Mirwood Album Discography
by Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 21, 2006

Mirwood was a label started by Randall Wood after he left Vee-Jay in June of 1965. He also formed Mira and Surrey about the same time. Unlike Mira, Mirwood was used more for jazz and rhythm & blues albums. Both the Jackie Lee and the Olympics albums contained chart hits.

Jacke Lee (r) in the studio with producer 
Fred Smith (l) and arranger James Carmichael "Jackie Lee" was actually Earl Lee Nelson, who had been born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but moved to Los Angeles as a child. In 1957, he was a singer in the group the "Hollywood Flames," who had a hit with "Buzz Buzz Buzz." He and fellow Flame Bobby Day split from the group to form a duo called "Bob & Earl." Eventually, Day was replaced by Bob Relf, and this new "Bob & Earl" had chart success with "Don't Ever Leave Me" and "Harlem Shuffle" in 1962 and early 1964, respectively. By 1965, Nelson was singing under the name Earl Cosby with Mirwood Records. When Nelson's producer, Fred Smith, and he wrote a dance song called "The Duck," Nelson decided he would try a new name. So he took his wife's first name and his own middle name and became "Jackie Lee." The song was released in late 1965 on Mirwood 5502, and eventually reached #14 nationally.

The Olympics were veterans of the music business, having had hits like "Western Movies" as early as 1959. They signed with Mirwood in early 1966 after posting twelve sides on the national pop charts from 1959-1965. They registered two more with Mirwood, "Mine Exclusively" [Mirwood 5513], which reached #99, and "Baby, Do the Philly Dog" [Mirwood 5523], which reached #63. They also re-recorded their previous hits on an album called Something Old, Something New, to the everlasting chagrin of record collectors looking for the originals.

Mirwood became relatively inactive after 1967, but Wood did issue several various artists albums in the 1970s, both under the Mirwood imprint and also as part of the Vee-Jay package 100 Hall of Fame Oldies.

Mirwood had both blue and black labels with the same design. MW/MWS-7001 had a blue label with silver print, while MW/MWS-7003 had the black label with silver print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Mirwood 7000 Series:

MW/MWS-7000 - The Duck - Jackie Lee [1966} (2-66, #85) The Duck (S)/Hully Gully (S)/The Shotgun And The Duck (S)/Do The Temptation Walk (S)/The Neighbourhood (S)/Land Of a Thousand Dances (S)//The Duck, Part II (S)/Dancin' In The Street (S)/The Bounce (S)/Do You Love Me (S)/Everybody Jerk (S)/Harlem Shuffle (S)

MW/MWS-7001 - The James Bond Songbook - James Bond Sextet [1966] Thunderball/Casino Royale/The Man With The Golden Gun/From Russia With Love/007 Theme From Dr No/Moonraker//The James Bond Theme/For Your Eyes Only/Goldfinger/Live And Let Die/Diamonds Are Forever/You Only Live Twice

MW/MWS-7002 - Rubber Soul Jazz - Music Company [1966] Norwegian Wood/I've Just Seen A Face/You Won't See Me/Think For Yourself/The Word/Michelle//It's Only Love/Girl/I'm Looking Through You/In My Life/Wait/Run For Your Life

MW/MWS-7003 - Something Old, Something New - Olympics [1966] Western Movies/Hully Gully/Big Boy Pete/Shimmy Like Kate/Dance By The Light Of The Moon/The Bounce//Mine Exclusively/Baby Do The Philly Dog/The Duck/Secret Agents/We Go Together Pretty Baby/I'll Do A Little Bit More

Mirwood 1000 Series:

1000 - I Can't Get Away - Various Artists [197?] That Beatin' Rhythm - Richard Temple/The Duck - Jackie Lee/Where There's A Will - Jimmy Thomas/My Sugar Baby - Sherlie Matthews/The Same Old Thing - Olympics/I Can't Get Away - Bobby Garrett/He's Alright With Me - Mirettes/Would You Believe - Jackie Lee//Don't Pretend - Belles/My Little Girl - Bobby Garrett/Ooh Honey Babe - Earl Crosby/Cigarette Ashes - Jimmy Conwell/Baby Do The Philly Dog - Olympics/Words Can't Explain - Belles/Oh My Darlin' - Jackie Lee/Do The Temptation Walk - Jackie Lee

1001 - Where There's a Will - Various Artists [197?] Where There's A Will - Jimmy Thomas/I Can't Get Away - Bobby Garrett/Ooh Honey Baby - Earl Cosby/Same Old Thing - Olympics/Let Me Do It - Belles/Set Me Free - Performers/The Duck - Jackie Lee/He's Alright With Me - Mirettes/The Day She Need Me - Performers/Could It Be - Richard Temple/Send For Me I'll Be There - Earl Cosby/Stubborn Heart - Sheppards/My Little Girl (inst) - Bob & Earl Band//My Little Girl (vocal) - Bobby Garrett/That Beatin' Rhythm - Richard Temple/Baby Do The Philly Dog - Olympics/I'm Satisfied With You (Inst) - Furys/Don't Pretend - Belles/I'll Do A Little Bit More - Olympics/Whether It's Right Or Wrong - Jackie Lee & Dolores Hall/ow Do You Like It - Sheppards/Cigarette Ashes - Jimmy Conwell/Big Brother - Bobby Garrett/Leave A Light In The Window Until I Come Home - J. W. Alexander/Secret Agents - Olympics/Mine Exclusively (Inst) - Olympics

1002 - The Best of Bob & Earl & the Olympics - Bob & Earl/Olympics [197?] Baby Your Time Is My Time - Bob & Earl/Big Brother - Bob & Earl/Land Of 1000 Dances - Bob & Earl/I Can't Get Away - Bob & Earl/My Little Girl - Bob & Earl/I'll Keep Running Back - Bob & Earl/Dancin' Everywhere - Bob & Earl/Send For Me I'll Be There - Bob & Earl/Ooh Honey Babe - Bob & Earl/Harlem Shuffle - Bob & Earl//The Bounce - Olympics/Mine Exclusively - Olympics/Baby Do The Philly Dog - Olympics/The Duck - Olympics/Secret Agents - Olympics/We Go Together (Pretty Baby) - Olympics/I'll Do A Little Bit More - Olympics/The Same Old Thing - Olympics

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