Lamb & Lion Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 18, 2005

Lamb & Lion was Pat Boone's Label. The original logo (pictured above) even said "Pat Boone Productions." Early on, it was associated with MGM on the secular side, and distributed by Word to Christian bookstores. MGM was originally going to put out albums on the Lamb & Lion label with the LAL-9000 series, but decided against it, opting to issue an album or two on the MGM label in their normal SE-4800 pop series.

The label was definitely a vehicle for the Boone Family to record and issue records, but it was more than that. Contemporary Christian stars Gary Chapman, Dogwood, Steve Green, and Degarmo & Key were among those who got their starts on the Lamb & Lion label. They also brought in talent from outside the United States (for example, The Family Tree was from Australia, Ulf Christiansson from Sweden)

In the mid-to-late 1970s, Lamb & Lion switched distribution from Word to Benson, and in 1983 shifted their series from the LL-1000 to the LLR3000 series and switched to Sparrow for distribution. The label changed at that point to one with Sparrow's logo, also, and several albums from the LL-1000 series were reissued in the LLR3000 series.

Early Lamb & Lion labels were tan. with dark brown print, with the Lamb & Lion/Pat Boone logo at the top of the label.

The first label was replaced in 1977 by another tan label with a slightly modified logo.

The second tan label was replaced by a green label with a multicolor band around the label, and a picture of a lamb with a lion behind it on the right lower part of the label.

By 1981, the label had evolved to a blue label with a lamb and lion in the clouds, with sunrays shining down. The label name was repeated nine times around the edge of the label.

When Lamb & Lion went to Sparrow in 1983, the label changed to grey with a brown Lamb & Lion logo at the top of the label and a Sparrow label at the right of the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

LL-1000 Series (Distributed first by Word, later by Benson):

LL-1001 - Pat Boone Sings Golden Hymns - Pat Boone [1972] Precious Lord, Take My Hand/In The Garden/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Sweet Hour Of Prayer/Pass Me Not//Amazing Grace/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee/My God Is Real/The Old Rugged Cross

LL-1002 - Pat Boone Sings the New Songs of the Jesus People - Pat Boone [1972] One Way/Little Country Church/Hallelujah/Children Of The Day/Take A Little Time/I Have Decided To Follow Jesus/Hymn/Walking Hand In Hand/Forgive Me, My Friend/For Those Tears I Died/Be Attitudes/I Wish We'd All Been Ready

LL-1003 - Welcome to Nashville - First Nashville Jesus Band [1972] He Is Coming Soon/Why/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Gloryland March/Bridge Over Troubled Waters/Daddy Sang Bass/Amazing Grace/I Am A Pilgrim/Nearer My God To Thee/I'll Fly Away/Family Bible

LL-1004 - Pat Boone and the First Nashville Jesus Band - Pat Boone & First Nashville Jesus Band [1973] Also issued on MGM/Lamb & Lion SE-4877. I Saw The Light/Family Bible/My Religion's Not Old-Fashioned/Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus/Are You Walkin' And A-Talkin' For The Lord/The Great Speckled Bird/Me And Jesus/Taller Than Trees/Wait For The Light To Shine/Tramp On The Street/Turn Your Radio On/Avenue Of Prayer

LL-1005 - Christian People, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1973] Christian People - Andrae Crouch & Disciples/I Wish We'd All Been Ready - Pat Boone/Medley: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands-Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man - Imperials/Can I Show You? - Children Of The Day/Jesus Is Coming Soon - First National Jesus Band/One Way - Danny Lee & Children Of Truth//Me And Jesus - Pat Boone & First National Jesus Band/Amen, Praise The Lord - Debby Kerner/Too Close - Andrae Crouch & Disciples/I'm So Happy - 2nd Chapter Of Acts/It Won't Be Long - Archers/A Brighter Day - Imperials

LL-1006 - The Family Who Prays - Boone Family with the First Nashville Jesus Band [1973] Released in Europe as LL-2006. Gloryland March/How Can You Refuse Him Now?/Dust On The Bible/Old Fashioned Singing/Bubbling In My Soul/The Family Who Prays/Help Me Undersrtand/The Lord Is Counting On You/I'll Meet You In The Morning/Thank God/Old Country Church/He Will Set Your Fields On Fire

LL-1007 - Born Again - Pat Boone with the First Nashville Jesus Band [1973] That Glory Bound Train/These Hands/I've Got So Many Million Years/Rank Strangers To Me/When My Lord Picks Up The Phone/Suppertime/Born Again/Satisfied/Blackland Farmer/There's A Lot More Layin' Down/Old Brush Arbors/But For The Grace Of God

LL-1008 - Peace in the Valley - First Nashville Jesus Band [1973]

LL-1009 - Ragtime Glory Special - Del Wood & the First Nashville Jesus Band [1973] On The Jericho Road/There's A Big Wheel/Leaning On The Everlasting Arms/Old Camp Meetin' Time/Whispering Hope/Glory Special//Power In The Blood/Give The World A Smile/This Ole House/Brighten The Corner Where You Are/Open Up Your Heart (And Let The Sunshine In)/Keep On The Firing Line

LL-1010 - New Orleans Salvation & Marching Band - New Orleans Salvation & Marching Band [1973]

LL-1011 - Thank You Dear Lord - Pat Boone [1973]

LL-1012 - Something Beautiful - Roy & Ruthie [1973]

LL-1013 - S-A-V-E-D - Pat Boone [1973]

LL-1014 - Road That Jesus Walked - Various Artists [1973] He's Everywhere - Crossroads Quartet/To Touch A Rose - Crossroads Quartet/The Fourth Man - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & Crossroads Quartet/Acres Of Diamonds - Maggie Smith/You Are The Finger Of God - George Hamilton IV/Just For Today - Gerry Dionne//I Saw A Man - Maggie Griffin/The Sunshine Of His Love - Crossroads Quartet/I've Been With Jesus - Crossroads Quartet/Not My Will - Don Ange/The Shadow Of A Cross - George Hamilton IV/I've Heard About A City - Crossroads Quartet

LL-1015 - Bluegrass Gospel - George Hamilton IV [1974] I'm Using My Bible As A Road Map/Old Time Religion/When It's Prayer Meetin' Time In The Hollow/I Shall Not Be Moved/Father's Table Grace/Will The Circle Be Unbroken//Shake My Mother's Hand For Me/O Come Angel Band/Where Did All The Good Folks Go/Build Me A Cabin In Glory/Precious Memories/Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet

LL-1016 - Songs from the Inner Court - Pat Boone [1974] Just As I Am/I Can Hear My Savior Calling/Into My Heart/He's The Savior Of My Soul/I Am Thine O Lord/Have Your Own Way, Lord/Does Jesus Care?//My Jesus, I Love You/More Love To Thee/Medley: Jesus, Savior Pilot Me-Sun Of My Soul-Jesus, The Very Thought Of You/Fairest Lord Jesus/I Need You Every Hour/A Sacrifice Of Praise

LL-1017 - Something Supernatural - Pat Boone [1975] Didn't He/Don't Give Up On Jesus/Fool's Wisdom/Lord/Something Supernatural/UFO/Way Out Jesus/What A Song/Wings Of Fire/You Were On His Mind/You'll Start Falling In Love

LL-1018 - On Fire! - Family Tree [1975]

LL-1019 - Judy! Judy! Judy! - Judy Romero [1975]

LL-1020 - After the Flood, Before the Fire - Dogwood [1975] All Of You/After The Flood, Before The Fire/I Don't Want To Be Deceived/If I Forget The Ones/It's The Truth/Jesus Is Passing By/Journey Music/One Lane Road/Remember Whose Child You Are/Sometime Someplace/The News/Water Grave


LL-1022 - Glass Castle - Boone Girls [1976] Reissued in 1977 as The Boone Girls. Label gives their names: Cherry, Lindy, Debby, and Laurie. Time For Dyin'/The First Butterfly/One To One/Father God/Bluebird//Glass Castle/Cinderella/I Don't Know/I Think I Can Hear You/Water Grave/Time For Dyin' (Reprise)

LL-1023 - If We Abide - Family Tree [1975] Standing At The Door/Born Again/Living Water/A new Commandment/Beautiful Feet Blues//The One To Turn To/The Lord Be With You/If We Abide/Phillipians 4:8/Psalm 51

LL-1024 - Down Home - Pat Boone & Crossroads Quartet [1975] Campin' In Canaan Land/Someone To Care/Tree Of Life/Thief In The Night/We Need A Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock N' Roll)/Praying//Gloryland Way/Why Me/Tattler's Wagon/Acres Of Diamonds/I'm Gonna Serve Him ('Til I Die)/If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

LL-1025 - We Believe in You - Los Latinos [1976]

LL-1026 - Love Note - Dogwood [1976] Love Note/I'll Be Ready To Go/Seed Song/I'm Gonna Leave My Troubles/Buffalo Creek/others

LL-1027 - Your Smile - Sandi Campi [1977]

LL-1028?? - Confession - Shiloh [1977] Shiloh was Dennis McIntosh and Mike Kelly. This album was produced by Terry Talbot and features Talbot on guitar and Keith Green on piano.

LL-1029 - Miracle Merry-Go-Round - Pat Boone [1977]

LL-1030 - Freedom Flight - James Sundquist [1977] Even Though The Devil Hate Me/To Be Happy/King Of Hearts/What Do Ah Need?/Gospel Ship//Loving Tree/First Love/Mountain Lady/Twelve Gates (Rev.21)/Golden Harp

LL-1031 - I Love Jesus - Spring of Joy [1977]

LL-1032 - Canvas for the Sun - Phil McHugh [1977]

LL-1033 -

LL-1034 - Just Betty Jean Robinson - Betty Jean Robinson [1978] Jesus Is Alive and Well/He's Coming to Take Me Home/Jesus Is His Name/You Must Believe/I Should Have Been Crucified/Jesus Is Coming/There's Going to Be a Singing/Melody Mountain/Something Someplace/Heaven Is a Family Reunion/He Went All the Way

LL-1035 - Out in the Open - Dogwood [1977] Dogwood by 1977 was down to just Steve Chapman and Ron Elder, but they enlisted some help on this album. You Move Me/You'll Be There/Snuggles/Remember The Rebels/Taking Me Higher//Go Ahead And Dance/Great Great Joy [with Honeytree]/Ebenezer [with Annie Chapman]/The Singer [with Chris Christian, Ann Elder, and Reggie Young]/Be On Your Way/Bitter Persuasion

LL-1036 - Wendell - Wendell Burton [1978] Brand New Life/Fly Away/Free And Easy/Good Ol' Gospel Feeling/Hey World/Holy Boldness/Jesus I'm Asking You/Night Train/Stone By Stone/Wonderful

LL-1037 - This Time Thru - De Garmo & Key [1978] Emmanuel/Addey/Only The Meek Survive/Too Far Too Long/Alley Ways Of Strife//Sleeper/Wayfaring Stranger/In The Days Of Thy Youth/Chase The Wind/This Time Thru

LL-1038 - First Class - Boones [1978] Caught In This World/Dance/Father's Arms/I Love You More Than My Rock And Roll/I'm A Believer/Let Me Be Lonely/My Love Will Never Change/Perfect Love/You Took My Heart By Surprise/You Were There

LL-1039 - Just the Way I Am - Pat Boone [1979] Something Good/More Of You/Filled To Overflowin'/You Loved Somethin' About Me/I Have//Just The Way I Am/To Be Like Him/I Go To The Rock/Jesus Was There All The Time/Stone By Stone

LL-1040 - All Things Are Possible - Dan Peek [1979] All Things Are Possible/Divine Lady/Love Was Just Another Word/He's All That's Right/One Way//Ready For Love/Lighthouse/Forgive Me, Forgive You/Hometown/You're My Savior/I Have to Say Goodbye

LL-1041 - Born Again (Original Soundtrack) - Les Baxter [1978]

LL-1042 - Shinin' Through the Rain - Wendell Burton [1979] Father Of Love (Wedding Song)/Guru/Here I Am, Send Me/I Found The Way/It's Your Love/Lay Them Down/Mighty River/Patti's Song/Shinin' Through The Rain/The King Is Coming Soon

LL-1043 - Straight On - DeGarmo & Key Band [1979] Jericho/Livin' On The Edge Of Dyin'/Go Tell Them/Bad Livin'//Enchiridion/Long Distance Runner/Let Him Help You Today/I Never Knew You/Mary

LL-1044 - Heavenly Love - Boones [1979] Because I Love Him/But I Can't Stop/Fairest Lord Jesus/He Lives/Heavenly Love/My Sisters And Brothers In Christ/No I've Never/Praise The Lord/You Came Softly/Your Love

LL-1045 -

LL-1046 - With My Song - Debby Boone [1980] Sweet Adoration/If Ever/With Every Breath/With My Song/I Am Stone [with Janie Fricke]/Lord I Believe//Morningstar/A New Song [with Glad]/Psalm 23/Holy Father/Sixty Second Sonata/What Can I Do For You?

LL-1047 -

LL-1048 -

LL-1049 - Jerusalem - Jerusalem [1978]

LL-1050 - Mourning into Dancing - James Ward [1980] Gotta Get Home/Highway/Hold Up My Hands/Holy Observer/Late At Night Again/Mourning Into Dancing/Precious Is Your Mercy/So His Honor/Who Can Separate Us

LL-1051 - This Ain't Hollywood - DeGarmo & Key Band [1980] Stella, This Ain't Hollywood/When He Comes Back/You Gave Me All/Never Be The Same/All Night//Love Is All You Need/Nobody Loves Me/Light Of The World/Over And Over/One Step Closer

LL-1052 - Highlights: Best of the Boone Girls - Boone Girls [1980]

LL-1053 - Sincerely Yours - Gary Chapman [1981] No Time At All/I Wanna Be Loved By You /Love Is A Name/Open Up My Eyes/Sincerely Yours///The Secret Of Love/Anywhere [with Amy Grant]/I'd Really Like To Tell You/Feelin' Right/One Hope

LL-1054 - Jerusalem, Volume 2 - Jerusalem [1981]

LL-1055 - Songmaker - Pat Boone [1981]

LL-1056 -

LL-1057 -

LL-1058 - Songmaker - Pat Boone [1981] Lifetime Love/Songmaker/Second Coming/Paradise/Take Some Time/The Builder/You/Walk On Water/In America/You Prove Your Love Again

LL-1059 - Faith Takes a Vision - James Ward [1982] Child Of Bethlehem/Not How/Maybe I'll Trust You Now/Make A Joyful Noise (Shout)/Make Me A Vessel/Faith Takes A Vision/Take Hold/Don't Blame It On My God/No Bad News/You Are My Child

LL-1060 - Journey - Dogwood [1982]

LL-1061 - Warrior - Jerusalem [1982]

LL-1062 -

LL-1063 - No Turning Back/Live - DeGarmo & Key [1982]

LL-1064 -

LL-1065 -

LL-1066 - Happenin' Live - Gary Chapman [1982] Feelin' Right/The Secret Of Love/Father's Eyes/Treasure/In His Hand/Playin' In The Street/You Need A Hero/Always/Finally/I'm Yours

LL-1067 - Sweet Harmony - Harry Scott Browning & Laury Boone [1982] Sweet Harmony/'Tis The Old Time Religion/Keep Rollin' On/Lord, Please Shine Your Light On Me/Gospel Walkin' Shoes//Still Runnin'/Earthen Vessels/Walk With Me/You Might Even Want To Dance/Daughters And Sons

LL-1068 - Play It Again Maestro - Function [1982] Unborn Child/others

LL-1069 - In My Dreams - Ulf Christiansson [1982] Like A Thief In The Night/I Will Sing/Is It Too Late?/In Honesty...//My Hearts Desire/Practice What We Preach/Now I Am Trusting/Forget What Has Been/Reach For The Stars

LL-1070 - On Rock - Daniel Band [1982] He's The Creator/I'm Sorry/You Don't Need The Blues/Free From Sin/Undercover Christian/Two Roads/Never Again/In The Sky/I Like To Rock/Spiritual Game/Somebody Loves You

LLR3000 Series (Distributed by Sparrow):

LLR3001 - Surrender - Debby Boone [1983] O Come All Ye Faithful/Keep The Flame Burning/Can You Reach My Friend/Lift Him Up/Wounded Soldier/Surrender/Keep Rollin' On/Find A Hurt And Heal It/O Holy One/Blessing

LLR3002 - Closer - Wendell Burton [1983]

LLR3003 - With My Song - Debby Boone [1983] Reissue of LL-1046. Sweet Adoration/If Ever/With Every Breath/With My Song/I Am Stone [with Janie Fricke]/Lord I Believe//Morningstar/A New Song [with Glad]/Psalm 23/Holy Father/Sixty Second Sonata/What Can I Do For You?

LLR3004 - What I Believe - Pat Boone [1984]

LLR3005 - Push Back the Darkness - Laury Boone Browning & Harry Scott Browning [1984]

LLR3006 - Heart of Eternity - Wendell Burton [1985]

LLR3007? - Pat Boone Sings Golden Hymns - Pat Boone [1985] Reissue of LL 1001.

LLR3008 - Choose Life - Debby Boone [1985] The Time Is Now/Pressure Points/Teach Me How To Love/When I Accepted You/Delight In Him//Choose Life/The Heart Of The Matter/Right For You/Song Of Deliverance/The Lord Is So Good

LLR3009 -

LLR3010 - No Alibis - Harry Scott Browning [1986]

LLR3011 - Friends for Life - Debby Boone [1987] A Little Broken Bread/Above All Else/Be Ye Glad/Friends For Life/Let Us Stand Together/Make Me Ready/Masihlanganeni [with Brenda Russell]/Sincerely Yours/The name Above All Names/To Every Generation/Unconditional Love

LLR3012? - Home - Pat Boone [1987]

LLR3013 - Thursday's Child - Laury Boone Browning [1988]

LLR3014 - Reflections - Debby Boone [1988]

LLR3015 - Pat Boone's Favorite Bible Stories, Vol. 1 - Pat Boone [1990]

LLR3016 - Pat Boone's Favorite Bible Stories, Vol. 2 - Pat Boone [1990]

LLR3017 - Pat Boone's Favorite Bible Stories, Vol. 3 - Pat Boone [1990]

LLR3018 - Pat Boone's Favorite Bible Stories, Vol. 4 - Pat Boone [1990]

LLR3019 - Pat Boone's Favorite Bible Stories, Vol. 5 - Pat Boone [1990]

LLR3020 - Pat Boone's Favorite Bible Stories, Vol. 6 - Pat Boone [1990]

LLR3021 -

LLR3022 -

LLR3023 - Prayers & Promises/Thursday's Child - Laury Boone Browning [1988]

LLR3024 - Be Thou My Vision: Great Hymns of Faith - Debby Boone [1989]

LLR3025 - Home for Christmas - Debby Boone [1989]

LLC-4000 Country Series:

LLC-4001 - A Man & His Music - Stuart Hamblen [1975] Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You)/This Ole House/My Mary/Late At Night/Texas Plains/It Is No Secret//Rack Up The Balls/Golden River/Little Old Rag Doll/Goodnight, Mrs. Jones/That's Just Livin'/Until Then

LLC-4002 - How I Love Them Old Songs - Johnny Bond [1975] How I Love Them Old Songs/Rose Of Reynosa/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Mean, Mean Mama/Any Old Time/Who Stole The Juke Box (From Lucy's Perfume Parlor)//Just An Average Day/Sadie Was A Lady/Git Off My Horse/Hot Rod Harry/Steppin' Out/Cimarron (Roll On)

LLC-4003 - Rollin' - Benny Martin [1975] Me and My Fiddle/Queen of the Bluegrass/Wino Fiddle Man/Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms/The Bush and the Rose/Long Hollow//Ice Cold Love/One Drink is Too Many/Lester, Bill and Earl/I'm On My Way/Milwaukee Here I Come/God's Little People

5000 Series:

LL-5000 - The Pat Boone Family in the Holy Land - Pat Boone [1972]

TV Offers:

LL-706 - Songs for the Family of God - Various Artists [198?] (3-LP set) TV offer, hawked by Pat Boone in TV ads. Disc 1 [Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys]: I Saw The Light/Calling You/Dear Brother/How Can You Refuse Him Now?/When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels/Last Night I Dreamed Of Heaven/Lost Highway//Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals/Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine/The Pale Horse And His Rider/I'll Have A New Body/A House Of Gold/The Angel Of Death/Are You Building A Temple In Heaven; Disc 2 [side 1 by Hank Williams as Luke the Drifter, side 2 by Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys]: Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw/I Dreamed About Mama Last Night/The Funeral/Beyond The Sunset/Pictures From Life's Other Side/Help Me Understand/Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies//Wait For The Light To Shine/Tramp On The Street/I'm Gonna Sing/The Prodigal Son/Are You Walking And A-Talking For The Lord/Message To My Mother/Men With Broken Hearts; Disc 3 [Roy Acuff & His Smokey Mountain Boys]: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord (The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree)/How Beautiful Heaven Must Be/The Unclouded Day/Thank God/Jesus Died For Me/Hold To God's Unchanging Hand//Take My Hand Precious Lord/Shake My Mother's Hand For Me/Where Could I Go (But To The Lord)/Where The Soul Never Dies/Lord Build Me A Cabin/This World Is Not My Home

MGM/Lamb & Lion:

SE-4877 - First National Jesus Band - Pat Boone [1973] Concurrent secular issue of Lamb & Lion LL-1004.


SPD1182 - Thy Kingdom Come - Steve Fry [1989]

SPD1614 - The Early Years - Gary Chapman [1996] Compilation from his two Lamb & Lion albums. Feelin' Right (live)/The Secret Of Love (live)/Love Is A Name/Father's Eyes (live)/Sincerely Yours/I'm Yours (live)/No Time At All/I Wanna Be Loved By You/Treasure (live)/Finally (live)

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