Maranatha! Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: February 6, 2013

Maranatha! Records was started in 1971, and is indelibly connected with the "Jesus Movement" of the early 1970s that grew into Contemporary Christian Music. The record label was an extension of the praise and worship music of the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, not far from Los Angeles. The Pastor was Chuck Smith.

Russ Stevens, Peter Jacobs, and sisters Wendy and Marsha Carter [later Stevens] were four singers who had been singing at Calvary Chapel since 1969. The four were known informally as "the group." They did some outside appearances, and when asked what the group's name was, they realized they didn't have one, so they came up with "Children of the Day." People kept asking for them to record their songs, and finally they borrowed about 900 dollars from Chuck Smith to make an album. They incorporated the group as Children of the Day, Inc., with Smith as Vice-President. This corporation financed and produced the first four albums on the label.

The first album recorded was Children of the Day's Come to the Waters, although Smith wanted The Everlastin' Living Jesus Concert to be released first, so the latter became Maranatha! album #1 and the former #2. Come to the Waters was produced by Buck Herring, the husband of Annie Herring and brother-in-law of Annie's younger siblings Matthew and Nelly Ward (the three would later become 2nd Chapter of Acts). Come to the Waters was recorded at Abbey Sound, Ltd. in Hollywood. The sound is somewhat primitive by today's standards, but the songs are an interesting soft- rock vocal/instrumental blend vaguely reminicent of the Mamas and Papas.

Many of the subsequent albums were praise and worship albums by various artists, sometimes lumped together as "The Maranatha Singers," "The Maranatha Strings," etc. Many times these groups had involvement from Tommy Coomes (of Love Song) and/or Peter Jacobs (of Children of the Day).

Chuck Smith, who originally ran the label, sold it eventually to Chuck Fromm. Fromm recently reflected on the label's early years and noted that in the late 1970s, they had signed a number of Christian pop acts (e.g., Daniel Amos) and were being spread very thin trying to promote different types of music. In the 1980s, they released the remaining pop acts and decided to concentrate on praise and worship music, which they believed was their forte. This proved a good move, as Maranatha! has become, along with Hosanna/Integrity, one of the largest and best-known praise and worship labels.

In 1982, Maranatha started a subsidiary label, A&S. We have included that label's discography at the end of this page.

The numbering system used several different prefixes for the albums. The early issues used the prefix HS-777/xx, where "xx" is the record number starting with 1. Later, on some albums, this was just 77-xx, and then MM0xxA was used. We are not certain of the transition points between numbering systems, but many of the early albums were reissued using the MM0xxA format. Maranatha! has had a long association with Word Records as their distributor.

Maranatha used a dove as its logo, a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Usually this dove is downward-flying. The downward-flying red dove silhouette logo appeared on the cover of the first album, as well as the label of the first few albums. All Maranatha! Music album cover artwork graphics were custom-designed and printed by staff artists (in the early days including Barry Malone and Kernie Erickson), who made them look like they were from a major label like Columbia Records, on a very low budget. They also designed the Maranatha! Music logo Holy Spirit Dove, which became a trademark of Maranatha! Music and Calvary Chapels all over the world.The first Maranatha! label was white with black print, with the red dove logo above the center hole. Along the bottom of the label, it said in red letters, "MARANATHA MUSIC/COSTA MESA, CALIF. 92626/AN OUTREACH OF CALVARY CHAPEL".

The next Maranatha! label was creme color, with the dove logo as an outline rather than a solid silhouette. Interestingly, the dove was flying upwards on side one and downwards on side two of these labels. By this time, the information on the bottom of the label gave a post office box in Costa Mesa as the label's address.

A later label design was blue, again with the dove logo.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

HS-777/1 - The Everlastin' Living Jesus Concert [Maranatha 1] - Various Artists [1971] Inside the gatefold album cover are complete lyrics and liner notes. Note: This album was produced by Chuck Girard on a budget of $2,000. The album was first reissued on CD in 1995, complete and intact, with the original album artwork and inner lyrics sheet, by the Benson Company in Nashville, Tennessee (by special arrangement with Maranatha! Music in Laguna Hills, California) as CD-08725. Some copies only show the Benson Company on the CD, others credit both Benson and have the new Maranatha! Logo instead of the classic one. The CD was a limited-edition release of 10,000 copies, and is now long out of print also. Little Country Church - Chuck Girard & Love Song/In Jesus' Name - Selah/Something More - Blessed Hope/Two Roads - Country Faith/Holy, Holy, Holy - All Groups//The Shepherd - Gentle Faith/Behold, I Stand At The Door (And Knock) - Debby Kerner/If You Will Believe - The Way/Maranatha - Chuck Girard & Love Song/For Those Tears I Died - Children Of The Day.

HS-777/2 - Come to the Waters - Children of the Day [1971] New Life/As A Child/Children Of The Day/The Search//Two Hands/Jesus Lives/All Breathing Life/Jesus/For Those Tears I Died

HS-777/3 - Maranatha! 2 - Various Artists [1972] Come Quickly Jesus - Tom Stipe (of Country Faith)/Jesus Is All That We Need - Gary Arthur (of The Way)/The Son In My Life - Denny Stahl/Never Knew The Day - Jim Golden (of Blessed Hope)/He Lives - Erick Nelson (of Selah)//The Peace That Passes Understanding - Debby Kerner/Jesus Is The One - Bruce Herring (of The Way)/Ballad Of Luke Warm - Chuck Butler (of Country Faith)/Charity - Ken Gulliksen/Can I Show You - Marsha Carter (of Children Of The Day)

HS-777/4 - Come Walk with Me - Debby Kerner [1972] Come Walk With Me In The Spirit/My Will/Amen Praise The Lord/For With Time Our Father Has Brought To Pass (Kerry's Song)/Are You Ready/Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock//Hallelujah Hallelujah Jesus Christ Has Risen/The Peace That Passes Understanding/Blessed Be The Day/The Horsemen/Jesus

HS-777/5 - Maranatha 3: Rejoice in the Lord - Various Artists [1973] Cover Artwork throughout including the classic evangelistic comic tract on the liner sleeve by Pastor and Evangelist Greg Laurie. Happy In Jesus - Mustard Seed Faith/God Don't Care Who You Are/Why Art Thou Disquieted - Hosanna/I'll Never Leave You - Ernie Rettino/Plan of Love - Karen Lafferty//I'll Never Be Lonely - Blessed Hope/Psalm 42 - Bob & Steve/Big City Blues - Tom Stipe & Country Faith/Rest - Mustard Seed Faith/Nursery Rhyme - Chuck Butler & Parable

HS-777/6 - With All Our Love - Children Of The Day [1973] Under The Shadow (Of My Wings)/If You'll Take My Hand/You're A Gift/Russ's Song/Two Lives, One Moment//Be Ye Still/Where Went The Days/Just Pretending/The Crucifixion/Can I Show You

HS-777/7 - The Way - The Way [1973] Group was made up of John Wickham, Gary Arthur, Bruce Herring, and Dana Angle. Son Come Out/You're Caught In A World/Song Of Joy/Come On Down/Closer To God//New Song/There's A Love/He's The Reason To Go On/Harvest Time/Are You Listening?

HS-777/8 - The Praise Album - Various Artists [1974] Musicians are not named for each track, but include Children of the Day, Love Song and others. Reissued in 1979 as Maranatha MM0008A and in 1983 as Maranatha 710 0008 840. . Heavenly Father/Father I Adore You/Praise The Lord/Praise The Lord Together/Thy Loving Kindness/Set My Spirit Free//Bring My Body Closer/Love (One Another)/Seek Ye First/Cause Me To Come/Holy, Thou Art Holy/Peace I Give To Thee

HS-777/9 - Henceforth I Call You Not Servants But... Friends - Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner [1974] He Came In Love/Let Me See/Doer Of The Word/My Religion's Not Old Fashioned/Friends/O Lord Amen//Written In The Word/Promises/Middle Of The Day/Let Us Break Bread Together/Swing Low

HS-777/10 - Maranatha 4 - Various Artists [1974] Since I Met Jesus - Road Home/All I Know (Is Jesus) - Oden Fong & Mustard Seed Faith/Pearly Mansions - Chuck Butler & Country Faith/So Much - Blessed Hope/Pickin' Up The Pieces - Erick Nelson & Good News/Have You Ever Heard - The Way/The Holy Spirit Song - Children Of The Day/Bird In A Golden Sky - Karen Lafferty/Old Gray Ford - Wing & A Prayer/Jesus Is Standing Here - Tom Coomes, Chuck Girard & Love Song

HS-777/11 - Good News - Good News[1975] Never Knew/Follow You/Rock Of Ages/Why Must You Go/Jimmy/Good News/Carry Me Along/Going Home/Tear Down The Walls/Picking Up The Pieces

HS-777/12 - Charity - Ken Gulliksen [1975]

HS-777/13 - Remember... - Bob Cull [1975]

HS-777/14 - The Joy Album - Maranatha Singers [1975] Thank You Jesus/There's A River Of Life/Peace Like A River/Ho! Everyone That Thirsteth/Caanan's Land/Matthew/I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord/Jeremiah/This Is My Commandment//From The Rising Of The Sun/Zephaniah/John 16:33/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Rule Over My Soul/Kingdom Of Children/Sing Hallelujah/Thank- You Jesus

HS-777/15 - Where Else Would I Go... - Children Of The Day [1975]

HS-777/16 - Can It Be? - The Way [1975] A Cowboy's Dream/Days Of Noah/I've Been Sealed/Do You Feel The Change//Livin' On The Bottle/Sittin' In The Pew/Bearded Young Man/Can It Be?

HS-777/17 - Bird in a Golden Sky - Karen Lafferty [1975] Bird In A Golden Sky/Grandma Stout/Testimony/Garden/The Girl//Sweet Summer Rain/No Time For Jesus/Bobbi's Song/Peaceful Mind-Tears Of Love

HS-777/18 - Sail On Sailor - Mustard Seed Faith [1975] The Question/Let Go/Can't Work Your Way To Heaven (Let Him)/Once I Had A Dream/Dried Up Well//Sail On Sailor/Lighter Side Of Darkness/Sweet Jesus Morning/More Than Sunlight/Back Home

HS-777/19 - Joy in the Morning - Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner [1975] All Day Song (Love Him In The Morning)/Mary Magdalene/In The Morning/The Wa Wa Song/Song Of Solomon//Seek And Ye Shall Find/Motherless Child/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/I Finally Appreciate/Shine On

HS-777/20 - Welcome to the Family - Bob Cull [1975]

HS-777/21 - Christmas Album - Children Of The Day [1975]

HS-777/22 - More Than Words - Parable [1975] More Than Words/All Alone/Sweet, Sweet Song/Maybe/Someone's Callin'/I Know What It's Like//Peter, James & John/On Your Own/Let The Old Man Die/Friends/Song For The Church/Goodbye/16 Petersham Place

HS-777/23 - The Exodus - Phoenix Sunshine [1975]

HS-777-24 - Daniel Amos - Daniel Amos [1976] Jesus Is Jehovah To Me/The Bible/Abidin'/William/Prelude: Servant's Prayer/Don't Light Your Own Fire//Losers And Winners/Walking On The Water/Ridin' Along/Dusty Road/Love In A Yielded Heart/Skeptic's Song

HS-777-25 - Maranatha 5 - Various Artists [1976] Jerusalem/Ain't Gonna Fight It/Maybe/Sidney the Pirate/Falling/Something Happened to You/So Much Love/Bright and Shining Son/Golden Ages/Psalm 5

HS-777-26 - Praise II - Maranatha Singers [1976] Reissued in 1979 as Maranatha MM0026A. Sing To The Father/Praise You Father/Light Our Way/Christ In Me/Unto Thee O Lord//Servant Of All/Sing Hallelujah/O Come Let Us Adore Him-Thou Art Worthy/Open Our Eyes/My Peace

HS-027 - Gentle Faith - Gentle Faith [1976] This group featured Darrell Mansfield.

HS-028 - Flow River Flow - Erik Nelson [1976] Flow River Flow/Soldiers Of The Cross/Prelude/The Gift/Sunlight//Something Happened/Movin' On/Beside You/One Last Night/Prodigal's Return

HS-029 - Praise Strings - Maranatha Strings [1976] Praise You Father/Sing To The Father/Father I Adore You/Praise The Lord/Unto Thee O Lord//Sing Hallelujah/Open Our Eyes/Light Our Way/My Peace/Seek Ye First

HS-030 - House-Between-Two-Rivers - Becky [1976] Artist is Becky Ugartechea. Who's The Master/Never Knew How Happy/Son Of The Living God/Take All The Lonely Times/Driftin'//Simple Joy/He'll Lift You Up/There Is Love/Glory And Honor/Now Is The Time

HS-031 - Fred Field & Friends - Fred Field & Friends [1976] Warm Away The Coldest Night/The Last Train To Heaven/Falling/Building A House/He Lives//Good Old California/Suffer The Little Ones/Country Life/That Morning/Home

HS-032 - Shotgun Angel - Daniel Amos [1977] Reissued in 1979 as Maranatha MM0032A. Original issue has glossy four-page black-and-white insert with photos and song lyrics. Days And Nights/Black Gold Fever/Praise Song/Father's Arms/Meal/Shotgun Angel//Finale: Bereshith Overture/Lady Goodbye/The Whistler/He's Gonna Do A Number on You/Better/Sail Me Away/Posse In The Sky

HS-033 - Sweet Comfort - Sweet Comfort Band [1977] It's So Fine (Soul Tune Boogie)/Ryan's Song/Childish Things/Let It Go/Your Life//Somebody Loves You/His Name Is Whispered/God's Got A Plan/Get Ready/When I Was Alone

HS-034 - Illustrations - Parable [1977] There's A Reason/Come Untangled/The City/A Friend/The Pain Truth//Act 3/The Promise/Ladder Song/Got To Decide/A Prayer

77-035 - More Than Friends - Ernie & Debby Rettino [1977] Previously issued as Windchime W101-1 in 1976.

77-036 - Maranatha 6: Family Portrait - Various Artists [1977] Beautiful Day - Karen Lafferty/Perfect Will - Bruce Herring/Somebody Loves You - Sweet Comfort Band/Who Loves The Lonely - Aslan/He Gave Me Love - The Plain Truth - Parable/Desert Song - Bethlehem/Nightingale - Becky Ugartechea/Father's Arms - Daniel Amos/Sail Away - Bob & Joy Cull

77-037 - Sweet Communion - Karen Lafferty [1978] Like A Morning Star/Peace Thru The Day/The Letter/Moonless Night/Father Of Lights//Nothing Can Separate/Sweet Communion/Beautiful Day/You Sure Have Been Good To Me/Kingdom Come

77-038 - Joseph Dreamer Of Dreams - Musical [1978]

77-039 - Praise Strings II - Maranatha Strings [1978] Reissued in 1979 as Maranatha MM0039A. Peace I Give To Thee/Love (One Another)/Set My Spirit Free/John 16:33 (These Things I Have Spoken Unto You)//Thy Loving Kindness/Cause Me To Come/Holy, Holy, Holy/Thank You Jesus/Psalm 5/Jesus

77-040 - Bethlehem - Bethlehem [1978] This group featured Danny Daniels and Randy Rigby, among others. Think It Over/Lover/Desert Song/Holy Ghost Blues/Dead Reckoning//Night Rider/This Road/No Good Excuses/Just A Prayer Away/Pilgrims

77-041 - Spirit of St. Louis - Lewis McVay [1978] Time/Ridin' In The Wind/Any Day/Water/Somebody//Lost But Not Forgotten/How Long?/Oh Lord/With You/Sit Down

77-042 - Fun in the Son - Isaac Air Freight [1978] Reissued in 1979 as Maranatha MM0042A. Let's Trade Your Salvation/Religion Store/Rapture Hotline #1/777 Pearly Gates//The Last World Series Report/Rapture Hotline #2/Rapture Airlines/Bible Junkie/Crazy Christians/Rapture Hotline #3/Jerusalem Dragnet

77-043 - Changin' - Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner [1978] Changin'/Pass The Salt/Root Toot Too/When I Think About Heaven/Born Again/Miracle//Parables/Parson Pete/Changed Into His Image/Mary's Song/Father Help Me

77-044 - Empty Handed - John Pantry [1978]

78-045 - Listen to the Peace - Adrian Snell [1978] Reissue of UK album Dove 51. Reach Me/Peace Be With You/Through The City Noise/Judas/Travelling//That's Me In The Corner/Turn Your Vengeance/Losing/Children Of The Dream (Psalm 126)/Listen To The Peace

77-046 - The Gift of Praise - Various Artists [1978] (3-LP set) Reissue of HS777/8, HS777/26, and HS-029 as a 3-LP set. Reissued in 1979 as Maranatha MM0046A. Disc 1 (The Praise Album): Heavenly Father/Father I Adore You/Praise The Lord/Praise The Lord Together/Thy Loving Kindness/Set My Spirit Free//Bring My Body Closer/Love (One Another)/Seek Ye First/Cause Me To Come/Holy, Thou Art Holy/Peace I Give To Thee; Disc 2 (Praise Strings): Praise You Father/Sing To The Father/Father I Adore You/Praise The Lord/Unto Thee O Lord//Sing Hallelujah/Open Our Eyes/Light Our Way/My Peace/Seek Ye First; Disc 3 (Praise II): Sing To The Father/Praise You Father/Light Our Way/Christ In Me/Unto Thee O Lord//Servant Of All/Sing Hallelujah/O Come Let Us Adore Him-Thou Art Worthy/Open Our Eyes/My Peace

77-047 - Blame It on the One I Love! - Kelly Willard [1978] Reissued in 1979 as Maranatha MM0047A. A Friend So True/You're Welcome Here/Dear Jesus/Similes/Cares Chorus/Me, Myself In Christ/Oh, Gentle Love//Blame It On the One I Love/Walk With Me/Pass the Salt/Dad Song/Rest/Heart's Prayer

MM0048A - Praise III - Maranatha Singers [1979] We Have Come Into His House (Let's Forget About Ourselves)/Humble Thyself In The Sight Of The Lord/Lord Be Glorified/Behold What Manner Of Love/Shepherd's Song/Spirit Song/Behold Bless Ye The Lord//John 3:16/Father I Believe In You/Jesus Name Above All Names/His Name Is Jesus/Wait On The Lord/We Must Wait (On The Lord)

MM0049A - Dance Children Dance - Leon Patillo [1979] Dance Children Dance/High On You/These Signs/Born Again//Temple To The Sky/Trinity/He Is Comin'/Come

MM0050A - Maranatha! Current - Various Artists [1979] Album cover artwork by Rick Griffin. This sampler album shows where the Maranatha music scene was at in 1979 at the end of the decade. Think It Over - Bethlehem/White Eagle - Oden Fong/777 Pearly Gates - Isaac Air Freight/Father of Lights - Karen Lafferty/Lord Be Glorified - The Maranatha Singers/Fairest Lord Jesus - Erick Nelson/Water - Lewis McVay/Temple To The Sky - Leon Patillo/Changed Into His Image - Ernie & Debby Rettino/Friend So True - Kelly Willard/He Will Take Great Care - John Pantry/Peace Be With You - Adrian Snell

Asaph MM0051A - Come for the Children - Oden Fong [1979] Mustard Seed Faith alumnus Oden Fong's first solo LP has much of the same lyrical depth that gave "Sail On Sailor" many admirers, the atmospheric reverie of "The Mask" being the prime example. The powerful 7-minute title track is pretty serious rock 'n roll, way heavier than anything on MSF. Melodic pop-rock and moving ballads with a progressive edge fill out the rest of this work. The song "Crazy Voices" also gets a lot of CCM airplay even today. The album cover artwork by famous artist Rick Griffin is unmistakable. Noteworthy also for being the first release on the new Asaph sub-label. The Mask/Natural Man/Crazy Voices/White Eagle/Selfish man//Again & Again/Ready To Fly/Come For The Children/She Begins To Sing

Asaph AS-00-80 - The Limited Edition - Mustard Seed Faith [1980] Recorded 1976-1979. Second release on the new Asaph label, a sub-label of Maranatha! Music of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Released January 1980, but only for a limited time. The distributor went bankrupt and they lost all their records in stock, locked up in a warehouse where they were destroyed. This is the four-piece Mustard, with Darrell Cook on bass guitar. Might Come Tonight/Miracle/Sidney The Pirate/All I Know (Is Jesus)// Whatever Happened?/Lost Inside Your Love/He's Always There/Fault Line/Dual Pathways

MM0052A - Hosanna - Various Artists [1979] Reissued with a different cover as Hymns of Praise: A Collection of Traditional Worship Hymns Interpreted in a Contemporary Style. Fairest Lord Jesus - Erick Nelson/There Is a Fountain - Michele Pillar/At the Cross - Harlan Rogers & Kelly Willard/Great is Thy Faithfulness - Harlan Rogers/The Love Of God - Kelly Willard/Amazing Grace - Leon Patillo/Take My Life And Let It Be - Ernie Rettino & Debbie Kerner/Higher Ground - Leon Patillo

MM0053A - Best of Maranatha, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1979] The LP is pressed in red vinyl, which can be seen through the blue cut-out cover. Little Country Church - Love Song/Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock - Debby Kerner/He Lives - Selah/He's The Reason To Go On - The Way/Seek Ye First - Maranatha! Singers/Father, I Adore You - Maranatha! Singers/Friends - Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner//Since I Met Jesus - Road Home/Sweet Summer Rain - Karen Lafferty/Sail On Sailor - Mustard Seed Faith/Song For The Church - Parable/Ain't Gonna Fight It - Daniel Amos [non-LP track]/Psalm 5 - Road Home

MM0054A - Praise Strings III - Maranatha Strings

MM0055A - Higher Power - Darrell Mansfield [1979]

MM0056A - The Best of Ernie & Debby - Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner [1979]

MM0057A - The Misfit - Erik Nelson & Michele Pillar [1979]

MM0058A - Standin' in the Light - Denny Correll [1979] Wings Of The Wind/Lead Me Home/Paradise/The Witness/Glory Road//Living Water/Faith/Standin' In The Light/Noah/Redeemer/He's Comin' Again

MM0059A - Best of Maranatha, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1979] Much more upbeat than its companion. Has the reverse appearance of Volume 1; this one has a red cut-out cover revealing a translucent blue LP. Come Untangled - Parable/Soldiers of the Cross - Erick Nelson & Michele Pillar/Sweet Jesus Morning - Mustard Seed Faith/When I Was Alone - Sweet Comfort/Father's Arms - Daniel Amos/Jerusalem - Gentle Faith//Sing Hallelujah - Praise Strings/Got To Decide - Parable/Childish Things - Sweet Comfort/Shotgun Angel - Daniel Amos/Beautiful Day - Karen Lafferty/My Peace - Maranatha! Singers

MM0060A - In the Air/On the Air - Isaac Air Freight [1979]

MM0061A - First Things First - Bob Bennett [1979] Carpenter Gone Bad?/The Night Shift/Whistling In The Dark/The Best/You're Welcome Here//Forgive And Forget/My Redeemer Lives/The Garden Song/I Belong To You/Healings

MM0062A - Hosanna USA Live - Various Artists [1980] This album is the audio of a live concert that was the pinnacle of Calvary Chapel's Saturday Night concert series in the late 70's. It showcases several popular acts of the time: Leon Patillo, Benny Hester Band, Kelly Willard, Darrell Mansfield, and Denny Correll, as well as part of a message from Chuck Smith. Introduction-Born Again - Leon Patillo/Temple To The Sky - Leon Patillo/The Prize - Darrell Mansfield/Jesus Came Into My Life - Benny Hester Band//Blame It On The One I Love - Kelly Willard/We All Know He's Coming - Benny Hester Band/Living Water - Denny Correll/The Witness - Denny Correll/Hosanna Message - Pastor Chuck Smith

MM0063A - Maranatha 7 - Various Artists [1980] Love Is The Key/Spiritual Equation/He's Always There/Don't Worry/I'll Just Depend On Him/Death Couldn't Keep My Jesus Down/Glory To God/Walking On The Water/Old Age/He'll Be Coming In The Clouds

MM0064A - Praise 4: In His Time - Maranatha Singers [1980] Reissued in 1983 as Maranatha 710 0064 848. I Want To Praise You Lord/In His Time/Micah 6:8/I Will Serve You (Thee)/Psalm 5//The Sweetest Name Of All/The Worship Song (Lord You're Worthy)/Jesus What A Wonder You Are (Jesus How Lovely You Are)/Isn't He?/I Love You Lord

MM0065A - The Gift of Praise, Volume 2 - Various Artists (3-LP set) [1980]

MM0066A - Foolish Guys...To Confound the Wise - Isaac Air Freight [1980] Final Minutes/Body Schisms/KUSS/Woodstock Now//Cult/Hardness Of Heart/E.F. Bullish/Jerusalem Dragnet II

MM0067A - Praise Strings 4 - Maranatha Strings [1980] I Want To Praise You Lord/In His Time/Micah 6:8/I Will Serve You (Thee)/Psalm 5//The Sweetest Name Of All/The Worship Song (Lord You Are Worthy)/Jesus What A Wonder You Are (Jesus How Lovely You Are)/Isn't He?/I Love You Lord

MM0068A - The Kid's Praise Album! - Kid's Praise Kids [1980] Introducing Psalty, the Singing Songbook. Produced by Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner. Issued with a custom label. Reissued as Maranatha 710 0068 827. Amen, Praise The Lord/Behold What Manner Of Love/Jesus Name Above All Names/If I Were A Butterfly/Seek Ye First//Heaven Is A Wonderful Place/1 John 4:7&8 (Beloved)/The Wa Wa Song/Father I Adore You/Children Of The Lord

MM0069A - Broken Chains - Malcolm Wild [1979] When You Call/Morning Star/Broken Chains/Was It You My Love?/Dreams//Pride (Before A Fall)/The Best Is You/You're The Reason/Love Is You/The Prize

MM0070A - Picking Up the Pieces - Erik Nelson [1980] Picking Up The Pieces/He Lives/Soldiers Of The Cross/Set My Spirit Free/Jimmy/Flow River Flow//Jesus Is Calling/Martyr Song/Love Hurts-He Gave Me Love/The Misfit/Fairest Lord Jesus

MM0071A - Emmanuel: A Christmas Praise Album - Maranatha Singers [1980] Come Let Us Worship And Bow Down/Love Of The Ages/I Have Loved Thee/Emmanuel/King Of Kings/Worthy//What Child Is This?/O Come O Come Emmanuel/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Silent Night/Joy To The World

MM0072A - The Promise - Steven Soles [1980]

MM0073A - Life Pages/Love of the Ages - Karen Lafferty [1980]

MM0074A - Joy Unspeakable - Maranatha Singers [1981]

MM0075A - Joseph, Dreamer of Dreams - Ernie & Debby Rettino [1981]

MM0076A - Praise Five: It's Time to Praise the Lord - Maranatha Singers [1981] (Don't You Know) It's Time To Praise The Lord/As We Gather-The Steadfast Love Of The Lord/A Shield About Me/Jesus I Love You/Praise Song//Call On The Lord/The More I Get To Know You (The More I Fall In Love)/I Believe In You/In Moments Like These/Glorify Thy Name

MM0077A - Quiero Alabarte - Maranatha Singers [1981]

MM0078A - Kid's Praise 2: A Joy Fullest Noise - Kid's Praise (Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner) [1981] Matthew 16:24/Sandyland/Say To The Lord, I Love You/Jesus/Arky Arky//Make A Joyful Noise/Clap De Hands/Praise God/In His Time/Lord, Be Glorified

MM0079A - Willing Heart - Kelly Willard [1981]

MM0080A - God Loves Country Music - Various Artists [1981] Several cuts include Bernie Leadon [Eagles] on guitar. God Loves Country Music - George Highfill/O Lord I Thank You - Bruce Herring & Tommy Coomes/Servant Of All - Von Rogers/If We Walk In The Light - Bruce Herring/Draw Me Nearer - Cindy Baxter/Freely Freely - - George Highfill//Psalm 5 - Richie Furay/From The Rising Of The Sun - Cindy Baxter/Come Let Us Worship And Bow Down - George Highfill & Von Rogers/Create In Me A Clean Heart - Chris Hillman/The Christian Life - Terry Taylor

MM0081A - Snooze Ya Lose - Isaac Air Freight [1981] People Say The Darndest Things/Leave It To Squirrellie/Time Wasters Looks At TV//Pilgrim Race/Specs O'Keefe In The Case Of The Missing First Love

MM0082A - Praise Strings 5 - Maranatha Strings [1981] (Don't You Know) It's Time To Praise The Lord/A Shield About Me/Jesus I Love You/I Believe In You/Praise Song//As We Gather-The Steadfast Love Of The Lord/The More I Get To Know You (The More I Fall In Love)/Call On The Lord/In Moments Like These/Glorify Thy Name

MM0083A - The Best of Praise - Maranatha Singers [1981] Seek Ye First/Lord Be Glorified/Sing Hallelujah/Spirit Song/I Want To Praise You Lord/The Sweetest Name Of All//We Have Come Into This House (Let's Forget About Ourselves)/Open Our Eyes/In His Time/Father I Adore You/I Love You Lord

MM0084A - Love Is the Key - Tommy Coomes [1981] Thinkin' Of You/A Faithful Witness/He's A Liar/Don't Be Afraid/Love Is The Key/I Owe Everything To You/The Pleasure's Mine/Hidden Treasure/Singing Our Praises To Jesus

MM0085A - Hymns of Praise Strings - Maranatha Strings [1982] Reissued as SPCN Maranatha! 710 0085 826. Great Is Thy Faithfulness/Amazing Grace/Fairest Lord Jesus/others

MM0086A - Cantico de Libertad - Alonso Alejandro [1982]

MM0087A - Quiero Alabarte Instrumental I - Maranatha Strings [1982]

MM0088A - Maranatha Country Roundup - Various Artists [1982]

MM0089A - My Kingdom Come/Thy Kingdom Come - Isaac Air Freight [1982]

MM0090A - Quiero Alabarte II - Maranatha Singers [1982]

MM0091A - Country Praise (God Loves Country Music No. 2) - Maranatha! [1982] Includes several musicians and singers well known in country music. Singers include: Bruce Herring, Maria Muldaur, George Highfill, Cindy Baxter, Von Rogers, Dan McCorison, Bonnie Bramlett, Ricky Skaggs, Patty Schauer, and Tommy Funderburk. Among the musicians, Bernie Leadon plays guitars and banjo. Thank God/Make Me A Friend/What A Friend/Clear My Mind/Jesus What A Wonder You Are (Jesus How Lovely You Are)//Seek Ye First/Cause Me To Come/I Thank You Jesus/I Will Serve You (Thee)/I Keep Falling In Love With Him- His Name Is Jesus

MM0092A - Kid's Praise 3: Funtastic Family - Maranatha Kids [1982]

MM0093A - Psalty's Christmas Calamity - Psalty [1982] Joy To The World/O Come All Ye Faithful Medley/We Three Kings/The First Noel/Psalty's Shampoo/Christmas Is A Time Of Love/Fix It/Fix It Reprise/Not By Might/Jingle Bells Medley

MM0094A - Un Nueva Dia - Antonio Lozano [1982]

MM0095A - Praise Six: Come and Sing Praises - Maranatha! Singers [1982] Maranatha! Singers on this album are: Bob Buzbee, Tom Coomes, Jim Coulson, Bruce Herring, Ernie Rettino, Jack Searle, Cherlye Brandon Browning, Marita Faahs, Wendy Fremin, Teresa Muller, and Michele Pillar. Come And Sing Praises-We Love You And Praise You/Make Me A Servant/Jesus/Wonderful Counselor/All Through The Day/You Are My Hiding Place/As For Me/The Lord Is Good/O Lord You're Beautiful-Beautiful/Face To Face (Lord Let Me Know You)/One Thing Is Needful/Holy Holy Holy/The Lord Bless Thee

MM0096A - Himnos De Alabanzas Maranatha! - Maranatha! [1982]

MM0097A - Psalms Alive - Maranatha! Singers [1983] The Maranatha! Singers and musicians on this album are: Richie Furay (vocals), Kelly Willard (vocals), Tom Howard (keyboards), Billy Batstone (guitar, bass, vocals), John Mehler (drums), and Ken Nash (percussion). Reissued as Maranatha! 710 0097 827. Psalm 113 (Sing Together)/Psalm 84 (How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place)/Psalm 92 (It Is Good To Give Thanks)/Psalm 143 (In The Morning)/Psalm 40:1-6 (I Waited For The Lord)//Psalm 23 (The Lord Is My Shepherd)/Psalm 148 (Praise The Lord From The Heavens)/Psalm 86 (Hear Oh Lord)/Psalm 131 (Stilled And Quieted My Soul)/Psalm 19 (The Heavens Tell The Glory-God's Perfect Law)

MM0098A - The Way That He Loves - Jack Searle [1983]

MM0099A - Praise Strings VI - Maranatha Strings [1983] As For Me/Come And Sing Praises-We Love You And Praise You/Make Me A Servant/Face To Face (Lord Let Me Know You)/All Through The Day//O Lord You're Beautiful-Beautiful/Wonderful Counselor/You Are My Hiding Place/The Lord Is Good/One Thing Is Needful

MM 0100 - I Am (A Celebration Of Praise) - Maranatha! Praise [1983]

MM0101A - Quiero Alabarte Instrumental II - Maranatha Strings [1983]

MM0102A - The Wedding Album - Various Artists [1983] The Wedding Song (There Is Love)/After The Sunset - Debbie McNeil/The Father's Call - Tom Howard/Flesh Of My Flesh - Leon Patillo/Our Love - Sam Scott//My Treasure - Scott Wesley Brown/All In His Own Sweet Time - Cathy Spurr/Like Sweet Music (We Flow Together) - Jayne Farrell/Take All Of Me - Bill Butler/This Is The Day (A Wedding Song) - Scott Wesley Brown

MM0103A - Quiero Alabarte III - Maranatha Singers [1983]

MM0104A - Down Home Praise - Various Artists [1983]

MM0105A - The Gift of Praise, Volume 3 - Various Artists (3-LP set) [1983]

MM0106A - Hymns of Praise Strings II - Maranatha Strings [1983] Praise To The Lord The Almighty/All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name/Holy, Holy, Holy/Lead Me To Calvary/Meditation On The Cross/When I Survey The Wonderful Cross//Cleanse Me/Meditation On Our Dependence/I Need Thee Every Hour/The Solid Rock/O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing/To God Be The Glory

MM0107A - The Best of Praise Strings - Maranatha Strings [1983] Reissued as Maranatha! SPCN-7-100-10782-2.

MM0108A - Kid's Praise 4: Singsational Servants - Kid's Praise [1983] With a gatefold insert page with a comic book version of the story. Reissued as Maranatha 710 0108 829. We're Singing Praises/Servant Of All/Take All Of Me/Draw Me Nearer/Beautiful//Beethoven's New 9th/The Recipe Song/Charity's Dream/Make Me A Servant/Jesus Put The Song In My Heart/Make Me A Servant (Chorus Reprise)

At about this point, SPCN numbering system begins (not all numbers are known to us). Although the format for the SPCN numbers on the actual albums was SPCN-7-100-XXXXX-Y, the numbers are given here in such a way to emphasize the sequential numbering system used from the beginning of the series, which is in the middle block of numbers.

710 0109 825 - Pick of the Litter - Isaac Air Freight [1983] Jerusalem Dragnet (Excerpt)/Jerusalem Dragnet II (Excerpt)/Crazy Christians/Leave It To The Squirrellie (Excerpt)/Let's Trade Your Salvation/E.F. Bullish/Bible Junkie/Prodigal Joe (Excerpt)//The Day After Tomorrow Show/777 Pearly Gates/Specs O'Keefe In The Case Of The Missing First Love (Excerpt)/P-R-A-Y-E-R/Demon's Dilemma/The Last World Series Report/King Me--The Third Encounter

710 0110 823 - The Best of Praise, Vol. 2 - Maranatha! Singers [1983] Come Let Us Worship And Bow Down/Praise You Father/Jesus Name Above All Names/Jesus What A Wonder You Are/Isn't He?/O Lord You're Beautiful/Beautiful//My Peace/Bring My Body Closer/(Don't You Know) It's Time To Praise The Lord/Call On The Lord/Come And Sing Praises/Humble Thyself In The Sight Of The Lord/You Are My Hiding Place/The Lord Bless Thee

710 0111 82? - Quiero Alabarte Instrumental III - Maranatha Strings

710 0112 826 - Medley of Praise-Instrumental - Praise Symphony Orchestra [1983] 43 Songs in medlies. Seek Ye First/You Are My Hiding Place/In Moments Like These/Open Our Eyes/Glorify Thy Name/Spirit Song/Sweetest Name Of All/In His Time/others

710 0113 822 - Psalms Alive 2 - Maranatha! Singers [1983] Psalm 122 (I Was Glad)/Psalm 46 (There Is A River)/Psalm 100 (Sing To The Lord)/Psalm 13 (When Heaven's Locked In Silence)/Psalm 121 (He Will Not Let You Fail)//Psalm 66:16-20 (Come And Listen)/Psalm 32:1-6 (Freely Forgiven)/Psalm 108:1-6 (Wake Up My Soul)/Psalm 57 (Be Gracious Unto Me)/Psalm 24 (The Earth Is The Lord's)

710 0114 82?

710 0115 82?

710 0116 82?

710 0117 82?

710 0118 824 - Psalty's Singalonathon Maranatha Marathon Hallelujah Jubilee: The Best of Kid's Praise! - Kids Praise Kids [1984] Singalongathon/The Butterfly Song/Clap De Hands/Joy, Joy, Joy (Down In My Heart)/Seek Ye First//Arky Arky/Say To The Lord I Love You/Not By Might/I Love You Lord/Praise God/Singalongathon (Reprise)

710 0119 820 - Message from a King - Kelly Willard [1984] Message From A King/Do You Really Love The Master/I Am The Way/Give It All To The Lord/For The Best/It Is Love//Lover Of The World/Life In The Spirit/Keep My Eyes On You/How Can They Live Without Jesus/Humble Yourself

710 0120 829 - Quiet Streams: Devotional Moments in Praise and Spoken Word - Maranatha Music [1984]

710 0121 825 - Psalms Instrumental - Maranatha Strings [1984] Psalm 113 (Sing Together)/Psalm 84 (How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place)/Psalm 92 (It Is Good To Give Thanks)/Psalm 143 (In The Morning)/Psalm 148 (Praise The Lord From The Heavens)//Psalm 32:1-6 (Freely Forgiven)/Psalm 24 (The Earth Is The Lord's)/Psalm 46 (There Is A River)/Psalm 57 (Be Gracious Unto Me)/Psalm 122 (I Was Glad)

710 0122 821 - Let The World Rejoice: A Musical Celebration of Christmas - Various Artists [1984]

710 0123 828 - Praise Seven - Maranatha Singers [1984] One Thing I Have Desired/How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place/O Magnify The Lord (I Will Call Upon The Lord)/The Lord Reigns/He Is Our Peace//Maranatha!/Come Away/Rock Of My Salvation/Holy Place/He Is

710 0124 82?

710 0125 820 - I AM II - Maranatha! Praise [1984]

701 01?? 82? - The Freight's Designer Album - Isaac Air Freight [1984] Comedy Odyssey/Are You A Fool?/Generic Phone Company/Montague/KBAM//Spouses' Super Bout/Ed Hermans' Talk Radio/Fadscene/What's Gospel To You?/Leave It To Squirrellie

710 0126 827 - Gospel Cannonball - Various Artists [1984]

710 0130 824 - Praise Strings Seven - Praise Strings [1985] One Thing I Have Desired (Psalm 27:4)/How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (Ps. 84)/O Magnify The Lord (I Will Call Upon The Lord)/The Lord Reigns/He Is Our Peace//Maranatha!/Come Away/Rock Of My Salvation/Holy Place/He Is

710 0132 827 - Jazz Praise - Mehler & Nash [1985] John Mehler and Kenneth Nash. Lord Bless Thee/Sing Hallelujah/Draw Me Nearer/Spirit Song/Dance Before The Throne//Hear My Cry (Lead Me To The Rock)/Jesus, Name Above All Names/I Will Celebrate/Come Let Us Worship And Bow Down/Amazing Grace

701 0133 823 - Voice of Praise - Morris Chapman with the Maranatha! Singers [1985] Praise: We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise-We Give You Praise/Let All The Earth (Shout For Joy)/Sweet Jesus/Fellowship: Behold How Good and Pleasant It Is (Ps. 133)/Love One Another- Song Of Brotherhood/Lord We Pray//Worship: Sanctuary Medley: In His Sanctuary/Seleh (Sanctuary Interlude)/Within the Veil/O Lord You're Beautiful/Father - I Just Want To Love You/I Love You Lord/Communion: Communion Medley:Communion Prayer (Ps. 139:23-24)/We Remember You/Commune With Me/We are Free.

710 0134 82X - Hi Tops: original Soundtrack from the Musical - Various Artists [1985] Includes early recording by Crystal lewis.

710 0139 821 - Ever Call Ready - Ever Call Ready [1985] Country/bluegrass band featuring Bernie Leadon, Chris Hillman, Al Perkins, Darrell Mansfield, and Jerry Scheff. River Of Jordan/I'll Be No Stranger There/Don't Let Them Take The Bible Out Of Our School Rooms/God Loves His Children/It's Beginning To Rain//Livin' In The Name Of Love/Boat Of Love/Men Are So Busy/I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map/Panhandle Rag

710 140 82X - Move Into His Presence - Maranatha! Men's Chorus [1985] Praise The Lord Together-Move Into His Presence/(Don't You Know) It's Time To Praise The Lord/Glorify Thy Name/Seek Ye First-In His Time/Sing Hallelujah//Adoration Medley: Jesus, Name Above All Names- Praise You Fathe-Behold Bless Ye The Lord/Psalm 5-Humble Thyself In The Sight Of The Lord/Behold What Manner Of Love/I Love You Lord/Be Ye Holy

710 0141 826 - The Year of Jubilee - Lamb [1985] Lamb is Joel Chernoff and Rick Coghill. The Year Of The Jubilee/Baruch Ha Ba (Blessed Is He)/Dance And Sing/Many Will See It/Pray For Jerusalem//Come To Me/Bringing Us Back/Look At Them Go/Rend Your Hearts/Lord, Revive Us

710 0142 82?

710 0143 829 - A Time for Peace - Various Artists [1985] Colours Series.

710 0144 82?

710 0145 821 - A Time for Joy - Various Artists [1985] Colours Series.

710 0147 824 - Spectrum: The Colours Sampler - Various Artists [1985]

710 0148 820 - The Gift of Praise, Volume 4 - Various Artists [1985] (3-LP set) Reissue of MM0095A, MM0082A, and MM0099A as a 3-LP set. Disc 1 (Praise Six: Come and Sing Praises): Maranatha! Singers on this album are: Bob Buzbee, Tom Coomes, Jim Coulson, Bruce Herring, Ernie Rettino, Jack Searle, Cherlye Brandon Browning, Marita Faahs, Wendy Fremin, Teresa Muller, and Michele Pillar. Come And Sing Praises-We Love You And Praise You/Make Me A Servant/Jesus/Wonderful Counselor/All Through The Day/You Are My Hiding Place/As For Me/The Lord Is Good/O Lord You're Beautiful-Beautiful/Face To Face (Lord Let Me Know You)/One Thing Is Needful/Holy Holy Holy/The Lord Bless Thee; Disc 2 (Praise Strings 5): The Maranatha Strings. (Don't You Know) It's Time To Praise The Lord/A Shield About Me/Jesus I Love You/I Believe In You/Praise Song//As We Gather-The Steadfast Love Of The Lord/The More I Get To Know You (The More I Fall In Love)/Call On The Lord/In Moments Like These/Glorify Thy Name; Disc 3 (Praise Strings VI): The Maranatha Strings. As For Me/Come And Sing Praises-We Love You And Praise You/Make Me A Servant/Face To Face (Lord Let Me Know You)/All Through The Day//O Lord You're Beautiful-Beautiful/Wonderful Counselor/You Are My Hiding Place/The Lord Is Good/One Thing Is Needful

710 0149 827 - The Wind and the Wheat - Phil Keaggy [2/87] Colours Series. Reissued in 1987 as Maranatha MMR 0149. March Of The Clouds/Paradise Dream/The Wind And The Wheat/Where Travelers Meet/From Shore To Shore//Prayer/The Mission/The Promise/The Reunion/I Love You Lord

710 0153 824 - Praise Eight - Maranatha Singers [1986] You're Beautiful/Praise To The Lord (Psalm 113)/The Lord Is Holy/Hide Me In Your Holiness/Commune With Me//Go Out With Joy-I Will Sing/No Other Love/He Is Lovely/To Bless Your Heart/As The Deer

710 0154 820 - Kingdom Come - Jeanne Rogers [1986] Come Worship The King/The Champion Has Come/Jesus My King/Kingdom Come/You Are My All (Dawn)//King Of Kings/We Are A People Who Were Not/Come, Let Us Bow Down And Worship/Walkin' In The Spirit/Newness Of Life

710 0158 826 - The Hidden Passage - Various Artists [1986] Colours Series.

710 0159 822 - Nannybird's Birthday Surprise: Her 2nd Adventure - Peter & Hanneke Jacobs [1985] A Perfect Day/When I Grow Up/Jesus How I Love You/The Alphabet Shuffle/The Recipe Song/You Are My Strength/The Happy Face Song/I Can Read/The Christian Happy Birthday Song/A Perfect Day

710 0165 822 - Palette: A Colours Sampler - Various Artists [1986] Colours Series.

710 0167 625 - Solo Piano - Tom Howard [1987] Colors Series.

710 0168 821 - A Family Christmas - Tom & Robin Brooks [1986] O Come All Ye Faithful/Let's Make A Memory/Super Duper Christmas/Emmanuel/What Child Is This?/Away In A Manger//His Name Shall Be Adored/Hark The Herald Angels Sing-Angels We Have Heard On High/The Light Of Christ-The First Noel/Silent Night/Let's Make A Memory (Reprise)-O Come All Ye Faithful (Reprise)-Joy To The World (Reprise)

710 0188 822 - The 2nd Sunday Sing-A-Long - Maranatha Kids [1987]

710 0190 827 - Praise Nine - Maranatha! Singers [1987] You Alone Deserve Our Praise-I Just Want To Praise You/Great Are You Lord-Great Is Thy Name/We Are Here To Praise You-May The Fragrance Of Jesus Fill This Place/How Excellent Your name/Majestic Medley: Be Exalted O God- Majesty-All Hail King Jesus/You Are The Mighty King//Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty/The Servant King/Meekness And Majesty (This Is Our King)/When I Look Into Your Holiness/Lord Have Mercy On Us- Change My Heart Oh God/Thy Word/Unto The Lord

710 0196 825 - Reflection: A Colours Sampler - Various Artists [1987] Colours Series.

710 0217 822 - Camp Song Sing-A-Long - Maranatha Kids [1988]

710 0238 82X - Abba!: 18 Songs to the Father - Maranatha Singers [1988]

710 0256 828 - 12 Songs of Hope - Maranatha! Singers [1989] Make A Way/The Great Surprise Of The Ages/O Lord Come/We Will Worship You/We Praise You For Your Glory//Maranatha/He Is here-Communion Song-We Remember You/Soon And Very Soon/A Day Like Any Other day/I Am Returning

710 0302 82X - When You're a Rebel - Altar Boys [1985] Difference In Me/More Of You/Calling Out To Believers!/When I'm With God/I'm Into God (Reprise)/When You're A Rebel//Jesus Is Number One/If You Let Him In/When I See You/He Knows You Better/Does God's Heart Cry?


The A&S label was a Maranatha Music label, distributed by Word. The A&S logo was a pair of wings with "A&S" at the center, and a gold record behind the wings. The background of the label was starry sky of various shades of blue, with white clouds at the bottom. Printing was black.

AS0001- Back to the Rock - Various Artists [1981]

AS0002 - Live - Malcolm & Alwyn [1982] Malcolm Wild and Alwyn Wall. Say It Like It Is/I Love/I Feel Fine/Morning Star/Fools Wisdom//Growing Old/Things Are Getting Better/The World Needs Jesus/Tomorrow's News

AS0003 - Bow and Arrow - John Mehler [1982]

AS0004 - Red Alert - Malcolm & the Mirrors [1982]

AS0005 - God Rules - Undercover [1983]

AS0006A - The Vision - Darrell Mansfield [1983] Reissued as A&S 710 0916 82?.

710 0917 82? - Back to the Rock, Volume 2 - Various Artists

710 0918 820 - Light the Night - John Mehler & Kenneth Nash

710 0919 827 - Boys and Girls: Renounce the World - Undercover [1984]

Thanks to Chris Paynter, Barry & Shari Wallace, Jerry Hollis, Barry Malone, Robert Brouhard, Roger Inbody, and Don "Deejay" Long.

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