Vee-Jay Album Discography, Part 5:
Miscellaneous Series

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

Vee-jay has a number of odd series, and these are covered here. They also did extensive licensing over the years of their product (including the Oldies 45 masters) to such labels as Springboard, Charly, and Buddah. This was especially true of Vee-Jay International in the years just following the buyout from bankruptcy, before they started issuing albums on their own label again (1972). Springboard issued a series of albums on their Upfront label in the 1960s and early 1970s, then reissued some of these on the Trip label. Generally these were like the other Springboard product, that is, cheap and of dubious quality. Electronic stereo ran rampant through these issues. Likewise, the Buddah 7500 series tended toward rechanneling, but at least the vinyl was better.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Vee-Jay DX/DXS-30 Double-LP Series:

DX-30/DXS 30 - The Beatles vs. the Four Seasons: Each Delivering Their Greatest Vocal Punches - Beatles/Four Seasons [8/64] (10-64, #142) 2-LP set. The fold-open cover contains a copy of the second version of Vee Jay LP-1062, Introducing the Beatles and a copy of Vee Jay LP-1065 The Golden Hits of the Four Seasons. Stereo information not available. Disc 1, Beatles: I Saw Her Standing There/Misery/Anna/Chains/Boys/Ask Me Why//Please Please Me/Baby It's You/Do You Want To Know A Secret/A Taste Of Honey/There's A Place/Twist And Shout; Sherry/I've Cried Before/Marlena/Soon (I'll Be Home Again)/Ain't That A Shame/Walk Like A Man//Connie-O/Big Girls Don't Cry/Starmaker/Candy Girl/Silver Wings/Peanuts

Vee Jay PRO-200 Series:
The Beatles album of interviews was issued during the height of Beatlemania. It is unclear if PRO-201 was ever issued.


PRO-202 - Hear the Beatles Tell All: Interviews by Jim Steck and Dave Hull - Beatles Interviews [11/64] Record numbers on the label varied by pressing plant, either VJLP 202 or VJLP 202 PRO. Cover number was PRO-202. Radio station interviews from the Beatles' 1964 tour, mixed with percussion and crowd noise. Initially issued in mono only, we believe, with the regular brackets label with a rainbow band. There were some 9000+ of these albums sold, and a few promotional copies sent out which had white promotional labels with blue print. The promotional albums were recalled due to an error on the label, and are quite scarce. In the 1970s, the album was reissued with a cover which says stereo, but disc is mono. A Dunhill Production, with score by Lou Adler and percussion by Hal Blaine. Jim Steck Interviews John Lennon//Dave Hull Interviews John Paul George & Ringo

Vee Jay LP-1200 Series:
This was a series that today would be called karaoke, but it predated the karaoke CDs by several decades. Each record came in a box with a booklet on how to be a singer and included the music charts for each of the songs. The Kits came in either high or low singing range, with a small note on the front indicating either "high range" or "low range". The record labels were not the usual Vee-Jay labels, but a black label with white print with no record company indicated.

LP-1201 - For Singers Only Kit, Volume 1: Ballads - Phil Moore Four [1960] Introduction Band/It Had To Be You (vocal demo)/It Had To Be You (orchestra only)/Please Be Kind (vocal demo)/Please Be Kind (orchestra only)/You Go To My Head (vocal demo)/You Go To My Head (orchestra only)//Introduction Band/Embraceable You (vocal demo)/Embraceable You (orchestra only)/As Time Goes By (vocal demo)/As Time Goes By (orchestra only)/I Cover The Waterfront (vocal demo)/I Cover The Waterfront (orchestra only)

LP-1202 - For Singers Only Kit, Volume 2: Blue Mood - Phil Moore Four [1960] Introduction Band/Am I Blue (vocal demo)/Am I Blue (orchestra only)/Can't We Be Friends (vocal demo)/Can't We Be Friends (orchestra only)/I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (vocal demo)/I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (orchestra only)//Introduction Band/Birth Of The Blues (vocal demo)/Birth Of The Blues (orchestra only)/When Your Lover Has Gone (vocal demo)/When Your Lover Has Gone (orchestra only)/Can't We Talk It Over (vocal demo)/Can't We Talk It Over (orchestra only)

LP-1203 - For Singers Only Kit, Volume 3: Cool Jazz n' Rhythm - Phil Moore Four [1960] Introduction Band/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (vocal demo)/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (orchestra only)/Dancing On The Ceiling (vocal demo)/Dancing On The Ceiling (orchestra only)/But Not For Me (vocal demo)/But Not For Me (orchestra only)//Introduction Band/Jeepers Creepers (vocal demo)/Jeepers Creepers (orchestra only)/September In The Rain (vocal demo)/September In The Rain (orchestra only)/Mountain Greenery/Mountain Greenery (orchestra only)

LP-1204 - For Singers Only Kit, Volume 4: Swingin' - Phil Moore Four [1960] Introduction Band/Do Do Do (vocal demo)/Do Do Do (orchestra only)/If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight (vocal demo)/If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight (orchestra only)/You Took Advantage Of Me (vocal demo)/You Took Advantage Of Me (orchestra only)//Introduction Band/Anything Goes (vocal demo)/Anything Goes (orchestra only)/I've Got a Crush On You (vocal demo)/I've Got a Crush On You (orchestra only)/Let's Do It (vocal demo)/Let's Do It (orchestra only)

VJ LP/SR-4000 Series:
This series started with a soundtrack recording by Calvin Carter, but was apparently switched to a comedy series.

LP/SR-4000 - Master of the World (Soundtrack) - Cal Carter [1961] Overture/Topage/Albatross/Mediterranean/Over the Rocks/Flight Concerto/Philadelphia/Drifting Clouds/Conquerors/Balloon Waltz/Finale

LP-4001 - Dick Gregory Talks Turkey - Dick Gregory [1962] Dick Gregory Talks Turkey, Part 1//Dick Gregory Talks Turkey, Part 2

LP-4002 - [Unissued]

LP-4003 - [Unissued]

LP-4004 - [Unissued]

LP-4005 - The Two Sides of Dick Gregory - Dick Gregory [1963] Idaho/California and Smokey the Bear/Liston and Patterson/Birth Control and Gov. Barnett/Cuba/Income Tax/Better World/Ku Klux Clan/Mona Lisa and Prayer/Chicago/Denver/Aid To Education/Minnesota Politics/Wisconsin and Football/Buffalo and Canada/Ohio Politics and Housing Bill/Impressing White People

Vee-Jay LP/SR-6000 Soundtrack Series:
This was obviously another attempt to start a soundtrack series after the 4000 series, above, but Vee-Jay had few enough soundtracks that they were mostly incorporated into the main series.

LP-6000 - Alakazam the Great! (Soundtrack) - Ian Frebairn-Smith & Albert Harris conducting the "100" Men [1962] Music by Les Baxter; vocals by Bobby Adano. Introduction/Aliki Aliko Alakazam/Ali's Song/Magic Man (instrumental)/Hey, I'm In Love Again/Magic Man//Blue Bird In The Cherry Tree/Under The Roaring Waterfall/Blue Bird In The Cherry Tree (instrumental)/Alakazam Ballet Fantasy/Finale

Vee-Jay VJLP/VJS-6400 International Series:
This series was released in conjunction with the 1964 World's Fair in New York. Each noted that it was the "Official New York World's Fair Recording." Most were masters imported from the countries noted, as part of the "Horizon World Series" project. These albums were available at the U.S. Steel Unisphere at the Fair.

VJLP/VJS-6401 - Popular Folk Music of Austria - Various Artists [1964] Children/s Song/The Bird In the Tree/The Carriage Horseman/Es Klappert Die Muhle/Sanger's Lust Polka/Ub Immer Treu and Redlichkeit/Ach, Du Lieber Ausustin/The Trout/Die Zufriedenheit/Farewell (Vienna Boys Choir)/Johan Strauss Medley/Lehar Medley/O. Straus Medley/Kalman Medley

VJLP/VJS-6402 - Popular Folk Music of India - Various Artists [1964] Chants et Danses de La Moisson/Chant du Batelier/Danse des Batons/Tambour Dhol/Chant de Ramprasadi/Danse de Kali/Pala-Kirtan/Danse d'Entree/Ramavana/Chant du Soir/Raga Bhairavi/Raga Tilak

VJLP/VJS-6403 - Popular Folk Music of Spain - Los Gitanillos De Cadiz [1964] Bulerias/Danza Anonima/Farruca/Soleares/ Lamento Gitano/Serranas/Fandango de Almeriz/Tientos/Bulerias/Serrana/Farruca/Malaguena/Solea

VJLP/VJS-6404 - Popular Folk Music of Germany - Deutschmeister Band [1964] Hoch U. Deutschmeister/Wien Bleibt Wien/Egerlander Regimentmarsch/Hoch Tirol/Vindobona/Jetzt Geht Los/47er Regimentmarsch/Alpenlieder Marsch/Stets Munter/Mit Sack and Pack/Zauber Der Natur/Felsenfest Fuer's Vaterland/Grillenbanner/Hoch Habsburg/Dorner Marsch/Kaiserschutzen/Grenadier Marsch

VJLP/VJS-6405 - Popular Folk Music of Israel - Various Artists [1964] Rumia/Un Pigeon dans la Mer/Priere Pour Le Sabbat/Mizmor Shir/Chant d'Amour de Boukhara/Shir Ha Ma'a lot/Chant d'Amour des Juifs Marocains/Alzin

VJLP/VJS-6406 - Popular Folk Music of Venezuela - Galipan Ensemble [1964] Ruperta/La Partida/Sernata/La Negra Filomena/El Guapo/El Cachicamo/Mujer Querida/El Alcalde/La Vaca/Brujeria/Madrugaga Ilanera/Polo de Margarita/Tamunangue

VJLP/VJS-6407 - Popular Folk Music of Switzerland - Various Artists [1964] Swiss Sleigh Ride/Medley-Folk Songs of the Alps/Ice and Snow/Marching In the Mountains/International Folk Song Potpourri/My Country/Yodeling In the Alps/Swiss Polka/Mountain Pass March/Bells In Clear Voice/Carol Of the Bells

VJLP/VJS-6408 - Popular Folk Music of France - Various Artists [1964] Artists include Suzy Clair, Marcel Nobla, and Les Chanteurs de Haute-Montmartre. Claire and Mobla/Les Meres d'a Present/La Femme du Roulier/Les Commis Voyagurs/Gennevilliers/Aux Oiseaux/A Montmerte/Rose Blanche/Les canuts/A Saint-Lazare/A La Villette/Eloge de l'Eau/Chevaliers de la Table/Ma Vigne/Ah! Que Nos Peres/Je Ne Mettrai Plus d'Eau En Mon Vin/La Vigne Au Vin

VJLP/VJS-6409 - Popular Folk Music of Greece - Deben Bhattacharya [1964] Hasaposopvigo/Lemona/Danse de Ponteus/Rondo/Chanson de Noces/Pao No Pao/Lakhana/Pontiago/Yerakina/Tsatirimin

VJLP/VJS-6410 - Popular Folk Music of Italy - Pola Chapelle [1964] Autumn In Rome/Anema e Coro/Believe In Me/Gelsomina/Souvenir d'Italie/Guaglione/Arrivederci Roma/Ciurri- Ciurri/Scapricciatello/Anna


VJLP/VJS-6412 - National Anthems of the World - New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorus [1964] Promotional release for the US Steel Unisphere at the 1964 New York World's Fair. The Star Spangled Banner/La Marseillaise/Independence March/Anthem Of The Soviet Union/O Canada/God Save The Queen/Deutschlandlied/Hatikvah/Inno De Mameli/Wilhelmus Van Nassouwe/Himno Nacional Mexicano/La Brabanconna

Vee-Jay VJLP/VJS-8500 "Great Moments Preserved on Record" Series:
This series started in 1964, and 8001-3 and 8005 appear in a Vee-Jay catalog from the end of 1964. The series used the regular Vee-Jay brackets label.

VJLP/VJS-8501 - The Legend - The Man - Jimmy Reed [1964] Includes parts of an interview with Jimmy Reed and Calvin Carter as introductions to each song. High And Lonesome/You Don't Have To Go/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/You Got Me Dizzy/Honest I Do/Going To New York//Baby What You Want Me To Do/Big Boss Man/Bright Lights Big City/Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth/Shame Shame Shame/I'm Going Upside Your Head

VJLP/VJS-8502 - Is He the World's Greatest Blues Singer? - John Lee Hooker [1964] Crawlin' Kingsnake/Blues Before Sunrise/Process/Want Ad Blues/Whiskey And Wimmen/The Mighty Fire (live)//Talk That Talk (live)/My First Wife Left Me/Wednesday Evening Blues/Maudie/Time Is Marching/Boom Boom

VJLP/VJS-8503 - Black Nativity: Original Cast Album - Original Cast [1964] Reissue of Vee Jay LP-5022. Original Cast includes Marion Williams & the Stars of Faith, Princess Stewart, Professor Alex Bradford, and the Bradford Singers. My Way's Cloudy/Most Done Traveling/Baby Born Today/Poor Little Jesus Boy/Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby?/Wasn't That A Mighty Day?/Joy To The World//Christ Is Born/Rise Up Shepherd And Follow/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Oh Come All Ye Faithful/If Anybody Ask You Who/Go Where I Send Thee

VJLP/VJS-8504 - [not issued]

VJLP-8505 - From Slavery Til Now - Documentary [1964]

VJLP-8506 - Highway into History - Documentary [1965]

Vee-Jay VJLP/VJS-10000 Inspirational Series:

VJLP-10001 - The Inspirational Songs of Martin Broones - Hal Menke, conducting, with vocals by Gene Merlino [1965] The Perfect Man/Be Still and Know/Turn to the Lord/Under His Wing/The Prodigal Son/Be a Child at Christmas Time //As a Child/Life is Eternal/This is the Time to Pray/In Remembrance/Let No Walls Divide/Be Joyful/The Lord's Prayer

Other Issues:

LP-WBLK - WBLK Souvenir Album Featuring Hound Dog's Old Gold - Various Artists [1964] A special issue featuring George "Hound Dog" Lorenz picture on the cover. Lorenz was a top rated disc jockey in Buffalo New York. This issue uses the standard Vee Jay black label with the rainbow band with a bracketed Vee Jay. Big Boss Man Jimmy Reed/Good Night Sweetheart Spaniels/At My Front Door Eldorados/Here I Stand Wade Flemons/Just a Little Bit Roscoe Gordon/Raindrops Dee Clark//Every Beat of My Heart Gladys Knight and the Pips/For Your Precious Love Jerry Butler/Duke of Earl Gene Chandler/Boom Boom John Lee Hooker/Spring - Birdlegs & Pauline/You're No Good Betty Everett

No Number - House of Soul, House of the Blues - Various Artists [196?] Four LP Publisher Demo. Conrad Music A Division of Arc Music 1619 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. Label is white with black print with no logos or artwork. Song titles are listed, but no artists given. All tracks mono. Disc 1: Found Love/I'm a Soldier Boy/Blues Get Off My Shoulder/Sleepy/Rainbow/At My Front Door/Caress Me Baby/Big Boss Man/Goodnight, It's Time to Go/Nobody But You//High and Lonesome/You Can Make It If You Try/Bright Lights, Big City//Duke of Earl/Here Is Why I Love You/I Wish You Would/Baby, What's Wrong/Here I Stand/Hands Off/Hush-Hush/New Leaf/Help Yourself/You Are Like the Wind/Double Trouble/Tell Me That You Love Me/Stay In My Corner; Disc 2: You're Looking Good/That Time Of Year/You Can't Sit Down/Where There's a Will/Baby, That's Love/Up on the Mountain/Babe In the Woods/I'll Be Forever Loving You/Nite Owl/In Your Heart/Crying for My Baby/You Gave Me Peace of Mind/Oh, What a Night/Pain In My Heart/Love Me/Why Do You Have to Go/A Fallen Tear/Raindrops/Baby, What You Want Me to Do/Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth/It Hurts Me, Too/Good Lover/I'm Leaving/Send Me Your Pillow/Trouble Blues/She's Mine; Disc 3: Frisco Blues/I Ain't Got You/He Will Break Your Heart/For Your Precious Love/I'm Telling You/A Lonely Soldier/Find Yourself Another Girl/Aware of Love/Process/Let's Make It/When Trouble Calls/Close Together/Blues Before Sunrise//The Gift of Love/Thanks To You/Sweet Was the Wine/I Found a Love/Honest I Do/You Got Me Dizzy/Can't Stand to See You Go/You Don't Have to Go/Dimples/Little Wheel/Tupelo/Drug Store Woman; Disc 4: Boom Boom/Dusty Road/Your Friends/Going to New York/I Wanna Be Loved/Shame, Shame, Shame/Ain't No Big Deal/There'll Be a Day/Cold and Lonesome/I'm Gonna Help You/I'm Trying to Please You/Goin' Up Side Your Head/You've Got Me Waiting//I'm Mad Again/Want Ad/Five Long Years/Wednesday Evening Blues/My First Wife Left Me/I'm Telling You/You're Looking Good/Cling A'Ling/Let's Make-Up/Gloria

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