Whitfield Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 25, 2004

The Whitfield label was formed to issue productions by Norman Whitfield. Whitfield was a highly successful producer at Motown records, having produced most of the later hits by the Temptations. Whitfield brought the Undisputed Truth and Willie Hutch to his label from Motown.

The Whitfield label is black with silver print. "WHITFIELD RECORDS" above the center hole on a large "W" background that is green fading to yellow fading to red.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Whitfield issues using the Warner 2500-4000 series numbering sequence:

WH 2967 - Method to the Madness - Undisputed Truth [1976] (1/77, #66) Cosmic Contact/Method To The Madness/Sunshine/You + Me = Love//Hole In The Wall/Loose/Life Ain't So Easy/Take A Vacation From Life (And Visit Your Dreams)/Let's Go Down To The Disco

WH 3019 - Nytro - Nytro [1977] Atomic Funk/Dreaming/Foolin' Around/What It Is//Where's The Party/Atomosphere/Give Me One More Chance/Trick Bag

WH 3074 - In Full Bloom - Rose Royce [1977] (8/77, #9) Wishing On A Star/You Can't Please Everybody/Ooh Boy/Do Your Dance//You're My World Girl/Love, More Love/Funk Factory/It Makes You Feel Like Dancin'

WHK 3124 - Music Web - Spyder Turner [1978] Get Down/Is It Love You're After/I've Changed/Stop//I've Been Waitin'/Tomorrow's Only Yesterday/You Never Had This Before/Reincarnation

WHK 3171 - Mammatapee! - Mammatapee [1980] Sweet Poison/Girl, I Wanna Get Right Up Next To You/Something On Your Mind/Don't Bite The Hand (That Feeds You)/We'll Be Waiting//Rock Across The Nation/Caught Up In The Race/You're Good For Me/Good Lovin'/Long Distance Love

WHK 3202 - Smokin' - Undisputed Truth [1979] Show Time/Talkin' To The Wind/Atomic Funk/I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love//Space Machine/Tazmainian Monster/Sandman/Misunderstood

WHK 3226 - In Tune - Willie Hutch [1978] (11/78, #63RB) All Hell Broke Loose/Paradise/All American Funkathon/Anything Is Possible If You Believe In Love/Come On And Dance With Me/Easy Does It/Hip Shakin' Sexy Lady/Nothing Lasts Forever

WHK 3227 - Rose Royce Strikes Again! - Rose Royce [1978] (9/78, #28) Get Up Off Your Fat/Do It, Do It/I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling)/First Come, First Serve/Love Don't Live Here Anymore//Angel In The Sky/Help/Let Me Be The First To Know/That's What's Wrong With Me

WHK 3275 - Return to Nytropolis - Nytro [1979] Nytro Express/Return To Nytropolis/Could This Be The Night/High On Disco//People Of The Country/Make It/I've Paid My Dues/Orbit Of The Sun

WHK 3331 - Back Street Boogie - Jr. Walker [1979] Back Street Boogie/Girl I Wanna Marry You/Wishing On A Star//Hole In The Wall/Don't Let Me Go Astray/Tiger In My Tank/Sax Attack

WHK 3352 - Midnight Dancer - Willie Hutch [1979] Disco Thang/Midnight Dancer/Kelly Green/Never Let You Be Without Love//Everyday Love/Deep In Your Love/Everybody Needs Money/Down Here On Disco Street

WHS 3387 - Rainbow Connection IV - Rose Royce [1979] (9/79, #74) I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/Is It Love You're After/Shine Your Light/What You Waitin' For//Bad Mother Funker/You Can't Run From Yourself/Lock It Down/Pazazz

WHK 3389 - The Girl's Alright with Me - Masterpiece [1980] The Girl's Alright With Me/High On Love/Take A Look Around/You + Me = Love//We Like To Get Down/Don't Take Your Love From Me/Love Is What You Make It/Thank You For The Love

WHK 3397 - Only Love - Spyder Turner [1980] God Bless (The Lady On The Radio)/Sunshine/I Just Can't Stop Lovin' You/Only Love//Let's Rock (Until We're Satisfied)/There's No Love (Without You)/You Can Always Count On Me/You're So Fine

*WHK 3457 - Greatest Hits - Rose Royce [1980] Car Wash/Do Your Dance/First Come, First Serve/I'm Going Down/I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling)/I Wanna Get Next To You/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/Is It Love You're After/It Makes You Feel Like Dancin'/Love Don't Live Here Anymore/Ooh Boy/Pop Your Fingers/Wishing On A Star/You're A Winner

WHK 3510 - On the One - Mammatapee [1980] Dance With Me, Baby/What You Gonna Do/Easier To Say Goodbye/Monster Fun//Don't You Want To Give Me Some/Got To Stop Wanting It/Let The Music Take Your Mind/Linda

*WHK 3512 - Golden Touch - Rose Royce [1981] (1/81, #160) And You Wish For Yesterday/Funkin' Around/Golden Touch/Help Yourself/I Wanna Make It With You/Love Is In The Air/Would You Please Be Mine/You're A Winner

WHK 3620 - Jump Street - Rose Royce [1981] Jump Street/Illusions/R.R. Express//Famous Last Words/Tell Me That I'm Dreaming/Please Return Your Love To Me/Fight It

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