Curb Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 27, 2005

The Warner Curb was formed as an outlet for productions by Mike Curb. The albums issued by Warner Curb either bear the Curb Records logo beside or below the Warner logo on the cover sleeve and/or on the label. The label design was the same as for the Warner Brothers label; promotional issues had the typical WB "PROMOTION NOT FOR SALE" overprint.

During 1977, Mike Curb also went into partnership with Berry Gordy Jr. of Motown to form the MC label. This label issued about 10 albums during 1977, most of them country music. (The MC label discography is available as part of the Motown discography.)

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WARNER-CURB ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY (Distributed by Warner Bros.)

Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Warner-Curb issues using the Warner 2500-4000 series numbering sequence:

BS 2664 - Reunion: Live at Madison Square Garden 1972 - Dion & Belmonts [1973] (2/73, #144) Introduction-Announcement/I Wonder Why/A Teenager In Love/The Wanderer/No One Knows/Ruby Baby/Drip, Drop//That's My Desire/Where Or When/Runaround Sue/Little Diane

BS 2900 - Who Loves You - Four Seasons [1976] (11/75, #38) Silver Star/Storybook Lovers/Harmony, Perfect Harmony/Who Loves You//Mystic Mr. Sam/December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)/Slip Away/Emily's (Salle De Danse)

BS 2933 - Junkfood Junkie - Larry Groce [1976] (3/76, #187) Junkfood Junkie/Like The Trout Dart About/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere/I Still Miss Someone/The Little Old Lady In Cowboy Boots/Coal Tattoo//Muddy Boggy Banjo Man/Old Home Place/At The End Of The Long, Lonely Day/Calhoun County/The Biggest Whatever

BS 2941 (1) - Bellamy Brothers - Bellamy Brothers [1976] Reissued as Let Your Love Flow. Satin Sheets/Nothin' Heavy [45 rpm single was credited to David Bellamy solo]/Rainy, Windy, Sunshine (Roadeo Road)/Let Fantasy Live/Highway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams)//Let Your Love Flow/Livin' In The West/I'm The Only Sane Man Left Alive/Inside Of My Guitar/Hell Cat

BS 2941 (2) - Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers [1976] Reissue of The Bellamy Brothers, above.. Satin Sheets/Nothin' Heavy [45 rpm single was credited to David Bellamy solo]/Rainy, Windy, Sunshine (Roadeo Road)/Let Fantasy Live/Highway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams)//Let Your Love Flow/Livin' In The West/I'm The Only Sane Man Left Alive/Inside Of My Guitar/Hell Cat

BS 2988 - One Night Stands - Hank Williams Jr. [1977]

BS 3016 - Helicon - Four Seasons [1977] (5/77, #168) If We Should Lose Our Love/Let's Get It Right/Long Ago/Rhapsody//Helicon/Down The Hall/Put A Little Away/New York Street Song (No Easy Way)/I Believe In You

BS 3034 - Plain and Fancy - Bellamy Brothers [1976] You Made Me/Tiger Lily Lover/Memorabilia/Maybe By Then//Crossfire/Miss Misunderstood/If It's So Easy/Hard Rockin'/Can Somebody Hear Me Now

BS 3043 - I Caught Your Act - Hues Corporation [1977] Telegram Of Love/Deep Down/I Can't Put My Finger On It/What You Need Is Lovin'/Dancing Together Again//I Caught Your Act/Natural Find/I Love You A Lot/Ali Baba's Got The Blues/You Brought The World To My Door

BS 3067 - Shaun Cassidy - Shaun Cassidy [1977] (6/77, #3) Da Doo Ron Ron/Morning Girl/I Wanna Be With You/It's Too Late/Hey There Lonely Girl//That's Rock 'N' Roll/Holiday/Take Good Care Of My Baby/Amblin'/Be My Baby

BS 3118 - You Light Up My Life - Debbie Boone with Boones [1977] (10/77, #6) You Light Up My Life (Original Theme From You Light Up My Life)/A Rock 'N' Roll Song/Micol's Theme/It's Just A Matter Of Time/Hey Everybody/When I Look At You (My Love)//From Me To You/Baby, I'm Yours/When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes/End Of The World/Your Love Broke Through/Hasta Manana

BSK 3126 - Born Late - Shaun Cassidy [1977] (11/77, #6) Teen Dream/Do You Believe In Magic/Baby, Baby, Baby/It's Up To You/Audrey//Hey Deanie/A Girl Like You/Walk Away/Carolina's Comin' Home/Strange Sensations

BSK 3127 - The New South - Hank Williams Jr. [1977]

*BSK 3130 - Midstream - Debbie Boone [1978] (8/78, #147) Another Goodbye/California/Come Share My Love/Don't You Want Me Anymore/God Knows/I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love/If Ever I See You Again/It Was Such A Good Day/Oh, No, Not My Baby/What Becomes Of My World/When It's Over/When You're Loved

BSK 3133 - T.G. - T.G. Sheppard [1978] (2/78, #42CW)

BSK 3176 - Friends - Bellamy Brothers [1978]

BSK 3187 - Hearts of Stone - Stoneground [1978] Deeper Than Love/You Can Only Hide Your Eyes/Let It Go/Free Spirit/Lead Me Down//Hearts Of Stone/Prove It/When You Gonna Tell Me Your Name/North America

BS 3196 - Your Place or Mine - Hues Corporation [1978] Get Up Off Your Backsides/Love Dance/Don't Forget To Woogie/Needed//With All My Love And Affection/Give Me Everything/Love Fire/Bringin' It

BSK 3205 - Mixed Emotions - Exile [1978] (8/78, #14) You Thrill Me/Never Gonna Stop/There's Been A Change/You And Me//Kiss You All Over/Ain't Got No Time/Don't Do It/One Step At A Time/Stay With Me

BSK 3206 - This Night Won't Last Forever - Bill LaBounty [1978] This Night Won't Last Forever/Room 205/In 25 Words Or Less/Open Your Eyes/Little Girl In Blue Jeans//Lie To Me/Who's Gonna Hold You/Crazy/A Tear Can Tell/I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me

HS 3214 - Stop the World I Want to Get Off - Sammy Davis Jr. [1978] Overture-The ABC Song/I Wanna Be Rich/Typically English/Lumbered/Gonna Build A Mountain/Glorious Russian/Meilinki Meilchik//Typische Deutsche/Life Is A Woman/All-American/Once In A Lifetime/Mumbo Jumbo/Someone Nice Like You/What Kind Of Fool Am I

BSK 3222 - Under Wraps - Shaun Cassidy [1978] (8/78, #33) Hard Love/Taxi Dancer/Lie To Me/One More Night Of Your Love/It's Like Heaven//Our Night/She's Right/Midnight Sun/Right Before Your Skies

BSK 3233 - Frankie Valli... Is the Word - Frankie Valli [1978] (8/78, #160) Grease/Needing You/Sometimes Love Songs Make You Cry/Without Your Love/Over Me//Save Me, Save Me/You Can Do It/A Tear Can Tell/You Better Go/No Love At All

BSK 3259 - Daylight - T.G. Sheppard [1978]

HS 3265 - Live: That's Rock N' Roll - Shaun Cassidy [1979]

BSK 3301 - Debby Boone - Debby Boone [1979]

BSK 3316 - Rain in My Life - Bill LaBounty [1979] Dancin' Tonight/Trail To Your Heart (Sailing With A Sail)/Isn't It A Cry/Drops Of Water/I'm Hurtin'//Sometimes Love Songs Make Me Cry/What About You/Clap Me In Irons/To Hear The Band/Little Rivers

BSK 3323 - All There Is - Exile [1979] How Could This Go Wrong/All There Is/Too Proud To Cry//The Part Of Me That Needs You Most/Destiny/Being In Love With You Is Easy/Let's Do It Again/Come On Over

BSK 3327 - Maureen McGovern - Maureen McGovern [1979] (9/79, #162) Can You Read My Mind/In Too Deep/Very Special Love/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Carolina Moon//I'm Happy Just To Dance With You/Different Worlds/Life's A Long Way To Run/He's A Rebel/Yes, I'm Ready

BSK 3347 - The Two and Only - Bellamy Brothers [1979] If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me/May You Never/Miss Misunderstood/Makin' Music Mama/You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie//Lovin' On/Ole Faithful/Why Did We Die So Young/Blue Ribbons/Wet T-Shirt

BSK 3351 - Room Service - Shaun Cassidy [1979]

BSK 3353 - 3/4 Lonely - T.G. Sheppard [1979] (8/79, #4CW) You Feel Good All Over/I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again/My Ship's Coming In/You Look Like Love/I Came Home To Make Love To You//You Do It To Me Every Time/It's Only Love/(She Wanted To Live) Faster Than I Could Dream/I'll Be Coming Back For More/Last Cheater's Waltz

BSK 3406 - Crying - Stephanie Winslow [1980] (3/80, #16CW)

BSK 3408 - You Can Get Crazy - Bellamy Brothers [1980] Dancin' Cowboys/Sugar Daddy/Foolin' Around/Comin' Back For More/I Could Be Makin' Love To You//Dead Aim/You Can Get Crazy With Me/Fast Train Out Of Texas/Naked Lady/Let Me Waltz Into Your Heart

BSK 3419 - Love Has No Reason - Debby Boone [1980] (4/80, #17CW)

BSK 3423 - Smooth Sailin' - T.G. Sheppard [1980] (8/80, #19CW)

BSK 3437 - Don't Leave Me This Way - Exile [1980] You're Good For Me/Nobody's Hero/Don't Leave Me This Way/Take Me Down/Smooth Sailin' (Rock In The Road)//Jailbait/There's A Love/The Closer You Get/It Takes Love To Make Love/Let's Do It All Over Again

BSK 3451 - Wasp - Shaun Cassidy [1980] Rebel, Rebel/Cool Fire/The Book I Read/Pretending/Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)//It's My Life/So Sad About Us/Wasp/Selfless Love/Once Bitten, Twice Shy

BSK 3491 - Sons of the Sun - Bellamy Brothers [1980]

*BSK 3528 - I Love 'Em All - T.G. Sheppard [1981] (4/81, #119) Face The Night Alone/I Love 'Em Every One/Party Time/Silence On The Line/State Of Our Union/Touch Me All Over Again/Troubled Waters/We Belong In Love Tonight/What's Forever For/You Waltzed Yourself Right Into My Life

BSK 3529 - Dakota - Stephanie Winslow [1981] (4/81, #45CW)

BSK 3588 - Heart and Soul - Exile [1981]

*BSK 3600 - Finally! - T.G. Sheppard [1982] (1/82, #152) All My Cloudy Days Are Gone/Crazy In The Dark/Finally/I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone)/In Another Minute/Only One You/She's Got Everything It Takes (To Make Me Stay)/Wasn't It A Short Forever/We're Walking On Thin Ice/You're The First To Last (This Long)

BSK 3632 - Bill LaBounty - Bill LaBounty [1982] Livin' It Up/Didn't Want To Say Goodbye/Dream On/Slow Fade/Comin' Back//Look Who's Lonely Now/Never Gonna Look Back/It Used To Be Me/Nobody's Fool/Secrets

7599-2 3697-1 - Greatest Hits - Bellamy Brothers [1982] Let Your Love Flow/If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me/You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie/Sugar Daddy/Dancin' Cowboys//Lovers Live Longer/Do You Love As Good As You Look/For All The Wrong Reasons/Get Into Reggae Cowboy/Redneck Girl

7599-2 3726-1 - Perfect Stranger - T.G. Sheppard [1982] (10/82, #25CW)

*7599-2 3841-1 - T.G. Sheppard's Greatest Hits - T.G. Sheppard [1983] (6/83, #189) Do You Wanna Go To Heaven/Finally/I'll Be Coming Back For More/I Loved 'Em Every One/Last Cheater's Waltz/Only One You/Party Time/War Is Hell (On The Homefront, Too)/Without You/You Feel Good All Over

7599-2 3910-1 - Night Fighter - Snuff [1983] Bad, Bad Billy/All Bopped Out/Faithful//United Or Divided/Long Tall Sally/Feel So Good

*7599-2 3911-1 - Slow Burn - T.G. Sheppard [1984] Arthur And Alice/Baby I'm-A Want You/Blank Check/Don't Fight The Night/First Things First/How Lucky We Are/It's A Sad Night For Good Girls/She Put The Sad In All His Songs/Slow Burn/Somewhere Down The Line

*7599-2 3924-1 - Man of Steel - Hank Williams Jr. [1983] Air That I Breathe/It Just Don't Get It No More/Lovesick Blues/Man Of Steel/Midnight Rider/Now I Know How George Feels/Orange Blossom Special/Queen Of My Heart/She Had Me/Woman On The Run

ELEKTRA-CURB RECORDS (Distributed by Elektra/Asylum)

Elektra-Curb 60099 - When We Were Boys - Bellamy Brothers [5/82] (5-82, #15 country)

Elektra-Curb 60149 - Snuff - Snuff [7/82]

Elektra-Curb 60180 - The Osmond Brothers - Osmonds [1982]

Elektra-Curb 60193 - Hank Williams, Jr.'s Greatest Hits - Hank Williams, Jr. [1982] (10- 82, #5 country; 11-82, #107 pop) Family Tradition/Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound/Women I've Never Had/Old Habits/Kaw-Liga//Dixie On My Mind/Texas Women/The American Dream/A Country Boy Can Survive/All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)

Elektra-Curb 60223 - Strong Stuff - Hank Williams, Jr. [1982] (3-83, #7 country; 4-83, #64 pop) Gonna Go Huntin' Tonight/LaGrange/A Whole Lot Of Hank/Made In The Shade/Leave Them Boys Alone//The Girl On The Front Row At Fort Worth/The Homecoming Queen/Blue Jean Blues/Twodot Montana/In The Arms Of Cocaine

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