Warner Brothers Album Discography, Part 7:
BS-2900 to BS-3099 (1975-1977)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 25, 2004

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

BS 2900 - Who Loves You - Four Seasons [1975] (11/75, #38) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Storybook Lovers/Silver Star/Harmony, Perfect Harmony/Emily's (Salle de Danse)//Mystic Mr. Sun/December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)/Slip Away/Who Loves You

*BS 2901 - We Be Sailin' - B.W. Stevenson [1976] Cold, Cold Winter/Dream Baby/East India Company/Hold On/Jerry's Bar And Grill/Kokomo/Quits/Temper, Temper/Wastin' Time/Way Down By The Ocean

BS 2902 - Jeremiah Johnson - Various Artists [1976]

*BS 2903 - Barry Lyndon (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1976] (2/76, #132) Adagio From Concerto For Two Harpiscords And Orchestra In C Minor/British Grenadiers/Sarabande/Hohenfriedberger March/Lilliburlero/March For Idomeneo/Il Barbiere Di Siviglia: Cavatina/Piper's Maggot Jig/German Dance No. 1 In C Major/Piano Trio In E-Flat, Op. 100 (Second Movement)/The Sea Maiden/Tin Whistles/Cello Concerto E Minor (Third Movement)/Women Of Ireland

BS 2904 - City Music - Jorge Calderon [1975] City Music/At The Beehive/Bangkok Panama Pawnshop/Dreaming As One/Diggin' And Doubtin'//Kiss And Run/All The Faces/What You Wanna Hear/Trying Too Hard/Friends Again-Dawning Song

*BS 2905 - Paloma Blanca - George Baker Selection [1976] (1/76, #153) African Dream/As Long As The Sun Will Shine/Israel/Morning Sky/Paloma Blanca/Seagull/Send Me Pillow You Dream On/Song For You/Superstar/Take Me Home/The Fisherman


BS 2907 - Get Closer - Seals & Crofts [1976] (5/76, #37) Sweet Green Fields/Get Closer/Red Long Ago/Goodbye Old Buddies//Baby Blue/Million Dollar Horse/Don't Fail/Passing Thing

BS 2908 - We're Children of Coincidence and Harpo Marx - Dory Previn [1976] Children Of Coincidence/I Wake Up Slow/Woman Soul/The Comedian//Fours/So Much Trouble/Wild Roses (Love Song To The Monster)/How'm I Gonna Keep Myself Together/The Owl And The Pussycat

BS 2909 - Alright - Roger Cook [1976] Swimming In A Sea Of Trouble/Please Get My Name Right/Beautiful Memories/Long Ago And Long Away/Long After//Here Comes Our Love Song/What A Funny Way To Fall In Love/Chances Are We're Gonna Stay Together/Dirty Little Devil/Vietnam Baby/Alright

BS 2910 - Ragin' Cajun - Doug Kershaw [1976] (7/76, #44CW)

BS 2911 - A Good Feelin' - William D. Smith [1976] I'll Be Rolling (With The Punches)/Down The Back Stairs (Of My Life)/We Flew Away/I Feel So Good With You (Baby)/Harmony Junction//We All Wanna Boogie/I Apologize/What Am I To Do (If You Say Goodbye)/Fooled Ya/Take Your Pick (Do Your Trick)

BS 2912 - In the Pocket - James Taylor [1976] (7/76, #16) Shower The People/A Junkie's Lament/Money Machine/Slow Burning Love/Everybody Has The Blues/Daddy's All Gone//Woman's Gotta Have It/Captain Jim's Drunken Dream/Don't Be Sad 'Cause Your Sun Is Down/Nothing Like A Hundred Miles/Family Man/Golden Moments

BS 2913 - On the Road - Jesse Colin Young [1976] (3/76, #34) Sunlight/Walkin' Off The Blues/Peace Song/Miss Hesitation/What's Going On-Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)//Corinna/Have You Seen My Baby/Ridgetop/T-Bone Shuffle

BS 2914 - Just for the Record - Ray Stevens [1976] (5/76, #34CW)


BS 2916 - Eternity - Alice Coltrane [1975]

BS 2917 - Mr. Fathead - David Fathead Newman [1976] (5/76, #53RB)

BS 2918 - Return of the 5000 Lb. Man - Rahsaan Roland Kirl [1976]

BS 2919 - Breezin' - George Benson [1976] (4/76, #1) Breezin'/This Masquerade/Six To Four//Affirmation/So This Is Love?/Lady

BS 2920 - Stretchin' Out in Bootsy's Rubber Band - Bootsy's Rubber Band [1976] (5/76, #59) Stretchin' Out (In A Rubber Band)/Psychoticbumpschool/Another Point Of You//I'd Rather Be With You/Love Vibes/Physical Love/Vanish In Our Sleep

BS 2921 - Starbright - Pat Martino [1976]


*2BS 2923 - We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'N' Roll - Black Sabbath [1976] (2/76, #48) (2-LP set) Am I Going Insane (Radio)/Black Sabbath/Changes/Children Of The Grave/Fairies Wear Boots/Iron Man/Laguna Sunrise/N.I.B./Paranoid/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Snowblind/Sweet Leaf/The Wizard/Tomorrow's Dream/War Pigs/Warning

BS 2924 - Live and in Living Color - Tower of Power [1976] (5/76, #99) Down To The Nightclub (Bump City)/You're Still A Young Man/What Is Hip?/Sparkling In The Sand//Knock Yourself Out

BS 2925 - Magical Shepherd - Miroslav Vitous [1976]

BS 2926 - On the Move - Donna Fargo [1976] (4/76, #31CW)


BS 2928 - Urubu - Antonio Carlos Jobim [1976]

BS 2929 - Right There - Lamont Dozier [1976] (7/76, #59RB)

BS 2930 - Peter Ivers - Peter Ivers [1976] I'm Sorry Alice/In Pursuit Of Treasure/Eighteen And Dreaming/Peter/Peter And The Wolfe's//Send Your Love Over/You Used To Be Stevie Wonder/Rock And Roll Embarrassment/Gilbert And Sylvia/Child In A Chair

BS 2931 - McKuen Country - Rod McKuen [1976]

BS 2932 - Hideaway - America [1976] (5/76, #11) Lovely Night/Amber Cascades/Don't Let It Get You Down/Can't You See/Watership Down/She's Beside You/Hideaway (Part I)//She's A Liar/Letter/Today's The Day/Jet Boy Blue/Who Loves You/Hideaway (Part II)

*BS 2933 - Junkfood Junkie - Larry Groce [1976] (3/76, #187) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. At The End Of The Long, Lonely Day/Biggest Whatever/Calhoun County/Coal Tattoo/I Still Miss Someone/Junk Food Junkie/Like The Trout Dart About/Little Old Lady In Cowboy Boots/Moddy Boggy Banjo Man/Old Home Place/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

BS 2934 - So Let Us Entertain You - First Choice [1976] (4/76, #204) This album is on the Philly-Groove label] First Choice Theme/Ain't He Bad/I'll Stay Right Here/Yes, Maybe No/Gotta Get Away (From You Baby)//Are You Ready For Me?/Don't Fake It/I Got A Feeling/Let Him Go/If The Sun Shines

BS 2935 - Symphonies for the 70's, Volume 2 - Waldo De Los Rios [1975]

BS 2936 - Nobody's Fool - Slade [1976] Nobody's Fool/Do The Dirty/Let's Call It Quits/Pack Up Your Troubles/In For A Penny//Get On Up/L.A. Jinx/Did Your Mama Ever Tell Ya/Scratch My Back/I'm A Talker/All The World Is A Stage

BS 2937 - Mirror - Graham Central Station [1976] (6/76, #46) Entrow/Love (Covers A Multitude Of Sin)/Mirror/Do Yah//Save Me/I Got A Reason/Priscilla/Forever

BS 2938 - A Night on the Town - Rod Stewart [1976] (7/76, #2) Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)/The First Cut Is The Deepest/Fool For You/The Killing Of Georgie (Parts I & II)//The Balltrap/Pretty Flamingo/Big Bayou/The Wild Side Of Life/Trade-Winds

2LS 2939 - We've Got a Live One Here! - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen [1976] (7/76, #170) (2-LP set) One Of Those Nights/Semi Truck/Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!/Big Mammau/San Antonio Rose//18 Wheels/Mama Hated Diesels/Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield/My Window Faces The South/Milkcow Blues//It Should've Been Me/Back To Tennessee/Seeds And Stems/Rock That Boogie/Riot In Cell Block #9//Don't Let Go/Too Much Fun/Hot Rod Lincoln/Lost In The Ozone

BS 2940 - Tiger - Tiger [1976]

BS 2941 - The Bellamy Brothers - Bellamy Brothers [1976] (5/76, #69) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. (Reissued As Let Your Love Flow) Satin Sheets/Nothin' Heavy/Rainy, Windy, Sunshine (Roadeo Road)/Let Fantasy Live/Highway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams)//Let Your Love Flow/Livin' In The West/I'm The Only Sane Man Left Alive/Inside Of My Guitar/Hell Cat


*PA 2943 - Wedding Album - Leon & Mary Russell [1976] (5/76, #34) This album is on the Paradise label. Daylight/Fantasy/Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)/Like A Dream Come True/Love's Supposed To Be That Way/Quiet Nights/Rainbow In Your Eyes/Satisfy You/Windsong/You Are On My Mind

BS 2944 - Mike Finnigan - Mike Finnigan [1976] Saved By The Grace Of Your Love/Performance/Baby, I Found Out/The Room Nobody Lives In/New York State Of Mind/Ace In The Hole//Southern Lady/Everything Will Work Out Right/Misery Loves Company/Holy Cow/Mississippi On My Mind

BS 2945 - Pass It On - Staples [1976] (9/76, #155) The Real Thing Inside Of Me- Party/Take Your Own Time/Sweeter Than The Sweet/Love Me, Love Me, Love Me//Pass It On/Making Love/Take This Love Of Mine/Precious, Precious

BS 2946 - Ranier - Tom Ranier [1976]

BS 2947 - Ode to Billy Joe (Soundtrack) - Michel Legrand [1976]

BS 2948 - Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Staton [1976] (6/76, #129) Run To Me/Destiny/What a Feeling/You Bet Your Sweet, Sweet Love//Young Hearts Run Free/Living For You/Summer Time With You/I Know

BS 2949 - High and Mighty - Uriah Heep [1976] (6/76, #161) One Way Or Another/Weep In Silence/Misty Eyes/Midnight//Can't Keep A Good Band Down/Woman Of The World/Footprints In The Snow/Can't Stop Singing/Make A Little Love/Confession

BS 2950 - Nairam - Philip Catherine [1976]

BS 2951 - The Light of Smiles - Gary Wright [1976] (1/77, #23) Water Sign/Time Machine/I Am The Sky/Who Am I/Silent Fury/Phantom Writer//The Light Of Smiles/I'm Alright/Empty Inside/Are You Weepin'/Child Of Light

BS 2952 - Buck 'Em - Buck Owens [1976] (7/76, #39CW)

BS 2953 - Love Potion - New Birth [1976] (8/76, #168) Fallin' In Love/We Are All God's Children/I Never Felt This Way Before//Hurry Hurry/Slow Driving/The Long And Winding Road/Sure Thing

BS 2954 - Streetheart - Dion [1976] The Way You Do The Things You Do/Runaway Man/Queen Of '59/If I Can Just Get Through Tonight/More To You (More Than Meets The Eye)/You Showed Me What Love Is//Hey My Love/Oh The Night/I'll Give You All I've Got/Lover Boy Supreme/Streetheart

BS 2955 - Song Bird - Margo Smith [1976] (7/76, #34CW)

BS 2956 - The Outlaw Josey Wales (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1976]

BS 2957 - Sanborn - David Sanborn [1976] (8/76, #125) Indio/Smile/Mamacita/Herbs//Concrete Boogie/I Do It For Your Love/Sophisticated Squaw/7th Ave.

BS 2958 - Ridin' High - Rex Allen Jr. [1976] (9/76, #31CW)

BS 2959 - King of the Rodeo - Larry Mahan [1976]

*BS 2960 - Bicentennial Nigger - Richard Pryor [1976] (10/76, #22) Acid/Bicentennial Nigger/Bicentennial Prayer/Black And White Women/Black Hollywood/Chinese Restaurant/Hillbilly/Mudbone Goes To Hollywood/Our Gang

BS 2961 - Sammy Walker - Sammy Walker [1976]

BS 2962 - Endless Flight - Leo Sayer [1976] (11/76, #10) Hold On To My Love/You Make Me Feel Like Dancing/Reflections/When I Need You/No Business Like Love Business//I Hear The Laughter/Magdalena/How Much Love/I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast/Endless Flight

BS 2963 - Jump on It - Montrose [1976] (9/76, #118) Let's Go/What Are You Waitin' For?/Tuft-Sedge/Music Man//Jump On It/Rich Man/Crazy For You/Merry-Go-Round


BS 2965 - The Roaring Silence - Manfred Mann's Earth Band [1976] (9/76, #10) Blinded By The Light/Singing The Dolphin Through/Waiter, There's A Yawn In My Ear/The Road To Babylon/This Side Of Paradise/Starbird/Questions

BS 2966 - The Sanford-Townsend Band (Smoke from a Distant Fire) - Sanford-Townsend Band [1976] (8/77, #57) Reissued As Smoke From A Distant Fire. Smoke From A Distant Fire/Moolah Moo Mazuma (Sin City Wahh-Oo)/Oriental Gate (No Chance Of Changin' My Mind)/Shake It To The Right/Squire James//Does It Have To Be You/Lou/Sunshine In My Heart Again/In For The Night/RainboWS Colored In Blue

WH 2967 - Method to the Madness - Undisputed Truth [1976] (1/77, #66) This album has a Whitfield label. Cosmic Contact/Method To The Madness/Sunshine/You + Me = Love//Hole In The Wall/Loose/Life Ain't So Easy/Take A Vacation From Life (And Visit Your Dreams)/Let's Go Down To The Disco

*BS 2968 - Stuff - Stuff [1976] (11/76, #163) Dixie/(Do You) Want Some Of This/Foots/Happy Farms/How Long Will It Last/Looking For The Juice/My Sweetness/Reflections Of Divine Love/Sun Song/Up On The Roof

BS 2969 - Technical Ecstasy - Black Sabbath [1976] (10/76, #51) Back Street Kids/You Won't Change Me/It's Alright/Gypsy//All Moving Parts (Stand Still)/Rock 'N' Roll Doctor/She's Gone/Dirty Women

BS 2970 - Zoot Allures - Frank Zappa [1976] Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station/Black Napkins/The Torture Never Stops/Ms. Pinky//Find Her Finer/Friendly Little Finger/Wonderful Wino/Zoot Allures/Disco Boy

BS 2971 - Double Time - Leon Redbone [1977] (1/77, #38) Diddy Wah Diddie/Nobody's Sweetheart/Shine On Harvest Moon/Crazy Blues/Mississippi Delta Blues//Mr. Jelly Roll Baker/My Melancholy Baby/Sheik Of Araby/Mississippi River Blues/Whinin' Boy Blues/If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven

BS 2972 - Ahh... The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! - Bootsy's Rubber Band [1977] (2/77, #16) Ahh... The Name Is Bootsy, Baby/The Pinocchio Theory/Rubber Duckie/Preview Side Too/What's A Telephone Bill?/Munchies For Your Love/Can't Stay Away/Reprise: We Want Bootsy

BS 2973 - Hardcore Jollies - Funkadelic [1976] (11/76, #96) Comin' Round The Mountain/Smokey/If You Got Funk, You Got Style/Soul Mate//Hardcore Jollies/Cosmic Slop/You Scared The Lovin' Outta Me/Adolescent Funk

BS 2974 - The Main Refrain - Wendy Waldman [1976]

BS 2975 - Everything Must Change - Randy Crawford [1976] Everything Must Change/I Let You Walk Away/I'm Easy/I Had To See You One More Time/I've Never Been To Me//Don't Let Me Down/Something So Right/Soon As I Touched Him/Only Your Love Song Lasts/Gonna Give Lovin' A Try

BS 2976 - Sudan Village - Seals & Crofts [1976] (12/76, #73) Sudan Village/Advance Guards/'Cause You Love - Featuring Carolyn Willis/Baby I'll Give It To You - Featuring Carolyn Willis//Thunder-Foot/East Of Ginger Trees/Put Your Love Is My Hands - Featuring Carolyn Willis/Arkansas Traveller/Eighth Of January

BS 2977 - Joyous Lake - Pat Martino [1976]

BS 2978 - Best of the Doobies - Doobie Brothers [1976] (11/76, #5) China Grove/Long Train Runnin'/Takin' It To The Streets/Listen To The Music/Black Water/Rockin' Down The Highway//Jesus Is Just Alright/It Keeps You Runnin'/South City Midnight Lady/Take Me In Your Arms/Without You

BS 2979 - Greatest Hits - James Taylor [1976] (12/76, #23) Something In The Way She Moves/Carolina On My Mind/Fire And Rain/Sweet Baby James/Country Road/You've Got A Friend//Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight/Walking Man/How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)/Mexico/Shower The People/Steamroller

BS 2980 - Slaves Mass - Hermeto Pascoal [1976]

BS 2981 - Happiness Heartaches - Brian Auger's Oblivion Express [1977] Back Street Bible Class/Spice Island/Gimme A Funky Break//Never Gonna Come Down/Happiness Heartaches/Got To Be Born Again/Paging Mr. McCoy

BS 2982 - Kirkatron - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1977]

BSK 2983 - In Flight - George Benson [1977] (2/77, #9) Nature Boy/The Wind And I (Aka Hot Stuff)/The World Is A Ghetto//Gonna Love You More/Valdez In The Country/Everything Must Change

BS 2984 - Front Money - David Fathead Newman [1977]

BS 2985 - Nothing Will Be as It Was... Tomorrow - Flora Purim [1977] (3/77, #163) You Love Me Only/Nothing Will Ever Be As It Was-Nada Sera Como Antes/I'm Coming For Your Love//Angels/Corre Nina/Bridges/Fairy Tale Song/Angels (Reprise)

BS 2986 - Rhada Krishna - Alice Coltrane [1976]

BS 2987 - A Period of Transition - Van Morrison [1977] (5/77, #43) You Gotta Make It Through The World/It Fills You Up/The Eternal Kansas City//Joyous Sound/Flamingos Fly/Heavy Connection/Cold Wind In August

BS 2988 - One Night Stands - Hank Williams, Jr. [1977] This release is on the Warner- Curb label.

BS 2989 - Making of a Dream - Crackin' [1977]

BS 2990 - Sweet Forgiveness - Bonnie Raitt [1977] (4/77, #25) About To Make Me Leave Home/Runaway/Two Lives/Louise/Gamblin' Man//Sweet Forgiveness/My Opening Farewell/Three Time Loser/Takin' My Time/Home

BS 2991 - Indigo - Indigo [1977]

BS 2992 - So So Satisfied - Ashford & Simpson [1977] (2/77, #180) Tried, Tested And Found True/Couldn't Get Enough/Maybe I Can Find It/Destiny//So So Satisfied/Over And Over/It's You/If You're Lying

BS 2993 - Passport to Ecstasy - Banks & Hampton [1977]

*BS 2994 - Music Fuh Ya (Musica Para Tu) - Taj Mahal [1977] (1/77, #134) Baby, You're My Destiny/Curry/Four Mills Brothers/Freight Train/Honey Babe/Sailin' Into Walker's Cay/Truck Driver's Two-Step/You Got It

PRK 2995 - Made in Europe - Deep Purple [1976] (11/76, #148) This album is on the Purple label. Burn/Mistreated (Interpolating Rock Me Baby)/Lady Double Dealer//You Fool No One/Stormbringer

BS 2996 - Fargo Country - Donna Fargo [1977] (2/77, #11CW)

BS 2997 - Feel the Music - Ray Stevens [1977] (3/77, #50CW)

BS 2998 - Luxury Liner - Emmylou Harris [1977] Luxury Liner/Poncho And Lefty/Making Believe/You're Supposed To Be Feeling Good/I'll Be Your San Antone Rose//(You Never Can Tell) C'est La Vie/When I Stop Dreaming/Hello Stranger/She/Tulsa Queen






BS 3004 - Sleeping Gypsy - Michael Franks [1976] (2/77, #119) The Lady Wants To Know/I Really Hope It's You/In The Eye Of The Storm/B'wana-He No Home//Don't Be Blue/Antonio's Song-The Rainbow/Chain Reaction/Down In Brazil

DH 3005 - Thirty Three and 1/3 - George Harrison [1976] This album has a Dark Horse label. Woman Don't You Cry For Me/Dear One/Beautiful Girl/This Song/See Yourself//It's What You Value/True Love/True Smokey/Crackerbox Palace/Learning How To Love You

BS 3006 - Gate of Dreams - Claus Ogerman Orchestra [1977] Time Passed Autumn/Caprice/Air Antique/Night Will Fall/Sketch of Eden

2W 3007 - Tribute to Woody - Various Artists [1977]

BS 3008 - Party Time Lover - Kerry Chater [1976]


BSK 3010 - Rumours - Fleetwood Mac [1977] (2/77, #1) Second Hand News/Dreams/Never Going Back Again/Don't Stop/Go Your Own Way/Songbird//The Chain/You Make Loving Fun/I Don't Want To Know/Oh Daddy/Gold Dust Woman

2LS 3011 - 2nd Honeymoon: Don't Stop The World - Deaf School [1977] (2-LP set) What A Way To End It All/Where's The Weekend?/Cocktails At 8/Bigger Splash/Knock Knock Knocking/2nd Honeymoon//Get Set Ready Go/Nearly Moonlit Night Motel/Room Service/Hi Jo-Hi/Snapshots/Final Act//Don't Stop The World/What A Jerk/Darling/Everything For The Dancer/Capaldi's Caf‚//Hypertension (Yeah Yeah Yeah)/It's A Boys World/Rock Ferry/Taxi!/Operator

BS 3012 - Lost Feeling - B.W. Stevenson [1977]

BS 3013 - Firefly - Uriah Heep [1977] (4/77, #166) The Hanging Tree/Been Away Too Long/Who Needs Me/Wise Man//Do You Know/Rollin' On/Sympathy/Firefly

BS 3014 - Dancer with Bruised Knees - Kate & Anna McGarrigle [1977] Dancer With Bruised Knees/Southern Boys/No Biscuit Blues/First Born/Blanche Comme La Neige/Perrine Etait Servante//Be My Baby/Walking Song/Naufragee Du Tendre (Shipwrecked)/Hommage A Grungie/Kitty Come Home/Come A Long Way

BS 3015 - Time Loves a Hero - Little Feat [1976] (5/77, #34) Hi Roller/Time Loves A Hero/Rocket In My Pocket/Day At The Dog Races//Old Folks Boogie/Red Streamliner/New Delhi Freight Train/Keepin' Up With The Joneses/Missin' You

BS 3016 - Helicon - Four Seasons [1977] (5/77, #168) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. If We Should Lose Our Love/Let's Get It Right/Long Ago/Rhapsody//Helicon/Down The Hall/Put A Little Away/New York Street Song (No Easy Way)/I Believe In You

BSK 3017 - Harbor - America [1977] (3/77, #21) God Of The Sun/Slow Down/Don't You Cry Baby/Now She's Gone/Political Poachers/Sarah//Sergeant Darkness/Are You There/These Brown Eyes/Monster/Hurricane/Down To The Water

BS 3018 - The Eugene Record - Eugene Record [1977] Laying Beside You/Danger! Love Under Pressure/Here Comes The Sun/Overdose Of Joy/Trying To Watch The Wind/Mother Of Love/Love Don't Live By Sex Alone/Putting It Down (To The Way I Feel About You)/When We Pull The Shades

WH 3019 - Nytro - Nytro [1977] This album has a Whitfield label. Atomic Funk/Dreaming/Foolin' Around/What It Is//Where's The Party/Atomosphere/Give Me One More Chance/Trick Bag

BS 3020 - Sailboat - Jonathan Edwards [1977] Blow On Chilly Wind/Evangelina/Sailboat/People Get Ready/How About You//Girl From The Canyon/Weapon Of Prayer/Never Together (But Close Sometimes)/Carolina Caroline/Let The Rough Side Drag

DH 3021 - Good News - Attitudes [1977] This album has a Dark Horse label. Being Here With You/Drink My Water/Sweet Summer Music/Let's Talk Turkey/Foster's Frees/Turning In Space//Change/In A Stranger's Arms/Manual Dexterity/Promise Me The Moon/Good News

DH 3022 - Keni Burke - Keni Burke [1977] This album has a Dark Horse label. Lead Singer With The (Five) Stairsteps. Keep On Singing/You Are All Mine/Day/It's The Last Time/Shuffle//Give All That You Can Give/Tell Me That You Love Me/Something New (Like A Sweet Melody)/From Me To You

BS 3023 - Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band, Volume 1 - Gabby Pahinui [1977]

BS 3024 - Brothers - Taj Mahal [1977]

BS 3025 - Flip, Flop and Fly - Doug Kershaw [1977] (4/77, #47) Rag Mama Rag/Louisiana Blues/Flip, Flop And Fly/Twenty-Three/You Won't Let Me//I'm Walkin'/Bad News/Black Rose/I'm A Loser/Kershaw's Two-Step/Roly Poly

BS 3026 - Stand on the Positive Side - Paul Kelly [1976]

BSK 3027 - Lace and Whiskey - Alice Cooper [1977] (5/77, #42) It's Hot Tonight/Lace And Whiskey/Road Rats/Damned If You Do/You And Me//King Of The Silver Screen/Ubangi Stomp/(No More) Love At Your Convenience/I Never Wrote Those Songs/God


BS 3029 - Prana - Prana Band [1977]

BS 3030 - Chunky, Novi and Ernie - Chunky, Novi & Ernie [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2146. Underground/Rosalie/Chicago Fog Lift/Antique/Fruits And Vegetables//Lola And The Boys/Italian Sea/Atlantic Liner/Renaissance/America-Chicago

BS 3031 - Big Bright Street - Hirth Martinez [1977] Nothin' Iz New/Love Song/Big Bright Street/The Star/The Mothman Samba/The Moone Toone//The Driver/Cold And Silver Moment/Valley Of The Music/The Circle Song/Only In America, Jim

BS 3032 - Rag 'N' Roll Revue - Cathy Chamberlain [1977] Reissue of Buddah BDS 5686.

BS 3033 - Love on the Wing - Jesse Colin Young [1977] (4/77, #64) Higher And Higher/Love On The Wing/Workin'/Hey, Good Lookin'/Fool//Drift Away/Do It Slow/California Cowboy/Louisiana Highway/Your Lovin' Hobo

BS 3034 - Plain and Fancy - Bellamy Brothers [1977] This release is on the Warner-Curb label. You Made Me/Tiger Lily Lover/Memorabilia/Maybe By Then//Crossfire/Miss Misunderstood/If It's So Easy/Hard Rockin'/Can Somebody Hear Me Now

BS 3035 - Boogie-Woogie String Along for Real - Rahssan Roland Kirk [1978] Boogie- Woogie String Along For Real/Dorthaan's Walk/Hey Babepips/In a Mellow Tone/Watergte Blues/I Loves You Porgy/Summertime/Make Me a Pallet On the Floor

2BS 3036 - Alex Haley Tells the Story of His Search for Roots - Alex Haley [1977] (4/77, #46RB) (2-LP set)

BS 3037 - American Gypsies - Galdston & Thom [1977]

BS 3038 - Malice in Wonderland - Paice-Ashton-Lord [1977] Paice, Ashton, and Lord were members of Deep Purple. Ghost Story/Remember The Good Times/Arabella (Oh Tell Me)/Silas And Jerome/Dance With Me Baby//On The Road Again, Again/Sneaky Private Lee/I'm Gonna Stop Drinking/Malice In Wonderland

BS 3039 - Peddlin' Music on the Side - Lamont Dozier [1977] (8/77, #59RB) Sight For Sore Eyes/What Am I Gonna Do 'Bout You (Girl) (The Coke Song)/Break The Ice/Tear Down The Walls//Going Bacl To My Roots/Family/Peddlin' Music On The Side

BS 3040 - Music Speaks Louder than Words - Candi Staton [1977] (8/77, #46RB) Nights On Broadway/You Are/A Dreamer Of A Dream/Music Speaks Louder Than Words/Cotton Candi//Listen To The Music/When You Want Love/One More Chance On Love/Main Thing/Before The Next Teardrop Falls/Music Speaks Louder Than Words (Reprise)

BS 3041 - Now Do U Wanta Dance - Graham Central Station [1977] (4/77, #67) Happ-E- 2-C-U-A-Ginn/Now Do-U-Wanta Dance/Last Train/Love And Happiness/Earthquake//Crazy Chicken/Stomped Beat-Up And Whooped/Lead Me On/Saving My Love For You/Have Faith In Me

BS 3042 - New Directions - Meters [1977] No More Okey Doke/I'm Gone/Be My Lady/My Name Up In Lights//Funkify Your Life/Stop That Train/We Got The Kind Of A Love/Give It What You Can

BS 3043 - I Caught Your Act - Hues Corporation [1977] This release is on the Warner- Curb label. Telegram Of Love/Deep Down/I Can't Put My Finger On It/What You Need Is Lovin'/Dancing Together Again//I Caught Your Act/Natural Find/I Love You A Lot/Ali Baba's Got The Blues/You Brought The World To My Door


BSK 3045 - Livin' on the Fault Line - Doobie Brothers [1977] (9/77, #10) You're Made That Way/Echoes Of Love/Little Darling (I Need You)/You Belong To Me/Livin' On The Fault Line//Nothin' But A Heartache/Chinatown/There's A Light/Need A Lady/Larry The Logger Two-Step

BS 3046 - Cherished - Cher [1977] Pirate/He Was Beautiful/War Paint And Soft Feathers/Love The Devil Out Of Ya/She Loves To Hear The Music//L.A. Plane/Again/Dixie/Send The Man Over/Thunderstorm

BS 3047 - Dawn Explosion - Captain Beyond [1977] (6/77, #181) Do Or Die/Icarus/Sweet Dreams/Fantasy//Breath Of Fire (Part 1 & Part 2) (A Speck Within A Sphere-Alone In The Cosmos)/If You Please/Midnight Memories/Space Interlude/Oblivion/Space Reprise

3WS 3048 - Roots - Various Artists [1978] Three-Record Set.

BS 3049 - Happiness - Margo Smith [1977] (5/77, #41CW)

BS 3050 - American Roulette - Danny O'Keefe [1977]

*BS 3051 - Promise Me the Moon - David Sanborn Band [1977] Benjamin/Heart Lake/Morning Salsa/Promise Me The Moon/Stranger's Arms/The Legend Of Cheops/The Rev/We Fool Ourselves

2BX 3052 - Look to the Rainbow - Al Jarreau [1977] (6/77, #49) (2-LP set) Perfect Letter/Rainbow In Your Eyes/One Good Turn//Could You Believe/Burst In With The Dawn/Better Than Anything//So Long Girl/Look To The Rainbow/You Don't See Me//Take Five/Loving You/We Got By

BS 3053 - Amoroso - Joao Gilberto [1977]

BS 3054 - Rex - Rex Allen, Jr. [1977] (6/77, #42CW)

*BSK 3055 - The Roaring Silence - Manfred Mann's Earth Band [1977] Blinded By The Light/Questions/Singing The Dolphin Through/Spirit In The Night/Starbird/The Road To Babylon/This Side Of Paradise/Waiter, There's A Yawn In My Ear


*BSK 3057 - Richard Pryor's Greatest Hits - Richard Pryor [1977] (6/77, #68) Cocaine/Craps/Exorcist/Have Your Ass Home By 11:00/Mudbone-Little Feets/My Father/My Neighborhood/Nigger With A Seizure/When Your Woman Leaves You/Wino Dealing With Dracula

BS 3058 - Games, Dames and Guitar Things - Eddie Hazel [1977]

BS 3059 - Show Time - Ry Cooder [1977] (9/77, #158) School Is Out/Alimony/Jesus On The Mainline/The Dark End Of The Street/Viva Sequin-Do Re Mi/Volver, Volver/How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live/Smack Dab In The Middle

BS 3060 - Scarlet Rivera - Scarlet Rivera [1977] LeftbackWicked Witch of the East/Gypsy Caravan//Earth Queen/Cloak and Dagger/Ring Around the Moon

*BSK 3061 - More Stuff - Stuff [1977] (7/77, #61) And Here You Are/As/Honey Coral Rock/Love Of Mine/Need Somebody/Sometimes Bubba Gets Down/Subway/This One's For You

BS 3062 - Waters - Waters [1977]

BS 3063 - The Van (Soundtrack) - Sammy Johns [1977]

BS 3064 - Family Tree - Staples [1977] (10/77, #58RB) Family Tree/What You Doing Tonight/See A Little Further (Than My Bed)/I Honestly Love You//Hang Loose/Let's Go To The Disco/Color Me High/Boogie For The Blues

BS 3065 - Super Active Wizzo - Roy Wood's Wizzo [1977]

PAK 3066 - Make Love to the Music - Leon & Mary Russell [1977] (6/77, #142) This album is on the Paradise label. Easy Love/Joyful Noise/Now Now Boogie/Say You Will/Make Love To The Music//Love Crazy/Love Is In Your Eyes/Hold On To This Feeling/Island In The Sun

BS 3067 - Shaun Cassidy - Shaun Cassidy [1977] (6/77, #3) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Da Doo Ron Ron/Morning Girl/I Wanna Be With You/It's Too Late/Hey There Lonely Girl//That's Rock 'N' Roll/Holiday/Take Good Care Of My Baby/Amblin'/Be My Baby

*BS 3068 - Exorcist II: The Heretic - Various Artists (Soundtrack) [1977] Dark Revelation/Exorcism/Great Bird Of The Sky/Interrupted Melody/Interrupted Melody/Little Afro-Flemish Mass/Magic And Ecstasy/Night Flight/Pazuzu/Regan's Theme/Regan's Theme/Rite Of Magic/Seduction And Magic


BS 3070 - Weak at the Knees - Mylon Lefevre [1977] Goodbye Miss Sadness/Let's Get Together/Second Hand Lady/Country John/Banjo Boy//All My Love/Love As One/Basic Lady/Girl From The North Country/Understand It/Old Ship Of Zion

BS 3071 - Behold the Mighty Army - New Birth Featuring Leslie Wilson [1977] (12/77, #164) The Mighty Army/Love Is/Deeper/Up Against The Wall//Your Love Is In My Veins/How Will I Live/Ain't It Something/Squeezing Too Much Living


DH 3073 - Two Man Band - Splinter [1977] This album has a Dark Horse label. Little Girl/Round And Round/Baby Love/I Apologize/Black Friday//New York City (Who Am I)/I Need Your Love/Motions Of Love/Silver/Love Is Not Enough

WH 3074 - In Full Bloom - Rose Royce [1977] (8/77, #9) This album has a Whitfield label. Wishing On A Star/You Can't Please Everybody/Ooh Boy/Do Your Dance//You're My World Girl/Love, More Love/Funk Factory/It Makes You Feel Like Dancin'

BSK 3075 - Van Halen - Van Halen [1977] (3/78, #19) Runnin' With The Devil/Eruption/You Really Got Me/Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love/I'm The One//Jamie's Cryin'/Atomic Punk/Feel Your Love Tonight/Little Dreamer/Ice Cream Man/On Fire

BSK 3076 - Seals and Crofts Sing the Songs from the Original Motion Picture Sound Track "One On One" - Seals & Crofts [1977] (10/77, #118) The Love Theme From "One On One" (My Fair Share)/This Day Belongs To Me/Janet's Theme/John Wayne/Picnic/Flyin'/Reflections//Love Conquers All/It'll Be All Right/Hustle/Time Out/The Party/Basketball Game/This Day Belongs To Me (Reprise)

BS 3077 - Transcendence - Alice Coltrane [1977]

PA 3078 - Gary Ogan - Gary Ogan [1977] This album is on the Paradise label.

BSK 3079 - Little Criminals - Randy Newman [1977] (10/77, #9) Short People/You Can't Fool The Fat Man/Little Criminals/Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father/Jolly Coppers On Parade/In Germany Before The War//Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America/Baltimore/I'll Be Home/Rider In The Rain/Kathleen (Catholicism Made Easier)/Old Man On The Farm

BS 3080 - Blue Ridge Mountain Skyline - Sammy Walker [1977]

BS 3081 - Duo-Glide - Sanford-Townsend Band [1977] (2/78, #92) Paradise/Ain't It So, Love/Cryin' Like A Child/Livin's Easy/Starbrite//Voodoo/Mississippi Sunshine/Eights And Aces/Sometimes When The Wind Blows/Eye Of My Storm (Oh Woman)

BS 3082 - The Family that Plays Together - Erma Bombeck [1977]

BS 3083 - Miss Randy Crawford - Randy Crawford [1977] Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah/I Can't Get You Off MyMind/I'm Under The Influence Of You/Over My Head/Desperado//Take ItAway From Her (Put It On Me)/Single Woman, Married Man/Half Steppin'/This Man/At Last

BS 3084 - I'm Fine, How Are You? - Airto Moreira [1977]

BS 3085 - Boogie Woogie String Along for Real - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1977]


BS 3087 - Our Old Mansion - Buck Owens [1977]

BS 3088 - Send It - Ashford & Simpson [1977] (10/77, #52) By Way Of Love's Express/Let Love Use Me/Don't Cost You Nothing/Send It//Top Of The Stairs/Too Bad/Bourgi‚ Bourgi‚ (Instrumental)/I Waited Too Long

BSK 3089 - Thunder in My Heart - Leo Sayer [1977] (10/77, #37) Thunder In My Heart/Easy To Love/Leave Well Enough Alone/I Want You Back/It's Over//Fool For Your Love/World Keeps On Turning/There Isn't Anything/Everything I Got/We Can Start All Over Again

*BS 3090 - Let's Get Small - Steve Martin [1977] (10/77, #10) Excuse Me/Funny Comedy Gags/Grandmother's Song/Let's Get Small/Mad At My Mother/One Way To Leave Your Lover/Ramblin' Man/Smoking/Vegas

2W 3091 - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been: The Best of the Grateful Dead - Grateful Dead [1977] (11/77, #121) (2-LP set) New, New Minglewood Blues/Cosmic Charlie/Truckin'/Black Peter/Born Cross-Eyed//Ripple/Doin' That Rag/Dark Star/High Time/New Speedway Boogie//St. Stephen/Jack Straw/Me And My Uncle/Tennessee Jed//Cumberland Blues/Playing In The Band/Brown- Eyed Woman/Ramble On Rose

BSK 3092 - Foot Loose and Fancy Free - Rod Stewart [1977] (11/77, #2) Hot Legs/You're Insane!/You're In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)/Born Loose//You Keep Me Hangin' On/(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right/You Got A Nerve/I Was Only Joking

BSK 3093 - Bootsy? Player of the Year - Bootsy's Rubber Band [1978] (2/78, #16) Bootsy? (What's The Name Of This Town)/May The Force Be With You/Very Yes (Player Of The Year)//Bootzilla/Hollywood Squares (Funk Attack)/Roto-Rooter/As In (I Love You)

*BS 3094 - Evolution (The Most Recent) - Taj Mahal [1978] Highnite/Lowdown Showdown/Queen Bee/Salsa De Laventille/Sing A Happy Song/Southbound With The Hammer Down/The Big Blues/The Most Recent (Evolution Of Muthafusticus Modern Usticus)/Why You Do Me This Way?



BSK 3097 - Trying to Get to You - Eugene Record [1978] Eugene is lead singer of the Chi- Lites. Trying To Get To You/Come To My Party/Time/We Belong Together/I Want To Be With You//Love And Fun/You Are The Star Of My Show/I'm So Glad/Share My Life

BS 3098 - There Is Something... - Ray Stevens [1977]

BS 3099 - Shame on Me - Donna Fargo [1977] (11/77, #18CW)

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