Smith [1998] The Happiest Christmas/Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells/Christmastime/Welcome To Our World/Hope Of Israel/Sing We Now Of Christmas-O Come O Come Emmanuel/O Christmas Tree/Christmas Waltz (with Sandi Patty)/We Three Kings/Away In A Manger-Child In The Manger/Carols Sing/I Saw Three Ships- Joy To The World

02341-0022-2 - Left Behind (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [2000] Never Been Unloved - Michael W. Smith/I Believe In You - Joy Williams/Sky Falls Down - Third Day/I Need A Miracle - Plus One/Hide My Soul - Avalon/Can't Wait For You To Return - Fred Hammond/Midnight Cry - Bob Carlisle, Helen Baylor, Rebecca St. James & other artists/Fly - Larue/Believer - Jake/Come Quickly Lord - Rebecca St. James/After All - Bob Carlisle/Live For The Lord - Kathy Troccoli/All The Way To Heaven - V-Enna/No Fear - Clay Crosse/Left Behind - Bryan Duncan & Shine

02341-0023-2 - A Christmas Reunion - Various Artists [2000] 2000 Decembers Ago - Joy Williams/Welcome To Our World - Michael W. Smith/Joy To The Rhythm Of The World - NewSong/You Gotta Get Up (Christmas Song) - Rich Mullins/Mary Holds The Light - Clay Crosse & Dino/The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Kathy Troccoli & Andy Williams/He Is The Reason - Fred Hammond/Silent Night - Bryan Duncan/Strange Way To Save The World - 4HIM/O Holy Night - Gary Chapman; (remaining tracks are instrumentals): Carol Of The Bells/I Heard The Bells/Away In A Manger/God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/What Child Is This/Silent Night

02341-0026-2 - A Sentimental Christmas - Kathy Troccoli [1999] White Christmas/The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/O Little Town of Bethlehem-Away In A Manger/Only Always/Winter Wonderland/What Child Is This?/Let It Snow/Sleighride/I'll Be Home For Christmas/The Christmas Song/Silent Night/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

02341-0027-2 - Left Behind (Original Score) - James Covell [2001] Prologue/Left Behind Main Theme/Surprise Attack/Rayford's Conversion/Dirk's In Trouble/Rebuild The Temple/Rapture/Rayford Comes Home/Loss Of A Friend/Buck's Mission/Chloe's Choice/One Left, The Other Taken/Goodbyes/I Don't Want To Lose You/Prayers For Buck/Seven Years/The Final Chapter

02341-0039-2 - LaRue - LaRue [2000] Reason/Picture Frame/Someday/Fallen King/As She Cries/Waiting Room/Always Be/One Day Of The Week/Katie/Stars/Run To You (The Piano Song)

02341-0041-2 - This Is Your Time - Michael W. Smith [1999] Rince Dé/Hey You It's Me/Worth It All/I Will Be Your Friend/This Is Your Time/I Will Carry You/She Walks With Me/Reach Out To Me/I Still Have The Dream/I'm Gone/Anna/Everybody Free/This Is Your Time (Reprise)

02341-0050-2 - Songs 2 - Rich Mullins [1999] Step By Step/Where You Are/I Will Sing/Hope To Carry On/I See You/The Just Shall Live/Somewhere/Growing Young/Brother's Keeper/Home/Here In America (with studio talk and countoff)/Bound To Come Some Trouble/The Love Of God/Ready For The Storm/Peace/Be With You

02341-0064-2 - A Different Man - Clay Crosse [2000] Til The End Of The World/More Like You/What Would You Do For A King/Sinner's Prayer/Arms Of Jesus/Be The Word/98/Memphis/Walk With Me (Renna's Song)/No Fear

02341-0065-2 - Seize the Day - Carolyn Arends [2000] They Know We Are Christians/What Love Looks Like/Seize The Day/New Year's Day/The Power Of Love/Reaching/Do What You Do/This Is The Stuff/Happy/Father Thy Will Be Done/We've Been Waiting For You/Seize The Day (live)/This I Know (live)/There You Are (live)/I Can Hear You (live)/Go With God (with Phil Keaggy) (live)

02341-0066-2 - Do It Right - Shine [2000] Do It Right/I Feel Good/Do You Believe In Love?/More Than Words Can Say/Higher Love/I Believe In You/Get A Life/Shine (For All The World)/Lifted/I'm To Blame/Midnight Hour/I'm Never Gonna Give You Up

02341-0068-2 - Transparent - LaRue [2001] Theory Of Flight/Wake Up/Fly/Jaded/Fallen For You/Near To Me/Brianna's Song/No Goodbyes/I Can't Sing/Seem To Be/One White Tulip

02341-0070-2 - Love Has a Name - Kathy Troccoli [2000] Parade/All Is Well/On My Way to You/Live for the Lord/Break My Heart/God Said It/Hold Me While I Sleep/Count on Me/I Want to What Love Is/Love Has a Name

Reunion albums for which we do not know SPCN:

111, 113 or 114? - Shine On - Susan Shurtz [1996]

??? - Celtic Christmas Reunion - Carolyn Arends [1995] 83737


Word 701-8978-505 - Michael W. Smith for Youth Choir - Michael W. Smith [1991] Special collection available only on cassette tape, with sheet music. Go West Young Man/For You/Place In This World/Secret Ambition/Friends/How Long Will Be Too Long/Seed to Sow/Pray for Me/Love Crusade/I Miss the Way/Hand of Providence/Agnus Dei

Thanks to Wes Jay.

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