NewPax/Paragon Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: September 24, 2007

Robert R. (Bob) MacKenzie entered the music field in the early 1960s with the John T. Benson Publishing Company. As Creative Director for that record label, he produced almost all the albums they released in the 1960s and in the 1970s up until 1975. He had a long association with Bill Gaither, and in 1975, MacKenzie left Benson to join Gaither in a partnership called Paragon Associates, headquartered at 803 18th Avenue South, in Nashville. Paragon was both a publishing company and a record label. The early label was red with black print and a silver logo. It was distributed by Word.

In 1976, the Paragon Record label joined forces with Gary S. Paxton, who was starting the NewPax label at the same time, and the two labels shared a catalog series.

NewPax was established by Gary Paxton in 1975. Paxton had been responsible for several huge pop hits in the 1960s, including as an artist ("It Was I" by Skip & Flip, "Alley Oop" by the Hollywood Argyles) and as a producer ("Monster Mash" by Bobby Pickett). Through most of the 1960s, Paxton lived the rock & roll star's life, complete with alcohol and pills, and was often quite ill due to liver problems. In 1971, he converted to Christianity. He changed his behavior and things improved. NewPax issued albums by Paxton himself along with husband-and-wife duo Farrell & Farrell, folky Christian artist Don Francisco, Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter Paul & Mary) and others, including Tammy Faye Bakker.

Paragon issued albums in the Christian field, but also issued country albums as well as chorale music. One of the more prolific artists was the group Truth, an 8-to-16 person traveling Christian troupe (much like the Continentals) with ever-changing personnel. Truth is still active today. (They should not be confused with the 1980s rock group The Truth, who recorded for I.R.S. and other labels.)

NewPax and Paragon were distributed by Word Records until 1980. That year, MacKenzie formed a partnership with Zondervan Records of Michigan, an established label in the Christian/Gospel field, and this new partnership purchased Benson Records. Up until this time, the Benson company had been known as "John T. Benson Records," but MacKenzie and Zondervan changed its name to "The New Benson Company." Both Paragon and NewPax switched to distribution by Benson in 1980, and MacKenzie became the President of Benson. In 1984, MacKenzie sold Paragon's interest in Benson to Zondervan, and the label reverted to simply "Benson Records."

Along the way, MacKenzie helped establish dozens of Contemporary Christian artists. He gave Michael W. Smith his first job in the music industry, hiring him in 1978 as a songwriter for $200 per week. This was before he began playing piano for Amy Grant on the road, and before he joined the newly-formed Reunion Records in 1982. This helpfulness was rewarded a few years ago when he was named to the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. MacKenzie died in 2000 at the age of 62.

The first NewPax label was blue with silver print, but it soon changed to orange with black print, with a simple logo at the top of the label. The blue label was used at least until 33010. The Paragon label was red while being distributed by Word, with the squared-off "P" logo at the top. After switching to Benson, the design remained essentially the same, but the color changed to a light reddish-brown.

Both NewPax and Paragon shared the 33000 series. The NewPax prefix was NP-, while the Paragon prefix was PR-. In 1985, NewPax switched to a Benson numbering system. We have found nothing after 1985 released on the two labels, but MacKenzie's Fortress Records retained the masters and put out a series of CD reissues on that label in the 1990s.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with NewPax or Paragon Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (all of which are out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2001 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

PR-45000 Series (1975):

PR-45001 - His Love...Reaching - Ronn Huff with Bill & Gloria Gaither [1975] Invocation: O Come To My Heart, Lord Jesus - Dave Boyer/Festival Of Christmas Hymns: Good Christian Men Rejoice-Angels From The Realms Of Glory-For Unto Us A Child Is Born-O Come All Ye Faithful-Joy To The World/Hallelujah To The New Born King/O Little Town Of Bethlehem-O Come To My Heart Lord Jesus - Ronn Huff & Sharalee Lucas/What Did You Say Was The Baby's Name?/Narration - Ronn Huff & Gloria Gaither//Narration - Ronn Huff, Gloria Gaither & Bill Gaither/Reaching - Dave Boyer/Redeeming Love-Thou Art Worthy - Dave Boyer/Seven Prayers-Jesus We Just Want To Thank You-O Come All Ye Faithful-For Unto Us A Child Is Born-Thou Art Worthy/Jesus We Just Want To Thank You

NP/PR-33000 Series (1976-1984)

Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents




NP-33004 - Whatcha Gonna Do? - Amplified Version [1976]

NP-33005 - The Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelieveably Different World of Gary S. Paxton - Gary S. Paxton [1976] Different World/Love/It Comes In All Colors/Weeds/I Wonder If God Cries/What'cha Gonna' Do When You Ain't A Kid No More/Layed Back (In His Love)/Jesus Keeps Takin'Me Higher And Higher/There Got To Be More To Livin' Than Just Waitin' To Die/You Ain't Smokin' Them Cigarettes (Baby They're Smokin' You)/Victim Of The System/Sophisticated Savages/He Was There All The Time

PR-33006 - Lillie ... Reaching! - Lillie Knauls [1976]

NP-330?? - Gentle Spirit - Mike Johnson [1976]


NP-33008 - You're Not the Lone Ranger - John & Kathy [Thompson], Shane & Alice [Keister] [1976] You're Not The Lone Ranger/We're In This Together/Lord Jesus Come Quickly/Harmony/(others)

NP-33009 - I Am a Christian (And I Am Not Ashamed) - Scott Wesley Brown [1976] Rejoice/He has Returned/Walk Your Talk/Love One Another/I Am A Christian/(others)

NP-33010 - Brother of the Son - Don Francisco [1976] Brother Of The Son/Who You Gonna' Listen To/Closer To Jesus/I Found The Answer/Voyage To Gennesaret//Holy Roll/The Day Of The Lord/Got To Tell The Story/No Condemnation/Come And Follow

NP-33011 - The Artist/The Riddle - Mike Johnson [1976] The Artist/I Met A Man/The Riddle/Cool Living Water/Lord Doctor//Little Boy/The Witness/The Sound Of His Returning/The Wedding/We Want You To Return


PR-33013 - Doug Oldham Presents "I Have Returned" - Family Reunion [1976] I Have Returned/The Lord Is Here/Jesus Got Ahold Of My Life/Jesus Will Outshine Them All/(others)

NP-33014 - Matthews, Taylor & Johnson - Matthews, Taylor & Johnson [1976]

NP-33015 - Best of Christian Grit - Various Artists [1977] (2-LP set) Evidence - Gary S. Paxton/I Am A Christian - Scott Wesley Brown/Once There Was A Light - Austin Roberts & Advent/I Met A Man - Mike Johnson/Harmony - John & Kathy, Shane & Alice/No Condemnation - Don Francisco//This 'N' That - Matthews, Taylor & Johnson/What 'Cha Gonna Do - Amplified Version/Guess Who's Coming Again - Sammy Hall/Love It Comes In All Colors - Madeline Manning Jackson/I Got You - Deliverance/T.M. - Zoe//Give It A Try - Deliverance/Closer To Jesus - Don Francisco/Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher And Higher - Madeline Manning Jackson/Rejoice - Scott Wesley Brown/Friends - Zoe/Over There - Matthews, Taylor & Johnson//A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (I Got Saved, Saved Saved) - Sammy Hall/The Artist - Mike Johnson/Children, We're All Children - Austin Roberts & Advent/Victim Of The System - Amplified Version/You're Not The Lone Ranger - John & Kathy, Shane & Alice/He Was There All The Time - Gary S. Paxton

NP-33016 - Eight Days: A Personal Journey - Austin Roberts & Advent [1976] Monday: The First Day-Once There Was Light/Tuesday: (Eight Days Theme) Who-Rain/Wednesday: Eight Days Theme (Overture)-Time Out/(others)

PR-33017 - Jesus Loves All the Little Children - Gail & Ezra [Wenos] [1976]

NP-33018 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hell - Sammy Hall [1976]




NP-33022 - Running for Jesus - Madeline Manning Jackson [1976]

PR-33023 - To God Be the Glory - Olivet Orphan's Choir [1977]

PR-33024 - Opry: Have a Nice Day - Stu Phillips [1976] It Is No Secret/He Touched Me/Because He Lives/Have A Nice Day/(others)

PR-33025 - Songs for the Church Triumphant - Oklahoma Baptist Festival Choir [1976] Christ Is Risen! (Medley)/Come Holy Spirit/Family Of God (Medley): Getting Used To The Family Of God-Pleanty Of Room In The Family-The Family Of God/It Is Finished/It Is Well With My Soul//Praise The Lord (Medley): I Just Came To Praise The Lord-Bless His Holy Name-Let's Just Praise The Lord/Peace Shall Come/Victory In Jesus/Learning To Live Like A Child Of The King/The King Is Coming

NPZ-33026 - I'm Not a One-Man Show - Danny Taylor [1978] (2-LP set) I'm Not A One- Man Show/If Jesus Came Today/God's Love/Gentile And Jew/(others)

PR-33027 - I Kinda Like the Sound of Forever - Lillie (Knauls) [1978] I Kinda Like The Sound Of Forever/I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen/Eternal Life/Evidence/There's Not A Day That Passes-Who Cares From The Miracle Goes On/God Gave The Song/Greater Is He/Calvary/Something Got A Hold of Me/Wrapped Up Tied Up/It's Real/He Was There All The Time/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/It Is Finished



NP-33030 - Give It a Try - Deliverance [1976] Give It A Try/Why Can't They Realize?/Judgment/I Got You/How Can I Know?/I've Often Wondered//Who Are You?/I'm Going Away/Memoirs In F Sharp Minor

PR-33031 - We Have This Moment Today - Richard & Patti Roberts with the World Action Singers and the Ronn Huff Orchestra [1976] We Have This Moment Today/They'll Know We Are Christians/I'm Gonna Keep On-I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'/He Was There All The Time/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus//It's Real/Calvary/How Wonderful Thou Art/I Lost It All To Find Everything/It Is Finished

PR-33032 - Fred Bock Plays 50 Songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither - Fred Bock [1977] (2- LP set)

NP-33033 - More from the Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelieveably Different World of Gary S. Paxton - Gary S. Paxton [1977]


PR-33035 - Miracle Goes On: The True Life Story of John W. Peterson (Soundtrack) - Ronn Huff [1978]


PR-33037 - Eclectic Light - Ronn Huff & Eclectic Light Singers [1978] Sometimes Alleluia/Jesus Paid It All/All In The name Of Jesus/Joy Comes In The Morning/(others)

NP-33038 - Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream - Sammy Hall [1979]


PR-33040 - Not Just A Coincidence - Truth [1977] He Is The Music/Perfect Peace/The World Didn't Give It To Me (And The World Can't Take It Away)/Lord You've Been Too Good To Me/Harmony//Revived/A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (I Got Saved Saved Saved)/New Day Medley: Jesus Is Coming Again-There's A New Day Coming/I Feel A Song Comin' On/Hey I'm A Believer


NP-33042 - Forgiven - Don Francisco [1977] Jesus Is Lord Of The Way I Feel/Jehoshaphat/Step Across The Line/I Could Never Promise You/He's Alive//I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping/Don't Want To Be Late/Lullaby/Adam, Where Are You?

NP-33043 - More than Just an Act - Mike Johnson [1977] More Than Just An Act/I Have Not Forgotten/Psalm 92 (It Is Good To Give Thanks To The Lord)/Life Is More/Once Again//Love Will Last/Listen/Colder/It's Time We Returned/The Lord Is My Shepherd (The Shepherd Is My Lord)

NP-33044 - Tammy Faye Sings PTL Club Favorites - Tammy Faye Bakker [1977] The World Didn't Give It To Me/The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power/Grandma Sang Off Key/On The Way Home/He Was There All The Time//Layed Back/Learning To Learn/Please Release Me/Praise Medley




NP-33048 - The Gospel According to Gary S. - Gary S. Paxton Singers [1979] Good Thing Medley: I'm Hooked On A Good Thing-The World Didn't Give It To Me-Learning To Live Like A Child Of The King/Love Medley/There Was A Time/A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (I Got Saved Saved Saved)/Layed Back (In His Love)/I Got A Piece Of The Rock/(others)

NP-33049 - Nielson & Young - Stephen Nielson & Ovid Young [1977] For All The Saints/Holy, Holy, Holy/Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring/A Mighty Fortress Is Our God/Blessed Assurance/Malegueña (From Andalucia Suite)//They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love/And Can It Be/Fairest Lord Jesus/Concertino Op. 94

NP-33050 - Farrell & Farrell - Farrell & Farrell [1978] Earthmaker/Good Shepherd/Lifesaver/I'd Be a Fool/High Wire/Fig Tree/Tryin' to Get a Hold/Adoption/Heaven Song/Homesick Soldier

PR-33051 - Seed Faith Living: Television Favorites from Oral Roberts and You - Richard Roberts [1978] Born Again/He's Alive/Bread On The Water/Oh How He Loves You And Me/(others)



PR-33054 - Higher Purpose - Gary McSpadden [1979] Praise Him Raise Him/Filled To Overflowing/Sunshine And Rain/I've Been Changed/(others)


PR-33056 - Now...This Is Christmas - Truth [1978] Here We Come A' Caroling-Caroling, Caroling/Do You Hear What I Hear?/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Come To My Heart, Lord Jesus/The Birthday Of A King-O Come, All Ye Faithful//Christmas Day, So Long Ago/How Great Our Joy/Jesus Christ And Bethlehem (Have All Been Left Behind)-Silent Night/That Night/For Unto Us A Child Is Born

PWS-33057 - Departure - Truth [1978] Love, It Comes In All Colors/The World Didn't Give It To Me/Miracle Of Jesus/Jesus Is Lord Of The Way I Feel/He Is The Music/Revived/(others)

PR-33058 - Unto Us a Child Is Born - Oklahoma Baptist Festival Choir featuring the Singing Churchmen [1978] Produced by Ronn Huff and Bob MacKenzie. How Great Is Our Joy/Good Christian Men Rejoice/Joy To The World/Go Tell It On The Mountain/(others)






NP-33064 - Somebody Special - Nancy Grandquist [1978]

NP-33065 - Make Me a Rainbow - J.J. Lee [1979] I'm On My Way/Everybody Needs Somebody/You Are My Song/Make Me A Rainbow/(others)

PR-33066 - Kids Under Construction (Original Cast) - Bill & Gloria Gaither with Ronn Huff and Joy MacKenzie [1980] Kids Under Construction/It's A Miracle/I Am A Promise/Little By Little/(others)


PR-33068 - It's a Happy Day - Gail & Ezra [Wenos] [1979] I'm Something Special/I Am A Promise/Jesus Loves Me This I Know/It's A Happy Day/(others)

NP-33069 - Get in Touch with the World - (Dony McGuire's) Heaven Connection [1979] That Will Be The Greatest Day Of All/Get In Touch With The World/Find It In The Word/The Lord Will Go Before You/Praise Him Raise Him//The Rock/Free At Last/Nobody Else But Jesus/Love Will Last/Time Won't Mean A Thing

PR-33070 - Get It From The Source - Truth [1979] We Are Persuaded/Lord, Liar, Lunatic/Find It In The Word/Never Too Busy/Ride The Wild Horses//Love's Gonna Change You/Pass The Salt/The Lord Will Go Before You/Love Will Last/Seek And Ye Shall Find

NP-33071 - Got to Tell Somebody - Don Francisco [1979] If You're Thirsty/Whenever You're Speaking to Me/The Duke & the Duchess/Steeple Song/Got to Tell Somebody//Who Do You Think Your Foolin?/I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand/Balaam/He Still Loves You/Too Small a Price


PR-33073 - Nothin' But - Truth [1979] You Make Me Happy/All The Way Home/I Can't Believe It's /Suddenly You Came Into My Life/He's Alive/I Will Praise Him/Didn't He Shine/May Your Love Grow/Only Love (Will Last Forever)/Praise Him Raise Him

PR-33074 - Artistry - [Stephen] Neilson & [Ovid] Young [1979] All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name/Amazing Grace/How Great Thou Art/The Lord's Prayer/(others)


NP-33076 - A Portrait of Us All - Farrell & Farrell [1979] I Couldn't Live Without You/Fallen/Put More Love in Me/Can't Ask Anything More/Boundless Love/No Need/Find it in the Word/Jailhouse Rock/All You Need/Scars/A Place in His Heart For You


NP-33078 - It Took a Long Time to Get to You - Ed Raetzloff [1980]


NP-33080 - (Some of) The Best of Gary S. Paxton (So Far) - Gary S. Paxton [1980]


PR-33082 - Live/SRO: Standing Room Only! - Truth [1980] (2 LPs) Recorded live at Mississippi College, Clinton, Mississippi.Disc 1: Suddenly You Came Into My Life/No Shortage/Because Of Whose I Am/Love's Gonna Change You/May Your Love Grow/Never Too Busy//My Tribute/Little Children/I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked/Victory In Jesus/I'll Fly Away; Disc 2: You Make Me Happy/Jesus Is Lord Of The Way I Feel/Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher And Higher/Comin' Home To You/Teach Me/Lord, Liar, Lunatic//I Will Praise Him/Only Love (Will Last Forever)/That Night/Sincerely Yours/Praise Him, Raise Him

Distribution switches to Benson. PR-33082 lists Word distribution on the label and Benson on the jacket.



NP-33085 - Do Your Heart a Favor - Bobby Springfield [1980] Do Your Heart A Favor/Give Me The Love/Lifeline/Everything You Are/(others)

NP-33086 - Gary Dunham - Gary Dunham [1980] Happy Family/It's About You/Never Gonna Be The Same/Eternally Grateful/Victory//Second Childhood/Somebody Believed/Never Get Enough Of Your Love/New Song/The Lord Is Greater




NP-33090 - One in a Million - Stephanie Boosahda [1981]

NP-33091 - I Know That I Know That I Know That I Know - Stephanie Boosahda [1981]

NP-33092 - Heaven Ain't All There Is - Pat Terry Group [1981]

NP-33093 - Final Vinyl - Pat Terry Group [1981]


NP-33095 - Alarma! The Alarma Chronicles, Volume I - Daniel Amos [1981] Central Theme/Alarma/Big Time-Big Deal/Props/My Room/Faces To The Window/Cloak And Dagger/Colored By//C&D Reprise/Through The Speakers/Hit Them/Baby Game/Shedding The Mortal Coil/Endless Summer/Walls Of Doubt/Ghost Of The Heart

NP-33096 - Look to Jesus - Patrick Henderson & West Angeles Church of God in Christ Sanctuary Choir [1981] Look To Jesus/God Is A Mighty God/My Soul Says Yes/Love Lifted Me/(others)




NP-33100 - The Danger in Loving You - Tom Howard [1981]

PR-33101 - Exaltation: A Scripture Song Experience of Worship and Praise - Ron Huff Vocal- Instrumental Congregation [1981] Features Barry McGuire, Gary Bonner, Bob Bailey, Terry Blackwood, Cheryl Prewitt, and the Nashville Festival Orchestra. This Is The Day-I Will Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving-Clap Your Hands/Jesus Is My Lord My Master And My Saviour/Let The Peace Of Christ-This Is The Day (Reprise)-The Lord Liveth-Doxology/Amen/We Exalt Thee/Our God Reigns-Song Of Exaltation//The Lord Is In His Holy Temple/Humble Yourself In The Sight Of The Lord-I Am The Vine/David's Medley: Isaiah's Comment-In Thee O Lord I Put My Trust-Bee Still And Know/The Greatest Thing-Bless The Lord O My Soul-The Trees Of The Field (You Shall Go Out With Joy)/Let The Peace Of Christ (Reprise)

PR-33102 - It Was Enough - Gary McSpadden [1981] He Is The King/I Am/Imagine/In This Very Room//He Gave Me Music/We Teach The Children/It Was Enough/Jesus Is The Rock/There Is A Light

NP-33103 - Drivin' Wheels - Ed Raetzloff [1981]

NP-33104 - Make Me Ready - Farrell & Farrell [1981] Make Me Ready/Still Here/You're the Heart of Me/You Keep Me Holding On/Old Friends/Sonata//Just in Time/To Know That I'm Loved By You/Lead Me On/Only Love/All That You've Done for Me/He That Overcomes

NP-33105 - Pearl - Gary Dunham [1982]

NP-33106 - The Traveler (The Lord and I Together) - Don Francisco [1981] Too Small A Price-Joy/Since I Met Him I Can See/The Lord And I Together/Beautiful To Me/If You Ain't Gonna Sing The Gospel//Messengers From Heaven/The Package/You Can't Take It With You/Give Your Heart A Home/The Traveler-Joy

PR-33107 - Keeper of My Heart - Truth [1982] Majesty/Jesus Never Fails/He Is The King/Wedding Day/Keeper Of My Heart//We Shall See Jesus/The World Will Know/True Love/We Get Lifted Up/In His Hand

NP-33108 - Talk to One Another - Brown Bannister [1981] Talk To One Another/Honesty/Love Song/Love Waits For You/Nature Of Love/Carry On/Lutte De Coeur/I Loved You Once/Lay It All Down/Sometimes My Heart/Create In Me A Clean Heart


PR-33110 - Majesty - Ronn Huff with the Oklahoma Baptist Festival Choir and Singing Churchmen [1981] O Worship The King/Christ Arose/We Shall Behold Him/Hallelujah Chorus/(others)










NP-33120 - Wait'll You Hear This - Noel Paul Stookey & Bodyworks [1982] Wait'll You Hear This/Know Jesus/Rejoice Bless The Lord/Be Ye Glad/(others)

PR-33121 - Separate Journeys - Gary McSpadden [1984] Oh Hosannah/Count The Cost/He Is Risen/He Is Messiah/Separate Journeys/(others)






NP-33127 - Let the Whole World Know: Live - Farrell & Farrell [1982] All You Need/Let the Whole World Know/After All Those Years/Boundless Love/Make Me Ready/No Need/Homesick Soldier/You Keep Me Holdin' On/Jailhouse Rock/Let the Whole World Know (reprise)

NP-33128 - The Live Concert - Don Francisco [1982] Two-record set. Special custom label features a photo of Don in concert. Since I Met Him I Can See/Got to Tell Somebody/Jesus is Lord of the Way I Feel/Steeple Song/I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand//Adam/I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping/Give Your Heart a Home/Too Small a Price//Christmas Song/Come and Follow Me/I Could Never Promise You/Love is Not a Feeling/Beautiful to Me//The Package/Jehoshaphat/Closer to Jesus/He's Alive

PR-331?? - Aerobic Truth - Truth [1983] "Aerobic TRUTH" is a collection of previously recorded TRUTH songs that were packaged by some west coast fitness experts, to be good warm-up, stretching, work-out, and cool-down songs. Included with the album disc was an illustrated book of exercises complete with instructions. TRUTH members did voice-overs in the studio speaking instructions that helped the listener perform the proper routine during the song. This unusual project was ahead of its time in many ways, but is now out of print. It was released in 1983.



NP-33131 - There Is Love: A Noel Paul Stookey Anthology featuring "The Wedding Song" - Noel Paul Stookey [1984]


NP-33133 - Aerobic Celebration: Aerobic Exercise to Contemporary Christian Music - Various Artists [1982]

PR-33134 - Sing the Mighty Power of God - Mark Hayes Festival Choir & Orchestra [1983] I Sing The Mighty Power Of God/He Is Risen/Fairest Lord Jesus/Boundless Love/(others)

NP-33135 - Bodyworks (State of the Heart) - Noel Paul Stookey & Bodyworks [1985] Coast To Coast/Circuit Rider/Heart's Desire/For Christmas/All You Gotta Do//Come Away Suite: Global Destiny-Nation In Love-Come Away/Obedient Servant/Made In The Image/State Of The Heart





PR-331?? - Let the Whole Earth Be Filled - Ted Sandquist [1984] I Will Sing To The Lord/All That Are Before Thee/Before His Majesty The King/How Majestic Is Your Name/Blessed Is The Son (My Heart Overflows)/Great Is The Lord In Zion/Let The Whole Earth Be Filled/Know No Good Without You/Eternally Grateful (I Am Grateful)/As I Worship You Alone/Keep Us in Your Day


PR-33141 - Great Inspirational Christian Duets - Various Artists [1984] Artists include Sandi Patti & Gary McSpadden, Dallas & Linda Holm, Christine Wyrtzen & Phil Johnson, Tina English & Cynthia Clawson, Cheryl Prewitt-Blackwood & Terry Blackwood, Harry Browning & Laury Boone, Sandi Patti & Larnelle Harris, Joni Kerns & Paul Lynch (of Truth), Pat & Shirley Boone, and Bob & Jayne Farrell (Farrell & Farrell)

PR-33142 - Great Contemporary Christian Duets - Various Artists [1984] Artists include Farrell & Farrell, Steve Archer & Debby Boone, Sandi Patti & Larnelle Harris, and others.

PR-33143 - Second to None - Truth [1984] Sing Unto Him/So Full Of You/Gentle Hands/I've Got The Love Of The Lord/Second To None//Jesus On My Side/His Name Will Live Forever/So His Honor/He Is Risen/Well Done

NP-33144 - Holiness - Don Francisco [1984] Morning Prayer/Open Your Heart/Everybody Else But Me/Country Interlude/Flying (B.T.S.O.Y.P)/Holiness/The Storm/To Him Who is Able/Walking Wounded/Love is Not a Feeling/Jesus Loves Me

NP-33145 - The Best of Farrell & Farrell - Farrell & Farrell [1984] The Fight Song/Earthmaker/Let the Whole World Know/All You Need/Jailhouse Rock/Lifesavor/I Couldn't Live Without You/Make Me Ready/Homesick Soldier/Boundless Love/A Place in His Heart for You/Scars

NWP03916 - The Poet (A Collection of the Very Best) - Don Francisco [1985] Balaam/Brother of the Son/Got to Tell Somebody/He's Alive/Holiness/Jesus is Lord of the Way I Feel/The Package/Since I Met Him/Steeple Song/Walking Wounded


CWL-321 - For Those Who Hurt - Cristine Wyrtzen [1982] Doves And Butterflies/My Father/Jesus Will Reign/Brotected By The Blood/(others)

Promotional Series:


PR102 - Pure Hype - Various Artists [1980] Shine On - Joe English/With My Song - Debby Boone/Eternally Grateful - Gary Dunham/Shinin' Thru The Rain - Wendell Burton/Found Someone To Love Me - Ed Raetzloff//All You Need - Farrell & Farrell/Mourning To Dancing - James Ward/Love Is All You Need - DeGarmo & Key/Do Your Heart A Favor - Bobby Springfield/Too Small A Price - Don Francisco

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