Warner Brothers Album Discography, Part 9:
BSK-3300 to BSK-3499 (1979-1980)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 25, 2004

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

BSK 3300 - Me and My Broken Heart - Rex Allen Jr. [1979]

BSK 3301 - Debby Boone - Debby Boone [1979]

BSK 3302 - Angel Station - Manfred Mann's Earth Band [1979] (5/79, #144) Don't Kill It Carol/You Angel You/Hollywood Town/Belle Of The Earth/Platform End//Angels At My Gate/You Are-I Am/Waiting For The Rain/Resurrection

BSK 3303 - Back on the Right Track - Sly & Family Stone [1979] (11/79, #152) Remember Who You Are/Back On The Right Track/If It's Not Addin' Up.../The Same Thing (Makes You Laugh, Makes You Cry)//Shine It On/It Takes All Kinds/Who's To Say?/Sheer Energy

BSK 3304 - Everything You've Heard Is True - Tom Johnston [1979] (10/79, #100) Down Along The River/Show Me/Savannah Nights/I Can Count On You//Small Time Talk/Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You/Outlaw/Man On The Stage

BSK 3305 - Open Your Eyes - Maria Muldaur [1979] Fall In Love Again/Finally Made Love To A Man/Birds Fly South (When Winter Comes)/Heart Of Fire/Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)//Open Your Eyes/(No More) Dancin' In The Street/Elona/Clean Up Woman/Love Is Everything

BSK 3306 - So Soon We Change - David Ruffin [1979] (10/79, #206) Let Your Love Rain Down On Me/Break My Heart/I Get Excited/Chain On The Brain//Morning Sun Looks Blue/Let's Stay Together/So Soon We Change/Sexy Dancer


PAK 3308 - Wornell Jones - Wornell Jones [1979] This album is on the Paradise label.

RFC 3309 - Outline - Gino Soccio [1979] (4/79, #79) This album is on the RFC label. Dancer/So Lonely/The Visitors//Dance To Dance/There's A Woman

RFC 3310 - Mighty Pope - Mighty Pope [1979] This album is on the RFC label.

HS 3311 - Since Before Our Time - Osiris [1979]

HS 3312 - Van Halen II - Van Halen [1979] (4/79, #6) You're No Good/Dance The Night Away/Somebody Get Me A Doctor/Bottoms Up!/Outta Love Again//Light Up The Sky/Spanish Fly/D.O.A./Women In Love.../Beautiful Girls


BSK 3314 - The Global Blues - Danny O'Keefe [1979] The Global Blues/Livin' In The Modern Age/Falsetto Goodbye/The Street/On The Wheel Of Love//The Jimmy Hoffa Mem. Bldg. Blues/(Keep Your) Back To The Wall/Square Sun/#####/Atlas

BSK 3315 - Cheri - Madleen Kane [1979]

BSK 3316 - Rain in My Life - Bill LaBounty [1979] This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Dancin' Tonight/Trail To Your Heart (Sailing With A Sail)/Isn't It A Cry/Drops Of Water/I'm Hurtin'//Sometimes Love Songs Make Me Cry/What About You/Clap Me In Irons/To Hear The Band/Little Rivers

BSK 3317 - Running Like the Wind - Marshall Tucker Band [1979] (5/79, #30) Running Like The Wind/Last Of The Singing Cowboys/Answer To Love//Unto These Hills/Melody Ann/My Best Friend/Pass It On

BSK 3318 - Blue Kentucky Girl - Emmylou Harris [1979] (5/79, #43) Sister's Coming Home/Beneath Still Waters/Rough And Rocky/Hickory Wind/Save The Last Dance For Me//Sorrow In The Wind/They'll Never Take His Love From Me/Everytime You Leave/Blue Kentucky Girl/Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

BSK 3319 - Oh What a Feeling - Mavis Staples [1979] Tonight I Feel Like Dancing/Let Love Come Between Us/Loving You/I Don't Want To Lose My Real Good Thing/I've Been To The Well Before//Oh What A Feeling/If I Can't Have You/You're Made That Way/I Miss You (Since You're Gone):We Got Love

*BSK 3320 - Live from New York - Gilda Radner [1979] (12/79, #69) Emily Litella/Gimme Mick/Goodbye Saccharine/Honey (Touch Me With My Clothes On)/I Love To Be Unhappy/If You Look Close/Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals/Roseanne Roseannadanna/The Way We Were

*BSK 3321 - Knights of Fantasy - Eumir Deodato [1979] Bachmania: Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring-Love Is Blue-Whistle Bump/Knights Of Fantasy/Lovely Lady/Medley: Space Dust- Sherlock/Shazam

*BSK 3322 - Star Walk - Larry Graham & Graham Central Station [1979] (7/79, #136) Scream/Sneaky Freak/Star Walk/The Entertainer/Tonight/(You're A) Foxy Lady

BSK 3323 - All There Is - Exile [1979] How Could This Go Wrong/All There Is/Too Proud To Cry//The Part Of Me That Needs You Most/Destiny/Being In Love With You Is Easy/Let's Do It Again/Come On Over

BSK 3324 - Special Treatment - Jakob Magnusson [1979]

BSK 3325 - Redhead in Trouble - Adam Mitchell [1979]

BSK 3326 - Night Eyes - Danny Douma [1979] Hurt To Pride/Dontcha Break My Heart/Endlessly/Broken Wing/Carnival Boy//Hate You/No Meaning Without You/Beauty Has An Ache/Love Now/Sweet Home

BSK 3327 - Maureen McGovern - Maureen McGovern [1979] (9/79, #162) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Can You Read My Mind/In Too Deep/Very Special Love/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Carolina Moon//I'm Happy Just To Dance With You/Different Worlds/Life's A Long Way To Run/He's A Rebel/Yes, I'm Ready

BSK 3328 - Boulevard Nights (Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin [1979]

BSK 3329 - Circles and Seasons - Pete Seeger [1979]

HS 3330 - Communique - Dire Straits [1979] (6/79, #11) Once Upon A Time In The West/News/Where Do You Think You're Going?/Communiqu//Lady Writer/Angel Of Mercy/Portobello Belle/Single-Handed Sailor/Follow Me Home

WHK 3331 - Back Street Boogie - Jr. Walker [1979] This album has a Whitfield label. Back Street Boogie/Girl I Wanna Marry You/Wishing On A Star//Hole In The Wall/Don't Let Me Go Astray/Tiger In My Tank/Sax Attack

BSK 3332 - The Feeling's Not Right Again - Ray Stevens [1979] I Need Your Help Barry Manilow/Get Crazy With Me/Gimme A Smile/Daydream Romance/L'amour//The Feeling's Not Right Again/Feel The Music/Come Back/Om/Be Your Own Best Friend

BSK 3333 - Chance - Candi Staton [1979] (7/79, #129) I Ain't Got Nowhere To Go/When You Wake Up Tomorrow/Rock//Chance/I Live/Me and My Music

SRK 3334 - Real to Reel - Climax Blues Band [1979] This album has a Sire label. Summer Rain/Money In Your Pocket/Children Of The Nighttime/Long Distance Love//Lovin' Wheel/Fallen In Love (For The Very Last Time)/Fat City/Crazy World

BSK 3335 - Over the Edge (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1979]

BSK 3336 - Outlasting the Blues - Arlo Guthrie With Shenandoah [1979] Prologue/Which Side/Wedding Song/World Away From Me/Epilogue//Telephone/Sailing Down This Golden River/Carry Me Over/Underground/Drowning Man/Evangelina

BSK 3337 - Duty Now for the Future - Devo [1979] (6/79, #73) Devo Corporate Anthem/Clockout/Timing X/Wiggly World/Blockhead/Strange Pursuit/S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)//Triumph Of The Will/The Day My Baby Gives Me A Surprize/Pink Pussycat/Secret Agent Man/Smart Patrol-Mr. Dna Red Eye Express

BSK 3338 - Black Rose: A Rock Legend - Thin Lizzy [1979] (6/79, #81) Do Anything You Want To/Toughest Street In Town/S And M/Waiting For An Alibi/Sarah//Got To Give It Up/Get Out Of Here/With Love/Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend

BSK 3339 - I Loved You Then, I Love You Now - Gayle Moran [1979]


PAK 3341 - Life and Love - Leon Russell [1979] This album is on the Paradise label. One More Love Song/You Girl/Struck By Lightning/Strange Love/Life And Love//On The First Day/High Horse/Sweet Mystery/On The Borderline

BSK 3342 - Here Comes That Sound - Love De-Luxe With Hawkshaw's Discophonia [1979] Here Comes That Sound Again/When We're Dancin'/I Got That Feelin'/Let Me Make It Up To You

BSK 3343 - Nail Me to the Wall - Sanford-Townsend Band [1979] Nail Me To The Wall/Gopher Broke/Every Day/Shady Grove/Jubilee//Just Another Lie/Just A Fool/Hour Of Love/Tell Me How Love Survives

*BSK 3344 - Carry On - Flora Purim [1979] Beijo Partido (Broken Kiss)/Carry On/Corine/Freeway Jam/From The Lonely Afternoon/Island In The Sun Interlude/Love Lock/Niura Is Coming Back/Once I Ran Away/Sarara

HS 3345 - Down on the Farm - Little Feat [1979] (12/79, #29) Down On The Farm/Six Feet Of Snow/Perfect Imperfection/Kokomo/Be One Now//Straight From The Heart/Front Page News/Wake Up Dreaming/Feel The Groove

HS 3346 - Born Again - Randy Newman [1979] (9/79, #41) It's Money That I Love/The Story Of A Rock And Roll Band/Pretty Boy/Mr. Sheep/Ghosts/They Just Got Married//Spies/The Girls In My Life (Part I)/Half A Man/William Brown/Pants

BSK 3347 - The Two and Only - Bellamy Brothers [1979] (7/79, #9CW) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me/May You Never/Miss Misunderstood/Makin' Music Mama/You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie//Lovin' On/Ole Faithful/Why Did We Die So Young/Blue Ribbons/Wet T-Shirt

RFC 3348 - Night Rider - Venus Dodson [1979] This album is on the RFC label.

BSK 3349 - The Korgis - Korgis [1979] Young 'N' Russian/I Just Can't Help It/Chinese Girl/Art School Annexe/Boots And Shoes//Dirty Postcards/O Maxine/Mount Everest Sings The Blues/Cold Tea/If I Had You

2HS 3350 - Tusk - Fleetwood Mac [1979] (11/79, #4) (2-LP set) Over And Over/The Ledge/Think About Me/Save Me A Place/Sara//What Makes You Think You're The One/Storms/That's All For Everyone/Not That Funny/Sisters Of The Moon//Angel/That's Enough For Me/Brown Eyes/Never Make Me Cry/I Know I'm Not Wrong//Honey Hi/Beautiful Child/Walk A Thin Line/Tusk/Never Forget

BSK 3351 - Room Service - Shaun Cassidy [1979] This album is on the Warner-Curb label.

WHK 3352 - Midnight Dancer - Willie Hutch [1979] This album has a Whitfield label. Disco Thang/Midnight Dancer/Kelly Green/Never Let You Be Without Love//Everyday Love/Deep In Your Love/Everybody Needs Money/Down Here On Disco Street

BSK 3353 - Lonely - T.G. Sheppard [1979] (8/79, #4CW) This album is on the Warner- Curb label. You Feel Good All Over/I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again/My Ship's Coming In/You Look Like Love/I Came Home To Make Love To You//You Do It To Me Every Time/It's Only Love/(She Wanted To Live) Faster Than I Could Dream/I'll Be Coming Back For More/Last Cheater's Waltz


BSK 3355 - The B-52's - B-52's [1979] (8/79, #59) Planet Claire/52 Girls/Dance This Mess Around/Rock Lobster//Lava/There's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)/Hero Worship/6060- 842/Downtown

BSK 3356 - Get Up and Boogie - Freddie James [1979]

BSK 3357 - Stay Free - Ashford & Simpson [1979] (9/79, #23) Found A Cure/Stay Free/Dance Forever//Nobody Knows/Crazy/Finally Got To Me/Follow Your Heart

BSK 3358 - Bop Till You Drop - Ry Cooder [1979] (8/79, #62) Little Sister/Go Home, Girl/The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor)/I Think It's Going To Work Our Fine//Down In Hollywood/Look At Granny Run Run/Trouble, You Can't Fool Me/Don't You Mess Up A Good Thing/I Can't Win

BSK 3359 - The Wanderers (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1979]

BSK 3360 - Tale of the Whale - Matrix [1979] The Fly/Tale Of The Whale/Homage//Galadriel/Nessim/Narouz

HS 3361 - Deguello - ZZ Top [1979] (11/79, #24) I Thank You/She Loves My Automobile/I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide/Fool For Your Stockings/Manic Mechanic//Dust My Broom/Lowdown In The Street/Hi Fi Mama/Cheap Sunglasses/Esther Be The One

BSK 3362 - Blue Desert - Marc Jordan [1979] Generalities/I'm A Camera/Twilight/From Nowhere To This Town/Beautiful People//Lost In The Hurrah/Release Yourself/Tattooed Lady/Exile

BSK 3363 - Vapour Trails - Vapour Trails [1979] Do The Bossa Nova/Don't Worry Baby/Night People/True Love/It's All Right/Slow Dancing/Modern Love/Non Merci/Hold On To Something Good/Strange Conversations/Throw Down The Dice/Falling

*2BSK 3364 - Wanted - Richard Pryor [1978] (12/78, #32) (2-LP set) Ali/Being Sensitive/Black Funerals/Chinese Food/Deer Hunter/Discipline/Dogs And Horses/Heart Attack/Jim Brown/Keeping In Shape/Kids/Leon Spinks/Monkeys/Nature/New Year's Eve/Things In The Woods/White And Black People

BSK 3365 - The Longest Road - Seals & Crofts [1980] Stars/Try Your Love/First Love/If And Any Day/Kite Dreams//Egypt, Israel And America/The Longest Road/I Keep Changing The Faces/Silver Rails/One Planet, One People Please

BSK 3366 - Prince - Prince [1979] (11/79, #22) I Wanna Be Your Lover/Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?/Sexy Dancer/When We're Dancing Close And Slow//With You/Bambi/Still Waiting/I Feel For You/It's Gonna Be Lonely


BSK 3368 - One Eighty - Ambrosia [1980] (4/80, #25) Ready/Shape I'm In/Kamikaze/You're The Only Woman/Rock N' Hard Place//Livin' On My Own/Cryin' In The Rain/No Big Deal/Biggest Part Of Me

HS 3369 - The Glow - Bonnie Raitt [1979] (10/79, #30) I Thank You/Your Good Thing (Is About To End)/Standin' By The Same Old Love/Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate/The Glow//Bye Bye Baby/The Boy Can't Help It/(I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend/You're Gonna Get What's Coming/(Goin') Wild For You Baby

BSK 3370 - In the Nick of Time - Nicolette Larson [1979] (11/79, #47) Dancin' Jones/Just In The Nick Of Time/Let Me Go, Love/Rio De Janeiro Blues/Breaking Too Many Hearts//Back In My Arms Again/Fallen/Daddy/Isn't It Always Love/Trouble

BSK 3371 - Uncle Jam Wants You - Funkadelic [1979] (10/79, #18) Freak Of The Week/(Not Just) Knee Deep//Uncle Jam/Field Maneuvers/Holly Wants To Go To California/Foot Soldiers (Star-Spangled Funky)

BSK 3372 - Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath [1980] (6/80, #28) Neon Knights/Children Of The Sea/Lady Evil/Heaven And Hell//Wishing Well/Die Young/Walk Away/Lonely Is The Word

HS 3373 - Rod Stewart Greatest Hits - Rod Stewart [1979] (11/79, #22) Hot Legs/Maggie May/Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?/You're In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)/Sailing//I Don't Want To Talk About It/Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)/The Killing Of Georgie (Part I & II)/The First Cut Is The Deepest/I Was Only Joking

BSK 3374 - Here - Leo Sayer [1979] The World Has Changed/When The Money Runs Out/The End/Lost Control/An Englishman In The U.S.A.//Who Will The Next Fool Be/Work/Oh Girl/Ghosts/Takin' The Easy Way Out

BSK 3375 - Two Sides to Every Woman - Carlene Carter [1979] Do It In A Heartbeat/Lies/Swap-Meat Rag/Gold-Hearted Lady/Two Sides To Every Woman//It's No Wonder (Why I Love Him)/One Good Lover/Old Photograpgs/Radio Sweetheart

BSK 3376 - The Dukes - Dukes [1979] Hearts In Trouble/Leaving It All Behind/All In A Game/Billy Niles/Crazy Fool//Who's Gonna Tell You/Time On Your Side/I'll Try To Help/Heartbreaker

BSK 3377 - Just for You - Donna Fargo [1979]

BSK 3378 - I Don't Want to Lose You - Con Hunley [1979] (2/80, #29CW)

*BSK 3379 - Hideaway - David Sanborn [1980] (3/80, #63) Again And Again/Anything You Want/Cathy's Song/Creeper/Hideaway/If You Would Be Mine/Lisa

BSK 3380 - Strikes Twice - Larry Carlton [1980] (9/80, #138) Strikes Twice/Ain't Nothin' For A Heartache/Midnight Parade/The Magician//Springville/Mulberry Street/In My Blood/For Love Alone

BSK 3381 - The South Coast of Texas - Guy Clark [1980] Who Do You Think You Are/Christelle/New Cut Road/Rita Ballou/South Coast Of Texas//Heartbroke/The Partner Nobody Choose/She's Crazy For Leavin'/Calf-Rope/Lone Star Hotel


BSK 3383 - Christopher Cross - Christopher Cross [1980] (2/80, #6) Say You'll Be Mine/I Really Don't Know Anymore/Spinning/Never Be The Same/Poor Shirley//Ride Like The Wind/The Light Is On/Sailing/Minstrel Gigolo


BSK 3385 - Naughty - Chaka Khan [1980] (6/80, #43) Clouds/Get Ready, Get Set/Move Me No Mountain/Nothing's Gonna Take You Away/So Naughty//Too Much Love/All Night's All Night/Papillon (Aka Hot Butterfly)/Our Love's In Danger

BSK 3386 - The Changing of the Gard - Stargard [1979] (11/79, #57RB) Wear It Out/(Once In A Lifetime) Dream Come True/Footstompin' Music/Take Me Back//Runnin' From The Law/Bedtime Story/I Just Imagined You/Put On Your Rollerskates/Lowdown Dancing/Flashback

WHS 3387 - Rainbow Connection IV - Rose Royce [1979] (9/79, #74) This album has a Whitfield label. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/Is It Love You're After/Shine Your Light/What You Waitin' For//Bad Mother Funker/You Can't Run From Yourself/Lock It Down/Pazazz

BSK 3388 - Just Margo - Margo Smith [1979]

WHK 3389 - The Girl's Alright with Me - Masterpiece [1980] This album has a Whitfield label. The Girl's Alright With Me/High On Love/Take A Look Around/You + Me = Love//We Like To Get Down/Don't Take Your Love From Me/Love Is What You Make It/Thank You For The Love

BSK 3390 - Into the Music - Van Morrison [1979] (9/79, #43) Bright Side Of The Road/Full Force Gale/Stepping Out Queen/Troubadours/Rolling Hills/You Make Me Feel So Free//Angeliou/And The Healing Has Begun/It's All In The Game/You Know What They're Writing About

*HS 3391 - Let's Make a New Dope Deal - Cheech & Chong [1980] (7/80, #173) Acupuncture/Bloat On Featuring The Bloaters/China Town/Disco Disco/Dork Radio/Let's Make A New Dope Deal/Moe Money (Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer)/Queer Wars/Rainbow Bar And Grill/17th American Tour

*HS 3392 - Comedy Is Not Pretty! - Steve Martin [1979] (10/79, #25) All Being/Born To Be Wild/Comedy Is Not Pretty/Cruel Shoes/Drop Thumb Medley/Googlephonics/Hostahes/How To Meet A Girl/Jackie O. And Farrah F./McDonald's/Men's Underwear/Rubberhead/You Can Be A Millionnaire


BSK 3394 - A Perfect Fit - Craig Mirijanian [1980]

BSK 3395 - The Game - Gail Davies [1980] (2/80, #40CW)

BSK 3396 - Life of Brian (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1979]

WHK 3397 - Only Love - Spyder Turner [1980] This album has a Whitfield label. God Bless (The Lady On The Radio)/Sunshine/I Just Can't Stop Lovin' You/Only Love//Let's Rock (Until We're Satisfied)/There's No Love (Without You)/You Can Always Count On Me/You're So Fine

BSK 3398 - 154 - Wire [1979] I Should Have Known Better/Two People In A Room/The 15th/The Other Window/Single K.O./A Touching Display/On Returning//A Mutual Friend/Blessed State/Once Is Enough/Mar Ref. 41N 93W/Indirect Inquiries/40 Versions

*BSK 3399 - 10 (Soundtrack) - Henry Mancini [1979] (1/80, #80) Don't Call It Love/Don't Call It Love/Get It On/He Pleases Me/Hot Sand Mexican Band/I Have An Ear For Love/It's Easy To Say/It's Easy To Say/It's Easy To Say/Keyboard Harmony/Bolero/Something For Jenny

BSK 3400 - The Tazmanian Devils - Tazmanian Devils [1980] Feeling Alright/Window Into Heaven/Spy In The House Of Love/Don't Slip/West Coast//Laura/Sender To Me/My Obsession/Pressure/Music

BSK 3401 - A Guy Like Me - Roger Voudouris [1980]


BSK 3403 - Oklahoma Rose - Rex Allen Jr. [1980] (6/80, #69CW)

BSK 3404 - Pearl Harbor and the Explosions - Pearl Harbor & Explosions [1980] (1/80, #107) Drivin'/You Got It (Release It)/Don't Come Back/Keep Going/Shut Up And Dance//The Big One/So Much For Love/Get A Grip On Yourself/Up And Over

BSK 3405 - Solo in Soho - Philip Lynott [1980] Dear Miss Lonely Hearts/King's Call/A Child's Lullaby/Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)/Solo In Soho//Girls/Yellow Pearl/Ode To A Black Man/Jamaica Rum/Talk In '79

BSK 3406 - Crying - Stephanie Winslow [1980] (3/80, #16CW) This is on the Warner-Curb label.

BSK 3407 - But What Will the Neighbors Think - Rodney Crowell [1980] (4/80, #155) Here Come The '80s/Ain't No Money/Oh, What A Feeling/It's Only Rock 'N' Roll/On A Real Good Night//Ashes By Now/Heartbroke/Queen Of Hearts/Blues In The Daytime/The One About England

BSK 3408 - You Can Get Crazy - Bellamy Brothers [1980] (3/80, #9CW) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Dancin' Cowboys/Sugar Daddy/Foolin' Around/Comin' Back For More/I Could Be Makin' Love To You//Dead Aim/You Can Get Crazy With Me/Fast Train Out Of Texas/Naked Lady/Let Me Waltz Into Your Heart

2BSK 3409 - Terra Brassilis - Antonio Carlos Jobim [1980] (2-LP set)

HS 3410 - Tenth - Marshall Tucker Band [1980] (3/80, #32) It Takes Time/Without You/See You One More Time/Disillusion/Cattle Drive//Gospel Singin' Man/Save My Soul/Sing My Blues/Jimi (Instrumental)/Foolish Dreaming

BSK 3411 - We Will Meet Again - Bill Evans [1980]



BSK 3414 - Russia - Russia [1980] Fight Back (Time After Time)/Who Do You Think You Are?/Gotta Get Away/Nothing To Say/Laughing In The Face Of Fire//If I Were You/Out Of My Mind/Poignant Clams/Piece Of Ice/Outer Space Seeds

HS 3415 - Women and Children First - Van Halen [1980] (4/80, #6) And The Cradle Will Rock.../Everybody Wants Some!!/Fools/Romeo Delight//Tora! Tora!/Loss Of Control/Take Your Whiskey Home/Could This Be Magic?/In A Simple Rhyme

BSK 3416 - Gentleman Ruffin - David Ruffin [1980] (9/80, #66RB) I Wanna Be With You/All I Need/Love Supply/Still In Love With You//I Got A Thing For You/Can We Make Love One More Time/Slow Dance/Don't You Go Home

*BSK 3417 - Live in New York - Stuff [1980] Duck Soup/Medley: Love The Stuff-Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Shuffle/Sometimes Bubba Gets Down/The Real McCoy/You Make It Easy/You're A Great Girl

BSK 3418 - Urban Verbs - Urban Verbs [1980] Subways/The Angry Young Men/Next Question/Frenzy/Ring-Ring (My Telephone's Talking)//The Only One Of You/Luca Brasi/Tina Grey/The Good Life

BSK 3419 - Love Has No Reason - Debby Boone [1980] (4/80, #17CW) This album is on the Warner-Curb label.

BSK 3420 - Nasty Hardware - Couchois [1980] Trudy, You're A Bad Girl/How Can I Love You/Pretty Young Girl/Anywhere You Are/Innocence//Roll The Dice/Call It A Day/Do You Really Believe It/Visibility Zero

BSK 3421 - Now We May Begin - Randy Crawford [1980] (5/80, #180) Last Night At Danceland/Tender Falls The Rain/My Heart Is Not As Young As It Used To Be/Now We May Begin//Blue Flame/One Day I'll Fly Away/Same Old Story (Same Old Song)/When Your Life Was Low

BSK 3422 - Roses in the Snow - Emmylou Harris [1980] (5/80, #26) Roses In The Snow/Wayfaring Stranger/Green Pastures/The Boxer/Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn//I'll Go Stepping Too/You're Learning/Jordan/Miss Mississippi/Gold Watch And Chain

BSK 3423 - Smooth Sailin' - T.G. Sheppard [1980] (8/80, #19CW) This album is on the Warner-Curb label.

BSK 3424 - Robin Lane and the Chartbusters - Robin Lane & Chartbusters [1980] When Things Go Wrong/It'll Only Hurt A Little While/Don't Cry/Without You/Why Do You Tell Lies/I Don't Want To Know//Many Years Ago/Waitin' In Line/Be Mine Tonite/Kathy Lee/Don't Wait Till Tomorrow

*BSK 3425 - Tap Step - Chick Corea [1980] (5/80, #170) Flamenco/Grandpa Blues/Magic Carpet/Samba L.A./Tap Step/The Embrace/The Slide

*HS 3426 - Dream Street Rose - Gordon Lightfoot [1980] (4/80, #60) Dream Street Rose/Ghosts Of Cape Horn/Hey You/If You Need Me/Make Way For The Lady/Mister Rock Of Ages/On The High Seas/Sea Of Tranquility/The Auctioneer/Whisper My Name

BSK 3427 - One Bad Habit - Michael Franks [1980] (5/80, #83) Baseball/Inside You/All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go/Lotus Blossom/On My Way Home To You//One Bad Habit/Loving You More And More/Still Life/He Tells Himself He's Happy

BSK 3428 - Candi Staton - Candi Staton [1980] (7/80, #70RB) Looking For Love/Halfway To Heaven/One More Try/If You Feel The Need//The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game/It's Real/Betcha I'm Gonna Get Ya/Living Inside Me

BSK 3429 - Arrogance - Arrogance [1980] Burning Desire/I'm Not Your Taxi/Bad Girl/City Woman/Bring It On Home//Suddenly/What It Takes/Get Her Out Of My Life/It Ain't Cool To Be Cruel/Cost Of Money

RFC 3430 - S-Beat - Gino Soccio [1980] This album is on the RFC label. S- Beat/Heartbreaker/Rhythm Of The World/Steady Operator//The Runaway/Running In Circles/Love Is/I Wanna Take You There (Now)

BSK 3431 - Calling All Girls - Hilly Michaels [1980] Calling All Girls/Teenage Days/Shake It And Dance/Gemini/U.S. Male//Without You/Turn Me On Your Radio/Close Encounters/Devotion/Something On Your Mind

BSK 3432 - Pirates - Rickie Lee Jones [1981] (8/81, #5) We Belong Together/Living It Up/Skeletons/Woody And Dutch On The Slow Train To Peking//Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)/A Lucky Guy/Traces Of The Western Slopes/The Returns

BSK 3433 - Ultra Wave - Bootsy [1980] (12/80, #70) F-Encounter/Fat Cat/Is That My Song?/It's A Musical/Mug Push/Sacred Flower/Sound Crack

BSK 3434 - This Time - Al Jarreau [1980] (6/80, #27) Never Givin' Up/Gimme What You Got/Love Is Real/Alonzo/(If I Could Only) Change Your Mind//(I Can Recall) Spain/Distracted/Your Sweet Love/(A Rhyme) This Time

BSK 3435 - Freedom of Choice - Devo [1980] (6/80, #22) Girl U Want/It's Not Right/Whip It/Snowball/Ton O' Love/Freedom Of Choice//Gates Of Steel/Cold War/Don't You Know/That's Pep/Mr. B's Ballroom/Planet Earth

BSK 3436 - Flush the Fashion - Alice Cooper [1980] (5/80, #44) Talk Talk/Clones (We're All)/Pain/Leather Boots/Aspirin Damage//Nuclear Infected/Grim Facts/Model Citizen/Dance Yourself To Death/Headlines

BSK 3437 - Don't Leave Me This Way - Exile [1981] This release is on the Warner-Curb label. You're Good For Me/Nobody's Hero/Don't Leave Me This Way/Take Me Down/Smooth Sailin' (Rock In The Road)//Jailbait/There's A Love/The Closer You Get/It Takes Love To Make Love/Let's Do It All Over Again

*RFC 3438 - The Glow of Love - Change [1980] This album is on the RFC label. A Lover's Holiday/Angel In My Pocket/It's A Girl's Affair/Searching/The End/The Glow Of Love

BSK 3439 - And the Angel Sings - Stuart Margolin [1980]

*BSK 3440 - Live at St. Douglas Covent - Father Guido Sarducci [1980] (5/80, #179) Alien Invaders/Cattle Mutilation Theories/Coming And Going Planet/Five Minute University/Guide To The Confessional/Mass Confession/People's Space Program/St. Ann Seton/What Happens To You After You Die/Women Priests

*2BSK 3441 - Roadie (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1982] (6/80, #125) (2-LP set) American Way - Hank Williams Jr./Brainlock - Joe Ely Band/Can't We Try - Teddy Pendergrass/Crystal Ball - Styx/Double Yellow Line - Sue Saad & Next/Drivin' My Life Away - Eddie Rabbit/Everything Works If You Let It - Cheap Trick/(Hot Damn) I'm A One Woman Man - Jerry Lee Lewis/Man Needs A Woman - Jay Ferguson/Pain - Alice Cooper/Ring Of Fire - Blondie/Road Rats - Alice Cooper/Texas, Me And You - Asleep At The Wheel/That Lovin' You Feeling Again - Roy Orbison & Emmylou Harris/You Better Run - Pat Benatar/Your Precious Love - Stephen Bishop & Yvonne Elliman

BSK 3442 - Look Hear? - 10cc [1980] (5/80, #180) One-Two-Five/Welcome To The World/How'm I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye/Don't Send We Back/I Took You Home//It Doesn't Matter At All/Dressed To Kill/Lovers Anonymous/I Hate To Eat Alone/Strange Lover/L.A. Inflatable

BSK 3443 - Come Upstairs - Carly Simon [1980] (7/80, #36) Come Upstairs/Stardust/Them/Jesse/James//In Pain/The Three Of Us In The Dark/Take Me As I Am/The Desert

BSK 3444 - Buy American - D.B. Cooper [1980] Had Enough/No Way Out/Caroline/Stand And Show It/Right Here, Right Now//Ram On/Heart Freeze/Chasin' RainboWS In The Night/Workin' For The Man/Forever Rock 'N' Roll

BSK 3445 - Watson Beasley - Watson Beasley [1980] Darlin' I/Body Free/Dimensions/Helpless//Breakaway/Don't Let Your Chance Go By/Fantasy Island/What's On Your Mind

BSK 3446 - Entertainment! - Gang Of Four [1979] Ether/Natural's Not In It/Not Great Men/Damaged Goods/Return The Gift/Guns Before Butter//I Found That Essence Rare/Glass/Contract/At Home He's A Tourist/5-45/Love Like Anthrax

BSK 3447 - One in a Million You - Larry Graham [1980] (6/80, #26) One In A Million You/Stand Up And Shout About Love/Sweetheart/There's Something About You/Forever Yours//I'm So Glad It's Summer Again/When We Get Married/Time For You And Me/I Just Can't Stop Dancing/Sunshine, Love And Music

HS 3448 - The Long Riders (Soundtrack) - Ry Cooder [1980] The Long Riders/I'm A Good Old Rebel/Seneca Square Dance/Archie's Funeral (Hold To God's Unchanging Hand)/I Always Knew That You Were The One/Rally 'Round The Flag//Wildwood Boys/Better Things To Think About/Jesse James (My Grandfather)/Cole Younger Polka/Escape From Northfield/Leaving Missouri/Jesse James

HS 3449 - The Shining (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980]

BSK 3450 - Mega-Shebang - Andy Fairweather-Low [1980] Night Time Djuke-Ing/Hard Hat Boogie/Whole Lotta Sunday/A Fool 4 Some/Bingerama//Let Ya Beedle Lam Bam/Leave It Out/3 Step Shuffle/Hello Josephine/Psyche Out

BSK 3451 - Wasp - Shaun Cassidy [1980] This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Rebel, Rebel/Cool Fire/The Book I Read/Pretending/Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)//It's My Life/So Sad About Us/Wasp/Selfless Love/Once Bitten, Twice Shy

HS 3452 - One Step Closer - Doobie Brothers [1980] (10/80, #3) Dedicate This Heart/Real Love/No Stoppin' Us Now/Thank You Love//One Step Closer/Keep This Train A-Rollin'/Just In Time/South Bay Strut (Instrumental)/One By One

HS 3453 - Give Me the Night - George Benson [1980] (8/80, #3) Love X Love/Off Broadway/Moody's Mood/Give Me The Night//What's On Your Mind/Dinorah, Dinorah/Love Dance/Star Of A Story (X)/Midnight Love Affair/Turn Out The Lamplight

HS 3454 - One Mo' Time (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980]

HS 3455 - Carny - Alex North [1980]

BSK 3456 - Back 2 Back - Stargard [1981] (7/81, #186) You're The One/Here Comes Love/Just One Love/Back To The Funk//High On The Boogie/The Cat And Me/It's Your Love That I'm Missin'/Diary

*WHK 3457 - Greatest Hits - Rose Royce [1980] This album has a Whitfield label. Car Wash/Do Your Dance/First Come, First Serve/I'm Going Down/I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling)/I Wanna Get Next To You/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/Is It Love You're After/It Makes You Feel Like Dancin'/Love Don't Live Here Anymore/Ooh Boy/Pop Your Fingers/Wishing On A Star/You're A Winner

HS 3458 - A Musical Affair - Ashford & Simpson [1980] (8/80, #38) Love Don't Make It Right/Rushing To/I Ain't Asking For Your Love/Make It To The Sky//We'll Meet Again/You Never Left Me Alone/Get Out Your Handkerchief/Happy Endings

BSK 3459 - John Anderson - John Anderson [1980] (8/80, #61)

BSK 3460 - Scott Wilk and the Walls - Scott Wilk & Walls [1980] Radioactive/Suspicion/Victim Of Circumstance/Danger Becomes Apparent/Man In The Mirror/Too Many Questions//Shorting Out/Careless/Instant This, Instant That/Familiarity Breeds Mutation/Shadow-Box Love

BSK 3461 - Code Blue - Code Blue [1980] Whisper-Touch/Modern Times/Hurt/Face To Face/Burning Bridges/Somebody Knows//Other End Of Town/Where I Am/Settle For Less/The Need/Paint By Numbers

BSK 3462 - Common One - Van Morrison [1980] (9/80, #73) Haunts Of Ancient Peace/Summertime In England/Satisfy//Wild Honey/Spirit/When Heart Is Open

*BSK 3463 - Zapp - Zapp [1980] (9/80, #19) Be Alright/Brand New Player/Coming Home/Freedom/Funky Bounce/More Bounce To The Ounce (Part I)

BSK 3464 - Diamonds and Chills - Margo Smith [1980]

BSK 3465 - Musical Shapes - Carlene Carter [1980] (10/80, #139) Cry/Madness/Baby Ride Easy - With Dave Edmunds/Bandit Of Love/I'm So Cool/Appalachian Eyes//Ring Of Fire/Too Bad About Sandy/Foggy Mountain Top/That Very First Kiss/To Drunk (Too Remember)/Too Proud

BSK 3466 - Cross Talk - Pretty Things [1980] I'm Calling/Edge Of The Night/Sea Of Blue/Lost That Girl/Bitter End//Office Love/Falling Again/It's So Hard/She Don't/No Future

*BSK 3467 - Night Cruiser - Deodato [1980] (9/80, #186) East Side Strut/Groovitation/Love Magic/Night Cruiser/Skatin'/Uncle Funk

BSK 3468 - The Larsen-Feiten Band - Larsen-Feiten Band [1980] Who'll Be The Fool Tonight/Danger Zone/Further Notice (Instrumental)/Over//She's Not In Love/Morning Star/Make It/Aztec Legend (Instrumental)

BSK 3469 - Quintet 80 - David Grisman Quintet [1980] (9/80, #152) Dawgma/Bow Wow/Barkley's Bug/Sea Of Cortez/Naima/Mugavero/Dawgmatism/Thailand

BSK 3470 - Donna Fargo - Donna Fargo [1980]

BSK 3471 - Wild Planet - B-52's [1980] (9/80, #18) Party Out Of Bounds/Dirty Back Road/Runnin' Around/Give Me Back My Man/Private Idaho//Devil In My Car/Quiche Lorraine/Strobe Light/53 Miles West Of Venus

HS 3472 - One-Trick Pony (Soundtrack) - Paul Simon [1980] (9/80, #12) Late In The Evening/That's Why God Made The Movies/One-Trick Pony/How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns/Oh, Marion/Ace In The Hole/Nobody/Jonah/God Bless The Absentee/Long, Long Day

BSK 3473 - Red Cab to Manhattan - Stephen Bishop [1980] The Big House/Don't You Worry/Thief In The Night/Send A Little Love My Way (Like Always)/Let Her Go/Little Moon//The Story Of A Boy In Love/Living In The Country Of Abe Lincoln/Red Cab To Manhattan/Sex Kittens Go The College/City Girl/My Clarinet

BSK 3474 - Don't It Break Your Heart - Con Hunley [1980] (11/80, #51CW)

*BSK 3475 - Nurds - Roches [1980] (10/80, #130) Boat Family/Bobby's Song/Death Of Suzzy Roche/Factory Girl/It's Bad For Me/Louis/My Sick Mind/Nurds/One Season/This Feminine Position

BSK 3476 - How the Hell Do You Spell Rythum? - Amazing Rhythm Aces [1980] (10/80, #175) What Kind Of Love Is This?/Object Of My Affection/You Left The Water Running/I Musta Die And Gone To Texas/Living On Borrowed Time//Wild Night/Big Ole Brew/Farther On Down The Road/I Got The Feeling/Give Me Flowers While I'm Leaving

*BSK 3477 - The Steve Martin Brothers - Steve Martin [1981] (11/81, #135) American Photograph/Banana Banjo/Freddie's Lilt (Parts I & II)/Gospel Maniacs/Hoedown At Alice's/John Henry/Love God/Make The Rent/Pitkin County Turn Around/Real Me/Saga Of The Old West/Sally Goodin'/Scientific Question/Show Biz Moment/Song Of Perfect Spaces/Waterbound/What I Believe

BSK 3478 - Dirty Mind - Prince [1980] (11/80, #45) Dirty Mind/When You Were Mine/Do It All Night/Gotta Broken Heart Again//Uptown/Head/Sister/Partyup

BRK 3479 - Pam Windo and the Shades - Pam Windo & Shades [1980] This album is on the Bearsville label. Just To Stay Alive/Gimme, Gimme/What Kind Of Magic?/Second Best Is Not For Me/Waiting For You Is Boring/Rock Star (I Don't Wanna Be No)//Star-Crossed/You Turned Me On, You Turned Me Over/I Want Your Body, To Hell With Your Mind/Time You Changed Your Ways/March Hare- Great Expectations

BSK 3480 - Making Movies - Dire Straits [1980] (11/80, #19) Tunnel Of Love/Romeo And Juliet/Skateaway//Expresso Love/Hand In Hand/Solid Rock/Les Boys

BSK 3481 - In Harmony - In Harmony [1980] Label is Warner/Sesame Street.

*BSK 3482 - The Electric Spanking of War Babies - Funkadelic [1981] (8/81, #105) Brettino's Bounce/Electro-Cuties/Funk Gets Stronger (Part I)/Icka Prick/Oh, I/She Loves You/Shockwaves/The Electric Spanking Of War Babies

BSK 3483 - Living in Fantasy - Leo Sayer [1980] (10/80, #36) Time Ran Out On You/Where Did We Go Wrong/You Win-I Lose/More Than I Can Say/Millionaire//Once In A While/Living In A Fantasy/She's Not Coming Back/Let Me Know/Only Foolin'

*BSK 3484 - Light of the Stable - Emmylou Harris [1980] (11/80, #102) Angel Eyes (Angel Eyes)/Away In A Manger/Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem/Christmas Time's A -Coming/First Nol/Golden Cradle/Light Of The Stable/Little Drummer Boy/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Silent Night

HS 3485 - Foolish Behaviour - Rod Stewart [1980] (12/80, #12) Better Off Dead/Passion/Foolish Behaviour/So Soon We Change/Oh God, I Wish I Was Home Tonight//Gi'me Wings/My Girl/She Won't Dance With Me/Somebody Special/Say It Ain't True

PRK 3486 - Deepest Purple: The Very Best of Deep Purple - Deep Purple [1980] (11/80, #148) This album is on the Purple label. Black Night/Speed King/Fireball/Strange Kind Of Woman/Child In Time/Woman From Tokyo//Highway Star/Space Truckin'/Burn/Stormbringer/Demons Eye/Smoke On The Water

BRK 3487 - Deface the Music - Utopia [1980] (10/80, #65) This album is on the Bearsville label. I Just Want To Touch You/Crystal Ball/Where Does The World Go To Hide/Silly Boy/Alone/That's Not Right/Take It Home//Hoi Poloi/Life Goes On/Feel Too Good/Always Late/All Smiles/Everybody Else Is Wrong

BSK 3488 - Ashes and Diamonds - Zaine Griff [1980]

BSK 3489 - Borderline - Ry Cooder [1980] (1/81, #43) 634-5789/Speedoo/Why Don't You Try Me/Down In The Boondocks/Johnny Porter//The Way We Make A Broken Heart/Crazy 'Bout An Automobile (Every Woman I Know)/The Girls From Texas/Borderline/Never Make Your Move Too Soon

FMH 3490 - Coast to Coast (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] The label on this album is Full Moon. Pickin' Up Strangers - Johnny Lee/Fool That I Am - Rita Coolidge/Feels So Good To Win - Ambrosia/Send Me Someone To Love - Kathy Walker/Swayin' To The Music (Slow Dancin') - Johnny Rivers//I Can Tell By The Way You Dance - Johnny Lee/Once In A Lifetime - Bonnie Raitt/You're Only Lonely - J.D. Souther/Survive - Jimmy Buffett/Coast To Coast - T.G. Sheppard

BSK 3491 - Sons of the Sun - Bellamy Brothers [1980] (12/80, #18CW) This release is on the Warner-Curb label.

DHK 3492 - Somewhere in England - George Harrison [1981] This album has a Dark Horse label. Blood From A Clone/Unconsciousness Rules/Life Itself/All Those Years Ago/Baltimore Oriole//Teardrops/That Which I Have Lost/Writing's On The Wall/Hong Kong Blues/Save The World

BSK 3493 - Flying the Flag - Climax Blues Band [1980] Gotta Have More Love/So Good After Midnight/Horizontalized/I Love You/Hold On To Your Heart//Dance The Night Away/Money Talkin'/Blackjack And Me/Nothing But Starlight/One For Me And You

*Mini 3494 - Gang of Four - Gang Of Four [1980] Armalite Rifle/He'd Send In The Army/It's Her Factory/Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time Mini

MINI 3495 - 5 Live - Robin Lane & Chartbusters [1980] When Things Go Wrong/Lost My Mind/When You Compromise//8.3/Shakin' All Over

BSK 3496 - Chinatown - Thin Lizzy [1980] (11/80, #120) We Will Be Strong/Chinatown/Sweetheart/Sugar Blues/Killer On The Loose//Having A Good Time/Genocide (The Killing Of The Buffalo)/Didn't I/Hey You

2WB 3497 - Reunited Live - Frankie Valli & Four Seasons [1981] (2-LP set) Who Loves You/Our Day Will Come/Medley: Save It For Me-Rag Doll-Dawn-Let's Hang On/Can't Take My Eyes Off You//Fallen Angel/Silver Star/Slip Away/December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)//Swearin' To God/My Eyes Adored You/Medley (Workin' My Way Back To You-Will You Still Love Me (Tomorrow)-Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)-I've Got You Under My Skin)/Spend The Night In Love//Heaven Must Have Sent You (Here In The Night)/Grease/Medley: Sherry-Walk Like A Man-Big Girls Don't Cry-Bye Bye Baby (Baby Good Bye)

BSK 3498 - Chance - Manfred Mann's Earth Band [1980] (1/81, #57) Lies (Through The 80's)/On The Run/For You/Adolescent Dream/Fritz The Blank//Stranded/Hello, I Am Your Heart/No Guarantee/Heart On The Street

*BSK 3499 - Any Which Way You Can (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] (1/81, #141) Acapulco - Johnny Duncan/Any Way You Want Me - Gene Watson/Any Which Way You Can - Glen Campbell/Beers To You - Ray Charles & Clint Eastwood/Cotton-Eyed Clint - Texas Opera Company/Cow Patti - Jim Stafford/Good Guys And The Bad Guys - John Durrill/One Too Many Women In Your Life - Sondra Locke/Orangutan Hall Of Fame - Cliff Crofford/Too Loose - Sondra Locke/Whiskey Heaven - Fats Domino/You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma - David Frizzell & Shelly West

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