Dynamo Album Discography
By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 23, 2006

Dynamo was the R&B subsidiary of Musicor Records of New York City.

The Dynamo label was red-orange with black print. "DYNAMO" was in white above the center hole. The promotional copies were white with black print, with the same graphics. Monaural issues had a DM prefix in the 7000 series, while stereo issues had corresponding DS-8000 numbers.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

DM 7000/DS 8000 - Come By Here - Inez & Charlie Foxx [1968] Come By Here/My Special Prayer/Tightrope/No Stranger To Love/Baby Take It All//Part 1 - I Stand Accused/Part 2 - Guilty/Undecided/Never Love A Robin/A Stranger I Don't Know/I Love You 1000 Times

DS 8001 - Tommy Hunt's Greatest Hits - Tommy Hunt [1968] The Biggest Man/Comin' On Strong/Words Can Never tell It/Never Love a Robin/How Can I Be Anything (Without You) //All In the Game/I Believe/Human/Born Free/Everybody's Got a Home (But Me)

DS 8002 - Greatest Hits - Inez & Charlie Foxx [1968] Come By Here/No Stranger To Love/I Stand Accused/I Love You 1000 Times/Never Love a Robin/Baby Take It All/others

DS 8003 - Swingin' Mockin' Bird - Inez & Charlie Foxx [1969] Mocking Bird/Night Rumble/Moon Song (Land of Love)/Shimmy/Night Fo'Last/Grazing in the Grass/Speed Ticket/I Can't Stop Dancing/I Found a True Love/Hard to Handle/Midnight Mover/In Crowd

DS 8004 - One Eye Open - The Mask Man & the Agents (Harmon Bethea) [1969] One Eye Open/Love Bandito/Roaches/It's The Thing/In a Crowded Station/Wigs

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