Rhino Album Discography, Part 3:
200 & 70200 Series

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 17, 2005

The RNDF 200 series started as a reissue of the Del-Fi label material, hence the "DF" in the catalog prefix. It soon branched out to other oldie reissues. Starting in 1982, numbers starting with 251 were used for a series of picture discs, some of them containing interviews with no music, and numbers starting with 280 were used for a series of shaped colored-vinyl or picture discs. All numbers in the 200 series before late 1984 used the RNDF- prefix, including the "series starts" from 250-259 and 280-284.

When Rhino started a big reissue campaign with the release of several Everly Brothers albums in 1984, the prefix was changed back to RNLP-. Most of the numbers from 211 to 249 are straight reissues of popular albums at that time out-of-print. When Rhino began filling in the later series numbers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, they did not re-use the low 200s or the 250s, but by 1992 they apparently forgot about the short series starting at 280, as they re-used 70280-70284. We have listed these shaped discs first, followed by the entire 200/70200 series.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Rhino RNDF 280 Series (Shaped Discs):

RNDF 280 - Turtle-Sized - Turtles [1982] (Green vinyl turtle-shaped disc) Happy Together/She'd Rather Be With Me/Outside Chance/Eve Of Destruction

RNDF 281 - Horror Rock Classics - Various Artists [1982] (Orange vinyl pumpkin- shaped disc) Addams Family Theme - Fiends/Out Of Limits - Challengers//Haunted House - Jumpin' Gene Simmons/Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley

RNDF 282 - Fish Heads - Barnes And Barnes [1982] (Fish-head shaped picture disc) Fish Heads/I Had Sex On TV/Party In My Pants/Swallow My Love/Work The Meat

RNDF 283 - Horror Rock Classics, Vol. II - Various Artists [1983] (Bat-shaped disc) Twilight Zone - Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra/Cemetery Girls - Barnes & Barnes//Monster mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett & Crypt Kickers/The Blob - Little Stevie & McQueens

RNDF 284 - Texas Hits - Bob Wills [1983] (Texas-shaped disc)

Rhino RNDF 200 series:

RNDF 200 - Best of Ritchie Valens - Ritchie Valens [1981] La Bamba/Bluebirds Over The Mountain/In A Turkish Town/Ooh My Head/Paddi-Wack Song/Stay Beside Me/Maleguena/Let's Go/Donna/Fast Freight/We Belong Together/That's My Little Suzie/Hurry Up/Little Girl

RNDF 201 - Best of the Bobby Fuller Four - Bobby Fuller Four [1981] I Fought The Law/King Of The Wheels/Magic Touch/It's Love, Come What May/Only When I Dream/Don't Ever Let Me Know/Love's Made A Fool Of You//Let Her Dance/Another Sad And Lonely Night/My True Love/I'm A Lucky Guy/Saturday Night/Fool Of Love/Never To Be Forgotten

RNDF 202 - Best of Johnny Crawford - Johnny Crawford [1982] Cindy's Birthday (S)/Patti Ann (M)/No One Really Loves A Clown (M)/Daydreams (E)/What Happened To Janie (M)/Your Nose Is Gonna Grow (M)/Lonesome Town (M)//Rumors (S)/The Girl Next Door (M)/Proud (S)/Cindy's Gonna Cry (M)/Sandy (M)/Judy Loves Me (M)/We Belong Together (E)

RNDF 203 - Phil Spector: The Early Productions 1958-1961 - Various Artists [1983] To Know Him Is To Love Him - Teddy Bears (E)/Pretty Little Angel Eyes - Curtis Lee (M)/Little Did I Know - Ducanes (M)/That's Alright Baby - Kell Osborne (M)/I Really Do - Spectors Three (M)/Every Breath I Take - Gene Pitney (E)//I Love How You Love Me - Paris Sisters (E)/I'm So Happy (Tra- La-La) - Ducanes (M)/Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid, And I - Gene Pitney (E)/Under The Moon Of Love - Curtis Lee (M)/Mr. Robin - Spectors Three (M)/He Knows I Love Him Too Much - Paris Sisters (M)

RNDF 204 - Beach Party - Annette [1984] Reissue of Buena Vista STER-3316. All cuts true stereo. "Pineapple Princess" has a short spoken part over the intro music that was not on the 45, otherwise it is the hit version. Beach Party/Treat Him Nicely/Don't Stop Now/Promise Me Anything/Secret Surfin' Spot/Song Of The Islands//California Sun/The Battle Of San Onofre/Swingin' And Surfin'/Date Night In Hawaii/Surfin' Luau/Pineapple Princess

RNDF 205 - Muscle Beach Party - Annette [1984] Reissue of Buena Vista STER-3314. Muscle Beach PartyA Girl Needs A Boy/Surfer's Holiday/I Dream About Frankie/Muscle Bustle/Merlin Jones//Custom City/Draggin' U.S.A./Rebel Rider/Waikiki/Shut Down Again/The Scrambled Egghead

RNDF 206 - The Best of Annette - Annette [1984] Taul Paul/Dreamin' About You/First Name Initial/Indian Giver/O Dio Mio/Pajama Party/Jamaica Ska//The Monkey's Uncle [with Beach Boys]/California Sun/Beach Party/Pineapple Princess #2/Muscle Beach Party/I Dream Of Frankie/Bikini Beach/Swingin' & Surfin'

RNDF 207 - The Official Record Album of the Olympics - Olympics [1984] Western Movies/The Bounce/Dooley/Peanut Butter/Dance By The Light Of The Moon/Mine Exclusively/(Baby) Hully Gully//Good Lovin'/Big Boy Pete/Private Eye/Shimmy Like Kate/Workin' Hard/Little Pedro/Baby, Do The Philly Dog

RNDF 208 - Best of Bobby Day - Bobby Day [1984] Buzz, Buzz, Buzz (M)/Little Bitty Pretty One (M)/When I Started Dancin' (M)/Little Turtle Dove (M)/Undecided (M)/Don't Leave Me Hangin' (M)/Beep, Beep, Beep (M)//Rockin' Robin (M)/Over And Over (M)/Mr. & Mrs. Rock And Roll (M)/Gotta New Girl (M)/That's All I Want (M)/Teenage Philosopher (M)/The Bluebird, The Buzzard & The Oriole (M)

RNDF/RNC 209 - Best of the Diamonds - Diamonds [1984] Little Darlin'/Church Bells May Ring/Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Words Of Love/Ka-Ding Dong/Silhouettes/Daddy Cool//The Stroll/Love Love Love/High Sign/Zip Zip/She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)/Kathy-O/Walking Along

RNDF 210 - 14 Booming Hits - Freddy Cannon [1982] Tallahassee Lassie (E)/Palisades Park (E)/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (E)/Transistor Sister (E)/Jump Over (E)/Boston (My Home Town) (E)/Teen Queen Of The Week (E)//Action (S)/Abigail Beecher (M)/Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It (E)/Beechwood City (S)/Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy (E)/If You Were A Rock And Roll Record (M)/The Dedication Song (M)

Series prefix changes to "RNLP-":

RNLP/RNC 211 - The Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1984] Reissue of Cadence CLP-3003 with "Poor Jenny" as a bonus track. CD issued 10/88 as R2 70211. This Little Girl Of Mine (M)/Maybe Tomorrow (M)/Bye Bye Love (M)/Brand New Heartache (M)/Keep A Knockin' (M)/Be Bop A Lula (M)/Poor Jenny (S, 45 version)//Rip It Up/I Wonder If I Care As Much/Wake Up Little Susie/Leave My Woman Alone/Should We Tell Him/Hey Doll Baby

RNLP/RNC 212 - Songs Our Daddy Taught us - Everly Brothers [1984] Reissue of Cadence CLP-3016. CD issued 10/88 as R2 70212. Roving Gambler/Down In The Willow Garden/Long Time Gone/Lightning Express/That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet//Barbara Allen/Oh So Many Years/I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail/Rockin' Alone In My Old Rockin' Chair/Kentucky/Put My Little Shoes Away

RNLP/RNC 213 - The Fabulous Style of the Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers [1984] Modified reissue of Cadence CLP-25040, with original artwork. "Claudette" and "All I Have To Do Is Dream" were added (at the start of side one and end of side two, respectively) as bonus tracks, and "Bird Dog," "Problems," and "Love Of My Life" substituted for "Rip It Up," "Hey Doll Baby," and "Be-Bop A Lula," which were on RNLP 211. CD issued 10/88 as R2 70213. Claudette (M)/Like Strangers (S)/Since You Broke My Heart (M)/Let It Be Me (S)/Oh What A Feeling (S)/Take A Message To Mary (S)/Brand New Heartache (M)//When Will I Be Loved (S)/Bird Dog (M)/('Til) I Kissed You (S)/Problems (M)/Love Of My Life (M)/Poor Jenny (S, second version)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (M)

RNLP/RNC 214 - All They Had to Do Was Dream - Everly Brothers [1984] Alternate versions and outtakes, with lots of studio talk between songs. Leave My Woman Alone (M)/Hey Doll baby (M)/I Wonder If I Care As Much (M)/Wake Up Little Susie (M)/Maybe Tomorrow (M)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (M)/Like Strangers (S)//Poor Jenny (S, version 3)/Oh True Love (S)/('Til) I Kissed You (S)/Love Of My Life (M)/When Will I Be Loved (S)/Should We Tell Him (M)/Kentucky (M) [CD issued on R2 70214 (11/88) has the following bonus tracks: Love Of My Life (version 2) (M)/Problems (M)]

RNLP/RNC 215 - Greatest Hits - Rick Nelson [1985] Also issued as a picture disc as Rhino RNDF 259. Be Bop Baby (M)/Stood Up (M)/Poor Little Fool (M)/Lonesome Town (M)/Believe What You Say (M)/It's Up To You (S)/Young Emotions (M)//Hello Mary Lou (S)/Travelin' Man (S, cold LP ending)/Young World (M)/A Wonder Like You (M)/It's Late (M)/Never Be Anyone Else But You (M)/Teenage Idol (M)

RNLP/RNC 216 - Best of Jerry Butler (1958-1969) - Jerry Butler [1985] For Your Precious Love/He Will Break Your Heart/Find Another Girl/Moon River/Make It Easy On Yourself/I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore/I Stand Accused//Let It Be Me [with Betty Everett]/Mr. Dream Merchant/Never Give You Up/Hey Western Union Man/Only The Strong Survive/Moody Woman/What's The Use Of Breaking Up

RNLP/RNC 217 - James Brown "Live" at the Apollo, Volume II, Part 1 - James Brown [1985] Reissued in 1988 as Rhino R1-70217. Think/I Want To Be Around/Thanks/That's Life/Kansas City//Let Yourself Go/There Was A Time/I Feel All Right/Cold Sweat

RNLP/RNC 218 - James Brown "Live" at the Apollo, Volume II, Part 2 - James Brown [1985] Reissued in 1988 as Rhino R1-70218. It May Be The Last Time/I Feel Good (I Got You)/Prisoner Of Love/Out Of Sight/Try Me/Bring It Up//It's A Man's Man's Man's World/Lost Someone/Please, Please, Please

RNLP/RNC 219 - James Brown's Greatest Hits (1964-1968) - James Brown [1985] Reissued in 1988 as Rhino R1-70219. Out Of Sight/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag/I Got You (I Feel Good)/Cold Sweat, Part 1/I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World//I'll Go Crazy/There Was A Time/Try Me/Ain't That A Groove, Part 1/I Got The Feelin'/Please, Please, Please

RNLP/RNC 70220 - Best of Paul Anka - Paul Anka [1986] Diana/You Are My Destiny/Crazy Love/Let The Bells Keep Ringing/(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings/Lonely Boy/Put Your Head On My Shoulder//It's Time To Cry/Puppy Love/My Home Town/Summer's Gone/The Story Of My Love/Tonight, My Love Tonight/Dance On Little Girl

RNLP/RNC 221 - Original Greatest Sun Hits - Carl Perkins [1985] Blue Suede Shoes/Honey Don't/Boppin' The Blues/Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/Movie Magg/Sure To Fall/All Mama's Children//Put Your Cat Clothes On/Matchbox/Your True Love/Lend Me Your Comb/Dixie Fried/You Can Do No Wrong/Glad All Over

RNLP/RNC 222 - Serious Clownin': The History of Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns - Huey "Piano" Smith & Clowns [1985] Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu, Part 1/Hush Your Mouth/Well I'll Be John Brown/Don't You Know Yockomo/Little Liza Jane/Just A Dream/Roberta//Sea Cruise/Gee Baby/We Like Birdland/Blow Wind Blow/High Blood Pressure/Don't You Just Know It/Rockin' Behind The Iron Curtain

RNLP/RNC 70223 - The Best of Brenton Wood - Brenton Wood [1986] Gimme Little Sign/The Oogum Boogum Song/Lovey Dovey Kinda Lovin'/I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up/I'm The One Who Knows/Psychotic Reaction//Me And You/Baby You Got It/I Like The Way You Love Me/Best Thing I Ever Had/It's Just A Game/A Change Is Gonna Come

RNLP/RNC 70224 - All-Time Greatest Hits - Jay & Americans [1986] She Cried/Only In America/Come Dance With Me/Come A Little Bit Closer/Let's Lock The Door (And Throw Away The Key)/Some Enchanted Evening/Sunday And Me//Cara Mia/Crying/You Ain't As Hip As All That Baby/Why Can't You Bring Me Home/Livin' Above Your Head/Walkin' In The Rain/This Magic Moment

RNLP/RNC 70225 - Zooma Zooma!: The Best of Louis Prima - Louis Prima [1986] That Old Black Magic/I've Got You Under My Skin/Don't Worry 'Bout Me-I'm In The Mood For Love/Basin Street Blues-When It's Sleepy Time Down South/There'll Be No Next Time/When You're Smiling-The Sheik Of Araby/Jump, Jive, An' Wail//Just A Gigolo-I Ain't Got Nobody/Oh Marie/Buona Sera/I've Got The World On A String/Angelina-Zooma Zooma/Embraceable You-I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/Robin Hood- Oh Babe [CD issue (5/90) on R2 70225 has the following bonus tracks: 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days/Hey Boy, Hey Girl/Them There Eyes-Honeysuckle Rose/Should I-I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me]

RNLP/RNC 70226 - Greatest Hits - Brian Hyland [1986] Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka- Dot Bikini/Let Me Belong To You/Ginny Come Lately/Sealed With A Kiss/Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)/I'm Afraid To Go Home/The Joker Went Wild//Run, Run, Look And See/Hung Up In Your Eyes/Holiday For Clowns/Get The Message/Tragedy/Stay And Love Me All Summer/Gypsy Woman

RNLP/RNC 70227 - Boots: Nancy Sinatra's All-Time Hits - Nancy Sinatra [1986] These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/So Long, Babe/How Does That Grab You, Darling?/The Last Of The Secret Agents/Friday's Child/Sugar Town/Love Eyes//Somethin' Stupid [with Frank Sinatra]/You Only Live Twice/Lightning's Girl/Tony Rome/100 Years/Good Time Girl/Hook And Ladder

RNLP/RNC 70228 - Reunion: Live at Madison Square Garden (1972) - Dion & Belmonts [1986] CD issued in 1988 as R2 70228. Introduction/I Wonder Why/A Teenager In Love/The Wanderer/No One Knows/Ruby Baby/Drip Drop//That's My Desire/Where Or When/Runaround Sue/Little Diane

RNLP/RNC 70229 - The Vintage Years (1955-1963) - Johnny Cash [1986] Hey Porter/I Walk The Line/Get Rhythm/Folsom Prison Blues/Rock Island Line/Home Of The Blues/Ballad Of A Teen-Age Queen//Big River/Guess Things Happen That Way/Always Alone/Don't Take Your Guns To Town/I Still Miss Someone/Seasons Of My Heart/Ring Of Fire

RNLP/RNC 70230 - Through the Years - Jackie Wilson [1986] Right Now/I'm Wanderin'/We Have Love/So Much/The Way I Am/You Only live Once/Do Lord [with Linda Hopkins]//Silent One/Think Twice [with Lavern Baker]/Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy/I Still Love You/Didn't I/Love Is Funny That Way/You Left The Fire Burning

RNLP/RNC 70231 - Ritchie Valens - Ritchie Valens [1987] Reissue of Del-Fi DFLP 1201. That's My Little Suzie/In A Turkish Town/Come On Let's Go/Donna/Boney-Maronie/Ooh My Head//La Bamba/Bluebirds Over The Mountain/Hi-Tone/Framed/We Belong Together/Dooby-Dooby-Wah

RNLP/RNC 70232 - Ritchie - Ritchie Valens [1987] Reissue of Del-Fi DFLP 1206. Stay Beside Me/Cry Cry Cry/Big Baby Blues/Paddi-Wack Song/My Darling Is Gone/Hurry Up//Little Girl/Now You're Gone/Fast Freight/Ritchie's Blues/Rockin' All Night

RNLP/RNC 70233 - Ritchie Valens in Concert at Pacoima Jr. High - Ritchie Valens [1987] Reissue of Del-Fi DFLP-1214. Narration by Bob Keene. This is a series of home-quality recordings recorded from a performance Ritchie gave at his high school after he had hit with "Donna"/"La Bamba" along with unfinished tracks recorded at Bob Keane's home. Come On Let's Go (live)/Donna (live)/Summertime Blues (live)/From Beyond (live)/La Bamba (live)//Rhythm Song/Guitar Instrumental/Malaguena/Rock A Little Darlin'/Let's Rock and Roll

R1/R2/R4 70234 - The Four Seasons Christmas Album - Four Seasons [12/88] Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-1055 with cover graphics used for Philips PHS 600-223 reissue. The Merry Christmas Medley: We Wish You A Merry Christmas-Angels From The Realms Of Glory-Hark The Herald Angels Sing-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (S)/What Child Is This (S)/The Carol Of The Bells (S)/The Excelsis Deo Medley: Deck The Halls-Excelsis Deo-O Come All Ye Faithful (S)/The Little Drummer Boy (S)/The First Christmas Night Medley: Deck The Halls-Silent Night- O Holy Night-The First Noel (S)/Joy To The World Medley: Deck The Halls-Go Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-Away In A Manger-Joy To The World (S)//Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (S)/Christmas Tears (S)/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (S)/The Christmas Song (S)/Jingle Bells (S)/White Christmas (S)

R1/R2/R4 70235 - A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector - Various Artists [12/88] Reissue of Philles PHLP-4005. White Christmas - Darlene Love/Frosty The Snowman - Ronettes/The Bells Of St. Mary - Bob B. Soxx & Blue Jeans/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - Crystals/Sleigh Ride - Ronettes/(It's A) Marshmallow World - Darlene Love//I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Ronettes/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Crystals/Winter Wonderland - Darlene Love/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers - Crystals/Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love/Here Comes Santa Claus - Bob B. Soxx & Blue Jeans/Silent Night - Phil Spector and Artists

R1/R4 70236 - Shut Up! A Collection of Rare Tracks (1951-1964) - Little Richard [1988] Taxi Blues/Every Hour/Fool At The Wheel/Directly From My Heart To You/Maybe I'm Right/Little Richard's Boogie//Do Lord, Remember Me/Crying In The Chapel/I'm In Love Again/Every Night About This Time/Hound Dog/A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

RNLP/RNC 70237 - The Young Rascals - Young Rascals [1987] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8123. Slow Down/Baby Let's Wait/Just A Little/I Believe/Do You Feel It//Good Lovin'/Like A Rolling Stone/Mustang Sally/I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/In The Midnight Hour

RNLP/RNC 70238 - Collections - Young Rascals [1987] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8134. What Is The Reason/Since I Fell For You/Lonely Too Long/No Love To Give/Mickey's Monkey/Love Lights//Come On Up/Too Many Fish In The Sea/More/Nineteen Fifty-Six/Love Is A Beautiful Thing/Land Of 1000 Dances

RNLP/RNC 70239 - Groovin' - Young Rascals [1987] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8148. A Girl Like You/Find Somebody/I'm So Happy Now/Sueño/How Can I Be Sure//Groovin' If You Knew/I Don't Love You Anymore/You Better Run/A Place In The Sun/It's Love

RNLP/RNC 70240 - Once Upon a Dream - Rascals [1988] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8169. Easy Rollin'/Rainy Day/Please Love Me/It's Wonderful/I'm Gonna Love You/My Hawaii//My World/Silly Girl/Singin' The Blues Too Long/Sattva/Finale: Once Upon A Dream

RNLP/RNC 70241 - Freedom Suite - Rascals [1988] Reissue of Atlantic SD-2-901. America The Beautiful/Me & My Friends/Any Dance'll Do/Look Around/A Ray Of Hope//Island Of Love/Of Course/Love Was So Easy To Give/People Got To Be Free/Baby I'm Blue/Heaven

RNLP/RNC 70242 - Searching for Ecstasy: The Rest of the Rascals, 1969-1972 - Rascals [1988] See/I'd Like To Take You Home/Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me/Nubia/Real Thing/Carry Me Back//I Believe/Ready For Love/Glory Glory/Love Me/Lucky Day/Saga Of New York

R2/R4 70243 - Greatest Movie Rock Hits - Various Artists [1989] Cassette and CD only. Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis/Ghostbusters - Ray Parker, Jr./Wild Thing - Troggs/Rock On - Michael Damien/Do You Love Me - Contours/La Bamba - Ritchie Valens/Iko Iko - Dixie Cups/(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher - Jackie Wilson [CD issue on R2 70243 has the following bonus tracks: Dry Bones - Delta Rhythm Boys/Five O'Clock World - Vogues

R1/R2/R4 70244 - ...In the Beginning - Byrds [1988] Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away/Boston/The Only Girl I Adore/You Won't Have To Cry/I Knew I'd Want To/The Airport Song/Please Let Me Love You//You Movin'/It Won't Be Wrong/It's No Use/You Showed Me/She Has A Way/For Me Again/Here Without You [CD issue on R2 70244 has the following bonus tracks: Mr. Tambourine Man/The Reason Why/Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away (acoustic version)]

R1/R2/R4 70245 - Greatest Hits - Vogues [1988] You're The One/Five O'Clock World/Magic Town/The Land Of Milk And Honey/Please Mr. Sun/That's The Tune/Lovers Of The World Unite//Turn Around, Look At Me/My Special Angel/Till/Woman Helping Man/No, Not Much/Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)/Moments To Remember [CD issue on R2 70245 has the following bonus tracks: True Lovers/Just The Way You Are/Just What I've Been Looking For/Green Fields/Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye]

R1/R2/R4 70246 - EnLightnin'ment: The Best of Lou Christie - Lou Christie [1988] The Gypsy Cried (M)/Two Faces Have I (M)/Mr. Tenor Man (S)/Self Expression (The Kids On The Street Will Never Give In) (S)/Outside The Gates Of Heaven (M)/How Many Teardrops (S)/Trapeze (S)//Lightnin' Strikes (S)/Cryin' In The Streets (S)/Rhapsody In The Rain (M, original "our love went way too far" version)/If My Car Could Only Talk (M)/Shake Hands And Walk Away Crying (S)/Back To The Days Of The Romans (S)/I'm Gonna Make You Mine (E) [CD version on R2 70246 has the following bonus tracks: Watch Your Heart After Dark (M)/Summer Snow (M)/Shy Boy (M)/Du Ronda (S)]

R1/R2/R4 70247 - Working My Way Back to You - Four Seasons [7/88] Reissue of Philips PHS 600-201. Working My Way Back To You/Pity/I Woke Up/Living Just For You/Beggars Parade/One Clown Cried//Can't Get Enough Of You Baby/Sundown/One Too Many Memories/Show Girl/Comin' Up In The World/Everybody Knows My Name

R1/R2/R4 71248 - The Four Seasons Sing Big Hits by Burt Bacharach...Hal David...Bob Dylan - Four Seasons [7/88] Reissue of Philips PHS 600-193. What The World Needs Now Is Love/Anyone Who had A Heart/Always Something There To Remind Me/Make It easy On Yourself/Walk On By/What's new Pussycat?//Queen jane Approximately/Mr. tambourine man/Like A Rolling Stone/Don't Think Twice It's All Right [Wonder Who]/All I Really Want To Do/Blowin' In The Wind

R1/R2/R4 70249 - Genuine Imitation Life Gazette - Four Seasons [7/88] Reissue of Philips PHS 600-290. American Crucifixion Resurrection/Mrs. Staley's Garden/Look Up Look Over/Something's On Her Mind/Saturday's Father//Wall Street Village Day/Genuine Imitation Life/Idaho/Wonder What You'll Be/Soul Of A Woman

RNDF/RNC 250 - Lost Little Girls - Runaways [1981] (Picture disc) Black Leather/Mama Weer All Crazee Now/Eight Days a Week/Saturday Night Special/Takeover/Right Now/My Buddy And Me/Lost Little Girls/I'm A Million

RNDF 251 - Love Live - Love [1982] (Picture disc) Recorded on the 1978 reunion tour. Alone Again Or/Andmoreagain/Old Man/Keep On Shining//7 & 7 Is/Signed D.C./Good Times/Singing Cowboy

RNDF 252 - Where's the Champagne? - Marc Bolan [1982] (Interview picture disc)

RNDF 253 - Afternoon Tea - Yardbirds [1982] (Interview picture disc)

RNDF 254 - Jimi Hendrix Interview Record - Jimi Hendrix [1982] (Interview picture disc)

RNDF 255 - Jerry Lee Lewis' Original Sun Greatest Hits - Jerry Lee Lewis [1983] (Picture disc) Reissued in 1989 on regular black vinyl and cassette as Rhino R1/R4 70255. For CD issue, see below. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Great Balls Of Fire/Breathless/High School Confidential/Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Milkshake Mademoiselle/Let The Good Times Roll//Wild One/The Crawdad Song/Put Me Down/Ubangi Stomp/Big Legged Woman/Lewis Boogie/Carrying On (Sexy Ways)

R2 70255 - 18 Original Sun Greatest Hits - Jerry Lee Lewis [1989] CD issue corresponding to RNDF 255, above, but with substantially different content. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Great Balls Of Fire/Breathless/High School Confidential/What'd I Say/Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Matchbox/Jambalaya/When The Saints Go Marching In/Lewis Boogie/It'll Be Me/All Night Long/Big Blon' Baby/Crazy Arms/Ubangi Stomp/Big Legged Woman/Put Me Down/Wild One

RNDF 256 - Sun's Greatest Hits - Various Artists [1983] (Picture disc) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jerry Lee Lewis/Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins/Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis/Honey Don't - Carl Perkins/Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash/Mystery Train - Junior Parker/Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison/Red Hot - Billy Lee Riley/Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll - Billy Lee Riley/Ubangi Stomp - Warren Smith/Good Lovin' - Dickie Lee/Rock Boppin' Baby - Ed Bruce/Feelin' Good - Junior Parker/We Want To Boogie - Sonny Burgess

RNDF 257 - Kinky Music - Larry Page Orchestra [1984] (Picture disc) Issued on regular black vinyl on Rhino RNLP 058. Tired Of Waiting For You/Come On Now/Something Better Beginning/You Really Got Me/Don't Ever Change/Got My Feet On The Ground//All Day And All Of The Night/One Fine Day/Just Can't Go To Sleep/Revenge/I Took My Baby Home/Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy

RNDF 258 - Heartaches 'N' Harmonies - Everly Brothers [1984] (Picture disc) Wake Up Little Susie/Claudette/Like Strangers/Bird Dog/Love Of My Life/Hey Doll Baby//Bye Bye Love/I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail/Be Bop A Lula/I Wonder If I Care As Much/This Little Girl Of Mine/All I Have To Do Is Dream

RNDF 259 - Rick Nelson's Greatest Hits - Rick Nelson [1984] (Picture disc) Also issued on black vinyl and cassette as RNDF/RNC 215. Be Bop Baby (M)/Stood Up (M)/Poor Little Fool (M)/Lonesome Town (M)/Believe What You Say (M)/It's Up To You (S)/Young Emotions (M)//Hello Mary Lou (S)/Travelin' Man (S, cold LP ending)/Young World (M)/A Wonder Like You (M)/It's Late (M)/Never Be Anyone Else But You (M)/Teenage Idol (M)

R1 70260 - The Silver and Black Attack - Los Angeles Raiders [1988] Picture disc. The Silver-Black Attack (Dance Mix)/Journey To Victory//The Silver-Black Attack (Single Version)/The Silver-Black Attack (Extended Mix)

R1/R2/R4 70261 - Dinner Music...For People Who Aren't Very Hungry - Spike Jones [10/88] Space Ship Landing/Assorted Glugs, Pbrts and Skks/Ramona/Duet For Violin And Garbage Disposal/The Black And Blue Danube Waltz/Stark's Theme/The Old Sow Song/Pal-Yat-Chee/How High The Fidelity/Cocktails For Two//Wyatt Earp Makes Me Burp/Woofer's Lament/Memories Are Made Of This/The Sneezin' Bee/Little Child (Daddy Bear)/Brahm's Alibi/Chloe

R2/R4 70262 - Troubadours of the Folk Era, Volume 1 - Various Artists [4/92] This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie (M)/Silver Dagger - Joan Baez (narrow acoustic S)/Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Ian & Sylvia (S)/Violets Of Dawn - Eric Anderson (S)/Reno Nevada - Mimi & Richard Farina (S)/Four In The Morning - Jesse Colin Young (M)/The Universal Soldier - Buffy Sainte-Marie (narrow acoustic S)/Cocaine Blues - Dave Van Ronk (M)/Morning Dew - Bonnie Dobson (M, live)/San Francisco Bay Blues - Ramblin' Jack Elliott (M)/Well Well Well - Bob Gibson & Bob Camp with Dick Rosmini & Herb Brown (S, live)/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger (M)/Mister Spaceman - Holy Modal Rounders (S)/Catch The Wind - Donovan (M, with overdubbed strings) [CD issue on R2 70262 has the following bonus tracks: John Henry - Odetta (S)/Wasn't That A Mighty Storm - Eric Von Schmidt (M)/I'll Fly Away - Carolyn Hester (S)/Mean Old Frisco - John Hammond (narrow S)]

R2/R4 70263 - Troubadours of the Folk Era, Volume 2 - Various Artists [4/92] Turn Turn Turn - Pete Seeger (S, live)/Get Together - Hamilton Camp (S)/The Circle Game - Tom Rush (S)/Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell (narrow S)/Other Side To This Life - Fred Neil (S)/High Flying Bird - Judy Henske (S)/Tear Down The Walls - Martin & Neil (S)/Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Judy Collins (S)/Ramblin' Boy - Tom Paxton (S)/Reason To Believe - Tim Harden (S)/There But For Fortune - Phil Ochs (narrow S, live)/Follow - Richie Havens (S)/Take A Giant Step - Taj Mahal (S)/Once I Was - Tim Buckley (S) [CD issue on R2 70263 has the following bonus tracks: Winken Blinken And Nod - Simon Sisters (S)/Changes - Jim & Jean (M)/500 Miles - Hedy West (E)/Don't You Leave Me Here - Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band (S)]

R2/R4 70264 - Troubadours of the Folk Era, Volume 3 - Various Artists [4/92] Goodnight Irene - Weavers (M, live)/Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio (S)/Hard Ain't It Hard - Limeliters (S, live)/Walk Right In - Rooftop Singers (S)/Stewball - Greenbriar Boys (S)/Michael - Highwaymen (S)/Take Your Fingers Off It - Even Dozen Jug Band (S)/Greenfields - Brothers Four (S)/Silver Threads And Golden Needles - Springfields (M)/Banana Boat Song - Tarriers (M)/Green Green - New Christy Minstrels (S)/Linin' Track - "Spider" John Koerner, Dave "Snaker" Ray & Tony "Little Sun" Glover (S)/Rider - Big 3 (S)/Mobile Line - Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band (S) [CD issue on R2 70264 has the following bonus tracks: The Bells - Modern Folk Quartet (S)/Gotta Travel On - Au Go-Go Singers (S)/I'll Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms - New Lost City Ramblers (M)/River Come Down - Journeymen (S)]




R2/R4 70268 - Live at the Star Club, Hamburg, 1964 - Jerry Lee Lewis [3/92] Mean Woman Blues/High School Confidential/Money (That's What I Want)/Matchbox/What'd I Say, Parts 1 & 2/Great Balls Of Fire/Good Golly Miss Molly/Lewis Boogie/Your Cheating Heart/Hound Dog/Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 70269

R2/R4 70270 - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: The Best of Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Ian Dury & Blockheads [1992] Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/Razzle In My Pocket (A True Story)/Wake Up And make Love With Me/Sweet Gene Vincent/Billericay Dickie/You're More Than Fair/What A Waste!/Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick/There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards/Inbetweenies/Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3/Common As Muck/I Want To Be Straight/Superman's Big Sister [CD issue on R2 70270 has the following bonus tracks: Clevor Trevor/Blockheads/That's Not All/You'll See Glimpses]

R2/R4 70271 - Rockin' Steady: The Best of Desmond Dekker - Desmond Dekker [3/92] Honour Your Mother And Your Father (M)/This Woman (M)/007 (Shanty Town) (M)/Unity (M)/Mother Long Tongue (M)/Fu Manchu (M)/Israelites (M)/It Is Not Easy (S)/Intensified Festival 68 (S)/A It Mek (M)/My Precious World (The Man) (M)/Pickney Gal (M, with studio talk and countoff)/You Can Get It If You Really Want (S)/Warlock (S) [CD issue on R2 70271 has the following bonus tracks: Keep A Cool Head (M)/Wise Man (M)/Rude Boy Train (S)/Mother Pepper (M)/Licking Stick (S)/Reggae Recipe (S)]

R2/R4 70272 - Metal Age: The Roots of Metal - Various Artists [3/92] Superstition - Beck, Bogart, Appice/Doctor Doctor - UFO/Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo - Johnny Winter & Rick Derringer/Cherry Bomb - Runaways/I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After/You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman-Turner Overdrive/Bridge Of Sigs - Robin Trower/Catch The First Stone - Angel/Silver Machine - Hawkwind/Hot Rails To Hell - Blue Oyster Cult/Why Dontch - West, Bruce & Laing/Ace Of Spades - Motorhead [CD issue on R2 70272 has the following bonus tracks: Caroline - Status Quo/Stiff Competition - Cheap Trick/Queen Of Torture - Wishbone Ash/I Am The Walrus - Spooky Tooth]


R2/R4 70274 - The Disco Years, Volume 3: Boogie Fever - Various Artists [1992] All tracks stereo. Rock The Boat - Hues Corporation/Get Down Tonight - K.C. & Sunshine Band/Boogie Fever - Sylvers/Doctor's Orders - Carol Douglas/I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) - Alicia Bridges/Macho Man - Village People/Dancing Machine - Jackson 5/Love Machine, Part 1 - Miracles/Hot Shot - Karen Young/Le Freak - Chic/We Are Family - Sister Sledge/The Glow Of Love - Change/Knock On Wood - Amii Stewart/Bad Girls - Donna Summer [CD issue on R2 70274 has the following bonus tracks: Get Off - Foxy/Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Staton/Soul Makossa - Manu Dibango/Dance (Disco Heat) - Sylvester]

R2/R4 70275 - The Disco Years, Volume 4: Lost in Music - Various Artists [1992] All tracks stereo. Good Times - Chic/High Society - Norma Jean/He's The Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge/Spacer - Sheila & B. Devotion/I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross/Keep It Coming Love - KC & Sunshine Band/Fresh - Kool & The Gang/In The Bush - Musique/I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) - Inner Life/Don't Make Me Wait - Peech Boys/One More Shot - C Bank/Hot Stuff - Donna Summer/Paradise - Change/Lost In Music - Sister Sledge [CD issue on R2 70275 has the following bonus tracks: I Like Love - Norma Jean/I Love You More - Rene & Angela/A Lover's Holiday - Change/IOU - Freeez]

R2/R4 70276 - The Disco Years, Volume 5: Must Be the Music - Various Artists [1992] All tracks stereo. Shame - Evelyn "Champagne" King/Star Love - Cheryl Lynn/Honeybee - Gloria Gaynor/I'm On Fire - 5000 Volts/I Feel Love - Donna Summer/Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes - Claudja Barry/Automatic Lover - Dee D. Jackson/Boogie Nights - Heatwave/Upside Down - Diana Ross/Take Your Time (Do It Right), Part 1 - SOS Band/I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz/Remember What You Like - Jenny Burton/Touch Me (All Night Long) - Wish/Mindless Boogie - Hot Chocolate [CD issue on R2 70276 has the following bonus tracks: Boogie Motion - Beautiful Bend/H.A.P.P.Y. Radio - Edwin Starr/Must Be The Music - Secret Weapon/Feelin' Lucky Lately - High Fashion/]

R2/R4 70277 - Rare Soul: Beach Music Classics, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1992] (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown - Archie Bell & Drells (S)/Nip Sip - Clovers (M)/You're The Boss - Lavern Baker & Jimmy Ricks (M, slight hiss)/Thank You John - Willie Tee (M)/Too Weak To Fight - Clarence Carter (S)/Think A Little Sugar - Barbara Lewis (M)/Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart - Coasters (M)/One Way Love - Drifters (S)/Across The Street - Lenny O'Henry (M)/Shame Shame - Magic Lanterns (S)

R2/R4 70278 - Rare Soul: Beach Music Classics, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1992] Come On Over To My Place - Drifters (S)/Dear Lover - Mary Wells (M)/Drive It Home - Clovers (M)/Brazil - Coasters (M)/Candy - Astors (M)/I Remember The Feeling - Barbara Lewis (S)/Soothe Me - Sam & Dave (S)/Both Ends Against The Middle - Jackie Moore (S)/Victim - Candi Staton (S)/Sweet Inspiration - Sweet Inspirations (M)

R2/R4 70279 - Rare Soul: Beach Music Classics, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1992] Do You Believe In Love At First Sight - Dionne Warwick (S)/Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Staton (S)/Love Land - Charles Wright & Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band (S)/You Don't Need A Gypsy - Robert John (S)/Magic In The Moonlight - Spinners (S)/I've Got Sand In My Shoes - Drifters (S)/Lucky Lips - Ruth Brown (M)/Morning Noon And Night - Joe Turner (M)/Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - "Stick" McGhee (M)/Walking Up A One-Way Street - Willie Tee (M)

R2/R4 70280 - The Best of Buddy Guy - Buddy Guy [1992] First Time I Met The Blues/Sit And Cry (The Blues)/This Is The End/Stone Crazy/When My Left Eye Jumps/My Time After While/Hold That Plane/Five Long Years/First Time I Met The Blues (alternate take)/A Man Of many Words/T-Bone Shuffle/Ten years Ago/Blues At My Baby's House/Just Teasin' [CD issue on R2 70280 has the following bonus tracks: The Way You Been Trating Me/Hello San Francisco/When You See The Tears From My Eyes/She Suits Me To A T]

R2/R4 70281 - The Beat Generation - Various Artists [1992] 3-CD Box set. San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation) - Jack Kerouac/The Beat Generation - Bob McFadden & Dor/Footloose In Greenwich Village/Blues Montage - Langston Hughes with Leonard Feather/Manhattan Fable - Babs Gonzales/Reaching Into In - Ken Nordine/Parker's Mood - King Pleasure/Route 66 Theme - Nelson Riddle/Diamonds On My Windshield - Tom Waits/Naked Lunch (Excerpt) - William Burroughs/Bernie's Tune - Lee Konitz with Gerry Mulligan Quartet/Like Rumplestiltskin - Dom Morrow/Oop-Pop-Pa-Da - Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra/Basic Hip - Del Close & John Brent/Christopher Columbus Digs The Jive - John Drew Barrymore/The Clown - Charles Mingus with Jean Shepherd/The Murder Of Two Men By A Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves - Kenneth Patchen with Chamber Jazz Sextet/The Hip Gahn - Lord Buckley/Twisted - Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross/Yip Roc Heresy - Slim Gaillard & His Middle Europeans/Ha - Charlie Ventura & His Orchestra/Pull My Daisy - David Amram Quintet with Lynn Sheffield/October In The Railroad Earth - Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen/The Cool Rebellion - Howard K. Smith/Cosmic Rays - Charlie Parker Quartet/Kookie's Mad Pad - Edd Byrnes/Bebopper - Gordons with Hank Jones Trio/Hunger Is From - Ken Nordine/No Pictures Please - Rod McKuen/Like Young - Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra/Married Blues - Kenneth Roxroth/Psychopathia Sexualis - Lenny Bruce/Jack & Neal - California, Here I Come - Tom Waits/Readings From "On The Road" And "Visions Of Cody" - Jack Kerouac with Steve Allen/Interview With Jack Kerouac - Ben Hecht/Kerouazy - Don Morrow/Cool - Del Close & John Brent/But I Was Cool - Oscar Brown, Jr./Uncool - Del Close & John Brent/High School Drag - Phillipa Fallon/Oop-Bop Sh-Bam - Kenny Clarke & His 52nd Street Boys/Professor Bop - Three Bips & A Bop featuring Babs Gonzales/Beatnik's Wish - Patsy Raye & Beatniks/Like Having Fun - Elmer Bernstein/On Beatniks - Carl Sandburg/Swinghouse - Gerry Mulligan Quartet/The Greenwich Village Poets - Charles Kuralt/America - Allen Ginsburg

R2/R4 70282 - The Last Word - Clive Gregson & Christine Collister [3/92] Here I Go Again/I Know Something/I Could Be Happy/Last Man Alive/She's Meeting A Man/I Shake/I Don't Want To Lose You/Dream Of Me/Could This Be The One/Close Down This Bar/Snow In Philadelphia/This Broken Home

R2/R4 70283 - Dazzling Display - Steve Wynn [4/92] Drag/Tuesday/When She Comes Around/A Dazzling Display/Halo/Dandy In Disguise/Grace/As It Should Be/Bonnie & Clyde/405/Close Your Eyes/Light Of Hope

R2/R4 70284 - Home in Your Heart: The Best of Solomon Burke - Solomon Burke [4/92] (2 CDs) Disc 1: Home In Your Heart (S)/Down In The Valley (S)/Looking For My Baby (S)/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You (S)/Cry To Me (S)/Just Out Of Reach (S)/Goodbye Baby (S)/Words (S)/Stupidity (S)/Send Me Some Loving (S)/Go On Back To Him (S)/Baby (I Wanna Be Loved) (S)/Can't Nobody Love You (S)/Got To Get You Off My Mind (S)/Someone To Love Me (S)/You're Good For Me (S)/Dance Dance Dance (M)/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (M)/Tonight's The Night (S)/Baby Come On Home (S)/If You Need Me (S)/The Price (M); Disc 2: Get Out Of My Life Woman (S)/Save It (S)/Take Me (Just As I Am) (S)/When She Touches Me (S)/I Wish I Knew (S)/Party People (S)/Keep A Light In The Window (S)/I Feel A Sin Coming On (M)/Meet Me In Church (S)/Someone Is Watching (S)/Detroit City (S)/Shame On Me (S)/I Stayed Away Too Long (M)/It's Just A Matter Of Time (S)/Since I Met You Baby (S)/Time Is A Thief (S)/Woman How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do (S)/It's Been A Change (S)/What'd I Say (S)

R2/R4 70285 - It Tears Me Up: The Best of Percy Sledge - Percy Sledge [4/92] When A Man Loves A Woman (M)/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You (M)/Love Me Like You Mean It (M)/It Tears Me Up (M)/Love Me Tender (M)/The Dark End Of The Street (S)/Take Time To Know Her (S)/Try A Little Tenderness (M)/Bless Your Sweet Little Soul (M)/True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (S)/Sudden Stop (S)/Stop The World Tonight (S, with horns not on original mono single)/It's All Wrong But It's Alright (S)/Out Of Left Field (M, 3:09 edited down from 3:31 full version)/Kind Woman (S)/Cover Me (M)/That's The Way I Want To Live My Life (S)/Push Mr. Pride Aside (S)/It Can't Be Stopped (M)/Rainbow Road (S)

R2/R4 70286 - Snatching It Back: The Best of Clarence Carter - Clarence Carter [4/92] Step By Step [Clarence & Calvin] (M)/I Stayed Away Too Long (M)/Tell Daddy (M)/Looking For A Fox (M)/I Can't See Myself (S)/The Road Of Love (S)/Slip Away (S)/Back Door Santa (S)/That Old Time Feeling (S)/Too Weak To Fight (S)/I'd Rather Go Blind (S)/Making Love (At The Dark End Of The Street) (S)/Snatching It Back (S)/Soul Deep (S)/I Smell A Rat (S)/Doin' Our Thing (S)/The Feeling Is Right (S)/I Can't Leave Your Love Alone (S)/Slipped Tripped And Fell In Love (S)/It's All In Your Mind (S)/Patches (S)

R2/R4 70287 - A Man and a Half: The Best of Wilson Pickett - Wilson Pickett [4/92] (2 CDs) Disc 1: I Found A Love [Falcons]/Let Me Be Your Boy/If You Need Me/It's Too Late/I'm Gonna Cry (Cry Baby)/Come Home Baby/In The Midnight Hour/Don't Fight It/I'm Not Tired/That's A Man's Way/634-5789 (Soulsville, USA)/Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)/Land Of 1000 Dances/Mustang Sally/Three Time Loser/Everybody Need Somebody To Love/Soul Dance Number Three/You Can't Stand Alone/Funky Broadway/I'm In Love/Stag-O-Lee/Jealous Love/I've Come A Long Way/In The Midnight Hour (Live & Burnin') [with Booker T & M.G.'s & Mar-Keys Horns]; Disc 2: I'm A Midnight Mover/I Found A True Love/She's Looking Good/A Man And A Half/Hey Jude/Mini-Skirt Minnie/Toe Hold/Hey Joe/You Keep Me Hanging On/She Said Yes/Cole, Cooke, And Redding/Sugar Sugar/Get Me Back On Time Engine Number 9/Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You/Don't Know My Love, Part 1/Call My Name, I'll Be There/Fire And Water/(Your Love has Brought Me) A Mighty Long Way/Funk Factory/Funky Broadway (Live In Ghana) (long version)

R2/R4 70288 - Jubilation! Great Gospel Performances, Volume 1: Black Gospel - Various Artists [1992] Move On Up A Little Higher - Mahalia Jackson/Milky White Way - Trumpeteers/The Old Ship Of Zion - Roberta Martin Singers/Touch Me Lord Jesus - Angelic Gospel Singers/Golden Gate Gospel Train - Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet/Bay And By, Parts 1 & 2 - Soul Stirrers/How I Got Over - Clara Ward & Ward Singers/Mary Don't You Weep - Swan Silvertones/Precious Memories - Aretha Franklin with James Cleveland & Southern California Community Choir/Christian's Automobile - Dixie Hummingbirds/Nobody But You, Lord - Edna Gallmon Cooke/Mother Bowed - Pilgrim Travelers/Search Me Lord - Brother Joe May/Oh Happy Day - Edwin Hawkins Singers [CD issue on R2 70288 has the following bonus tracks: Jesus Met The Woman At The Well - Famous Blue Jay Singers Of Birmingham/Do Lord Send Me - Georgia Peach & Her Gospel Singers/No Charge - Shirley Caesar/Sit Down Servant - Swanee Quintet]

R2/R4 70289 - Jubilation! Great Gospel Performances, Volume 2: More Black Gospel - Various Artists [1992] Jesus, I'll Never Forget - Soul Stirrers/How I Got Over - Mahalia Jackson/Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbor - Norfolk Jubilee Quartet/By And By, Parts 1 & 2 - Davis Sisters/Walk Around Heaven All Day - Caravans/Too Close To Heaven - Professor Alex Bradford with Beale Streeters/Let's Talk About Jesus - Bells Of Joy/Burying Ground - Sensational Nightingales/Sell Out To The Master - Christland Singers/Uncloudy Day - Staple Singers/Our Father - Five Blind Boys [Jackson Harmoneers]/(You Can't Hurry God) He's Right On Time - Original Gospel Harmonettes/My Rock - Swan Silvertones/The Love Of God - Voices Of The Tabernacle featuring Reverend James Cleveland [CD issue on R2 70289 has the following bonus tracks: Heavenly Gospel Train - Heavenly Gospel Singers/Motherless Child - Harmonizing Four/Give Me My Flowers - Consolers/Rough Side Of The Mountain - Rev. F.C. Barnes & Rev. Janice Brown]

R2/R4 70290 - Jubilation! Great Gospel Performances, Volume 3: Country Gospel - Various Artists [1992] I Saw The Light - Hank Williams/Preachin' Prayin' Singin' - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs & Foggy Mountain Boys/Lonesome Valley - Kitty Wells/The Family Who Prays - Louvin Brothers/Great Speckle Bird - Roy Acuff & His Crazy Tennesseans/Life's Railway To Heaven - Patsy Cline/Satisfied - Martha Carson/Pray Every Day - Buck Owens & His Buckaroos/Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? - Johnny Cash & Carter Family/A Voice From On High - Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys/When Jesus Calls - Ernest Tubb/Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/Precious Memories - Merle Haggard & Carter Family/Talk About Suffering - Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice [CD issue on R2 70290 has the following bonus tracks: God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign - Carter Family/Bugle Call From Heaven - Webb Pierce/Let's All Go Down To The River - George Jones & Tammy Wynette/Jesus Gave Me Water - Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver]

R2/R4 70291 - Bo Diddley Beats - Various Artists [1992] Hambone - Red Saunders & His Orchestra with Dolores Hawkins & Hambone Kids/Not Fade Away - Crickets/Calling All Cows - Blues Rockers/Willie And The hand Jive - Johnny Otis Show/Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) - Donovan/Hey Little Girl - Dee Clark/Shame Shame Shame - Shirley & Company/Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley/Bo Diddley - Joe Reisman's Orchestra & Chorus/Chevrolet - Lonnie & Ed Young/I Want Candy - Strangeloves/Cherokee Dance - Bob Landers & Willie Joe & His Unitar/Mickey's Monkey - Miracles/Ma- Mi Ayiko (Well Done, Mama) - Oboade with Mustapha Tettey Addy [CD issue on R2 70291 has the following bonus tracks: Arkansas Jane - King Cotton/Let The Water Run Down - Ben E. King/Tonight (Perfidia) - Gene Krupa & His Orchestra/Purple Rain - Big Daddy]

R2/R4 70292 - You Broke My Heart in 17 Places: The Best of Tracey Ullman - Tracey Ullman [1992] Breakaway/Long Live Love/Shattered/Oh What A Night/(Life Is A Rock) But The Radio Rolled Me/Move Over Darling/Bobby's Girl/They Don't Know/(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear/You Broke My Heart In 17 Places/I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten/Terry/Sunglasses/My Guy [CD issue on R2 70292 has the following bonus tracks: You Caught Me Out/Baby I Lied/Helpless/Falling In And Out Of Love/I Don't Want Our Loving To Die/Dancing In The Dark]


R2/R4 70294 - Love Man - Otis Redding [1992] Reissue of Atco SD33-289. I'm A Changed Man (S)/(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher (S)/That's A Good Idea (S)/I'll Let Nothing Separate Us (S)/Direct Me (S)/Love Man (S)/Groovin' Time (S)/Your Feeling Is Mine (S)/Got To Get Myself Together (S)/Free Me (S)/A Lover's Question (S)/Look At That Girl (S)

R2/R4 70295 - Tell the Truth - Otis Redding [1992] Reissue of Atco SD33-333. Demonstration/Tell The Truth/Out Of Sight/Give Away None Of My Love/Wholesale Love/I Got The Will//Johnny's Heartbreak/Snatch A Little Piece/Slippin' And Slidin'/The Match Game/A Little Time/Swingin' On A String

R2/R4 70296 - Soul Men - Sam & Dave [1992] Reissue of Stax S-725. Soul Man/May I Baby/Broke Down Piece Of Man/Let It Be Me/Hold It Baby/I'm With You/Don't Knock It/Just Keep Holding On/The Good Runs The Bad Way/Rich Kind Of Poverty/I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do

R2/R4 70297 - And Now - Booker T & M.G.'s [1992] Reissue of Stax S-711. My Sweet Potato/Jericho/No Matter What Shape/One Mint Julep/In The Midnight Hour/Summertime/Working In The Coal Mine/Don't Mess Up A Good Thing/Think/Taboo/Soul Jam/Sentimental Journey

R2/R4 70298 - Soul Finger - Bar-Kays [1992] Reissue of Volt S-417. Soul Finger/Knucklehead/With A Child's Heart/Bar-Kays' Boogaloo/Theme From Hell's Angels/You Can't Sit Down/House Shoes/Pearl High/I Want Someone/Hole In The Wall/Don't Do That

R2/R4 70299 - Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play the Blues - Buddy Guy & Junior Wells [1992] Also features Eric Clapton, Dr. John, and members of the J. Geils Band. A Man Of Many Words/My Baby She Left Me (She Left Me A Mule To Ride)/Come On In This House-Have Mercy Baby/T-Bone Shuffle/A Poor Man's Plea/Messin' With The Kid/This Old Fool/I Don't Know/Bad Bad Whiskey/Honeydripper

Thanks to Jeff Morris.

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