Musicor Album Discography, Part 3:
Main Series MS 3200 to MS 3275 (1970-1975)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: November 26, 2006

The first albums here used the black Musicor label. At about MS 3230, the albums switched to the orange label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

MS 3200

MS 3201

MS 3202

MS 3203 - The Best of Sacred Music - George Jones [1971] Cup of Loneliness/Small Time Laboring Man/Wandering Soul/Taggin' Along/Bringin' It Home/Family Bible/Old Rush Arbors/Won't It Be Wonderful There?/I'll Fly Away/Where We Never Grow Old

MS 3204 - George Jones Sings the Great Songs of Leon Payne - George Jones [1971] (9-71, #26) They'll Never Take Her Love From Me/Brothers Of A Bottle/Blue Side Of Lonesome/There's No Justice/With Half A Heart/Lifetime To Regret/Let A Little Loving Come In/Take Me/Selfishness In Man/Things Have Gone To Pieces

MS 3205 - Nickel - Nickel [1971] Magical Powers/Ride Easy/Lady I'm Losing You/Mary B/Somsara/Saturday Night at Fillmore/Revolutionary Son/Wish It Were True/Smuggler Dan/Goodbye Old Friend

MS 3206 - Gene Pitney Ten Years Later: His Greatest Hits of All Times and New Favorites - Gene Pitney [1971] Town Without Pity (E)/Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (S)/Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (S)/Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa (S)/It Hurts To Be In Love (E)/I'm Gonna Be Strong (S)/Last Chance To Turn Around (S)//Pretty Annabelle (S)/Stand By The One Who Loves Me (S)/(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher (S)/Weaving In And Out Of My Life (S)/Getting Together (S)/Rainmaker Girl (S)/Gene Are You There (S)

MS 3207 - Return to a Bygone Era - Roger Seymour [1971]

MS 3208 to MS 3229 - (possibly not issued)

At about this point, logo changes to the third Musicor logo with the large "M", and label changes to the orange Musicor label. These were probably distributed by RCA.

MS 3230 - Can You Feel It - S.O.U.L. [1972] Can You Feel It/Tell It Like It Is/Do What 'S Never You Want To Do/Peace Of Mind/My Cherie Amour/Love Peace And Power/To Mend A Broken Heart/Sleeping Beauty

MS 3231 - A Golden Hour of the Platters: One Hour of Entertainment - Platters [1972] Why (S)/Alone In The Night (S)/Devri (S)/Sweet, Sweet Lovin' (S)/How Beautiful Our Love Is (S)/The Great Pretender (S, Musicor version)/Doesn't It Ring A Bell (S)/If I Had A Love (S)/I Love You Because (S)/Red Sails In The Sunset (S, Musicor version)/Unchained Melody (S)/My Way (S)/I Love You 1000 Times (S)/With This Ring (S)/Washed Ashore (On A Lonely Island In The Sea) (S)/My Prayer (S, Musicor version)/Only You (S, Musicor version)/(You've Got) The Magic Touch (S, Musicor version)/Harbor Lights (S, Musicor version)/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (S, Musicor version)/Twilight Time (S, Musicor version)/Heaven On Earth (S, Musicor version)

MS 3232 - A Golden Hour of Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra: One Hour of Entertainment - Hugo Winterhalter & His Orchestra [1972]

MS 3233 - A Golden Hour of Gene Pitney: One Hour of Entertainment - Gene Pitney [1972]

MS 3234

MS 3235

MS 3236 - Super Hits - Platters [1972]

MS 3237 - A Golden Hour of Oldies: One Hour of Entertainment - Various Artists [1972] Many of these masters were the same as used on the Buddah LP Incense and Oldies, that is, the Red Bird material often has oddities not on the 45s. Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las (S, missing the line "One day my dad said find someone new" at the start of the second verse.)/Hello, Hello - Sopwith "Camel" (S)/People Say - Dixie Cups (S, essentially mono with added harpsichord to make stereo; label and cover mistakenly attribute this song to the Jelly Beans)/I Wanna Love Him So Bad - Jelly Beans (S, label and cover mistakenly attribute this song to the Dixie Cups)/The Boy From New York City - Ad Libs (S)/Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Shangri-Las (S, missing overdubs from the 45)/Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups (first part E, last part S, unlike the original Red Bird LP, which is all true stereo)/Mind Excursion - Trade Winds (S)/Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) - Shangri-Las (S, alternate take with no bird overdubs)/New York's A Lonely Town - Trade Winds (E)/With This Ring - Platters (S)//I Love You 1000 Times - Platters (S)/Human - Tommy Hunt (S, Dynamo rerecording of Scepter hit)/The Great Pretender - Platters (S, Musicor rerecording of Mercury hit)/Only You - Platters (S, Musicor rerecording of Mercury hit)/Town Without Pity - Gene Pitney (E)/Mockin' Bird - Inez & Charlie Foxx (S, Dynamo rerecording of Symbol hit)/Could This Be Love - Joe Tex (E)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers (M)/Funny - Maxine Brown (M)/Count The Days - Inez & Charlie Foxx (S)/One Eye Open - Mask Man & the Agents (Harmon Bethea) (S)

MS 3238

MS 3239 - I Got to Find a Sweet Name - Harmon Bethea [1972] Got To Find A Sweet Name/It Happened Again/One Eye Open/When You Got Money/(6 others)

MS 3240 - Big Hits from Israel - Amranim [1972] Nagen Li Yarden/Bashanna Habaah/Exodus/Oseh Shalom/Shedemati//D'ror Yikira/Erev Shel Shoshanim/Shir Hadash/Adon Olam/Yovel Leisreal

MS 3241

MS 3242 - Popcorn - Hot Butter [1972] (10-72, #137) Original cover has pasted-on cardboard "popcorn box." Also issued as Japanese discrete 4-channel QuadraDisc (CD-4) Musicor CD4W-7022. Popcorn/Day By Day (From "Godspell")/Apache/At The Movies/Tomatoes//Pipeline/Hot Butter/Telstar/Tristana/Song Of The Nairobi Trio/Amazing Grace

MS 3243 - Arbuckle - Arbuckle [1972] Song for a Dream/Wondering Why/All My Life/Welcome to My Life/Try Again/Quake/Friendly Smile in Your Eyes/Questions for Tomorrow/New Day/Cracked Man/Lonely/All Good Friends

MS 3244 - Soul Searchers - Soul Searchers [1972] Great Change/My Soul Needs Rest/Time Is Winding Up/He's Enough For Me/Jesus Paid It All//Lord, I've Done What You Told Me To Do/I'm Not Uneasy/Precious Lord/Serve Him/See How They Done

MS 3245

MS 3246

MS 3247

MS 3248

MS 3249

MS 3250 - The Golden Hits of Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney [1972] Town Without Pity (E)/The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (S)/Only Love Can Break A Heart (S)/Every Breath I Take (E)/Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (S)/I Must Be Seeing Things (S)//Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa (S)/It Hurts To Be In Love (E)/Backstage (I'm Lonely) (S)/Half Heaven-Half Heartache (S)/I'm Gonna Be Strong (S)/Last Chance To Turn Around (S)

MS 3251 - The Golden Hits Of The Platters - Platters [1972] I Love You 1000 Times (S)/With This Ring (S)/Washed Ashore (On A Lonely Island In The Sea) (S)/The Great Pretender (S, Musicor version)/My Prayer (S, Musicor version)/Only You (And You Alone) (S, Musicor version)//(You've Got) The Magic Touch (S, Musicor version)/Harbor Lights (S, Musicor version)/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (S, Musicor version)/I'm Sorry (S, Musicor version)/Twilight Time (S, Musicor version)/Heaven On Earth (S, Musicor version)

MS 3252 - Belly Dancer Favorites - Gus Vali [1972] Medley Number One: Miserlou-Nica- Delilah-Semra-Zexpa-Apostolis-Kopelara-Politisa/Medley Number Two: Catskilleen Sampan-Elam Haleela-Mohamud-La-La-La-La-Sonia-Yaba G'Albee-Oorakh-Shamel Kookaim-Sepastima Bar/Medley Number Three: Sala Sala-Ahlaw Sahla-Gamel Gamel-Ala Dole-Aghvoor Aghcheeg-Yaba Hei'Ya-Ala Mesbo Daog' Albee-Mimak-Tamara/Pireaus Cafe Theme From "Zorba the Greek"/Medley Number Five: Harmar Aghchig-The Seventh Veil-Rahks Port Said-Aghvorig Aghchig-Amara Ya Amara-Ya-Ba-Hey-Ya- Barhoum Ya Barhoum-You Are the One-Hulvage/Medley Number Six: Yelakaiki-Nina Nay Nay-The Canary Song- Fiyeh Fiyeh-Oglan Oglan-Danny Lo Lo-The Maharajah-Moustafa- Vatikiotissa/Gazel//Medley Number One: Kashlarin Inge Inge-Erzurum-Delilo-Beyruit-Adanaly-Verisario- Itya-Golfo/Topkapi/Medley Number Three: Soode Soode-Alasfouria-Kyprunun Alte Tiken-Wein Yaba- Halis Arap Kizi-Ach Babina Yaein-Kevork-Yala Yelee Mlaha-Agh Eem Anoush Yar/Medley Number Four: Tamzura-Shee-Marinella-Arabamin Atlari-Gelin Gelin-Ishtar-Marmara- Rampee/Elath/Lawrence of Arabia/Maya

MS 3253 - Solid Gold, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1973] Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers/Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & Imperials/Sincerely - Moonglows/Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las/Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups//Only You - Platters/Town Without Pity - Gene Pitney/Mockingbird - Inez & Charlie Foxx/Party Doll - Buddy Knox/You Don't Have To Be Over Twenty One - Jackson 5/Popcorn - Hot Butter

MS 3254 - Moog Hits - Hot Butter [1973] Slag Solution/Sounds Simple/Percolator/Wheels/Skokiian/Russian Whistler//Space Walk/The Masterpiece/Tequila/Synchopated Clock/Mah-Na, Mah-Na/Mexican Whistler

MS 3255 - Solid Gold Volume 2 - Various Artists [1973] Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville/Barefootin' - Robert Parker/The River Is Wide - The Forum/I Fought The Law - Bobby Fuller/She's About A Mover - The Sir Douglas Quintet//Sunday Kind Of Love - The Harptones/Gimme A Little Sign - Brenton Wood/Hello, Hello - The Sopwith Camel/The Great Pretender - The Platters/(Remember) Walking In The Sand -The Shangrilas

MS 3256 - Million Dollar Motion Picture Themes - Richard Hayman & His Orchestra [1974] The Way We Were/Theme From Papillon (Free As The Wind)/Last Tango In Paris/Laura's Theme/Ruby//Tubular Bells (Exorcist Theme)/Blue Pacific Blues/Theme From Serpico/Mame/2001 A Space Odyssey Theme

M2S 3257X - All-Time Motion Picture Greats - Hugo Winterhalter [1974] Two record set. Reissue of M2S 3160. Sound Of Music/Exodus/Zorba The Greek/Chim Chim Cher-ee/Maria/Hawaii/Born Free/Shadow Of Your Smile/Three Coins In The Fountain/Never On Sunday/To Sir With Love/If Ever I Would Leave You/Something In Your Smile/Lawrence Of Arabia/Lara's Theme/Alfie/Ruby/Love Is A Many- Splendored Thing/A Man And A Woman/Tara's Theme

MS 3258

Note: From this point, the remaining albums are reissues of George Jones material. These albums were issued earlier on RCA, and these reissues were on the Musicor label distributed by Springboard, with the same artwork but with a Musicor logo over the original RCA logo.

MS 3259 - The Only Duets Ever Recorded - George Jones & Melba Montgomery [1975] Long As We're Dreaming/Let's Both Have A Cry/Simply Divine/Day I Lose My Mind/We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds/Let's Get Together/Close Together/Long Walk Off A Tall Rock/I'll Be Loving You/Feudin' And Fightin'

MS 3260 - First in the Hearts of Country - George Jones [1975] Right Won't Touch A Hand/Papa's Wagon/Imitation Of Love/A Wound Time Can't Erase/Getting Over The Storm/Sometimes You Just Can't Win/Mama Take Me Home/You're Still On My Mind/Where Could I Go But To Her/Someone Sweet To Love

MS 3261 - The Best of George Jones, Volume 1 - George Jones [1975] A Day In The Life Of A Fool/White Lightning/I'll Follow You Up To Our Cloud/When The Grass Grows Over Me/Love Bug/Walk Through This World With Me/Race Is On/Good Year For The Roses/Family Bible/No Blues Is Good News

MS 3262 - Poor Man's Riches - George Jones [1975] Poor Man's Riches/Till I Hear From You/As Long As I Live/Memory Is A Flower/Barbara Joy/She Thinks I Still Care/I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely/Once A Day/Don't Do It Darlin'/Blindfold Of Love

MS 3263 - I Made Leaving (Easy for You) - George Jones [1975] I Made Leaving Easy For You/ I'll Share My World With You/Good Old Fashioned Cry/Each Seasons Changes For You/For Better Or For Worse/I Cried Myself Awake/Late Getting Home/You Can Always Come Back/If Not For You/Third Time Down

MS 3264 - George Jones Country Singer - George Jones [1975] Heartaches And Hangovers/Treasure Of Love/Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long/Love Bug/These Hands/The Poor Chinee/I Made Her That Way/Old Blue Tomorrow/Ship Of Love/Our Happy Home

MS 3265 - George Jones and Friends - George Jones [Duets] [1975] We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds/Party Pickin'/Close Together/Feudin' And Fightin'/Big Job/Your Old Standby/Mockin' Bird Hill/Y'all Come/Great Big Spirit Of Love/Milwaukee Here I Come

MS 3266 - We Found Heaven Right Here on Earth in 4033 - George Jones [1975] 4-0- 33/Along Came You/Feeling Single Seeing Double/I Don't Love You Anymore/King Of The Road/I'm Wasting Good Paper/I'd Rather Switch Than Flight/We're Watching Our Step/Unfaithful One/I'll Be Your Stepping Stone

MS 3267 - Tender Years - George Jones [1975] In Person/Tender Years/Old Brush Arbors/Don't Be Angry/Small Time Laboring Man/Blue Side Of Lonesome/Seasons Of My Heart/Life Turned Her That Way/When My Love Hurts No More/(All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers

MS 3268 - Take Me to Your World - George Jones [1975] Take Me To Your World/The World Of Forgotten People/Swinging Doors/Gonna Take Me Away From You/My Favorite Lies/Flowers For Mama/Lonely Know My Secret/From Here To The Door/Am I That Easy To Forget/Green Green Grass Of Home

MS 3269 - Wrapped Around Her Finger - George Jones [1975] Wrapped Around Her Finger/After You/Hungry Eyes/Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town/I Just Got Tired Of Being Poor/With Half A Heart/You And Your Sweet Love/When Love Was Green/Hardest Part Of All/Divorce Or Destroy

MS 3270 - I Can Still See Him in Your Eyes - George Jones [1975] I Can Still See Him In Your Eyes/You Made A Believer Out Of Me/High On The Thought Of You/Accidentaly On Purpose/My Special Memory/On Second Thought/Among The Few/Hello Darlin'/Run 'Em Off/She's Mine

MS 3271 - The Best of George Jones, Volume II - George Jones [1975] For Better Or For Worse/Green Green Grass Of Home/(All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers/Life Turned Her That Way/Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town/Don't Be Angry/She Thinks I Still Care/Take Me/Four-O- Thirty-Three/Things Have Gone To Pieces

MS 3272 - You Gotta Be My Baby - George Jones [1975] You Gotta Be My Baby/Get Some Loving Done/Last One To Touch Me/Brothers Of A Bottle/Where We'll Never Grow Old/I Can Love You Enough/Going Life's Way/Love Makes It Alright/Who'll Turn Out The Lights/You've Become My Everything

MS 3273 - George Jones Sings His Songs - George Jones [1975] Someone Sweet To Love/Window Up Above/A Good Old Fashioned Cry/Accidentally On Purpose/My Favorite Lies/She's Lonesome Again/Four-O-Thirty Three/Gonna Take Me Away From You/Seasons Of My Heart/Ship of Love

MS 3274 - I Can Love You Enough - George Jones [1975] I Can Love You Enough/Get Some Loving Done/Free As a Breeze/Leaning On the Shoulder Of Love/If My Heart Had Windows/I Fall In Love Every Day/Lifetime to Regret/Who'll Turn Out the Lights/Loving You Makes You Mine/Come Sundown

MS 3275 - Best of the Best - George Jones [1975] Four-O-Thirty Three/The Tender Years/Take Me/White Lightning/Walk Through This World With Me/If My Heart Had Windows/Good Year For The Roses/She Thinks I Still Care/Things Have Gone To Pieces/The Window Up Above

Thanks to Phil Watson and Ron Sterbenz.

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