Viva Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 25, 2005

The Viva label was distributed by Warner Brothers from 1971 until the end of the label. Initially it was distributed by Dot. Viva was a Snuff Garrett label. It was the label of the Midnight String Quartet and other pop acts, for the most part. Surprisingly, Viva released a Rolling Stones compilation in the Asian market, using the same label blank as the US issues.

Photo courtesy of Burkhard Allisat The Viva label on the Dot-Distributed 6000/36000 series was white with black print, with jagged red running across the top and jagged green running across the bottom. "VIVA" is in red to the left of the center hole. "VIVA RECORDS, INC., Hollywood, Calif. * Distributed Nationally by DOT RECORDS, INC." at the bottom.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Viva V 6000/36000 series (Distributed by Dot Records)

V 6001 - Rhapsodies for Young Lovers - Midnight String Quartet [1966] (11/66, #17) Strangers In The Night/The Shadow Of Your Smile/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Blue Star/A Lover's Concerto/Lara's Theme From "Doctor Zhivago"/Yesterday/Young Lover's Rhapsody/What Now My Love/Moonlight Sonata/Tonight's Dream/My Heart's Symphony

V 6002/36002 - Juarez Woodwinds - Juarez Woodwinds [1966] Strangers in the Night/Bamba/Cuando Calienta el Sol/Maria Elena/Cancion/Message To Michael/Danke Schoen/Spanish Eyes/It Happened In Monterey/Amo/Relicario/Sure Gonna Miss Her

V 6003/36003 - A Trip Down the Sunset Strip - Leathercoated Minds [1967] 8 Miles High/Sunset & Clark/Psychotic Reaction/Over Under Sideways Down/Sunshine Superman/Non- Stop/Arriba/Kicks/Mr. Tambourine Man/Puff the Magic Dragon/Along Comes Mary/Pot Luck

V 6004/36004 - Spanish Rhapsodies for Young Lovers - Midnight String Quartet [1967] (4/67, #76) The Lonely Bull/Meditation/La Paloma/Maria Elena/Guantanamera/Summer Samba/El Relicario/Our Day Will Come/Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars/The Girl From Ipanema/Cuando Calienta El Sol/Spanish Eyes

V 6005/36005 - Hi-Ho Everybody - Rudy Vallee [1967] Winchester Cathedral/One of Those Songs/Lady Godiva/Michelle/My Blue Heaven/Who/Good Pop Music/Strangers In the Night/Sweetheart of Sigma Chi/Blue Bird/Whiffenpoof Song/Mame

V 6006/36006 - Lonely Harpsichord on a Rainy Night - Jonathan Knight [1967] Misty/Lara's Theme From Doctor Zhivago/Lonely Rainy Night/Shadow of Your Smile/Dreams of Yesterday/Ebb Tide//What Now My Love/Night Came Too Soon/Melancholy Serenade/All Alone Am I/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Escape To Love

V 6007/36007 - I Am Marjorie McCoy - Marjorie McCoy [1967] Baubles/I Love Being Here/Just For a Thrill/Jump For Joy/I Concentrate On You/On Green Dolphin Street/River Stay Away/Sleepin' Bee/I Fall In Love Too Easily/All the Colors/Sunday Kind of Love

*V 6008/36008 - Rhapsodies for Young Lovers, Volume Two - Midnight String Quartet [1967] (7/67, #67) Alfie/Born Free/Clair De Lune/I Hear A Symphony/My Cup Runneth Over/Portrait Of My Love/Prelude To Love/Prophesy Of Love/Strangers No More/This Is My Song/Til

V 6009/36009 - The World's Foremost Authority? - Prof. Irwin Corey [1967] Entrance/Let's Use This As a Fact/History Phone/Psychedelic Professor/School Psychologist/Professor And The Pill/Drowning Professor/Professor's "Do It Yourself" Radio Kit

V 6010/36010 - Christmas Rhapsodies for Young Lovers - Midnight String Quartet [1967] (12/67, #18 Christmas)

V 36011 - Rainy Night in Shangri-La - Jonathan Knight [1967] Shangri-La/Stranger on the Shore/Cast Your Fate To the Wind/Pagan Love Song/Yellow Bird/Quiet Village/Flamingo/Bali Ha' I/Tiki Waterfall/Dream Theme/Midnight Hideaway/Soft Sands

V 36012 - The First of Sonny Curtis - Sonny Curtis [1968] (2/68, #21CW) I Wanna Go Bummin' Around/My Way of Life/Hung Up In Your Eyes/Day Drinker/Where Will the Words Come From/Destiny's Child//I' a Gypsy Man/Holiday For Clowns/A Fool Never Learns/Walk Right Back/Beggar's Blues/I Fought the Law

*V 6013/36013 - Love Rhapsodies - Midnight String Quartet [1968] (3/68, #129) Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Fascination/Goin' Out Of My Head/Impossible Dream/Look Of Her/Misty Night/My Prayer/Never My Love/Please Love Me Forever/Softly/Tara's Theme/Twilight Sonata


*V 36015 - The Look of Love and Other Rhapsodies for Young Lovers - Midnight String Quartet [1968] (8/68, #194) Apologize/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Classical Gas/Good, Bad And The Ugly/Kiss Me Goodbye/Love Is Blue/Love Sonata/MacArthur Park/Midnight Memories/The Look Of Love/Theme From Valley Of The Dolls/Young Girl

V 36016 - Memories of that Rainy Night - Jonathan Knight [1968] Going Out of My Head Over You/Can't Take My Eyes off You/It Must Be Him/My Special Angel/Look of Love/Man and a Woman/Chances Are/I Say a Little Prayer/I Will Wait for You/Fascination/Turn Around, Look at Me

V 36017 - The Travel Agency - Travel Agency [1969] What's A Man/Sorry You Were Born/Cadillac George/Lonely Seabird/So Much Love/Make Love//That's Good/I'm Not Dead/She Understands/Come To Me/You Will Be There/Old Man

V 36018 - "Themes Like Old Times:" Recordings from the Archives of Radio Yesteryear - Various Artists [1969] Two record set? Fibber McGee & Molly/Amos 'n' Andy/Suspense/Guiding Light/Major Bowes/Stella Dallas/Eddie Cantor/Shadow/One Man's Family/Lone Ranger/Green Hornet/Ma Perkins/Ed Wynn/Maxwell House (Burns & Allen)/Lucky Strike (Jack Benny)/75 others

V 36019 - Goodnight My Love & Other Rhapsodies for Young Lovers - Midnight String Quartet [1969] Goodnight My Love/For Once/I Say a Little Prayer/Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing/My Special Angel/I Love How You Love Me/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/Two Different Worlds/Love Poem/Those Were the Days/Lavender Love/No Not Much


V 36021 - The Sonny Curtis Style - Sonny Curtis [1969]

V 36022 - Rhapsodies for Young Lovers, Volume Three - Midnight String Quartet [1971] Jean/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet"/Windmills of Your Mind/Starlight Memories/Yesterday, When I Was Young/Man and a Woman/Nocturne/And That Reminds Me/Everybody's Talkin'/There's a Place for Lovers/Good Morning Starshine

V 36023 - Simple Songs of Freedom - Spirit Of Us [1970]

V 36024 - Chamber Music for Young Lovers - Midnight String Quartet [1971]

V 36025 - Electric Tommy - Joe Renzetti & Tony Luis [1971]

Viva album issues using the consolidated Warner Brothers 2500 series (Distributed by Warner Brothers):

BS 2571 - Best of the Midnight String Quartet - Midnight String Quartet [1971] Two record set. Never My Love/Strangers in the Night/Look of Love/Love Is Blue/You Don't Have to Say You Love Me/Till/MacArthur Park/Yesterday/Lara's Theme From Doctor Zhivago/What Now, My Love?/Man and a Woman/Michelle/The Shadow of Your Smile/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Windmills of Your Mind/My Special Angel/Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet"/Goin' Out of My Head/Tara's Theme/Goodnight My Love

BS 2572 - Themes Like Old Times: Archives of Radio Yesteryear - Various Artists [1971] Two record set. Reissue of Viva V 36018?

VV 2679 - Caress Me Pretty Music - Alan O'Day [1973]

BSK 3555 - Carryin' on the Family Names - David Frizzell & Shelly West [1981] (5/81, #6CW) Carryin' On the Family Names/A Texas State of Mind/You're the Reason God Make Oklahoma/Darling, Will You Marry Me Again/Yours For the Asking/Three Blind Hearts/Love and Only Love/Lefty/Husbands and Wives/We're Lovin' On Borrowed Time

BSK 3643 - The David Frizzell & Shelly West Album - David Frizzell & Shelly West [1982] (2/82, #8CW) Wasn't That Love/Two Sides/Another Honky-Tonk Night On Broadway/Just before dawn/I Came Here To Dance/Three Act Play/Being A Man, Being A Woman/Our Day Will Come/Dark Side Of The Moon/Breaking Up A Good Thing

7599-2 3688-1 - The Family's Fine, But This One's All Mine - David Frizzell [1982] (7/82, #7CW) Lost My Baby Blues/As Soon As a Waltz Ain't 3-4 Time/I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home/Maybe There's Love After You, After All/Lone Star Lonesome/I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again/She's Up To All Her Old Tricks Again/Sweet Sweet Sin/Single and Alone/Let's Have a Party

7599-2 3754-1 - Our Best to You - David Frizzell & Shelly West [1983] (1/83, #24CW)

7599-2 3775-1 - West by West - Shelly West [1983] (4/83, #6CW) Flight 309 To Tennessee/Someone's Been Sleeping In Our Bed/Jose Cuervo/Our Love/Me On The One Side/Don't Let her Hurt You/Sexy Song/Ask Me No Questions (Promise Me No Ties)/When He Kisses Me/I'll Still Be Loving You

7599-2 3782-1 - Master of the Art - Ray Price [1983] (8/83, #48CW)

7599-2 3820-1 - All-American Redneck - Randy Howard [1983] (4/83, #41CW) All- American Redneck (Original Version)/I Don't Know/Atlanta's Burning Down/Johnny Walker Home/God Don't Live In Nashville, Tennessee//I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train/My Nose Don't Work No More/Suddenly Single/All-American Redneck (Edited Version)/Julie, I'm Getting Married/The Wedding Prayer

7599-2 3868-1 - On My Own Again - David Frizzell [1983] (7/83, #32CW)

7599-2 3907-1 - In Session - David Frizzell & Shelly West [1984] (2/84, #33CW)

7599-2 3983-1 - Red Hot - Shelly West [1983] (11/83, #26CW)

25148-1 - Golden Duets - David Frizzel & Shelly West [1984]

25189-1 - Don't Make Me Wait on the Moon - Shelly West [1984] Now There's You/I'll Dance The Two Step/If I Could Sing Something In Spanish/Don't Make Me Wait On The Moon/Dance Me Into Falling In Love//Do I Have To Say Goodbye/Why Must The Ending Be So Bad/How It All Went Wrong/Hold Tight/Let's Stay The Way We Are Tonight

Thanks to Burkhard Allisat and Dick Rosemont.

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