Reprise Album Discography, Part 4:
RS-6400 to 2RS-6484 (1970-1973)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 25, 2004

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

6000 Series, Part 3

RS 6400 - Benefit - Jethro Tull [1970] (5/70, #11) With You There To Help Me/Nothing To Say/Alive And Well And Living In/Son/For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me//To Cry You A Song/A Time For Everything?/Inside/Play In Time/Sossity: You're A Woman

RS 6401 - Someday Man - Paul Williams [1970]

RS 6402 - Ry Cooder - Ry Cooder [1970] Alimony/France Chance/One Meat Ball/Do Re Mi/Old Kentucky Home/How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?//Available Space/Pig Meat/Police Dog Blues/Goin' To Brownsville/Dark Is The Night

*RS 6403 - My Woman, My Woman, My Wife - Dean Martin [1970] (9/70, #97) Detroit City/Heart Over Mind/Here We Go Again/It Keeps Right On-A-Hurtin'/Make The World Go Away/My Woman, My Woman, My Wife/Once A Day/Tip Of My Fingers/Together Again/Turn The World Around

RS 6404 - Trouble in Mind - Mance Lipscomb [1969] Reissue of Reprise R/R9 2012. Captain Captain/Careless Love/When Death Come Creeping In Your Room Sun Sinner Run/Alabama Bound/Buck Dance/Night Time Is The Right Time/Rocks & Gravel Makes A Solid Road/Johnnie Take A One On Me/Motherless Children/Which A Way Do Red River Run/Trouble In Mind/Ballad Of The Boll Weevil

RS 6405 - The Use of Ashes - Pearls Before Swine [1970] The Jeweler/From The Movie/Rocket Man/God Save The Child/Song About A Rose//Tell Me Why/Margery/The Old Man/Reigal/When The War Began

RS 6406 - The Rill Thing - Little Richard [1970] Freedom Blues/Greenwood, Mississippi/Two-Time Loser/Dew Drop Inn/Somebody Saw You/Spreadin' Natta, What's the Matter?//The Rill Thing/Lovesick Blues/I Saw Her Standing There

*RS 6407 - The Lady and the Unicorn - John Renbourn [1970] Alman/Bransle De Bourgoyne/Bransle Gay/La Rotta/Lamento Di Tristan/Melancholy Galliard/My Johnny Was A Shoemaker/Saltarrello/Sarabande/Scarborough Fair/The Lady And The Unicorn/Triple Ballade/Trotto/Veri Floris/Westeron Wynde

RS 6408 - Kiln House - Fleetwood Mac [1970] (10/70, #69) This Is The Rock/Station Man/Blood On The Floor/Hi Ho Silver/Jewel Eyed Judy//Buddy's Song/Earl Gray/One Together/Tell Me All The Things You Do/Mission Bell

*RS 6409 - Nancy's Greatest Hits - Nancy Sinatra [1970] (10/70, #99) Friday's Child/How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?/Jackson/Lightning's Girl/Some Velvet Morning/Somethin' Stupid/Sugar Town/Summer Wine/These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Things/You Only Live Twice

RS 6410 - Sammy Davis Jr. Steps Out - Sammy Davis Jr. [1970]

RS 6411 - Washington County - Arlo Guthrie [1970] (10/70, #33) Introduction/Fence Post Blues/Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues/Washington County/Valley To Pray/Lay Down Little Doggies//I Could Be Singing/If You Would Just Drop By/Percy's Song/I Want To Be Around

RS 6412 - Tell It All Brother - Kenny Rogers & First Edition [1970] (10/70, #61) Tell It All, Brother/Shine On Ruby Mountain/The King Of Oak Street/I'm Gonna Sing You A Sad Song Susie/Love Woman//Heed The Call/Camptown Ladies/Molly/After All (I Live My Life)/We All Got To Help Each Other

RS 6413 - Old Songs, New Songs - Family [1971] Hung Up Down/Today/Observations From A Hill/Good Friend Of Mine/Drowned In Wine//Peace Of Mind/Hometown/The Cat And The Rat/No Mule's Fool/See Through Windows/The Weaver's Answer

RS 6414 - Janey & Dennis - Janey & Dennis [1971]


RS 6416 - Fanny - Fanny [1970] Come And Hold Me/I Just Realised/Candlelighter Man/Conversation With A Cop/Badge/Changing Horses//Bitter Wine/Take A Message To The Captain/It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin'/Shades Me/Seven Roads

RS 6417 - Just for You - Sweetwater [1970] Just For You/Day Song/Windlace//Compared To What/Song For Romeo/Without Me/Look Out

RS 6418 - Hawaii's Greatest Hits - Don Ho & Aliis [1970]

RS 6419 - Valley of the Moon - Lovecraft [1970] We Can All Have It Together/Brother I Wonder/Love Has Come To Me/Will I Know When My Time Comes/Two Step Tussle/Take Me By The Hand//Lady Come Softly/The Dawn/Never Gonna Go Back/Dear/Hopefully We'll All Remain Together

RS 6420 - Lick My Decals Off, Baby - Captain Beefheart & Magic Band [1970] Reissue of Straight STS 1063. This album is on the Straight label.

RS 6421 - Words and Music - Jimmy L. Webb [1970] Sleepin' In The Daytime/P.F. Sloan/Love Song/Careless Weed/Psalm One-Five-O//Songseller/Dorothy Chandler Blues/Jerusalem/Three Songs: Let It Be Me-Never My Love-I Wanna Be Free/Once Before I Die

RS 6422 - Back Home Again - Norman Greenbaum [1970] Back Home Again/Rhode Island Red/Canned Ham/The Titfield Thunder/Miss Fancy//Lucille Got Stealed/Circulate/Hook And Ladder/Damper/I.J. Foxx

RS 6423 - Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround - Kinks [1970] (12/70, #35) Introduction/The Contenders/Strangers/Denmark Street/Get Back In Line/Lola/Top Of The Pops/The Moneygoround//This Time Tomorrow/A Long Way From Home/Rats/Apeman/Powerman/Got To Be Free

*RS 6424 - Desert Shore - Nico [1970] Abschied/Afraid/All That Is My Own/Falconer/Janitor Of Lunacy/Le Petit Chevalier/Mutterlein/My Only Child

RS 6425 - Sunday's Child - Sunday's Child [1970] To Love Somebody/What Are You Thinking?/Fellin' Good/My Song/Watch what Happens//Maybe I'm Amazed/Half and Half/Medley: I Found a Love, Yes I'm Ready/You're Good For Me/Wichita Lineman

RS 6426 - Judy Henske, Jerry Yester, Doerge & Seiter - Rosebud [1971] This album has a Straight label.


*RS 6428 - For the Good Times - Dean Martin [1971] (2/71, #113) For Once In My Life/For The Good Times/Georgia Sunshine/Invisible Tears/Marry Me/Perfect Mountain/Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head/Raining In My Heart/She's A Little Bit Country/Sweetheart

RS 6429 - Fools - Kenny Rogers And First Edition [1970]

RS 6430 - Cruel Sister - Pentangle [1970] (3/71, #193) A Maid That's Deep In Love/When I Was In My Prime/Lord Franklin/Cruel Sister//Jack Orion

RS 6431 - Bring Me Home - Mother Earth [1971] (5/71, #199) Temptation Took Control Of Me And I Fell/There Is No End/Soul Of Sadness/I'll Be Long Gone/Bring Me Home//Tonight, The Sky's About To Cry/Seven Bridges Road/Lo And Behold/Deliver Me

RS 6432 - Things Ain't What They Used to Be - Ella Fitzgerald [1971]


RS 6434 - Savage Grace 2 - Savage Grace [1971] Mother's Son/Tinboy/Sandscript/Roll, River, Roll/Yonder//She's A Woman/Macon, Georgia/Blindman/She Comes And Goes/Elana/Lady Of The Mountain

RS 6435 - Ohio Knox - Ohio Knox [1971] Taking It Easy/Land Of Music/That Lady/Calamity Jane/There Comes A Time/Give Me John Ford//Baby Sox Knox/Pound Or My Dog Dad For Robert Downey (A Prince)/No Sleep For The Wicked/Abigail Archer/North Country Laura

RS 6436 - The End of the Game - Peter Green [1971] Bottoms Up/Timeless Time/Descending Scale//Burnt Foot/Hidden Depth/The End Of The Game

RS 6437 - Kenny Rogers and the First Edition Greatest Hits - Kenny Rogers & First Edition [1971] (2/71, #57) Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town/But You Know I Love You/Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)/Momma's Waiting/Heed The Call//Something's Burning/Reuben James/I Believe In Music/Love Woman/Tell It All Brother

RS 6438 - Crazy Horse - Crazy Horse [1971] (3/71, #84) Gone Dead Train/Dance, Dance, Dance/Look At All The Things/Beggars Day/I Don't Want To Talk About It//Downtown/Carolay/Dirty, Dirty/Nobody/I'll Get By/Crow Jane Lady

RS 6439 - Fats - Fats Domino [Unissued] This album was never officially released, although test pressings were printed with the tan United States Reprise label. Covers were never printed for the album. Copies that have shown up are in a white cardboard cover with a sticker that says, "Contains RS 6439 - Fats - Fats Domino Special International Release". I'm Going To Cross That River/Big Mouth/It's a Sin To Tell a Lie/Wait Till It Happens To You/I'm Going To Help a Friend/The Lady In Black//Another Mule/When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)/These Old Shoes/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Work My Way Up Steady

*RS 6440 - T. Rex - T. Rex [1971] (5/71, #188) Beltane Walk/Childe/Diamond Meadows/Is It Love?/Jewel/One Inch Rock/Ride A White Swan/Root Of Star/Seagull Woman/Summer Deep/Suneye/The Children Of Rarn/The Time Of Love Is Now/The Visit/The Wizard


RS 6442 - City of Gold - Thomas Rapp & Pearls Before Swine [1971] Sonnet #65/Once Upon A Time/Raindrops/City Of Gold/Nancy//Seasons In The Sun/My Father/The Man/Casablanca/Wedding/Did You Dream Of

RS 6443 - How Come the Sun - Tom Paxton [1971] (8/71, #120) I Had To Shoot That Rabbit/Icarus/Little Lost Child/General Custer/She's Far Away//Prayin' For Snow/Louise/A Sailor's Life/How Come The Sun



RS 6446 - The Stovall Sisters - Stovall Sisters [1971] Hang On In There/Yes To The Lord/Sweepin' Through The City/The World Is In A Change/Rapture/Spirit In The Sky/So Good/The Love Of God/I Come To Praise Him/I'm Ready To Serve The Lord

RS 6447 - Brave Belt - Brave Belt [1971] Crazy Arms, Crazy Eyes/Lifetime/Waitin' There For Me/I Am The Man/French Kiss/It's Over//Rock And Roll Band/Wandering Fantasy Girl/I Wouldn't Trade My Guitar For A Woman/Holy Train/Anyday Means Tomorrow/Scarecrow

*RS 6448 - And So On - Jimmy Webb [1971] All My Love's Laughter/All Night Show/Highpockets/If Ships Were Made To Sail/Laspitch/Marionette/Met Her On A Plane/One Lady/Pocketful Of Keys/See You Then

*RS 6449 - Rasmussen - Rasmussen [1971] Johnny Got His Song/Lady Sunshine/Love Song/No Place To Hide/Shelter Me, I'll Shelter You/Sometimes/Song To The Children/Sunday She's Leaving/Thousand Miles/Whole World Is Crying

RS 6450 - Thirty Days Out - Thirty Days Out [1971] Everybody's Looking For Someone/Mama Come See Me Tonight/Home On The Road/Living Like One/Holy Hannah!//Survival/Taking The Chance/Forever/Doing The Best That I Can



RS 6453 - Surf's Up - Beach Boys [1971] (9/71, #29) This album is on the Brother label. Don't Go Near The Water/Long Promised Road/Take A Load Off Your Feet/Disney Girls (1957)/Student Demonstration Time//Feel Flows/Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)/A Day In The Life Of A Tree/'Til I Die/Surf's Up

2XS 6454 - The Kink Kronikles - Kinks [1972] (4/72, #94) Two-Record Set. Victoria/The Village Green Preservation Society/Berkeley Mews/Holiday In Waikiki/Willesden Green/This Is Where I Belong/Waterloo Sunset//David Watts/Dead End Street/Shangri-La/Autumn Almanac/Sunny Afternoon/Get Back In Line/Did You See His Name?//Fancy/Wonderboy/Apeman/King Kong/Mr. Pleasant/God's Children/Death Of A Clown//Lola/Mindless Child Of Motherhood/Polly/Big Black Smoke/Susannah's Still Alive/She's Got Everything/Days

*RS 6455 - Rosemary Lane - Bert Jansch [1971] A Dream, A Dream, A Dream/Alman/Bird Song/M'lady Nancy/Nobody's Bar/Peregrinations/Rosemary Lane/Reynardine/Sarabanda/Silly Women/Sylvie/Tell Me What Is True Love/Wayward Child

RS 6456 - Charity Ball - Fanny [1971] (10/71, #150) Charity Ball/What Kind Of Lover?/Cat Fever/A Person Like You/Special Care/What's Wrong With Me?//Soul Child/You're The One/Thinking Of You/Place In The Country/A Little While Later



RS 6459 - Randy Newman/Live - Randy Newman [1971] (10/71, #191) Mama Told Me Not To Come/Tickle Me/I'll Be Home/So Long Dad/Living Without You/Last Night I Had A Dream/I Think It's Going To Rain Today//Lover's Prayer/Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong/Yellow Man/Old Kentucky Home/Cowboy/Davy The Fat Boy/Lonely At The Top

RS 6460 - 20 Granite Creek - Moby Grape [1971] (9/71, #177) Gypsy Wedding/I'm The Kind Of Guy That Baby You Can Trust/About Time/Goin' Down To Texas/Road To The Sun/Apocalypse//Chinese Song/Roundhouse Blues/Ode To The Man At The End Of The Bar/Wild Oats Moan/Horse Out In The Rain

RS 6461 - Don Ho at the Hawaiian Palace - Don Ho & Aliis [1970] Oveture/Hula Chant/Welcome To My World/Pearly Shells/Everything Is Beautiful/Once In A Lifetime/Night Life/Hawaiian March/What Do I Need To Be Me?/Tiny Bubbles/Do I Love You?/Kalana Na Pua/Do Ho Monolog/This Is America/I'll Remember You

RS 6462 - King of Rock and Roll - Little Richard [1971] (11/71, #193) King of Rock and Roll/Joy To the World/Brown Sugar/In the Name/Dancing In the Street//Midnight Special/The Way You Do the Things You Do/Green Power/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Settin' the Woods on Fire/Born on the Bayou

RS 6463 - Reflection - Pentangle [1971] (12/71, #183) Wedding Dress/Omie Wise/Will The Circle Be Unbroken?/When I Get Home/Rain And Snow//Helping Hand/So Clear/Reflection

RS 6464 - America - Jim Kweskin [1971] Back In the Saddle/Sugar Babe/Okie From Muskogee/99 Year Blues/Ramblin' Round Your City/Amelia Earhart's Last Flight//Stealin'/Old Rugged Cross/Dark As a Dungeon/Old Black Joe

RS 6465 - Future Games - Fleetwood Mac [1971] (10/71, #91) Woman Of 1000 Years/Morning Rain/What A Shame/Future Games//Sands Of Time/Sometimes/Lay It All Down/Show Me A Smile

RS 6466 - Electric Warrior - T. Rex [1971] (11/71, #32) Mambo Sun/Cosmic Dancer/Jeepster/Monolith/Lean Woman Blues//Bang A Gong (Get It On)/Planet Queen/Girl/The Motivator/Life's A Gas/Rip-Off

RS 6467 - ...Beautiful Lies You Could Live In - Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine [1971] Snow Queen/A Life/Butterflies/Simple Things/Everybody's Got Pain//Bird On A Wire/Island Baby/Come To Me/Freedom/She's Gone/Epitath


RS 6469 - Breakaway - William Truckaway [1971] Breakaway/Hard, Cold, City Life/Way To My Heart/Send Me Some/Jaded Lace//Be The One/I Go Slow/Where's My Baby/Soundaround/Bluegreens/Leave It There


RS 6471 - Daddy Who? Daddy Cool - Daddy Cool [1971]


RS 6473 - Melon - Sweetwater [1971] Get It When You Can/Don't Forget/It Ain't Easy/I'm Happy Today/Rejoice-The Smile Of Man/Take It From The Splice, Boys/Naturally/Don't Give A Hoot/Faith/Join The Band



2XS 6476 - The Ballad of Calico - Kenny Rogers & First Edition [1972] (2/72, #118) Two- Record Set. Sunrise Overture/Calico Silver/Write Me Down (Don't Forget My Name)/The Way It Used To Be/Madame De Lil And Diabolical Bill//School Teacher/Road Agent/Sally Grey's Epitath/Dorsey, The Mail-Carrying Dog//Harbor For My Soul/Calico Saturday Night/Trigger Happy Kid/Vachel Carling's Rubilator//Empty Handed Compadres/One Lonely Room/Rockin' Chair Theme/Old Mojave Highway/Man Came Up From Town/Calico Silver (Reprise)




2XS 6480 - Journey Through the Past - Neil Young [1972] (11/72, #45) Two-Record Set. For What It's Worth-Mr. Soul/Rock And Roll Woman/Find The Cost Of Freedom/Ohio//Southern Man/Are You Ready For The Country/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Alabama//Words//Relativity Invitation/Handel's Messiah/The King Of Kings Theme/Soldiers/Let's Go Away For Awhile (The Beach Boys)

2RS 6481 - Sound Track Recordings from the Film "Jimi Hendrix" - Jimi Hendrix [1973] (7/73, #89) 2-LP set. Rock Me, Baby/Wild Thing/Machine Gun I/Interviews I//Johnny B. Goode/Hey Joe/Purple Haze/Like A Rolling Stone/Interviews II//The Star Spangled Banner/Machine Gun II/Hear My Train A-Comin'/Interviews III//Red House/In From The Storm/Interviews IV

RS 6482 - John Renbourn - John Renbourn [1973]

2XS 6483 - Very Rare - T-Bone Walker [1973] Two-Record Set. Striking On You, Baby/Please Send Me Someone To Love/The Last Clean Shirt/Evening/The Come Back//Your Picture Done Faded/Don't Give Me the Runaround/Hard Times/Every Day I Have the Blues/Person To Person//Fever/Three Corn Patches/I'm Still In Love With You/Just a Little Bit/James Junior/Been Down So Long/If You Don't Come Back/Kansas city/Well, I Done Got Over It/Stormy Monday

2RS 6484 - The Beach Boys in Concert - Beach Boys [1973] (12/73, #25) Two-Record Set. This album is on the Brother label. Sail On Sailor/Sloop John B/The Trader/You Still Believe In Me/California Girls/Darlin'//Marcella/Caroline, No/Leaving This Town/Heroes And Villains//Funky Pretty/Let The Wind Blow/Help Me, Ronda/Surfer Girl/Wouldn't It Be Nice?//We Got Love/Don't Worry Baby/Surfin' U.S.A./Good Vibrations/Fun, Fun, Fun

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